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Triple: Episode 7
by | July 7, 2009 | 66 Comments

I am really liking this drama. I wonder if those who are disappointed in Triple were expecting something more trendy, something more Coffee Prince-ish. It doesn’t have the angst or intensity of Coffee Prince, but I’m not disappointed with Triple at all.

Rather than comparing to CP, I get more of a My Sweet Seoul vibe from Triple — it’s refreshing, thoughtful, prettily shot — only with a lead character I don’t hate. Win-win!


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EPISODE 7: “Edge”

This episode opens with another nice play on a skating metaphor (if a little overdone with the blood), as Haru practices her routine and grabs hold of one blade as she holds one leg in the air, musing about the importance of the edges on the skating blade, and how it’s important to distinguish between the inside and outside edges. As she narrates, “Sometimes we get hurt,” she notices that she has cut her hand holding the skate.

This brings us back to the scene that ended the last episode, as she peers at Su-in’s phone, hesitating for a moment before picking up the call. She hears Hwal’s voice and hangs up, frozen in surprise.

After practice, Haru remains deep in thought as Hyun-tae (fresh out of his beginners’ class) talks to her. Haru wonders why Hwal would call Su-in, asking why his profile was labeled “Husband.” Hyun-tae knows the answer, but hides his reaction and glosses it over, since it’s not his place to tell. Instead, when they arrive home, he tells Hwal that Haru has found out that he’s married, and advises him to explain it to her.

Hwal is taken aback, not used to Haru ignoring him, but today she’s in a dull mood and she walks by without speaking to him. That evening, he looks through his things and finds a photo of his wedding day.

He drops it on the breakfast table the next morning, and Hae-yoon picks it up curiously. At his reaction, Hwal says simply, “I got married.”

Hae-yoon laughs in disbelief, but clocks the non-reaction from the others (Hyun-tae and Haru continue eating silently) and joshes Hwal for telling the others and leaving him in the dark. Hwal explains, “We’re separated now, and we don’t know how things will happen in the future. Don’t ask more than that.”

Hae-yoon remembers that Hyun-tae likes Su-in, and now the reason for Hyun-tae’s reticence becomes clear. Oy, what a mess this is.

During the drive to the ice rink, Hwal asks whether Haru is surprised he’s married. Not knowing that Haru is starting to develop feelings for him, he assures her that there’s nothing to be surprised or worried about, since “nothing will change.”

Haru breaks her silence to ask why and when he got married. He answers that they’d met a year ago in Vancouver, and Haru lets loose with a barrage of questions — how did it happen? Was it love at first sight? Who fell for whom first? And perhaps most importantly, “What does it mean to be spouses?” She’s trying to grasp the extent of Hwal’s attachment to Su-in by parsing each component of their relationship, and frustrated because she doesn’t understand.

At the rink, Su-in is startled when Haru treats her normally in front of Haru (as in, he doesn’t hide that they know each other). He informs her that the cat is out of the bag now, and Haru knows the truth. Su-in feels abashed for pretending they were strangers, and Haru keeps her distance.

After practice, Su-in offers Haru a ride home, since none of her three ajusshi-oppas is picking her up today. Still aloof, Haru declines the ride, and Su-in apologizes for not telling her the truth. Haru answers (though unconvincingly), “At first I was shocked, but it’s not something that involves me anyway.”

So when Haru changes her mind and asks for a ride, Su-in is eager to comply — although Haru doesn’t want to go home. Instead, they arrive at Su-in’s house, where Haru asks all the questions she’d asked Hwal (which had gone unanswered) — how they met, fell in love, how their first kiss happened. Haru asks, “Do you love him?” Su-in nods and says, “Things ended up this way because I wronged him. But we started over, so things will improve now.”

Realizing that she’d forgotten to buy milk (they’re baking something in an exercise of girl-bonding), Su-in steps out, telling Haru she’ll be back right away. Haru looks around the room idly, spotting a videotape labeled “Asking for Choi Su-in’s forgiveness.” This piques her interest and she plays it, only to find it’s a homemade clip of Hwal and Su-in. In it, Su-in tosses out ideas for a skating program using Haru’s program music — Hwal had made the music with Su-in in mind.

Glumly, Haru leaves the house without waiting for Su-in to come back, and walks back home. She finds Poong-ho (SO CUTE — I should just nickname him that to spare myself the trouble of shouting it every time he appears) waiting outside for her.

Poong-ho has a competition coming up that will take him overseas, and tells Haru not to be too sad or miss him too much since he’ll be back soon. Haru scoffs, “Ha, sad? Why don’t you stay a few months while you’re at it?”

