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Triple: Episode 9
by | July 16, 2009 | 32 Comments

A cute episode, and one that seems to (finally) be prodding our characters into the next phase of development. I don’t need high angst to keep me interested and I’ve been enjoying the story thus far for that laid-back ambiance, but I also appreciate that the story is moving along for all the couples.


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EPISODE 9: “1800 m²”

The episode is lighter on the theme today (Haru starts the episode ruminating on amount of time she’s spent on the ice), and soon transitions to the rest of the plot.

Hae-yoon enjoys lazing around in the morning with Sang-hee, who frets about getting out of the house without the others seeing her. In the end, she and Hae-yoon present themselves together, confirming that she spent the night before they both make a hasty exit, leaving Hwal and Hyun-tae gaping in surprise.

The scene in the car is adorable because they are completely swept up in the giddiness of being together; Sang-hee feeds Hae-yoon as he announces to nobody in particular, “I’m Kang Sang-hee’s boyfriend!” She follows with “I’m Jo Hae-yoon’s girlfriend!” which is an announcement they repeat enthusiastically to the man in the car beside them. They are such dorks and it’s cute.

Back in the countryside, Poong-ho leaves Haru’s father’s house, after which Haru announces that she’s ready to go back to Seoul. Her father, being perceptive to her mood, asks if she’s dealing with any problems in Seoul, but she says no and tells him not to worry.

Outwardly, Hwal acts unaffected by Haru’s return, but it’s evident (to us, at least) that he really is glad to see her back. Therefore, he’s put out when she treats Hae-yoon and Hyun-tae with friendliness but gives him the cold shoulder.

It’s not a familiar feeling for Hwal to want to reach out to somebody who wants to withdraw, and particularly so with Haru since their dynamic is usually the other way around. So he finds himself in awkward territory when he attempts — cutely, but ineffectively — to engage Haru in conversation. He checks in on her and asks what she wants to eat, trying to be solicitous, but Haru declines food and responds with disinterest.

Hae-yoon is becoming my favorite character, mostly because I like that he’s honest about his feelings (even when losing his temper) without being childish about them. He’s also the only character with a real commonsense approach to things, such as when Hwal is called to the hospital by a worried Su-in. Hae-yoon clocks Hyun-tae’s interest and levels with him: “Just butt out.”

Furthermore, Hae-yoon doesn’t have a lot of patience for Su-in, either, which prompts Hyun-tae to jump to her defense because she’s going through a lot right now. That is a weak argument, and Hae-yoon responds, “Even if she and Hwal divorced, I’d be against you having a relationship with her. What the heck are you doing over one woman?”

Su-in’s already frayed nerves take a hit when the doctor cautions her to prepare herself for the end; her mother’s cancer is in the last stages. Surprisingly, Su-in holds up pretty well at the hospital, even managing a relatively cheery tone.

That mood lasts as Hwal drops her off at home. Yet when Hwal heads to the door to return her forgotten phone, she lets her emotions go now that she’s alone. Hwal sees her sobbing and draws her to him in a comforting hug.

Haru jogs up to Hwal on their morning run, but she’s not here to join him; she intends to go her separate way. She explains, “I won’t annoy you anymore. I’m going to focus on training now.”

By now, we can see that Hwal misses the old, bubbly Haru, but he doesn’t know how to bring her back. Trying to draw her into conversation, he asks for her new training schedule so he can pick her up from practice. Haru declines, intending to bike to practice from now on, and asks him not to say (nice) things like that — she’s already feeling vulnerable, and she’d rather avoid him for the time being.

Hwal’s not exactly happy about that, but what can he do? Haru’s logic makes sense — she’ll be able to get over her feelings more easily without him hovering. Still, he frowns when Poong-ho comes by and grabs Haru in an enthusiastic hug, greeting everyone exuberantly.

