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Song Seung-heon’s photo shoot for W
by | August 16, 2009 | 37 Comments

I have no idea what exactly it is that actor Song Seung-heon (East of Eden) is doing holding onto two dangling pieces of string in a dark cave while flexing his abs, but I suppose that’s hardly the point. Well, aside from the flexing abs part of it.

These new photos take on the theme of “a man journeying to find himself” for the September issue of fashion mag W, and will also adorn the cover (though probably not this shot).

(I’m not sure what the photo has to do with finding himself unless he thinks he’s Jesus, but hey, Song Seung-heon sure is pretty.)

Following his series East of Eden, which wrapped in March, Song Seung-heon has been taking a break and is currently searching for possible new projects.

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37 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. EM

    LOL @ that first pic. Its just weird…at least have something that makes a bit more sense.

    I love the 2nd shot though, that should be the front cover.
    Hope SSH’s next project is a good one after the disappointing EOE

  2. hehehehe

    wtf is going on in the first pic?

    never found him attractive, but good on people if you like the pretty, bushy type.

    east of eden was a star studded cast but it just sucked.

  3. Z

    What is that he’s sporting, like, a 9 1/2 pack? I’ve never been much of an ab girl, but I’m impressed. I guess that’s kind of the point…

  4. Sonam

    Very good looking but no charisma as far as I am concerned.

  5. (*_*)

    these actors are so desperate nowadays that they just need to show their bodies to everybody. have some dignity, people! Thank God my fav actor has never resorted to this kind of gross photoshoots.

  6. (*_*)


  7. Joy

    Don’t get me wrong, I just didn’t really care for him. Don’t know why? I just don’t find him interesting.

  8. yey

    I love SSH, what’s with all the hating!

  9. otk

    pretty pathetic that some commenters (are& will) be blaming him for being shirtless and showing off his body for $$ etc…
    SSH RARELY does shirless photoshoots….go in his gallery,threads…etc and count it…. not as much as SJS and KSW etc..
    besides….he’s got a great body…no one minds fanservice >.>

    I hope to see him in another drama soon ^.~

  10. 10 asianromance

    the first pic was sort of creepy- too many ripples! that’s like a dozen-pack or something. loved the other pics though!

  11. 11 mimmay

    Haven’t seen EOE but he sure is hot! I’m currently on my Eric Moon phase and is enjoying watching the crazy silly Strongest Chil Woo right now but maybe when I’m done I’ll check out EOE. I heard the reviews aren’t good but I don’t really have the same taste as most critics.

  12. 12 Jenna

    i love W mag shots..they’re always dangerous, wild and SEXY..

  13. 13 queen seon deok

    i thought EOE was really good coz i enjoyed it. its very dramatic and i like a dose of drama every now and then. SSH and LYH had a great chemistry. EOE was an action packed drama about love, hate, loyalty and betrayal. phew..i think there s a lot of negativity towards EOE on this site everytime JB posts anything related to that drama.

  14. 14 Jacq

    Whao~what a body. I’ve always liked SSH!

  15. 15 Hmm

    Song Seung Heon is not the greatest actor but he is pretty good. He may over do it but he really isnt horrible. 🙂 He’s very hot and has a sexy body 😉 Not only that but he has a sort of charm especially when he tones down his acting a little. East of Eden was a very good drama series though a little heavy. There was some really good acting in it. I liked it though I skipped quite a few episodes and it took me a awhile. 🙂 EOE wasn’t the best but when you want a dose of heartwrenching drama or suspense EOE is perfect. 😀 No need to hate 🙂

  16. 16 Nextster

    I think Song Seung Hun and Kwong Sang Woo are basically the same person with different faces.
    Both have fantastic bodies in their 30’s, appeal to the ahjumaas, and also have some of the most wooden acting ever seen in a drama. (ironic that they both starred in a movie together. even more ironic was that it’s called ‘fate’ )

  17. 17 Rin

    I”’m not sure what the photo has to do with finding himself unless he thinks he’s Jesus, but hey, Song Seung-heon sure is pretty.”