Poong-ho does that dawdling thing where it’s obvious that he wants to linger, but has no excuse to stay because Haru dismisses him. He wants a goodbye kiss, but as Haru doesn’t take his hint (or seem inclined to favor him with a kiss), he looks around and picks her up like last time, ready to plant one on her anyway…

…at which point a water bottle lands on his head. It’s been tossed down from the wall above, where Hwal is watching. Hehe — Poong-ho’s reaction is adorably flustered, as he tries to bow to his elder while still holding Haru. Immediately contrite, Poong-ho puts her down and hastens away.

As Hwal and Haru head toward the house, she asks about her skating music, now that she knows where it came from. She wonders, isn’t it ridiculous to have her skate to it when Hwal made it for Su-in?

Hwal agrees, but not for the reason Haru is hinting. He quips that it suits Su-in, who is tall and graceful, while Haru is short.

Hospital. Su-in’s mother tells the couple not to remain separated for too long and urges them to have children, because she wants to be a grandmother before she dies.

Her mother smells something funny and wonders if it’s coming from her clothing. Su-in sniffs and assures her mother that nothing is amiss, but when she and Hwal leave, she worries that her mother is starting to smell odd, not the clothing.

They share an elevator with an old, sickly man, and I’m fairly certain this is foreshadowing Su-in’s mother’s impending death. I have a feeling this may become one of those really obvious storylines, contrived as a way of keeping the couple together, and I confess to having little patience for it. I hope it will not last long.

Hae-yoon has been suffering from Sang-hee withdrawal, keeping away from her since their last falling-out. He doesn’t acknowledge that he misses her, but Hwal sees through him plainly — it’s pretty obvious that he’s distracted and bummed when he cooks with dishwashing soap instead of oil. Hwal calls Sang-hee to tell her to take care of Hae-yoon because he’s “sick” (he means lovesick, but doesn’t clarify that to her), prompting her to call him to check in.

Having ruined his food, Hae-yoon is hungry and they’re out of ramen, so he asks if Sang-hee has any and heads over. At first, Hae-yoon doesn’t look happy with Jae-wook joining them at the table, but he laughs it off and the mood lightens. Hwal and Su-in drop by the bar — this is Su-in’s first time meeting his friends — and join the party.

Sang-hee calls Hyun-tae to urge him to join in, thinking it’s big news that Hwal’s wife is there, but he declines. He and Haru are in the same boat, their curiosity over Hwal and Su-in’s date battling their distaste over their status as a happy couple. In the end, Haru pushes them to go.

It’s a little awkward to have everyone together with all the conflicting emotions in play, as we see when Haru comes upon Hwal outside on the deck as he’s finishing up a phone call.

Haru tells Hwal sadly, “Today you really seem married.” She reaches for his hand and starts to cry, “It’s strange. It’s too strange.” I love that she grasps hold of one finger and not his entire hand, which parallels the tentative way she’s reaching out to him, conflicted, afraid to confront things head-on but afraid to back away for fear of losing him.

Not understanding the source of her emotions, Hwal wipes her tears away and asks what’s wrong.

Sang-hee and Hae-yoon talk while clearing out the bar at the end of the impromptu party, and he apologizes for being a nag. Sang-hee’s just glad he’s not mad at her anymore and thanks him for that.

He brings up an instance a while back when she was dumped and had gotten completely drunk. They laugh over the memory, and he says, “I don’t know if my embrace is as wide as your father’s, but I’ll try.” Sang-hee grabs him in a hug and thanks him. He tells her, “Don’t make my heart hurt.”

This scene is probably my favorite in this episode, and I think it’s the mood that I like — it’s a meaningful exchange, but not acted too seriously or too heavily. Hae-yoon and Sang-hee are playful and affectionate, but their words are sincere. Lovely, downplayed scene.

The others leave the bar separately, but Hyun-tae’s motorcycle pulls up alongside Hwal’s car at a red light. The two men’s eyes meet — Hwal’s gaze is a little uncomfortable, Hyun-tae’s merely sad — while Haru turns away, and then the two vehicles take opposite paths and go their separate ways.

Her unhappiness growing, Haru tells Su-in that she wants to switch songs for her program. Clearly the associations are too strong for her, and she doesn’t want to skate with those strings attached. She explains that she can’t feel the music anymore.

Su-in doesn’t know the underlying reason for Haru’s adverse reaction to the song, and merely interprets this as a common case of nerves. In any case, it’s too late to switch the music now that the Euro-Asia competition is approaching fast.

Advertising firm. The Bond Factory guys have gotten Bok Man Chicken onboard for a television commercial, but the president is dissatisfied with Hwal’s proposed ideas. Those concepts are too common, and too similar to competitors’ ads. The president wants more than mere product promotion; he wants a really memorable ad as a proclamation that the company he worked so hard to build has become a success.

