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City Hall: Episode 10
by | August 3, 2009 | 80 Comments

(written by Samsooki, editing, layout, design and Cityholic syndrome by 0timelost, cleown, and mead33)


Episode 10 – I’m Shin Mi Rae:  Your Mayoral Candidate #5!

What an opening scene. It looks like Jo Gook has everything he can dream of in this hotel room: he has his billionaire cake and can pet his hamster too. Jo Gook looks like a kid on Christmas morning who cannot decide which present to open first. The only slight adjustment I would make, if I were Jo Gook, might be to have them not necessarily be there ALL at the same time…


After imagining the worst possible “business” arrangement to obtain campaign financing, Mi Rae finds out that the “VIP campaign sponsor” is none other than Go Go Hae, the fiancée of Jo Gook. Mi Rae, however, does not look entirely relieved that it is Go Hae rather than some sleazy businessman.


In fact, Mi Rae is just a boil of emotions now. Angered enough to want to storm out of the room after thinking that Jo Gook had pimped her out, she finds herself in an entirely different set of circumstances. Mi Rae is upset, but probably doesn’t even know why she is upset, or who she should be upset at.

The ever elegant Go Hae ignores the huffiness of Mi Rae and grandly slides over a check over to Mi Rae. Mi Rae huffs again, thinking that there is no way that she will be impressed with the amount of money written on the check.


Well, that’s twice Mi Rae has been wrong in the last few minutes. She IS impressed.


Go Hae has just given Mi Rae a blank check, literally. By the by, I feel like this whole “I am rich enough to give you a blank check” routine should be beneath Go Hae. It is the first time that Go Hae has actually shown her petty side. Insecure people do that, and so it is interesting that Go Hae is made to feel insecure by a woman who is “less” than her in every way that would count to a person like Go Hae.

A surprised Mi Rae has no idea what amount to write down on the check. She starts off writing down $80,000 but when Go Hae flashes her “I’m very elegant and pretty and rich and you are…… not” smile, Mi Rae quickly adds more digits to make it $320,000. “Are you serious?” Go Hae asks, officially pissing off Mi Rae. Taking back the check a second time, Mi Rae starts writing on the check again. Now it is Go Hae’s turn to be surprised and confused. Jo Gook takes a look at the check and bows his head to keep from cackling out loud.


Mi Rae has taken FOUR zeroes off of the check, and now the mighty all-powerful blank check is for a total of $32! LOL! With that, Mi Rae bids good night to the both of them and skips out of the room. A brilliant move by Mi Rae! If this were a cartoon, there would be cranial smoke leaking out of Go Hae’s ears right about now.

Go Hae feels upset, perhaps rightly so. She had come to the hotel, taking time out of her busy schedule to give Mi Rae all the support she could possibly ask for. But Mi Rae rewards Go Hae with a childish prank, making a mockery out of her generosity. And Jo Gook is merely amused by it all. He stands up and offers to give Go Hae a ride back home so that they can discuss other things along the way.

Go Hae isn’t ready to leave just yet, and drops a bomb. She asks if one of the “other” things to discuss would be Jo Gook’s overnight camping trip. Jo Gook is stunned that Go Hae knows. But, as it turns out, Go Hae only knew that there was a trip, and not who actually went. It is only through his expression of shock and guilt that Go Hae figures out that he didn’t go alone, and that Mi Rae was the companion! *cough* Jo Gook, wow dude, if that is your poker face, we have to play sometime.


But, Go Hae gives Jo Gook a rather interesting warning – Don’t get caught so easily again. She has no wish to end up like, and doesn’t have the patience of, someone like Hillary Clinton! (That’s it?! That’s the warning? What about, “If you cheat on me again, I’ll break every bone in your skinny body?”)

Back at Mi Rae’s campaign headquarters, Mi Rae’s friends express their dismay over her decision to not accept money from Go Hae. The expected campaign costs, including food, t-shirts, wages for contract help, total nearly $250,000. Mi Rae has a bright idea though, and enlists the aid of her friends who own small businesses, and is able to get “loans” from them by way of borrowing their services for food and snacks, truck rental, t-shirts, etc!


Mi Rae may not have financial resources, but what she has is the respect and friendship with people, and sometimes that can mean as much as money. Jung Do notes that even with all these help, they are still going to need a lot of cash quickly. Fortunately, Mi Rae still has Jo Gook, who has come up with the money that Mi Rae needs to fund her campaign. To receive the money, all Mi Rae has to sign a contract guaranty for the amount borrowed.


Mi Rae is stunned to see that the title of the Contract is “Surrender Of Body Contract.” It appears that Jo Gook wants Mi Rae’s body as collateral! Mi Rae looks like she will stab Jo Gook with his own pen, but Jo Gook has a good response waiting:


Jo Gook: Why are you looking at me like that? Besides your body, do you have any other collateral to use against the debt?

Sad, but true. Mi Rae backs down and signs the contract. She is then given her mayoral election sash and is instructed by Jo Gook on the finer points of meeting and greeting people on the street. An optimistic Mi Rae charges out into the streets of Inju City, but gets shot down by just about everyone, as she realizes how steep the climb will be, to convince people that 1) she is a capable candidate, and 2) that it does make a difference who you vote for.


Meanwhile, Jo Gook busies himself with writing Mi Rae’s campaign proposals and her speeches. Aghast at how the proposals are just empty promises and completely unlike Mi Rae, Jung Do accuses Jo Gook of trying to manipulate Mi Rae into making promises that will benefit Jo Gook himself.


