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Yoon Eun-hye sheds tears at acting criticism
by | September 13, 2009 | 142 Comments

Yoon Eun-hye was much-loved for her spunky portrayals of characters in dramas Goong and Coffee Prince, and has a solid track record of picking hit projects. So it’s no surprise that anticipation was sky-high for her comeback drama, KBS’s My Fair Lady — and while it’s performing decently with ratings around 14%-15%, it’s nowhere near the smash hit expected of her. Furthermore, her acting has been harshly criticized, as it seemed she’d regressed in her skills since her last role, which makes My Fair Lady a modest project tinged with disappointment.

She’s always been known for her friendly, easygoing personality, and I suspect that Yoon’s fiercely loyal following was amassed as much (or more) for her likable personality as it was for her acting. In the following interview, I find it easy to like her — although that doesn’t blind me to what (in my opinion) are glaring acting flaws in her latest role. I figure I can like Yoon Eun-hye and respect her while still finding her acting inadequate, but still, she has a charm that draws me (and, I’d guess, many others) into her character.

NOTE: Let’s keep this discussion civil, shall we? Yoon Eun-hye discussions often erupt into heated flame wars, and I hope we can avoid that here.

“It was really upsetting, I thought I’d go crazy”

Underneath her sharply drawn eyeliner, her eyes start to redden with tears. This is actress Yoon Eun-hye, who plays the immature chaebol and corporation heir Kang Hae-na in KBS 2TV’s Wednesday-Thursday drama My Fair Lady. She had transformed dramatically from the easy-going girl dressed as a boy (Coffee Prince) to a conceited, snobby “princess complex” character, but can this reaction be because of the public’s chilly response? After I asked her about the criticism she has received for her acting when I met her in a cafe on the 9th, the tears started flowing.

“If I didn’t have to film, I would have cried all day in my room… but I couldn’t do that. I thought of how upset my parents would feel to read all those articles slamming my acting, and I felt like going crazy. There were a lot of times when I endured through it and smiled as I filmed, only to end up with tears trickling out. Now, I’m afraid of making transformations. Each time, people grow familiar with the character, but if it takes a long time and hurts me every time, I don’t know what to do, and I feel afraid.”

However, “The longer I do this, there are more voices joining in to encourage and praise me. I took the viewers’ criticism in the beginning to mean that I shouldn’t be arrogant,” she says with a wide smile.

In the beginning part of the drama, the issue that was pointed out the most regarding her acting was her unnatural speech and accent. Yoon Eun-hye says, “Actually, there was criticism of my speech when I shot Coffee Prince too. I think it may have been more of a problem in this drama because Hae-na is someone who speaks bluntly, and people expect a certain image of a chaebol. But my teachers tell me that Hae-na’s character comes across as more personal when she talks in an unlikable way.”

Every episode, Kang Hae-na wears flashy clothing and makeup that would be difficult to pull off in real life. In order to reinvent herself into a polished, glamorous image out of her former plucky one, Yoon Eun-hye is treading a difficult path. She says, “I feel how difficult it is for a woman to work at being pretty. When I was doing Coffee Prince, I just washed my face and applied lotion and skin cream and I was ready to film. But compared to back then, now I have to get up two hours earlier to do my makeup.” The high-heeled shoes are another burden: “I wear high heels that are about 12 to 13 cm high, and after filming for a long time, my legs are swollen like an elephant’s.”

However, in her mind, Hae-na isn’t a feminine type of woman. “She always acts forceful, but she has such a pure heart that she makes a lot of mistakes. That’s why she can’t regulate her own feelings that well, and she can also seem like a dumb child. You can’t see her as perfectly feminine.”

As a result of her successful transformation to actor, there is one fact that is largely forgotten: that she started out as a pop singer in the idol group Baby VOX. Considering that she participated in recording a track, “I Love You,” last year with the hip-hop group Mighty Mouth, it seems she still has a lingering attachment to singing. She says, “I stood onstage for six years. Even now, my heart races when I see singers passionately performing. But the younger singers coming out these days receive a lot of training and have a lot of talent, so I wonder if I’d be able to live up to that. In any case, I’ve always felt disappointed that I was a singer back when I couldn’t sing that well and wasn’t very skilled.”

Following Coffee Prince, she took a two-year hiatus. At the time, she immersed herself in drawing and painting. Prior to her debut, she deliberated very seriously between whether she should be an entertainer or painter. She says, “I draw abstract paintings that show the state of my feelings as they are.” Only a completed painting merits full points. She adds, “When I have amassed a lot of paintings done under the same theme, I’d like to hold an art exhibit.”

She says of herself, “I’m reaching that age where I mature as an actor and as a woman. I’d like to show my talents little by little, but the unfortunate thing is that a lot of people don’t want to give me time for failure. I’d like to learn more as I experience failure too. I wish people would not brand an actor as a failure through one mistake.”

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142 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. engl

    i must say i do not like her acting in my fair lady, it just seems very fake. But she is great in the crying scenes, especially the latest episode. I absolutely agree with her last paragraph though, but unfortunately most ppl in the entertainment biz won’t let that slide. I’m really liking all of these great interviews that you’re putting up. Thanks!

  2. Lem0nlime

    Awww, this is sad:(

  3. Icarusfalls

    Awww.. love her words.. especially the last parah.
    The line, ” I’d like to learn more as I experience failure too” is nice.. I wish that happened in real life. Unfortunately, in the world of acting and in the real world, failure is not really deemed possible. Especially for asian people! (BTW, I am asian… )

    P.S – I stopped watching this show after 3 episodes.. I’m concentrating right now on Sol Pharmacy and Assorted Gems…

  4. xiaoSxin

    on the previous posts by JB, she mentioned that Yoon Eun Hye is at her best when she shows some vulnerability in her character.. maybe that is the point here: we are used to seeing that side of her acting, that we think it is “natural” for her..So now she is acting a different role, being snobby, rude, and we-need-to-hate-her-but-can’t-help-to-love-her character.

    Although I must admit that I am a biased Yoon Eun Hye fan, I DO recognize the flaws in her acting in MFL, but that will not stop me from watching and enjoying her drama nevertheless…

    geezz people you should give people some slack in their inconsistencies and setbacks…

    *** please netizens we do not need a repeat of Jay PArk’s case here…

  5. Team Bodyguard

    The part when she said she was worried about her parents reading the articles and the thought that it might hurt them really shows her true character. She is such a sweet person and this article just made me love her even more.

    am all for constructive criticisms but often in certain forums, people can be so cruel.

    Just stay strong YEH this experience will make you become stronger.

  6. flash

    YEH saranghae!!! Don’t feel sad :(
    I love you as yourself and as an actress as well. Whatever others might say about your acting, it seems like they’re still watching you.
    Let’s turn all biases into a motivation, my dear.
    You have that charms to pull people in and personnally I think you’re doing great with your Kang Hyena role.

    • 6.1 KHYLLE

      this is so sad.. :(
      don’t cry ms. YEH we are here to support you..
      its okay to be failed, everyone got failed too.
      just remember failure’s make a person’s stronger, and always learn from all the experience that you’ve encounter.

      i admire you so much, and for me you the best of the best…

      hahahaha… :)
      love you ms. YEH. FIGHTING!!!!

  7. dusan

    Eunhye! Always stay true to yourself. If you know who you are and what you have then the world is yours. You have many many (crazy) fans who will fight for you, so don’t you spend another minute worrying about others think and say.

    We will give you time for failure.

    Eunhye, your fans love you!

  8. julie

    wow. love the dress in the first pic.

  9. J

    After reading this interview (Thank you very much JB for the translation), my admiration and love for her is now even stronger. I must admit that even though I love her as an actress, it is her personality that really attracted me. I find it amazing how humble she can be (worrying about her parents who might be sad to see all those critism directed at her, the way that she behaves to people around her and little stuff like that), when in fact she is such a big star. I really like the last part of her interview when she says that she would like to experience failure and learn from it, but that people don’t allow her to. Yoon Eun Hye onni himneseyo! Fighting!

