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Yoga School’s dark and twisty (har) teaser poster
by | July 13, 2009 | 27 Comments

Can I just say: Owwwwwwwwwwww.

That’s the official promo poster for the upcoming film Yoga School [요가학원], and with the horror-meets-yoga theme, I see what they were going for. Perhaps inadvertently, however, the effect strikes me as a lot more comical than scary, with a hint of camp — which is all right with me. (What do you think: does it seem creepy and chilling, or just look like bad Photoshop?)

The movie began its promotions last month with an open set day, where its leading ladies showed off some of their yoga skills at the “mysterious, secretive” school that provides the backdrop for the plot. The stars are Eugene, Cha Soo-yeon, Park Han-byul, Jo Eun-ji, Lee Young-jin, Kim Hye-na, and Hwang Seung-un, and their characters seek out the school for its promise of perfect beauty.

The film opens on August 20.

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27 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. MEIKO**** ^-^

    my first thought when i saw the pic was…

    “aaa…scary…..fell from?…wait….is that even physically possible (looking at the female’s leg-toes and arm-hand,and body position-supine)????”

    *me, trying to twist my leg and arm..uurgg!*

    I think they photoshopped the wrong limbs……. ^-^

  2. peppero

    the last pic confused me, why did they put the wire on the actresses’ pants? shouldn’t the pants fall down since she’s lifting her legs? unless they going to photoshop that scene too…

  3. Steph

    LOL, I think it’s hilarious & definitely in the bad Photoshop category. The so-called yoga poses are equally hilarious. The last photo especially – peppero, usually the legs would be together and not wide enough to drive a Mack truck through. ROFLMAO. If the actresses could not achieve the poses, they should do something simple & believable. Why didn’t they get a proper yoga consultant? For both the poses and the poster. Too funny.

  4. B.B.

    EHhhhh, totally blitzed on soju and in for a sick twister game anyone……..

    Whoever got the task of coming up with that poster was having or poking a lot of fun, reminds me of those multi jointed art models, after a temper tantrum. In for a load of faking in this movie, so JB you may be able to watch, just to pick out the errors and fakes. NOT one for my list. lol.

  5. loveydovey

    hmm…java, i’m starting to think your favorite kind of movie is horror flicks?lol =p

  6. selva

    that’s one weirdy twisted pose!!!! o.O;;

  7. all4movies


    She looks like some pervert’s idea of a broken rag doll.

    This is the creepiest yoga school I’ve ever seen.

  8. cute.dork first..when i glanced at the picture..i was like ‘ooo…that looks like something i can do…i should try it later’ then i looked again..and went..’ah..hell no…that’s something i can never do’ lol..maybe i should look closer the next time i look at a but i really wanna watch this movie and see if it’s good..xD

  9. cute.dork first..when i glanced at the picture..i was like

    ‘ooo…that looks like something i can do…i should try it later’

    then i looked again..and went..

    ‘ah..hell no…that’s something i can never do’

    lol..maybe i should look closer the next time i look at a but i really wanna watch this movie and see if it’s good..xD

  10. 10 Kender

    It looks like they just flipped the limbs around on the picture.. Not a bad ‘shop, but not a believable one either. 😛

    The building makes it look like it’s some sort of yoga cult where they worship demons with yoga and sacrifice those who are unable to perform correctly to the demons.

    This looks special. Definitely not on my list.

  11. 11 marcel

    LOL 😀 that looks horribly painful..& i was thinking the same thing as kender..looks like some kind of demonic yoga cult going on in those pics..haha..

  12. 12 Anonymous

    it’s interesting. reminds me of that old movie, “death becomes her” with goldie hawn and meryl streep.

  13. 13 Samsooki

    Does anyone practice yoga at all?

    Is there actual “spiritualism” practice involved in yoga, meaning, that there is a semi-religious assumption there? Like, and I am just making this up (I have no idea and I mean to offend no one): “yoga is a way to break through conscious thought to achieve a state where you can experience one-ness with the universe and the deity (or deities).”

    If so, then the opposite of yoga would be the kind of thing that would be practiced at this place in the movie, right? Sort of an anti-yoga demonic rage kind of thing…


  14. 14 Chuck

    ouch; that contortion just ain’t right. it looks like a marionette doll…(sinister spirits control the characters like a puppet?)

