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My Fair Lady: Episode 3
by | August 27, 2009 | 102 Comments

Yeah, I thought Episode 3 was pretty rough. If not outright bad, then definitely clumsy and weirdly set up.

It had some cute points, but I’m hoping Episode 4 is a marked improvement. And now that we’re three episodes in, I think I have enough sense of the series to say that this is going to be another entry into the group of “fun but not amazing.” Oh well. Can’t win them all, so may as well sit back and enjoy what we get.


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Our main trio of Hae-na, Dong-chan, and Tae-yoon face off outside the restaurant, and Hae-na learns that Tae-yoon was the date her grandfather had set up for her, and bristles. She has no interest in going on arranged dates! But her pride takes a hit when Tae-yoon pleasantly responds that isn’t interested, either. At this dismissal, Dong-chan pretends to be outraged on Hae-na’s behalf, but truthfully he’s glad that a potential rival is out of the picture.

Tae-yoon’s rejection of the date is very polite and said with a smile. so it doesn’t anger Hae-na. On the contrary, she’s perturbed and even disappointed.

Despite feeling a stirring of interest in Tae-yoon, she’s not happy about her grandfather’s meddling, and threatens to move out if he keeps forcing her on arranged dates. Later, she loses herself in thought thinking of him. (Even if he isn’t like her first love Jun-su, perhaps in her mind she’s still conflating the two people.)

Tae-yoon grows angry to see a television report announcing that the Yoo Sang Group is undergoing mass restructuring and layoffs (since Yoo Sang is his family’s corporation). People are out in the street protesting the decision, and given the prominence of the company, the story makes a splash in the news.

Tae-yoon is also invited to a Kang San-related launching show for Su-ah’s fashion line. He’s not particularly interested in attending the function, but Su-ah has set her sights on him. She isn’t deterred to know that he was set up with Hae-na, because she figures that if he’s going on arranged dates in the first place, that must mean he’s open to meeting women in general. Like her.

Su-ah prepares for her launching show, happy to bask in the attention until Hae-na shows up and (literally) steals the spotlight. Hae-na’s presence makes a splash and Su-ah is not happy; the two cousins trade barbs, sniping about each other’s lack of fashion sense and taste, etc.

(Hae-na, predictably, wins the verbal bout, calling Su-ah’s look unfashionable. I find it a little unbelievable that Su-ah’s supposed to be less attractive and less desirable than Hae-na — she’s called stick-skinny and overly plastic — but I suppose the true difference is in the way they carry themselves. Hae-na may be horribly rude, but she’s confident, while Su-ah reeks of desperation and trying-too-hard-itis.)

We see the same inferiority complex reflected in Su-ah’s mother, Mi-ok — she has married well and is now rich, but when she spies Eui-joo’s mother Seung-ja, she scrambles to hide. (Seung-ja is here to provide floral decorations.) Apparently the two mothers knew each other from their university days, and trade snarky insults back and forth.

Tae-yoon arrives in the entry hall, and asks Eui-joo for directions to the event. Eui-joo guides him there, not realizing that this is the important lawyer that Su-ah has demanded that Eui-joo bring to her directly upon his arrival. She discovers his identity belatedly when Director Kang Chul-gu, Su-ah’s father, greets him enthusiastically. Tae-yoon has actually come for a courtesy business call, as he and Kang San Group have settled upon a resolution in the golf course matter.

Meanwhile, Hae-na stalls at the party, looking around and hoping Tae-yoon will arrive. As she waits, she runs into her obnoxious blind date from the first episode, who again tries to hit on her. She again finds him repulsive and trips him, which causes him to collide with the food table. He fumes, humiliated and covered in food.

Dong-chan, on the other hand, is eager to be gone. Under constant pressure to repay his debt within the allotted month, he needs to make Hae-na fall in love with him soon so she can pay off his debt, and any love rivals are therefore unwelcome. He wants to get her away before Tae-yoon can impress her some more.

As Dong-chan ushers Hae-na out of the party, he looks around for some gangster types, whom he has hired as part of his plan to win Hae-na over. He imagines acting the hero when they threaten Hae-na, which will enable him to jump in and “rescue” her. Thus when a trio of thugs approach menacingly, Dong-chan prepares to put on his show.

