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Ivy plans her big return
by | August 9, 2009 | 11 Comments

Singer Ivy is finally readying to make her comeback, and it looks as though she’ll be pulling double-duty with her first new album in three years, accompanied by a new acting project.

She has been out of the public eye for the past two years, having been forced out of the spotlight at the height of her popularity when scandal broke wherein an angry (and violent) ex-boyfriend blackmailed her and threatened to release an alleged sex tape (which never came to light, by the way). I say she was “forced” to take a hiatus but that’s not strictly the case; the embarrassment and smear job on her reputation caused the singer to withdraw from all public activities. Feeling attacked (netizens were particularly harsh, painting her as a slut and a cheater), she has been virtually silent since 2007.

I’ve always thought that if Ivy had brazened it out, the scandal would have eventually faded and she could have made her comeback sooner and with less fanfare. However, you can’t really blame her for disappearing, even if it’s sexist and unfair that she felt the need to. It’s also somewhat ironic that she was painted as slutty when she had theretofore been known for promoting a sexy image without showing skin (her performance outfits were often long-sleeved and high-necked).

In June 2008, she was featured in the four-part miniseries Tokyo Showers (which I believe was filmed before her scandal broke), but she didn’t participate in the promotion of the drama, which was a somewhat sweet but overall forgettable affair.

Now, it’s being reported that Ivy is entertaining multiple offers from drama productions, and she is seriously considering taking a role in one of them. According to her rep, she had received offers throughout her long hiatus.

Ivy has recently returned to Korea from the States, and is getting straight to work on recording her new album. I can’t say I enjoy her music (her ballads are much better than the pop-techno stuff), but I have respect for her vocal skills and strong live performances. Much luck to her.

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11 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. asianromance

    Yay for Ivy!! I’m not into her songs, but she’s an energetic and charismatic performer. It’s disgusting how netizens were so harsh to her when the ex-boyfriend was the one blackmailing and slandering her. But i guess that’s sexism for you. I hope she comes back bigger than ever! Her situation isn’t as bad as Baek Ji Young’s and BJY managed to make a comeback (and she managed to sort of have the last laugh cuz that sleazy manager got jailed in the US for sex with a minor)

  2. Biscuit

    I remember when I was upset to hear that she was cheating on Wheesung with that other guy… but it’s already 2 years and she’s a good performer..

    Tokyo Showers was extremely boring, imo. I fast forward through the entire tapes just to see the ending.

    I wonder what new project she will pick up.

  3. Hmm

    I always liked IVY and was shocked by the netizens’ totally undeserved remarks. Wow. Sexism. I really hope she will come back on her feet. Baek Ji Young did and I hope she does too. BJY and her both did not deserve the treatment they got and I can’t help thinking that Korea has a long long long way to come is terms of sexism. Its disappointing.

  4. Lemoncat

    I wasn’t much of a fan, and I didn’t know what to think when news broke out that she was apparently cheating on Wheesung, but whatever. She’s here to perform, not for us to judge, and while I’m not into any of her music, I definitely welcome more (talented) solo artistes to the scene again. The breakout of millions of girl/boy groups is starting to get on my nerves.

  5. pabo ceo reom

    Welcome baaaaaack.

    I always, always thought it was a shame for her to leave for so long. I hope she gets right back into the thick of things. She’s definitely talented.

  6. Samsooki

    The power of the… media / internet?

    Being in the US, it is difficult to grasp how significant and intergrated the internet is, in Korea. Proper internet visibility and management of internet trends, rumors and opinion can build or break a career. I am guessing that management firms probably have full time staffs to promote and defend their property online, but at the same time, I would guess that normal K-netizens are probably by now cynical enough to know the difference between “real” and commercialized posting. I wonder whether Ivy had the benefit of full support of her management company.

    And I wonder if k-netizens (in general) are able to distinguish between facts and opinion though, and whether they care enough to do so. Just looking at some of the more recent Korean newspaper articles though, it appears that fact and opinion are often interchangeable, so maybe not.

    I’ve not heard Ivy’s music, but if she makes it into an interesting drama, it might be worth checking out. Any person who has been through what she has been through, will have a deep enough well of emotions for a formidable base. With all of her ups and downs and life experiences, if Ivy has even a normal amount of acting skill, she might explode the screen.

  7. haj

    well, to add, there was the whole wjheesung thing. and wheesung is more popular than her so when he cried about ivy being a cheater, hordes of fans came to his aid.

  8. peanut butter

    not only that but as a korean always hearing what my mom has to say about how things go in korea, koreans are always doing things in extremes. more than being sexist, i figure it more has to do with their inability to think in terms of middle ground. some of the stories i overhear make me think “mob psychology.” maybe that’s why everything is overexaggerated. but that’s just my opinion from what i hear. i haven’t gone to korea myself in years.

    as to ivy herself, she can definitely make a good comeback! jumping back and shocking viewers is the best way to prove how good an entertainer is!

  9. lala

    I agree. She could’ve stuck it out and ignored the netizens. I’m still amazed at how much power low-life losers have in Korea.

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