Mi Rae is also dismayed by the contents of her campaign proposals, not one of the promises can she fulfill. But Mi Rae hasn’t even given any thought to her own campaign proposals. It is another rude awakening for Mi Rae, who finds out yet another thing that she has to overcome: her own ignorance.

Later, Jung Do meets up with Joo Hwa’s father, who questions why Jung Do is supporting someone other than his own father-in-law. Jung Do explains that it has nothing to do with his father-in-law per se, but that their beliefs are just different. Joo Hwa’s father then changes course and asks why Jung Do and Joo Hwa don’t have any children yet. Jung Do responds, it is his fault because he cannot have kids.


Outside, Joo Hwa overhears how Jung Do, even despite everything that has happened to drive them apart, and all the nastiness in their relationship, has protected her. It is more than Joo Hwa deserves, and she realizes that Jung Do still has hope for their relationship.


When Jung Do comes out of the meeting, Joo Hwa cannot help but hug the man that obviously loves her still, despite everything. It is less than Jung Do deserves, but for the moment, it is all that Joo Hwa can offer. Jung Do is uncertain of how to respond to Joo Hwa’s burst of emotion.


Joo Hwa isn’t the only woman who is feeling grateful for those close to her. Mi Rae is running dead last in the most recent polls, with less than 8% of the vote, and yet her friends are unflagging in their support, love, and friendship for her. Mi Rae feels the weight of responsibility to make their efforts mean something.


Not wanting to disappoint her tired friends who have passed out in the campaign office, Mi Rae decides to try her best to learn the campaign speeches that Jo Gook has written. She heads out to the sea wall and amidst the crashing waves to compete with her voice, she tries out her lines.


But these words are not her words. Mi Rae has no confidence in them, and her voice sounds weak and unconvincing, even to herself. Trying again, her voice fails to rise above the sounds of the waves. Mi Rae cannot learn this speech; she cannot give this political speech. Mi Rae is failing, and she knows it.

Mi Rae: I am sorry, everyone. Please forgive me, everyone! I made a mistake, everyone!!

Despairing, Mi Rae starts to cry, as her emotions start tumbling out of her. She pours her heart out toward the sea, as if the sea would accept her apology for being a fraud, for trying to be something that she cannot be. She cannot be mayor, if being mayor means that she has to fulfill empty promises like this. And everyone who has put their faith in Mi Rae will have been disappointed, cheated by Mi Rae who can’t even give a simple political speech. Mi Rae’s worst fears – that she will let other people down, are coming to life right before her eyes.

Mi Rae (crying out): I am not fit to live, everyone!! Please forgive me…


Beyond the dress-tearing incident, beyond the brutal egg-throwing and the multitude of put-downs by everyone, and even beyond the unique resilience of her crushed heart that inflates again and again for Jo Gook, this scene breaks my heart. Mi Rae cannot be a politician the way that politicians should behave, and that means that Mi Rae cannot shoulder the burdens and the hopes of everyone who has put their trust in her. This is a soul-crushing moment, and unlike Joo Hwa, she has nobody to hold on to. She is alone with only the ocean to catch her tears.

But, that’s scratch that. Someone else IS there. Jo Gook is there, and he hears every heart-rending sob. Jo Gook’s eyes tell the story of how he feels, and how Mi Rae’s pain is felt by him as well.


It is a beautiful scene, and one that I almost couldn’t recap.


However, not all hope is lost! Mi Rae’s campaign smartly decides to not make more impromptu speeches on the truck and instead, gets all their volunteers to make a difference in people’s lives by doing trash pickup and helping local businesses.

That decision, plus the Internet efforts of her crack team, are beginning to pay off and help Mi Rae advance in the pre-election polls. Inju’s citizens are beginning to realize that Mi Rae IS different. From below 8%, the latest poll results have her moving up like a rocket, trailing second place by less than 6% while she stands at 18.1%!!  This is no longer about getting to 15% and getting a refund.  This is about the future of Inju City.  SHIN MI RAE, FIGHTING!!


As Mi Rae becomes more like a real candidate, the other candidates also take notice, especially the folks over at the Victory Party.  In the next polling, Mi Rae’s popularity has now reached new heights, at 20.7%, less than 2% from being in second place!  But as her popularity grows, so do the desperation tactics by her opponents.  The secretary of the former Mayor Go decides to make a phone call to get some people to discourage Mi Rae from running any further…

After a long day of campaigning, Mi Rae comes back to her campaign headquarters, where she is ambushed by goons throwing tomatoes at her.  Mi Rae stands frozen, taking the beating again. 


This time, though, Mi Rae gets help. Jo Gook and Soo In are on the scene in seconds as they are driving to Mi Rae’s headquarters too. They jump out of the car and start kicking butt. Jo Gook has had enough of watching, and he is a man on fire. It is five against two, but with the anger inside of Jo Gook (and Soo In too!), the goons are no match for Jo Gook’s wrath. Jo Gook picks one of the guys off of the ground and starts pounding the nearly-unconscious gangster again and again but he is stopped by Mi Rae.


Jo Gook releases the gangsters and instead, raises his voice at Mi Rae, why didn’t she cry for help, or run away? Why did she just stand there and allow them to hit her like that?


With a single tear running down the side of her face, Mi Rae was unable to respond. In that moment, Jo Gook has a flash of insight and chastises her no more. Mi Rae says that she will go and wash up.


But Jo Gook grabs her and takes her to a hotel room, away from her home where her mom would be frightened by her condition, and away from the campaign headquarters, where her friends would be shocked and worried. While Jo Gook is out to find a fresh set of clothes, Mi Rae receives a call from Jung Do, who has heard what happened. Jung Do rushes to the hotel room bringing with him a spare set of clothes. Mi Rae thanks Jung Do for his concern and for the clothes.