Too bad these aren’t the guys he hired. Unbeknownst to him, Hae-na’s rebuffed date has not taken kindly to being sent crashing into the buffet table, and has hired some ruffians to teach Hae-na a lesson.

Dong-chan soon figures out that something isn’t right. He grabs Hae-na’s arm and the two run away, only to be cornered again. Dong-chan mutters to Hae-na that he’ll create a diversion by launching himself at the big guy, while she is to run to safety and call police. For a brief moment, Hae-na shows concern, not wanting to leave him to get beaten up. In the end, she does as instructed — but is stopped and restrained by a newcomer.

Thankfully, this is Tae-yoon, who sizes up the situation and jumps in to help. Wonder Twin powers activate!

The two successfully fight off the thugs, and when it’s over, Dong-chan has new, albeit grudging, respect for his unexpected assistant. He and Hae-na thank Tae-yoon for his help. Hae-na’s initial interest has by now grown even greater; she looks up at him hopefully rather than with the disdain usually offered to those around her.

Dong-chan clocks Hae-na’s admiration of Tae-yoon with dismay. This is not part of his plan, and complicates his goal considerably. Time to step things up.

First, he sets the stage with a romantic scene: a late-night serenade. What saves this attempt at romance from being unbearably cheesy is Dong-chan’s surreptitious glance as Hae-na approaches, letting us know that this show is for her benefit. He sits at the piano pretending to play for his own enjoyment while waiting for her to stumble across his display of sensitivity and skill.

He opens with a pop ballad: American pop song “Hello.” (And maybe this isn’t a funny moment, but I think anyone else who is recalling Lionel Richie’s blind-love music video is cracking up right about now.)

Yet Dong-chan doesn’t even get a chance to impress Hae-na, because instead of listening to the song, she makes a request. He can’t play the SNSD song she wants, nor does he know the Wonder Girls’ “Nobody.” Obviously he has a limited repertoire, and wasn’t counting on deviating from it.

Hae-na explains that she’s still awake because she’s having trouble sleeping. It’s because she’s full of thoughts of Tae-yoon, but she gives the excuse that her room is too warm because the air conditioning unit is broken. Eager to continue his seduction, Dong-chan offers to fix the unit — and even manages a calculated fall in order to land on top of her, as we so often seen in other kdrama situations.

She isn’t affected in the least, so he takes a moment to regroup in the bathroom. He imagines the smooth moves he will pull, practicing alone — which is how head butler Mr. Jang finds him. (That puts a quick end to Dong-chan’s plan for the night.)

Eager to see Tae-yoon again, Hae-na goes shopping for gifts to offer as a thank-you gift. She delivers the expensive clothing in person, disappointed to find that Tae-yoon is not currently at the office. His partner Su-ho decides to take advantage of the moment to get Hae-na to sign her name to a document — it’s an official statement of protest to Yoo San Group’s layoffs. Happy to oblige him, Hae-na signs.

(In issuing this statement, Tae-yoon is taking on Yoo Sang Group, which is essentially a public declaration that he is opposing his own family and siding with the common people instead.)

After waiting a while in anxious anticipation, Hae-na is thrilled to receive a call from Tae-yoon. She meets him at a restaurant, expecting thanks for the gift, and is therefore put out at his polite refusal. Tae-yoon relates a story about the first time he felt the difference between him and ordinary people, and says, “Money is a frightening thing, and shameful.” He points out she also lives a special life: “Have you never felt ashamed?”

Hae-na occupies the complete opposite end of the spectrum, because she frankly thinks he’s going too far in making a statement by rejecting his family’s status to live as he does now. He admits that it may be excessive to live like this, but he’s satisfied: “At least I know what it is I should be ashamed of.” He feels there are many ways one can express one’s feelings other than with money. This method — her expensive gift — is a method he chooses to decline.

While accompanying Su-ah to the mansion, Eui-joo crosses paths with Dong-chan, shocked to see him working there. He had told her he was the president’s secretary, so naturally she’s upset that he’d lied. He answers that he’d felt embarrassed to admit that the job was as Hae-na’s personal assistant.