To honor the president’s wishes, Hwal decides to recruit the best commercial director they can find. He seeks him out on a commercial set and introduces himself, but is only able to give him a business card before the super-busy director is called away.

Thus he’s forced to try again, approaching him on another day. Hwal entreats the director for just one minute of his time, handing him the ad material. He presents his case and asks him to consider it. The director takes a liking to Hwal’s demeanor (respectful but assertive) and tells his assistant to keep the Bond Factory card handy. It’s not a promise, but the gesture shows that he’s considering it.

When Haru walks out of practice to see Hwal picking her up today, she perks up and runs excitedly to the car, but stops when Su-in gets there first and starts talking to him. Hwal offers a ride to Su-in, who accepts happily since she took the subway today.

Mood souring, Haru declines the ride, making the excuse that she has an errand to run. The two adults don’t get her change of attitude and urge her into the car, so Haru suddenly turns and runs the other way to keep them from following.

I confess I was loving the episode until this next scene, because I JUST. DON’T. GET. IT. Hwal drops Su-in off at home, where they are both disgruntled to find Hyun-tae playing basketball. (Hyun-tae, you are adorable but what the hell?)

Hwal has to figure out a way to nip this thing in the bud (too late for that?) and proposes a one-on-one game: winner gets one wish granted by the loser. Su-in shakes her head and withdraws, leaving the men to their game.

Hyun-tae wins, and as they sit to catch their breaths, he asks what Hwal would have asked for if he’d won. Hwal answers that he would’ve told Hyun-tae to remove the basketball hoop from Su-in’s yard. And now for Hyun-tae’s wish: “Give up Su-in to me.”

Hwal scoffs, saying that’s a ridiculous joke, and Hyun-tae relaxes (it was a joke), pointing out that Hwal probably felt a momentary lurch at his request. What if he’d been serious? For his real wish, Hyun-tae asks for leave from work this weekend, so he can act as Haru’s guardian for her skating competition. (Hwal understands that this means Hyun-tae wants to spend the weekend near Su-in.)

That night, Hwal hears Haru come home and checks in on her. She’s still feeling morose and asks, “Why did you get married? Why did you lie?” He replies (not getting why she cares so much), “What does that have to do with you?”

Haru agrees, “You’re right, it doesn’t. It shouldn’t mean anything to me.” She pauses, then starts again:

Haru: “I… like you. I like you so much, my heart… it hurts. Even though it hurts, I keep liking you. What do I do?”

Hwal is so taken aback that he doesn’t know how to react, and leaves abruptly after saying good night. He’s rendered nearly speechless, but by the next morning he seems to have recovered: When Hae-yoon wonders what’s with her these days, Hwal answers candidly that she confessed she likes him.

Hwal and Hae-yoon head to the commercial shoot, which puts the Bok Man president on a mini-obstacle course against a bluescreen. The hotshot CF director is dissatisfied with this model — he’s used to slick, good-looking promos — and the guys intervene to keep the situation running smoothly.

With his weekend off, Hyun-tae arrives with Haru and Su-in at the Euro-Asia Championship (and is put to work as baggage handler).

My irritation meter once again shot up when Hyun-tae calls Su-in out that night, forcing her to meet him by threatening to publicly serenade her if she doesn’t. She’s amazed at the audacity of his overtures — why her? “You know I’m your friend’s wife. How can you do this?”

Hyun-tae continues blithely along with his picnic and answers, as though this explains his behavior (my opinion: it totally doesn’t): “Because I fell for you at first sight. Is that possible? All I know is, if I think of you, my heart aches. Were we ill-fated in a past life?… If I’m with you, I don’t know why time goes so fast. Every minute, every second is precious.”

While Su-in is outside with Hyun-tae, Haru looks around the room they’re sharing, and sees some CDs. One is labeled, “I like you!” and turns out to be Haru’s skating music; a few seconds into the familiar song, Hwal’s voice comes on: “I made this thinking of you. Whenever you hear it, think of me. I love you, Choi Su-in.”

Haru stops the disc and angrily snaps it in half, throwing the pieces over the balcony.

In the morning, however, the competition’s copy of Haru’s music has a glitch, so Su-in goes to retrieve her back-up copy… but the disc is no longer in the case. Puzzled, Su-in figures she must have left it at home and tries to figure out a solution, and ends up calling Hwal. He finds another copy and drives to the competition to deliver the CD to Su-in, who breathes a sigh of relief. She invites Hwal to watch, but at the continued tension emanating from Haru, he declines and heads back.

With all her emotions in a knot, Haru’s performance at the competition is a big question mark, but surprisingly, it goes very well. She lands her jumps and skates smoothly despite the music… until she looks over and catches a glimpse of Su-in’s face. Her expression is happy and proud at Haru’s clean skate, but it makes Haru flash back to the video she’d seen of Hwal and Su-in.