Jung Do (smiling): Hey, these clothes aren’t free! Later, I’ll just get you to pay me back for the clothes. Oh, and in fact, there is actually something that I really want to receive from you.

Mi Rae (curious): Receive from me? What is that?

At that moment, Jo Gook walks back in, also holding a newly-bought spare set of clothes…


Heh, this is a slightly predictable ending, but with my heart in a blender, I can only say how grateful I am that this episode ends in a slightly trite fashion like this. My heart probably couldn’t take another stunner.


Comments –

What a fantastic episode! We are at the halfway point of the drama series, and the episodes’ pacing has turned into a sprint. Go Hae now knows about Mi Rae and Jo Gook, but Go Hae chooses just to warn her fiancé… for now. Jo Gook, in turn, agrees to Go Hae’s request that she’ll be the one to walk with him, if and when he reaches the front steps of the Blue House.

This is quite a maelstrom in the making as Mi Rae is becoming the sole hope for the people of Inju City, the sole target for her enemies, and every step she takes toward realizing the hopes of others means that much less freedom she will have for her own life.

And this is something that Jo Gook knows all too well. His deal with Go Hae puts any future with Mi Rae in jeopardy, but it is far too late to back out now. Three separate concerns of Jo Gook’s are now in Go Hae’s hands: (1) BB is kept on a leash, (2) Jo Gook’s and (3) Mi Rae’s political careers. All three concerns are critical, and so Jo Gook cannot break the deal. He is trapped.

The scene to watch for in this Episode: Mi Rae, at night, by the sea wall.


This scene is so powerful, and it pulls double-duty as an abridged summary of the series thus far. Mi Rae’s integrity and her sense of self will not let her be fake even if means dashing the hopes of everyone who put their faith in her. But rather than merely shrugging her shoulders and saying “what can I do?”, Mi Rae still accepts the responsibility and the burden of failure, even if the weight on her shoulders makes her cry out in pain. But even as frightened and in pain as she is, Mi Rae STILL does not collapse and she remains standing. She remains standing!

On the other hand, Jo Gook can only watch stoically from afar, in awe of Mi Rae’s sense of duty and her love for her people. But Jo Gook is unwilling to cross the gulf that separates the two, because while his heart is breaking, he knows that if he tries to comfort her, he will be causing more pain to come.

On To Episode 11!


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  1. eljay

    Thank you for the wonderful recap! Just finished episode 17 not a minute before…talk about an emotional rollercoaster ride. This drama has it all. I love it!

  2. Surf City chick

    Thank you for all your hard work on recapping all these episodes. Even though I have finished watching this drama, I still love going back and “read” the actual written recap. By watching the drama, there are parts I miss and by reading this recap, the story line makes more sense.

    Thank you again for the recapping this drama.

  3. Mel

    This is a nice episode 🙂

  4. skelly

    LOL! “Cityholic syndrome, indeed!” Thank you so much, Samsooki and co., for these wonderful recaps. With your recaps, I can re-live the drama, gain new insight into the characters, and ride that “emotional rollercoaster” one more time.
    Knowing how it all ends only makes me more anxious to hear what you have to say about each turn of events. Thanks, thanks, and more thanks!

    I especially appreciate your take on Jo Gook’s character – it would be easy to paint him as some sort of two-timing sleazeball, given his track record of political maneuvering and moral expediency, but I see him as a character slowly tangled, trapped and squeezed by the deals and choices he has made in the past. He is perhaps coming to realize that not only does he admire Mi Rae for her honesty and her desire to truly serve people, but that he hasn’t really known his own true nature. He wanted to be just like Dad – but maybe that’s just not him. In learning more about what’s great about Mi Rae, he’s also learning what is missing in himself.

  5. bspanda

    Oh my…..Samsooki you weren’t kidding when you said Ep 10 was coming!! Thank you!!!

    The first pic you chose was a classic. The body contract – the look on MR’s face was hilarious, and typifies MR spunk and the banter she has with JG. 🙂

    Yes the ocean scene is heartbreaking. This was one of two scenes in this epsiode totally broke my heart.

    What is it with the awesome scenes that seem to involve moving bodies of water…the lake (camping), the ocean?

    The Scriptwriter is a Master (Mistress?) of writing scenes that are so powerful for their ‘simplicity’- silent glances, minimal dialogue – which convey a tonne of emotions. Then in the hands of the awesome duo – well really? How could your heart not break?

    So just when I recovered enough from the ocean scene – with smiles from the up beat election campaigning, what happens?


    A single tear.

    And the look on JG’s face as he registers and stops yelling.

    It was like the tomatoes had turned into stones and had struck my heart. My heart was once again in a million itty bitty pieces and released a floodgate on my eyeballs *sobs*

    (Hmmm was Kleenex a silent sponsor for CH – as I used enough of them!)

    And this was only at Episode 10! It gets better and better. I am sooo looking forward to the rest of the recaps! While I wait I’ll just have the rewatch CH to keep me company!

  6. ockoala

    Look at the distance between Jo Gook and Mi Rae in the screencap where she is sobbing by the sea and the camera pulls away and we see JG staring at her from across the churning waves.

    That’s the seemingly unbridgeable gulf between them – caused by his fiancee, his political ambition, her give 1000% attitude and honesty – all at odds with MR being a political means to an end for JG, but also a magnetic and powerful attraction for him. Would else but JG would know where to find MR when she is at her lowest point.

