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Park Shin-hye is Jang Geun-seok’s girl in You’re Beautiful
by | August 6, 2009 | 126 Comments

Jang Geun-seok has found his love interest for the Hong sisters idol-star drama You’re Beautiful [미남이시네요], and it’s 19-year-old Park Shin-hye (Radish Kimchi and Goong S).

The plot traces the growth and development of teenage aspiring pop stars as they are trained in idol groups. Jang’s character is a simple country boy who begins his life as an idol group member, while Park Shin-hye stretches her acting muscles playing two parts (twins), one (or both??) of whom falls for Jang Geun-seok.

This isn’t the first time Jang and Park have worked together; they’ve even shared an onscreen kiss before, in a CF for Etude House (watch CF below).

In addition to the Hong sisters writing team (Hong Gil Dong, My Girl), directing is PD Hong Sung-chang of Smile Again. I haven’t seen Smile Again — I tend to stay as far away from Kim Hee-sun dramas as I can — so I can’t weigh in on that, but I have enjoyed all four of the Hong sisters’ series thus far, even if it’s been in descending order. According to PD Hong (and as we can guess from the writing team’s history), the drama will be “bright and upbeat.”

I think Park Shin-hye has been uneven but is pretty likable; she caught viewers’ attention as a 13-year-old in Stairway to Heaven and later in Heaven’s Tree at 16. She kinda sucked in Goong S, but was better in her follow-up, Radish Kimchi. She and Jang Geun-seok are two former child actors who have made the transition into adult roles fairly gracefully.

You’re Beautiful will air on SBS on Wednesdays and Thursdays in October.


Here’s a clip of their Etude House cosmetics commercial:

Via E Daily


126 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. GreenFreak

    They look great together…
    That was a steaming kiss…

    • 1.1 Chandler

      Kinda funny that their CF kiss is infinitely better than their YAB kiss.

  2. pabo ceo reom

    Seems to be a pretty good casting (at least for the premise of the drama). The whole twins thing can be tricky; it can be super funny or super lame. I hope the Hong sisters work their magic again.

  3. EM

    AWW couldnt help but groan when I read PSH is taking the female lead in this drama which Im looking forward to.
    I thought she was terrible in Goong S, not that strong of an actress, and something about her just annoys me for some reason

  4. Nic

    I’m happy about the female lead casting. PSH was wonderful in Stairway and Tree of Heaven. Goong S was just terrible all around, so I don’t blame her. Plus – we already know she and JGS have chemistry.

  5. Linda

    Looks like I’m out. Sorry folks.

  6. E

    I love this girl….awesome actress proven in Heaven’s Tree…even if it wasn’t a very well received drama…she did amazing. Can’t wait to see the both of them ~ seems like a drama that the teenyboppers will like…as well as noona fans…haha me!

  7. Steph

    I’m with E, I love this girl! She was awesome in Heavens Tree. When she’s paired with an actor that has chops [like Lee Wan] she is amazing. So, I say bring it on!

  8. emma

    that kiss was really intense..

  9. vis

    Hmm, not a fan but I’m intrigued… they look good together. Hopefully she’ll be able pull off a good acting performance for this show.

  10. 10 JiHwan

    ugh… *makes a face*

  11. 11 langdon813

    I’ve only seen her in Tree of Heaven but for a 16-year old I thought she was fantastic. In fact. I was surprised when I read that she was so young, and that her being underage was the reason why there were no kissing scenes in that drama. I thought she was an actress in her 20’s playing younger, when in fact the reverse was true!

  12. 12 asianromance

    i like their choice of actress. she is definitely fresh enough! i’m a bit iffy on the twins thing.

  13. 13 Rainey

    Hmm…who am I kidding? I’ll be watching.

  14. 14 jo

    what??? whyyyy her? I like her and all but dude..she can’t act to save her @ss…*Sighs* PD from “SMILE AGAIN”?? double *sighs*
    i’m gonna be out too, maybe on the fence because of JGS……I’ll give it a chance….

