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Iris bed scene too hot for broadcast television
by | October 23, 2009 | 65 Comments

If you’re following KBS’s spy drama Iris, you’ll know that the romance between main characters played by Lee Byung-heon and Kim Tae-hee, who are fellow spies for the NSS, has been heating up. In particular, this week’s Episode 3 featured a love scene between them, and with spoilers teasing the big moment ahead of time, interest leading up to the episode was high. However, apparently what was shown in the broadcast was not the entirety of what was originally intended. There were concerns for the appropriateness of the content given the drama’s age-15-and-up rating, so in the end parts were edited out.

Fans will get a chance to see the full uncut version, however, albeit on cable. The channel OCN, which has the exclusive rights to re-air the episodes, will feature the scene with additional footage. The moment comes when the two spies steal away to Japan for a low-key vacation together to keep away from the eyes of their colleagues.

OCN will rebroadcast Episodes 3 and 4 on October 24.

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65 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Molly

    Wow, perfect timing. I’m watching episode three right now!

  2. Reese

    I figured they’d do something like this. I wonder if they’ll have the unedited version up on d-addicts afterward? Eh, not that it really matters cause I doubt anyone would re-sub it. 🙂

  3. djes

    Now I officially hate Kim Tae Hee…sigh.
    Too HOT? D*mn you., lucky small faced girl!!


  4. pabo ceo reom

    yea would have liked to see the drama the way it was intended but no biggie i guess.

  5. langdon813

    You know, I wondered if that scene might have been edited! Not that it wasn’t good, but it did seem a little tepid compared to the white-hot kiss we saw at the beginning of their romance.

    Hmmm…guess I’ll have to be trolling around trying to find the uncut version. What a trial and tribulation THAT will be. 🙂

  6. deedee

    @langdon: and you’ll tell us all where you found it when you do dig it up, right???

  7. Laura

    I was actually going to wait until the end of the series because I hate commenting on something half way. However, this is so disappointing, I feel compel to give out my opinion even at this point.

    I was hoping IRIS could take the number one spot on my drama list (Time Between Dog & Wolf holds the number one spot) because my favorite actor is Lee Byung-hun, so is only natural that I would want his drama to be my favorite number one drama. Nevertheless, as early as it is on the show, I have to say that if things keep going the way they are it will not make it to be number one… on my list, that is.
    I absolutely hate when they try to diverge your mind from what’s really interesting and key factor to the story with sub-plots, making them main-plots when they should always stay as sub-plots, and –to my opinion- be very subtle when there is already so much tension going on with the main-plot (the mystery with his parents)
    I mean, the love story between the main characters is soooo dragging… soooo &*%&$ dragging. They fall in love, deeply in love… OK WE GET IT!!!!! No need for so many mushy mushy stuff, I want to be driven in by mystery not love!!! Watching episode 2 and 3 felt like watching a love story with a twist instead of a spy drama with some romance on the way. Which is it??

    LEE BYUNG HUN, I SO LOVE YOUR ACTING…. I’m sorry! I’ll keep supporting regardless… just for LBH.

  8. langdon813

    @6, deedee

    If someone doesn’t beat me to it, you bet! I don’t think it’s airing on OCN for several more hours though, I think it’s only about 12:30 p.m. there. But I’ll be on the lookout, rest assured! 😀

  9. Nea

    @8 langdon813 Thank you for searching!

    Sadly, when I watched ep 3 I realized once again that I am too young to think the kinds of thoughts I do about BH. That man is…

    Right. Anyway, as I get older, the more I realize that I am too young for alot of things and every time I see that man I am reminded that I need to take a Flinstones’ vitamin and take a nap!

    I mean what was he thinking touching that little girl’s face…WTF! I needed to be that little girl…

  10. 10 ColleenF-H

    I have to say I like this drama. I have never really been a fan of LBH but I especially like his character in this drama. The man is really beautiful!!

  11. 11 Sonam


    Woah ……I had the same thought. I didn’t like scenes set in Japan. My guess is the director is giving us some romantic scenes so that when there’s a separation later it’s going to be poignant and bittersweet. But the romantic scenes were classic kdrama cliches. It could have been more realistic and natural. I wish they had gone for something different. Not naked LBH much as I love his body. The romance was handled so well in TBDW. But then I do prefer Nam Sangmi to KTH. Iris otherwise is much better than I expected .Those North Koreans are really cool. It’s funny how in all the Korean films I have seen about North and South , the north Korean always are so much cooler than the south Koreans. Like the cool north Korean character the great Song Kang Ho played in Joint Security Area.

