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Drinking interview with Han Hyo-joo (Part 1)
by | August 15, 2009 | 43 Comments

The last (and first) drinking interview I posted was with Kang Ji-hwan (Part 1 and Part 2). Here’s a new one featuring Han Hyo-joo, recent star of SBS’s hit weekend show Brilliant Legacy. Like Kang Ji-hwan’s, this one is also divided into two parts (Part 2 will be up soon!).

“I haven’t had any work done,
but I’m not against plastic surgery”

Short-haired Han Hyo-joo seemed like she had just burst out of her drama Brilliant Legacy as main character Go Eun-sung. She says, “I come out of character relatively easily,” but the afterimage of her Eun-sung character remains in her appearance and gaze. Her expression is as lively as it is calm when she sees a wine she likes before we begin the drinking interview, or when she says, “I’d like to try acting in a heavy melodrama.”

After the end of her drama, Han Hyo-joo has been flooded with CF and interview requests and unable to rest comfortably. But her posture hasn’t slumped once. Netizens have said, “She has a fresh appearance” and dubbed her with the nickname “인상녀” [insang-nyeo, meaning a woman with a nice appearance or good impression]. She debuted in 2005’s Nonstop 5 and is already in the fifth year of her acting career, but her age is just 22. This new generation’s Cinderella is preparing for yet another leap.

I met with Han Hyo-joo, the heroine of Brilliant Legacy, on August 4 in Apgujung-dong in Seoul’s Kangnam district. When I said, “Why is it so difficult to meet up like this?” her manager surreptitiously showed me her schedule book.

From the drama’s July 26 finale through mid-August, her schedule is completely packed. She hasn’t rested a day till now, and even yesterday stayed up till dawn shooting an outdoor CF in Taean, Chungnam. She’s running swiftly toward her life’s best moments with her 22-year-old “young blood.”

Taking revenge through the kiss scene with Lee Seung-gi

Han Hyo-joo looked just like Eun-sung in the drama. With her slightly waved short hair and hot pants, she looked simple but attractive. However, it was clear she was feeling tense. We ordered wine and some fruit and sat at a table. As the most popular wine brand in the country, M brand, came out, she smiled widely, saying, “Wow, this is my favorite wine.”

Do you feel a lot has changed with the ending of Brilliant Legacy?

Yes, I’m recognized a lot. I went to this one event, and a five-year-old little girl called me Eun-sung unni. Grandmothers would also come up to me and greet me with, “Eun-sung, hi.”

You must have learned a lot.

This drama felt like a halfway point between a miniseries and a weekend drama. There were veteran actors like Yoo Ji-in and Kim Mi-sook, the actors developed a sympathy amongst ourselves, and I think the acting was realistic.

What is Lee Seung-gi like?

We’re the same age. We’re in the same 2005 entry year at Dongkuk University, and we also acted together in Nonstop 5. He really puts a lot of effort into it, and really believes in himself. His only flaw is that he prepares excessively. That’s a problem. [Laughs]

Why is that a problem?

What I mean is, he prepares so diligently that if the situation on the filming location changes even a little, he has a hard time. Watching that from nearby, I find it a serious thing but also funny. He’s different from me in that.

Then does that mean you have a more adaptable acting style?

Me? Not at all. I tried really hard, too. But I suppose you can say all actors have their own way of getting close to their characters.

Your kiss scene with Lee Seung-gi was impressive.

Oh, that. We did it twice. The first time, my nose pushed up against Seung-gi’s cheek and got smooshed. It’s supposed to be a romantic moment, but it wasn’t exactly. So in the next kiss scene, I had my small revenge. The scene has Eun-sung kissing Hwan first, so I put both of my hands firmly on both sides of his face and smooshed his cheeks. [Laughs.]

Han Hyo-joo laughs brightly like Eun-sung, enjoying herself, and takes a deep drink of her wine. The face that had stiffened slightly when I asked to see what was inside her bag before the interview relaxes a bit now.

I hear the CF offers are pouring in.

I wouldn’t say pouring in, but there’s a lot of interest. Actually, I’m on my way back from an overnight CF shoot yesterday in Taean.

Is there anything you feel disappointed with?

No. I did my best, so I don’t feel disappointed with anything. To be honest, wouldn’t anyone feel a bit disappointed with any project they did? But I try to forget quickly the things that have passed. I can immerse myself in my character, but I tend to come out of character quickly.

