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High Kick is no longer unstoppable
by | August 7, 2009 | 5 Comments

Lee Soon-jae, Kim Hye-sung

…but it IS “through the roof.”

The producers of Season 2 of Unstoppable High Kick have decided to christen the new show with a different name; rather than calling it “Season 2,” it’s being tentatively renamed High Kick Through the Roof [지붕뚫고 하이킥]. (They are entertaining other options, but “Through the Roof” is a top contender.)

This name change is probably a good idea when considering that while Through the Roof is using a similar format to its predecessor as well as one of its main actors (grandpa Lee Soon-jae), the new series is not a spinoff, or even a sequel. It’s simply a similar setup being produced by the same folks of the original, but employs different characters and storylines.

Still, expect to see some familiar faces from the original: For insance, Kim Hye-sung, who played the smart, well-adjusted “Min-ho” in the first season, will be making a cameo in Through the Roof. It’s being reported that “most of the main actors of Unstoppable High Kick will be making cameo appearances” throughout the sitcom’s planned 120 episodes. (This ought to come in handy for ratings purposes — a reunion with Kim Hye-sung, as well as Jung Il-woo, Park Min-young, and Kim Bum? I bet they won’t all come back at once, but one can hope.)

Episode 1 airs on September 7.

Via Asia Economy, Today Korea


5 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. JiHwan

    “High Kick through the roof” is an awfully long title. I hope they just stick with “Through the roof” or something else that’s simple to say and doesn’t take forever to type.

  2. Icarusfalls

    Anyone know where I can get a hold of the subbed version of Unstoppable High Kick??? or if there even is a subbed version???

  3. GisS

    Does anyone know where i can find the first part of this drama? Thanks!

  4. Rev

    Electric Boogalou or With a Vengeance work for me!

  5. gracie

    You can find the whole of unstoppable high kick at crunchyroll

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