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My Fair Lady: Episode 6
by | September 3, 2009 | 67 Comments

I liked Episode 6 a lot. Less silly slapstick (which is okay so long as it doesn’t go overboard) and more emoting.

There’s something about My Fair Lady that reminds me of old-school trendy dramas, and I mean that in a good way. You know, those addicting, fast-moving, bickering-laden offerings of early- to mid-Hallyu like Full House and My Girl. Stuff that definitely had flaws, but was fun enough that I overlooked them to get swept up in the cute romance of it all. Despite the current landscape of more risqué, edgier drama fare (now with more violence, adult language, and sexual innuendo!), My Fair Lady is almost quaint in its sweet, chaste approach to the romance. I’m a fan of the edgier approach, but I have a big soft spot for the good ol’ stuff, too.


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The beginning of this episode backtracks slightly to early morning, when Tae-yoon and Su-ho have wrapped up their all-night protest event. The latter wants to go home and sleep, but Tae-yoon feels sorry for bailing on Hae-na and decides to drive down right away.

Su-ah refuses to stand aside while her cousin wins Tae-yoon’s affections, and drags Eui-joo along to join the others in Jangsu.

When Tae-yoon knocks on her door, Dong-chan and Hae-na freeze. Not knowing what to do, Hae-na calls out a panicked response (Dong-chan tries to shush her belatedly), and Tae-yoon says he’ll wait for her outside the door.

That leaves her scrambling for a solution. If Tae-yoon sees that they spent the night together (however innocent it may have been), it’ll look bad. Time is ticking and the party is joined by Eui-joo and Su-ah, who breezily greets a surprised Tae-yoon.

Note that these seem like old-style rooms — there’s no bed, little furniture, and no back door. Therefore, when Su-ah barges in, she catches Hae-na in the act of shoving Dong-chan into an armoire. *snort* It’s a pretty damning position to be caught in, even if nothing did happen.

After the initial kerfuffle dies down, Dong-chan defends their compromising situation. Everything he says is true — that Hae-na felt scared to be alone in a strange place, that he fell asleep before he could go to his room — but the others eye them skeptically. Su-ah exults, while Tae-yoon turns chilly.

Hae-na chases after him to reassert that nothing happened, but he replies coldly, “What does that have to do with me? I have no interest in whatever happened between the two of you, so there’s no reason to explain things to me.” Obviously he doesn’t mean that, and he even tosses his camera aside — it was something he’d packed specifically with Hae-na in mind, to take souvenir photos.

Hae-na storms up to Dong-chan to demand that he fix this problem since it was his fault Tae-yoon misunderstood. Her unfair accusations pique Eui-joo’s temper, who starts to go after Hae-na angrily. Dong-chan holds her back while she gripes that Hae-na has some nerve for blaming Dong-chan rather than take responsibility herself.

She gets her chance at revenge later, when the group assembles to get to work for the day. Tae-yoon’s colleague suggests they take it easy, sensing that the group isn’t really keen on hard labor, and Hae-na and Su-ah are for once in agreement. They perk up at the suggestion to spend the day riding horses and resting.

At this, Eui-joo speaks up: “Our executive director [Hae-na] is the type of person who would say that a person who doesn’t work shouldn’t get to eat, either. On top of that, she would want to take on the most arduous task when doing volunteer work like this. My boss Ms. Kang would also agree.” Eui-joo inquires into the most disliked job at the farm.

Which turns out to be working the stables. (I love Eui-joo. She’s smart and sassy, and I wouldn’t be sad if she were the drama’s main character, actually. Well, Moon Chae-won’s day will come.)

The cousins protest and whine, but Eui-joo dangles the blackmail that Tae-yoon would be awfully interested to hear how they really feel about volunteer work.

The men do some work of their own, while Su-ho asks questions about Hae-na and Tae-yoon listens grimly to Dong-chan’s answers. He particularly dislikes hearing Dong-chan’s cheerful description of how well they get along, and how devoted he is to her.

It’s worse when he catches Hae-na talking with Dong-chan — they’re actually bickering, but from his perspective it’s easy to mistake it for closeness. (The conversation is about Tae-yoon, as Hae-na takes the optimistic view that Tae-yoon’s annoyance must mean he feels something for her. Dong-chan counters that if he really liked her, he would have worked to dispel the misunderstanding, and that Tae-yoon’s reaction just proves that he’s small-minded.)