I like my nickname “insang-nyeo”

I hear you have a nickname.

The fans gave me the nickname from this drama, meaning “girl with a good impression.” They say it’s because the first impression is of a kind, fresh person. I really like the nickname, more than being called “beautiful actress.”

You have a very diverse appeal.

Hearing you say that so straightforwardly is a little embarrassing. I hear that a lot, because I can look very different with a different hairstyle or directing. I think so too.

Thinking about it, I remember you wore a sexy dress to last year’s Baeksang Arts Awards.

It was a grey one-piece minidress. But why?

I was a little startled to see your legginess.

I am pretty leggy. [Laughs]

Your secret?

Don’t I have to say I was born lucky? I’m joking. I’m like my mother.

You’re a natural beauty, aren’t you?

Yes. I haven’t had any work done. But I don’t have any opposition to receiving plastic surgery.

Does that mean there’s nothing you’d like done?

It doesn’t mean I don’t, but I like how I look now. I’ve had areas that I’ve disliked, but I fixed the way I thought and became comfortable with it. I think the instant you think of it as a complex, things that didn’t bother you before turn into complexes. Some people tell me to remove to dot from under my left eye, but I won’t. I like it.

She took another deep drink of her wine. Half a bottle quickly emptied. Han Hyo-joo’s face wasn’t very red. She said her tolerance level was about half a bottle of wine, or three to four shots of soju, but that must have been the polite answer. She seemed stronger than that.

Han Hyo-joo’s Profile

Birthdate: February 2, 1987
Birthplace: Cheongju, Chungbuk
Family: Elder of two, 1 younger brother
School: Dongkuk University, Theater and Film department, currently on leave
Hobbies: Film appreciation, reading, oral storytelling
Debut: Nonstop 5 (2005)
Essential filmography: Dramas: Spring Waltz (2006), As Much as Heaven and Earth (2007), Iljimae (2008), Brilliant Legacy (2009).
Films: My Boss, My Teacher (2006), Ad Lib Night (2006), Go, Bicycle (2008), My Dear Enemy (2008)

Part 2 is on its way…

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43 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Carmie

    I really liked her in Briliant Legacy. I hope she does another project soon. She was really great and refreshing. Thank you for posting the interview.

  2. Gabriella

    I’ve always thought that Han Hyo Joo looks like a younger version of Song Hye-Gyo. Looking forward too see her in Heaven’s Postman. The interview was cute, especially the “smooshed his cheeks”-part. (:

  3. EM

    From all her interviews, she comes across very confident, self-assured and honest.
    Saw a clip of her nose getting squashed and LSG getting his cheeks smooshed on the BL special. It was hilarious.

  4. emeldy

    I really like her in Spring Walz, Gosh she must have been really young back then. She has the potential to be in the rank of Son Ye-Jin, Jun Ji -Hyun, Song Hye-gyo . The are my Fav and I believe they are the present super star in Korean Entertainment Industry.

  5. Sonam

    She’s very very pretty but sometimes I found her a little too affected in BL. I will blame it on the director.
    I found her more natural in Spring Waltz.

  6. sayroo

    I hope she drops the orange look. Her black look in Spring Waltz was the most attractive ever. Quite odd to see that big smile with her short hair. hehe.
    The interview was pretty light and had some small entertaining details.
    People would probably have a hard time naming her, she had starred in 3 successful dramas, in 3 years that were a HIT!
    People may sometimes call her, Eun Chae, luckily that her Eun Sung character was a hit, so she has a new nickname now. We will soon call her in a new name when her upcoming Telecinema airs, right? Seriously, I doubt it if the upcoming Telecinema won’t be successful. The girl is very lucky to be paired with some popular male stars. (Lee Jun Ki, Lee Seung Gi and Jae Joong.) I wouldn’t be surprised if she’d be paired up with So Ji Sub or Song Seung Hun someday. haha.
    Looking forward for Part 2! 🙂

  7. Angela

    Thanks for the interview! I really liked her in Brilliant Legacy. And out of character she seems natural and fun. I can’t wait to see what she decides to act in next. ^_^

  8. Angela

    I don’t have any exactly reason but I really like her in Spring Waltz. But right now, I’m so boring with her look…