Later that night, Dong-chan is performing errands in the wine cellar when he hears a sound. Turning the corner, he finds Hae-na crouched on the ground, struggling to open a bottle of wine (having already gone through a bottle or so).

Dong-chan sees that she’s feeling depressed, and he’s not feeling too great himself, with Eui-joo now rejecting his calls. At Hae-na’s invitation, he joins her in the drinking, and admits that he’s feeling down after lying to a close friend. He doesn’t get into the details, explaining that his problem is prompted by a lack of money, and that’s something Hae-na can’t understand.

That comment definitely strikes a chord, given Hae-na’s recent encounter with Tae-yoon. Tearing up, Hae-na tells him that contrary to popular belief, money isn’t a problem she can’t understand — after all, even today she was hurt over the issue of money. She asks bitterly, “Is it a crime for me to have money?”

Just then, they’re interrupted by a giggling couple — a maid and a manservant — who have entered the cellar for some wine and sexy times. This particular couple has been sneaking around the house for a while, shirking duties and sneaking bottles of wine. Dong-chan shushes Hae-na and leads her away quietly to avoid being seen while the servants carry on, none the wiser.

Drunk and giddy, Hae-na and Dong-chan run out onto the lawn, enjoying the night air and letting off some steam from their respective bad days. Eventually they end up sitting on a bench together, facing the lake that separates them from the mansion. Sleepily slurring, Hae-na grumbles over Tae-yoon dumping her. This time, when Dong-chan says she should forget Tae-yoon and not meet him again, she agrees — just before she falls asleep on Dong-chan’s shoulder.

Dong-chan takes Hae-na back to the house and puts her to bed, looking at her with a newfound expression; it suggests that he feels an unexpected twinge of emotion at witnessing her vulnerability.

That feeling continues in the morning, and is a bit unsettling for Dong-chan, who was not expecting this development. First, Hae-na surprises not only him but the entire staff by stepping in when Mr. Jang and Ms. Jung interrogate the staff about the missing wine. The guilty maid and manservant gulp nervously, but Hae-na announces that she had drunk the wine, thereby letting the culprits off the hook. (However, she does tell the sneaky couple sharply that they don’t make a good couple.)

Trouble strikes again when news of Hae-na’s involvement in the Yoo Sang protest hits the news. Her signature on the statement has become known, and as she is the heir to Kang San Group, her unthinking participation has taken on symbolic and political overtones. Grandpa Kang is deeply troubled, thinking Tae-yoon manipulated his way to them to use them for his own gain. Hae-na insists that she signed of her own will, and that Tae-yoon had no knowledge of it.

Tae-yoon is likewise unhappy to hear the latest hubbub, and accuses Su-ho angrily of taking advantage of the situation. Did he really expect someone like Hae-na to be fully aware of the implications of signing? He shouldn’t have manipulated her — and furthermore, now Tae-yoon has incurred a wrong against her.

But first, he has to deal with another angry complication: His brother storms into the office, furious for his public opposition of the family, and for bringing Hae-na, another public figure, into the issue. Hae-na, who has come to see Tae-yoon, pauses in the doorway at the mention of her own name. Tae-yoon’s brother slaps him, though Tae-yoon reacts coolly, saying it’s been ages since they’ve acted like a true family.

When the air grows increasingly heated, Hae-na steps forward and defends Tae-yoon — he didn’t know she had signed the document. She’d done that willingly, of her own accord.

Close to his boiling point, Tae-yoon storms out. Hae-na follows him down the hall, ignoring him when he tells her they’ll talk later, and criticizes him for perpetuating his family rift.

When she calls him foolish, he stops, pushes her against the wall, and struggles to tamp down his anger as he asks, “Do you like me?” After all, she follows him around, signed his statement, and is pestering him — what other reason might she have?

That may be the truth, but Hae-na’s not ready to admit it, so she tries to walk away with her pride intact. Tae-yoon holds her there, until suddenly, Tae-yoon is whirled around and punched.

Dong-chan stands there, fuming, and growls, “Take your hands off her!”


