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Sneak peek at Kim Bum’s training session for Dream
by | August 2, 2009 | 24 Comments

In the first two episodes of SBS’s new Monday-Tuesday drama Dream, lead actor Kim Bum hasn’t yet begun training his way to mixed martial arts glory, but in these latest preview stills, we get a glimpse of some of his Rocky-esque moments as his Jang-seok character begins physical training.

So far in the drama (MILD SPOILERS AHEAD), we’ve seen his Jang-seok knock out amateur boxing champ Jung-chul with one blow. Sure, Jung-chul was drunk at the time, but given his winning streak of 125 consecutive victories, this feat grabs the attention of sports agent Joo Jin-mo. The next step has Jang-seok joining up with the agent to be trained into a fighter; hence this scene, wherein Jang-seok races up and down a beach dragging a tire. (END SPOILERS)

This beach scene was shot on the morning of July 30 in Incheon (which suggests that Dream is already filming pretty close to real time… I wonder how that bodes for its future, given that it’s just started airing). After repeating his 100 meter dash approximately twenty times, Kim Bum waved his hand as he said, panting, “Even walking is difficult now.”

The scene in question airs on August 4 (in episode 4).



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24 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. EndlessxBliss

    he seems more muscular than i thought.. that’s prob because i see him only as a smiling pretty boy.

  2. CC

    It’s a game! It’s a game! says the chasing dog.

  3. Kiu

    The first 2 episodes havent been the most exciting, but I have a feeling it is going to get much better. And I must say, the last picture made me LOL. The way he’s sitting reminds me of a little boy, CUTE

  4. Amy

    poor kim bum. to think, in his last role as yi-jung, the extent of his physical movement was smiling in approval of the ladies/frowning in disapproval of jun pyo’s stupidity. definitely prefer the running kim bum! heh.

  5. pinksoysauce

    @3, I thought the same thing as I saw the last picture! I used to sit like that after running a lot during P.E. in elementary school (oh, those dreaded miles!). As a girl though. πŸ™‚ On a side note, at first glance, I thought he had a snake around his neck.

  6. GG

    Awwwww…I love how CUTE he is. I am not watching Dream at the moment, maybe once it finishes airing, I might give it a try. I am extremely excited about My fair Lady and Tamna, the Island.

  7. sue

    korean celebrities need to share their secrets on sun protection!!!

  8. Taohua

    He really is cute! I’m hoping that Dream will give him to show more of his acting chops…though Kim Bum running and boxing is a plus too πŸ™‚

  9. cheekbones

    The last pic is really adorable ^___^

  10. 10 djes

    now that With2S already released the 1st episode sub, I’m going to download it!
    In the meantime – I’m waiting for your take on the next episode, JB.. πŸ˜€
    But, I think I would eventually dl this, just because of Joo Jin Moo ( and Kim Bum! he’s such a cutie )

  11. 11 din

    kim bum = yummy cutie <3

  12. 12 melai04

    was the dog part of the scene? or he just find kim bum cute so he chase after him? kekeke. πŸ™‚

    kim bum is so adorable despite that messy hair and sweat all over his body.

  13. 13 hbstars

    kim bum all the way…looking forward for the abs…hahaha

  14. 14 heejung

    i like the second to last pic best <3 he's just so cute!!!

  15. 15 Beng

    i love the dog chasing him.

  16. 16 j_d_b

    Wow for a changed. I’m finally seeing him as a man commendable for the role. The pic does justice despite his pretty face its evident his more than that.

  17. 17 linz

    wow…that looks fun

  18. 18 Andromytta

    OH MY! Thanks for posting those pics! I haven’t read the article yet. Also thanks for the spoiler warning! My Kim Bum is looking FINE!!!!! Just look at his arms in that tank top! Gah! *melts* Thanks, javabeans for giving me such a great Kim Bum fix! After the way my day went today, I needed that! πŸ™‚

  19. 19 meow meow

    That doesn’t resemble real MMA training…at all.

  20. 20 elaineD

    how can someone be so cute and sexy at the same time?? goshh kim bum, you are not CUTE and SEXY guy <3

    i hope his next project will showcase more of him and bring him more popularity. he should do another drama/movie with kim so eun where they actually kissed and got together<3

    my dream (:

  21. 21 jj

    I really like the chemistry btwn him and joo jin mo :]

  22. 22 JoVi&KiM

    Aww… I just can’t speak no more!!
    He is the hottest + cutest guy on Earth!!
    I wish I get to see him in live!! (: <3

  23. 23 naerok fanatic

    he reeeallyy is very cute. i just want to squish and hug and embrace him soooo much! if only i can put him in my pocket 24/7 that would be very very fine

  24. 24 EJA

    HE’s acting skill is tremendously awesome. just look at the sitcom for BOys over Flowers,amazing to the core. he really brings out the character in the story. hes just so versatil n fexible.. way to go kibum PLUS hes a good package..

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