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Choi Ji-woo and Lee Jin-wook’s public date
by | September 17, 2009 | 39 Comments

Aw, cute. Glam, poised star Choi Ji-woo was seen recently out on a public date with her slightly less-famous actor boyfriend Lee Jin-wook as the two strolled down the street of the Seoul neighborhood of Insadong.

Photos cropped up online on September 16 showing the couple holding hands, both wearing hats, while Choi Ji-woo also wore sunglasses and a mask to cover her face. Despite the attempt to be less conspicuous, sharp-eyed observers were immediately able to recognize the famous pair.

Lee Jin-wook is currently serving in the military for his mandatory two years. He and Choi Ji-woo had worked together on the 2007 MBC drama Air City, although they were not reportedly seeing each other at that time. News that Choi and Lee were dating came out in February, a few months before his May enlistment. He is currently out on a brief six-day, five-night leave.

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39 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Aries

    Aww, that’s sweet 🙂 I’m quite surprised that they actually went out together in public. Hope had a good time in Insadong!

    It seems like just yesterday when I saw pictures of his crew cut when he enlisted. The crew cut was *really* unflattering.. I almost couldn’t recognise him.

  2. Samsooki

    A bit creepy… can’t even walk outside without being recognized, photographed and whispered about…. the price for fame is…. fame.

  3. doug

    Just like ‘Star Lover’-out for a walk,totally oblivious to everything, while people all around them are pointing cellphone cams at them.

  4. Reese

    Aww, that’s cute. I really like them together and hope that they last. I completely forgot that Lee Jin-wook was during his military service. I can’t keep up with who is in and who isn’t, anymore.

    @3: I’m sure they aren’t oblivious. They’re probably just ignoring it for the sake of being together.

  5. mishane

    That’s cute!

    Also, I am POSITIVE I saw Lee Jin Wook in NYC sometime in July, walking around with a Korean posse (looked very spiffy, and the people walking with him looked like workers or translators). But apparently he was in the military at the time so . . . I must be wrong. Either that or he has a twin brother.

  6. chajjye

    @mishane: hehehe. maybe he had a leave? XD

    awwww….so star’s lover like….so lee jin wook should have played chul soo, eh? XD

    maybe because of the drama, choi ji woo learned to be more cool about it, eh? XD

    nice drama. only in the beginning. thanks to choi ji-woo supposedly unchangeable character stereotype that everyone expects. T.T but i look forward for the director’s new drama. star’s lover was beautiful, especially the time in japan.

    (haha. don’t know if i made sense? hehe.)

  7. kimmy

    Awwww, that’s so cute. I’m happy Choi Ji-woo had found her match. Seems they’re in cloud number nine together *^^*.
    “Love is in the air”, people.

  8. lovin it

    cuteeee. hope they last 🙂

  9. Sonam

    Why do they always have to explain that they weren’t seeing each other while they were working together?

  10. 10 Tee

    awesome, thanks for posting this, since i get the impresion you r not a big Ji Woo fan. Thank you a lot.

  11. 11 Hmmm....

    Only in Korea those white masks are normal to wear. If we were to walk around wtih a mask like that here in the states, ppl would stare at you like you caught a life threatening disease or something. Anyway, those white masks would only draw more attention to your face…and she has a hat and sunglasses on, she’s screaming ‘i’m a celebrity, look here!’

  12. 12 belle

    So cute, even don’t like Jin Wook , who caares, whoever makes Ji Woo happy I ‘m happy
    About the mask, is it normal to wear mask in Asia b/c of H1N1 ????? seeing a lot of people wear masks, so …………. not sure , Hope to see her back in a new series,

  13. 13 ockoala

    I wish the best for them. Choi Ji-woo always reminds me of a younger version of Lee Young-ae. I wish her personal life is as private and peaceful as LYA’s seems to have made for herself. CJW is a very graceful and elegant actress, always a pleasure to watch, she does the soft, quiet love so well.

  14. 14 Ruthlene

    It’s a wonderful news about LJW & CJW. I wish them both all the happiness they deserve. I love this couple very much. I think they are very compatible. They are both very nice looking, tall & kind-hearted. May they succeed in their relationship
    Lee Jin Wook & Choi Ji Woo fighing…….