  10. 10 yoora

    Nobody’s perfect….we can fail too…the matter is how we learn from the failure and becoming a better person. I’m sure she won’t give up :)


  11. 11 Juliette

    This article break my heart. It’s so heartfelt T.T
    I admit I’m one of YEH die-hard fans. but not all the fans are blind and I’m so sick of ppl who think we are all too blind or too bias that we overlook her flaws.
    The truth is It’s US! It’s us fans who knows YEH best.
    We know her flaws, her weakness. We know where she should improve. but what make we different is that we still love her and continue supporting her.
    I personally wouldnt mind if YEH would meet a failure a couple of time. As she said, it made you grow.
    I watch MFL up till ep8 and for acting-wise (it might be just be but whatever :P) I think this is the best performance from Eunhye so far. Coz I still see something forced in some early eps of Cofee Prince that I cannot link to Eunchan right away.
    On the other hand, I can link with Kang Hyena almost immediately. not only with her emotional, vulnerable scenes but also when she act tough or mean.
    But what I dislike about it is the plot/script…I wont say more about it though

    I feel so sorry for YEH that she’s been through this tough time. All I wish is that she’d stay healthy and strong both physically and mentally as I agree with xiaoSxin, we dont want another Jay Park’s case or another Choi Jin Chil’s case :(

    And I hope YEH wouldnt scare to take on different route for her next project (thanks haters!) coz she still have so much ahead of her

    Yoon Eun Hye Fighting! You are the best!!!

  12. 12 Learn Korean

    Hi Dramabeans, great blog! Kim from KoreanClass101.com just sent you an email. Let me know when you get a chance to read. Thx!

  13. 13 gum

    Uhhhhh!!! This is just breaking my heart T T
    I’m as an another YEH’s fan. I’m not that die hard fan of her and the reason I like her because of her drama and acting.
    This is why they’re so many suicides in K-entertainment industry. I feel so sorry for her but she still worried about her perants’ feeling.
    I’ll continue to support you and My Fair Lady not just because of you, but I find this drama a lighted-heart and cheerful drama to watch.
    MFL fighting and YEH fighting!!!!!!!

  14. 14 Mai

    I’m loving her even more! I love how honest she is. I couldn’t comment much about her acting since I don’t know how a chaebol should talk, if it was in english I’d definitely notice, but since it’s Korean I couldn’t really tell. But I kind of get what the critics where saying because as a chaebol she isn’t as modest as expected, but I thought of the same thing as her teachers, the only flaw is if they want her character to be personal they should’ve given a background as to why she talks/acts that way, gah I couldn’t explain myself well. Sorry LOL. All in all, I love her, this might not be her best acting, but I enjoy watching the drama and I’m glad that she’s back!

  15. 15 MEIKO**** ^-^

    I really, really, really admire YEH, and I agree with you JavaB, she is very likable and can easily draw attention. I find her very pretty, congenial, and attractive.

    I have to agree about her speech and accent. This is what really bothered me the most when i first watched the MFL (next to the red hair…^-^). For a very high-class socialite, the “way” she talked really reminded me of the “rugged” Go Eun Chan in CP(mm… let’s see,similar way the character “Eui Joo” talks…) , it lacked the softness and finesse a chaebol would naturally talk (even when being blunt, snappy, and catty.. ^-^). And it was starkly evident when she wore elegant and sophisticated clothes, and then talked.

    (and i think this is how she naturally talks from what i have observed from her previous series too… nothing bad though.)

    However, after a few episodes more, I got used to the way she talks and hasn’t really been bothering me as much as before….

    her acting…, its ok, needs improvement, but she is superbly good in the crying-anguish scenes…., with matching red eye, and swollen lips (gets more swollen than her natural pouty lips)! And so far she seems to be doing good with all of her leading men…, exudes great chemistry….

    The ratings are not that hot, but I dont think it’s “all” because of her….besides, I love this series!!! Cant wait for the next ep!!!

  16. 16 peony

    Wow, people need to give her time to grow as an actress. Just because she’s got two really good dramas doesn’t mean every drama will be a hit. This character is a little different. She will eventually have a drama or movie that will not get high marks. It will only make her stronger or hurt her career. However, I haven’t been disappointed with her in My Fair Lady. Plus, I don’t want to see her play the same character in every drama.

    And oh yes, nobody can wear the clothes in Lady Castle like her. She pulls off all the outfits really well…. Except for that one tutu outfit, that one was a little funky.

  17. 17 Kat

    i havent got around to watch MFL but i do think she’s a decent actress for those who started out as a singer. maybe it’s the HaeNa character itself that makes viewers criticize her not her acting since EunChan and ChaGyung is such a lovable character.

  18. 18 langdon813

    I really like YEH as well, and it’s more to do with her natural charisma and personality (not to mention some amazing chemistry with her costars) that I enjoy. She may not be the best actress out there yet, but I find her very watchable and genuine and always entertaining. I’ll watch anything she’s in, no matter what. It’s my rule. :-)

    I always get the impression that hanging out with her for an evening would be a hoot, she just seems like a lot of fun and I think that’s what’s most appealing about her. She’s really young too, and hopefully in time will realize that you can’t please all the people all the time. Took me a while to figure that one out myself!

  19. 19 pong

    i love YEH..but ya..the acting isn’t great or close to natural.
    yeh, don’t be afraid to let go of yourself and become kang hye na. just let it happen.

    i have to say…the guy who plays butler dong chan has made me cry twice!
    he’s really good.
    at first i wasnt too sure about the story…it seemed like an average love story but i have to say…the story gets better every episode.
    i like the pacing of how they’re building up the story.
    episode 9 seems to be the start of the climax..i cannot wait!

  20. 20 belleza

    YEH’s major strength is her body language, her 1001 physical mannerisms, which she can use to transform into a character. She’s among the best physical comedienne of her generation.

    YEH’s major limitation in her acting is her line deliveries. She has a very short tongue, which other actors like Choi Ji Woo, Song Hye Kyo, and Kwon Sang Woo get regularly criticized for. And she’s not good at creating a presence of character through dialogue interpretation, or the timbres of her character’s spoiled, rebellious sensibility. It comes across as nervous pitter-patter.

    Having said that, I actually think she’s done a better job at emotional presence in this role than her previous work. (YEH’s performance in Eun Chan was emotionally brave, in that she kinda tore open private insecurities regarding femininity and how gender identification is often wrapped up with men. There’s a profound humiliation that goes on in a couple of scenes there. But, in terms of the emotional ups and downs, Gong Yoo did most of the heavy lifting.) And she’s throwing her charisma/weight around as a A-list star here.

    The disappointment with ratings largely reflects that the show has steadily losing audience,. However, My Fair Lady is the 2nd best performing trendy this year for KBS. The truth is, I think most people haven’t taken to the YSH/YEH casting. I think they’re a riot, but it might have gotten a cool romantic response from two different demographics. That isn’t to say that JIW/YEH would fare better.

  21. 21 jacq

    I’ve always liked YEH, though I do find her portrayal of Hae-na a bit fake and annoying at times in MFL (and sorry I’m not too crazy about her red hair either….I know, it’s a matter of preference). YEH excels in delivering emotional/crying scenes hands down. Should she be allowed to experience failure and learn from it? ABSOLUTELY YES! Nobody is perfect and just because she has had 2 smash hits under her belts doesn’t mean that she can do it every single time. There are ups and downs in one’s career and people shouldn’t be too harsh. I hope her acting will improve in later episodes and I’ll continue to watch MFL and root for her. She seems to be a sweet and geniune girl, not to mention very pretty! :)

  22. 22 melonlord

    i feel sad reading this article ):
    YEH’s great as an actress, she shouldn’t give up. I really like her emotional scenes, she fares much better there

    don’t cry
    we’ll always love you


  23. 23 dee

    As a YEH fans, I love the above article. Being an actress everyone watch your move and easily eat your failure. Honestly her good acting in CP is a part of good or best scenario and directing…so here in MFL I don’t really blame her ‘average’ act due to ‘average scenario and directing’..

  24. 24 blue

    ^trying to be sarcastic or what? Thanks for discrediting her previous performance there. I hope you are happy.