Ugh, sorry, but Yoon Eun-hye really isn’t suited to the snooty half of her character. When she shows anything other than arrogance or disdain, I like her — e.g., crying, feeling vulnerable, showing emotion. Yet I cringe every time she opens her mouth to utter a “cutting” phrase, and it’s so uncomfortable. She is so obviously acting; the connection isn’t there, and it comes off like she’s merely reciting lines with a practiced pout.

It’s funny that the young Wang Seok-hyun, playing little Su-min, does the snobby aristocrat better than Yoon Eun-hye. He’s not a better actor (and I don’t expect that much at his age), but he feels more real as an upper-class jerk-in-the-making.

In this episode, we start seeing the signs of attachment developing between Hae-na and Dong-chan. It’s on both ends, but I tend to prefer when the guy likes the girl first (perhaps because the earlier kdrama trend always had the girl fall first), and Dong-chan’s feelings for Hae-na are developing at a quicker rate than Hae-na’s. I don’t quite sense a romantic vibe between them yet, but I like their comfortable interactions together. I’m hoping the next set of episodes takes us away from the Boys Before Flowers-like jokiness and more into the characters’ relationships. (The staff shenanigans, for instance, seem to me a woeful waste of time.)


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  1. isrnicolas

    disagree but nice recap

  2. jinbo

    ya this ep sucked

  3. Annie

    could’ve been better, definitely. but yoon hye is taking a step towards something different? she’s always played the warm and lovable characters…??

  4. lin

    Yeah, some people say that it’s like watching Goong earlier episodes all over again, only better. The fake laugh, the force acting, what happened to the great YEH from Coffee Prince?

  5. isrnicolas

    This is the way I see this. If her character’s actually fits the mold of a kind -hearted vulnerable girl that throws tantrums. I believe in the end of it all, YEH’s character will fit her – since her character was never about a constant struggle as she changes to a new leaf – it is about finding that good heart inside her that is rather sweet when seen in plain view.

    I remember YEH’s acting on Coffee Prince was bashed – then suddenly the role fit her. She’s great that way because she is well invested to her character.

  6. May

    random… but did you notice how high his shoe heels are?!!? :O

  7. alynizzle

    I haven’t seen this episode yet but still really like the show. Hopefully it’ll tread away from BBF territory cause I totally get that vibe.

  8. hosg15

    Whatever happened to City Hall recaps?
    Samsooki, wherefore art thou?

  9. Quaggy

    Hmmm… I wonder given YEH’s strength in both creating sympathetic characters and empathizing with her character, if instead of making Hae-na’s naturally snooty she should have been a genuinely nice, sympathetic character who was choosing to play the brat to avoid being dismissed as a sap or being taken advantage off. Then it wouldn’t matter so much then if YEH looked like she was acting, because Hae-na would be acting the one acting.

  10. 10 craf

    I like this episode. It’s so entertaining and funny.
    I can’t stop laughing whenever DongChan imagine things with Hyena. So hilarious.
    I thought next next episode will be about their real feeling now cause DongChan start to have some feeling for Hyena.
    Anyways thanks for the recap javabeans!!!

  11. 11 bjharm

    Can not say the lawyer comes across as that likeable, guess he too busy saving the world against all the rich people to have manners or think of other people feelings, or in other words full of himself because he doing something important darn it..spare me.
    All the characters seem to be on the extreme side, bit too much of a hurry to set things up perhaps, but there a clear enough focus on the two main Characters, to see where it going, specially with the spoiler for the next episode.
    It not as if she really likes the lawyer it more one he reminds her of her first love..[I thought it was his brother but seems not] and the fact he turned her down..clearly a first for her, more a crush than anything else..as in all these things..the one the main girl fights with be herself with is the one they end up with.
    I think the drama going to be successful, it just that as it has Yoon Eun-hye there way too much expectations.

  12. 12 Ben

    YEH is doing a good job. She is into the character. She clearly shows Hae-Na who is rich and stylish, a sensitive girl who was in love once and still has that scar, innocent in expressing her feelings. It is a character with different expressions showing with different people (Grand father, servants, relations etc.). I think she is doing a good job balancing all the emotions and it is a joy to see her style and beauty in this drama. Slowly, this drama is getting interesting.