Lunch, then, is an awkward affair. Tae-yoon ignores Hae-na, who ignores (or is unaware of) Dong-chan’s focused attention, who is likewise unaware of Eui-joo noticing his attention to Hae-na. All the while Su-ho spectates and Su-ah fans the flames.

For instance, Hae-na tentatively invites Tae-yoon to spend the afternoon horseback riding. He turns her down, and Su-ah suggests that Hae-na go alone with Dong-chan — they sure make a cute couple, since their morning scenario left such a lasting impression.

Hae-na takes offense, but it’s Dong-chan who tells her off. He scolds Su-ah, “Does picking at such a small incident make you feel better? And you’re the same, Attorney Lee. What wrong has our agasshi [Hae-na] committed? Why are you acting so unfriendly toward her? Is that the kind of courtesy to show people who have come all this way?”

Hae-na tries to shut him up, but he plows on: “Attorney Lee, think about it. Why do you think she came here? Why would such a proud, well-to-do woman come all the way here?”

(I kind of love Dong-chan for this; kdramas often drive me crazy when everyone just beats around the bush. I appreciate that Dong-chan talks about the topic openly, without hiding behind backhanded digs like Su-ah.)

But Hae-na disagrees; she’s mortified and takes Dong-chan aside. How could he say that in front of Tae-yoon? Dong-chan says that he didn’t like seeing her treated badly: “Why does someone as proud as you let him treat you like that? …Because you like him?” He refers to how she sat by without defending herself: “When you invited him to the stables, do you know how ridiculous you were?”

That hurts, and Hae-na’s eyes fill with tears as she retorts, “If you want to mock me, go ahead. But you’ve gone too far. No matter what other people say, you shouldn’t talk to me like that.”

Dong-chan tries to stop her from leaving, so she shoves him aside. Eui-joo arrives to see Dong-chan fall, and this time she can’t hold back her anger. She challenges her, “You’re taking your anger out on my oppa because you couldn’t win over that lawyer. Hey, woman, is being rich everything? Not all rich people live like you.”

Things quickly escalate, with Hae-na telling Eui-joo off and Eui-joo’s anger growing. Back at the lunch table, Tae-yoon rises and heads over, and by the time he finds the group, the women are grappling with each other and pulling hair.

Dong-chan has his hands full trying to keep them apart — at one point, they shove him aside and keep going at each other. Tae-yoon jumps in and grabs Hae-na, while Dong-chan grabs Eui-joo, and they pull the women apart. (It’s hilarious that the guys look like they’re about to burst into laughter, especially Jung Il-woo.)

After seething all day, Tae-yoon is finally ready to talk, and looks at Hae-na in concern. However, now it’s Hae-na who doesn’t want to talk — she’s hurt at his treatment and her emotions are rubbed raw: “Talk? You wouldn’t bother with me since this morning, every time I tried. Now you want to talk? You shouldn’t act that way, you know. Did you think I wouldn’t know you were angry?”

He tries to get in a word edgewise, but she continues. Her voice trembles a bit and a tear even escapes one eye:

Hae-na: “Why do you think I came here? Because I like farm work? Because I like picking apples? It’s not. I came because of you. Because I like you so much, because I wanted to be with you — that’s why I came! But you ignored my feelings and treated me coldly. I haven’t behaved the best, but you shouldn’t be so narrow-minded or intolerant!”

Dong-chan tries to calm Eui-joo, saying he appreciates that Eui-joo was defending him, but she should have controlled her anger. Eui-joo is incredulous that he’d take Hae-na’s side, and accuses him of throwing away his pride over a 50 million won loan from Grandpa Kang: “I hate seeing you being mistreated by that woman, and I hate talking about her and hearing your excuses for her! Why do you have to do that?”

Fuming, Eui-joo heads for home. Su-ah wants to stay where Tae-yoon is, but changes her mind when Su-ho reminds Su-ah (with enthusiasm) of the tasks she has ahead of her — cleaning cow dung, the bathrooms — to convince her to leave.

After thinking things over and recalling Hae-na’s hurt words, Tae-yoon makes a decision and heads off to find Hae-na — only, she’s nowhere to be seen. Dong-chan senses that something else has happened (he doesn’t know about their most recent argument), and both men rush off separately, scouring the farm looking for her.

