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Goodbye, Kim Rae-won
by | August 13, 2009 | 87 Comments

Oh, this makes me sad. We frequently see male entertainers head off to enlist in their mandatory army duty so it’s not like this comes as a surprise, but I’ll really miss Kim Rae-won as he serves over the next two years.

Kim Rae-won isn’t the most conventionally good-looking actor out there, but he has a wonderful energy and warmth, and a very genuine way of embodying his characters that makes him so lovable once you’ve seen him acting. (Titles to watch: Movies โ€ฆing, My Little Bride, Sunflower, Mr. Socrates. Dramas: My Love Patzzi, Attic Cat, Gourmet.)

He’s an actor who grows on you the more you watch him act (which is not unlike So Ji-sub or Cha Seung-won in that regard). I’d liked him in the past, but it was really his 2008 drama series Gourmet that rekindled my love. (Perhaps that’s because I’d seen him mostly in movies before, and those tend to fade from memory rather quickly; dramas leave more lasting impressions for me.)

In any case, Kim reported for duty on the afternoon of August 13 sporting his crew cut and was sent off by a small group of fans, mostly Korean and Japanese.

*sniffle* Bye, Kim Rae-won!



87 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. langdon813

    What a sad and happy thing to wake up to this morning! Sad because he’s leaving and we won’t get to see him for so long…and happy, because those photos are worth waking up to, no doubt! Nothing wrong with a little eye candy with your coffee.

    Good luck Kim Rae-won!

  2. Gembul10

    I will miss him and his acting…
    I agree with you, the more you watch him, the more you like him. His acting is so natural…
    God bless you KRW, may you return from the army as a stronger and more mature man!

  3. Lemoncat

    He just left and I’m already hoping he’ll return soon! Wish him all the best of luck during his army service and hope he’ll come back soon in a new drama~

    I only recently discovered his charm when watching Gourmet, too; I totally know what you mean, Javabeans, when you said he adds a certain warmth and energy to his characters. His talent is so natural that he’s completely grabbed your attention before you know what’s happening, and by the time the drama’s over, you feel like you’ve made a new friend.

  4. Lilis

    he’s really amazing actor with good personality..
    No matter what happens, i will support and love you forever My Kim Rae Won..
    You are the only one….
    I’m gonna miss him…hukhuk…

  5. chajjye

    he is one of the best looking k-actor, imo.

    Love all his characters, so adorably charismatic.

    he also acted with jung ryeo won in which star u’re from.

  6. Arivle

    OMG I’M REALLY SADDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!! he is one of my favorites actors……two years..wow….I’m truly going to miss him…..I love all his dramas and movies…good luck!!!!

  7. waimee78

    his fans were old.

  8. Tha

    I fell in love with him in My Love Patzzi and hadn’t fell out of love with him yet!!!

  9. lb_tmi

    so sad…

    is it just me, or is he really thin in those photos?

    ahhh… just watched the beginning of Plum Blossom.. now, that’ll be all that i’ll be seeing of him.. his nice, white arse..

    *tears* so sad… imma hafta go back to watching the rest of Plum Blossom to cheer myself up.

  10. 10 findland

    I’ll miss him soon, good luck and come back to us KRW!

  11. 11 qaseih

    # 7 waimee78

    his fans were old.

    That means, he has a lot of fans…
    From the younger one to the elders…
    And i am one of young people that admire and love him!!
    I bet there are thousands of young people outside there also love him..
    Because he is truly talented actor, honest and amazing person..
    The more you know him, the more you love him..hehehheh

  12. 12 meirav

    it is sad i will miss frist time saw was him was which star u came from
    and i feel in love with him he is the best actor i seen all his dramas
    i wish him good luck

  13. 13 jenn

    He actually looks pretty good with his cut; many people don’t. I’ve never had an urge to watch his dramas/movies…sometimes it’s the exact opposite, he deters me…but even so, he’s a likeable person with a sweet smile.

  14. 14 Molly

    I saw him in What Star Are You From? with Jung Ryeo Won. I didn’t like the plot too much but he was a good actor there too. I also saw Attic Cat – it was my first drama ever! I remember loving that one, although I can barely remember anything from in now. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just wondering, what are the standards of “conventional beauty”?

  15. 15 Sonam

    No, no . I don’t know what you mean by conventional beauty. KRW is classic Asian handsomeness. And then he has that ‘genuine article’ radiance. And yes, he looks so good in that crew cut. He is lovely lovely lovely. Asia is huge and we just don’t have one kind of beauty. Unless you mean the western standard.