  13. 13 sue

    @9 quaggy wow that sounds really hard to do, haha.

    i’ve finally figured out the mystery of hyena’s changing hair length! it’s been tied in a weird hair not in the back! yeah i’m slow… i think it looks horrible up like that. i don’t get it, is it supposed to start a new fashion trend?

    idky, but after watching episode 4, i’m having a hard time BELIEVING any of the story’s developments. i don’t think it’s because of ridiculous plotlines because i didn’t feel this way about BoF, and so far there are no crazy plot turns.

  14. 14 tory

    ok I have a few things to say here…usually dramabeans is pretty fair with her assessment, but lately I have been noticing a weird pattern here, it’s the “blame it all on Yoon Eun Hye game”…I noticed that the only acting you ever criticize is YEH and how terrible she is.

    I’m sorry to say this but if you are going to criticize her, then you also must have noticed Yoon Sang Hyun’s over the top acting or Jung Il Woo’s cringeworthy acting. Jung Il Woo smiles in scenes where he shouldn’t even be smiling like what the heck? Why are you smiling like an idiot? But you dont say anything about them it’s like you are playing blind and are just nitpicking on things that you wanna see.

  15. 15 lola

    tory, how is it “nitpicking” to point out the drama’s main glaring flaw? The drama doesn’t work without YEH. When she’s awkward, the drama’s awkward. I don’t think the YEH criticism here and in other sites has been unfair at all, and javabeans isn’t a YEH hater. If you’ll read her Coffee Prince reviews you’ll see she was very praiseworthy of YEH’s acting. The difference is in Coffee Prince YEH deserved the praise. Sorry but she doesn’t deserve any in MFL.

  16. 16 tory

    lola, I am not mad because she is nitpicking on yeh’s acting, I am mad because the ONLY acting she criticizes is YEH’s, when the other actors have flaws too.
    What is this the blind game?

    At least mention all of the actor’s flaws not just one. I understand that she is an Ilwoo fangirl but geez, he wont die from a little constructive criticism as well.

  17. 17 Jasmin

    I think you shouldn’t give up Yoon Eun Hye so fast! At the moment I’m not really impressed by her performance too but I think we should give her more episodes to show how her character is really like…
    But for me the negative point is the PLOT!! It’s so boring… nothing special yet! But I hope there will be a development too… But at the moment it’s not one of the best dramas.

  18. 18 isrnicolas

    But it is still the 3rd/4th episode so there is still time for her. I remember almost everyone hating her in coffee prince on the first few eps.

    This will not be Coffee Prince. CP was one of the greatest TV dramas in this genre (My Girl being the other).

  19. 19 linz

    yea i don’t know if i would call the episode awful, but for me it was kinda boring. usually when i start getting into a drama i have this feeling of not wanting to stop watching, but with this one…ehh not so much. i actually had to stop watching during the middle of the episode and honestly, it didn’t bother me to do so.

    i know i’ll keep going with this drama, but i’m still waiting for something to really grab my attention and pull me in. i think YEH is alright but not great, YSH is okay too, just not my favorite actor in the world, and i do love jung il-woo, but he kind of does alot of random smiling haha. i just hope something changes that will make me become excited about this show!!!

    thanks for recapping πŸ™‚

  20. 20 emma

    yeah im saving this drama for the next vacation, bc i feel like it’s something u have to dunk your head into, literally like a bucket of water or something
    i adore YEH, i rewatch coffee prince every summer <3 <3
    i didn't like her that much in goong yeah, i watched it bc it was so hyped up hahah

  21. 21 gracezlee

    What about we just enjoy the show- it isn’t supposed to be a drama to be entered for acting awards. It bothers me that you may be adding fuel to those antis who read your recaps, take your constructive (i hope) criticism out of context and quote you like a bible -and bash the actors in forums. I enjoy reading your recaps, and the comments- it’s usually fair-I guess i do agree with # 14- you are pretty hard on YEH . Jung Il Woo isn’t that great an actor. I like them all- it’s what a rom com should be -popcorn mindless fun.

  22. 22 queen bee

    am i the only one here who is hoping something will develop between eui-joo and tae-yoon? because they are really suitable, looks-wise. πŸ™‚

    and i really like moon chae won’s character, so bubbly and cheerful! her aura kinda reminds me of hwang jung min’s sis in accidental couple.