It’s Tae-yoon who finds her first — she’s sitting alone, dejected and upset with herself. Tae-yoon first scolds her, but this time it’s out of concern, because her disappearance worried him. Hae-na is still hurt, however, and doesn’t want to talk. She turns away, so he grabs her arm — then pulls her to him in a hug.

Dong-chan arrives — just in time to see the embrace. Too late!

With that out of the way, the air clears and the tone lightens considerably.

Reminiscing about their first meeting, Hae-na wonders why he’s never asked why she chased him on the horse. Tae-yoon answers that he figured she’d mistaken him for someone she liked: “That’s why I couldn’t ask, because I thought it might be painful. Do I look a lot like him?”

She answers, “Not much, just a little,” then wonders, “Would you feel bad if I said you did resemble him?” Tae-yoon answers no: “Being similar doesn’t make us the same. And I’m the one who’s with you right now.”

He admits that he was narrow-minded earlier, and that he shouldn’t have been angry with her. He’d been frustrated because he didn’t know why he felt that way.

Tae-yoon: “But I think I know now. Why I didn’t sleep a wink and came down here, why I got so angry with you, and why I always smile when you’re around. Now I think I know why.”

By departure time, Hae-na and Tae-yoon are back to being happy and cozy with each other. Su-ho helps things along by making up an excuse to ride with Dong-chan on the way home, which pleases everyone but Dong-chan. (The whole way, Dong-chan keeps an eye on Tae-yoon’s car in his rearview mirror.)

When Tae-yoon drops Hae-na off at home, he takes the camera he’d tossed aside earlier and snaps a photo, explaining he’d wanted to take her picture.

Giddy over the wonderful outcome of her day, Hae-na thanks Dong-chan for his help. Without him, this would never have happened.

As he’s been wrestling with his own jealousy, that’s not exactly something he wants to hear, and he tells her he doesn’t want her thanks for something like this.

Later, Hae-na takes out her music box with the photo of Jun-su, and tells him (it?) that Tae-yoon is a good person and to be happy for her.

In the morning, Hae-na tells her grandfather about Tae-yoon, reminding him that he’d approved and therefore can’t protest. Protective Grandpa isn’t above calling upon technicalities, however, and says that he agreed not to protest her liking Tae-yoon — not about Tae-yoon liking her back. He tells her to bring Tae-yoon to meet him, and then he’ll decide.

Grandpa asks Mr. Jang to confirm the relationship, and at one point puts a hand to his chest. I called it before, and I’ll call it again: When an old dude in a kdrama so much as GRIMACES and covers it up, he is totally dying of a secret terminal disease. It’s pretty much guaranteed when he is also prone to voicing non sequiturs about “taking care” of his heir in the future.

The happier Hae-na gets about Tae-yoon, the lousier Dong-chan’s mood. He answers in monosyllables, and she prods him to tell her what’s wrong. He snaps back and stalks off, only to run into Eui-joo.

She’s still angry at him, so she refuses to talk to him and leaves huffily — which to Hae-na’s eyes looks like a lover’s quarrel of some sort. She draws the mistaken conclusion that the reason for his bad mood is because of Eui-joo.

Meanwhile: While everyone was away in Jangsu, trouble has been brewing for Dong-chan. Grandpa likes Dong-chan and trusts him, but Mr. Jang is more wary, particularly when butler Woo-sung tells him of Dong-chan’s mysterious “friends.” Mr. Jang reviews the security footage that shows the men, who obviously look like gangsters, and starts investigating.

He takes Seung-ja aside when she delivers flowers, prying for information about Dong-chan. He drops mention of the recent birthday, but contrary to his expectation, Seung-ja corroborates that it was in fact Dong-chan’s birthday and makes up an excuse explaining the date discrepancy (his parents registered him late because of financial difficulties).

At mention of Dong-chan’s unsavory “friends,” Seung-ja bristles — is he saying Dong-chan’s a bad guy because his friends look suspicious? She assures him that Dong-chan is a good guy who tries hard. Why else would Grandpa Kang hire him on the spot to look after his granddaughter? And repay his debt? (Uh-oh…) Mr. Jang becomes suspicious at mention of the debt.