  9. Stylish~

    she difintly has one of the best looks.. glad she did got through any surgeries.. she is not white and pale like the other acresses in her age that is what make her special.. she definitely has the good girl apeal that is why everyone like her.. i was worried she might get antis bcz of her paring with popular artist specially hero from DBSK.. but i observed the comments and i think she is loved by the most…

    her acting is not the best.. but i have a feeling she will be one of the best in the future..

    good luck for her 🙂

    thanks sara for the trans 😀

  10. 10 Anonymous

    Her hair looks like a mushroom. I like her in Brilliant Legacy but seriously, the hair is disturbing

  11. 11 jo

    I agree HHJ reminds of Song hyekyo but I like her better.
    she wasn’t like “omg, superb” in brilliant legacy, she’s got her flaws but overall she came out very likable!

  12. 12 callisto

    She does have Hallyu potential and I’m glad that she’s finally getting noticed 🙂 I’m a big fan of hers so it’s nice to see her making her way on top. I agree that her acting isn’t top notch, but I’m happy that it has improved tremendously. And I’m also really glad to hear that she’s never had plastic surgery. I hope she never decides to have anything done because she’s so beautiful. Thanks so much for translating this!! I can’t wait for part 2!

  13. 13 chubbygirl01

    “I think the instant you think of it as a complex, things that didn’t bother you before turn into complexes.”
    Is sOOOO true!!!
    i think her complex is her single eyelid, although i find it nice.

    This interview (part I) of HHJ is nothingmuch.
    More like, “Hi, nice to meet you.” “What do u like” “Do u like ice cream, candy, no?”lol
    Hope part II will be more in-depth.

    Han Hyo Joo as an actress, she’s okai only, was pretty unconvincing in BL; but i hope she grows in term of acting.

  14. 14 marni

    I first saw her in Spring Waltz and thought her character was pathetic but so beautiful. I loved that drama. She was perfect in it. She was lovely in Iljimae and BL was so good. I was hooked the moment she met the grandmother. I hope she never gets surgery. She looks so fresh and natural, not plastic. She’s very lovable. Thanks for posting the interview.

  15. 15 Biscuit

    I remember the first time I saw her was in Spring Waltz too… already 3 years :O
    When I look back, it seems like she’s been in this industry for more than 5 years ^^;;

    “I’ve had areas that I’ve disliked, but I fixed the way I thought and became comfortable with it. ”

    I love her personality >.<
    That simple statement made me draw closer to her more, and I could imagine someone I would feel comfortable talking to… heh heh.

  16. 16 Brilliant Legacy

    I’ve loved HHJ since Nonstop 5! I don’t think she’s a great actress (yet), and as much as I loved BL, her acting was pretty average compared to MCW who has gone a long way since POTW.

    Oh and I saw an interview clip of her where she said personally she would choose JunSe (Bae Subin) over Hwan (Lee Seung Gi) in BL, lol. I would too.

  17. 17 asianromance

    she seems really down to earth. I first saw her in Iljimae and thought she was really pretty but had an “aloof” feeling from her. But she has a totally different aura here!

  18. 18 JiHwan

    She just comes off to me as that sweet and charming girl next door. She has alot of learn as an actress but as a person she seems very likable.

  19. 19 jiawern

    she’s cute

  20. 20 chajjye

    i think her hair is cute. very golden age of hollywood kind of thing. haha.

    she makes me feel old and talentless, and i’m just one year older. 🙁 haha, shall change the way i think. no more complex! XD

  21. 21 pabo ceo reom

    Too bad Seung-gi has a girlfriend already or else these two would make a really cute couple…kinda like a second-generation Song Hye-gyo and Hyun bin.

  22. 22 yuri

    i really like her..i dunno but i thought she’s one of my fave actresses,,besides Ha Ji Won and Goo Hye Sun…
    and she looks nice here…
    but does she have no boyfriend now???i wish she can date to Seung Gi or DBSK’s Jaejung…LOLLL

  23. 23 lei

    I’ve only seen her in Brilliant Legacy and loved her in that drama. I don’t like the hair though. it looked better when she had it pulled back or with a hair band in some of the scenes in BL. But she is charming enough I guess that I am willing to overlook the hairstyle 🙂

    My first impression of her in BL was she looks like Song Hye Gyo. I’m definitely on the lookout for her next drama.

  24. 24 Carina

    Usually, I’m skeptical when actresses say they’re natural, but in her case, I believe it.