Poong-ho’s insistence on helping Haru through her injury wasn’t mere talk, as he takes an active hand in helping out in her training sessions. Haru is impatient to get back on the ice, but Su-in is firm in building up Haru’s strength off the ice first. I assume that Su-in knows what it’s like to suffer an injury, but Poong-ho is particularly helpful because he relates to Haru. Using his own tactics to make the exercises more interesting, Poong-ho turns Haru’s dismay into amusement. Su-in is pleased to see how well they get along together.

There are many differences between Poong-ho and Hwal, but a main one that stands out is in the way that both address Haru’s current emotional state: Poong-ho adjusts the situation to work with Haru’s frustrations, but Hwal doesn’t know how to get what he wants and just tries to order her around. Therefore, when he confronts her about her sulkiness, it’s like they’re on completely different wavelengths. Hwal doesn’t see what’s so difficult; he is simply her oppa, and girls shouldn’t fall for their brother figures.

Haru replies, “What can I do about something I can’t control?” She understands what he’s saying but can’t just make it happen, so she tells him to stop pushing.

Hae-yoon and Sang-hee’s relationship has its share of bumps, but I love how refreshing it is. For instance, Hae-yoon decides to buy Sang-hee a nice gift, but wonders if jewelry is too common and sappy. He plans a romantic evening out, then arrives at the bar near closing time to sweep her away for the night. However, one of the remaining drunk patrons decides to hit on Sang-hee, which Hae-yoon steps in to prevent. He speaks calmly at first but the man turns belligerent, sending Hae-yoon lunging at him angrily… which lands everyone at the police station.

When the officer asks for Hae-yoon’s identification, Sang-hee looks through his bag, spotting a ring box that Hae-yoon quickly snatches back.

Later, he’s put into a holding area for the night. Before sending Sang-hee home, he asks for his bag, takes out the ring, and slides it on her finger. His tone is resigned — he’d planned on a romantic night, but since those plans were ruined, this is the best he can do. He tells her, “It’s yours.”

Hae-yoon may not have been able to pull out a grand gesture, but Sang-hee still gazes at the ring in wonder. He tells her, “Let’s get married. I’ll treat you well.” Sang-hee tells him she’ll wait for him until he’s let out in the morning.

It’s amusing to see Hwal’s reaction when Sang-hee calls him about Hae-yoon’s brawl; seeing Haru walk by, he decides to use this as bait to pique her curiosity. Hwal raises his voice purposely, saying, “Of course I have to go to the police station” and drops Hae-yoon’s name deliberately.

After he hangs up the phone, Haru’s curiosity prompts her to break her silence. She asks what happened, and I literally laughed out loud at Hwal’s somewhat childish response, all false innocence: “You told me not to talk to you. Can I talk now?” But Haru reads the teasing tone in his voice and walks away.

Following Hae-yoon’s release, he and Sang-hee eat breakfast together and both smile to see the ring on her finger. But Hae-yoon has to ruin it for himself by telling her she should quit her job — he doesn’t like the idea of her running a bar. She doesn’t see the connection between her working and getting married, and asks simply, “Am I supposed to get rid of my space if I marry? Then I don’t want to marry.” Hae-yoon suggests that she set up a different type of store (it’s the bar aspect that bothers him), and while she thinks the idea over, she’s not fully onboard.

On the other hand, Hyun-tae looks at Hae-yoon’s jail-time experience with envy — at least he gets to like who he wants, and fight for her. Hae-yoon: “That’s why you should meet a woman you’re free to like, you idiot.” He doesn’t see Hyun-tae’s feelings as love: “You’re fooling yourself. Get back to your senses.”

I’m glad this Bok Man Chicken storyline is going somewhere (it’s cute, but now we get to move onward). The TV ad experiences remarkable popularity, and while that seems a little ridiculous considering it’s a chicken commercial, I’m deciding to not question it too heavily and just roll with it. Having dropped by to offer their congratulations to the Bok Man president, the guys are present to overhear a phone call with another company president, the head of K Oil.

Mind whirring, Hwal offers to deliver the batch of chicken that the Bok Man president is intending to send over. It’s an odd request, but the president understands that Hwal has caught the scent of a possible new connection.

