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Boys Before Flowers cast supports SS501 in concert
by | August 1, 2009 | 58 Comments

Several months after their drama sensation Boys Before Flowers ended, (most of) the cast members — Kim Bum, Lee Min-ho, and Gu Hye-sun — reconvened to cheer on their former castmate Kim Hyun-joong at a concert for his pop group SS501. (The fourth F4 member, Kim Joon, was unable to attend as he is currently performing in his musical theater debut.)

The August 1 concert was held in Seoul and kicked off the “SS501 1st Asia Tour Concert in Seoul, Persona.”

This isn’t the first post-drama reunion for these actors; they have shown their support for each other at various events: Lee Min-ho’s first fanmeeting and birthday party was attended by Kim Hyun-joong and Kim Joon), Gu Hye-sun’s art exhibition visited by Lee Min-ho and Kim Joon, and Kim Hyun-joong also appeared in the MV for Kim Joon’s solo single.


The members of SS501 perform in full Michael Jackson regalia at the concert:

SS501 leader and Boys Before Flowers star Kim Hyun-joong:

Boys Before Flowers buddies Kim Bum, Lee Min-ho, Gu Hye-sun:

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58 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. mariouma

    hi , i am the first wooooooooooow , i miss “boys before flwers”

  2. gracegracegrace

    Aww how cute, they look like best friends.
    MAN I miss seeing Lee Min ho’s face.. hahha

  3. pinksoysauce

    Wow, it’s already been a few months since BoF ended! Haha time flies.

    I like Lee Min Ho’s hair curly better. 🙂 And Kim Bum’s outfit reminds me of Gu Hye Sun’s at one of the film festivals you covered earlier.

  4. Tess

    I am glad that these young people have continued on with their friendships after the drama. After all, they have been through a lot. They must know the price of fame and fortune and would like to place values on relationships. Hopefully, theirs will be long-lasting.

  5. Ibeova

    Aww how cute, they look like best friends.

  6. xiahkixiri

    Aww, awesome. Minho looks younger! Must be all the sleepin’. <3

  7. Jo

    There are cheetos in Korea? Lol, my cousin just asked me to send her hot chips because there were none in korea. (She got her first taste of them when she visited last year,puaha)

  8. kimchii

    Everybody’s looking good and happy (:

  9. Yellow

    Is that girl sick or somthin?
    She look really2 she lost all her pigmen on her skin..
    Why she must butt in anyway, I want my F3!!

  10. 10 Rossi

    Gu Hye Sun seems to have such flawless, gorgeous skin! And Kim Bum still looks green to me :/

    And yay for friends/ex-collegues’ support!

  11. 11 all4movies

    After reading this, I felt nostalgic so I had to re-watch BOF again. Especially Jan Di’s awesome kicks.

  12. 12 heejung

    kim bum looks like he’s staring at gu hyesun’s boobs in one of the pics. and i just HAD to notice! LOL

  13. 13 Yoo Jin

    @12: lmao it does look like he is looking a her boobs…especially with that “yeah I’d tap that” expression lol XD

    it’s nice seeing that they still remain friends after the drama ended which was MONTHS ago…i kinda miss the drama but at the same time really sick of it lol
    Still i’ll forever love the F4 and Goo Hye Sun =]

  14. 14 Alyssia

    my god.. Kim Hyun Joong looks so skinny and pale. It’s scary to even look at him. He must be performing non stop since his popularity is on the rise. All of them seem really close.

    Kim So Eun..? how come never see her come out for them? i thought her and Go Hye Sun were closer since they are girls.

  15. 15 Biscuit

    @Jo: Theres a Costco in Korea, I believe (though I’ve never really been there since I dont go to Costco) and they have many American products.

    So… F4 and Jandi will always stick together forever~

    I can see in many months/years, seeing them supporting each other. (It’s sort of hard to support them alot even months after the ending of the drama… but than later stop supporting them. So… I can see them becoming friends and continue their support for a long time~)

    Gu Hye Sun has been really busy lately, so it must have been hard to keep herself healthy 🙁
    I use to visit her Cyworld, and her skin was also nice~

    But than again, her clear white skin is one part that the people adore her skin -_-
    She’s had numerous cfs (even way before BOF) and many of them include skin care products… so… I’m sure with all the free skin care products she must have been getting, her skin will get healthy again~

    Alyssia – Kim So Eun is probably busy with her filming, and I think she is more closer to Kim Bum being classmates. But… I always see just F4 (see. even after the end of BOF, we still call them F4… what is it with all these F4’s lasting forever?) and Gu Hye Sun :/

  16. 16 Meagan


  17. 17 loveydovey

    omg she’s almost as white as her shirt! it might be for publicity but i like the idea of them being actual friends off camera, it’s sweet! 🙂 and i love the michael jackson inspired outfits haha.