  15. 15 aya

    i love park shin hye!

    buy jang geun seok?! o_O

  16. 16 Jessica

    I’ll be watching for Jang Geun-seok. But Park Shin-hye has always rubbed me the wrong. She was terrible to watch in Goong S and only slightly more bearable in Tree of Heaven, but I think that’s more due to Lee Wan’s character than her acting.

  17. 17 findland

    I loved her in Stair way to heaven, but felt so so in Tree heaven
    Still, I watch this for JGS and other idol singers
    The OST for this drama must be good !

  18. 18 fizzle

    I think Park Shin Hye is a perfect choice for the role.


    I’m guessing she’ll show us some of her moves in this drama?

  19. 19 Anonymous

    PSH reminds me of an AJUMMA. She is looks pretty old and raggedy when she appears on TV and it is NOT pleasant to look at. People here might like her but netizens in Korea don’t care for her. I was looking forward to the drama because of JGS but after learning that PSH was cast, I’M NOT WATCHING IT. She is not very pretty but on top of that her acting is extremely mediocre. >=(

    Its bad enough that she was casted in this drama but she is a twin?! Who in the world would want to see her twice?! LOL

    • 19.1 TT

      funny to read this 7 years ago when she is the most popular cast in Korea or out international out of this drama
      shows that your hating or bad words can’t stop her

      • 19.1.1 Alexis

        Even funny reading this 2017 when she is..well u know what she is now.. no need to brag..success is the best revenge!! Goo unniie psh! God bless.

  20. 20 xoxogirl

    she seems to old for her real age.im not a fan of park shin hye

  21. 21 CyNurse

    I don’t like her very much. I was hoping for someone cuter. But I will still watch the drama, but only for Jang Geun Seuk.

  22. 22 Rin

    So.. half of the people here likes her and half doesn’t? =/
    She did make a bad choice being in Goong S… even if it’s Se7en.

    I’m kinda indifferent to her so I wouldn’t mind watching it if the storyline isn’t that bad & JGS is a plus too xD

  23. 23 Lumi

    I believe this is the first time Jang Guk Seuk will be playing the lead in a drama. I’ve seen most of what he has been in, including his movies. ( I just finished translating into spanish Baby and Me).
    I’ll definitely give this drama a chance.

    BTW; that kiss was hot! Looks like he’s a good kisser, yummy!

  24. 24 nadia


    “what??? whyyyy her? I like her and all but dude..she can’t act to save her @ss…*Sighs* PD from “SMILE AGAIN”?? double *sighs*
    i’m gonna be out too, maybe on the fence because of JGS……I’ll give it a chance….”

    –HAHA! do you really think JGS can act? LOL! —

    The only thing I remember about tree of heaven is there is this one scene where she was running with high heels and all. I thought at that time,
    ” gosh, she’s looked like a 14-year old girl on working mom outfit, why didn’t they cast someone else as a – few years later – girl” .

  25. 25 mcjayjay

    oh god, i was really looking forward to a good female casting… i have mixed feels for PSH, plus i am really not in the mood to watch a drama that a director self handedly messes up.. im still holding on just because Jang Geun Seok is in it.. i hope the Hong sisters have super ace scripts or else im out

  26. 26 Mel

    Nice Commercial… I like PSH~~^^

  27. 27 yvhsien

    Tree of Heaven…that was a tear-jerker though I thought PSH did quite a good job.

    This two – PSH and JGS sure has chemistry though. That is some kiss in that CF (mostly due to JSG moves) – better than most in K-dramas.