  25. 25 santaiah

    What a heart breaking article to read, especially if you’re a YEH fans. This article show us again that an actress/actor is a human too. They have feeling and they read news/article/post about her/him too. So I hope netizen will be responsible about what they wrote about someone since it can affect the people’s life they’re being targeted. The thing is, YEH has been blessed (or I dare say cursed) with a very sensitive feeling. That’s why many people said that she’s a nice, friendly & likeable person, because she’s kind of always understand what others will feel if she/someone do something (being emphatic). The bad side is, she’s always take negative news/comment into her heart (remember that she’s crying too when netizen slammed her for her “bad” acting in her early episode of CP). I just hope that she’s will stay strong and make this experience as a motivation to act better in MFL. I wish she can make “MFL case” as a “CP case” no. 2. :)

  26. 26 bjharm

    There a lot of points to this, this first is rather mean..but girl toughen up! Every celeb gets anti fan attacks in Korea, and most have nothing behind them, unlike this one with comment on her acting. I do not say this to be mean I say it for her own good!. If she let these things get to her she only going to go down a dangerous path sadly too many have already been down..that of depression and suicide. Buck up believe in yourself look at the bigger picture, lean on friends and family.
    Second point is..well if the lead had been anyone else but Yoon Eun-hye would there have been such a reaction. It a very fun show, if boys before flowers could get away with their standard of acting ..well enough said. This was almost a 100% chance of happening..after Goong and Coffee prince..any..I mean any production she took part in was going to get picked to pieces, Much the same happened to the actress who did My Girl. It why I think, for what ever reason, she was clever to wait two years before doing another tv show.
    Third point…who really cares if the acting in a light comedy/romance is not of high standard..[boy before flower again as a perfect case] what matters is it fun is it moving, does watching it leave you with a smile? again if it had not been Yoon Eun-hye would there really be such a fuss made of how good her acting may be or how it has developed?

  27. 27 ellie

    Thanks for this Javabeans..
    I think at first people over-hyped and expected too much of her, I’m just glad to see her on screen..
    And yes she has flaws, good that she’s aware of it too..which I think will get the best out of her.
    She has not been around that long and not much of variation in most of the dramas she portrayed, lets give her a chance to grow..
    Don’t worry Eun Hye, just do your very best, and I’m just glad you’ve got a new project…
    In life there will always be someone to criticise us anyway. this applies to everyone not just actors and actresses.

  28. 28 dararimi

    @ 26 bjharm

    this isn’t just about anti comments.
    it is about adverse/malicious criticism by media reporters and journalists.

    with that being said, YEH has been in the industry for 10 years now, and she knows its not all glam but full of hardship and suffering – however she is still human, she still hurts every time she reads something awful written about, and she hurts when those who she loves will also get hurt from reading those awful comments.

    Yoon Eun Hye, your fans will always be there for you. Please keep the faith =)

  29. 29 janerdelle

    there are so many korean actresses critisize their acting in their drama series…the 1st one is Song Hye Kyo whom she was critisize in her drama The World Within, then Han Hyo Joo whom she was also slightly critisize in her Brilliant Legacy drama..

    Now the ever pretty Yoon Eun Hye is now the latest victim of criticism in her comeback drama Lady Castle..Actually she did great in her latest drama, I find her acting as an avarage rate..but then their are some flaws in her diction and other things…the story is predictable and slightly dragging at times!!

    This is one of the many reasons why korean stars are being victim of suicides because most of them cannot accept criticism in their acting prowess…ALso most of the critics has a high expectations in which that if a famous korean actress or actor has a comeback drama series, they expect to much from them and if they are not satisfied, then they will lambasted them in their negative criticism..

    If I were to choose who’s the best asian artist that has capable of great acting…I’d pick filipino artist…:)

  30. 30 tetsi

    personally, I think she just need to act more… and get into a lot more projects.
    how would you grow as an actress if you only ever act every few years.
    now I’m not one of her die hard fans, I’ve only watched her in coffee prince (and I thought she was great in there). agree, that her acting here feels a bit forced, but maybe because she hasn’t found her groove… (I stopped watching after ep 3, though. I don’t really like the premise and the storyline). so who knows, she might get better in later episodes (although I won’t know since I don’t think I’ll continue this series).

  31. 31 janerdelle

    If Yoon Eun Hye wants to develop her acting as an actress, then she’s free to to do workshops here in the philippine showbiz…hehehe!! star magic talent agency can help her enhance her acting talent and also she can learn to speak fluen english..

    Look at Dara Park (formerly known as sandara Park), she is a former filipino young actress and now she is making wave to the korean showbiz world….she has the experience to act because she learn a lot of acting in the Philippines…I hope she will be successful in korea!! :)

  32. 32 noelle

    ^I love Dara but OMG I did not just see you compare Dara to Yoon Eun Hye, I’m sorry but I’ve seen Dara act and she isn’t very good at it. Dara is making waves in korea because of her group not her acting. You cant even compare the 2 in that department cause that’s just ridiculous.

  33. 33 kellie

    When I first read the description of the role YEH had picked to follow Coffee Prince I thought it was bad news. Picked the wrong project, that’s all. Who’s really surprised that she is not comfortable or adept at playing a spoiled glamor girl? She’s a common people princess & just needs to know what she’s good at.

  34. 34 elisa

    I wish people would not brand an actor as a failure through one mistake.

    seriously! word.

  35. 35 BO

    This is a good sign. She is taking it positively althought with a heavy heart.

    In my point of view, YEH should not be faulted. She is acting according to the scriot and direction. She only needs to emphatize with the character which she did very well in her last drama (was it CP) I read somewhere that she actually did researched and observed typical male characters so she can internalize these in her acting. SHe must have done the same with this chaebol character but in the above interview, it appeared there is a conflict between her characterization with that of her teacher (acting coach?) It’s too bad.

    Others are right in pointing out that she is getting a lot of flack because of the high expectations coming from successful previous dramas and a long hiatus.

    Give her a break, people. YEH, in your next drama, please be more picky with the story line (you can afford to do so) and demand better script and directing.

    The real culprit in MFL is the script & directing not YEH.

    Hope this will be submitted as my last comment was not accepted (acceptable?)

  36. 36 linz

    even though her acting isn’t great in my fair lady….i still can’t help but like her! this obviously won’t be her best project, but she is a good actor regardless.

  37. 37 guini

    Whatever! The acting is not the problem but the project. It wasn’t a project so impressive that needs remarkable acting. The criticism is a normal thing in the business I hope she won’t take this to heart. Her consideration of her parents is impressive, may this give her criticizers to think about if you don’t want another KActress committing suicide be ware!

  38. 38 müge

    I really really like “my fair Lady” and I think her acting is not so bad but I have to add that yoon sang hyeon is the best! I really don’t understand such harsh criticisms.

  39. 39 fendi

    @ janerdelle

    you are absolutely ridiculous!
    and actors/actresses in that country are known for their acting abilities?
    I think not!

    And don’t even compare Dara with YEH!
    She’s not even close to where YEH stands in the acting industry!

  40. 40 Samsooki

    I find it dangerous territory to critique acting ability in general, although it seems easy to identify bad acting. Identifying good acting is harder, and critiquing acting in general is as hard as critiquing a painting. Is it good? How should I know?

    All I can say about acting performances is whether I am moved by the characters, whether I enjoy them and finally whether I even notice that it is a character. The first two factors aren’t really about the actors at all, but about how I perceive them. Only the last factor is really about acting and the actors themselves. I think Kim Myung Min had it right, when he was talking about how he didn’t want to be seen at all when he acts, that nobody really thinks “oh, this is KMM.”

    So in Goong, mostly, and in CP, almost entirely, I didn’t really notice YEH at all. What I remember about Goong is the character of Shin Chae-kyung, and what I remember about CP is the (singular) character of Go Eun Chan.

    So to me, YEH is a good actor, in a KMM kind of language. I’ve not seen My Fair Lady, so I can’t comment on her recent work or recent criticisms. But even if My Fair Lady isn’t the best drama ever, does that take away from CP or Goong? I don’t think so.

    Nobody in the world bats 1.000. Name a good actress other than, say, Merryl Streep, and you will find bombs that they did. The problem here, if there is a problem, is the amplification of criticism through the internet, which makes instant movie/drama/acting experts out of thousands of coach-potatoes, but with no more skill or experience to judge than anyone else – now, I don’t think that means that they should be muzzled, but there is a difference between a knowledgeable and refined opinion, and just what a person says in passing on the internet, even on news blogs and internet “news”papers in Korea. I have no idea how to solve that.