With those images playing in her mind, it’s no wonder she falls on her last jump. Hyun-tae calls Hwal to let him know that Haru has been injured.

Haru remains lying on the ice until the medical staff comes out to help her, but the pain is more internal than external, and this fall is both symbolic of her feelings (recall the jumping and falling metaphor of Episode 6) and the catalyst to get her to realize where her true pain lies:

Haru’s narration: “When the body is injured, our bodies wisely turn all of our energies into looking after it. But injuries to the heart are easy to neglect. Is it that we’re clumsy at looking after our own hearts? Is that why we don’t even know that our hearts are injured?”


Like I said, I’m really liking Triple.

The only aspect I’m actively disliking is the Hyun-tae storyline. The love triangle in and of itself isn’t the issue. What IS problematic is how one-sided (er, two-sided?) this love triangle is — it’s like the world’s acutest isosceles triangle with Hyun-tae being the super-short leg. By this I mean that they’re not doing a very good job of giving us a way to sympathize with Hyun-tae, and believe me, I want to. (Yoon Kye-sannnng!) In making his actions so outrageous, we have to take Hwal and Su-in’s side(s), but in so doing we get no logical explanation for Hyun-tae’s side. No matter how strongly in love he thinks he is, he has no claim on Su-in, and worse yet, she’s happy with Hwal. (At least, for now.) He makes no sense and I want him to start being relatable.

Aside from that, I like how things are developing and seeing a different side to Haru The drama isn’t about bold plot twists or dramatic confrontations, but gives me a rather jjan-han feeling. The translation is sort of hard to encapsulate in one word, but it’s like the dull ache brought on by a whole host of mixed emotions rather than a sharp pang of any single emotion. It’s both hopeful and despairing, lovely and awful. It’s *jjan.* The last drama to make me feel that was (the first half of) The Return of Iljimae, and as I mentioned up top, My Sweet Seoul had traces of that as well, although I think Seoul was breezier and less about pathos.

What PD Lee Yoon-jung has such a talent for isn’t particular shots or stories, but creating an atmosphere, which gives the drama an overall cohesion and flow. And Min Hyo-rin! What a nice surprise. Seeing her acting here makes me think she was woefully promoted as a singer, because she attracted a good share of derision as the “luxury nose” girl, and none of her ebullient charm came through.


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  1. Reese

    Thanks for the recap!

    I have to agree. Hyun-tae’s storyline isn’t exactly working; I hope that changes in the future.

  2. mel

    ah return of iljimae
    when are the next recaps for those?

    i like triple too
    but im not digging the brother sister vibe

  3. kay

    thanks for the recap! i love haru’s character – she just brightens up every scene with her presence…even makes hyun-tae less forlorn.

  4. funniebones

    As much as the love pairings at the moment befuddle me, I must say I am rooting for Poong-ho. There’s just something about him that’s affectionately adorable. Besides, the attraction with Haru is more stably built up opposed to the Hyun-tae/Su-in story line (good for Yoon Kye-sang that he’s just a cutie pie) where you’re thinking the same thoughts as me exactly…what the hell?

    I must say that the episode afterwards and, I hope with episode 9 and onwards will start to clean up this hot mess of a love triangle, square, dodecahedron or what have you!

  5. ella

    why did they make use of yoon kye sang like this? :[

    on the other hand, haruuuuuuuuuuuu <3 i like her skating outfit…. and her with poong ho. hohohohoho

  6. etsy

    I strongly dislike Haru as a character. It might very well be that the concept of incest is repulsive to me, even in movies, but on top of that, her case also reminds me of Lolita. She is not as sexually provocative as Dolores in the novel, but there are moments when there are hints of her trying, such as the time she wore too much makeup or the time she tried flirting with Hwal after meeting Sang Hee for the first time. I understand that she’s young and naive and probably doesn’t understand that much about sexuality, but to prefer such an older man over a boy her own age and to physically act on those feelings is concerning.

    This episode just made my dislike for her even worse. I don’t like the way she was treating the people around her after she realized Hwal was married. She threw tantrums, because her brother, whom she has no romantic claims on, has a significant other. If a woman in her 20’s was to act the same way towards a platonic friend or acquaintance, people would call her petty and unreasonable. I don’t think it should be “acceptable” or brushed aside just because the girl is younger. She has NO romantic claims on her brother, and though the feeling of unrequited love is painful, her actions of occasionally ignoring Hwal or Su In and breaking Su In’s CD are not justified.

  7. 956857

    I always look forward to your recaps. Thank you.