  23. 23 Deary Deer

    I’m disappointed, javabeans. Not because you criticized YEH’s acting but because you don’t even understand what kang hye na’s character is. I’m sorry but are you blind by Jung Il Woo’s idiotic smile?

    [javabeans wrote —-> She is so obviously acting; blah blah…..]

    Of course, she’s acting. Kang Hye Na IS acting as if she’s an ice princess. She’s putting on a cold and heartless facade to cover her usual sweet self. Why? Take off your bias-filter and you will know.

  24. 24 greenie

    man, yoon eun hye fans have got their panties in a bunch. if you can’t handle a little bit of criticism of an actress, maybe you should stay away from a site that is based on critical analysis of dramas. stick to your fan sites and don’t bitch and moan just because someone disagrees with your opinion.

  25. 25 lelouch

    little su-min….so cute and adorable…love him

  26. 26 sue


    some of these comments…….


    well i’m gonna pipe up and say that among the 4: moon chaewon, jung ilwoo, yoon sanghyun, yoon eunhye, YEH is furthest from meeting expectations. her jaebol-personality scenes are awkward, and i agree with jb that it’s even uncomfortable to watch. yes all of the actors have their flaws, but of course YEH’s are the most glaring because there’s just more of her! (more lines, screentime…. she’s the main actress!)

    as for the argument that YEH is acting that way in order to portray her KHN character as the one who’s putting up a brat-facade… farfetched, i say. IF THAT TURNS OUT TO BE THE CASE!… i’ll eat my hat.

  27. 27 fp

    Not perfect or the best. Errr, was there ever a drama that falls on said category?

    Anyway, I find MFL very entertaining, and I’m actually looking forward to the next episode. As expected, this drama & the cast will be scrutinized and criticized. Not a big deal – it’s the voice if the minority.

    Majority is still watching and enjoying it. LOL. It’s the rating, publicity, commercial, ads, hits, popularity (and the people watching it) that counts.

    Thanks for the recap, javabeans. I always enjoy your recaps and point of view.

  28. 28 aaa

    YSH’s acting gets kinda over the top sometimes. I hope he can tone it down abit. No offence but there are times when i felt annoyed by his character due to the overexageration but i can forgive since he’s a cutie.

  29. 29 DeCaf

    there have been dramas lately that are downright good technically but unfortunately didn’t get me glued…however MFL, despite it’s flaws & sometimes out of bounds silliness, is totally amusing for me & watchable. I just kept laughing through the entire episode & really! I felt good after wards πŸ™‚ these days I need a “pick me upper”… who doesn’t? w/ all the difficulties majority of us are dealing w/ at home or work, we all need a good laugh at the end of the day & for me MFL delivers it πŸ™‚
    thanks for the recap! πŸ™‚

  30. 30 BIHAN

    well i just finish all the 4 ep,,,all i can say is its really a great ,FAN drama,its is really entertaining,,i love all the flows the bad acting of all the cast what ever….if find it VERYcute …thanks javabeans foy your recaps and point of view,,,criticism is one of ways to make it on top…I’M LOOKING FORWARD FOR THE NEXT EPISODE …


  31. 31 jj

    yeah. i agree w/ u…this epi was ok and YEH isn’t good at playing a snooty rich girl…much better as the emotional poor girl.

    ep four was much better… I may be biased though cuz omg jung ilwoo was crazy cute in that episode. :] his smile…kahhh lol

    btw. i like the ost the actor (who plays dong chan) sings. he’s really good.
    OH and wang seokhyun is so cute. I love his character.

  32. 32 SIITTIE2009


  33. 33 MEIKO**** ^-^

    I find little Su-min the cutest!!!! *giggling*

    You are right JavaB, I definitely cringed and laughed when DongChan played and sang (with that “accent”) the song “Hello”…. I was exclaiming, “WTH! of all songs!!! He could have played an instrumental one…” but then i guess that was part of the comedy…. the thing was, I cringed more than laughed. ^-^

    Haena and DongChan…, they look good together… but for now, the story is just way, way out of reality, for the richest girl to fall for her personal butler(am still trying to digest that possibility)….