  12. 12 migy

    WAAA. . . .i just finished watching episode 3. . . the scene in japan was soooooo cute. . . I wished I had a bf like that loll anyways. . . .I did find the love scene a little bit too short loll. . .anyways I still liked it hihi

  13. 13 belleza

    The twittering between the romantic scenes and TOP getting his killer on doesn’t really work. (Therefore, This Belleza stayed pregnant free through Episode 3. Phew!!) Having said that . . .

    What I love about their scene is that HE has less clothes than she does. And I could be wrong, but I think Kim Tae Hee kissed Lee Byung Heon’s BOOBS. Amen sista!! How’s that for female empowerment??? 😀

  14. 14 langdon813

    I loved how she just sort of dove in and smelled him when she nuzzled under his arm. Now that is sexy. ..cause you just know he smells GREAT. 😀

  15. 15 Deena

    @ 13 belleza

    You just crack me up with those comments, but I have to admit that the same idea crossed my mind as well.

    After I saw all those translated interviews with LBH on You Tube, I was wondering- he is not talking about marriage any more, there is no hint that he has a girlfriend, he becomes more and more known not only in Asia etc. Yea … I know he is very low-key with respect to his private life, but what drives me crazy is WHO ENJOYS THIS BUDDY (or should it be, body 🙂 ) ??? Sorry for being shallow… it just happens when you realize that you are deprived of a super hot scene with LBH in IRIS 🙂

    BTW, I really miss JB’s insights and comments on Iris. It seems that LBH factor makes my brain inactive.

  16. 16 belleza

    “cause you just know he smells GREAT. ”

    Amen. LBH BO is actually written as L=B=H=B=O, which is a chemical formula for Smells Like Love. 😀

    (But seriously, when she went for his nipple, I was like OMOMOMOMOMOMO) 😀

    I love how KTH’s character is the superior, the drinker, the demander, and well the one who’s enjoying her piece of meat.

    “It seems that LBH factor makes my brain inactive.”

    And it makes me pregnant. This is going to be a problem for 2 months. 🙁

    “know he is very low-key with respect to his private life, but what drives me crazy is WHO ENJOYS THIS BUDDY”

    He has a playboy reputation (deserved or not), but honestly we won’t find out he has a girlfriend until he is marrying his GF.

    Just as long as it’s not Sienna. OMG This Belleza will give the Mishilbrow of Death if that news came out!

  17. 17 langdon813

    This Belleza will have plenty of accomplices, too. One, for sure.

  18. 18 Laura


    Thank you. Im so glad someone agrees with me… so many LBH fans (me included) blinded by his nakedness. I was very angry during those scenes because I thought that IRIS would actually be better than that, but… DISAPPOITMENT.

    Now the whole spy story and mystery with his parents (what they SHOULD focus on) its right on, super, AWESOME.

    Before IRIS came out, there was a lot of fans rooting for TOP and still there are, and I thought to myself “who the hell is this TOP person? What else is there but LBH?” But now, I know what they see. He is so much cooler than LBH’s character…. At this point, is all that love, mushy stuff, between the two lead…by the way, is it me, or what? Actually, I don’t think they have all that chemistry to begin with.

    Episode 3: When they go to rescue that guy from NK, and they are at the church; All I was thinking, during the scene with the guy and LBH and God and all that philosophy, was: “ OMG don’t let KTH come in now and spoiled the good mood” lol. Not because of the actress – actually I don’t think she’s half bad- but because LBH’s character is so much better when she is not around, and the whole story turns into this really good mystery spy drama when they are not together. When I see them together is like I’m watching “Dalja Spring”… good, old romance comedy.

    Im off to watch episode 4; hopefully things will start turning in the right direction of what a “spy drama” should be all about.

  19. 19 Jenna

    yeah..what do you expect from spy stories……..??