  15. 15 Biscuit

    Ugh. It took me a minute to realize that something was just not right about the body. At first I was looking at the leg, and trying to see if that was possible than I realized “how is she doing that… o.o” Than I looked at the arm, and realized that her entire body is messed up o.o

    I’m not so interest in horror so I won’t be watching it…. but hopefully it will succeed in theaters.

    @Samsooki: a friend told me it was related to Bhuddism or something like that…. ? I’m not too familiar with it myself, but my friend told me it was related to some religious… thing. (If not, forgive me. I’m just saying from what my friend told me.)

  16. 16 MEIKO**** ^-^

    am just curious if anybody noticed that they put the “wrong” arm and leg on(lateral-anatomically speaking)? That arm(on the right as shown) is a left arm and that leg is a right leg, ….. I dont think you can twist a limb to make it look like the opposite limb…

    just curious….coz nobody seems to mention it…. maybe am wrong…


    Hi! I dont practice yoga diligently(am lazy lazy and more difficult than it looks), and i havent really, seriously thought about the whole purpose of yoga…
    from what i can understand:

    *about spiritualism, i guess there is, just cant figure it out thoroughly…from what i know, yoga should make your body and mind clear of any bad energy and should bring the balance back to your mind and body….this will make you feel light, peaceful, and like you had a good rest….apparently also gives you a clear mind that enables you to make good decisions….

    *yoga has different types, some are easy and others are more difficult

    *Nowadays yoga is popularly known for its health and beauty benefits(rather than the “enlightenment”-spiritual purpose)….that’s how it is mostly advertised….so…thus the film..???

    Peeps, correct me if am wrong….^-^

  17. 17 Daktari

    Yoga does have its roots in the spiritual world but the way it is practised today in the Western world, it is mainly for its health benefits much like tai chi.

    There are many ‘types’ of yoga and the commonly regarded form of yoga is ‘Hatha Yoga’

    You can probably get better information here :

  18. 18 stopsearch

    Hehe I didn’t think anything of the picture – but then I watch so many asian horror films that the image of a whitened (dead?) woman with twisted limbs doesn’t faze me. It could be specific to the yoga theme but I assumed that’s just a typical “yurei” figure (I don’t know what they’re referred to in Korea). Sounds like an awesome film…

  19. 19 ockoala

    Is that Eugene’s face? I can’t twist my neck around to view the face clearly. I need to master yoga to view the image properly. The figure just looks painful and not scary, IMHO.

  20. 20 Nom_Kitteh


    Yoga as it is practiced in America is definitely not of the spiritual variety and it is very much like pilates or any number of low impact exercises out there.

    Yoga in its pure form is about the mind over matter and about controlling your breathing and thoughts to the point of moving you into another plane. It’s not about getting physically fit or losing weight. The positions achieved and held are astonishing manipulations of the human body, making it pliant, fluid, and completely under your control.

    The physical manipulations are just one part of a larger yogic way of life, which includes meditation, vegetarianism, Ayurveda, and other things. It comes from Hinduism. (Maybe Tai Chi comes from Buddhism?)

    Here’s a somewhat new agey video of Ashtanga yoga shot in India. Ignore the first few minutes, and fast forward to minute 4 and onward for a taste.


    Okay, this movie looks like the kind you would get with your girlfriends after one has broken up FINALLY with her lousy boyfriend. You get a tub of ice cream, heavily buttered popcorn, some blankets, gather all your cats, snuggle around the TV, and laugh your way through the movie. The poster made me LOL and snort tea through my nose. Awesome.

  21. 21 irugnotmis

    very bad photoshop. har.

  22. 22 chili peppers

    yep, but this was IS the western, become prettier kind. on the poster at the bottom left it says..”do you also want to become prettier?”

    horror….not my thing so this one is outta my list. maybe i’ll watch it one day when i am no longer a coward!

  23. 23 Anonymous

    bad photoshop. wasnt creepy or chilling at all

  24. 24 Rebeca

    the twisted leg is what’s ruining this pic…if they had done something more believable and less ridiculous with the leg, it wouldn’t have been so bad

  25. 25 babeyelmo

    when i was in thailand during june i saw this on Arirang TV! it was AWESOME! they showed the behind the scene and casting thingy it was SUPER COOL! i thought that it was out already but not!!!!!!!!!! but nope i cant wait for it! super excited i love Eugene! so i cant wait for it

  26. 26 dimitri

    i’m from Georgia.
    I cannot get this film. May be someone know where can I get or download this film?

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