  8. Sammi510

    LOVE Yoon Kye Sang! From his G.O.D. days to My Sister-in-Law is 19 through Who Are You?, he hasn’t missed a beat with me. But with his character of Hyun Tae, I just feel he is short-changed a bit. Don’t get me wrong, one of my favorite scenes so far is when he “explained” the living situation to Poong Ho. ^.^ But the rest of the time, I just want him to chill out and stop going to Su In’s house..

    Not feeling the whole Haru & Hwal love storyline. Bugs me how Haru keeps throwing temper tantrums in the last few eps. But Hwal and Su In aren’t any better either. Regardless, I’m still going to continue watching the drama. Really want to know how Poong Ho’s character will develop.

  9. sophia

    i’ve been liking this drama too, but i’m starting to wonder what direction this drama is trying to go. i can see the love “square” that the scripwriter’s devloping. I totally agree with you jb. i really want to sympathize for Hyuntae, because he started to like her without knowing that she was already married to Hwal. He’s such a nice guy, but it bugs me so much that he’s sticking to her and fighting for her even though she’s married. it was cute and all in the beginning, but now it’s starting to make me question his ethics and his loyalty towards his friends T.T but it’s YOON GYE SANNGGG :.tear.:

    and i really like min hyo rin’s acting ^^ i really don’t like that she’s developing feelings for hwal… [: i really really really want her to end up with Poongho 😀 he’s absolutely adorable <3 and he likes her sooo much!

  10. 10 jacq

    I can’t accept the whole Haru & Hwal love storyline either. It’s part of the reasons I gave up on watching Triple. I don’t know….but it just bothers me.

  11. 11 penny

    thank you for another great recap of this wonderful drama..i’m with you i’m all happy and excited watching the drama but whenever i see Hyun Tae my mood just plummet…his character is lacking so much and i can’t see how they can turn his character around..i’ve seen people in forum saying how they didn’t like how Haru was acting in this and the next episodes and how she changed from her cutey girl imagine into a crying, nagging little girl who’s in love..well, she has to grow up sometimes and it is just human nature for her to react how she feels… anywho can’t wait to read your next recap =)

  12. 12 kay

    i can’t say i agree with the lolita reference. i think haru is a very bright, cheery and emotional character. she wears her heart on her sleeve so she isn’t afraid to show her feelings and i think her feelings toward hwal seem natural (not in terms of their sibling relationship) but how similar they are as people. she connects to him and his advice resonates in her. i don’t see them ending up together but i feel that her feelings toward him make sense at this point in her life. i enjoy the show a lot bc things aren’t so clean cut – the feelings are all jumbled and uncertain – it offers some realism i think.

  13. 13 hjkomo

    “the world’s acutest isosceles triangle with Hyun-tae being the super-short leg”

    Hyun Tae has some of the cutest scenes (w/Poong Ho, w/Haru), but his behavior gets more frustrating with every episode. 🙁

    I love the jjan-han feeling PD Lee has created, but PD, please give us more to go on than, “WTH is HT doing???” o_O

  14. 14 Molly

    Etsy, I agree with your viewpoint as well. While I love her bubbly character, Haru’s been more impulsive and childish lately. I wish that she and Poong-ho would get together and that Hwal stays out of the picture. Love is love, yes, but an ex-stepbrother is still a brother.

    Thanks for the recap, Javabeans!

  15. 15 bumbershoot

    ugh I HOPE all the people who say that they’re not going to watch triple because of the faux incest actually do it. negative nacies crying about this pair all the freakin time. i personally think it’s beautiful, there are zero sexual connotation/passes between the two (unlike lolita), and it is just pure love.

  16. 16 Piano4112000

    Liking someone because you do is completely different than you should like someone because he is cute or nice to you. Because Poong-ho is nice to her or loves her is not a reason for her to like him back if she doesn’t.

    Appearance should also not be a requirement for love. I hear, ” they look compatible together,” or she looks to young for him or he too old for her.” Look should not determine compatibility, if that was true then we’re saying only pretty people should be together and all the unattractive people should be together. People sometimes become attracted to someone first because of outer appearance but its the personality and their compatibility together that keeps them together in the long haul.

    Javabean, I love your summaries because I tend to not pick up the small in formations the PD gives out. I absolutely loved the scene with Haru grabbing his finger because like you I felt that the finger grabbing was very telling on Haru’s state of mind with yearning to be with him and not knowing how it will all end if she took that leap.

    Love is Love, but an EX is still and EX 🙂

  17. 17 smallfish

    “Poong-ho (SO CUTE — I should just nickname him that to spare myself the trouble of shouting it every time he appears)”

    preach it sister… i think i squeal and clap every time he has a scene. it’s not so much that the actor himself is cute (although he is), but it’s the unabashed exuberance he has for haru that is sooo endearing. and the actor pulls it off very nicely. i’m so hoping they end up together.

    and i’m with you on the subtlety and atmosphere of this drama, too. when i watch PD Lee’s stuff, i always think, this is the k-drama all growns up. love it.

