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Coming soon to a television near you?
by | August 8, 2009 | 20 Comments

The action comedy Level 7 Civil Servant, or per its English title, My Girlfriend is a Secret Agent, drew in more than 4 million viewers in a slumping movie industry and proved to be a smash hit. Such was its success that now it’s entertaining the prospect of being adapted for a television drama.

According to the production company, offers for drama remakes are pouring in: “We had proposals while we were still in production on the movie, but because of filming, we weren’t able to look into it. We’re considering it in a positive light.”

One source said, “There have been a lot of dramas about spies. We plan to make the Level 7 Civil Servant drama look at their lives in a little more detail.”

On the downside, if the drama doesn’t cast Kang Ji-hwan and Kim Haneul (very unlikely, I’d think), it’s already lost a lot of its charm. But on the upside, the movie’s screenwriter, Chun Sung-il, is expected to return as the drama’s screenwriter (which would follow his current project, writing the fusion sageuk drama Chuno).

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20 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. eevee

    ahhh i watched the movie! it was funny as heck. ๐Ÿ˜› they had great chemistry together!

  2. Alyssia

    i love them>>>>>>>>>> nothing like the Kim ha neul and Kang ji Hwan team…….They are just too cute. WHy dont they just date already!!!! they look so perfect together.

  3. sue

    i very recently watched this movie and LOVE it. i really don’t think it would be the same in a drama format w/o kang jihwan.

  4. djes

    this is weird. Last night I was remembered that I (realllyyyyy) want to see this movie and I started looking for if it’s available to download.
    This morning, I opened dramabeans and….you got the poster on first page!

    I realllyyyy want to see this. The DVD isn’t available yet, i’ve seen the torrent link ( don’t do torrent ๐Ÿ™ ) and no subtitle offered. T__T
    Oh, why don’t the original casts join the television’s version? it would be awesome!
    And Kang Ji Hwan seems have no upcoming project yet, right?

  5. cecilia

    i saw this film on my way back from Bangkok, it was SUCH a sweet surprise!!!!!

    fantastic chemistry and story line!

  6. all4movies

    A tv series?

    As long as they don’t get Dennis Oh, it might work. He was awful in Sweet Spy.

  7. ockoala

    OOh, what kismet! I’m about to watch the movie on DVD tonight. Will post an update on whether a drama version is a good idea.

  8. jastinel

    Where can I watch the movie, any DL link or on line video of this?

  9. jiawern

    i can’t find the DL Link anywhere

  10. 10 xiaoSxin

    i wanted to see it.. but unfortunately I can’t until somebody release the eng subs for it.

  11. 11 Biscuit

    Ah, that reminds me that I have to watch the movie! I haven’t seen it yet… but I won’t be going to the Korean market til sometime next week.. and I’m sure by then I’ll forget to get it.. like how I did last time -_-

    Anyways, a drama/tv version would be awesome *o*

    But no Kim Haneul or Kang JiHwan would be a bummer.

  12. 12 BubbleTea

    I haven’t had a chance to watch this movie either, although I really would like to see it. I found it on Viikii (http://www.viikii.net/channels/goto/7gradecivilservant#) but not every part is subbed fully.

  13. 13 Elena

    The movie was fun. I’m a fan of Kang Ji-hwan and Kim Haneul – they have chemistry. I thought the movie was too short. It will be a long while before it airs, so maybe the memory of the movie will fade.

  14. 14 deannadsc

    JB, you’re soooo right…if they don’t cast KJH & KHN to reprise their roles…the drama would totally lose its charm & essence!!! i’ve watched the movie 5 times already & the roles were “tailor-made’ for the them!!! plus, the fact that i love, better still…i adore these 2 stars’ tandem so much…from the time of “90 days” & more so in this movie!!! they have that certain intangible “chemistry”, much like KSN & CSW of ” city hall”!!!

  15. 15 Rubysing

    2 of my favourite stars! As I will be in SKorea for 2 weeks leaving tonight, I’ll go watch it if it’s still showing EVEN IF there are no English subs ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. 16 jinkzz

    Javabeans…thanks for the article…i wish nd hope that KJH and KHN will lead the drama version also…it has been a while since ji hwan completed HGD …would love to see him on the small screen again.

    for those who want to download, here’s the torrent link ( no subs):

    @djes : Ji Hwan has a new show entitled One Day, Somewhere which is a 20 episode Japanese travel show and will air on MNET Japan starting Sept 26…they already filmed the first season and will film the second season around the end of this year, i think… he will also be doing a Style cameo.

  17. 17 JiHwan

    Honestly, the movie was average and quite typical but Kang Ji Hwan and Kim Ha Neul made it cute and hilarious.

  18. 18 hjkomo

    KJH, come back to TV!
    We’re waiting for you!
    …and don’t worry, we promise to keep Samsooki far, far away…

  19. 19 mzpakipot

    i had to laugh at myself, after reading the title. I thought you meant the US television! *double toinks* ๐Ÿ˜›

    yes, please where can i watch this movie with english sub?

  20. 20 Suzy

    OMO OMOOO, i would love this to be turn into a drama!!!! hope it is true…both have so much chemistry!!

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