They bring the food to the K Oil meeting — where they find Hwal’s old boss, section director Jung. Hwal ignores the other man’s sneering attitude and introduces himself to the president, offering himself for future deliveries. They also produce several mockup advertisements to throw in the K Oil president’s path, hoping to make a good impression.

Hyun-tae, in the meantime, chooses to strain my patience yet some more by appearing uninvited to Su-in’s mother’s hospital room. I mean, what the hell are you thinking, fool? He finds the room empty and exercises his creative talents, making a cute skating diorama to hang in the room.

Su-in’s mother assumes that she’s the one who had hung it up, but when Su-in peers closer, she sees a note left by Hyun-tae. Her mother likes the mobile and tells her to leave it up.

However, Su-in’s mother is a rational, sensible woman, and Hyun-tae’s cute but his actions are not. When he visits her room again and introduces himself, she shoots down his attempts to win her over. She’s not mean but reproves him firmly for imposing himself upon a stranger’s sickbed, and for following her daughter around. When Hyun-tae tries to charm his way out of her censure, she tells him to take down the skating mobile and not to mess with Su-in.

I appreciate the way the mother addresses her disapproval, because it’s not personal. She finds Hyun-tae appealing as a person, and tells Su-in as much, but she doesn’t find his behavior to be appropriate and puts him in his place. (So does Hae-yoon, but Hyun-tae doesn’t listen to him.)

Therefore, Su-in is conflicted when she finds Hyun-tae sleeping on a bench in the hospital. She doesn’t know whether to scold him for continuing to come by, or thank him for making her mother smile.

As thanks, Hyun-tae jokingly asks for a kiss, then settles for a wish instead.

Poong-ho, understanding better than anyone Haru’s urge to get back on the ice, supervises an easy skate, reminding her to go lightly. He knows how frustrating it is to want to skate and be forced to stay away when the body feels healthy, so this is his way of scratching that itch while keeping her safe. The skating sequence is adorable, and their vibe is almost date-like — they laugh and skate in a carefree way.

One of the reasons I like Poong-ho so much isn’t just because he’s cute, but because he is (1) concerned for Haru’s welfare, and (2) approaches the situation from her perspective, not his own. You might say that Hyun-tae The Irritating uses a similar approach with Su-in, but there is a key difference: Hyun-tae wants to make Su-in happy, but he stubbornly does everything on HIS terms. He doesn’t stop to think how his actions frustrate her and make her uncomfortable. Su-in’s protests against Hyun-tae are exasperated and recurring, while Haru has ceased protesting Poong-ho’s attentions altogether.

Hwal, who has arrived during their skating session, smiles to see their infectious cheer but chooses to wait outside. When Haru emerges, he asks why she’s been skipping her therapy sessions at the hospital.

The conversation doesn’t go well, as Hwal once again tries to order Haru to obey and get in the car. She ignores that and heads home on her bike. Unable to follow when she takes a pedestrian route home, Hwal confronts her the minute she steps inside the house gate. Unable to contain her emotions, she bursts out, “I hate you!” in the way a child lashes out at an overbearing parent.

But Hwal just hugs Haru, who bursts into tears. He asks, “What do I do? I can’t do anything for you.”

Hae-yoon witnesses the hug and, like with Hyun-tae, disapproves of Hwal’s actions. He thinks Hwal is provoking Haru, and that his relationship limbo with Su-in isn’t only aggravating things. If Hwal decided to either reunite with Su-in for good or to divorce her, at least the others wouldn’t be left in doubt.

Hyun-tae’s wish turns out to be a late-night snack, which he claims in the form of ramen cooked in Su-in’s yard. He shares about his life and what it was like growing up with older brothers and a father who expected more of him. Su-in reminisces about her mother, her tone friendly for once, perhaps because she intends tonight to be their last encounter of this kind. She asks him to stop coming by because his constant presence is giving her a hard time.

Hyun-tae sighs that he must have fooled himself into thinking she might like him back — and the way she averts her gaze uncomfortably hints that he’s not so wrong about that.

