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Two brothers and a surrogate in I Love You Ten Million Times
by | July 18, 2009 | 23 Comments

Ryu Jin, Lee Soo-kyung, Jung Kyeo-woon

Teaming up for a new SBS weekend drama are actors Ryu Jin (Mom’s Dead Upset, Capital Scandal), Lee Soo-kyung (Romantic Island, Soulmate), and Jung Kyeo-woon (Again My Love, Women in the Sun), who will play out their complicated family relationships in I Love You Ten Million Times [천만번 사랑해]. That’s the literal translation of the title; the meaning is a little more poetic, as in, “A million times, I love you” or “I love you a ton.”

You may call Korean dramas cliché-ridden, but sometimes they’ll throw in a new twist: the story focuses on an infertile couple under familial pressure to procreate, who bring in a surrogate mother. Ryu Jin and Go Eun-mi (Pure 19) are the married couple, and Lee Soo-kyung plays the self-sacrificing but plucky surrogate — who then marries Ryu Jin’s warm and protective younger brother, played by Jung Kyeo-woon. Thus begins the brotherly conflict.

Writing the drama is Kim Sa-kyung, who also wrote the KBS daily series Likable or Not. It will air in September following the current series, Can Anyone Love.

Meanwhile, Lee Soo-kyung has taken on vocal training lessons as she prepares for this role — not because she is setting her sights on a singing career, but in order to give her voice more depth and range. She has been noted for her thin, sharp voice in the past, and she hopes to introduce some change with added coaching. An interesting technique!

Via E Daily, Sports Seoul


23 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Dele

    Quite the interesting twist… I will have to check it out!

  2. MEIKO**** ^-^

    oh, another drama coming….geez, my list is getting longer…

    yes, although this drama seems like one of the cliche series…the surrogate-marrying- the- younger- brother, is kinda different….i havent encountered a case like that( i mean in reality) ….. wouldnt there be a conflict of interest/emotions?! I hope she did a psych test before becoming a surrogate(pertaining to the characters, not the actor)….

    but then i guess this is where they can make more storylines…

    ill check this out and see if this is worth watching…. ^-^

  3. Sue

    interesting twist indeed.

    i totally can’t recognize lee soo kyung here haha. she looks so different from when she was in soulmate!

  4. MOi

    i know i could not recognize her either i had to google it 😛 this drama sounds very interesting gotta check it out

  5. Reese

    This sounds interesting. I think I will have to add it to my fall-watch list. This should tide me over before I watch Iris (or at least until the subs for Iris are complete)….I don’t think I’ve seen any dramas/movies with those actors/actresses in it.

  6. Anonymous

    I love how she’s dressed. Love the vest. On the other hand the guys are dressed really badly.

  7. mzpakipot

    reading the plot reminds me of the horror movie by ha ji won, Phone?
    yes, what an interesting technique.

  8. Msyty

    I didn’t understand.. Who marry who ???

  9. Kender

    Dude, I totally wrote a short story along these lines. If I were Korean, this could’ve been MY drama. 🙁

    I love Lee Soo-kyung, so I’ll definitely be checking this out. I’m not familiar with the guys, but hopefully I’ll like them.

  10. 10 anna

    That’s pretty icky and complicated. I don’t like this type of family drama.

  11. 11 Jo

    OMG. I thought that was Jung Dabin. I was like, “Surely, they mustve made a mistake…”

  12. 12 Yoo Jin

    I love Lee Soo Kyung and Ryu Jin!! I’ve been wondering when they would comeback in a drama so seeing that they will be in one together made my day ^.^ Kinda wish they were coupled together but guess that isn’t happening lol =P

    As much as I love the drama Can Anyone Love I really want it to end so that this can start airing lol XD

  13. 13 asianromance

    OoOh! sounds interesting! i’m just hoping it’s a rom-com rather than one of those tearjerker romantic dramas

  14. 14 lemon

    love the cast!

  15. 15 Biscuit

    So… the mother of the child is the sister-in-law to the father… (so it’s their child……..) and Lee Soo Kyung’s husband is like the step-father to his nephew….?


    Interesting… :O

  16. 16 Kender

    @15 Biscuit (and others who are confused) – I assume, as with most surrogacies, that Lee Soo-kyung’s character will only be volunteering her womb as an incubator. The embryos implanted in said womb will likely be the result of Ryu Jin’s character’s sperm and his wife’s eggs, so there shouldn’t be any weird bloodline concerns. There are a lot of other places brotherly conflict can come in, but this probably won’t be one of them. Also, LSK will have no claim over the resulting baby(-ies), even if she grows attached to them while they’re in utero (because the babies wouldn’t genetically belong to her), which might cause a lot of angst on her part. (Anyone remember the Friends arc where Phoebe was a surrogate for her younger brother and his older wife? It’s along those lines.)

  17. 17 Biscuit

    @Kender: Ahh, I see. Thanks for clearing that up. Heheh, I was just watching Friends yesterday and a few weeks ago I was watching one of the disk with pregnant Phoebe. Totally makes sense now XD

  18. 18 djes

    and then Lee So Kyung’s character fall in love to Ryu Jin’s character?
    Heh, poor Jung Kyeo-woon, he always becomes the third wheel.
    Weekend drama huh, so it will have 50+ episodes?

  19. 19 mySojuholica

    omo, i think I’m gonna watch this.. lol xx

  20. 20 jessi

    sound interesting I hope that when it airs it’ll be good enough that a sub group picks it up even if it is a weekend drama…though i hope it won’t be too telenovela-ish.

  21. 21 mardi

    I am crazy about Ryu Jin, I think he is the most underrated actor in Korea. Every role he acts, he satisfies the audience, he just needs a chance to have good roles. I can’t wait to see him, please, please producers, we want more of him.

  22. 22 Lumi

    I agree with mardi. Ryu Jin is a wonderful actor who usually plays second lead. It’s about time he plays the male lead and gets the girl. Can’t wait for this drama. There are quite a few dramas that I am lookinf forward . I hope to find the time to watch all of them.

  23. 23 angela

    I watched this drama and I was utterly disappointed that ryu jin didn’t end up with yun hee. Love ryu jin so much. He has been my favorite actor. He is so handsome and tall. I loved this drama because of ryu jin but ryu jin’s wife and lee so kyung and that jang are so annoying. Both portray silly characters especially that jang with weird hair and earring. Gross. Overall the plot is bad and ryu jin’s wife is also so annoying as she is always so sassy. Wish ryu jin could divorce that sassy woman with too much make up and marry yun hee the sweet young girl. Such a disappointing drama with annoying characters except for ryu jin my super handsome guy and endearing actor

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