Hae-na calls Eui-joo to he office, calling her bold for daring to come in to work after their fight. Eui-joo thinks she’s going to be fired, and counters that firing for personal reasons is unjust. Hae-na says she’ll let things slide this once, on behalf of Dong-chan. Eui-joo retorts that she’ll also let it slide, on behalf of Dong-chan.

Eui-joo is suddenly startled when Hae-na asks her why such a straightforward woman can’t admit she likes Dong-chan. Eui-joo doesn’t even have a chance to deny it; Hae-na tells her there’s one thing she can do to avoid being fired.

At lunch, Hae-na tells Tae-yoon of the romantic vibe between Eui-joo and Dong-chan. He’s surprised, but she isn’t; she thinks it’s absurd for Dong-chan to have a friend who is “like a sister” (“There’s no such thing as ‘like a sister’ or ‘friends’ between a man and a woman”).

Teasingly, Tae-yoon asks why Hae-na suggested being friends, if that’s the case. Ah, caught in her own loophole. She pretends not to remember having said that.

Hae-na invites him to meet her grandfather, which makes him nervous — he can tell her grandfather won’t like them dating. She replies lightly, “I’m sure he won’t kill you.” He wonders, “Does dating you require me to risk my life?”

When she says of course, he laughs: “Okay, I’ll try risking my life for you. Even though it seems I’d probably die at your hand first.”

Meanwhile, Eui-joo is sent by Hae-na to meet Dong-chan for lunch. Hae-na tells Eui-joo that if she doesn’t want to be fired, she has to make up with Dong-chan.

They eat, their friendship restored to its usual sibling-like vibe — until Dong-chan receives a call from Hae-na. Eui-joo notices how happy he is to answer it, and how disappointed he seems when it turns out Hae-na doesn’t need him for the rest of the day.

Eui-joo works up the nerve to ask, “Do you… by any chance… like Kang Hae-na?”

Dong-chan immediately denies it, protesting (too) loudly.

As a result, he’s feeling down and stops by a pojangmacha for a drink that night. Although she gave Dong-chan time off, Hae-na waits for him impatiently at home, bothered that he’s still out. She calls him and orders him home.

Before he gets home, he receives another phone call — Eui-joo’s mom warns him that Mr. Jang asked all sorts of pointed questions, and worries that he’s onto him.

Hae-na greets him happily, proud of herself for setting up the date with Eui-joo. He didn’t realize that it WAS a date, and she realizes, “Wait, so you don’t like her?” Seeing his reaction, she can tell he doesn’t, then cheers up, telling him to fess up about who he does like: “You do nag a lot, but you’re pretty nice and loyal. You seem like a good guy. Did I go overboard with the praise? Anyway, if you find someone you like, you have to tell me first. I’ll help.”

With Eui-joo’s mother’s warning in his mind and guilty conscience pinging, Dong-chan stops her and asks, “What if I’m not a good person?” He reminds her that she doesn’t know about his past or how good a person he is, “So don’t trust people too easily. And don’t trust me, either.” He walks off, leaving her puzzled.

Dong-chan is intercepted by the butler trio, who tell him he’s up for night watch tonight. Dong-chan takes his seat in the security office when the wall of cameras goes blank. They flicker back on, but then the picture changes — it’s the footage of him greeting his debt collector “friends.”

Immediately, Dong-chan knows that someone’s on to him. It’s Mr. Jang, who confronts him. He knows all about Dong-chan, and just wants to know: What’s his real motive for taking this job?

There’s also the little matter of his lie that the chairman lent him money. What’s that about?


I still love Jung Il-woo (man, that Iljimae love is going to linger for a while), but I’m starting to see where Dong-chan is the more viable option. As with similar dramas/setups, the problem isn’t that Tae-yoon is wrong for her, but that Hae-na isn’t herself with him. For instance, Tae-yoon got angry not because he’s an intolerant jerk (I still think he’s a good guy, and possibly too perfect), but because he’s only ever seen Hae-na’s good side. I don’t doubt that he likes her as a person, but his view is skewed — compared to Dong-chan, for instance, who sees her good side in context with her bad and still deems her a good person.

I actually don’t think she’s being fake around Tae-yoon — not, say, like Sam-soon who put on a new personality around her blind date — and he’s gotten to see her acting more like her real self at Jangsu. I don’t even think that Tae-yoon would dislike the real Hae-na — but Hae-na is so afraid he’ll reject her that she won’t even give him the chance to decide whether he’d like the real her.