    There are so many confrontations in this episode, we look for the characters to find their way at the end of the day. For MR to truly understand what she needs to do if she is serious about being the mayor, and for JG to understand what MR really means to him and his heart beyond his political ambitions. And they both know he cares about her, but it’s what he’s doing inspite of all his emotionals that really packs a punch as we wait for both of them to truly transform into their potential.

    Funny tidbit to share: When MR is looking for funds, she dials her ex-BF (Hyun BIn), and her cell shows that the name she gave his number is “Lying Mutt”. The number has been disconnected, and just at that moment, her phone rings and it’s a call from “Stupid Mutt” – our beloved JG. Love, love it!

    Thanks, Samsooki et. co., for another wonderfully rich and detailed recap. My heart swelled when I read your take on the seaside crying MR scene.

  7. Ces7her

    Gosh just loving this series. And I especially love this episode. I cried and laughed with Mirae.

    Poor JoGook, he just can’t help but be pulled closer and closer to her.

    My lol moment will be Mirae asking $32 from Im-super-rich-GoHae, in your face!

    Thanks for recaps, very much appreciated 🙂

  8. mememomo

    Samsooki, 0timelost, cleown, and mead33, thanks for the recap!

    “*cough* Jo Gook, wow dude, if that is your poker face, we have to play sometime.

    (That’s it?! That’s the warning? What about, “If you cheat on me again, I’ll break every bone in your skinny body?”)”

    Samsooki, its official, I just became a big fan. Can’t stop laughing reading your extra comments, this is more fun than actually watching the scene.

    What I really like about this drama is that the viewer sees the growth of the characters gradually and the growth/change happens to all the characters especially the leads. JG & MR grew together and learning from each other as their relationship changes, and it is not one sided.

  9. YGfangirl

    ahhh I’m on this episode right now, I’m so tempted to read your review but ARGH..must resist! lol I’m going to go watch it now then come back!

  10. 10 omo

    What a treat. Episode 10 is out! Thanks to Samsooki, Otimelost, cleown and mead33. I appreciate all that hard work to bring us more City Hall joy. Cityholic syndrome indeed!

    A couple of things I need clarifications on and if anyone wants to offer their input, I am all ears.

    1. Was it JG who offered to drive GH back to Seoul or did he offer Soo In’s services to drive GH back? I heard it as the latter. I had thought JG sounded a little sarcastic when he said that GH could hear more from Soo-In about what is going on in JG’s life than he could ever care to tell GH himself.

    @ 4 skelly
    Thanks for writing this post. It makes a lot of sense. Yes, I, too, appreciate the recap team’s take on JG’s character. As much as I would like to wring his neck or hit the back of his head a la MR’s style, I can’t see him as a two-timing sleazeball. You can just see how conflicted JG is when GH asked him if a genius can be turned into a fool by an overnight trip. His answer was that he was wondering about that himself. It was a very telling moment.

    2. The $250,000 handed to MR by GH. Was that from GH or JG? I think it’s from GH with a stipulated condition that she will be the one standing beside JG in the Blue House. My doubt comes from the fact that JG attached a body contract condition to the money. How could he have taken GH’s money and write that body contract for himself? It riled me up when MR was asking if she should put her thumbprint on every page of the contract and JG had that smirk on his face. How I would have loved to re-arrange that face.
    I have wanted to comment on this issue with assault since Ep 6, but since there is a tomato throwing scene here, I will write my comment here.

    About 10 years ago, we were on our way to Suwon, Korea (a little suburban town outside of Seoul) for an Asia-Pacific conference. We witnessed a similar vegetable throwing scene at each other. They were having some local fights I suppose. My Korean colleagues said that that sort of thing does happen in more rural areas. Hence, the egg and tomato throwing scenes weren’t too alien to me. Are there laws governing assaults? I’m sure there are but I’m not sure if these laws can be enforced. Watching Korean news on KBS, you can sometimes catch political fighting scenes. Politicians are slapping each other and they are at each others’ throats. This is not unique to Korean politics. But I have to wonder if these politicians ever sue each other for assault. It’s so comical to watch and everyone is at it, so who is to sue whom?

  11. 11 Liz

    thanks so much! i love reading your recaps, i feel like im watching the series all over again, and ive already watched it twice =}

  12. 12 Samsooki

    @10 omo –

    Was it JG who offered to drive GH back to Seoul or did he offer Soo In’s services to drive GH back? I heard it as the latter. I had thought JG sounded a little sarcastic when he said that GH could hear more from Soo-In about what is going on in JG’s life than he could ever care to tell GH himself.

    Ah. I went back to the video, and you are correct. He offers Soo In to drive Go Hae back, and Go Hae can listen to more stories about JG from Soo In…. My bad – poor translation on my part!

    The $250,000 handed to MR by GH. Was that from GH or JG? I think it’s from GH with a stipulated condition that she will be the one standing beside JG in the Blue House. My doubt comes from the fact that JG attached a body contract condition to the money. How could he have taken GH’s money and write that body contract for himself? It riled me up when MR was asking if she should put her thumbprint on every page of the contract and JG had that smirk on his face. How I would have loved to re-arrange that face.

    Yeah, the money is from GH, but at this point, it doesn’t really matter where the ultimate source of the money is coming from. The point is that JG is the one who makes the money possible.

    The amount and source of money is not really an issue. GH wouldn’t care about $250k regardless of how it was spent, and JG doesn’t care about GH’s wealth except as a means to an end. If the money actually meant something to GH, then I think JG would probably have been less cavalier about the whole thing, but I think his thinking is, if GH doesn’t care, then he shouldn’t care much either.