  20. 20 Agent Darwin

    Hehe…KTH is now getting more and more attractive!! ^___________^

  21. 21 Laura

    @ Jenna: What do you expect from a spy drama???? Well… hahaha, very simple: you expect a wicked intense, greatly intricate, seriously executed PLOT.

    You expect mystery, suspense, and lots of action. You know, themes like; politics, religion, nuclear weapons (like in this case, partly) and love yeah why not…? but the latter, very little of, or very subtle anyway. You don’t expect a spy drama to be compare to a love drama like “Spring Waltz” as someone has done while translating the subs for this drama.

    Aside from that, I have to say, I just finish watching episode 4, and now is when it’s getting good. ON THE 4TH EPISODE????
    Yeah, well, the only good thing was that even when they were giving you all those sappy mushy moments – unnecessarily tawdry- between the leads, at the end of each episode they would throw something at you just to hook you in for the next episode. Especially on episode 2, the ending was very interesting but then I felt cheated when I watched the 3rd episode. Lol

    Needless to say, but, hehehe… I will still say it: Lee Byung-hun is such a good actor. WOW.

  22. 22 belleza

    “Now the whole spy story and mystery with his parents (what they SHOULD focus on) its right on, super, AWESOME. ”

    Yeah, the core problem with Episode 3 is that the romance needs to be driven by the situations coming from the spy story. I thought the kissing scene in Episode 2 worked because it just came after a torture and a fight regarding her deception. However, here, it seemed inappropriate, and the contrast in tone between TOP’s killing spree and the Lovers in Japan stuff was distracting.

    Of course, we know that their separation is nigh, and so they needed to push the romance early. Haven’t seen Episode 4 yet, but I’m hoping the show quickly refocuses.

    I should mention that I felt Time of Dog and Wolf’s big weakness was the romance. Didn’t work for me, and I actually wished the female character was never written into the show. (Of course, what would a K-drama be without a triangle? 😉 )

    I should say though . . . . TOP’s mayhem achieves a viscera that’s rarely executed even in American TV thriller shows. (Again, big problem with American TV thrillers — everything must be “cool” or “smirky”.) Here, he’s like the Vin Diesel of Death. 😉

    “Aside from that, I have to say, I just finish watching episode 4, and now is when it’s getting good. ON THE 4TH EPISODE????”

    That’s about right though. Most 20-episode K-dramas use the first 4 episodes to set the table.

  23. 23 Laura

    @ Belleza

    Whats up? its been a while… anyway:

    “That’s about right though. Most 20-episode K-dramas use the first 4 episodes to set the table.”

    Which is why it should have been 20 epsiodes. If we cut all those romantic scenes we actually have a new IRIS with only 18 to 20 episodes… thats how heavy (in a bad way) the romance on the third episode is.

    The romance in Time Between Dog & Wolf, I thought was very good actually. I liked it, becuase it was the first suspense/action drama (and so far the only… well not really, “The Devil” good one) that didnt focus on romance while giving you a taste for it. But of course, everybody has their own opinions. So…

    TOP… OMG I’m so glad there is such an assassin… however, right now all I can think of, after having watched episode 4, is LBH actually kicking some major ass from now on. About time Byunghunny…

  24. 24 belleza

    “If we cut all those romantic scenes we actually have a new IRIS with only 18 to 20 episodes… thats how heavy (in a bad way) the romance on the third episode is.”

    I felt Iris had been pretty lucky in the romance department for the first 2 episodes. In the sense that I didn’t think the rom-com bits were taking away from the flow of the show. In episode 3, that luck ended. Now, I liked the romantic bits, but it took away from the flow of the show.

    “TOP… OMG I’m so glad there is such an assassin…”

    TOP’s scenes were really well directed. One stylistic choice that Kim Kyu Tae’s emphasized is shooting everything very tight. The fights fill out the frame, and there’s less emphasis on wide-lens and establishing shots or overtly complex tracking sequences (besides the car chase.) Also, he was more disciplined about the handicam movements.

    Back in an East of Eden thread, I mentioned the show actually got better when they switched writers and cut budget. First, there were a lot less daeha-wannabe speechifying. Second, it forced the director to shoot everything tight, since they couldn’t waste money on ooh-ahhs master shots and those expensive tracking shots. In other words, director started to focus on the bullets through the windows, people getting shot, and guns pointed up close. Inexpensive stuff. Consequential stuff.