  41. 41 b020

    Leaving aside YEH as a person, and looking strictly at her acting skills – most critics are technically correct, just spinning it with inflammatory rhetoric. Her acting is very inconsistent, one dimensional, and frankly, awkward. There are moments of brillance and charm, but they are dragged down by her overacting, wild gestures, & constant pouting. I really do not feel she has evolved or grown with any of her parts, because its the same character in each drama. (I know I’m repeating myself since I’ve pointed this out before)

    Of the 4 projects that she’s been in(not including Xman where I loved her!!!), I really enjoyed Goong the first time, but can’t repeat it. I wanted to like Vineyard Man and for the most part I did, but I really wanted to edit YEH’s parts. As for Coffee Prince – I could watch it because of the side stories, but not the main ‘romance’. I really like the friendships that evolved between the Princes. As for My Fair Lady, nothing makes me want to watch it. I really hope she does grow as an actor – but I feel she’s a ‘one-trick pony’.

    As for YEH as a person – I totally agree that she seems very sweet, down to earth, and personable. Someone who would make a cool friend.

  42. 42 Lisa

    Honestly I don’t know why people care about the acting in a light-hearted, silly show like this one. My Girl and Full House have over-the-top bad acting and yet they are insanely popular (I love them too). Now this one isn’t quite as funny or as cute, but it is entertaining.

    Personally I love YEH the best in the Vineyard Man. I love, love, love Coffee Prince, but I feel like the character in VM suited her best. She was fine in Goong, but the error in that show was the writing…sigh they really screwed up the manhwa.

  43. 43 dimpler

    oh this is so sad….yoon eun hye stay strong i well steal love you no matter what , coz i know that you always give you best,stay strong girl……i love your drama my fair lady,,,your just doing great as kang heyna,


  44. 44 Jaebyul

    Aw, that’s sad. But YEH strikes me as a strong person who has her head on straight and knows herself well.

    Anyways, I’ve watched her in Goong and Coffee Prince and feel as though both characters she played were very similar. They were both strong/spunky when needed but had a vulnerable side to them (plus both characters were also struggling poor girls). In her recent drama, YEH plays a drastically different role and definitely someone the audience isn’t accustomed to her playing. I haven’t had time to watch the drama, but then again I’m pretty much just obsessed with Queen Seon Duk right now so there isn’t time for anything else.

    I’m sure she’ll pull through this. Not everyone can bang out successes, there are bound to be bumps ahead. But it looks like she is trying to be optimistic and learning from this. That’s great. =]

  45. 45 SITTIE


  46. 46 estelle

    Thank you Javabeans for the article. I love Yoon Eun Hye, and frankly, i do not find My Fair Lady all that bad. Let’s all give her a chance to improve and to impress.

    Eun Hye fighting!

  47. 47 Snikki

    I must admit I’m a little bias. If I like the actor I look pass the shoddy acting (uhm, not all the time), as long as I’m entertained, and the drama delivers, then I’m a happy camper. Besides, I don’t expect much from trendy dramas such as this. Unlike, say, Story of a Man, I really expected great acting for that one. Intense dramas need equally intense actors.

  48. 48 GaRa

    What the HELL???!!!!

    Why is she being slammed for mediocore acting when GOO HYE SUN was not for complete A*SE acting in BOF??

    Did no one see HER??? were there no complaints for her slit-your-wrists, stab your eyes with a blunt spoon ACTING??!!!

    I am so P*SSED right now…

  49. 49 mak

    Lisa, I have to disagree with you when you mentioned MY GIRL there-LDH acting is diff, -one of the kind I always treasure, most brilliant and energetic, same as YEH in CP. As LDH fans, I admire her most in Heaven Fate, not MY GIRL, with YEH I like her a lot in Vineyard Man. Both of them are my favourite.

  50. 50 Snikki

    I should’ve said light-hearted dramas…scratch ‘trendy’.

  51. 51 Alma

    She is not that bad in MFL though I prefer her in Goong. Looks like netizens are more critical of female actors acting (remember Goo Hye Sun in BBF). These girls should take acting tips from Chen Quiao En of FATED TO LOVE YOU , EASY FORTUNE, EASY LIFE. I find this Taiwanese actress acting very ,very natural and effortless. To YEH, hang in there and fighting. No matter what I still like you.Ditto with GHS.

  52. 52 Samsooki


    Part of the discrepancy in treatment is about expectations. YEH won a Baeksang award for best drama actress and that means a lot, however fair (or unfair) it is to burden a young actress like that.

  53. 53 Biscuit


    Actually, Goo Hye Sun DID get some criticism. But that entire drama was more of a mess anyways.


    There hasn’t been much variety to see the capabilities in YEH’s acting.

    The thing about Goong and Coffee Prince is just as Jaebyul mentioned, the characters were all similar in personalities. She could portray both as one character was not so different from the other. It’s like if Shin Chae Kyung was more tomboyish, with short hair and dressed like male, you’d get Go Eun Chan.

    But now, get her to act as someone that is light years different from her past two characters, and you get Haena. Feisty, stubborn, more primped, and not light and happy tempered as the former.

    It’s not about YEH not being able to portray a rich girl, as I’m sure if Haena’s personality was more nice, lovable, and less fierce, YEH would have rocked being Haena. It’s just that the amount of personalities and emotions that she can portray is limited. She does well being the sweet, lovable types. Not the stubborn, feisty, stuck-up types. It doesn’t come off as real as compared to when she portrays other feelings.

    I love her, but if she did great in Goong, she did great in Goong. If she did great in Coffee Prince, she did great in Coffee Prince. If her performance in My Fair lady is less then stellar, it’s less than stellar.

    There is also a pattern in her hit dramas:

    Goong – HIT!
    Vineyard man – high expectations from YEH, low in ratings. (Granted, Jumong was a hit during the time. Point is, it was low in ratings.)
    Coffee Prince – HIT!
    My Fair Lady – high expectations from YEH, low in ratings.
    Future project – HIT?


    By the way, did anyone watch her movie.. I forget what it’s called, but something like 7-cutters? >.<
    What was her performance like in that movie?

  54. 54 Toya

    “…I’d like to learn more as I experience failure too. I wish people would not brand an actor as a failure through one mistake.”

    Nicely said. It’s like Julia Roberts. She’s had misses but that doesn’t compromise her ability as an actor.

  55. 55 jam

    sooooooooooo sad,,,i love you girl fighting!

  56. 56 asianromance

    I think Yoon Eun Hye is a pretty good actress- not amazing, but good with a lot of potential for improvement (there are some actors/actresses out there that just don’t have the potential to improve). She’s really good at delivering in touching/emotional scenes- her acting won’t allow you to feel detached and you’d want to cry too! As she is such a big star, it makes her an easy target.

    And one can’t blame the low ratings all on her. there is also the storyline. seriously, no matter how awesome the actress, i wouldn’t pick up a drama with a plot that I am not interested in and Lady Castle’s plot is only mildly interesting, imo.

    Yoon Eun Hye, good luck and I hope you are strong enough to weather through all the criticism.

  57. 57 kimmy

    I love love Yoon Eun Hye, I totally adore her in Coffee Prince, that one particular role make her one of my favorite korean actresses.
    I barely watched the first 04 episodes of My Fair Lady, but for what I saw, this one wasn’t the best choice for her, I just don’t like her character or the storyline.
    But…, an actor has good and bad times, make good and bad choices, people can like it or hate it, .. even the best ones in the business have failures…One project can´t define her as good or bad actress.
    Sometimes fans or the media are just too rough in express their dislikes, and as a young actress, of course she feels it, makes her sad, …and this fact is not going to change, criticism is hard to deal, but neccesary too.
    She have to learn to deal with all these critics, take the best and forget the garbage, and for her interview she is learning.
    I wish her all of the best, I hope she takes this experience to grow strong.

  58. 58 jn

    I feel sorry for her, the girl feels so much pressure from all the criticism. Just because her old dramas had high rating people will expect her more. I wonder what they think about Cinderella Man, World with SHG and HB, Legend dramas
    with all big stars and very low rating. Her MFL stills high and is not over yet!!! She such a loving daughter while worried her parents feeling. I love her last paragraph said she will learns if she fail. For me, i am happy to watch her character as HN, very different roles for YEH. Keep fighting!!!!

  59. 59 Ben

    I love you YEH. I am YEH addict. Whatever she do looks great to me.

