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My Fair Lady: Episode 4
by | August 31, 2009 | 78 Comments

Episode 4 was a lot of fun. The entanglements of early-stage romance are often my favorite parts, and also often the funniest, and we get some of that going here with some significant developments on the romantic front, involving more than one couple.


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Dong-chan steps in and punches Tae-yoon, who has angrily confronted Hae-na, and defends her — so what if she signed Tae-yoon’s statement and sent him gifts? Accusing her of liking him (Tae-yoon) is out of line. Dong-chan says, “I didn’t think you were that kind of guy. What a disappointment.”

As they leave, Dong-chan scolds Hae-na for coming here, particularly when she had assured him she wouldn’t see Tae-yoon anymore. Although Dong-chan defended her in front of Tae-yoon, he accuses her of liking Tae-yoon — which she denies, unconvincingly — and charges her with having no pride.

Hae-na doesn’t take kindly to his comments, which reinforce her own feelings of humiliation, so she stops this argument by kneeing him. She storms off, unaware that they are being spied upon by an unseen photographer.

At home, the servants anticipate a tantrum, but are surprised at her relatively calm entrance. They wonder why, but the reason becomes clear when Dong-chan comes limping in — she’s already taken her anger out on him. The rest of her fury she vents with her kumdo sword.

On the other hand, Tae-yoon is feeling remorse for his bad behavior. After seeing Hae-na’s response and Dong-chan’s indignation, he figures he was wrong in jumping to conclusions, and calls her. However, she’s so surprised that she hangs up on him. He, naturally, interprets this as an angry response, and admits to his colleague Su-ho that he’d made a mistake.

Hae-na eyes the gifts Tae-yoon wouldn’t accept, and remembers his comment that there are other ways of showing feelings than with money. She heads back to the clothing store to return the items, which is when she runs into her boorish blind date, Jung-shik, who had sent gangsters after her at the launching party. They don’t have proof of his involvement, but Hae-na knows it was his doing.

Jung-shik bluffs that they’ve got nothing on him, and Hae-na smacks him on the head. That pisses him off, and he goes at her for a punch — only Dong-chan jumps in front of her and takes the hit.

Things quickly escalate. Dong-chan launches himself at Jung-shik, and a full-on fight ensues. When things calm down, tempers are high and Jung-shik is nursing a bruised and bloody nose — and an even more bruised ego.

Meanwhile, Su-ah is extremely suspicious of Hae-na’s motives for protesting Yoo Sang Group’s layoffs. Wondering if it has to do with Tae-yoon, she decides she needs to know what their relationship is, and orders Eui-joo to call Dong-chan to fish for details. Eui-joo is reluctant — she’s still angry with him for lying about his job — but calls, only to find his phone turned off. So Su-ah sends her to Hae-na’s mansion directly.

Eui-joo is greeted by head housekeeper Ms. Jung, who informs her that Dong-chan is not in. Eui-joo notices a vase of wilted flowers and sees an opportunity to make the most of the moment, and offers her mother’s floral services at a discount.

Just then, another visitor arrives, this time for Hae-na. It’s Tae-yoon, and he and Eui-joo recognize each other from their brief encounter at the party. They’ve barely exchanged greetings when the household receives a call — Hae-na wants her lawyer contacted and sent to the store.

Therefore, Tae-yoon and Eui-joo head over together to sort things out, surprising everyone when Tae-yoon announces himself as Hae-na’s lawyer.

The negotiations hit a wall early on. Even the other lawyer would like to compromise, but Jung-shik is angry and unwilling to settle — he wants to sue Hae-na for assault.

Tae-yoon turns to address Jung-shik directly, startling the latter with his familiar, casual tone. He asks, “You used to always get into trouble at school. How is it you haven’t changed at all?” Belatedly Jung-shik realizes that this is his old schoolmate, son of Yoo Sang Group’s owner.

Jung-shik remains adamant about suing, exaggerating his injury. Tae-yoon tells him to go ahead — but points out that Jung-shik is also guilty of instigating violence, since he sent gangsters after Hae-na. He rattles off a list of Jung-shik’s own legal violations, and warns him that if he pursues the matter, things will get ugly for him. Knowing he’s beat, Jung-shik storms out.

The ladies practically drool over Tae-yoon’s impressive display of smarts, and Dong-chan apologizes (reluctantly) for hitting Tae-yoon the day before. With the air cleared, Tae-yoon asks to speak with Hae-na alone, so the foursome head to a café. Those two chat indoors while Eui-joo and Dong-chan sit together outside.

No longer angry, Eui-joo admits that she was afraid Dong-chan had gone back to his old ways and taken this job to seduce Hae-na. (I know that sounds like a weird logic jump, but Dong-chan’s previous job was essentially just that — flirting with rich women for money. It’s not exactly an honorable career, which is why Eui-joo made him quit. Dong-chan isn’t proud of it either, but it just happens to be his most lucrative personal skill.)

Uneasily, Dong-chan protests, calling it a ridiculous idea. Eui-joo agrees that it’s absurd, and that seeing Hae-na today convinced her that there’s no danger of her fear coming true. (That is not a comforting thought to Dong-chan, who is counting on that.)