  15. 15 Agent Darwin

    Tonight, I feel like writing about how I come to know about CJW. It will be a long piece, and it is getting late and I have a morning meeting to attend. So, I will break the writing into several parts. Today will be Part 1 of the story.

    Having been CJW’s admirer since 2003 in a rather unique situation. I was on my way to Uzbekistan, from Hong Kong (used to station in Hong Kong), stopping over in Kuala Lumpur. But, I was quarantined by the Malaysian Health Authority due to SARS outbreak in Hong Kong for 10 days. We were requested to check into a hotel because Hong Kong closed its airport (for at least 2 days).

    First day in the hotel was really like a paradise, the second day it was still bearable and felt somewhat bored, by the third day, I was really really bored.

    FYI, I seldom watched TV and never watched dramas in my life. Due to boredom, I turned on the TV.

    Interestingly, it was BYJ that got my attention first. This was because he looked very much like my elder brother. Almost identical twins, the smile and the demenor (I meant the early days of BYJ, not now)!! My observations have subsequently verified and confirmed by my parents, my aunties & uncles, and my secretary and staff. (P.S. Side story: my brother visited me once in the office in Hong Kong, all the female staffs got a shock in their live!!)

    Then, I saw CJW and really like the chemistry between BYJ and CJW……

  16. 16 Agent Darwin

    BTW, if any fans of CJW think I should shut up and should not express my views. Please let me know now. I will SHUT UP.

    Night night everyone…..zzzzz…..

  17. 17 Belle

    hello Agent Darwin,
    I don’t know if you like Choi Ji Woo or not, i’m a fan of Choi Ji Woo, but I ‘m really interesting about your story he he he he he , please keep keep continuing, eventhough you may bash her, but that’s your opinion, as long as the story ‘s fun, I ‘m willing to hear , Btw, there are a lots of fans who hate Choi ji woo and keep bashing her, but whocares,

  18. 18 appleblahsums

    i’m so happy for choi ji and li jin wook who i both admired in their separate projects, winter sonata where i liked her and Li jin in Smile Again and Pow. Opponents. i guess their age gap shld not be a problem, as long as they’re in love and getting along very well, age is just numbers accdg to some people and i agree! Just be happy and don’t worry about what other people would say! Glad he’s off for a leave and cld be with his loved ones! all the best & hope the wedding is in the offing.

  19. 19 KS

    Very Cute Couple….Love both of them so much. I hope and wish their relationship last forever. Jiwoo Jinwook fighting !!!

  20. 20 TC

    My unnie will love this story. I hope she gets to read this.

    *waves to unnie*

    @Agent Darwin, like Belle I would like to hear the story of how you were introduced to CJW.

  21. 21 Pepper

    @ Agent darwin @Bolt, not enough writing about your 4 pillars that will fall on top of your lover? Crazy guy! How’s your watering plants doing? By now they must be quite fat.

  22. 22 Bedtime

    wish them the very best and may both of them be happy always. Hope to
    hear more good news from them when he is back from military in 2011.

  23. 23 vineloppe

    hope they will be happy ever after…
    I’m very curious about they wedding..

    Just wait and see until that day..:-)

  24. 24 Belle

    @21, Pepper
    You mean Agent darwin aka. Bolt, OMG, if it’s true, I want to take back my curiousity about his/her story, If not Bolt, I will love to know the story, but For Bolt , sorry , I ‘m so annoying w/ Bolt’s cms about JW, I had to control myself not to fight w/ him/her over the celes , specially the one I like as Ji Woo, so , what I mean is
    I can tolerance the anti, though I really hate them but u can’t control what people say and everybody ‘s entitled own opinion, but keep on bashing the celes over and over again is tiring and anoying . For god’s sake, they are celes and they don’t do any harm to you, if you don’t like them, fine, skip their projects, why bother to bash and say like you know them in person, ok, no more coming to this thread to see whatever happens next

  25. 25 aprodithe

    i am glad that jiwoo and jinwok still enjoy the feel of being a couple in love even with that mask etc…
    i hope they’ll last together…

    and for both or darwin or whoevercares…
    you may waste your time to bash anyone for all we care..it doesnt change anything. i prefer to support someone i like rather than wasting my time to build the bridge being a suffered negative brain….