  18. 18 Rin

    All three of them are wearing white shirts… lol. Matching<3? haha xD

    I want to see Kim So Eun too but I guess she is busy filming The Man Who Can't Get Married.
    I'd think Kim Bum be busy too with his new drama but I guess he's taking a break (:

  19. 19 Andromytta

    I love F4!!! *lol* So much so, I’m considering changing my screen name to “is still WAY to obsessed with F4” *lol*

    I have to make the following fashion obsevations about my boys:

    1. While I love the tribute to MJ, I’m not particularly digging the way the outfits look on SS501.

    2. The “Beatle-esque” mop top look works for Kim Joon (who bares a striking resemblance to Paul McCartney), but I don’t think works so well for Lee Min Ho.

    3. I really, really, REALLY like Kim Bum’s hat.

    And that is all. Thank you for indulging my opinions! 🙂

  20. 20 Nanae123

    aww…. i miss BOF… how nice it is to become good friends after acting in drama… i really miss LMH… he is as dorky as he was during the F4 days….

  21. 21 mcjayjay

    aww i miss my bof cast <3
    its so sweet that they are all still friends
    and yea costco does have cheetos there, ive seen it
    even in other stores too

  22. 22 Ladymoonstone

    Looking at the pics, I got the urged to watch BOF again. I miss Jihoo’s longer hair….and Minho’s curly ones..:)

  23. 23 babynight

    its soo nice to see them gather up offscreen…
    they look happy and like thy r having lots of fun which is nice..
    hope they would stay that way for a long time..
    i miss BOF, miss JUN PYO wearing elegant and gorgeous outfits…

  24. 24 Eviie

    I’m semi surprised that Kim Bum would be there because isn’t he busy shooting that drama ??.. I kind of wished that Kim So Eun was there but its still cute to see F4 supporting one another ! =)

  25. 25 davinci486

    Aw. Kim Bum’s not wearing the CC ring anymore 🙁 But, dang, as usual he looks oh-so-yummy-than-ever! Ahh! The smile I’m melting!!! Ü

    Lee Min Ho – still so hot, looking younger too (Guess he has more time to sleep than others)

    Kim Hyun Joong – looks, not only pale and skinny, tired as well.

    Koo Hye Sun – her skin I envy the most! It’s so white.

    Kim Joon – debuting as a theatre actor, good for him (But I want a complete F4), too bad he can’t join them.

    Kim So Eun – nowhere to be found here (She really is a hard-working actress). *Wish that she was there* BTW, did anyone notice So Eun is sort of tanned/fair skinned (than most of the KActress)? *Hope she’s still wearing the CC ring*

  26. 26 gelatin

    ow… i really love ss501… good for them to finally have an Asia concert tour. Kyu Jong and baby are still my fave ss501 members.

  27. 27 MinT

    I’m just happy to hear news abouth Kim Hyun-Joong. Yah I wish them all the success with the tour. Fighting Assa Assa 🙂
    And oh how wonderful and so so nice to see them supporting each others.

  28. 28 otchosais

    I’m glad that even if the drama ends, they are still supportive for each other.. 🙂

    I miss BOF too.. 🙁

    hope there will be a sequel or another drama with them casting on it… 🙂

    BOF AJA! 🙂

  29. 29 meirav

    i am just happy to see all of them togetther the boys work so hard
    for the tour
    FIGHTING SS501 ^_^

  30. 30 emma

    Kim Hyun-joong: looks SOO GOOD with black hair!!

  31. 31 hbhjjb

    half naked Kim Hyun Joong at the concert


  32. 32 snoopyvkd

    Somehow, I just wish Lee Min Ho would keep Gu Jun Pyo’s curls forever… I miss them so much!

  33. 33 mahbano

    thanks god

  34. 34 melai04

    Uh-oh. I miss Boys Over Flowers.

    I wish they’d be together again in a new drama. 🙂

    Lee Min-ho looks young but why is he not blooming? His skin looks stressed. Dude, go get some advice from Hye-sun on maintaining that flawless skin.

    Kim Bum is cuter than ever. Haha. I love these guys. 😀

  35. 35 sidney

    I know Gu Hye Sun is a bit older but I wish she and Lee MinHo would date.
    JunPyo and JanDi foreva!!!!

  36. 36 SueNoona

    I am glad that they remains as friends and supportive towards each other!