Tae-yoon apologizes for his behavior the day before, abashed for accusing her of liking him. He’s right, of course, but Hae-na plays along as he explains that he was embarrassed that she witnessed his fight with his brother.

Hae-na makes it sound as though she had signed his petition out of her own good will, and is therefore (very mildly) offended that he accused of her of selfish motives. In fact, Hae-na explains, she’s always been interested in social causes and issues like corporate layoffs. Tae-yoon is thoroughly embarrassed, and Hae-na agrees to forgive him. Throughout this all, her tone (and its lightly flirtatious undertone) lets him know she doesn’t really hate him.

Eui-joo calls Su-ah to assure her that Hae-na and Tae-yoon are not dating, and that nothing is going on between them. However, she and Dong-chan are both surprised to see how cozy the couple looks on their way out. That was a quick turnaround.

Dong-chan finds that the car has been towed, and to his dismay, this affords Tae-yoon the perfect opportunity to volunteer to take Hae-na home. Hae-na happily accepts.

Tae-yoon intends to hail a taxi since he had taken the bus today, but Hae-na is so eager to look good that she lies about wanting to take the bus. She fibs that she does so occasionally, since it’s good to keep in touch with mass transit.

Tae-yoon is surprised and impressed. As their bus arrives, he grabs her hand as they run toward it and leads her onboard.

The ride home is pleasant; they chat and laugh together, until Tae-yoon nods off and rests his head on her shoulder.

Since he had to retrieve the car, Dong-chan expects Hae-na to beat him home and is therefore shocked to hear that she hasn’t. Just then, she walks up the long driveway with Tae-yoon, both smiling happily as they say their goodbyes.

This does not make Dong-chan happy, and he grumbles as he walks with Hae-na to the house, saying she should have more pride than liking someone who was so rude to her. She finds his comments out of line and wonders, “Speaking of liking, do you like me? Is that why you’re angry?” He denies it, then annoys her by warning that a guy like Tae-yoon wouldn’t like a girl like her.

Upon her return home, Hae-na is brought before her angry grandfather, who gives her a lecture. He has seen photos of her with Tae-yoon, which were supplied by Uncle Chul-gu, who would like nothing better than to cast Hae-na out of her place in the company and take over her spot. (Chul-gu complains that she’s causing too much trouble and doesn’t act in a manner befitting Kang San Group’s heir.)

Grandpa announces that Tae-yoon is an unsuitable match. He’d liked him, but that was before he realized Tae-yoon was the type of man who would publicly oppose his father. He instructs Mr. Jang to buy a plane ticket to send Hae-na abroad, and orders Hae-na restricted to the house until her departure.

Dong-chan, who has overheard the exchange, finds Hae-na outside and tells her that she could have simply denied the charge and say that she won’t date Tae-yoon. However, Hae-na answers that she didn’t want to lie about her feelings for Tae-yoon.

When Dong-chan asks what she likes so much about the guy, she thinks a moment, then answers, “I just like him. I just think of him, and when we’re together I feel butterflies. I miss him, too. I just like him.”

Thinking over her newest dilemma, Hae-na asks Dong-chan to figure out a way to prevent her from being sent away. Surely he must be able to devise a way out!

He’s reluctant, for more than one reason — helping Hae-na with Tae-yoon interferes with his own end goal, but he’s also starting to feel something for her. Yet the next morning, he and the other servants find that Hae-na’s bedroom is empty.

The whole household goes into search mode as the employees inspect all the rooms and scour the grounds for sign of Hae-na. Despite their efforts, she is nowhere to be found.

Thus the household is in chaos when Eui-joo’s mother, Seung-ja, arrives to discuss the job as their new florist. Ms. Jung requests that Seung-ja come back another day, as they are dealing with a crisis at the moment. And so, Seung-ja drives back home, unknowingly conveying a stowaway.

Hae-na climbs out of the florist’s truck, now parked at Eui-joo’s home, to the shock of Eui-joo and Seung-ja. They recognize her, and are completely flabbergasted as she looks around calmly, then makes a call. On the other end of the line, Dong-chan, who has engineered this getaway, assures her that he will be right over.

Unfortunately, his exit is interrupted by a shrewd Mr. Jung, who is aware that something is up. Dong-chan makes an excuse to get away — he’s supposedly going to ask Tae-yoon if Hae-na went to him — but Mr. Jung tags along. This forces Dong-chan to actually visit Tae-yoon, who hasn’t heard anything of Hae-na’s disappearance.

Stuck with a suspicious Mr. Jung, Dong-chan seizes his first excuse to escape. When Eui-joo calls, Dong-chan pretends Eui-joo’s mother has gotten into an accident and rushes away.

With everyone on high alert to find Hae-na, Dong-chan suggests she lie low for the night at Eui-joo’s house, giving her use of his (old) room. He then returns to Kang manor (er, castle) and reports to the chairman that Hae-na had called him to say that until Grandpa Kang drops his opposition, she won’t return home.