We also see Hae-na starting to improve her personality. To be more accurate, I’d say she is letting her real personality shine through the surly shell she’s put up in recent years. For instance, this time she freely thanks Dong-chan without being prodded, and even compliments him.

Yet I have to say that what I like about Hae-na and Dong-chan together is that for once, we have a main couple where both characters are pretty flawed and in need of growth. In so many of these Cinderella-y trendy dramas, you have one very flawed person (often male) change with the love of a really good person (often female). Examples: Last Scandal, Boys Before Flowers, Full House, Goong, Delightful Girl Chun-yang, My Girl

Obviously, not all dramas fall into this pattern (thankfully!), but My Fair Lady generally fits into the mold… but with Tae-yoon, not Dong-chan. If she ended up with Tae-yoon, it’s too one-sided, since Hae-na is exerting herself so much to be perfect and Tae-yoon already is perfect. Dong-chan isn’t nearly as mean or obnoxious as Hae-na, but he’s just as in need of change, and I’m looking forward to seeing a drama where both characters grow, not just one.

(Also, didja catch the outtakes at the end of the episode?)


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  1. emma

    omg 1st
    dont like YEH’s hair. that is all!

  2. asianromance

    thanks for the recap! and awesome comments at the end! i like how the 4 characters interact a lot. usually the 4 characters are paired off in 3s. but i like how we get in some group chemistry

    i know the main characters are Hae-na and Dong-chan, i can’t stop noticing Eui-joo! how does she do that braid?!!! it’s so cute!!!

    and love how taeyoon and eui joo were both wearing plaid! inadvertent couple outfits!

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    wow..im first!! i probably refresh this site for 100 times waiting for your recap..thanks and the story is getting better each episode…but i really like lawyer lee for haena coz i think he’s good for her…and i love the chemistry…thanks

  4. Mysuna

    Thanks Javabeans for your recap. It is great.

    Though I enjoy reading the recaps, for some reason I am just not motivated to watch this drama. I did spend 10 min fast fowarding through episode 3 and felt it was quite preditable.

    Anyways, great job!!

  5. kdramalovers

    Hahahaha, in MY GIRL…it’s Yoori that’s flaw! LOL, super flaws…perfect liar flaws! But I LOVE her for all her flaws! I’m using the word flaws too many times, but whenever I think of My Girl and the main girl…the first objective is liar and flaws!…or is it objective? ah, it’s late.

  6. Drama Addict

    I love this drama so much now! I love IJW and hope he ends up together with YEH in the drama—-although that is highly unlikely! Ooooooh! Thanks alot!

  7. Korean_food_lover


  8. baguette

    Meh i dont understand the whole Eui Joo adoration her role is kinda useless. Though her character is feisty and cheerful, I just cant bring myself to root for her or like her. I actually think she doesn’t have chemistry with the other 3 main leads.

    I lurve that little boy Su-mi, I really wish he gets more airtime.

    The drama is finally starting to get good.

    TY is too creepy perfect for me. DC suits HN more I think they have fun. If you’re gonna spend the rest of your life with someone, at least have fun with that person instead of trying to change and be their perfect little partner.

  9. belleza

    Came away from the episode wishing the whole show was shot outside next to stables and orchards and far-away grass plains. There’s something about tall Jung Il-woo in flannel, so wholesome, so pure and noble, against gorgeous backdrops, so nakedly brooding over the girl. The natural element become him, like he was a born to be a cowboy.

    Yeah, I loved that part. And, you can SO feel his jealousy glowering over them when he saw them together. Loved that part too. I’d like to see more scenes between Eul Joo and Tae-Yoon. I can sense some chemistry there.

    This was a good episode, but it also feels late. I think there’s too many characters in the show, and it’s kinda diffused the story. Like the show’s waited too long to bring the triangle full front.

    To me, there’s a melodrama somewhere that wants to come out. The flow of the show just flies whenever the story gets serious or emotional. Like finally there’s good reason for the expensive location shots.

  10. 10 Roselily

    Right now I have eyes only for Jung II Woo… I liked him so much as IIjimae and
    I am looking forward to see more of him as taeyoon……

  11. 11 etsy

    Ha! I totally agree that I would not mind if Eui Joo was the female lead in this character. Her spunk is so entertaining, but she doesn’t go overboard into heroine-who-break-all-social-rules category. I really hope she gets a happy ending.