    Tae-yoon…, *giggling* busy being goodie-goodie with such intensity….his acting seems to be doing good….. (or maybe am just biased!!hehe!! and blinded by his dazzling smile!! LOL!)

    YEH… Her snotty acting is ok , and i like the fact that she’s all arrogant and mean, it’s kinda new for me to see her like that …..am bothered by her HAIR though! lol! and there’s something about the way she talks that isnt really “high class”, instead, reminds me of the rough, down-to-earth GoEunChan….still not as bothersome as her hair….^-^

    DongChan…. so far…ummm…I cringe and laugh…. I cringed at his inside-the-bathroom-scene…(yyeeooww!!) ^-^

    love the fight scene, btw….both of the guys looked great!!!

  34. 34 HeyCitrus

    #22, I agree with you.

    The drama is alright; nothing amazing to be honest. It’s a fun watch though; I can’t think of anything else that’s fun to watch atm. The only character I am really loving is Eui Joo’s. I’m starting to become a MCW fan; her acting is just very natural.

  35. 35 tina

    i noticed the same thing tory did. JB nitpicks on YEH, JB did that too with YEH in CP. is it because JB is into JIW and GY that’s why she picks on YEH to make the guys she’s into shine? that’s a bit unfair….

  36. 36 tina

    actually most k actors overact, the few who knows how to handle their emotions well are criticized for being wooden or bleak.

  37. 37 floooo

    i really hate the background music..so boysoverflowersyish..presume the same sound director….just enjoy the drama while waiting for winter dramas

  38. 38 Lemoncat

    People keep complaining that YEH’s continually being criticized, but what do you expect? It’s fair criticism, considering how her acting has actually regressed from 2 years ago. As another commenter pointed out, it’s ridiculous when you take into account that she’s the MAIN ACTRESS. It’s not “unfair” that the others get less criticism; YEH is the lead actress, and with all the attention (and CF offers, money and so on) that it brings, it also comes with a responsibility to carry at least a good portion of the weight of the drama. When the supporting cast is producing considerably better acting than you, then you have a problem.

    I have no idea why people are attacking JB for what I think is a reasonable opinion, particularly when she gave full explanations for why she thinks that way. The “you don’t understand the Hye Na character” argument holds no water, because anyone can tell that there’s a difference between Hye Na acting as a brat, and the actress herself trying to “act” instead of really *becoming* the character. When an actor/actress has really gotten a feel for his/her character and taken on their personality, you can tell. The feeling you get from YEH, however, is that of someone still fishing around, still trying to grasp hold of exactly what her character is like. When the actress herself is unsure, what is the audience supposed to do?

    If you can’t take the heat, then don’t read episode recaps/reviews, because they’re designed to be critical. Criticism will always come with trendy dramas like this, so… learn to deal with it. This drama is fun (in parts) to watch, and YEH seems like a really sweet, likeable girl on variety shows and interviews, but as an actress, she still has a long way to go. This is a fact, so being rude and attacking every single person who thinks this isn’t going to change anything.

  39. 39 1aco

    I enjoyed the first 2ep..I didn’t start watching this drama because of Yoon Eun Hye or the any of the other actors. because for me this drama is not about how great the plot is or how good of an actors they are it was more like how much they can make me laugh. I agree with many of you that the plot is not that great so far but who knows maby they will suprise us… Every drama has an ep or two that sucs…lol

  40. 40 MEIKO**** ^-^

    *hiding under the table*

    just finished reading all the comments….

    heated arguments here huh…..

    and here i am all giggling, happily commenting….

    all i can say, so far, is that there is still a huge room for improvement with the actors (all) and the plot…

    anyhow….am enjoying the series….

  41. 41 christine

    i totally agree with Quaggy cause i also think why we see YEH acting as an awkward bitch because her character hae-na isn’t a total biacth so she’s just really acting that’s why it seems awkward and unnatural for us the viewers. cause we all know why she’s acting that way cause it’s her way of protecting herself and not seen as a person hurt by her first love.