    I think the Surrender of Body contract is really cute actually. Perhaps we’ll find out what it says, and perhaps we’ll see the contract as something more than just a collateral guaranty against a loan. Perhaps. 🙂

  13. 13 pinksoysauce

    Thank you so much, City Hall Team! I can’t wait for more recaps. 🙂

    Btw, I love how in the first picture, it looks as if Mi Rae is about to hit someone. Then you look closer and realize it’s a pen – oh no, she’s gonna stab someone! 🙂

  14. 14 Jossy!

    Thank You Samsooki!

    I just read your recap now, during my international business lecture…lol hence why i sat at the back of the theatre… thanks a bunch, it was very stimulating and way more interesting than a lecture on government regulation on trade… i haven’t seen city hall yet coz i have no time… and thought i’d just watch via recaps instead…i wanna watch it now…lol anywho gotta go to my next lecture, facebook here i come! … xo

  15. 15 katwoman

    Thanks for the recap. I liked MR pitted against GH. We all know who JG prefers.

    Funny tidbit to share: When MR is looking for funds, she dials her ex-BF (Hyun BIn), and her cell shows that the name she gave his number is “Lying Mutt”. The number has been disconnected, and just at that moment, her phone rings and it’s a call from “Stupid Mutt” – our beloved JG. Love, love it!

    Thanks for sharing. I love it too.

  16. 16 langdon813

    Oh, I loved this episode! And I loved this recap!

    So many many many things happening; some obvious, some not. I felt sorry for Shin Mi-rae on so many levels; just how much can a person take before they break? Well, in her case, a LOT, but even typhoons lose their strength eventually.

    What was so emotional for me is how much Shin Mi-rae doubts herself and her potential to be an effective Mayor, but everyone around her believes in her completely, even (and perhaps especially) her enemies. Why else would they resort to any means necessary to get rid of her?

    And to have to be in that hotel room with Go-hae and actually be expected appreciate her (so-called) help? I can only admire Mi-rae for her restraint; I’d have wanted to claw her eyes out. But Mi-rae’s way of getting her point across was SO much more effective.

    And now, for the shallow half of my post.

    The Body Contract! All I can say about that is…watch out for Jo Gook and his Eye-sex. It’s lethal! And he isn’t stingy with it either. Sad face? Eye-sex. Mad face? More Eye-sex. I’m telling you, those eyes are deadly weapons.

    Just call him 005 ( 🙂 ) because he is licensed to THRILL (sorry, so cheesy, couldn’t resist)!

  17. 17 mzpakipot

    Jo Gook must have been following Mi-rae around. I was really surprise to see him standing far behind Mi-rae by the seaside practicing her speech.

    There are so many good scenes in this episode that you need to re-watch the whole to enjoy or savor it.

  18. 18 all4movies

    Samsooki, you’re such a softie at heart, you’re awesome.

    When I read your recaps, I feel a strong urge to rewatch City Hall, but I am steeling myself to wait until I can get my hands on the series and enjoy it slowly. The waiting is killing me.

  19. 19 mzpakipot

    btw, how did you guys know that Jo Guk went out to get her fresh clothes?

    Thank you Samsooki and Cityholic crew (0timelost,cleown and mead33!)

  20. 20 innocec3

    19 mzpakipot: Joo Guk came back carrying a bag but when he saw Mi Rae holding a bag of clothes that was given by Jung Do, he got upset. We can assume that he went out to buy Mi Rae clothes.

  21. 21 srk

    why not everyday to recap this drama. But thanks for the recap

  22. 22 mzpakipot

    @20 innocec3, thank you.. i just wondered because the way i read the recap, they may have some indication when or how did Jo Guk decided to go out and buy her clothes. Yes, when I saw him with a shopping bag, i already assume right there and then that he did that. 😀

  23. 23 alodia

    I woke up feeling it’s Christmas morning! Yey! Episode 10. Been refreshing DB numerous time everyday.
    Thanks Samsooki and the syndrome we share with 0timelost, cleown, and mead33.

    Samsooki, i love how you shut future episodes down… while reading, those future episodes are murmuring behindmy back – so annoying! haha

    And the screencaps makes this recap more powerful!
    As what 6 ockoala said, just look at the distance between mi rae and jo guk… the distance that jo guk chose not to cross (yet)

    @4 skelly
    In learning more about what’s great about Mi Rae, he’s also learning what is missing in himself.

    >>aww well said

    5 bspanda
    (Hmmm was Kleenex a silent sponsor for CH – as I used enough of them!)

    >>funny! but true *sniffs*

    @10 omo
    2. The $250,000 handed to MR by GH. Was that from GH or JG? I think it’s from GH with a stipulated condition that she will be the one standing beside JG in the Blue House. My doubt comes from the fact that JG attached a body contract condition to the money. How could he have taken GH’s money and write that body contract for himself? It riled me up when MR was asking if she should put her thumbprint on every page of the contract and JG had that smirk on his face. How I would have loved to re-arrange that face.

    >>>my take:

    Remember ex-boyfriend “Hyun Bin” and his debts?

    EPISODE 7 Jo Guk gave “Hyun Bin my foot” his account number telling – threatening him to return the money he owes immediately.

    EPISODE 8 (was it mentioned on the recap, can’t remember – i need to go back) Mi Rae declined Jo Guk’s invitation despite the flowers. The reason why Mi Rae finally decided to join Jo Guk on the camping/biking trip? Stupid mutt blackmailed her that “Hyun Bin” ‘apparently’ transfered the 6.7million won ($5,300+) to his account, and there’s no way Mi Rae can get it easily from him (unless she joins him on the trip). Mi rae, obviously wanting her money back, ended up running after Jo Guk.