    You can kinda see different directors working on Iris, but in the spy scenes, they did a marvelous job keeping the action on point and compact.

  25. 25 Bogoshipda

    Just finished episode 4 .. .like the twist and i could not believe that his friend will turn against him..or will he? i still like the romance bit between LBH and KTH.. wish they would have more scenes like that..

  26. 26 ...

    The name of the drama is IRIS btw (all capital letters, it’s an acronym, I guess.)

  27. 27 Sonam

    @26 Thanks for pointing that out. I have been thinking of the flower Iris and trying to make the connection.

    Yes, who is this TOP? Is it also an acronym? Who ever he is, he has made quite an entrance! Can’t wait to see him again.

  28. 28 Laura

    Yeah well, TOP equals ASWEMONESS

    Im expecting LBH to equal aswemoness in a major way right now… after episode 4 I think ill get my wish come true. 🙂 can’t wait for 5.

  29. 29 Sonam

    @ laura
    I couldn’t wait for the romantic scenes to be over. It was so boring and predictable. It was like waiting for the commercial to be over while watching something terrific on Tv.
    I wish those scenes had been like Dalja’s Spring. At least Dalja had wit and self irony.

  30. 30 Chuck

    Re: 18 Laura

    “Episode 3: When they go to rescue that guy from NK, and they are at the church; All I was thinking, during the scene with the guy and LBH and God and all that philosophy, was: “ OMG don’t let KTH come in now and spoiled the good mood” lol. Not because of the actress – actually I don’t think she’s half bad- but because LBH’s character is so much better when she is not around, and the whole story turns into this really good mystery spy drama when they are not together.”

    I’ve watched through episode 3. It seems clear that crucifix the NK agent gave LBH is important. Perhaps it contains the blueprint of South Korea’s nuclear weapon designs, which their President is searching for. And perhaps that is the reason LBH said, in the first episode, that there was a “specific reason” he had to make it back to South Korea.

    I, too, am bored with the romance in this drama. It just feels forced and unreal. Both of the male leads fell in love with this woman at first sight, which I find ridiculous. She’s beautiful, certainly. But so what? She appears to be the classic high maintenance type, seriously pouting because LBH didn’t buy her a gift at one point. They (the writers) simply did not develop any believable romantic attachment between them. And the shortness of the drama is no excuse. Plenty of 16-20 episode dramas develop believable romantic attachments. Since this is really supposed to be a thriller/spy drama, the romance angle is being given short shrift.

    The one thing I did like about the vacation in Japan scene was that it showed the mistake those two made, not leaving a contact number for their agency, while the other male lead had to go off to Hungary on his own and rescue the NK defector by himself. That built up his character into someone who isn’t just LBH’s sidekick, but a force to be reckoned with in his own right.

  31. 31 pat

    The postcard pretty scenes were too much of a shift in tone as if we don’t know bad things are coming and seemed way too unsophisicated for these characters.
    ( ALSO….Since when are your own spys unreacheable in the age of GPS and their phones are off??????)

  32. 32 Laura

    @ Sonam

    Perhaps my comparison was a bit off… hehehe But I meant that I was watching one of those love comedies, and Dalja Spring which was awesome and full of wit as you have said was the first thing that popped into my head. My apologies to Dalja Spring, how dare I compare??? LOL

    @ Chuck

    Thank you… you have said things very clearly, something im incapable of doing. I agree 100% with you.
    If you haven’t, watch episode 4. The forced romance was over on 3, so 4 gets to the good part. It wont let you down. It also reinforces what you have said about his friend.

  33. 33 loveydovey

    no whyyy someone please upload it =[

  34. 34 Sonam

    Thank you. You put into words perfectly what I felt about those romantic scenes.

    Agree! Not only did it ruin the tone and pace of the drama but those shots were so predictable. Something you see in tourist brochures all the time. Like a Sandals vacation commercial. Those images made the romantic scenes seem even more cliched.

    How about comparing it to Winter Sonata or Autumn Tale where wit and irony is inconceivable? LOL.

  35. 35 Molly

    “That built up his character into someone who isn’t just LBH’s sidekick, but a force to be reckoned with in his own right.”