Sang-hee is touched over Hae-yoon’s proposal and thinks it over with Jae-wook, saying, “If I did get married, it would have to be with him, right?” After all, he’s the best man she knows. Jae-wook chides her logic and urges her to make a pro and con list.

After thinking on it, Sang-hee makes up her mind and tells Hae-yoon, “I’ll take care of you like a wife, so let’s not get married.” He laughs, thinking she’s joking, but she adds, “Can I take this ring off?” Sang-hee doesn’t want to reject their relationship entirely, and explains, “I like you. Can’t we just continue like this?”

Hae-yoon answers that he can’t, his expression clouding. Then, without a word, he suddenly rises and walks out.

I love Hwal’s reaction when he jogs up to Haru in the morning. He teases Haru about her fall, which he’s seen on video replay, trying to get a rise out of her. She ignores him and jogs on, but her expression brightens as he hands her an mp3 player containing music he’s made for her. Touched and excited, Haru thanks him profusely. Hwal downplays the gesture, but his face shows how pleased he is that she’s happy.

Now that the air has been cleared between them, Hwal and Haru wait in pleasant company, lying on side-by-side-cots while she receives treatment at the hospital.

Haru breaks the companionable silence to wonder, “Why did you hug me that night?” He doesn’t have a ready answer, so she adds that she really loves the music he gave her: “If I hear this, it feels like I’m with you.” Her tone is playful as she prods, “I really like you. What about you, you like me too, right? I can feel it. You like me too, not as a sister. Right?”

Avoiding the question, Hwal sighs that she’s going to drive herself crazy asking questions like that, which she takes for the evasion it is. In a good mood, she hops over to him, and moves in for a kiss.


I thought Hwal was hilarious this episode as he tried to engage Haru in different ways, because he’s forced to adjust his equilibrium to deal with her. He’s always been gruff and curt, and with any reasonable adult, he’d be able to continue being that way, forcing the other person to adjust to his mood. Haru doesn’t take his hints or react according to his wishes, though, so he finds himself in new waters, and it’s cute to see him fumbling for the right way to act.

And because I’m sure the last scene is going to be the big point of concern for many/most viewers (alas, it was spoiled for me and therefore robbed of its dramatic punch, booooo!), here’s what Lee Jung-jae had to say about Hwal’s relationship to Haru:

“Hasn’t everyone experienced that kind of emotion at some point? Perhaps you have feelings for a close oppa in the family, or dealt with pain over a friend’s girlfriend. Actually, this type of story has been used in many dramas before. This is only different in the way that the director and writer make the story unfold. When I was first cast, PD Lee Yoon-jung explained that she hoped to show Hwal and Haru’s relationship in a bright, lovely way similar to Daddy Long Legs. I saw the director’s previous work and happily agreed, having faith in PD Lee Yoon-jung.”


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  1. Piano4112000

    I’m sorry that the scene was ruin for you and I agree that if it had not been spoiled it would have made a major impact. I loved LJJ’s acting in this episode.He made everything so real and that is why I love his acting.

    Loved reading your summaries, keep up the good work 🙂

  2. purpledayz

    oh yes!!! mysoju only had till part 3 of ep9 =(
    can’t wait manz =)

    what are the chances of hwal getting together with haru/? if tht happens, poongho…he is going to b alone!!

    if haru gets with poongho, and su in might b with hyun tae…then wad abt hwal T.T

    i cant forsee the ending of this drama. I guess, thts the charm of triple

  3. langdon813

    I wasn’t spoiled for this at all, thank God! I have to say (and I’m ready to take the heat for it), that I’ve come around to wishing Hwal and Haru would get together. But I love Poong-ho so much! It’s a dilemma. 🙁

    Slightly off topic, but I watched Il Mare tonight with Lee Jung-jae. SO much better that that horrible Sandra Bullock/Keanu Reeves movie The Lake House. I think a Lee Jung-jae marathon may be called for…

  4. Piano4112000

    I loved Il Mare, if your going to do a LJJ marathon get ready to fall in love with LJJ because that was what happened to me:)

  5. langdon813

    @4, piano4112000

    Well, I fear the damage may already be done (don’t tell JB though, she’s stingy with her men)!