  60. 60 wonnie

    i love you YEH!!

  61. 61 sweetanna

    @#8 julie

    I agree with you….nice dress

    also, that color looks good on her, especially with the red hair.

  62. 62 belleza


    “Vineyard man – high expectations from YEH, low in ratings. (Granted, Jumong was a hit during the time. Point is, it was low in ratings.)”

    The thing is, it was actually Vineyard Man that proved YEH had commercial draw (which is why she was paid a top salary for Coffee Prince.) Vineyard Man ended up becoming — by far — the best performing KBS or SBS show opposite Jumong.

    The criticism is par for the course. In addition, she won the Baeksang at 23 years old, so the expectations about her acting have leaped quite a bit.

    Again, the main criticism on YEH is really her line deliveries. She even talked about that criticism she got for her enunciation in Coffee Prince during her Baeksang acceptance speech. If she can work with a coach to clean up her short tongue, that would go far.

  63. 63 rantrantrant

    I think coming back from a Baeksang just made people anticipate a lot, I really do not blame YEH for it… though she is at times inadequate. I just think it’s such bad material, there’s no way someone can pull that off. the character motivations are really inexistent almost.

    Anyway, YEH should cheer up. She’s been improving, at least.

  64. 64 Stephanie

    i dont think her acting is bad at all and it is a cute drama so far, so those haters BACK OFF

  65. 65 YGfangirl

    I really tried watching My Fair Lady because of YEH but wasn’t my cup of tea, the acting was over the top and the story didn’t appeal to me…too bad I love YEH but seriously didn’t like her character…its sad I’ve begun to watch Style instead and actually seem to like it…..blarg -_- anyway, I still will love YEH but please no more chaebol characters!

  66. 66 noelle

    Vineyard Man was not considered a failure it was considered as one of her biggest success cause she received the Best Actress Award not from those ridiculous korean awards ceremonies, but she was personally picked by the Directors Guild Grimme Awards for Best Actess which has way more credibility than MBC, KBS and SBS Awards combined.

    Winning the Best Actress Awards at the Grimme and the Baeksang is a major accomplishment for any actress, let alone a singer turned actress…not to mention, Yoon Eun Hye also made it as a finalist for Best Actress Category at the Montreal International Festival. All those accomplishments at such a young age makes her such an easy target, with bloodsuckers just living to see an opening to bring her down.

    As a YEH fan, I have to admit that she really needs a lot of work on her enunciation cause it gets quite distracting, however, i dont see why people are dissing her for her portryal in MFL. I think she is doing a pretty good job in her acting. The thing is, people just cannot accept her portraying an arrogant role cause she is just too darn likeable.

    One thing that really scares me about people is how they quickly forget the actors accomplishments. Just because she is receiving not so good reviews for MFL, all of a sudden, they are so quick to discredit the accomplishments she made from her other dramas.

    Like during Goong and Coffee Prince people were riding her fame praising her for her wonderful portrayal, but now that YEH’s new series is not getting such good reviews, those same people who praised her acting in Goong and Coffee Prince are also nitpicking on her past work, that they so praised her for. People are so fickle it’s scary at times.

    Another thing, why is it that actresses get’s slammed so harshly, yet goodlooking male actors can act horribly yet people are so quick to overlook their flaws and even get awards for their horrible acting?

    Also My fair Lady is not a failure it’s raking in double digits in the ratings department which is a big thing for a Wed-Thu series and it’s only half way through, so why brand it as a failure when the series is only on episode 8? It’s ridiculous.

  67. 67 ockoala

    For me, there are 4 types of categories I place my actors/actresses into, and it probably applies for most drama watchers:

    1. I think X is a great actor/actress, and I like watching that person.
    2. I think X is a great actor/actress, but for some reason I don’t enjoy watching that person.
    3. I think X is not a very good actor/actress, but I like watching that person.
    4. I think X is not a very good actor/actress, and I don’t enjoy watching that person.

    YEH falls into category 3 for me, I don’t think she’s a very good actress (she is never bad, but her unevenness shows she has a lot to improve), but I really love watching her in dramas. She’s got their earthy, lush persona, and my attention is always riveted by her in any scene. That is star power, and that is why I love YEH. And she is cute as a button.

  68. 68 iwasing

    These is not mainly on her acting skills.I bet the people are expecting too much and too high on her that when the drama didnt get the cut everybody seems to blame her…

    In Prince of coffe the concept is new and she is not an A list star yet so not too much pressure and burden on her part maybe thats why she acted good bec. not all eyes are on her now its diff. everybody is on her so thats why her preformance suffered…

    And the role doesnt fit her thats is one problem also..and i think when you become a popular actress on a cheezzy parts you more likely suffered in acting skills bec.. you cannot explore supporting roles that makes you acting abilities progress..and pick an unpopular but heavy role bec. of your status…thats really sucks………

  69. 69 rave

    i love YEH and i’ll watch anything that she is in, even if it’s just for 1 second!
    cos that 1 second is worth 1 hour for YEH.

    YEH shines brighter than any star in the industry and I will continue to love her and only her. It’s not common for actresses to have a crazy following in Korea but YEH is an exception and she will continue to have a crazy following as long as she’s in the industry!

  70. 70 Sonam

    She looks best with big built guys like Gong Yoo since she’s quite big herself by Asian standards. She has very broad shoulders.
    I didn’t like Goong at all. She was good in CP but Gong Yoo stole the show as far as I am concerned. It was his sexy body language that kept me watching.

  71. 71 selenoliber

    I like YEH for her lovely personality and her awesome sense of humor and image outside of acting. I agree w/ JB that she’s mostly suited to cutesy, innocent, good girl roles w/ a lot of crying and angst (she’s amazing at tearing up and making people feel sorry for her) b/c that is the type of brand marketing that has been associated w/ her and what her fans are used to.

    Evil/ mean lady role is a first for her and the acting has indeed been really awkward. Aside from the fact that people are not used to it, she’s been on hiatus for a while so this is her comeback role, so it only adds fuel to fire that after time away from acting, the result is so different from what fans expected to see, in a role she is not used to and not suited for. I don’t want to call her a “one-trick pony” b/c I think she did grow in acting from Goong to Coffee Prince and it should be admired when actresses take on challenging roles and step outside their comfort zone. Arguably, both roles are “cutesy, innocent” roles but the two roles were also immensely different. CP required she act like a boy and she pulled it off well. Sometimes taking risks end in success, sometimes it doesn’t. Coffee Prince worked for her. MFL, not so much.

    I’m not fond of this interview b/c crying just shows her immaturity. If she’s really experimenting w/ new ground, then she would be prepared to fail. Being in the public eye, unfortunately, means that criticisms are sometimes very harsh. I think YEH’s problem is that she’s so well liked for the most part that this is the first time she’s received actual harsh criticisms from fans and media.

    That being said, I don’t think she’s in much trouble. YEH still has her great image outside of acting and all she needs to do is go back to her cutesy acting roles to regain her popularity. I find her a very likable person, and certainly, many people, I’m sure, would agree.

  72. 72 yumi-chan

    I still think she has so much potential. I think her past dramas are an example. To me it seems that Yoon Eun Hye is trying to break away from her famous character Go Eun Chan but instead of helping her it’s really screwing her up. I agree with most of the posts here (the ones that don’t sound like the writer lacks any reasoning): she’s at her best when she’s acting like herself.

  73. 73 coffeebeans

    @ 70 Sonam

    If that is the case then why is Coffee Prince automatically associated with YEH and YEH automatically associated with Coffee Prince?

    Just as with all of YEH’s dramas, she is the one that makes them hers.
    In the media it is always YEH’s Goong/ YEH’s TVM/ YEH’s Coffee Prince – she is what makes the drama and she is what is left of the drama.

    Even for My Fair Lady, it’s YEH who owns this drama whether she “shines” or not.
    If YEH doesnt do well, then the drama doesnt do well, so why can’t we just support her?!

  74. 74 Nom_Kitteh

    Korean actresses more so than actors are treated more harsherly, and that’s probably because so much of the fandom is driven by females. Bitchy, whiny females, too, it seems.