  37. 37 SueNoona

    Min-ho Looks like his I AM SAM days!!

  38. 38 trixie

    hello..!i’m a fan of Kim Bum & Kim So-Eun.

    I hope & I pray someday,I can meet Kim Bum & Kim So-Eun in person…

    Loooooovvvveeeee iiiiiittt!!!!

  39. 39 Drixie

    hey all..
    i have a few comments about BOF snce we brought up the drama again 😉

    Athough i was a big fan of BOF once it was aired but now i can admit
    that am just sick of it i don’t know what’s with the big buzz over it and even some ppl are considering rewatching it !! comon i just hated JanDi with her stupid and fool-like moves and how she walks pretending to be an innocent and cute girl but it wasn’t at all !! .. even my mom noticed that and she made me hate her even more lol every time JANDI appears and do her stupid looks or moves she says what’s with her ? is she a fol or something ??
    maybe if another actress it would appear cute or somethin ..
    and also the same issue with kim bum i admit he is a cute boy but he can’t act at all his role was supposed to be a playboy huh ! but we can’t know that without the girls around him !
    and about Kim Hyun-joong he can’t be an actor and won’t be at all he don’t have any acting skills at all and i don’t know whether the producers added him to this work to attract ppl (since he’s a singer) or becuz of his orange hair !!
    to me whenever he appears he’s like a statue with a blank face all the time 😀

    Any way sorry for making it too long there are many better and more loveable dramas than this one and i won’t ever consider rewatching it eva !!

  40. 40 Drixie2

    hey again

    alittle comment on the pics ..

    isn’t Gu Hye-sun supposed to be in her 25’s or something .. so why she is
    wearing a t-shirt and a short she’s like a little girl !! i know why cuz she’s the older here and want to be as young as her friends here .. brilliant anylysis rite :p

  41. 41 sandy

    i’m happy that they seem like real friends ,,, great!!!! hope they keep in touch each other,,, love you, lee min ho 😀

  42. 42 zabrina

    sometimes you just have to keep it your self, but since its your own comment no one can say your wrong..anyway we have our own different views.
    —hey guys you who loved bof casts,i think you know how to appreciate the beautiful creations of God.hahaha..nweiz keep supporting all of them..they are the best as ever. i am a filipina, i love philippines and i love korea!!!!

  43. 43 jeannie

    oh!!!its good that the tandem of the boys casts were in bliss in the said concert…i just jope that Lee and Go Hye Sun will be together in real partners..they are so compatible!!!Lee Min Ho gained weight this time….and he really looks more gorgeous and handsome….. I miss the tandem of the two..and also with Kim Bum he’ s also cute…

  44. 44 daizukun

    @ #40 Drixie2
    i don’t think it’s really that she wants to look “younger” next to her former cast members. the concert was held on Aug. 1st and in Korea, the hottest weather starts during that month. I actually went to korea this summer and came back on Aug. 1st and let me tell you…the last week of July was KILLER!! it was so hot and humid I took like 3 cold showers to cool myself off!! so i’m sure GHS dressed the way she did so she can try to avoid sweating like a pig..i mean the concert was held indoors & there was more than 10000 fans there!! give her a break.

  45. 45 JOANNA.

    hahas. i guess koo hye sun unnie is wearing bb cream ^^ thats why she’s that white ? hahas.

  46. 46 hither

    are they now dating?? ku hyesun and lee minho?? gosh i wish they are 🙂 i saw a paparazzi vid of HS and MH after this concert over at Youtube and u can tell there’s something going on between this two hmmmmm….hmmmm…

  47. 47 Janette

    @ Drixie2, #40: It’s hot as hell in korea right now, would you expect the poor girl to dress in a turtleneck and jeans? Plus, how does wearing a cute, loose top and shorts translate into her trying to look younger than her age? I hope you’re not suggesting that any woman above the age of 18 should forgo shorts and a freakin t-shirt so as to not come off as trying to ‘look’ young. Ridiculous. Hye sun doesn’t need to look young, because she is young.

  48. 48 tweety

    love seeing LH & HS together. whats the website of that paparazzi video of them. just curious 🙂

  49. 49 MovieViewing

    Reading the comments just remind me that some people will have criticism about anything and everything

  50. 50 khazan

    it’s a good performe……………. sorry
    i’m cannot a good english language buat ku f4 sangat mengesankan
    akting go hye sun juga hebat banget !!!!!!!!!!!
    kim bum cakep juga and le min hoo beda dengan karakter gu jun pyu, terlihat familiar and ramah…
    when they goes to indonesia?