  12. 12 Molly

    Wow, another speedy recap! Thanks so much, Javabeans! I love reading your comments as well as reliving all the images. 🙂

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    Pretty fantastic episode – am not sure about supporting only one shipper now too :S

    But the issue with Tae Yoon and Hae Na was pretty evident in their alone ‘date’ for drinks. I thought their interaction was quite limited and she is always on the defensive when talking to TY. When he made a joke about ‘dying at her hands’, the mood wasn’t as great as if she and Dong Chan would’ve been if the same joke were made. I think the interest is in the chase, not the final capture (in this case, for a girl to a guy). But once again I’m also a Jung Il-Woo supporter so hope he’ll still find some form of happiness at the end!

    I also agree about Dong Chan developing – he’s such a sweet heart and only got into money trouble for his mum. But there’s obvious room for improvement and HN definitely is starting to shape his more dedicated work ethic and an improved moral scale.

    Oh, the NGs at the end were hilarious! YSH is such a great person to work with it seems and the whole cast feels like one big family together.

    All in all, thanks a lot for the quick recap and looking forward to more great episodes of this drama! 🙂

  14. 14 MinT

    I love it that she waited for him and when he didn’t she called him to come home. ^.^

    Thank You for the recap.

  15. 15 nixxochick

    this is actually the first episode i watch of My Fair Lady and the first summary i’ve read of the episodes, i was hoping it would catch my attention cause my friends totally love it but i dont see the appeal..im proably the only one who doesnt see it but its okay, ill just stick to my Tamna the Island, lol

  16. 16 ivmarz

    me too i cant seem to get into it but i like reading the recaps

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    I loved this episode… it was so freakin cute. TaeYoon getting jealous. AHH I love it. I’m seriously really like Jung Il-Woo. He is soooo cute… like at first when you see him, he looks plain. But the more you watch him on screen, the more attractive he becomes. HAHA. Plus that SMILE. teehee.

    I do agree w/ you javabeans about how haena and taeyoon’s relationship is more about taeyoon only seeing the good side of haena (who tries so hard to look good in front of him) whereas in the haena and dongchan relationship, they are very comfortable with each other. Plus, dongchan has seen the REAL haena, both good and bad, yet he still likes her.

    Su-Ah and Su-Ho should end up together. Their names are similar LOL.

  18. 18 miss ruiz

    I absolutely love the Dongchan and Hyena chemistry. Sparks fly everywhere whenever they are together.

    I think the reason why DC and HN have such chemistry is because Yoon Sang Hyun really has a semi-crush on Yoon Eun Hye in real life. He said during an interview that he has been a fan of hers since he was still in the military and he finds her so pretty.

    EJ can have TY . I am all for DC and HN couple!

  19. 19 deeta

    I’m still confused actually. What is wrong with Dongchan taking the job to repay his debt? That’s what cash generating job is for. I don’t see the problem here. I know he’s got that Lure Kang Hyena plan under his sleeves, but that wasn’t like his main motive for taking the job.

    ETA: Honestly, if they are going to take Dongchan’s plan to seduce Hyena as some sort of base for melodrama later in the series (as Gramps’ disease will be), it will not be effective. At least for me, I don’t buy it because it wasn’t done seriously. Not like Yoorin pretending to be Gongchan’s sister or Choonhyan marrying Mongryong.

  20. 20 javabeans

    @deeta: Nothing wrong with taking the job. It only looks fishy because (1) Dong-chan told Eui-joo and her mom that Grandpa Kang repaid his debt. (2) Grandpa Kang obviously didn’t repay his debt.

    He lied with good intentions — he didn’t want them to worry about his still-outstanding debt — but when he’s caught in it, it looks bad. Also, his debt collectors are unwilling to be repaid in installments over a long period of time — they want the money NOW. So they compromised and said he has one month, counting on Dong-chan’s promise to seduce Hae-na to get at HER money. Now, that’s something he obviously can’t admit to either Eui-joo OR Mr. Jang.

  21. 21 bjharm

    Bingo, The intro to this episode matches my thoughts 100%. This is old school light drama comedy/romance! And as they are my fav I am liking it so far. To many drama over the last three years have gone off the rails trying to get some sort of edge or ‘newness’ to them. In fact drama been around for a 1000 years or more..and sorry to say there IS nothing new, it all been done before. So instead of trying to add some sort of new twist to things, use that history and make it good. Then you get a popular drama.