    What is striking about all this is that while all this criticism is directed at YEH, YSH’s overacting, the show’s overall subpar production and plot lines, and the horrible miscasting (neither male leads has chemistry with YEH) are overlooked. YSH was cast, I guess, because of his sudden popularity in Queen of Housewives, so it was a fad-promoting casting. I marathoned Queen of Housewives over the weekend (what a godawful show), and yes, YSH is great in it, but only because he is the only sexy thing in a sea of horrible and nasty men and shrill and frightful women. That doesn’t mean he was the right choice for Lady Castle.

    YEH is doing a perfectly fine job, considering just how mediocre everything else about the show is.

    If YEH weren’t in Lady Castle, I would bet that it would not have gotten more than 6% of the ratings. People are tuning in to see her, not the male leads, and certainly not the bad production.

    But even if YEH did a great job, there would be detractors just because she is female, pretty, is a star. All the “pretty” actresses treated much more harshly.

    I am enjoying Lady Castle because it is so silly that it is fun. News flash to netizens: It’s not Shakespeare; it’s not even Shakespeare in the park. Get a life.

  75. 75 fendi

    @ 74 Nom_Kitteh

    You are absolutely right.
    If not for YEH i doubt this production would have even been on air.
    No matter what others say, is is all due to YEH for bringing in 2-digit ratings.

    Wat I find rather amusing is the reputation that YEH’s fandom has. It is quite well known around the netizens that YEH is the only actress to have a fandom that is on par with Idol-group fandoms – crazy, loud, die hard fans.

    So knowing that YEH has her fans never-ending support, I hope she remains true to herself and continues to strive for herself and those who love her.

  76. 76 J

    @71 Selenoliber

    “I’m not fond of this interview b/c crying just shows her immaturity.”
    ” I think YEH’s problem is that she’s so well liked for the most part that this is the first time she’s received actual harsh criticisms from fans and media.”

    Well you must not have very accurate informations then because this is certainly not the first time that she has received harsh criticisms from netizens. In 2006, when it was announed that she got the role of Shin Chae Gyun, there was a big petition to protest against her having the lead role. Moreover, in 2007, people also accused her of problems of enunciation in Coffee Prince so it is definitely not the first time that she has received harsh criticism. In fact, I believe that she had a long and rough path prior to the great position that she is in now.

    I also don’t find anything wrong with her crying. Why souldn’t she be allowed to cry? After all, she IS human and crying just show us how human she is. Yoon Eun Hye sarangheyo <3

  77. 77 Sonam

    @73 I have nothing against YEH . Infact I really like her kind of looks. I think she looks great (so nice to see her sexy and feminine after the tomboy in CP) in her latest drama and her acting doesn’t bother me . It’s just all I remember from CP is Gong Yoo but maybe that’s because I am a girl. You are right . …She owns CP and she seems to be the only one with a presence in LC. Good acting or not…..She definitely has star power. The rest of the cast looks so ordinary next to her. Maybe that’s the problem. Just imagine if her leading man had been a big built guy like Joo jin mo or Goo Soo or Gong Yoo. It would looked much more romantic and sexier. In the end it’s all about chemistry. She just overpowers him.

    @74 You hit the nail on the head. The two guys are completely wrong for YEH. I was just thinking how great it would have been if Gong Yoo had been the butler. YSH looks so puny next to her and a little too tired. They just don’t make a good couple.

  78. 78 belleza

    “Korean actresses more so than actors are treated more harsherly, and that’s probably because so much of the fandom is driven by females.”

    Disagree. ALL leads are treated pretty harshly. (Hell, Kim Myung Min was criticized by some for his performance in Lee Soo Shin, even though it was also considered one of the best performances of that year.) The difference is that this blog reported YEH’s response, and she has a huge fanbase, so we get visibility on the one person. But it’s the same for most top leads. Actors get their feelings hurt; critics act like critics; netizens pick apart the shows they watch (as do we); that is how it works.

    “In fact, I believe that she had a long and rough path prior to the great position that she is in now.”

    Actually, her toughest days were probably when she was still in Baby Vox (i.e. being attacked by anti.) Her enunciation issues are not exclusive to her. Many, many actresses get that criticism and then work on it. Some (i.e. Kim Ji Soo) never really conquer it, but manage to become well respected actresses in spite of it. And some of the actors (esp. Kwon Sang Woo) have problems with it still.

  79. 79 Anonymous

    I would prefer YEH in MFL to GHS in BOF ANYDAY! At least I enjoy watching YEH, even if she seems a little unnatural at times. GHS, I couldn’t stand her over-the-top acting for a minute!

  80. 80 scarlett_fever

    taken from My Fair Lady thread in soompi
    Quick update.

    “Today’s press event has been cancelled.

    Yigim cancelled the event late last night which was originally set to run today at 11AM KST.

    The reason for their cancellation was because of the fact that MCW and JIW won’t be able to make it in time for the press event, as they’re filming elsewhere.

    Unfortunately (but not surprisingly) the fingers are pointing at YEH, blaming her for this cancellation, as she was much the one they (the press) were interested in. I just hope this doesnt get out of hand, as YEH and her reps have explained that YEH was more than willing to answer all their questions and that it was not her decision to cancel on them.

    Yigim really needs to know how to deal with the press and how cancelling an event of this sort is not gonna have good ramifications on those who represent Yigim’s production, ie. YEH.

    Currently there’s only been one report on it, so i’ll wait for more news and edit this post accordingly.

    (i’m just relieved to see that the netizen’s are actually defending YEH saying that she should not take responsibility over Yigim’s actions, when she’s been their lifeline since day 1 – which I, for once, agree with them 110%)”


    ^ From day 1 Yigim production have been nothing but a big burden to YEH.
    If it hadn’t been for YEH the ban against their company would never have been lifted.
    If it wasn’t for YEH they wouldn’t have been given a timeslot.
    YEH starred in their drama!
    But what does she gets in return? She takes all the blame for their misdoing and when YEH gets attacked they do absolutely nothing.
    The only thing they ever release information of are things that has to do with sponsors and now they are making
    her life even more difficult by cancelling a seemingly important press event.

  81. 81 chajjye

    @Belleza: yeah, KSW’s lisp is so heavy that I even don’t always manage to pick up common korean phrases. he sounds like it is a lazy way of speaking but really, it’s just his enunciation. but i rely on subs anyway, so no big problem for me. :) but if i want to learn korean, he’s not the one to learn from. XD

    I think I should spread out my drama viewing now. good, bad, good, bad, good, bad…overrated,underrated, overrated, underrated. haha. it seems like there’s too many overrated shows on my list. looks like 2009 isn’t a very shining year after all. D:

    but each to his/her own. i will watch this only for YEH. heck, all my dramas on the list are only for the actor/actress. triple : 3 fantastic guys. partner: kim hyun joo & lee dong wook. you’re beautiful: jang geun seok & hongki. can’t lose: moon geun young. worlds within: hyun bin & song hye gyo. etc.


    YEH has come a long way from her Baby VOX days and i see that she is much better. if acting doesn’t work for her, she can always do photoshoots and draw. XD man, that girl is talented, somewhat.

  82. 82 janerdelle


    excuse me but I didn’t compare dara park to Yoon Eun hye…Dara is only a rookie right now in korean showbiz…she has a short stint in the return of iljimae and a hit album in her group 2ne1…before you comment you must read twice or thrice because you only look stupid in that aspect..

    first of all Yoon Eun Hye is one of the most popular commercial model in korea and as well in asia…her acting suits in a rom/com genre but if it is a serious drama..then I think it was time for her to do workshop..

    I proud to say that our artist her in the philippines are the best in drama acting..although they are not as famous as korean artist in asia but there talent was given a lot of recognition in abroad espicially indie films and our own tv series…

  83. 83 zalynn

    YEH…be coool…just calm down…

    Just moving to acting….korean people u r lucky to have Yoon Eun Hye with u…

  84. 84 joicy

    I have to say MFL plot is not interesting enough to keep me in front of the computer, and both male actors are not doing great either. So I dropped the drama though I had been looking forwards to it for so long time. It’s not only YEH’s fault, but a combination of directing, script writing (what special about it any more when you kind of guess what will happen in the end?) and team acting.