Mr. Jang doesn’t let on to Grandpa Kang, but he lets Dong-chan know that he is on to them — he knows Dong-chan helped Hae-na escape, and tells him to bring her home asap.

In the morning, Hae-na sits down with her grandfather, and presses her point again: She wants him to take back his opposition to her (potential) relationship with Tae-yoon. She is undeterred at the suggestion that Tae-yoon may not like her back, and announces her intention to make him fall for her.

Grandpa Kang settles upon a compromise, agreeing to withdraw his objections — if she comes to work at the company.

That’s an easy enough concession, so Hae-na joins the workforce. Her arrival is unwelcome news for the insecure and jealous Su-ah, who snipes that Hae-na knows nothing about working. But Hae-na pulls rank, reminding Su-ah that she’s boss. Su-ah is to report to her every morning from now on. Hae-na also tells Eui-joo, “If she bothers you, let me know.”

The indignity! Su-ah retaliates by telling Dong-chan flirtatiously that if Hae-na treats him badly, he’s welcome in her household. Perhaps Hae-na is just irritated with Su-ah, but I’m willing to bet there’s a jealous tinge in there as she barks at Dong-chan to hurry up and follow her.

Hae-na is installed in her new office with the title of executive director, but she isn’t really intent on doing much work. (She tells Dong-chan that she promised to come out to the office, but not to actually work.)

Her eyes light up when Tae-yoon calls, but Dong-chan snatches her phone, informing Tae-yoon that she is in a meeting. She can’t believe he dared interfere, but Dong-chan says that she’s got it all wrong. If she really wants to snag him, she has to learn how to play hard to get. She’s skeptical, but he’s on the mark when he points out that she doesn’t have much dating experience. If she follows his instructions, she can get what she wants.

Therefore, she returns Tae-yoon’s call later that night, and he invites her to a function helping undernourished children — after all, she’d expressed an interest in helping kids. Despite wanting to say yes, she follows Dong-chan’s instructions to decline the offer, which are spot-on — Tae-yoon feels strangely disappointed at her answer.

However, Hae-na doesn’t know that, and she’s too impatient to wait. Dong-chan catches her sneaking out of the house to meet Tae-yoon — or rather, to head over to his office and “coincidentally” bump into him. If she’s going to meet him, she’d better do it right, so Dong-chan takes over planning their “fateful encounter.”

On one hand, he helps Hae-na in her quest to win over Tae-yoon, but at the same time Dong-chan worries over the problem this presents for his own interests. Still, he sucks it up and engineers the meeting, which has Hae-na making a surprise appearance at the children’s benefit. After feeling disappointment to hear she wouldn’t come, Tae-yoon is now pleasantly surprised.

Hae-na has obeyed all of Dong-chan’s instructions, but now has one trick up her sleeve to get things her way. Eager to spend time alone with Tae-yoon, she sends Dong-chan on a fake errand to retrieve a “very important document” at the office. With Tae-yoon watching, Dong-chan has no choice but to leave for a while.

Conversation flows nicely and Tae-yoon comments that the other attendees are all talking about her, excited at the celebrity in their midst. She remarks, “They must all think I just go to parties. Well that’s true, so I can’t argue.” He laughs, enjoying her frankness: “You seem honest and interesting. I think I’ve had the wrong idea about you.”

Thanks to Su-ho, Tae-yoon is called up to the front to indulge everyone with a song. Taken off-guard, he protests, “But I can’t sing,” finally giving in when everyone cheers for him. True to his word, he is not a good singer but he throws himself into it, and Hae-na finds the performance endearing.

Dong-chan, in the meantime, kills time at a bookstore reading manhwa books with titles like “Cultivating Love” and “Art of Love.” Now he returns, just in time to see Tae-yoon and Hae-na laughing together in a chummy scene. Lost in his thoughts for a moment, Dong-chan smiles and says to himself, “She’s pretty when she smiles.”

On the drive home, Hae-na recalls her wonderful night and laughs to think of how Tae-yoon sang for her: “He’s even cuter because he can’t sing.” While the old Hae-na would never have stepped foot into a function like this, like with the bus ride, she finds that it wasn’t so bad: “It’s the first time going to a meeting like this, and it was a little old-fashioned, but it was fun… This is all thanks to Tae-yoon.”

Dong-chan endures her gushing over his rival, holding back his displeasure. She has fallen asleep by the time they reach home, and he tries to wake her. All night, his feelings for Hae-na have been bothering him, which he has pushed aside to behave normally, but now he gets a moment to indulge his feelings. He stares at her for a long while, tracing a finger along her face. And then she stirs, so he snaps back to his usual demeanor and accompanies her to the house.

By now Dong-chan is sick of hearing about Tae-yoon, and asks wearily if she could stop. Wrapped up in excitement, Hae-na keeps talking, wondering about the next step — since their plan has worked so far, what comes next?

Dong-chan answers reluctantly that the next step is “skinship,” i.e., physical contact. The idea has Hae-na both excited and nervous, and she asks what kind of contact. Holding hands? Walking with linked arms? A kiss?

Tired of acting as reluctant romance coach, it’s like the mention of a kiss pushes him past his limit. Dong-chan moves swiftly, and before she can react, he kisses her.


