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Dream’s Flower Fighter Hyun-woo
by | August 8, 2009 | 13 Comments

We’ve seen training photos of Kim Bum, star of SBS’s Dream, and now we turn to one of the lesser characters. Here we have Hyun-woo, member of pop group 24/7 and part of the “Flower Fighters” crew, which is the team of hard-bodied, good-looking athletes that includes Julien Kang, Marco, and singer Chung Lim.

These latest shots feature Hyun-woo in fighting form as he trains in mixed martial arts. He also attended action school to beef up his training regimen, often working out for up to nine hours a day. His new tough image as “Narcissus” (his nickname within the Flower Fighers) shows him in a wholly new light from the cute, romantic image he had portrayed in the sitcom Tae-hee, Hye-gyo, Ji-hyun.

Dream is really banking on its hot cast to draw some attention, isn’t it? The tactic has worked to some extent, but not well enough: it hasn’t translated to ratings, and none of its four aired episodes has risen past 6%. Still, if you’re watching, I suppose you may as well enjoy the eye candy.

Dream airs on Mondays and Tuesdays on SBS.

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13 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. all4movies

    “Flower Fighters”, is that an indirect reference to BOF?

  2. Molly

    @1, I was wondering the same thing.

  3. hehng

    1. who care hyd sucks lol

  4. deeta

    I’m loving Dream actually. Watched all 4 episodes and enjoyed them a lot. I’m not too familiar with these Flower Fighters or their purpose in the drama other than eye candies, but yeah, it doesn’t hurt to see so much perfectly sculpted abs in one drama, hehehe..

  5. heejung

    “Flower” is usually just a general term for pretty boys here in korea, haha. It sounds a little less strange in korean – not by much, though. 😀

  6. ashyan

    where is the episode 3 recaps of DREAM?

  7. jacq

    I’m enjoying Dream, ep. 4 being my fav so far. I love JJH & KB together. The main address is ok too. Hopefully the rating will rise soon cuz I anticipate the storyline and characters to develop more with each episode.

  8. Linda

    Yay! I love Hyun woo’s new lok in this drama. Glad he’s not just flashing his trademark cute boy smile in this one.

  9. Jenna

    ‘Flower Fighters’ sounds like the LadyBoys MuayThai fighters from Thailand.
    Anyway..at least this drama has plenty of actions..not over-dressed dudes with permed hair n stuff..

  10. 10 ems

    wow!!! he’s the cutest in 24/7!! he’s the the one who looks like lee jun ki!! he’s so cute!!

  11. 11 Anonymous

    i think he is more like top big bang..^^

  12. 12 nia

    haii.. im waiting for the next episodes recap of Dream.. especially episode 3&4.. since i live overseas and dont have SBS channel on my Tv.. hope you will post it this week.. cant wait to hear more about kim bum!! kamsahamnida.. ^^

  13. 13 Tacchan

    waa i really like hyun woo. he’s super duper cutee. i like him more than kimbum as well. anyway, he looks like lee joon ki. isnt he? but i think he’s the good version of lee joon ki LOL

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