  18. 18 Biscuit

    Honestly, I dont care about this “incest”. First of all, Haru only calls him “brother” by title, but taking into consideration of the amount of time they’ve been together as siblings, there’s no room for real brotherly feelings to develop, only as a man she calls “brother”.

    Just imagine some guy you suddenly meet, not very close to, you call him brother. Keep in mind youre not really related at all, in a sense, so it’s merely a title. Now honestly, do you see him as your brother or do you just call him that? “Brother” just becomes a title that you call him, no?
    Just because you call him brother (and realizing that both of you are not real siblings), if you were to be alone with a man you’re hardly with, your heart can still thump.

    Haru’s actions are a bit… but she’s a young girl in love so it doesnt bother me.

    Still, I like this drama, and I LOVE the cute tid bits.

    I’m just not sure how these relationships will go. Hyuntae is someone that doesnt seem THAT ignorant.

    Now it just surprises me how many girl-friends he’s had in the past, how many times he fell in love, when was the last time he was a stalker, was he always like this… Oh goodness, his background history with women is something I don’t want to even imagine!

    But he’s still cute~

  19. 19 Gallivanter

    I’ve been SO happy with Min HyoRin. I knew and loved the rest of the cast before this, but she just looked so off putting in her photos. She was to be playing this high school girl, but the publicity photos made her look vapid and far too sexy. But here? In person? OMG I WANT TO GIVE HER HUGS. Haru is adorable, and if I were 18, I’d want to be her bff. Okay, I’m older than that, but I still do. If I didn’t already know Korean, I’d learn it so we could be bffs.

  20. 20 lot2x

    I love your recap JB !!!
    (yeah!!!)JB one of my preferred milieu that put together a downhearted that they could stared at each others reaction. The outcome is on the the way and the
    midway of the fable stroke .Mull over of this much better and obviously my impression of the twosome were more comparable and corresponding outlooks,moods,and temperament . In the end , i’m so optimistic that there’s
    an enticement among HT and HARU .l love them when larking each other and
    appear that both have much cheerful of the time being together

  21. 21 aS2t


  22. 22 Rev

    As much as I’m beginning to hate the Hyun-Tae/Su-in storyline, I am interested to see where they go with it. It’s funny, since for the life of me I can’t think of a reason why Su-in and Hyun-Tae should start dating one another. I mean, Su-in had one goal in mind when coming back to Korea, to save her marriage with Hwal. For Su-in to return to Korea, patch things up with Hwal, then blow him off again for another guy (this time being Hwal’s friend) just seems ludacris to me. I’m sure Su-in’s mother will be thrilled her daughter is seeing somebody else besides Hwal, again :-p

    Hwal/Haru is reminds me of the relationship between Marty/Willie in the movie Beautiful Girls. Completely different I know, but there are a few similarities between to two. I wonder if Haru will ask Hwal to be her “Winnie The Pooh”? 😀

  23. 23 amy

    I love how you defined “jjanhan” feeling.. You should include that in your glossary so we know where to find the definition when we need it 🙂

    Hyuntae Hyuntae Hyuntae… I feel the same way about HT & SI relationship and so do majority of the viewers. It just makes me sigh endlessly because it appears there’s no way out to this mass.

  24. 24 marie*

    To be honest, I initially expected Triple to be “fun” like Coffee Prince..but after the first few episodes, I’m starting to appreciate the drama for its more realistic approach..

    I LOVE Poong-ho’s cuteness haha..I keep thinking, “he needs more scenes!!” He’s starting to show his maturity a bit more =)

    As for Haru, I didn’t agree with her actions during episodes 7-8 (first part)..

    Thanks for the recaps!!

  25. 25 MEIKO**** ^-^

    I kinda like the Haru-liking-Hwal predicament…. mmm… i have never picture them as siblings (well, not yet…)… i think it’s because.., the way Haru was sincerely keeping in touch with (supposedly) Hwal as seen in the first few eps, made me think she has special interest on him other than sisterly fondness (oh not to mention, it was much later, that i found out they were, kind of, step-siblings! ^-^)

    I also like Hae-yoon, he’s cool, not too much drama, sensible but funny….

    and i still have to like the rest of the characters, Su-in (exasperating if not boring..), Hyun-tae (aaaa…like a little kid…), Sang-hee(aaa…needs more depth..and the hair…all i see is hair!)and Poong-ho (mmm…starting to like him!)…

    I will probably get to like them in the next eps… ill see….

  26. 26 jamie

    I really hope they finish the Haru-Hwal phase… I’m loving this drama except for that angle… and believe me, I tried to be open-minded about it, but really can’t… I will immediately stop watching this if that line further progresses. And i could very much relate to the Hae-yoon character. He seems the most realistic to me i guess 🙂

  27. 27 Asmaa


    “At the rink, Su-in is startled when Haru treats her normally in front of Haru (as in, he doesn’t hide that they know each other).”