I don’t say this merely because I like Jung Il-woo, but I’m feeling the Tae-yoon pull more strongly at this point. Perhaps that’s the point and we’re meant to prefer him as the perfect Prince Charming while Dong-chan later sneaks into Hae-na’s affections. But at this stage in the game, Tae-yoon and Hae-na are cute together, and she seems to really like him.

I had the fleeting thought that the love triangle somewhat reminds me of the one in My Love Patzzi. In Patzzi, Jang Nara is the loud-mouthed, obnoxious girl with a soft heart who falls for the perfect, kind chaebol in Kim Jae-won (helped by her buddy Kim Rae-won). It was almost a perfect Cinderella setup, but I’d venture to say that the audience found Kim Rae-won’s down-to-earth common guy much more compelling. Still, the story was set up so that Jang Nara would get her prince, and we were torn between her two lovely men. (Kim Jae-won was the traditional choice for the kdrama hero; Kim Rae-won wasn’t quite set up to win the girl, but stole the scenes from his rival.)

Here, we have a similar setup, although I think the relationship with the men is reversed. The one Hae-na’s supposed to end up with (and I mean according to conventional kdrama structure) is Dong-chan, the common guy who helps her get her prince. Yet just like with Patzzi, I’m feeling more interested in the other pairing.

All this is just to say that I’m rooting for Tae-yoon at this point, but I’ll keep an open mind for when things start tilting toward Dong-chan instead.


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  1. Penn

    Thank you for the recap. I was worried you would stop.

  2. xiaoSxin

    i can’t wait for the next episode!

  3. ob

    “Here, we have a similar setup, although I think the relationship with the men is reversed. The one Hae-na’s supposed to end up with (and I mean according to conventional kdrama structure) is Dong-chan, the common guy who helps her get her prince. Yet just like with Patzzi, I’m feeling more interested in the other pairing.”

    I know you’re right, but when “prince” is Jung Il Woo… argh, you kinda wish the writers would surprise us by giving us the conventional Cinderella ending. Cuz here, it’s just so yummy.

  4. asianromance

    Thanks for the recap! great note abt the My Love Patzzi comparison! I don’t remember the end of My Love Patzzi well, but I thought it wasn’t clear which guy wins Jang Nara. Maybe in this drama…they’ll change the pairing! gasp!

    I’m also rooting for Taeyoon a bit more. Hae-na just looks so happy and natural with him. And she looks so angry whenever she’s with Dong-chan. It feels like he always has one-up on her. It’s like Dong-chan’s got 20 points and Hae-na’s only got 5 and is floundering to catch up in this battle. Usually in kdramas, whenever the male and female lead don’t like each other much, both of them do get an equal share of moments to one-up the other. Though I do enjoy seeing Dong-chan gets jealous whenever she’s maneuvers herself to be with Taeyoon, I don’t feel like it’s enough to really one-up him.

  5. dee

    finally…been checking your site to read this recap…thanks a lot.

  6. loislane

    Finally, this episode, I felt like it was finally worth watching, a preview of what I was waiting for (: You were right, as YEH’s becomes more vulnerable in her character, she’s more watchable

  7. bbm

    This episode looks fun… i haven’t been able to watched the drama though, i prefer to wait after it finished then have a marathon 😛
    i prefer the prince charming anytime (especially when Jung Ilwoo is the prince charming :P)
    as for the My Love Pattzy reference, i thought the ending was an open ending with Jang Nara is not with either of the men (but being friends with both?? idk)… or maybe my memory kinda fails on me…
    thanks for the recap JB…

  8. Molly

    Ooh yes! Just the thing to keep me refreshed…Bio test tomorrow. 🙂

    Nothing better than a Dramabeans reward for studying.

  9. Jo

    I always loved Kim Jae Won. And Rae Won just…I just never liked him. His “charm” was gross to me. Always.

  10. 10 s

    I agree that at this point, Taeyoon seems like the better man. Probably because for now, I think that he is the one with ability to change Haena’s character slightly.
    However, I am still rooting for Dongchan.

    Personally, I feel that there are alot of flaws with this story. For now, I cant think of any way that can make Dongchan fall in love Haena & Haena fall in love with Dongchan. I still do not get why Dongchan is kinda falling in love Haena when she has done absolutely nothing to actually win his heart over. And I cant think of any possible way that Haena will be with Dongchan and change for the better because as of right now from what I see, Dongchan is not the person with the ability to change Haena’s character. It seems as if he didnt really want Haena to change because so far he has not done anything to make her change into a better person.

    As for Haena liking Taeyoon, atleast there is a reason why she does. He is nice to her and he is pretty much humble eventhough he is rich and he has also helped her. Eventhough it is barely anything but there is a reason why Taeyoon is growing to like Haena a teeny bit. It is because he thought that Haena is changing for the better.

    I hope that the writers will quickly make up something to show the audiences why the two guys would actually fall for a spoiled brat like her or show why Dongchan is the better man for Haena.

    Thanks Javabeans for the recap!

