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Im Soo-jung stars in Thai film
by | September 7, 2009 | 7 Comments

Actress Im Soo-jung (Happiness, I’m a Cyborg But It’s Okay) has just wrapped filming on a Thai short film at the end of August, called Phuket.

The plot of Phuket features the movie star playing a movie star; her “Jin” character is a famous Korean actress who grows tired of her life and heads for a vacation in search of rest; she makes for Phuket, a place that holds fond memories of her youth. There, she happens to strike up a friendship with an ordinary, middle-aged hotel limousine driver. Her co-star is veteran Thai actor Sorapong Chatree.

Directing the short is Thai filmmaker Aditya Assarat, whose previous short films (Motorcycle, Waiting, Wonderful Town) have won various awards. He said of Im Soo-jung, “She’s an actress I really wanted to work with, who is very introspective and rich in sensitivity. I have seen all of Im Soo-jung’s films, and she has a magical sort of acting ability that is natural and also draws you in powerfully.”

Phuket will screen at this year’s Pusan International Film Festival in October. Im Soo-jung, meanwhile, has another film scheduled for release later this year, Jeon Woo Chi co-starring Kang Dong-won.

Via E Daily


7 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Sonam

    I love her. She was amazing in Tale of Two Sisters.

    The film sounds very like one of the Haruki Murakami short stories. The only difference is the lady is Japanese.

  2. mzpakipot

    LOVE HER! She’s one of my top Five k-actresses.

  3. din

    it’s been a while since i heard any news/movie/drama about her (the last one was the rumor about her & hottie gong yoo being a couple :p hehe)

    so it’s good to hear from her again 🙂
    she’s still really skinny though. i mean, it looks good on her, but it would be a bit better if she gained a few more pounds. but i still love her as an actress either way 🙂

  4. guini

    Gosh so glad to hear from this actress once again. I was wondering when she’s coming out from her shell. I’ve seen Misa and she were marvelous now I’m dying for her other dramas any ideas? Well I’ve seen her movies but I’m really hoping for longer screen of her.

  5. nycgrl

    She is is such a quirky delicate beauty, almost like she would break if you anyone touched her. She reminds me of the e.e cummings poem. “nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands”

  6. lb_tmi

    OMG!!! she worked w/ Sorapong Chatree!!! he is such an ICON in Thailand.. he’s a wonderfully talented actor.. this is awesome news.. i’m such a fan of them both!!

  7. soo jung crazy

    Lim Soo Jung / Her nick name is babyface.This name is so match with her face.I Iike her so much in (…ing and I’m sorry I love you) .She is so cute and so beautiful

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