  22. 22 belleza

    I don’t see the old-school aspect of the story so much, mostly due to the number of locations they use in the show, as well as the number of characters and subplots that IMO reflect a lack of faith in the original concept. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a “love contract” story. And this is what this story basically is. But the show seems to want to overstuff it with other goings on as well as more bling for the eye.

    BTW, anybody think that YSH is losing hair? At the picnic table, there was a shot showing the top of his scalp and it kinda looked like he was getting a bald spot.

  23. 23 Sunshine

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    I havent even watched this episode, but I read your recap anyway…

    TaeYoon *super, super NOSEBLEED*!!!! He is soooo… *swoon* love this guy…

    SuHo….nobody seems to mention him, i think he is cute too…and funny!

    this episode sounds like they are getting somewhere! ^-^

    I do feel DongChan’s hurt , as much as I want Haena and TaeYoon to be together, I am definitely not opposed to Haena and DongChan (just the social status of her being a rich girl and him, her personal butler….am just dreading the possible DongChan-promoted-to-be-the-president-of-the-company ending..it’s sooo..blah!).

    aaww..Haena and DongChan are cute together *sigh*, and Haena is so comfortable with him….I like DongChan

    I think, it’s just but normal that Haena is not being herself to TaeYoon…it’s just their first few meet-ups, and she like hims…most girls are like that…, mmm…, she did admit she wasnt there because she was into cleaning cow dung and apple picking…it’s a start…^-^
    hopefully in the next episodes, she will be more herself when she is around TaeYoon …..


    RE: Jung ll Woo and the nature-cowboy comment

    lmao!!!! I guess it is coming from him being Iljimae (<-the nature thing…but chest-baring cowboy?, am not really sure..haha!)…. ^-^

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  26. 26 MEIKO**** ^-^


    “BTW, anybody think that YSH is losing hair? At the picnic table, there was a shot showing the top of his scalp and it kinda looked like he was getting a bald spot.”

    hahahhaahaha!!! No way!!!

    I havent seen the episode… ill take note of that…. ^-^

    thank goodness he doesnt look old and balding….

  27. 27 Chen

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    I’m just going to say this now: I am in love with Jung Il-woo. I feel like a predator every time I see him on screen. Haha.

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    DC is totally in love with HN. I think DC’ll be a better man because of HN as well.
    The scene when DC and HN argued after the lunch, makes me almost tearful. The feeling of the scene pull out to me.
    AS well as the scene when DC told HN that he’s not a good person. Totally touched T-T
    Both of them are such a good actor. The emotion of the character pulled out to the viewers. That’s just too great.

    As for TaeYoon, he’s just too adorable and perfect. It’s kind of make me bored.
    There’s not such kind of person in real life. I wish the scriptwriter will give more chances to JIW to show more of his acting skill and another side of TY to us viewers. I don’t blame on him because as the story progresses now. He could only shown as he did. Look forward to more deeper side of TY.

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    @ Cathy, I agree w/ you. I hope we’ll get to see a realistic angle of Taeyoon, not the “fresh out of a fairy tale” side to him only. JIW is a gifted young actor so it’ll be a waste if he won’t shine like the other leads here.
    waaaaah 5 more days of waiting 🙁 huhuhu

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    I don’t think so Dramabeans *sweating face*
    I doubt this drama would have secured a broadcast slot if it were that way.

    I’m really enjoying this drama.
    I love how it progresses without having to drag, though some parts are quite speedy.

    I really like YEH and her many expressions, and would like to see more of her serious side.

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    im so in love with this two…yoon eun hye good job,MFL fighting…WEEK IS TO LONG TO WAIT…..

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    In the first five episodes, I was afraid that the pd might really go against conventions and turn this into a tae yoon/haena ending because of fan response. I felt sad for ysh, as a viewer, because that would have meant that he once again didn’t get the girl. In QoH, he wasn’t supposed to be the guy you rooted for but you ended up doing that anyways because he’s so charming and in MFL up until ep 5, it was the opposite. He was the main lead but people rooted for the other guy. Haha, that would have been pretty ironic..But now in ep 6, I can see that they’re going to keep the dongchan/haena pairing and opinions are slowly shifting. It’s good that it’s done in a believable pace also. Well, believable for a drama. I don’t know if I would have enjoyed it if they just rushed dongchan and haena into a relationship just to get them into one. I would have felt a little gyped if that hapepend. Well I just rambled didn’t I?..haha..

