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Style abounds with star cameos
by | August 10, 2009 | 30 Comments

Kim Hye-soo with 2NE1’s Park Bom

As announced, weekend drama Style has some upcoming star cameos in the works, and it looks like they’re using them all up in the same episode. The crew shot the scene (a party for the fictional Style magazine’s 200th issue) on August 10 and has released some behind-the-scenes images. As we know, Kang Ji-hwan is one of those stars, but joining him on the faux red carpet were members of pop group 2NE1, singer Bada, actress Cha Ye-ryun, and others.

(On the downside, with this party setup, I doubt any of the stars get much camera time at all.)

The shoot took place at a hotel in the Itaewon district in Seoul on the evening of August 10.


I’m guessing that the members of 2NE1 are playing themselves (or fictionalized versions thereof):


I love Bada‘s dress and want it for my own:


(Don’t even think about claiming my) Kang Ji-hwan!!


Actress Cha Ye-ryun (A Star’s Lover) walks the carpet with two different outfits:


Comedian and musical actor Hong Rok-gi; designer Lee Sang-bong:


Last but not least, here’s the cast of Style, featuring Kim Hye-soo in her element as a glamorous editor with Na Young-hee, her publisher boss, as well as Lee Yong-woo playing hottie photographer and Lee Jia as the hapless assistant:


30 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. jinkzz

    as always, Ji Hwan looks really good…ahhh…miss him so much…

  2. EM

    Can’t wait to see this episode. Im loving Style and this Party scene is going to be glam glam glam.
    And the cast look beautiful from those last pics. Love Hye-Soo’s blue dress and Lee Jia’s looking surprisingly stylish for her character. Go girl.
    Haha, and Lee Yong Woo….well he’s always looking hot!

  3. djes

    *whisper* Kang Ji Hwan, saranghae….


    He looks HOT! ( definitely will download ep.6 )

  4. carmie

    Kang Ji Hwan looks mighty fine in those pics. This mass amount of cameos reminds of On Air.

  5. muffin

    How do women walk in gowns that go past their feet if the gown isn’t poofed out? Do they have to lift up the bottom to walk?

  6. muffin

    And speaking of Lee Jia, maybe it’s her hair. When she had boy hair in Legend I thought she was hot, hot, hot. But as soon as her hair is long she seems dull, awkward looking and apparently looses her ability to act (B’sV and Style). However, in the photo above with her hair swept up she looks hot again. She’s like a reverse Sampson!

  7. nickie

    oooooooo! just read from the news that 2pm and ft island will be making cameos as well!!XP

  8. ips

    2pm too

  9. langdon813

    Those pics of KJH are gorgeous. I certainly see why people are claiming him right and left. Wearing cool shades, all black and a mischievous, yeah-I’m-really-that-hot grin…if that doesn’t scream “I’m a STAR”, I don’t know what does.


  10. 10 mcjayjay

    holy crap 2pm? squeeellll, im excited!! can’t wait for this episode!! =D

  11. 11 Anonymous

    I thought 2PM were also bein cameos……….. I gave up on this drama after the first ep but I might just watch this ep!!!! GOD style PDs are smart LOL puttin 2ne1/2pm maybe on it!!!!

  12. 12 soon2soon

    the top pic with Bom and Hye Soo – not too flattering for either of them.

    @muffin – i totally agree. jia needs to go back to the Legend cut

  13. 13 Hmm

    Bada’s awesome dress is like her name. its like the sea!!!!! so Cool…..Lovely design…
    Style is fun and wild…but Im really not digging Lee Jia’s character. She’s a bit too hapless 🙁 So Im really looking forward to her “transformation” into a cool pro. I hope it happens soon….but Style is fun and it has some serious eyecandy 😉 😀

  14. 14 sue


  15. 15 yc

    Bada’s dress really is amazing. Glad to get a chance to see it here, because unfortunately, I’ve totally lost interest in watching the drama. Lee Jia’s character is just too hard to watch.

  16. 16 hanjanman

    Ladies, I suggest you keep a fan handy for ep.6, because KJH is SMOKIN!!!

  17. 17 hjkomo

    ^ Fan? Who needs a fan? We’re gonna need buckets of ice. 😉

  18. 18 heejung

    @5 muffin: yeah i’ve always wondered that, too. don’t the heels get caught or somethin?? 😕

    wow, kang ji hwan is looking FINE. just looking, i swear! 😀 😀

  19. 19 lovenyc52

    ya i may watch this ep just to see 2PM and 2NE1’s cameos…. for the 3 seconds they will be shown ahha 🙂

  20. 20 cheekbones

    Oh my, your KJH looked so HOT, javabeans !!

  21. 21 Atsirk


  22. 22 jiawern

    yo, so many stars
    ji hwan in black : cool

  23. 23 bspanda

    (Hello!!! – Long time no see *waves*!)
    “Ladies, I suggest you keep a fan handy for ep.6, because KJH is SMOKIN!!!”

    I think we need more than a fan. Perhaps : a HUGE fan, air conditioner cranked up high, iced water, mop (to clean the drool), ice pack and tissues for the nose bleed and to disconnect our smoke detectors as well. Really the pics are already causing a meltdown *swoon* All this prepartion for a few minutes of KJH will be required once we see KJH in motion!

    (hmm reminds me that I need to get all this stuff ready for when I watch ‘Civil Servant # 7 tonight! I might need a transfusion – as it is a movie length KJH indulgence *squeals*) 😛

  24. 24 snooty

    Ahhhhh… KJH.. who will be your life partner? You need a woman with no heart ailment.

    @Muffin@ heejung.. @soon… Do you know how many times did they trip and fall at home before they come out at the show? Practice make swollen ankles .. I mean perfect.^^^^

  25. 25 chajjye

    yes, KJH is smokin hot in that all black and shades. that ribbony thingie looks a little off though. he could just wear a normal black t-shirt with a simple coat…. XD i think everyone would just be replaying the KJH scene over and over again. Style? What show is that? XD

    cha ye-ryun looks good in the blue compared to the black. 🙂 i dig that blue number. bada’s is very unique though. 🙂 yup, like her name. so wavy. at first i thought it was rings. HEHE.

    y dara looks a little misplaced? like 2ne1 only had 3 members. 😛

    @muffin: agree. she looks so away from her character that you wonder if she has already become sassy and sophisticated. i preferred her when she tied up her hair in BV. some girls rock short hair and i think she’s one of them.

  26. 26 Jo

    for some reason, i really hate Style. Just hate it.

  27. 27 yuli

    nice mask cl, solid colors look elegant

  28. 28 bobu_Qay

    a very stressful thing when my days waiting to see the style
    I felt very lost when I missed an episode of the drama
    success for the director, the players and the Crue style, ..
    This is a very interesting spectacle, so real and so describes the love of the people in the world of fashion
    a question whether there is a series of follow-up style?

  29. 29 koreanprincess

    does anyone know wat ep 2n1 appear? i want to watch it

  30. 30 Lady Seoul

    EH! EH! EH! EH! EH! EH~! 2NE1! <33333

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