  26. 26 SweetHome

    Why was she wearing the mask wouldn’t it attract more attentions ?! Anyway, it’s nice to see them together, hope Ji Woo wouldn’t be like Micheal Jackson always wearing mask in public. They should just have a normal relationship like we normal people do 🙂

  27. 27 Agent Darwin

    Thank you for the feedback.

    It seems that I have been misunderstood all these years. The only point I wish to make is that I have no bad intention. However, judging from the ability/quality of the readers/fans (somewhat quite naive and easily being manipulated) to fully comprehend the situation, I shall abstain from making further comments.

    My recollection stops here!!

  28. 28 errh

    What’s the point of wearing a mask to obscure yourself when the boy friend was freely parading his face to the whole world. It’s futile.

  29. 29 green rose

    @errrh, because her bf is a little less famous than herself ( what JB had said). He doesn’t seem to look like her b/f but a bodyguard holding her hands with a terrified watchful face, protecting an older woman. Poor young budding actor. 2 years in the army pulling up his age and muscles to grow old to catch up the actress.

    @ belle, not every comment is a bashing. She is as famous as her peer group, SYA, LYA, KNJ, JDY, and still single KOB, KJE etc. No one came down to road side walk around in the crowd, holding a very young rookie’s hands. They got married to the same level men and maintain their status. Look at she, hiding herself because with her current status and pride, she could not afford to come down to his level.

  30. 30 kate09

    who cares?? CJW is an old hag anyways… is this the only relationship that she had for the years that she became a cry baby actress?? poor guy!!

    • 30.1 Reene

      I know your comment is many years old, but wow you are pretty ignorant aren’t you. First of all at the time of your post CJW was 34 years old and you call her an old hag?? Were you 12 years old at the time?? I guess you must currently think Goo Hye Sun and Park Shin Hye are cry baby actresses too, since they also have the talent to cry on a dine without having to prepare themselves. It’s called acting and CJW is one of the best IMO.

  31. 31 debbie

    I love this couple.They are very good-looking couple and compatible. I just don’t understand some people just wasting their time to type all these bashing words . They has nothing to do w/you ! somehow, some of you are mean !

  32. 32 tj

    choi ji woo and lee jin wook are not a much, she deserves a much accomplished, and older boyfriend that would really take good care of her. it seems to me that she is the one taking good care of him. ahhh, wrong move. hope she could fing somebody way bettr than lee jin wook.

  33. 33 Annie

    As long as they love each other. that’s all it matter ! I love them. Wish you the best in everything.

  34. 34 Nordelm

    Mishane, Lee Jin Wook was not in NYC in July. The pictures of Jin Wook you saw in the Internet was taken one or two years ago. He entered the military service on 5/6/09. He will be discharged on 3/7/11.

    I’m very happy for Lee Jin Wook & Choi Ji Woo. They seemed to be very much in love with each other. Ji Woo was rumored with many of her drama partners but her relationship with Lee Jin Wook was the only one she admitted in the media.
    Let’s just be happy for them. Ji Woo & Jin Wook fighting………..

  35. 35 Merzy

    CJW & LJW are match with each other. Who are we to say that they are not match? For me, as long as they love each other regardless of their age gap, it doesn’t matter. What matters is their happiness.

    • 35.1 Reene

      A 6 year age gap in the U.S. is nothing, and why should it be. I know sibblings that are 6 and 7 years apart and it is not like they can not communicate as adults because they are from different generations like parents and their children.

  36. 36 ayao

    as long as they r in love..there happiness is r happiness.there is no point to talk how they walk,wear n why they wear mask.feel them as normal human n mak them survive as ordinary person lik u n me.

  37. 37 jenny

    I hope this cute couple will last. Age is not a barrier its just numbers. Give them some privacy even though I would love to see their pictures together. I am a fan of both of them. Fall in love with Ji Woo in Winter Sonata and Beautiful Days. As for LJW I fall for him in City of Glass even though I don’t like the ending. He is cute. Hope to see and hear more of them….

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