  85. 85 Ayai*

    I totally agree with Nom_Kitteh

    (just my opinion^^)
    I think the most gig of this drama is YSH as the male lead.
    I find he’s not appropriate with YEH at all.
    (I’m not anti-fan of him,I like him @Queen of Housewives)
    The chemical between the male&female leads is one of the most important thing
    for every drama,it effects psychological to viewers.
    When i’m watching YSH/YEH in this drama,I feel not like seeing
    JJH/YEH in Goong or GY/YEH in Coffee Prince.
    I recognize this is just acting ,not real ! (I think many people feel like me)
    The male lead should be the bigger star such as SSH,KSW,KJH
    to lead the drama get more of attractiveness.
    (It seems interesting just because YEH’s comeback drama.)
    My imagine.. Kang Jihwan is the best choice for the male lead.
    i can say it’s miscasting.
    furthermore,the storyline / the production is not good enough.

    anyway,I’m sure YEH did her best.
    I ‘ll keep in faith & support you. YEH Fighting!!

  86. 86 rawr


  87. 87 Nom_Kitteh

    @78 “Disagree. ALL leads are treated pretty harshly.”
    Well, we can argue back and forth but obviously we won’t be able to prove either opinion. Unless there are studies tracking gender patterns in netizens’ bitchfest targets…We can only go with our observations and perceptions, and my perception is that pretty female leads are attacked more often than male ones.

    I think the entire fuss over MFL is a great example: YSH overacts, the other male lead grins while delivering serious lines, plot holes litter every episode, the male leads are bland and without chemistry…but who gets bashed?

    Also, I am not just talking about this blog’s bias (although this one most certainly shows that bias). I am talking about netizens in general from my observation over the few years…

  88. 88 Thankyou

    I’m going to take the liberty of comparing two actors here: Minho and Eun hye. Their characters are written very similarly, i feel. However, they come across very differently on screen. These are my opinions to forgive me if they are offensive or unfair.
    One of the reasons why Minho’s portrayl of JunPyo worked flawlessly was his ability to go from an emotionally distant hauty teen to a unsure childlike boy who wanted to be loved desperately.
    Eun Hye’s inability to capture her character’s emotional disconnection is missing. When we see her as the arrogant rich girl who pushes everyone away, we struggle to believe her. We struggle because she seems to be struggling with it.
    Minho could go from a smiling shy sweet boy to this dark and awkward teen in one look. His mannerism would change. He stood a little straighter as the teen on the verge of manhood. He walked a little taller. He believed, in those moments, he was superior to every creature that roamed the earth. He was, after all, Gyo JunPyo.
    With Eun hye, i find, she walks faster to appear harsher. She talks nonchalantly to appear blunt. Eun hye desperately wants her character to be come across as a spoiled rich brat who will find redemption later. It is this desperation which looses the character for me. You see, Minho didn’t care if you don’t like his Junpyo. He didn’t care if you were invested in his redemption or not. He was Junpyo and you were expected to fear him, not be shown or told that you should.

  89. 89 yum

    @Thankyou, I understand your point but the problem is Minho during BOF is a new rookie. While Eunhye is a familiar face for the audiences during her MFL.

    People are getting use to EH previous image with her cute and nice character and the fact is she’s really that type of person in her real life. That’s why people felt hard to believe of her character. From my opinion, it had nothing to do with her acting at all. Arrogant rich people can be interpret in many ways, it can’t be compared at all. Arrogant people can be display in many personalities and attitudes.

    And another fact is that Lee Min Ho as Goo Jun Pyo was a typical role. BOF had produced for 3 times now and all of versions were all famous. It won’t be hard at all to portray the character that people were already well-awared. He got so many guidances acting tips. Not as I’m not find Min Ho portrayed his character well. But this’s just my opinion afterall.

  90. 90 mawar

    YEH FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!

  91. 91 belleza

    “Kang Jihwan is the best choice for the male lead.
    i can say it’s miscasting.”

    KJH’s romantic chemistry with actresses runs hot and cold for me. I like the idea of him working with YEH but not in this kind of show. He would have been too ironic.

    “my perception is that pretty female leads are attacked more often than male ones.”

    Again, really not true at all. Even on this blog, you’ll read occasional reports that various young male actors have been criticized for their portrayals of this and that. It’s just that anything connected YEH is going to get bigger response, and so there it goes.

    “I think the entire fuss over MFL is a great example: YSH overacts, the other male lead grins while delivering serious lines, plot holes litter every episode, the male leads are bland and without chemistry…but who gets bashed?”

    The one with the highest profile and the biggest (by far) contract, which would be Yoon Eun Hye. She can’t avoid that now because she’s officially A-list actor taking in the same money range as the other A-list TV actresses like Go Hyung Jung and Choi Ji Woo. Lady Castle had tried to get somebody like Kang Dong Wan, which would have been the ideal in this situation.

    “I’m going to take the liberty of comparing two actors here: Minho and Eun hye. Their characters are written very similarly,”

    This is where I disagree with most people’s evaluation on YEH’s performance, because it is treated in vacuum from what the show is trying to do. One of my arguments about Lady Castle is that the show plays like a sitcom, and that is why most people simply haven’t took to it. Other dramas like My Girl and Full House were cited as examples of similar styles of the “contract rom-com” genre, but both of those dramas mixed slapstick with chemistry-building stuff revolved around the contract. The relationship is supposed to develop with the contract. For much of the show, Lady Castle is really a series of vignettes pitting YEH and YSH against each other, and in turn both actors plays up the slapstick farce aspect of the show. That is, the characters are too “drunk” and “distracted” to develop through their situation. They attraction comes a bit haphazardly.

    If Lady Castle was originally a “contract romance”, the writers have had no faith in it. Instead, they’ve put in melodrama bits in order to develop the emotions of both characters. I like that approach, but then YEH’s character becomes less coherent. She’s the broad character to YSH’s straight man.

    The Jandi/Junpyo romance in Boys Before Flowers works if you instinctively accept that, in BBF’s crazy world, the most abnormal person in the story is really Jandi. When they are together, Jung Pyo is really the straight man, and Jandi is playing the broad, dorky lush. And not everybody did. I was lukewarm over the couple, because I’m not used to seeing “Doumyouji” as the straight, relatively normal person.

  92. 92 Thankyou

    Thanks Yum. Well presented points. However, i disagree with some of them respectfully.
    You said that it is not hard to portray such a well received character. I disagree. I think it is harder. Comparisons are inevitable. Your every move would be scrutinized. There are other versions to compare your interpretation of junpyo’s character. There are expectations to be met. The other versions were hit. Therefore, you should match their efforts to be liked equally. Failures are magnified in such cases. Not every batman movie was a hit. Not every batman was well received despite having an institution behind him. Case in point: Geroge Cloney.
    You mentioned how Eun hye’s previous characters were similar to her real life personality. I agree. It must be easier to associate with these characters as Eun hye could identify with them on a very personal level.
    Having said that, she needs to understand that the label of ‘actor’ may not be used at her convenience. If she does well, she is a serious actress who is commited to her craft. If she struggle, she is a star who has done well in other areas and has achieved more success than her counterparts in field of acting.
    I love Eun hye. Please don’t misunderstand me. I loved her in Goong and Coffee prince. Her portrayl of mychan was so heartfelt and on the mark. Her success could be attributed to a well written, carefully thoughout and impeccably directed drama. But in addition to all this, Eun hye brought life and soul to coffee prince. Without her brilliant and breakthrough performance, a well written, carefully planned and impeccably directed drama could have not achieved the success it did. She deserved much credit.
    Here, in MFL, despite all other problems with the story, what I struggle to understand is her disconnect with the character. When she read the script, she must’ve known how further from her real personality this character was. If she choose the role for the sake of doing something different, then she achieved her goal. She is different. Good not so much, but different yes.
    Eunhye fell in love with mychan, it was obvious. We fell in love with her. In MFL, she is finding it difficult to make a connection with her character. Hence, we are struggling too.
    Just like the success of coffee prince was not entirely due to her. Similarly, the problems with MLF are not entirely due to her either. Expectations may have been high. But then again, I consider her an actress and not just a star.

  93. 93 belleza

    Personally, I think Lee Min Ho is really special. He just has “IT”, just marvelous presence. But, I also wonder whether the BBF Hallyu machine will damage his growth as an actor.

  94. 94 littlebunny

    @86 Ayai*
    I cannot agree with you more. Kang Jihwan is the best choice for the male lead in my opinion.