    Any recommendations as to which LJJ movie or drama I should watch while I wait oh-so-impatiently for Eps 10 & 11 to be subbed?

  6. Piano4112000

    My first movie of him was An affair, let me just warn you that you get to see his butt so be prepared. lol The movie is hot and steamy but the acting is great.

  7. yumi-chan

    I just want to say one thing as mean as it sounds: WHY DID YOU IDIOTS SPOIL THIS FOR ME?! SHAME ON YOU YOU’LL GET BLISTERS ON YOUR LIPS FOR THIS! /anger

    BUT OH OH OH OH OH MY GAWD! I sense a love triangle coming on or my like a pentagon.

    poongho -> haru -> hwal ? Haru/ Su-in -> Hyun Tae
    I love how it’s not angsty and it’s simply playing out by emotion, I’m in love with PD lee right nao!

  8. xxdwangelaxx

    purpledayz: (and anyone else)

    you can watch this drama on viikii.net too. thats where the subbings going on. Heres the link: http://www.viikii.net/channels/goto/triple2

  9. AudreyW

    For me Haru sees Poong like a brother what is funny, bc the one she should feel like is Hwal, but he is the one she loves.
    I like them together, Su-in it’s so boring compared to Haru, in portuguese we would say she is “um porre”, but I don’t know how to translate hahahhahah

    Haru is very sweet, I like her very much.

  10. 10 MEIKO**** ^-^

    OMG!!!! *grinning widely*

    what to do?! what to do!?

    Hwal is soooo cute here…as usual, clueless..or probably confused/flustered….aaahhhhh…..

    Cant wait for ep 10!!!!

    one thing though….although i really am hoping, in the end, something romantic will turn out between the two, i still have this nagging feeling in the back of my head that this storyline will not go there….mm…i dont know if i will like the ending… anyway, i wont even start to think that far…..^-^

    i think PoongHo is the only one who is genuinely happy and smiling here the whole time, doesnt have any problems at all….he’s hopping and humming…very sunshiny!LOL!

  11. 11 MEIKO**** ^-^

    btw that interview with lee jung jae kinda burst my bubble…oh well….it’s just me…^-^

    ep 10!!!

  12. 12 Biscuit

    While I was anticipating the Hwal/Haru moment, it was still a guess from the hints and such, so I don’t mind people guessing that it will happen… because theres always a probability it won’t. Most of the time it was just a convo about whether it’s incest or not, age difference, etc etc/

    But on the last episode, many kind of spoiled it like “I dont want to spoil it but you should really see the next episode! Hwal and Haru! etc etc” Even though they didn’t say it, they sort of did imply what was gonna happen -_-

    So I sympathize how the moment was lost….

    I’m enjoying the episode more and more (haven’t watched it yet).
    I found the Hwal/Haru moments C.U.T.E.

    Hyuntae…………. I’m glad Momma is setting things straight (though I can’t believe that Suin and Hwal weren’t able to settle this since I don’t consider this an issue as a casual, small problem… it’s actually quite a serious problem)

    Hopefully, dear Hyuntae, you can move on to another girl~

    I’m not sure if that’s good if he’s gonna be a stalker again. Like I said, I don’t want to know the past relationship he’s had with women in his 30+ years of life…. and if he’s always been a stalker. It’s kinda scary………….. -_-

    But now I wonder! Has he always been like this with women? Do Hwal/Hae Yoon (all their names start with H…) know about this? Wouldn’t they have been more serious to stop him than letting him loose as a stalker and do inappropriate actions!? I doubt he only became stalkerish and persistent only on Su In.

  13. 13 Piano4112000

    Why did it burst your bubble, because if I remember correctly Daddy Long Legs had a happy ending for everyone

  14. 14 djes

    ah i love it! thanks for the recaps again.

    it was shocking when I saw the last scene – then i feel sad for Haru, for liking her older brother.
    I decided not to bother others’ opinions about Hwal shouldn’t be with Haru.
    Just let the story flows, and I don’t want to guess the ending now. I love the story’s development, and want to enjoy the moments.