    She’s one of those few actresses who actually look like they haven’t had any surgeries, and — she’s not the most beautiful actress ever, but she’s endearing.

  25. 25 Sophia

    My first impression of this actress was in Iljimae. Very bad in my opinion!!
    … but probably her role was not well-created.
    I have not still watched Brilliant Legacy.

  26. 26 joeydragonlady

    She is so amazing! I loved her in Spring Waltz.
    A funny sensitive actress.


    I really loved her teledrama i just hope their will be a part 2, is their any chance?

  28. 28 Tim (Los Angeles

    Positively the best young actress on the planet today, absolutely a brilliant performance in the series. I’m glued to the program through out the entire time segment because of her ability to animate and inflect herself into the character.
    I’m not just saying this because I like the series, I live in Los Angeles and have worked in and around the movie industry for quite a while.
    Thanks Han for bringing so much talent to the little screen…….Really!


  29. 29 bina

    her b-day is feb 22! not feb 2! the reason i remember is cause mine is feb 23! so please fix that typo (^_^)

  30. 30 ann (PHILIPPINES)

    i really like her in brilliant legacy, her acting was very natural. i love watching her drama,hope she visit philippines,
    i m looking forward to it.
    good luck to your carreer……..fighting…….God blessed you always

  31. 31 eL

    i really love her in brilliant legacy…
    i hope the director will did a part 2 for that:))

    i really love the story:))
    god bless
    i hope there will be more dramas for you and lee seung gi:)

  32. 32 jerard007

    i like her!!!! i love how she acts on brilliant legacy.. hahaha.. i hope to she her again in other korean drama. i love her than song hye kyo. hahaha. saranghae Han hyo joo. hahaha….

  33. 33 septi

    bungas bnr nyawa!
    han hyo joo 🙂
    aja aa nihh!


  34. 34 jshackerz14

    Well, i think she is a good actress… i like her role in Brilliant Legacy… now is Feb 22, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Han Hyo Joo!!!

  35. 35 Ye2n

    I’m one of ur big fan..i like ur acting ..how brillian ur actng..so natural n of course,ur drama make me cry..touch my heart..hikz.,perfect couple with lee seung gi..wish both of u wil play again as a couple in the next drama..i wil wait it..n also hope both of u wil be real couple..amin.,

  36. 36 Nunu Haris, Indonesia

    Really like HHJ n LSG acts in BL..i watched 3 times,,not boring,,wait 4 d season 2 n hope they cn b d real couple in d real life,,Amin:)

  37. 37 ?

    “You’re a natural beauty, aren’t you?

    Yes. I haven’t had any work done. But I don’t have any opposition to receiving plastic surgery.” (August 15th, 2009)

    http://www.pinayinkorea.com/?p=1097 (August 8th, 2009)

    … ?

    Oh ! So disappointed ! :'(

  38. 38 rawya

    professional actress..
    good luck

  39. 39 karen joy afable

    i love her in shining inheritance,especially on their kissing scene on a hanging bridge. i really really love it. god bless you more han hyo joo.

  40. 40 don paulo t. abique

    i don’t know how to start this because my heart is shaking right now….
    i just wanted to say that Your not just beautiful outside but deep inside i can feel that you’re a great person. When i first saw you on TV there something that push me and tell me that i should watch you. Then that’s the start of it. It appears that there is much more in this world. I’ve never felt this before, i wanted to see you. I thought my life is a mess but you have changed me. If God would give me 5% chance to see you i will not waste that opportunity. Because of you’re smile i am able to get up again. Even if there’s a huge mountain blocking my way, i am not afraid. Even if it takes a hundred years to look for you i will look for you. Just to see you in person smiling. it would be my greatest gift ill ever receive in my entire life. To be honest with you i LIKE YOU. I’m grateful that i have seen some one like you. I can’t stop thinking of you. I think i’m going crazy about this. But all of this are true cross my heart. And i hope that you read my message. I look forward to see you. Thank You Miss HAN HYO JOO! ^___^

  41. 41 agung tri wahyu

    character on her play, as ”Eun seung” change my personal really amazing, i like her personal as ” eun sung” make my live more colourfull and dont give up for all problem…

  42. 42 Corazon Aman Marinas

    i like her… so natural & transparent

  43. 43 romelyn

    i like her a lot ….so natural …i hope she will be paired with Lee min ho……

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