    EPISODE 9 When Mi Rae was being problematic where to get fund (before Jo Guk brought her to the hotel to meet the so-called sponsor Go Hae), she asked him to simply give her “Hyun Bin”‘s payment (or rather why is he not giving the money back to her yet). The stupid mutt said, “Do you really believe that he paid?” [Damn! so you just blackmailed mi rae to bring her on the trip you really stupid mutt!]

    EPISODE 10 Mi Rae asked him if he was able to get / probably encash(?) the check from Go Hae (sarcastically). Jo Guk hands in the envelope. Mi Rae said “Forget it” (thinking it’s the $32). Jo Guk said it’s 25million won. Mi Rae, who doesn’t want to lose on their discussion, declined – saying funny stuff (ie borrowing money from every voter). But Jo Guk said he just added some to the 6.7 million won (Hyun Bin’s payment). Since it was ‘partly her money’ MI Rae accepted.

    [$100 question: “Gukie, did Hyun Bin really pay or not?” Only Gukie knows – I don’t think it will be answered]

    oh what’s my point? oh yeah, i almost forgot… i think it’s jo guk’s money

  24. 24 omo

    @12 Samsooki

    Thanks for the clarifications.

    I am with you that neither the source nor the amount of money was important. However, it is interesting to note the 3 different sets of condition attached to that same amount of money. To GH, $250,000 is a meager sum but it’s her ONLY ticket to the Blue House as the first lady. To JG, $250,000 is just a sum necessary for him to achieve his ambition. To MR, $250,000 is an obscene amount and she has to sign away her body and her soul for it. Talk about a human food chain, MR is certainly drawing the shortest straw in this deal.

    Yes, we shall see what happens when or if MR gets to read the fine prints in that contract. 😉

    At the back of my mind, I did wonder whether JG had $250,000 of his own money at his disposal. I suppose everything he has now, including his house, his car and whatever money in his bank account, are all paid for or given to him by his cryogenic financier…ooops…I meant fiancee.

    You may want to break every bone in JG’s skinny body, but I just want to hit him in the head amongst other unimaginable, hurtful things. In this episode, I wished for JG a brand new backbone.

  25. 25 Anonymo

    Agree, Alodia. I also think it’s Jo Guk’s money. Where he got it, I have no idea. But I don’t think it came from GH.

    Hello, everyone. Am a newbie in this forum, but been a lurker for the longest time. Am loving the recaps, Samsookie and team (thanks!), and I look forward to the next 10. Not to add to the pressure, but I do hope they come sooner than “soon”.

    I watched CH two weeks ago, roused by all the CH gushing I read in the open threads. Unlike some of you here, I actually enjoyed the first four episodes so you can imagine how sucked in I was by the 5th epi. I rewatched the whole thing last week and am now on my second rewatch— slowly this time (2 episodes a day, that is), with Samsookie’s awesome recaps as companion.

    Prior to CH, my top 3 were Coffee Prince, Delightful Girl, and Last Scandal. Now it’s CH on top of the list with those three tied in some distant 2nd spot.

    OK, that’s about it. I just wanted to holler I, too, am a City Haller!

  26. 26 epyc

    Dear Samsooki, 0timelost, cleown, and mead33

    A BIG Cityholic syndrome thankyou to you guy and gals. Your recap is done so exquisitely that I teared up again when reading the heart breaking seawell scene. Well worth the wait!

    A big thankyou too to everyone for sharing the views and comments here. The JG analysis by #4 skelly is spot-on. The gradual changes in both MR and JG due to each other’s influence is what I appreciate most in watching this drama.

    I also agree with Alodia’s assessment that the money is JG’s but we will never know if “HB” indeed repaid the debt.

    I know I have said ad nauseum: watching City Hall is a journey. Episode 10 made me realise that CH is no longer that romantic comedy I expect it to be. It is a GREAT drama in the making. This is also the episode that I completely fall in love with SMR. In many ways, the seawell scene marks the beginning of the changing relationship between MR and JG.

    Look forward to Ep 11 re-cap!

  27. 27 omo

    Sorry…duplicate posting. Not sure how that happened.

  28. 28 Sueyip

    Like the angry look that Mirae gave JoGuk when she saw Go Hae.
    Looks like she could eat him up. Really enjoyed the scene when
    she was asking for a pen …. writing the zeros …. converting the 1
    to 4 ….. and then drawing on the zeros for the final figure. That sure
    showed Mirae’s intelligence and wit.

    Love the scene of Mirae pouring her sorrows towards the sea. It was
    really heartbreaking and JoGuk was there …. feeling her pain and yet
    could not stretch out his arm to hold her and to comfort her. That
    beautiful scene was again beautifully recapped by you and your team,
    Samsooki. Thank you.

  29. 29 omo

    This is weird. Every time I hit the refresh button another duplicate comes up!

    JB, please delete @ 27 and @ 29.

  30. 30 birdscout

    me: “Doctor, please break it to me gently. Do…I…have…cityholic syndrome?”

    MD: “Yes, my dear, I’m afraid so. But the good news is that there is something you can do about it. Read the recaps by Team Samsooki and you will be alright.”

    Thank you Samsooki, 0timelost, cleown, and mead33! You are providing the cure for many of us cityholic syndrome sufferers/lovers.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    “With a single tear running down the side of her face, Mi Rae was unable to respond. In that moment, Jo Gook has a flash of insight and chastises her no more.”