  11. 11 ripgal

    Haven’t seen Ep 3 or 4 yet, but the ending for My Love Patzzi was an open-ended one. They didn’t really mention who JNR ended with in the end…but merely showed that they became good buddies (which was kinda disappointing to me because I SO WISHED she ended up with KRW..)

  12. 12 engl

    i hope she’ll end up with taeyoon.. and yes, i am also jung il woo biased hehe .. i can’t help it, he’s just sooo cute!

    on a side note, i actually like this drama more for the fashion compared to style, which is kinda ironic since the latter is supposed to be more known for fashion? i mean not only yoon eun hye, but also the guys as well.

  13. 13 Molly

    I agree that Tae-yoon is more appealing than Dong-chan at this point. The latter, while he’s entertaining and funny, also strikes me as a bit obnoxiously loud, while the former is softer and more toned-down. I think that Hae-na and Tae-yoon are truer opposites and that makes them more suitably matched at this point, rather than having two similarly stubborn, strong-willed characters being paired together. We’ll see what happens, or more importantly, how things happen, but I’m rooting for Tae-yoon. 🙂 My Fair Lady, defy conventional kdrama structures! Tae-yoon and Hae-na forever!

    @engl, I agree with your comment about the fashion here. I love seeing Yoon Eun-hye’s outfits and while the blazer-worn-like-a-poncho is unusual, she pulls it off so well. The audacious outfits are simultaneously haute-couture and casual at the same time, the way she wears them.

    Thanks Javabeans for a fabulous recap!

  14. 14 javabeans

    Well, I wanted to make the comparison to Patzzi without actually spoiling the ending for people who didn’t see it. It’s the dynamics that struck me as similar, not the actual ending.

  15. 15 Molly

    Lol, looks like I was a bit redundant there. “simultaneously” and “at the same time” used in the same sentence!

  16. 16 Kender

    Am I the only one who’s getting vibes from Eui-joo and Taeyoon? Seriously, I think they’re adorable together, and I’m going to guess that Eui-joo develops at least a mild crush on him at some point. In fact, I’m going to call it right now: I think there’s going to be something there by the end.

    On the Dongchan-Haena-Taeyoon front, on the other hand, I do prefer the Taeyoon-Haena pairing as well. Dong-chan is a lot of fun, but Haena does seem to really like Taeyoon, and Jung Il-woo is just darling. Lurrrrrve!

    Or maybe I’m just imagining things because I find Jung Il-woo so adorable. XD

  17. 17 MingNa

    Thank you for the summary of this episode.
    I really like your summary 🙂
    Can’t wait for the next episodes….

  18. 18 langdon813

    YEH’s purple hair bothers me SO much. I’m halfway through Ep 4 and in all the outdoor scenes it’s like bright neon magenta. Or something.

    I have to say that so far (without reading the recap fully yet to avoid spoilers), I really like Tae-yoon’s character with Hae-na more. It’s kind of a dilemma…right now I feel a lot more chemistry between them than I do Hae-na and Dong-chan. But I know it’s early days yet and I really need to finish the ep before I decide too much!

    Haven’t seen him in Ep 4 yet, but that little boy is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life! I will watch any drama he is in from here on out. Little scene stealer, that one.

  19. 19 Nea

    Thanks for the recap….
    And judging from the setup (thus far), yes, the choice is going to be Dong Chan but I can see how Taeyoon is precious and they would be good together but I think that the show itself is more about TY being the catalyst to help HN become the woman that can have a long-lasting healthy relationship with a man like DC.

    I hate the predictability but I don’t mind the sentiment.

  20. 20 diana

    hahaha, i also think of my love patzzi when i watch this episode… i hope the ending isnt like my love patzzi though…. since i hope seeing her with dong chan. hahaha (i’m just a sucker for conventional korean dramas)

  21. 21 Biscuit

    Ahhh… so many things I want to comment on the episode, but my eyes are about to fall asleep. Basically, I’m enjoying the series so far… sure there are a few flaws, but it’s enjoyable.

    You can really tell how close Dong-chan and Hae na has become. He’s probably the only guy who can stand by her and criticize her (before being beaten) and still appear the next day by her side XD

    If there is a reason Dong-Chan to fall in love with Haena, perhaps it’s because the close bond that he was able to experience with her. That she’s not completely bad as he first thought, and seeing her other personalities softened his image. It’s too early to say “love”, but I guess opposites attract? Eh. Idk. I just want them to be together XD

    Btw, important question: Viikii user! Recently a friend has gone to Viikii and moments later she recieved an “internet virus” which states the “warning! your pc is infected” and it’s in red and all over the desktop. From my understand, it tracks down the information that you type. It won’t harm your pc, but it does have constant pop up and it could possibly send info to someone.

    I really wanted to go to Viikii because I’ve gotten hooked on MFL, but I really really wanted to know if someone has had this virus.

  22. 22 ethelion

    I prefer jung il woo as tae yoon in this drama,
    yoon sang hyun reminds me of an ajusshi who is so much older than yoon eun hye
    a guy who is used to seduce women as a job
    paired up with yoon eun hye,
    just strikes me a repulsive.
    tae yoon is just so much better
    the main reason detering me from watching the drama is totally because of
    yoon sang hyun.