  16. 16 Steph

    Nooooooooooooo! I love me some Kim Rae Won. He has such charisma. He’s adorably handsome and such a great actor. I’m going to miss him. ::sniffle::

  17. 17 AWC

    Sad to see him go, but now I have a reason to finally finish Gourmet. Also, he looks good in his crew cut! That’s a rarity among the guys I’ve seen beginning their military duty.

  18. 18 tuswit

    it’s sad, i first saw him in MLPazzi & will surely miss him! i hope 2 yrs wld just go by quickly not only for KRW but for all the ones who left recently to go for their military training. i pray that they be safe & come back unharmed! God bless you Kim Rae won ssi & your other colleagues who left before you like Kim Jae Won among many others. he’s looking really good in crewcut h.style.

  19. 19 B.B.

    Big THANK YOU JB, for the heap of pics, KRW was one awaited with some dread at the enlistment hair mowing. But he still looks great YAH…..

    Very best wishes to KRW, back to the date marking and waiting again

    Aja fighting.

  20. 20 nanaee

    awww… he looks hot..

  21. 21 coco

    Sad day at my house! 2 yrs without KRW. Oh well, knew it was coming but it still feels like a void in my future drama viewing. I got hooked after watching Attic Cat and he’s headed up my favourites list ever since. Good actor, handsome and great bod!
    Is it ok for an old lady to say that? Maybe old but not dead yet!
    So long Kim Rae Won.

  22. 22 Gaston

    Javabeans, sorry to be rude but it bothers me your double standard moral. You do not consider the men and women equally. The compulsory military service only for men is a sexist discrimination but it seems natural for you. Treat a person differently because of his/her sex or nationality is not very nice.

  23. 23 Auntie Mame

    Oh my, another one gone from our sights, for two years.

    It would interesting to see a list of all the actors doing their military service and their return to civilian life dates. Because, at this point, I can’t even remember who is in and who is coming back soon. hee, hee.

  24. 24 coco

    Whoa Gaston!
    Lets just send KRW off to serve his country on a more positive note!

  25. 25 lovenyc52

    o i’ll miss you KRW… loved you in ‘what star are you from’

    he def looks good with the crew cut ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. 26 loveydovey

    :'( this makes me think of Gong Woo =[

  27. 27 javabeans

    I have no idea what Gaston’s complaint is. ????

    It seems “natural” for me? I agree that compulsory military conscription is sexist and outdated. It’s also not something I have any power to control. ???

  28. 28 Snikki

    KRW was my 2nd k-celeb crush (Won Bin was the first). That was eons ago, since I have a fickle fan heart I’ve moved on to Gong Yoo. Anyway, what I really wanted to say is, KRW holds a sentimental place in my heart, I got hooked on kdramas and kmovies because of him. I may not have seen all his projects, but any news about him interests me.

    Buh-bye for now!

  29. 29 jinkzz

    Awww… i knew this was coming but still feel sad that he is finally going off to do his 2 year MS… love him in Attic Cat and Which Star are you from… will surely miss this adorable actor.

    On the up side, 2 years is not that long …it will go by fast….i still remember the day we sent off Gong Yoo to MS but now he barely has 4 months to go…

  30. 30 emeldy

    KRW is one of those guys who is effortlessly charming. He just takes ya heart away. I will miss u.

    He look so good in that military hair cut, hope he use that look in some of his drama.

  31. 31 avalony

    Kim Rae Won was actually my first K-celeb crush lol. I first saw him in an old drama series called ํ•™๊ต (school) where he played a basketball rebel with a heart of gold. I was totally hooked and that series was what made me start watching kdramas in the first place.

    Farewell oppa!

  32. 32 lenrasoon

    i’m sad! i’ll miss Kim Rae won >.<~

  33. 33 capricious

    so far, i think he looks the best with the crew cut than any other actors i’ve seen being send off to military duty.

  34. 34 snowanh

    I do think Kim Rae Won is the best beat actor of his age group by far…so many have left for military service this year…who is getting out of service soon???? I am looking forward to Rae Won’s next project in two year time….

  35. 35 Yoo Jin

    god I’m gonna miss him so much…he’s such a great actor =(

  36. 36 Anonymous

    He looks good with this short hair cut.

  37. 37 silly

    #31 – Ahh, “School 2”! Another person who’d seen this teen drama. ^^ The “School” series (there were four of them) was a springboard for a slew of today’s stars, among them:
    School – Jang Hyuk, Ahn Jae Mo, Choi Kang Hee, Bae Doo Na, Yang Dong Geun, Kim Min Sun
    School 2 – Kim Rae Won, Lee Yo Won, Ha Ji Won, Kim Min Hee
    School 3 (my fave) – Lee Dong Wook, Jo In Sung, Park Kwang Hyun
    School 4 – Im Soo Jung, Gong Yoo, Lee Yu Ri

    Good memories….