    Well-said! Sa-woo seems to exhibit beta-male characteristics, and then, BAM. CLIFF-HANGER.

  36. 36 Net-chan

    I knew it. I knew they would just re-edit the bed scene… How can it be that inappropriate? 15+ “children” don’t mind, Korean or not! Well, I may think like that because I’m French but still!

    @Laura: I totally agree with your first post! The scene in Akita was so off-topic! A bit too long in my opinion. If it wasn’t that long, then I think I would have totally liked it! But it was like more than 10 minutes long (well, it felt like more than that actually XD)! Still it was pleasant too see them together :p. And I want to see the complete version of it :p.

    TOP is awesome as the bad guy! He’s like the hottest bad guy I’ve ever seen in Korean dramas! And I’m not biased at all because I don’t know who Big Bang are XD. Well, I know that it’s a group, they sing, they dance XD, but I’ve never listened to their songs…
    So that means TOP is really good :). Even if he sounds like a gangster when he speaks English XD.

  37. 37 Chuck

    Well, episode 4 was excellent. Especially the ending. It put Sawoo on the horns of a dilemma, forcing him to make a decision, a moral decision. That’s what makes drama. And whatever decision he makes, will reveal character.

    I don’t know anything about this TOP character. But his English? It makes him sound like a yuppie, not a gangster. “Keep me in the loop.”

    So, is the guy who plays the North Korean security agent, the one who shot LBH, is that the actor who played the maestro in Beethoven Virus?

  38. 38 Sonam

    no, but he played a director/writer suffering from a writer’s block in Hong Sang Soo’s wonderful Woman on the Beach. You’ve got to see that film.

  39. 39 Molly

    I had no idea who TOP was until Iris, but I’m probably one of the few that thinks he isn’t hot. On the contrary, he scares me to death…which is probably a good thing, since it shows that he’s playing the ruthless killer well. His English makes it scarier for me as well since his voice is deep and his accent noticeable – I agree with Net-chan in that he sounds like a gangster!

  40. 40 Laura

    @ Sonam

    I didn’t want to go as far as Winter Sonata…. There are many fans you know, they will probably feel offended. I have learn while posting comments here, that most people don’t interpret what you write, they interpret what they read, and they read what they want to… if that makes any sense lol. What I mean is that most people would interpret your writing the wrong way. So to be on the safe side I restrain myself A LOT. I don’t want to be “the devil’s advocate” even though I pretty much come across as that. My friends tell me all the time how I just LOVE arguing.

    I have a feeling that we might have the same taste in dramas. What’s your favorite so far? I mean as in your number one.

    Oh, and ah… CHUCK!!!! Hahahaha… you are right once more. Yuppie is the right description. I just love this guy TOP, man, he is so cool. I, like most people here have never seen him or heard his music, but he is doing an awesome job. I also think his voice is very sexy. He is the perfect assassin.

  41. 41 Laura

    @ Net-chan

    I hate how they are so obvious with LBHs body shots, “he is hot” we get it. But, hehehehe… I love to see him half naked just like any other fan. So… don’t get me wrong when I say how incredibly corny those love scenes were. I still want some romance, just not an entire episode of it, not from a spy drama… no.

  42. 42 Agent Darwin

    Regarding the blueprint for the nuclear weapon, I believe LBH has memorized it in his head, albeit he was brainwashed by NSS agent after both his parents were killed. The NSS deputy director sent him for a suicide mission, killing two birds with one stone for national security issues. However, up to now, I have no idea about the true motives of the deputy director. Is he genuinely wanted reunification or he is actually a spy himself from Japan.

    My guess is that with the cross necklace he obtained from the North Korean nuclear scientist, South Korea is capable of making a long range missle to hit the American soil i.e. Hawaii.

    I believe TOP is an agent from Japan. He was in China trying to gather certain information about Chinese nuclear capabilities. Japan has no nuclear weapons, but its nuclear technology is the most advance in the Asian Pac region because of certain pride issues after the Hiroshima and Nagasaki events. If it wants to develop nuclear weapons, it has all the infrastructures and capabilities…..

  43. 43 Agent Darwin

    I think the story is going to develop as such that LBH going to defected to North Korea with the South Korean nuclear blueprint + the latest nuclear and missles technology inside the cross; or he is going to be the warrior of light to destroy both the blue print and the cross?