  28. 28 Lisa

    The haru/hawl thing is really annoying, not just because they’re former step-siblings, but because it’s turning haru into a whiny 2 year old. Agreed with the hyun-tae storyline as well; he’s so adorable and I really want to be on his side, but he’s scarily aggressive and it makes absolutely no sense!

    Although personally I don’t have a problem at all with Su-In. I think she’s a pretty normal human being who made a terrible mistake and is trying to fix it. …And it’s kind of hard to fight off Mr. Adorable Stalker when he’s so charming, so I don’t mind that she lets him stick around. I just hate the fact that he DOES.

    Episode 8 was painfully annoying for me, ep 9+ better get happier.

  29. 29 jes

    thanks for the recap… i loveeeeeeeee yoonkyesang too so i reallllly wish they make his storyline more relatable and realistic! :O

  30. 30 jelly

    frankly speaking i love all the cast of triple but sometimes, it bothers me so much
    I know one of this or next episode another phase point of view history complete the loveteam that who will gonna end up.For sure ,if the mother of su in insist the reconciliation of the couple .Well, the romance of haru & poongho to be sight
    while hyun tae &haru still have chemistry no doubt in episode 7&8 both have many intances going out together .the hye yoon and sanghee still remain and the consistency of their feeling and many fun together.

  31. 31 maria

    By this I mean that they’re not doing a very good job of giving us a way to sympathize with Hyun-tae, and believe me, I want to. (Yoon Kye-sannnng!) In making his actions so outrageous, we have to take Hwal and Su-in’s side(s), but in so doing we get no logical explanation for Hyun-tae’s side.

    ^I’m not following Triple yet because I’m waiting the serie finish (I get to anxious watching a serie while it’s airing eehehehe). But I’ve been reading some reviews, recaps, interviews and news related to Triple.
    So I’m wondering…
    Perhaps they’re using Hyun-tae’s character to make people get fond of Hwal & Su-in pairing. I remember Lee Hana saying she was worried that people might not like her character because her character cheated Hwal so people might not think her character desearved to be with Hwal. So I think in order to make people cheer for Hwal and Su In to be together they’re using Hyun-tae’s storyline and character for that.
    What do you guys think?

  32. 32 cecee

    The brother sister relation is weird. It has a similar feeling to the show Friends where Joey and Rachel hooked up. It was that strange. Not feeling it even if people are siding with Hwal and Haru. Haru is in her teens and Hwal is in his late 30s. That relationship has alot of taboos. Overall. It is just plain weird to me that I can not get over it. Sorry to have missed watching this series but I do like reading JB recaps. It is a better read than watch.

  33. 33 djes

    I quite don’t understand why people hates how Haru fell in love with Hwal.
    She didn’t meet him for a quite some time, so even though they are EX step sibling, they’re barely KNOW each other.
    It’s natural that a teenage girl has a crush to older man, especially someone who cares about her like Hwal. Hwal cares about Haru – in different way her father and coach treat her, it’s a new experience for her in man woman relationship, and that’s why she ‘thought’ it was love.

    I was more bothered and annoyed by the relationship between Eun Suh and Jun Suh of Autumn’s Tale. They grew up as siblings, and when they found out they were not blood related, BOOM! they fell in love. For me, that’s what you called faux incest.
    No offense to Autumn’s Tale’s lovers, really, I just don’t get it.
    One Fine Day also had similar storyline, and I don’t like it.

    Anyway, that’s only my two cents.

    On the other note…I like ep. 7, and ep. 8 is soo sad. I also hope ep.9 will have a brighter mood…I miss cheerful Haru already.

  34. 34 loveydovey


  35. 35 Molly

    Does Poong-ho come back in episode 8? I’m curious.

  36. 36 cartman

    i am soooo loving this right now!! 😀

  37. 37 mm

    i root for hwal and haru…
    becos to me.. i saw that coming since episode 3…
    and i have no problem with that at all…

  38. 38 anonymous

    anybody know why ep.9 and 10 are both airing tomorrow???

  39. 39 anonymous

    Thanks for the review. As with “Story of a Man” I don’t agree with what you think is good and what isn’t both of them start out slow and though there is a little action it’s not enough to keep me engaged.

  40. 40 Cottagegal

    Anonymous: It appears to me that they showed a Michael Jackson special in Triple’s time slot today, or at least shuffled the schedule for that. Someone please correct me if I am mistaken in that.

  41. 41 cchrys

    Thank you for the recaps as always! ^_^
    I’m enjoying the drama, but really NOT liking Hwal-Haru combo.
    Hopefully, the writers have some senses soon.