    KRW’s debut project, “Na,” was another teen drama. Has anyone else seen that? All I remember about it now is that it also starred Ahn Jae Mo. As you can tell, I’ve been a fan for a long time. ^^

    Needless to say, I’m going to miss him. T.T

  38. 38 frash

    I love Kim Rae Won sfm.
    he was my first korean male crush *SNIFFING FOREVER*
    LOL. and his smile makes me melt D:
    two years is too long ):

  39. 39 Carrie

    I am sad to see him go. I absolutely *heart* him… I hope these 2 years are good to him and they fly by. I’ll miss his charm, smile and acting. ๐Ÿ™

  40. 40 Lumi

    The day has finally come for KRW to start his military compulsory service,SNIFF, SNIFF.! Bitter sweet news to wake up to. (He does look very handsome in that crew cut)

    Attic Cat was the first drama I ever saw him and became his fan immediately (He’s number two in my long list). I’ve always considered him to be the Korean Tom Hanks. An incredibly versatile and charismatic actor.

    I’ve seen most of the dramas and movies he has been in, but had had my reservations about Plum Blossom because I’ve learned that there is a lot of nudity. Would anyone recommend me to see it? I’m no prude, but it bothers me to see someone who looks so wholesome to be in a adult movie.

    So many of my favorite actors have recently entered or are going into their MS.

    Good luck and God bless you KRW!!

  41. 41 Alyssia

    lol it’s mostly ahjumma that are ther eto send him good byes. I thought he had a more younger fanbase.lolz

    Dont watch Plum blossoms. I watched the movie because of him. Sadly the movie has too much adult content. I mean some movies does need the sex scenes to show the passion between the lovers. But this movie is all about sex. I had to skip most of it. We dont need to see all that. I really did not like his character. The way he treated the first girl was rather bad. I’ll probably ruin some of your wholesome image of KRW if you see it.

  42. 42 Elena

    Well – as for the ahjummas – we usually have more time and money to attend stuff. ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. 43 elise

    so many good looking guys in the military right now!

    Good Luck, KRW! See you in two years!

  44. 44 Cherry

    I first acknowledge Kim Rae-won from his drama Love story in Harvard. It’s one of my all time favorite drama. He is very good actor and he’s also good looking to me. Good luck in the army Kim Rae-won.

  45. 45 ripgal

    Aww… that was quick!
    One minute he was considering a project and was close to doing it, and next, he’s off to MS.. T.T

    Will miss him dearly.

    Hwaiting KRW!

  46. 46 bspanda

    “Heโ€™s an actor who grows on you the more you watch him act (which is not unlike So Ji-sub or Cha Seung-won in that regard).”

    I think you really summed up Kim Rae-Won (as well as the other 2 of my favs) Javabeans! A sad day. I am really going to miss Kim Rae Won.

    There has always been something about watching Kim Rae Won that is comforting. (Yes he still had it even in ‘Harvard” *eye roll* That is one awesome demo of his talent!) He always comes across as warm and ‘true” in playing his characters. KRW seems like a humble and lovely guy, someone that would be lovely to have as a bestie or boyfriend. If only….. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ll take comfort in seeing the smiling photos of him enlisting. That megawatt smile (and his cheery look) will help me in my denial that he will not have any new projects for the next 2 yrs. Suppose that is where the KRW DVDs come in handy. May he keep safe and return to bigger and better things on his return.

    *Waves* Kim Rae Won!!! Take care ok? *Waves*

    @22 Gaston
    Perhaps you can direct your complaint to your local Korean Consulate. That would be more constructive.

    As much as I think Javabeans is all powerful with her awesome blog, unless she is the President of Korea in disguise (are you JB?) JB has no control over the compulsory military service in Korea.

    • 46.1 Jomo

      A almost two years later LOL!

  47. 47 Tippy

    Not only is he rocking the crew cut, but he looks fab in a plain tee and jeans!

    See you when you get back! ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. 48 Jae Young

    Hum, I think it’s sort of interesting that most of the fans on the send off appear to be ajummas. I enjoy Kim Rae Won, so that’s not a slight, just me wondering out loud. Kids are out on break, I think, so yeah, it’s prolly cos he’s not crazy pretty. Ah, Korea.

  49. 49 yo

    not good looking? – I’d say he’s HOTT *^^* aw i’m gonna miss him though.. he was one of my fav actors. T.T

  50. 50 asianromance

    good luck Kim Rae Won! and he’s like one of the few actors who actually look good in that army haircut!

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