  23. 23 cathy

    Javabeans thanks for the recap!!!
    I love love this episode and getting more addicted to this drama.
    I love DC’s eyes when he looks at HN. It seems like he’s going to fall for her for real not for money.

  24. 24 anna

    Dong-chan, like most men, is pretty shallow to fall for Hae-na at this point. She does nothing but abuses him, the only thing he’s falling for is her looks.

    I’m rooting for neither at the moment. It can go either way, I’m fine with it.

  25. 25 Biscuit

    Right before I was about to turn off the pc, I had this instant memory of YSMM and had to come back.

    During the episode with Shinhwa, the host (ooooh, can’t remember his name but he’s extremely funny) was talking about Cinderella. If I can remember correctly:

    It was the 7 dwarfs who took care of Cinderella, and yet the prince suddenly comes in and takes Cinderella away on his horse. However, even the horse cannot keep walking forever, and soon Cinderella will remember and appreciate the effort of the 7 dwarfs who took care of her.

    I think even though Haena has her prince charming TaeYoon, it is Dong-Chan who has been the one by her side, taking care of her. She is able to show her true self, without having to pretend to be someone she’s not much of, to Dong-Chan and Dong Chan is not afraid of her, and stays by her side – even taking on punches to protect her (when you’d think.. most people hate Haena and would have been happy to see her struggle).

    … Okay, maybe TaeYoon was there to protect her too, but Dong Chan is with her no matter what attitude she presents and is her loyal butler~!
    *Why do I giggle when I say “butler” -_-*

  26. 26 cathy

    Just want to add more opinion.
    I just love fashion in this drama. All YEH’s clothes are so gorgeous.
    For the guys fashion, it’s pretty good too. I never saw JIW in any drama before but he looks so handsome with his suites in this drama 🙂

  27. 27 sheilapiglet

    am I the only one that thinks the ditzy/mean girl here looks like the actress that committed suicide in BOF?….*shivers*….they look like twins!….I’m not really liking YEH’s look in this show either, but it’s interesting to see a female version of GJPyo=P

  28. 28 eljay

    #21 Biscuit

    By any chance does it want your friend to purchase “Anitvirus Pro” to clean the infection? Doing that would create a worse problem. If it is that particular malware, there is a way to clean it from the computer fairly easily as long as they didn’t try to purchase it. I had it happen and was able to get rid of it. Now, it makes me think that I did indeed get it from viikii.

    You can contact me at [email protected] if it is indeed this malware and I can tell you how I cleared it.

    On a different note, I haven’t watched this drama yet, but am looking forward to starting it in the next few days!

  29. 29 belleza

    “Am I the only one who’s getting vibes from Eui-joo and Taeyoon? ”

    Yup, Eul Joo has feelings for Taeyoon, but she’s well acquainted with Taeyoon’s past as a gigolo. So we’ll probably see Eul Joo’s feelings transfer to Dong-chan. It looks like they will eventually make her Hae-na’s rival for Dong-chan.

    Presumably, Hae-na’s ex-BF will come back too. Part of me is secretly hoping that it’s Lee Min Ho. On many levels, that would be squeee. 😀

    As for Dong-chan vs. Taeyoon . . . the thing is, Taeyoon and Hae-na as main couple doesn’t really fit the tone of the show. What I like about My Fair Lady is that it’s broad, broad farce, and like much broad farce, the actual most romantic bits (for me) are when Our Very Bad Uncle and Girl do mad things in front of beautiful scenery, like chase each around a park mad drunk, or pillage the wine cellar (again, mad drunk.) It’s about seriously reveling in silliness. Truth is, most K-drama setups (even the Cinderella ones) are too egalitarian — too much about mixed romantic signals and ball busting and “overthinking about what he/she said” — to simply allow for the joy of total tomfoolery. (My Lovely Pattzi has a bit of that, but the vibe between Jang Nara and Kim Rae Won was too casual, too friendly early on to go there with the slapstick. She was snappy, mean, and snappy mean, but he was a totally agreeable sweetiepie!)

    We have that here. Hae-na isn’t just a snob; she’s a punk without a cause. Dong-chan isn’t just a poor ex-gigalo; he’s a man in need of reflection. Put them together, and you have a irresponsible friendship, one not spoiled by being too personal or emotionally invested. Their personality conflicts are haphazard. Which sets up the other side of the pillow. Sometimes their friendship and Hae-na do get personal. But only in small ellipsis between the endless party, mayhem, and snappy banter the show tries to pedal through an hour. So when the music stops, a connection surprises. The show kinda celebrates being bad, and perhaps is showing that being bad can be a path to becoming good.

    The other thing is, Yoon Eun Hye is putting serious work on the comedic front. Given her talents as a comedic actress, the truth is, she hasn’t really done a show where she and the other lead have to be perpetually “on” as a comedic duo. Not saying My Fair Lady is that show, but it’s strongest when they just let the two run with it. If the show didn’t rely so much on their random acts of “Argghh!!!”, then maybe Dong-chan + Hae-nae would play better for me.