  37. 37 javabeans

    ^ No, I didn’t mean Moon Chae-won should play Yoon Eun-hye’s character. I meant a character like Eui-joo could also be the lead role in a drama like this. Not THIS drama, of course, but she’s a suitably plucky, smart character who would make a good heroine.

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    Thanks for the recap JB! I really love this episode. It’s high time that we see something different. I mean basically the storyline is the same but usually the character of HN usually are given to the lead actor and its the lead actress who oftentimes is the one pining for the guy.

    I love the scene where DC saw HN and TY hugged because I like to see some vulnerability on the lead actor. YSH really can act. I love him here as I loved him in Queen of Housewives. YEH as always will be beautiful and amazing to me.

    I am excited when I saw the preview. HN is the one asking DC to come back. Love it!!!!!!!

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    i didn’t feel myself cringing at YEH’s acting
    and am definitely liking the angst ^^
    but i don’t get why Dong Chan tells Jang
    that he has a huge debt because of his late mother’s hospital bills,
    he told the lie about the loan to make EuiJoo and her mom not worry,
    he lied about it being his b-day because he very well
    couldn’t see that his “friends” were gangsters coming to
    collect his debt…
    yeah it’s another lie but it could totally work…*sigh* but i guess
    that won’t work in the world of Kdramas

    during the catfight i started laughing
    because the guys were DEF about to crack up haha

  43. 43 linz

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  44. 44 Eve

    For some reason I really dislike the Eui Joo character. I feel like she is supposed to be like the street smart poor girl but I don’t think she fits the role well.

    I sometimes feel like they are setting up Tae-Yoon/Eui Joo… which I really don’t want to happen.

  45. 45 asslol2

    fun episode but i dont like the way dong chan and tae yon look all worried running and screaming searching for hye na. they are in same farm and hye na wont go any far or do any stupid right. so i think the scene too exaggerated and dramatic like someone going to die. lol

  46. 46 aletta

    ditto most comment.
    my fair lady is your casual old drama. being critical, i wasn’t impressed by its execution, storyline, soundtrack whatsoever; but if you let your defense down and take it as an entertainment, it has its charm.

    the story starts to knit everything together (previously i was desperately trying to fill the blank on how their relationships and chara development work. not reasonable enough). i’m still skewed towards tae-yoon and hye-na pairing. they look good together. hye-na doesn’t fake herself far too much (means she can be comfortable being herself in front of him too) and tae-yoon found hye-na’s personality’s amusing. they can work it out. but yes, i’m warming up for dong-chan. his charm finally hits a homerun for me. can’t really escape traditional k-drama, can you?

  47. 47 meeshx3

    i reeeally liked this episode tehe [x
    i’m so excited for the next one! when haena said in the preview that she would never talk to dongchan ever again after she told him he should come back to her house and be her 집산님 again, to which dongchan rejects. she seems like she was crying too… o_O

    and also, i’m not talking to specific people, but i don’t understand it when some people watch dramas and they don’t like the main couple. having watched millions of kdramas, i know who the main couple will be right after looking at the drama poster (i guess one can feel the vibe? haha), and who that guy/girl will be left out of the love triangle. it’s so apparent to me and others like javabean that dongchan and haena will get together, and possibly, eui joo will end up with taeyoon. i think those viewers that oppose the couples should just drop watching the drama because in the end, that’s how it’s gonna end up :p i really don’t like it when viewers leave angry comments on sites like viikii saying that they really don’t like dongchan and what not.

    just putting my two (worthless? lol) cents in.

    oh and i’m starting to have a crush on yoon sang hyun >_<
    he looks much better here than in queen of housewives. maybe it was that outrageous GJP-type hairdo?

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    Then Su-Ah is left with Tae Yoon’s collegue and not knowing what in the world is going on with the other 4, i love how she’s always thinking she knows everything, but in fact Quite clueless..

    I also think its interesting that everyone in the show is all using the same phone, regardless of whether you are rich or not.

    Thanks for posting!

  50. 50 J

    Sweet episode =) YEH and JIW hug was pure <3 Thanks for the recap!

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