    Poong Ho! ah, he’s such an adorable boy. Of course Haru won’t push him away – even if she doesn’t ‘like’ him. At least if I’m Haru, I won’t. 😀

  15. 15 Pennu

    I am completely in love with LJJ!!!! He really is an actor’s actor. I am getting familiarized with his work i am surprise at his range as an actor he can adapt to any role. He’s great in ‘Triple’. This drama is so unpredictable and i love that. Thanks for another summaries. Btw can i ask how old you are dramabeans? Haha i know its not a q&a session but i’m just curious. Thanks

  16. 16 berrrrnadetee

    man, when i watched this, i screamed (ok, not screamed, exactly, but said OH MY GOD really, really loudly) at the end. man. i kinda thought that i wouldnt be a fan of a haru/hwal relationship, but idk anymore. (i love haru and poongho together loads more, though)

  17. 17 MEIKO**** ^-^

    @13 Piano4112000

    I dont know…because it kinda is confirming that nagging feeling i have…. wwwaaaahhh….

    I havent seen Daddy Long Legs…. and i definitely wont even take a peek on it’s ending…. i might get more frustrated…. lol!!!

    anyway, we will see, maybe i will like the ending…. you know…. not bawling with frustration….i might get to really understand/realize the whole meaning of the story and not just focus on one romantic side of the story….

    but, they are so cute together…really….aawwww……and i sooo empathize Haru….i dont think it’s just a puppy love…really…..urg!!!! makes me wana cry!!!!

    and thanks JavaB for the recaps and comments….


    btw, am getting to like PoongHo…adorable….^-^

  18. 18 algelic

    That last scene made me SO happy! =D

    I’m really rooting for the Hwal/Haru couple! It’s so adorable how Hwal has to go beyond his comfort zone to approach Haru and then gets all giddy when he makes her smile.

    This is the first time a korean drama has made me so interested that I watched the next episodes unsubbed and all.

    I really hope Hyun-tae doesn’t get his way. I mean, what kind of example is that? “be a stalker, that’s what the girls like”?

  19. 19 purpledayz


    THANK YOU BIG TIME!!! rocks 🙂

  20. 20 Anonymous

    thanks java for the recap, i really began to love this drama..
    i just love seeing Hwal and Hrau they are so cute together comparing to Hawl and Su in they just lack love and liveness..
    and for Hyun-tae i just i don’t know what’s with him gettin obssessed with Su in he’s like a stalker or somethin..
    but over all the drama is refreshing and different which i love it ..
    thanks again for the recap can’t wait for other recaps (^^,)

  21. 21 le

    this drama is way too surprising, i wasn’t expecting the last scene. hopefully the characters/story will end the right way, i’m not happy right now. i think i’ll start He Who Can’t Marry or Partner.

  22. 22 soysauce

    Very nice ep.
    Looking forward to more recaps 😀

  23. 23 Anonymous

    Argh…super torn.

    Haru/ Hwal.
    I kinda see why Haru likes him. I mean, he geve the ‘possibility’ for Haru to skate again. He tells her all these ‘theories’ in life that actually help her in some way. Can’t blame her for liking him, he seemed to be a great guardian in a way, something like a mentor material…

    Hwal seems to me as a ‘straight, tunnel vision’ sort of guy. What I mean by this is that , err…well he is pretty boring. He’s not that creative that is why he is like the logistics/ AE of their team. I think Haru appears to him as a pleasant distraction, she is like a rainbow in his basically straight/tunnel vision life.

    We don’t know what made him love his wife in the first place so I can’t really comment on that.

    Poong Oh
    He is adorable! LOL! At first I thought he was kinda stupid and a little stuck up but now I am so in love with him!

    He is everything Haru needs I think. He is as strong as a rock (despite looking like a fool sometimes), and can stand Haru in her emotional swings. He keeps Haru on track when she loses focus on her goal. He is patient with her and always makes her laugh.