    Had they casted him pairing up with YEH I’m pretty sure MFL will have more success. I don’t know I just don’t feel it ..the chemistry is not there with YSH. ..And with the directing.scriptwriting..YSH’s over-acting..ohh pls don’t let me start.

    I still believe that YEH is doing a decent (great if not for that enunciation issue) job on her role as Kang Hae Na..We are enjoying MFL here in US so far.. if not for Ep1 YSH’s overrr-acting..as we’re only relying on subs (we hardly notice the enunciation issue..and we don’t really care). Watching YEH through Ep8..we get the feeling she’s beginning to get comfortable playing Kang Hae Na’s part. We love her here in Los Angeles.

    YEH……… keep your chin up .. you’re doing a great job…it’s a pleasure watching you grow as an actress..you can always make us laugh or cry. We love you!

  95. 95 Nom_Kitteh

    @92, You are missing my point. That much is obvious. You cannot tell me that my perception is not true. My perception is my perception. Just because there are occasional reports of young male actors criticized for their portrayals does not negate my perception that on the whole pretty female actresses are savaged more often. If you want to insist on countering with supposedly true evidence, then do so by presenting a comprehensive study of how netizens overall treat female versus male actors. Bringing up how one or two actors were criticized doesn’t prove that more female actresses are not trashed by netizens.

    Again, I am not localizing this bias just to this blog — although I think this blog does have those biases.

    You are presenting your perception and I am presenting mine. You cannot prove the validity of yours any more than I can mine.

    “The one with the highest profile and the biggest (by far) contract, which would be Yoon Eun Hye. ”
    I don’t buy that as an argument at all. Yes, the spotlight was on her b/c of her comeback, but the viciousness of the comments on her acting were beyond the pale. And just because YEH is the main attraction shouldn’t make people blind to the flaws of the male leads’ pretty horrendous acting.

  96. 96 javabeans

    @Nom_Kitteh, I’m inclined to agree with both of your points. First, that perception is by definition subjective, so another person’s perception can’t be imposed upon another as fact. Second, that women entertainers do seem to be much more harshly criticized as a general rule, which probably could be examined in a larger sociological context. No matter how progressive we profess our views and society to be, and how egalitarian and feminist, there’s still that harsh lens through which women are perceived — I mean, just look at the sort of gendered arguments leveled against extremely competent and intelligent women (whose jobs don’t rely on appearances whatsoever) like Hillary Clinton and Sonia Sotomayor. And how they are called out for wearing the wrong suit or being overweight when that sort of argument isn’t used against their male colleagues. It’s an issue on a larger scale, not just in Korean entertainment or with Korean actresses and singers.

    As for My Fair Lady specifically, leaving aside the question of whether the remarks against Yoon Eun-hye are deserved (we could argue that forever without resolution), I think the difference is that she IS the drama’s heart, and Hae-na would be the most important (and most scrutinized) character regardless of who plays her. That the actress is YEH (who tends to attract a lot of strong opinions) only makes the scrutiny more focused. Furthermore, she signed on to the drama before there was a director or a script, which means My Fair Lady was pretty much designed around her, to be a Yoon Eun-hye Comeback Vehicle. But I wouldn’t call the criticisms “vicious” or “beyond the pale,” because they’ve been pretty mild in tone this time around.

    Yoon Sang-hyun definitely overacts, but he has been given more emotional moments than Yoon Eun-hye so far (I suspect this will balance out in the latter half) and has therefore had more opportunities to forge emotional connections with the viewer. Jung Il-woo is not doing much acting at all, but he’s such a backseat character that I don’t think it’s apt to compare his situation to YEH’s or YSH’s. (He has much less screentime and much less development.)

    Plus, there’s also the issue of many of these dramas being targeted to a female audience, and in particular an ajumma audience. Ajummas LOVE Yoon Sang-hyun, ergo they’re probably more forgiving because they’re just glad to see him acting more now. Jung Il-woo has that “noona complex” attraction. Yoon Eun-hye is very well-liked, but the audience demographic is likely a large contributing factor regarding the sort of comments this drama attracts.

    And of course I’m biased! I admit that freely and often. :) I don’t try to hide my biases and definitely try to make it clear that I don’t expect others to always agree.

  97. 97 belleza

    “Had they casted him pairing up with YEH I’m pretty sure MFL will have more success”

    Not sure about that. Except for Aja Geum Soon, none of Kang Ji Hwan’s TV shows have drawn huge ratings. KJH IS a popular actor, but it’s difficult to draw audiences from both ajumma and younger demographics.

    If anything, 2008 already showed that star-driven shows were not connecting with audiences. Lady Castle is no exception to that, and it’s silly to square the blame on YEH or YSH or any other actor.

    Gotta keep in mind guys that MFL debuted in the middle of Swallow the Sun’s run. And Swallow the Sun, while not a big hit, was doing steady mid-teen numbers. Also, KBS2 trendies usually don’t pull in ratings like MBC or SBS. MFL’s doing okay and again will be the 2nd best performing show until maybe Iris.

    “I don’t buy that as an argument at all. Yes, the spotlight was on her b/c of her comeback, but the viciousness of the comments on her acting were beyond the pale”

    From the sample reported here, I don’t understand how the comments on her acting were especially vicious. If you mean the comments on her enunciation, those are not unusual comments made against actors and it is valid. She’s gotten better since her Goong days, but her enunciation is still a work in progress. If you mean about the comment Hye-na is coming across as too “personal” rather than off-putting, well that is a certainly arguable criticism but not in any sense a vicious comment. Finally, if you responding to the criticism that she has regressed from Coffee Prince, well she did win a Baeksang and enormous buzz for it. It is very hard to live up to that, just as it will be difficult for Moon Geun Young to live up to her performance in Painter of the Wind.

    Moreover, it’s not just about her comeback. For her future shows, she will have the burden and responsibility of being a A-list actor taking top drawer money. Unless she wants to do a smaller part in an essemble drama (say a movie or a sageuk), that’s how it will be.

    I think YEH’s reaction is perfectly normal too. But that is also the reaction that many male and female leads express as well, and that is why being a A-lister is rewarding and HARD.

  98. 98 belleza

    “Plus, there’s also the issue of many of these dramas being targeted to a female audience, and in particular an ajumma audience. Ajummas LOVE Yoon Sang-hyun, ergo they’re probably more forgiving because they’re just glad to see him acting more now. Jung Il-woo has that “noona complex” attraction. Yoon Eun-hye is very well-liked, but the audience demographic is likely a large contributing factor.”

    It’s also difficult to have a “unlikable” female heroine in a rom-com. Most viewers put themselves in the seat of the female heroine, if the character is just not connecting with you, then you’re not going to like the performance.

    It’s a catch-22, and there I side with YEH. Say if YEH really nails down Hye-na as uber-bitch. If so, then would there be sufficient basis for believable romantic chemistry between her and a butler, or a decent guy. Say if YEH makes Hye-na into a really nice, but misunderstood person. But if you do that, then you’re playing the same version of “yourself” and not really playing Hye-na correctly. She loses either way, and she’s expressed that.

    Lady Castle goes with the concept that if you have two very irresponsible people and put them in enough wacky situations, that their mutual mayhem will ingratiate them with the audience. That the audience will laugh so much that they’ll fall in love with the K-drama couple. The problem there is that usually doesn’t work for big ratings.

  99. 99 jkc

    ppl need to chill guy, ppl expecting too much. shes quite young, u cant expect her to be all pro…just b/c of like 2 smash hit dramas u think shes guna be perfect in all dramas?

  100. 100 babynight

    well i dunno what ppl r critising about…shes adjusting herself to accommodate the character to the best of her ability and i think up to this point her acting is still much more better than some other actresses n i dun wanna name them!

    more than her acting, her personality is what makes her stand out and more attractive to all her fans, shes going through a hard time n yet shes even more worried about hr parents who might b hurt by reading those criticisms…i find it really heartfelt.

    and exactly ppl r expecting too much of her, shes still young and still learning to be better, so instead of throwing onto her all the criticisms we should be supporting her so that she has the courage to perfect herself…

    i think this is why there r so many suicidal cases of the celebrities in korea…!

    common guys, be considerate n caring towards them….they r ppl of the public n vulnerable at the same time!

    YEH, i will be supporting YOU all the way coz ur GREAT…dun be let down by all those criticism and me n many others know that urr trying very hard!!

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