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Enlisted celebrities participate in Army concert
by | October 31, 2009 | 57 Comments

Once actors go off to fulfill their two years of military service, it’s not often that we get to see them in the public eye until their discharge. So it’s nice to see a few of the currently enlisted entertainers together onstage for the 2009 Army Concert, which took place in Seoul on the evening of October 31.

Some of the celebrities who participated were actors Jae Hee (Three Dads One Mom), Jo In-sung (Frozen Flower), Lee Dong-wook (Partner), Kim Jae-won (Hwang Jini), and Ohn Joo-wan (Chosun Police). On the kpop side, there were singer-actors Yang Dong-geun (I Am Sam), Lee Jung (Hometown of Legends), and Kim Jung-hoon (Goong), as well as singers Sung Shi-kyung, Tony An.

Despite rainy weather, there were approximately 7,000 people in the audience for the outdoor concert. Jo In-sung and army broadcast MC Sohn Eun-ah acted as hosts for the event.

Actors Lee Dong-wook and Jae Hee:

Ballad singer Sung Shi-kyung, singer-actors Kim Jung-hoon, Yang Dong-geun:

Actors Kim Jae-won and Ohn Joo-wan; singer-actor Lee Jung:

MC-for-the-night Jo In-sung, former kpopper and now entertainment CEO Tony An:

Via Arts News, OSEN


57 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Nancy

    Awwww….I miss them all!

  2. GreenFreak

    I like Lee Dong-wook and Jo In-sung’s uniforms… very handsome!

  3. sue

    woah it’s weird seeing tony an with normal-color, normal-length hair! i didn’t recognize him.

    everyone else looks so handsome! but where is my lee jung? 🙁 🙁 🙁

  4. Taohua

    OOOO…two of my favorite actors Jae Hee & LDW singing (?) together! I miss Jae Hee on the big screen…seriously, he was one of the big reasons why DGCH was so enjoyable! I think Jae Hee has another year to go right?

  5. javabeans

    Oops, I forgot to post Lee Jung’s pic! Will fix now.

  6. asianromance

    what do the different color uniforms and different styles signify? they all look so serious!

  7. Andromytta

    Awww…my Kim Jung-Hoon looks like he’s twelve! *sigh* So cute.

  8. Reese

    My only comments looking at those pictures: The jackets look huge on the majority of them…apparently they don’t care about having uniform jackets fit the wearer. And damn, are they looking good.

  9. 10 sallynally

    Jo In Sung, Lee Dong Wook, Ohn Joo Wan, Tony An = Air force
    Kim Jung Hoon, Kim Jae Won = Navy
    Lee Jung = Marine

    I’m guessing that leaves the red uniform (worn by Sung Shi Kyung, Jae Hee, and Yang Dong Geun) to be the Army?

  10. 11 amktsy

    i think it is quite funny to see them like this…..

  11. 12 jippoyo

    They look really good as manly men.

    I still can’t help but think about the time they must go in hiding after their release from service to grow out/style their hair and whiten their skin. 😉

  12. 13 Mentar

    im biased here Lee Dong Wook is one of my favorite actors but don`t like him in the pics i like Lee Jung. Im a US Marine so gotta support all who have the Marine title jajajaj

  13. 14 Laura

    Kim Jung-hoon look so different I barely recognize him ):
    All of them look so serious, make me think that for once they do feel like normal people besides this ceremony in the two years of service.

  14. 15 ockoala

    Where’s the other Kim Won? And my fangirly first love Jo Hyun-jae? I see Gong Yoo has one foot out the door already, with his discharge so near. Everyone looks very sharp! My fave is of course the Air Force uniforms, and Jo In-sung is rocking his hard. I have a soft spot for jet pilots. 😉

  15. 16 deannadsc

    …am wondering how come Gong Yoo & Jo Hyun Jae were both absent from the event? so too w/ Kim Rae Won…I miss them both so much!!! Heard that Lee Dong Gun too is entering the army… my only consolation is Gong Yoo’s about to go back to us, his fans , come Dec.8!!!

  16. 17 glitzyglam

    oh my! TONY! O_O;; did he gain weight? keke;;;;

    btw- Sung ShiKyung is SUCH a giant compared to Kim JungHoon! LAWL.

    these men all look so serious (which makes sense of course)… so I can’t say this is “eye candy” for me.. but it is quite nice to see them all again! (: I had no idea Kim JaeWon and On JooWan were currently at goondae!

    oh.. and lawl to Lee Jung’s hair ^^;;

  17. 18 annie

    lol… Tony what are you doing there? you look like you are the only person gain weight in the army. 🙂

  18. 19 gallivanter

    Oh my. I do love a man in dress uniform. Add handsome Korean actors and we get one speechless gallivanter.

  19. 20 D

    @ 8 Andromytta

    exactly my reaction when i saw his photo.. *sigh* (my eldest will be 7 soon)

    mmmmm, my other 2 faves, JIS & LDW, are looking good. thanks JB!