  30. 30 javabeans

    Psst, belleza, I think you have Tae-yoon and Dong-chan mixed up. Dong-chan is the ex-gigolo, and Tae-yoon the lawyer.

    (And yes to the original poster, I totally think Eui-joo is going to develop feelings for Tae-yoon. I hope that if/when Tae-yoon and Hae-na don’t work out, that he’ll be able to realize that Eui-joo is really the one for him! It’s a neat, pat ending with two tidy couples, but I don’t care, that’s what I want. Lol. 🙂 )

  31. 31 sl

    i love and hate how predictable kdramas are.
    its inevitable that dong chan and hae na will be together.
    obviously gu jun pyo would fall for jandi (always have to come back to BoF)
    always the “unexpected” pairing happens. even though its never unexpected.
    bc in the end their love always comes through.

    when the day comes that in such a drama, hae na ends up with tae yoon…kdramas have changed. 180.

  32. 32 Guest

    Am I the only one who’s rooting for Tae-Yoon and Eui-Joo?

  33. 33 Jae In

    Dong Chan Eyes make me giggle. He show true feeling about her lady Hye Na. Oh God who can endure that wonderful eyes when he look very adorable.

  34. 34 MEIKO**** ^-^

    thanks JavaB!

    Tae-yoon…*nosebleed!!!!* this guy is soooo…. *swoon* ^-^

    You are right JavaB, As of now, TaeYoon and Haena look like they are meant for each other…. am cheering them on! *grinning*
    Aha! EuiJoo…, up and coming third party huh…. for TaeYoon?!? DongChan?! i know she likes DongChan … but TaeYoon and her arent so bad either…

    mmm…in the long run… I dont mind, if Haena will fall for DongChan ( although, i still would feel weird that she’ll fall for her butler…then what..he gets promoted to being the president of the company?! *making a face*…) just because they seem to look good together too….

    I wont start wondering that far….

    So far, it has been interesting and fun, I dont need to analyze,hehe!…..

  35. 35 teehee

    #25 Biscuit –

    I think it’s supposed to be Snow White with the 7 dwarfs and not Cinderella. Snow White is the one who ate the poisoned apple given to her by her evil stepmom disguised as an old woman. She lost consciousness (or died, im not sure) then the prince came along, kissed her and she woke up.

    Cinderella is the one who has 2 ugly stepsisters. she attended a ball at the palace, had to leave at 12mn, but left one shoe behind while she was leaving.

  36. 36 jae!

    Thanks for the recap Javabeans!! as always it stimulates my braincells…lol
    Had to agree with a few of the earlier posts that you weren’t gonna recap this drama anymore, was ready to shed some potential tears** But i actually went ahead and watched episode4 lastnite since i’ve been watching thru your recaps…lol and it’s an enjoyable drama, I must admit it will be one of those “Good, Not Great” dramas HOWEVER very very enjoyable, pleasing to look at, and a feel good drama – and its safe to say it won’t be a tear-jerker … I actually, most probably will enjoy this drama…

    P.S (Glad you’ve ceased Style recaps! I can’t stomach its inconsistency…oops no offence!)

    Virtual hugs and kisses to you all!

  37. 37 lelouch

    me too…i’m rooting for tae-yoon and eui-joo…even though i hate moon chae won in brilliant legacy, her character here is a likeable one….and i think they’re great together

  38. 38 DeCaf

    I’m w/ you JB…. I think TaeYoon is HyeNa’s Mr Right 🙂 DC & HyeNa are so alike that they are like siblings who are constantly bickering.
    I can see a beautiful friendship growing stronger by the ep between HyeNa & DongChan. Euijoo is actually good for DC. She’s like his angel, always nudging him to be good….she’s been there for him for like forever. Hope he realizes her importance.
    @ belleza, I’m hoping that HyeNa’s 1st love will show up too…LMH?!! OMG! 🙂
    @ Molly… I’m crossing my fingers since day 1. TaeYoon-HyeNa forever!!! woohoo!! 🙂

    JB, thanks mucho for the recap & review 🙂

  39. 39 epyc

    @ belleza

    Great to see you ‘re-surface’ here! I miss reading your posts 😀

  40. 40 sam

    i want dc and heyna i just love them both ………

  41. 41 Shay

    @16, I’m rooting for them too 😀
    I’m anticipating the episodes that indicate the development of Eui-joo and Tae-yoon’s (hopefully, romantic) relationship.
    They just have damn good chemistry!

  42. 42 tuesdhei

    waah! love it! love! love it!

    thanks again javabeans for that recap…. very nice… can’t wait for the next one — tomorrow again MFL! can’t wait for episode 5… yay!

  43. 43 linz

    this episode was a lot better than the last one and i really enjoyed it! omg i love tae-yoon and yea, i’m kinda feeling the taeyoon/haena pairing right now too. i really can’t see them ending up together though, so i hope that the dong-chan/haena relationship gets a little more exciting and has more chemistry soon if thats how its going to happen! thanks for the recap javabeans!!

