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Kim Haneul, Sung Yuri make appearances at Birth Night Party
by | October 4, 2009 | 9 Comments

Kim Haneul and other movie stars will participate in a midnight event at Lotte World amusement park later this month, the Birth Night Party, which celebrates the 10-year anniversary of Lotte Cinemas. The event begins at 11:30 PM on the night of October 16 and continues till 4:30 AM the next morning and comprises a special talk show and “movie party” emceed by comedian Park Ki-soo.

Part 1 of the night features Kim Haneul and her Level 7 Civil Servant colleagues Kang Ji-hwan and director Shin Tae-ra. They’ll talk about their movie with audience members and show behind-the-scenes and unreleased footage. The second part of the night features Sung Yuri and Jang Hyuk, the two stars of the upcoming melodramatic film Rabbit and Lizard.

In addition to the actors’ talk show, there will be a laser show and a mini-concert featuring performances by 2NE1, G-Dragon, After School, and others.

Sounds like a fun night, if you’re in the area. Tickets go on sale this week.

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9 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. tokai

    That’s a beautiful picture there.

  2. bspanda

    “Part 1 of the night features……..Kang Ji-hwan”.

    Sorry JB am sure your translation was awesome but all i saw was blah blah blah

    KANG JI HWAN!!!!

    (BTW only small complaint – could you not have used a pic of KJH instead of Kim Haneul? Or was that because you wanted to avoid a chorus of MINE!?)

    Oh god if only I can get to Korea for that one!
    Hey Mr. Santa I know what i want for Christmas……attendance AND Kang Ji Hwan to keep afterwards!

    Laser shows and perfomances? Who cares! Kang Ji Hwan……Arggghhhh!!!

    *nose bleed* faints*

    PS Samsooki – with baby Samsooki on his way, you are not not not allowed to claim MINE let alone attend. Got it? But then what was it about Sung Yuri….no Samsooki you still can’t go and leave Ms Samsooki alone ok? Good Samsooki

  3. ccricket

    I agree with tokai. That is one pretty (sultry?) KHN photo.

  4. Vico

    That’s one good looking woman. Great pic.

  5. saranga

    the hair…. T.T

  6. langdon813

    @2 bspanda

    Nice try, but the double whammy of Kang Ji-hwan AND Sung Yuri has probably pretty much guaranteed the attendance of the entire Samsooki family unit (including Baby Rain).

    How about it, Samsooki? Have you already consulted the Roaming Gnome? 😀

  7. christine

    what a fabulous hair she have. does she look like that even when she wakes up in the morning??? if yes, what a very lucky woman she is… i really envy her hair…

  8. jinkzz

    looking forward to this event… yehey to Ji Hwan and Yuri picspam

  9. M

    Where do you buy tickets, I want to go!!! I just got to Seoul last weekend and I live near lotte world! How much are they?! And does anyone want to come with me? I dont really know anyone since I just moved here…

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