    The six parties talk between South Korea, North Korea, Japan, China, US and Russia on the nuclear non-proliferation seems to be ineffective if their respective agents are so capable!!

  44. 44 didi

    I love love love love this drama. SOHOT!!

  45. 45 Chuck

    Re: 42 & 43 Agent Darwin,

    You could be right about LBH having the blueprint memorized in his photographic memory. That makes sense. And they did mention something about North Korean advances in ICBM’s, too, so that could be what’s in the crucifix. And it certainly does appear that the Vice Director wants to get rid of LBH. Why else make his mission solo, when two other agents were right there available to help him?

    But even if the Vice Director is evil, I cannot see LBH defecting to North Korea. That would cutting off your nose, to spite your face. It doesn’t make sense. Nor do I see why South Korea would want missiles capable of hitting the US—their ally. Again, that doesn’t make sense. The US is not a threat to South Korea.

  46. 46 Sonam

    Woah…It’s hard to name a number 1 . But if have to, I guess it has to be

    1, La Dolce Vita. Loved the message about True Love transcending the Physical. When LDW says, when I miss you my world becomes you or something like that …I was amazed. At the end when she holds up her hand and feels his love I cried. When he’s falling to his death and holds up his hand I was inspired.

    Here are some other favorites in no particular order
    2, Dalja’s Spring Loved it from beginning to end.
    3, Bad Family The lead guy is awesome
    4, Sorry I love you . The only drama I like my beloved SJS in.
    5, Lovers in Prague The first half was great . The rest got tiresome so I stopped watching. Loved the leads especially the leading lady.
    6, Green Rose Just watched the parts with GS and LDH. Wasn’t really interested in who tried to kill the father. But GS was so soulful and LDW was grave and beautiful. When she hugs GS in the hospital and cries into his neck, now, that’s my kind of romantic scene. Couldn’t believe this was the annoying girl from MG.
    7, My Name Is Kim Sam Soon. The first half is brilliant and the second half is not so bad either.

  47. 47 jayjay

    I agree with them for editing it out. Think about all the younger kids watching their favorite idol on tv and then seeing this scene also. Leave the hot and steamy bed scenes to the movies and xxx but not in dramas please.

  48. 48 Agent Darwin

    Hello Chuck, about South Korea, hehe…that was an intended mistake to lull you out for a conversation!! 😛

    Of course US is the protector of South Korea, and South Korea is not going to that stupid to hit the big brother. And no one is going to start a nuclear wars, except if one of them hit the wrong button i.e. Murphy Law takes place.

    Assumption based on public information available from the internet: South Korea does not have nuclear weapon, North Korea has nuclear capabilities to enrich uranium to develop weapon grade nuclear materials. Technology acquired from AQ Khan of Pakistan, rather than Germany as captured in IRIS. AQ Khan did learn from the Germans.

    To move towards reunification, one of the premise is to have a nuclear free Korean peninsular. BTW, I love the fact that the personal assistant of the President has kept the secret about NSS from the President. Ultimately, politicians come and go, it is wise not to tell them too much!! 😛 But, there must be an invisible hand that is the biggest boss of all i.e. the boss of the assistant to the President and the NSS’s Vice Director. I guess, this big boss was behind both assisinations: The North Korea Chief and South Korean President. This big boss also ordered the killing of LBH’s parents. He has two motives (1) to unite both Korea; and (2) nuclear free Korean peninsular.

    Hehe…bringing in the Japanese is a distraction to add some spices to the plot. But, in reality Japanese is in great fear whether Korea reunited or not. Japan has every reason to be afraid because it was surrounded by “nuclear member states” and it is afraid that it may suffer retribution one day for killing fields that it created during WWII. Hence, the alternative scenario is that by hook or by crook, (through TOP), it is going to get hold of the blue prints for both long range missile and nuclear enrichment plan.

    LBH is of course not going to defected to North Korea, he is going to find out who is the big boss, and who killed his parents. He is going to go right down to the bottom!!

    The beauty about IRIS is that it is a government propaganda, but so entertaining!!