    I feel kinda dumb, but can someone explain to me what the flash of insight is, after the tomato throwing incident?

  31. 31 Samsooki

    @30, birdscout –

    Mi Rae didn’t run or call for help because of what happened at the seawall, when she realized she didn’t have what it takes to be a lying politician and therefore believed she couldn’t win the election. At the sea-wall, Mi Rae was screaming out that she was so very sorry to everyone and that she should die for tricking everyone, all of her friends, family and everyone who was working so hard for her, into thinking she could win.

    After the gangsters had been beaten, Jo Gook asks her why she didn’t run, and his face shows how crazy worried and angry he was that she didn’t defend herself. But Mi Rae doesn’t answer and just sheds a single tear, her residual feeling from the night at the sea-wall. She cannot know that Jo Gook was there, and so she doesn’t explain herself. How can anyone understand?

    BUT Jo Gook WAS there. He is the only person who could possibly understand, and that’s the flash of insight that he has. He realizes that Mi Rae was really just letting herself get beaten up as penance, and immediately stops yelling at her.

    It is a wonderfully subtle point, in the midst of all the fighting / chaos with gangsters and tomatoes. And, best of all, it didn’t require any words or voice-overs. Mi Rae sheds a single tear as a penitent woman, and Jo Gook stops yelling as his face changes from anger and fear to understanding and love.

    Every time that Jo Gook follows Mi Rae around, he gets to see more about what Mi Rae is about. And everytime Jo Gook follows Mi Rae around, he learns a little bit more about her and he falls a little bit more in love with her.

  32. 32 dodie

    A BIG thank you again for this recap and for the questions and explanations…… love it!!! Your recaps makes me understand and love this drama more.

    I hope that this drama will be shown in the PHILIPPINES as we are going to have national elections next year. This will be timely, informative and entertaining at the same time. It may be naive of me but I wish someone with SMR’s character was running for president in our country.

  33. 33 cecee

    Love love love this drama and I am appreciating and loving your recaps. Keep it up guys and girls.

  34. 34 alodia

    @32 dodie
    You are not alone – i also wish for the same thing.
    And i don’t think it’s naive to wish someone like Mi-Rae to run in the next presidential election. Hopefully the death of the original Philippine Mi Rae will give birth to the next Philippine Mi Rae.

  35. 35 ockoala

    Where did the election funds come from? – today’s million dollar question.

    I think it came from JG’s own pocket, either 100% or supplemented with any funds returned from Lying Mutt. Don’t ask me how a civil servant like Gookie has this excess cash laying around. I just don’t think GH supplied the money.

    Why? Because JG never intended for GH to get involved. Remember, in episode 9, GH tells JG she wants to help the mayoral candidate SMR which would also further JG’s political goals. And she tells him NOT to decline her, or else she might get the wrong impression about JG’s relationship with MR.

    So, when JG takes MR to meet GH, he is both doing it to avoid GH’s “misunderstanding”, but also to test MR’s purpose and willpower, i.e. MR has been doing everything since JG met her ostensibly because of money (Baendengi pagaent, protest, running for mayor) – JG wants to confirm how MR will react when faced with the opportunity to get unlimited funds. I think JG knows MR has a more personal and powerful reason for her protest and running for mayor, but he’s using the GH offer of funds as a litmus test nonetheless. And MR passed with flying colors.

    And I also think that GH already knew JG and MR went on the bike trip together even before mentioning it to JG. I feel like she’s got someone spying on him, and her words always have more sinister meanings that she doesn’t come right out and say. God, she’s so mercenary – everything for the chance to be First Lady.

    Love how MR continues to face each challenge and move forward. I can’t imagine how dispirited she must have been, but to shoulder on with incredible odds is why so far, she has shown the most courage of anyone on the show. Let’s see if JG can stand up and match her heart and determination.

    BTW: When JG is beating the daylights out of the goons, he’s so action hero! No wonder CSW is a major movie star, he’s totally believable in action scenes, though I wonder how our JG learned to fight like that.

  36. 36 pinksoysauce

    “It is a wonderfully subtle point, in the midst of all the fighting / chaos with gangsters and tomatoes. And, best of all, it didn’t require any words or voice-overs. Mi Rae sheds a single tear as a penitent woman, and Jo Gook stops yelling as his face changes from anger and fear to understanding and love.”

    I didn’t catch that at all – thanks for clearing that up!

  37. 37 ockoala

    Almost forgot – @25 Anonymo:

    A big Holler back on behalf of all Hallers – welcome to the family. It does feel like a family, this love we have for having experienced CH together. For me, CH was the turning point drama whereby I, too, turned from a dramabean lurker into a first time poster, and now the train has left the station and one can’t go back to lurking anymore. =-)

    Cheers, and I know it’ll be a good day for everyone because we have Samsooki recaps to enjoy whenever we’re feeling down and missing CH – which, from the sounds of the voices on this comment thread, is All The Time.

  38. 38 budsdiana

    @32, @34

    Hi, glad to know I have fellow kababayan, though I am not sure about @34 Alodia, are you?

    Never thought about that re: our election next year/city hall about election. I am typing this and the time is 11:49pm Tuesday here , very rainy night and foul weather the whole day, tomorrow Wednesday is the funeral of our “original Philippine Mi Rae” hope the weather is better to give our citizens who will be out on the streets a chance to pay our final respect during her final journey to be beside her assassinated husband (our hero). Sorry to digress, suddenly feeling a big lump on my throat *-* .

  39. 39 jastinel

    Big thanks to the recap team!
    I enjoyed reading all the recap and all the wonderful comments from City Hallers.
    I`m not good in words so, I will just stay as a reader.