  28. 28 Linh

    i really hope she is a good actress!
    my first thought was: “noo, she snot so pretty xD”
    but well in the CF was looked ok.. still they dont match 100% 😉

    i want this to be a success and enjoyable drama.
    hopefully jgs can show his acting abilities..;)

  29. 29 amktsy

    wow…i just got to know that park shin hye is a very arrogant person actually.my korean classmate told me about that when we suddenly chat about park shin hye and 1 of my friend is a fan of park shin hye……

    • 29.1 TT

      if anything she is a very easygoing and down-to-earth celeb

  30. 30 fero

    They perfect couple..

  31. 31 capricious

    not a fan of either lead. but im putting my faith in the hong sisters. hope they wont dissappoint

  32. 32 retsnom_Adedekutsu

    I hope the director will not mess this up. I’m a little annoyed about Fantasy Couple because the directing wasn’t that good but I’m going to watch this because it’s a Hong sisters drama.

  33. 33 mishane

    Good job not watching Smile Again. It was horrible. Waste of 16 hours of my life. Kim Hee Sun had 2 expressions, confusion and constipated confusion.

  34. 34 Anonymous

    perfect casting!!!

  35. 35 White Star

    FINALLY after 2 years of waiting PSH is finally back… I’m a big fan of her acting…..as well as many of her other talents (singing and dancing)….Can’t wait.

    I do understand some of the haters out there though….she has a great innocent smile but her eyes seems to be sly beyond her years. I have no comment about Goong S…which I loose half of my interest when PSH is the 2nd lead……and totally give up on it after the first 2 ep.

  36. 36 KP

    I’m pretty sure that only one of her characters fall for Tae Kyung – because the other twin is a guy!

  37. 37 innocec3

    I’m not going to watch this drama now. I just don;t like PSH :/ she was terrible in Goong S (Goong S has a terrible storyline too… overall a bad drama). I was so looking forward to this drama cuz of Geun Suk… but now the female lead disappoints me…

  38. 38 whitelightning

    PSH is only decent in drama dramas….i really don’t see her pulling off comedy well.

    • 38.1 TT

      haha so funny reading it now… She pulls comedy better than most actresses her age

  39. 39 SweetHome

    For me, I like PSH but can’t bring myself to watch JGS, something about him put me off, maybe his nose?

  40. 40 Hwang Jin-seok

    This is the drama I’ve been waiting for…
    When my favorite actor meets my favorite actress…
    How interesting…!!
    Should watch it soon…

  41. 41 maricel

    Love JGS so much, can’t wait for his next project..i sometimes don’t agree with his fashion sense but i like him as an actor. PSH is also good, and they have good chemistry oncam.

  42. 42 LATISH

    PSH is a perfect choice why mention GoongS for i think she played the role she gt casted for that was it never was a hit anyways

    I think fr all the PSH haters somehow you dont know quality if you see it at such a young age she showed she will be a star and she is testimony even thou she hasnt done anything for a while they stlll cast for CF’s and i think this is where all the ANTI PSH are from look at the list of the guys she works with and kissed JGS, Lee min ho, kim hyun joong, lee wan, se7en, joo ji hoon, taegoon, jaegoon i mean the list goes on.

    Wish all th production team and these beautiful people a great and successfull drama. god bless and we will be supporting this

  43. 43 icebox

    ehhh not a fan, not that i dislike her, its that i think Jang Geun Seok deserves bettter. His female pairings, so far, has been alll wrong, and i was hoping this time it would be different. afterall, the pair makes the drama. However, i just don’t see it, how they would make a good pairing.

    The only reason the CF was any good was because that boy sure can kiss… PSH was stiff as a board.

    • 43.1 TT

      and years later he still names her his best partner and best chemistry… sure!