  42. 42 woo

    jung il woo is so darn cute. if it wasnt for him, i probably wouldnt like this drama as much. so cute.

  43. 43 k-lover

    Ouch @ some people’s comments! I agree wholeheartedly with some of your opinions about the main actress and how she’s portraying the arrogant rich girl a bit too poorly due to her acting comeback after 2 whole years. But I bet she’ll get better when the drama picks up as her character develops. And I’m actually enjoying the comic touches even if they’re unnecessary. ^_^

  44. 44 Lily

    It’s really a pity to say that but the only one who really make this drama watchable are the secondary characters especially the little boy and Moon Chae Won.
    I also think it’s not a problem of “two years without acting ” thing but YEH has never acted this kind of character (cold, bitch, rich, a bit domyoji-like). So she can’t act like that but only characters who look like her !

  45. 45 Yoo Jin

    Yeah i tend to prefer the guy falling for the girl first also…for some reason it annoyed me whenever the girl liked the guy first (but maybe because i saw so many of those lol).
    I am disappointed with YEH but she did take a break for 2 years and that may be the reason…i hope that is the cause i find it painful to watch her in this drama and hopefully she’ll improve as the series goes on. I absolutely ADORE Yoon Sang Hyun in this drama and i can’t help smile whenever i see Wang Seok-hyun…he’s so CUTE XD
    But yeah, this character definitely doesn’t suit her…but you never know what will happen later.

  46. 46 chocolate

    @ Lemoncat “YEH is the lead actress, and with all the attention (and CF offers, money and so on) that it brings, it also comes with a responsibility to carry at least a good portion of the weight of the drama. When the supporting cast is producing considerably better acting than you, then you have a problem.”

    The supporting cast is producing better than her? Wow that comment really amused me because it was so ridiculous and I am not even a fan of YEH.
    If you say that the acting of the supporting cast is better, when all JIW did in this drama thusfar is acting cutesy and smiling uneccesarily like he is some sort of a retarded alien, or YSH’s constant annoying yelling/exagerrated acting, if you still call all that good acting… or better acting, then YOU seriously need to get your eyes checked.

    People are quick to bash the main actress but the truth is, with the sucky scriptwriting for this series, without Eun Hye’s popularity, this series wouldn’t even make it past 10% and would not enjoy the decent ratings that it is getting now.

    When the ratings is good people are quick to jump and say the credit shouldn’t all go to Yoon Eun Hye but to the whole cast…yet it is ok to quickly discredit her and make her take all the blame for everything when the storyline is boring. But in the meantime, cute guys like Yoon Sang Hyun and Jung Il Woo dont have to take any responsibility for their acting flaws just because girls find them cute so they can do no wrong.

    If you are going to criticize be constructive and be less biased about it so that it can be discussed like civilized adults.

    All in all, the acting of the Yoon Eun Hye, Yoon Sang Hyun, Jung Il Woo and Moon Chae Woon have not yet impressed me in this series, but I still have confidence that in the upcoming episodes that will change. I have seen all of their previous dramas and they portrayed their character well, so the thing that is crucial is how the writers will go about with the story.

  47. 47 meow

    I think Yoo Eun Hye is great! and I enjoyed the series

  48. 48 Sonam

    As someone mentioned, he does look tiny next to her. Like in the first picture- he looks like a child.

  49. 49 Lily

    When I read chocolate post it reminds me a bit BOF how people defended the drama by using the rating or popularity when the drama itself is not so good and the acting is not better. the secondary characters doesn’t revolve only around YSH or JIW. For example Hye Na family doesn’t act bad. They are more convincing than YEH acting rich, brat ect…

  50. 50 cranky

    Writing this as a YEH fan, I am quite underwhelmed by her performance so far. She hasn’t been able to capture the essence of how Kang Hye-na should be portrayed, hard it is for me to admit. But then again, much like Triple, the way the plot has progressed so far is kind of blah for me. There’s no chemistry between the leads (again, for me) and Seo Dong-chan is irritating the heck out of me. Not that I believe that age is an issue in relationships but YSH does look a tad old for the way he has portrayed the character.
    And why the heck does every romantic drama have a scene where the male lead is singing? Why?! It’s bloody awkward and contrived…

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