  40. 40 darynrose

    Hi ppl,

    I’ve been lurking DB for quite a long time. And usually I dont read the comment part, only the recaps by the authors. But with City Hall, I feel guilty staying as a lurker. So this is my first post in DB. And I just want to mention how much I love City Hall and the insights tht was given by our CH recaps team. I am enjoying both the drama and the recaps. Been stalking DB everyday for new recap post. XD

    “Every time that Jo Gook follows Mi Rae around, he gets to see more about what Mi Rae is about. And everytime Jo Gook follows Mi Rae around, he learns a little bit more about her and he falls a little bit more in love with her.”

    Agree on tht one! You can definitely slowly see how JG keeps falling more and more in love with MR along the way. I love the way the love relationship build. Slowly but very strong.

    Thnx Samsooki for these awesome recaps tht I read for the past week. I’ll definitely keep tuning in for more.

  41. 41 mzpakipot

    that reminds me, i felt really bad for KSA for taking such beating from those tomatoes. After watching BTS and her interview regarding that painful scene, and said, she couldn’t look at tomatoes or eggs for a while. That’s why I admire her so much more!

  42. 42 birdscout


    Wow! What a speedy, detailed and thoughtful response! Now I get it!!

    Thank you, Dr. Samsooki, professor of cityhallogy:)

  43. 43 umee

    Thanks for doing this,I am still enjoying it even though I watch it already and I have to re-watch again the episode after reading your recaps…This is more detailed and I like the way you do the psychology side of it as well.Keep up the good work and hope you’ll finish this one,Cheers…

  44. 44 No.5

    City Hall is such a good show. Partly its plot and script, more so because the great chemistry between MR & JG.
    JG was so uptight and mean in the beginning of the show, and MR was so carefree (about her apprearance) and timid to take her own stand (1st episode) on anything in life (votes, food choices, job). They are polar opposite of each other: one works so hard to get to his dream (be a president) but selfish, the other one is the most selfless person (helping others all the time) but with no clear purpose in life.

    The show takes a turn at MR’s awakening to her dream (to be a mayor) and JG’s realization to his feelings (loving someone for who she is not for what she brings).

    I can feel JG softening towards MR and ppl around him.

    Yes, the content of the contract will be revealed later and it is funny. You won’t be disappointed!

  45. 45 ockoala

    It hurts so much to watch Mi Rae get physically and mentally beat down, in this episode (with the tomatoes and the understanding that she is so far ill-equipped to run for Mayor with a clear agenda in mind), and in earlier episodes (the eggs, the constantly put downs by Joo Hwa, the other City Hall workers, even on occasion with our JG has been necessary/unnecessarily mean to her).

    When JG rescues MR, I got the sense that he was also making up for not being able to protect her from the egg-throwing goons, at not being able to comfort her when she sobs by the sea, at not being able to deal with her with only sincerity and without corresponding political overtures. City Hall is really Mi Rae’s heroes tale, and Jo Gook’s redemption tale.

  46. 46 Elena

    This love story is the best. I plan to watch it again this winter.

    Part of its charm is because these are not really young people in the major roles. These two can get more sexual tension and oozing adoration out of one look than most get out of 1/2 hours worth of other stuff….

    thanks for the recaps – you are right on with how I interpreted the scenes and give extras that I didn’t think about.


  47. 47 amhrancas

    to Samsooki, et al.: THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! After a grueling day working outside I came beck to the hotel to find a new CH-recap, needless to say, happy-dancing was involved, or at least in my head it was…

    I really cannot wait to get back home where I can watch this series without my internet connection dying on me every 10 minutes (*shakes fist at middle-of-nowhere, WY*), and this is really all due to your excellent recaps and explanations. Thank you, again!!

  48. 48 Junkie

    I came across the TV ratings of this drama when it aired and saw that City Hall came consistently either 2nd or 3rd. Just wondering which drama(s) were beating this drama?

    Simply can’t understand why City Hall never came in first. IMHO, it’s the best so far of 2009. Better than Brilliant Legacy and I LOOOOOVED that one too. City Hall is just so cleverly written, sophisticated, yet funny and romantic too. All the right ingredients. And of course the chemistry between the 2 leads……GRRRRRRRRRRAARRRR!!! WHY DID IT NOT COME IN FIRST????????

    Thanks so much for the recaps Samsooki & team……you guys are awesome!

  49. 49 ockoala

    @48 Junkie

    I think City Hall was first in its time slot, and the second/third ranking is for the overall ratings of CH compared to all shows that entire day. So the daily dramas beat City Hall, which apparently is quite common even with other dramas. But City Hall never competed for viewers against those dramas, which aired earlier in the evening.

    I may be wrong about the above, so any additional insights from the CH crew would be greatly appreciated.

    But I, too, am disappointed that CH never broke 20% until the very end. I honestly though such well-written, well-acted drama would break 30%, but I still wonder if the slightly uneven tone at the start meant CH lost inital viewers that would have loved it but ultimately never went back once the drama took off. But CH easily beat its direct competitors That Fool, Cinderalla Man, Triple, and Partner.

    I liked Brilliant Legacy as well, though am confounded by the ridiculous ratings, even higher than BBF, which was a phenomenon. Nonetheless, I think 2009 has started off with lots of great dramas, even though CH is best in my heart.

  50. 50 celestialorigin

    Thank you,Samsooki, 0timelost, cleown, and mead33!!! You guys are awesome!!! I love reliving the CH experiences. It gives me a break from my everyday chaos and takes me into another reality completely… You are sooo loved!

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