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Han Ji-min signs her donation book
by | September 12, 2009 | 20 Comments

Actress Han Ji-min (Cain & Abel) has put out a book titled We’re Already Friends — Han Ji-min’s Philippines Donation Book, which includes stories of her time spent in a deep mountain village in the Philippines helping at a village school. (The book also contains drawings, which Han drew herself.)

On September 12, she held a fansigning event at a Seoul bookstore to celebrate the publication. All of the proceeds of the book will be donated to charity.

Meanwhile, Han’s next project is the drama series Hero, in which she stars with Lee Jun-ki as a reporter.

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20 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Mulan

    NIce… amazing! pretty, nice & good actress! love her.

  2. GreenFreak

    What great news… that is so sweet of her.

    She is very pretty and cute.. She’s always playing the kindhearted girl in her dramas so its nice to see here doing it in real life as well. 😀

    Looking forward to Hero.

  3. all4movies

    If this is ever available in english, i wouldn’t mind contributing to the cause.

    Good for her in helping and promoting the needs of those less fortunate.

  4. Lumi

    I like her a lot and I’m glad she is doing charitable work. Gosh, she gets to work with all this hot actors. I am happy for her.

  5. jacq

    I like her a lot in Cain & Abel. Lovely girl!

  6. Janie

    HJM is sweet and adorable there; Hero should be fun to watch 🙂

    I like HJM… Kim Min Hee… & Nam Song Mi… hmm… wonder what do they have in common that attract me to them 😛

  7. Suzumi

    I really love her~ 😀

  8. lin

    she’s adorable cute and so petite, I loved her chemistry with So Ji Sub in Cain and Abel


    I love HJM. And I admire her for working to help those who are in needs esp. in the Philippines. She’s a good actress and pretty too.

  10. 10 letsirc04

    I live in the Philippines. It’s so nice that a handful of Korean celebrities come here to do charity work.
    HJM seems like a sincere and kind woman. I pray for her to attain more success. God bless her and her loved ones!

  11. 11 TC

    Glad to hear about this, but when was she in the Philippines?

  12. 12 Filipino Gal

    Nice HJM! I hope many other Korean celebs* would come to the Phils to help our needy brothers and sisters.

    *I hope Kang Ji-hwan, Jang Geun-seok, Kim Beom, Lee Min-ho, and of course Lee Dong-wook (even though he’s having his military duty already.). Hahaha. :p

  13. 13 christine

    wow! how nice of her… glad she’s helping the needy and sharing her blessings…
    wonder when was she here???

  14. 14 peanut butter

    haha, i love that picture of her with her face puckered up and the picture thats second to the last!!

  15. 15 Beng

    Some of the Korean actors and actresses are quite popular here in the philippines. In fact, i know for sure there are some products here that they can endorse. They must tell their agencies when they are coming here in the Philippines. Wouldn’t it be nice to earn while vacationing here =). Giving to charity wouldn’t hurt them too =)

    I’m interested to buy the book. Also, I wish it book can be translated to english =)

  16. 16 Noi

    I’m not very fond of LJK, but I might actually watch Hero just for Han Ji-min. She is just too adorable.

  17. 17 kate09

    NOW..THIS IZZZ AN ACTRESS!!! LUV her!! she’s just soo amazing. Kim TaeHee and Choi JiWoo should learn from her.

  18. 18 Kristal

    I recently discovered of this very pretty, lovely, petite girl through the drama Cain & Abel. I didn’t know she visited Phils. o well. I wish her the best always!!!!!!!

  19. 19 jocelyn

    wow glad to hear dat she visit phil.to help the people der on that vellage dats wasamazing doing.kip up a good work han an we wish luck god wil guide u alwyz coz good fellow.

  20. 20 clariz17c

    where to buy the book??Please help me I’m in Manila…

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