  44. 44 African-American Deaf Friendly Girl

    Lololz! I did read these craaazzyy comments from some of hater fan about Park Shin-Hye — It made me so thoughtful while reading this and it made me so laughs sometimes. *** I love watching them together in a commerical and kissing each other……..(fanning my hands) …..it’s so HOT! Whew…….***

    So……it’s very HARSH and rude of them about complaining to Park Shin-Hye’s acting — BUT you all know there are nothing to do wrong with her as a young woman, eh?! Oh! FOR GOD’S SAKE…. I don’t understand why at mostly fan didn’t like her at 80% than some who like her about 20%! Didn’t you all think that is all of Park Shin-Hye’s fault because of lack of her acting — cause that drama (Goong S) become so worse??? HUH?! NO NO NO NO NO NNNOOO, IMPOSSIBLE!
    I think it’s probably be her director WHO create that drama Goong S, HUH? It’s NOT all about her, okay? It is because of all of storyline and other many things what the director have to create and decision what they (directors & scripwriters) wants for Goong S drama. NOT HER. ((grins)) I hope I will pray for Park Shin Hye will do that for her best while working so hard in the future! ((grins))
    ………I know she’s really excellent at her acting when she was in “Stairway to Heaven” and “Tree Heaven”, and other (some dramas), whatever. I am very surprised that you all say that “Goong S” drama was very horrible, oooh! Cuz’ I never watch this drama yet, so….DON’T YOU ALL (some haters) say that it’s all blame to Park Shin-Hye — SHE didn’t do nothing wrong, u know that!
    What IF Park Shin-Hye would be upset when she will hear about everything what you all, like, say something mean and hate about her……so didn’t you know what happens to her in the future? I bet that you all (some haters) will be at fault that IF Park Shin Hye might NOT continuing to acting till become death………((evil smirks)) Will you all happy to hear about this, eh?!! But I DID NOT. I don’t want to hear everything what you guy alway negative about her, but LEAVE HER ALONE AND MADE HER HAPPY WHILE HER ACTING IN DRAMAS, okay!

    I know it’s doesn’t matter to be PREFECT but it’s NO one prefect — just take their time for actors & actoresses like Jang Geun-Seok and Park Shin-Hye. I am absolutely 100% sure that both of them (Jang Geun-Seok & Park Shin-Hye) are such as good friendship together — beautiful 100% chemistry between them!
    I hope this new drama “You’re Beautiful” will come up soon in Sept OR October, either. I bet that they will process into becoming so closer like as a “cute” couple someday, or NOT if it’s okay with me! ((BEAMS)) KEEEP IT UP!!!
    Remember, motto — FIGHTING!!!! (winks)

  45. 45 African-American Deaf Friendly Girl

    Ahhh…..Other thing —–I am sure that I did AGREE with GreenFreak and NIC, too! (grins) Oh Lord, Please give our blessing to Jang Geun Seok & Park Shin Hye — Do their BEST!

  46. 46 Riyong

    Wat’s up with ‘Not pretty? Not good looking?’, just because she is not as beautiful as some people, does not mean that she is not worth it. YOU GUYS DON’T HAVE ANY RIGHT TO JUDGE ABOUT ANYONE’S PERSONALITY JUST BECAUSE OF THEIR LOOKS. It really pisses me off a lot…come on looks????? that’s all you guys care about???? She is a RISING STAR, diamond does not look pretty when it’s out from wherever it comes from, people knows it’s value when it goes from all those processing (it’s just a saying) but the bottom line is she is young and she is trying her best. Instead of pulling her leg why can’t you people give her some encouragement. No one is born star….


  47. 47 e29

    Goshhh…….people at least the drama is good who cares if the actors aren’t perfect!!!!

    i watched the drama and it was super funny……loved it!!!

  48. 48 bees

    I watched the drama and loved it…….it was super funny. This drama is going to be one of the best this year.

  49. 49 tylinye

    i find some of these comments very harsh….. give her a break…. seriously, can those of you who criticize even act? have you even watched some of the episodes of the drama?? i personally think those who try their best should deserve better than those harsh comments, so leave the criticism to the good critics!

  50. 50 PSH & JGS fan

    they are cutee together~~ make a perfect couple. PSH’s acting in GoongS was a disappointment but she really improved in you’re beautiful. she is cute and pretty. really looking forward to watch you’re beautiful.

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