    I still can’t decide who to root for. Sigh…hope I get to watch epi 10 already.

  24. 24 LadyIgraine

    Anyone know the song after Haru kisses Hwal? Sounds like Zitten, but I could be wrong.

  25. 25 bumbertown

    Thanks for the recap as always javabeans! The song matches so well with the episodes.

  26. 26 ip

    yeah! PEOPLE SPOILED THE LAST SCENE! but i was still giddy. i hate how i have to choose between poongho and hwal now. i was rooting for poongho because it seemed like hwal was trying to get back with sooin but sooin has hyuntae. ughhh! i wish they would find a person for each character!

  27. 27 Priki

    @ AudreyW, I guess the closses you could get to being “um porre” would be “she’s a drag”, even if it is sort of an old expression.

    I think it’s really hard to really connect to the Su-in character, at least for me. I know we didn’t actually get an explanation as to why she cheated, but the fact is that she did, and she’s trying to get get back with Hwal, which I guess is what shoe would do, but we wouldn’t actually blame him if he chose just to stay away.

    As for the Haru/Hwal thing… I’m sorry, I can’t really see it as anything but one-sided, at least on the romantic level. Yes, he does get happy when he gets her to interact with him, but I think it’s really in that older brother kind of thing, when you realize you get to get along with a cool/adorable siblig. He was enjoying being her brother, even if grudgingly, and he feels he didn’t actually do anything wrong to push her away, which is actually the truth – it’s not his fault she likes him. In fact, I’d say she likes him *in spite* of him, when we think how downright awful he was with her at time right there in the beginning. Also, I’d be really disheartened if Poong-ho’s adorableness got him nowhere…


  28. 28 mySojuholica

    Triple? to watch or not to watch..*sigh* heard of it but never tried to even start watching it.. oh well I might give it a try one day 😛

  29. 29 sue

    all of lee jung jae’s little facial expressions, eye rolls, and little sound effects TOTALLY made this episode.

  30. 30 seohwa

    totally agreed on that #27~

    i dont see hwal and haru as anything but one-sidedness. and infatuation. she loves him b/c he is her oppa (older brother) but she is also young and is transferring this love into an infatuation.

    tho i dont particularly like soo in i also dont hate her. i think we still need to see her character’s personality… it feels like we still dont know her. however, it does bother me that she doesnt just tell hyun tae to go away. and it REALLY bothers me that hyun tae WONT go away. what kind of friend is he?

    i hope that soo in and hwal’s past is more explained in future episodes. im super curious as to how they really got together and why they met and why she cheated. sighhh.

    and -as always- LOVE The Voice. he is awesome. it sucks that he’s pushing sang hee to change herself (without meaning to, of course). but its realistic and i like that their story plays out so realistically.

    also LOVE poongho too. hes too funny. hes really good for haru. but who knowsss where this is all going haha.

  31. 31 simi

    Thanks for No Reply Javabeans! Eventhough I’ve been playing their cd for the past 3 weeks, just can’t seem to get enough of them. YEY!

    Whether Hwal’s feeling for Haru are truly of a romantic nature still remains to be seen. He obviously still sees her as a little dongseng. However, her avoidance of him in this episode may well be the catalyst for him to feel something different.

  32. 32 Sammie

    I am glad that there are dramas like this in Korea. This is not the usual rags to riches revenge kinda thing or rich guy – poor girl love story. Thank God for the writer and the director of Triple. Their style of storytelling is really something to be excited about. They are not afraid to show storylines that won’t be hugely accepted by others FOR NOW.

    This drama is so REAL. And yes, 18 yr old girls do fall in love with older men not just a mere crush but really falls in love and vice versa. Some people just do not like to talk about it but it happens. Nothing wrong with that. If
    If Brad Pritt comes up to me now, I’d welcome him with open arms. He is 46 yrd old. Age gap, be damn!

    Stepbrother or stepsister a HUGE deal? You gotta be kidding me.

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