  44. 44 Nazreal

    hum! i’m loving this drama right now despite the fact that i recently had this revelation (oh so late in the kdrama watching gig) that really, all these dramas are about 2 boys in love with one girl or two girls in love with one boy = oh the tension! but hey, it’s far too addictive and even though the storylines don’t waver too much from the basic, all the little in between bits still make it good!

    anyhoos, i am totally in love with jung il woo- smexy AND righteous- what a combo! i like to think his character helps shape haena in order to fall for dong-chan cos it’s a bit like the versus between dong-chan (actual poor person with a good heart and fun times) and tae-yoon (fake poor person with a good heart and butterfly times).

    so i’m rooting for dong-chan even though i’d totally go for tae-yoon. thing is, dong-chan is actually pretty fun and he does have good times with haena and they can be really natural with each other…ah…hard times.. 🙂

  45. 45 jking

    “Am I the only one who’s getting vibes from Eui-joo and Taeyoon? ”

    No, you’re definitely not the only one. As little screen as they get, the pair definitely has chemistry. Predictions: TY will fall for HN, and logically so, since HN has proved him wrong on several fronts that now he’s entirely seeing her in a positive light. But by that time, HN will start to realize her attachment to DC (typical right? lol). EJ will come into the picture as HN’s rival, unconsciously, and most likely for both men – further confusing HN. Blah, blah, blah. EJ and TY develop a close friendship and the script may hint at a romantic open ending for the pair at the very end.

    Like Javabeans, I prefer TY with EJ, and DC with HN.

  46. 46 loveydovey

    yes i admit the bus ride scene was cute ^^. i’m sure they’ll be parts in the future where Dong Chul and Hye Na will have many cuter scenes, but for now, i actually don’t mind watching her adorable crush on Tea Yoon and does anyone else notice how Yoon Sang-hyun has this amazing ability to portray hes character’s emotions? You can feel what he’s feeling off screen I mean when he’s standing outside looking at her you can so tell he’s in love with her, as well as the car scene. The way he looks at her is ah!! It’s like you forget he’s acting, he’s really good at that. I guess that’s just what you call good acting, but truth be told, most times i’ll know that the lead is in love because they’re SUPPOSED to be, but it’s really rare to know they’re in love because the actor makes you believe it.

  47. 47 loveydovey

    by the way, i think there’s a tinge of bias towards both sides, team Jung Il Woo and team Yoon Sang-hyun, LOL but and i admit i’m part of the latter but both of them are such great actors, they actually make me forget about rooting for them based on who they are in real life and root for them based on who their characters are; both of them really portray their characters well, and that’s the beauty part.

  48. 48 Biscuit


    Yep! It’s the one that makes asks you to buy some sort of anti-virus protection.
    My friend is going to visit her brother on Saturday for two weeks in New York, and she said she’ll ask him to fix it for her :/
    But if it doesn’t fix, thank you for offering your help! *gives bear hug*

    I might just have to stay away from Viikii temp and find another place to watch MFL -.-


    You just reminded me about Haena’s ex. Maybe when trouble comes, Dong-Chan might be able to win Haena back TT_____TT

    hohoho… I think I’ve fallen in love with the Haena/DongChan couple that even though it makes sense that Haena and Taeyoon look better right now, I still can’t admit it >.<

    But on the bright side, there are 12 more episodes left – enough to change the relationships~

  49. 49 Nzeeba

    I loved Yoon Eun Hye in Coffee Prince and in Goong. Even in the Vineyard man which I watched because of her perfomance in the two first dramas I mentioned above. However, My Fair Lady is absolutely disappointing. Not because of her performance, which I really think is improving in every episode, but because of how the story is developing!! I mean, what kind of cheap story is this…? I am still hoping for a twist or something! I see no point in her being with her assistance since he is neither a good person nor a likable character. In my opinion, he needs more help than her! The lawyer is a more better prospect for her since he actually has a thing or two to teach her about life. Not to talk about the fact that due to their backgrounds, they are better suited.
    Hey guys, I am a fan of Yoon eun Hye ( Just so I am clear) but I plan to be her worst critic. She is not outshining herself in this drama and if things continue like there are now… I am going to give up.
    Someone please change that hair color of hers! That red she has and the brownish her of her assistant (SDC) drives me nuts when the two of them are in a the scene together. The drama is full of cliches, why not actual make something different out of it???? Please writes, surprise us! I am begging u!!!!
    As for my MY Love Patzzi, I really reall liked the ending! lol

  50. 50 dee

    i agree, that at this point i’m rooting for the taeyoon-haena, rather dong chan-haena pairing. taeyoon (and with the Jung Il woo persona) is such a darling that you can’t help rooting for him and the chemistry he had with YEH in this episode. currently i only see dong chan or rather yoong sang hyun doing the chemistry between him and YEH alone though their scenes are funny and entertaining they doesn’t tickle me that much…..but if given the good chemistry and scenes between eui joo and taeyoon i might root for them. xD

    sorry can’t help it….***spoilers ahead***
    as for the my love patzzi (love this drama), though given an open ended ending, i like to think that Jang Nara character chose KRW because she decline the offer of KJW to go with him in abroad and chose to stay in korea with KRW (if i’m not mistaken)

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