  42. 42 Bean

    I didn’t like the Hwal/Haru relationship one bit. I mean brotherly sisterly love I can understand, but romantic feelings? Too weird. I just can’t get over that to keep on watching. I tried but still failed.

  43. 43 AudreyW

    I want Haru to end up with everyone less than Poong, really some times he annoys me very much, Haru/Hyun-tea it’s nice and Haru/Hwal it’s fine too.
    I will say it again, I don’t know what you consider brotherhood, but Haru and Hwal aren’t brothers at all. To become brothers at the age they are right now it’s more strange than they liking each other.

  44. 44 Anne O. Nymous

    To all the people who are quick to judge Hwal and Haru without watching the drama and just reading it based on Java Beans’ summaries, as much as I enjoy reading the summaries, it doesn’t give the drama justice, no matter how well it’s written, so it’s best that before you judge Triple, watch actual episodes THEN read the summary.

    And to all the people who are “creeped out” by the storyline, I’d like to say that this drama is not an easy-watch, this is probably the best drama in 2009 for me, it’s well written, well directed, well acted, but it’s targeted towards the mature audience. So if you don’t have an open mind, don’t watch the drama. The unique and beautiful thing about Triple is its unconventional story line, you never know what you’re going to get. The struggle is calm, internal and it breaches the societal norms, if you can’t stomach this, stick to the easy, mindless and entertaining watch, maybe something like BOF or Shining Inheritance. Just my two cents.

  45. 45 bumbershoot

    ^^Well said Anne O. Nymous.

  46. 46 ilovekdramas!

    Yeah, I’m also not enjoying the Hyun tae story line at all. At first his forward behavior was understandable and even cute because he was obviously head over heals in love with Su-in. But now that he knows Su-in is in love with and married to his best friend, Hyun tae needs to BACK OFF. It’s just incredibly poor taste to keep pursuing a married woman, much less a woman married to your best friend. I like Yoon Kye Sang but I think this is a waste of a character line.

    Secondly, I totally agree with the people not liking the Haru-liking-Hwal development. The fact that she’s so much younger than him combined with the fact that he’s her stepbrother combined with the fact that he’s married makes it just too weird. Nevertheless, Triple is still a cute drama.

  47. 47 nanner

    really liking this drama so far, thanks for the recaps.
    it never crossed my mind to pair up haru with hyun tae until i saw this episode and their scenes were so good together. i think they match surprisingly well. but i’m not offended by the haru/ hawl pair either (they’re not related, they barely know each other, more power to them). still, his relationship with his wife bugs the hell out of me and i want to smack them. both. serveral times.
    people keep bringing up the age gap like its a big deal and it really isn’t. i dated someone who was 20 years older than me when i was 19 so maybe i’m biased (and no, he wasn’t rich, just working poor like the rest of us stiffs). i think it should be about love and compatability rather than age.
    can’t wait to see the new episodes!

  48. 48 MEIKO**** ^-^

    @44 anne o. nymous
    “…I’d like to say that this drama is not an easy-watch…”

    just have to let you know….. am clapping my hands!LOL!!! I agree….Good point….

  49. 49 chic

    I don’t like Triple and didn’t agree with incest since well my religion and my belief its wrong and opposed God law.

    But in our belief, step-brother sister who are not blood related can be married. How, if the boy’s father marry the girl’s mother and that current time the parents married and they have already grown up. They didn’t related with blood and not are siblings. It just the marriage of their parents that what make them as step brother and sister.

    It will be a different story if after the parents married, they have a child. Then the child is considered siblings by each of them. The child from their parent NOW is only considered blood related/siblings toward their VERY OWN previous child from previous marriage.

    For example

    Mr A married Mrs C= Get XX

    Then divorced.

    Mrs D married Mr T = Get X

    Then divorced or passed away.

    MR A married Mrs D = Get XXX

    X and XX can marry because they are not blood related.

    XXX is siblings with X and XX and considered blood related since XXX shared with one of them of mother or father. XXX can’t marry X OR XX since they are blood related.

    But XX and X is not blood related.

    Well, hope it doesn’t confuse you.

    Whatever it is, I don’t like Hyun Tae story line at all. Back off people from others marriage. No matter how I like YKS. But its show some realism in the society. Well hope we can learn something. If you are unhappy with ur marriage, works it out will all your might, and if you reach the end road of road then divorce with ur partner and then you can find your new love. Not when you are in a marriage, baby.

  50. 50 Anonymous

    I just hope Haru ends up with anybody BUT Hwal. One can argue all day long if they are indeed brother/sister/step-brother/sister/ex-step-brother/sister or not related at all, the relationship is plain weird. I wish they would just move away from this storyline.

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