    Lol, Jesus right? There’s even the light from above shining down on him 😛

    & I totally agree that the second pic should be the cover, it’s the best out of the three. The last one is a bit.. angst? Lol. His face isn’t exactly pretty in that pic. xD

  18. 18 (*_*)

    “SSH RARELY does shirless photoshoots….go in his gallery,threads…etc and count it…. not as much as SJS and KSW etc..”

    well, one of the reasons why i’m never a fan of those two actors too.

    i’m not a hater. but i think actors are actors, not gigolos or male hookers. sell your talent, not your body. not all K-ent fans are sex-maniac anyway.

  19. 19 simi

    I just want to know…….does that sweat pant REALLY need to be that low?

  20. 20 all4movies

    Is picture no. 1 and 2 really the same guy? The first one looks like an emaciated prisoner of war, while the second one does look hot.

    Are they before and after pictures of what happens when your drama sucks? You decide in which order.

  21. 21 anna

    I’m more confused about the last one, he looks pissed as heck.

  22. 22 annie

    I love man with muscle . However, with these kind of condition, his muscle/abs/washboard/6 or whatever packs you call, look exactly like the fried frogs with butter. I eat fried frogs taste better than chicken, I don’t date them. yuck!!! Mutanations of muscles.

  23. 23 Tippy

    Yowsers!! I call dibs!!! 😛

  24. 24 Emma

    If his trousers get any lower we’ll be seeing more than just his abs 😉

  25. 25 emeldy

    I was so crazy about him in Autumn in My Heart, well those craziness subsided. But I really think he is a fantastic actor with lots of hits to his credit, that does not come with sole luck.

    The pic look like a W, may be dats the intention. EOE is im my bucket list. I will watch it when in when i am super free.

  26. 26 yuri

    omona…his body..how many packs he has???

    oh..but…i love yunho’s body mostly…LMAO

  27. 27 Stylish~

    SSH is definitely one of the hottest and most handsome men in Kpop.. and i always like men with facial hair..it makes them 100 times looking better and sexier.. and i like his acting.. i don’t think EOE is a bad drama although i’m going slow..

  28. 28 Meix2

    I haven’t seen EOE, but I though he was decent in Calla, He was cool and Bingwoo. Not the greatest of actors by a long shot but he sure has a nice face (shot 2).

    He’s too thin!! Abs and protruding ribs don’t look good together + he looks kinda drugged up crazed in the last shot. I have seen him hot and smothering in alot of photos… these don’t do him justice.

  29. 29 Shrimp

    I’m guessing the string and the ray of light spells “W” or atleast gives us the illusion that it is indeed a letter W..ionnno hahaha

  30. 30 jae

    I haven’t finished EOE…. because seriously, it was too long for its own good. Nevertheless, I find it good for a heavy drama. If you’re in for a good bawling, then EOE is for you. LOL.

    As for the pictures, I’ve always found Song Seung Heon sexy. He’s like a live sculpture –chiseled at the right places and hot. The 3rd picture’s kinda awkward to look at though. Like a bad screen capture or something. But anyway, still love SSH. ^^

  31. 31 ewin

    He’s Hot! I got started on kdrama because of him. hot! hot! hot!

  32. 32 bebe

    Are you people on something? This man is sexy as hell! STOP HATING! For someone that’s in his 30s, he has got an amazing body!

  33. 33 sophia

    He’s a good looking man – but he is too skinny, i want to take him home and give him a good meal. But maybe the shoot is called ” a man journey to find myself” cos his lost, stuck in a cave?? ? I mean what the hell is he doing in there then?

  34. 34 Wiken

    it’s so sexy and hot ^_^
    Sarangheyo …..

  35. 35 Catburt28

    The first thought that popped into my head when I saw that first picture;

    “A Man called Horse”


  36. 36 raz

    S A R A N G H A E O P P A .

  37. 37 Bernard

    nice!! ripped abs!!

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