  20. 21 evelyn168

    I miss all those that are from the pics… I wish Kangta, Jaewon and Woohyuk were there too. It’ll be a H.O.T. reunion…

  21. 22 salt

    i can only recognized lee dong wook. and jae hee.
    the rest of the guys looks so different.
    it would be good if there were some pics of them during their active entertainment days side by side with the current pics… just my wish
    and yeah… once they are released from the army they’ll go into hiding to restyle themselves, right? i wonder how long does park hyo shin had to hide to grow out his hair? 😉

  22. 23 Jihwan

    It’s so depressing. All the men I love are in the military. *cries*

  23. 24 mellissa

    where’s Jo Hyun Jae? would have been nice to get a glimpse of him. last time he showed his face to the public was in August this year when his interview by the Army came out. miss him so much. wonder why he’s not included in this event. i am sure he’s busy doing more serious stuff…..

  24. 25 kim

    yeah, where’s JO HYUN JAE? miss him too.

  25. 26 bbm

    where is kim rae won??… aww… i miss seeing them on the screen…
    happy to hear Gong Yoo will be discharged soon…

    is that Tony An?? all this time i was wondering how he would look with normal attire, LOL…

  26. 27 prncssptri

    aaaw i miss them all! JIS and LDW look mighty handsome!! *soft spot for air force* xP we need to get these manly men back in the entertainment scene fast! LOL happy to see they’re looking healthy though 😀 aaah.. i miss Eric Mun -_-
    thanks for sharing!

  27. 28 bleuezelle

    when i saw the post title, i was so excited thought i will see Jo Hyun Jae but his name are not listed in the tags 🙁 so I’m back to deflated again…..

  28. 29 corry

    thanks JB for the translation above..
    I can see Jae Hee again, yay!!!! 😉
    and… what does the red uniform mean??

  29. 30 kimchii

    It’s nice to see to Lee Dong Wook, Jae Hee and Kim Jung Hoon again (:

    Gong Yoo will be getting out in December! [Insert fangirl squeal] (:

  30. 31 kim

    JO HYUN JAE’S absence in this event – does it have something to do with the fact that he is a regular soldier and not an entertainment soldier?

  31. 32 maria

    omo, lee dong wook, how i’ve missed you.. LOL…. guys, where’s gong yoo?? has he been discharged already?!

  32. 33 tika

    how come kim jung hoon;s outfit is soo adorable. lol

  33. 34 kit

    and where is my gong yoo.

  34. 35 pabo ceo reom

    Tony An looks soooo different…..

    oh and hello there my love, Jae Hee.

  35. 36 xiaoSxin

    where is gong yoo and kim rae won????

  36. 37 onemorepls

    Jae Hee !!!!! YAY 🙂

    and wow Pilot Jo In-sung. I love pilot. mmm. Now I have to check him out 🙂

  37. 38 oozzeee

    ,kim rae woon wasn’t there?……why?..he looks best wit his crew cut….ughz, miss him…………………:(

  38. 39 LiLis..rw

    Yeah..yeah..where is our adorable Kim Rae won??? T_T

  39. 40 michi

    ryu su young didn’t join?


  40. 41 bspanda

    where is the other Kim ..Won – Kim Rae Won?! Oh how I miss his smile already 🙁

    I completely forgot that Lee Dong Wook recently enlisted (think it is due to the You’re Beautiful giddiness)!

    Is it just me, or are some of the Uniforms just that little bit big for some of them? Or is that denial that they are not going to be in kdramas/kpop for awhile yet? hmmm still men in uniform 🙂

  41. 42 atsirk

    Lee Dong-wook…Jo In-sung…gosh, I MISS THEM BIG TIME 🙁

  42. 43 Rovi

    Is there no post about Rain? I heard that he’s also about to be enlisted…

  43. 44 strawberryfields

    waaaah! i miss JO IN SUNG!!! it’s been only 7 months since he left for the army..but these 7 months seem like years!

  44. 45 Jenna

    Jo In Sung looks like he’s doing an Army movie..He’s still so gorgeous like he was before the enlistment..

  45. 46 'dalia

    i wish dong wan, eric and jun jin were there too. T_T so many favorites in the army.

    kim jung hoon looks so adorable in his sailor uniform. he looks so small *_*

  46. 47 XE

    Man, Jo In Sung looks so HOT! And Jae Hee :(( I miss him so much…

  47. 48 mimim

    OPPAAA!!… JIS so Handsome… kkk
    i am so Lonely lately All Hottie in Army now.. next Kang dong Won..
    all Hotties in Army

    i Hope KDW in Air force either.. so there will be 3 Hotties Handsome in airforce kkk

    JIS, LDW, & KDW kkkk

  48. 49 maria

    JHJ is an actor, not an entertainer. He is currently conscientiously serving as a regular soldier in the Korean army; he is not an “entertainment soldier”.

  49. 50 Beng

    Where’s Eric and the other Shinhwa guys? Also Kim Rae Won?

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