  49. 49 Agent Darwin

    Is me again Agent Darwin. He is my scattered brain analysis. May be some of you may have other comments. 🙂

    Scattered Brain Analysis
    (1) There is an ultimate big boss. But, how did he come into power is my question? Is he elected or self man, and how did he make the men work for him and continue to stay loyal to him. He must be somewhat very charismatic or he has certain idealogy and those men share his idealogy.

    (2) This big boss has 2 motives: (i) to reunite the North and South Korea; and (ii) to see a nuclear freezone within the Korean Peninsular

    (3) This big boss ordered (i) the killing of LBH’s parents, (ii) the assisination of the North Korean Chief; (iii) the assisnation of the South Korean President, and (iv) the assisination of LBH.

    (4) Both the personal assistant of the South Korean President and Vice Director of NSS work for this big boss. They share his idealogy.

    (5) To achieve their motives, they have to use a series of means that may be perceived as legitimate or illegitimate. JHH is just one of their tools, he uses to fulfil his higher agenda.

    (6) Why a one-man mission? This strategy is called killing two birds with one stone. It was a dangerous mission and the Vice Director thought he would not be able to survive. If LBH was killed, they kill the nuclear blueprint, at the same time using the “blue print” to fulfil part of the higher agenda. What could be better strategy than this?

    LBH has the ability of photographic memory. It is likely that he is the living blueprint. His father (MIT trained physics scientist) did not leave any blueprint. The blueprint is in his son’s brain. However, he was brainwashed by NSS before being sent to the orphange. He is likely to recall the blueprint when given sufficient stimuli or going through a quiet meditation/contemplation.

    With the cross obtained from North Korean scientist who trained by the Germans (facts may be incorrect, North Korea obtained the nuclear technology from AQ Khan of Pakistan and AQ Khan is trained in Germany), LBH now has two pieces of important information. (I believe the big boss and the Vice Director have no idea that LBH has also got hold of the cross. In other words, LBH has a complete set of IRIS technology. Otherwise, both of them would have go nuts!!)

    One is the technology on how to enrich uranium to weapon grade nuclear missle, and the second piece is to construct long range missiles. These two piece of information post as a threat to the big boss because it violates his second motive. He needs to have LBH killed by hook or by crook. JHH is the natural choice because he is in Hungary at that point in time. The Vice Director told JHH their bigger agenda, and JHH bought the idea. So, he agreed to carry out the order.

    (7) LBH is going to find out who is the big boss and who killed his parents. I believe the President of North Korea is going to help him. The current President is pretty smart, he knew there is an invisible hand working behind trying to kill him. So who is the big boss? I believe it was the guy who hold him in the Presidential Palace when he was little (so, LBH met this guy before and he knows who he is) or can it be the forensic pathologist? Even if it is not the forensic pathologist, I believe he knows who is the big boss!! (Hehe…Agent Darwin is going to send a team of pet intelligence called G-Force to create havoc in his forensic lab!!

    (8) Who is the big boss of TOP? I guess, it is either the same big boss or Japanese secret agent.

    IRIS is a propaganda of the government, but very entertaining. If anyone of you have other ideas, please share it!!

    What actually is IRIS? It seems that it is an information list that contains who is who that is important to fulfil the two agendas of the big boss. It also contains information on how to enrich uranium to weapon grades and information on how to construct a long range missiles.

    My question is that why TOP was in Shanghai? Why brought in the Chinese? Has this anything to do with the Six Parties Talk? I believe the Japanese is in great fear after the Fat Man and Little Bomb incidents in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Japan is very advance in nuclear technology, but it continues to insist that it has no aspiration to build nuclear weapons. Despite its insistence, it does not mean that it will just sit around in fear because it is surrounded by “nuclear member states”. So, Japan sent TOP to recover the IRIS List.

    Em…since all the zigzaw puzzles are almost in place, what left to watch the drama is of course beautiful girls. But, unfortunately, I do not quite like KTH!!

  50. 50 Deena

    @16 belleza

    as for LBH’s playboy reputation, I would totally expect it to be like that after all his bed scenes, hot looks, seducing smiles etc . He must have been checking the impact of all those in real life, otherwise he wouldn’t be that convincing in all those scenes that make his fans’ hearts skip a beat. Oh boy, he knows how to do it!

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