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Smile: Episodes 1 & 2
by | October 6, 2009 | 69 Comments

SBS’s new weekend drama Smile (or Smile, You) got off to a brisk start and seems to be poised to do decently. Is it wildly innovative or surprising? No — but it IS refreshing and fun. Like with so many romantic storylines in dramas, the lovelines here are obvious and expected, but the chemistry between the adorable lead characters makes it enjoyable to watch.


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Veteran actor Choi Bool-am plays KANG MAN-BOK, who isn’t necessarily the lead character but certainly the central one who holds the rest together. At 72, he is the longtime driver to the Seo family, who owe their riches and prestige to the now-deceased CEO. Grandpa Man-bok was especially loyal to the former chairman, who has been succeeded by his son SEO JUNG-GIL (Kang Seok-woo, in the red tie).

Even though Jung-gil is rude and snobby and has none of his father’s admirable traits, Grandpa is still respectful — even when he is sneered at and fired one morning when Jung-gil loses his patience with the old man.

Grandpa Man-bok lives in a modest (borderline shabby) home with his mechanic son Kang SANG-HOON (Chun Ho-jin) and son’s wife GEUM-JA (Song Ok-sook). Although Grandpa is completely deferential to his employers — he’s like a relic of the older ages — at home he rules with an iron fist. His rules are law, and even when Sang-hoon and Geum-ja want to stand up to him, they inevitably end up cowering meekly. For instance, when Geum-ja buys beef for her son’s welcome-home dinner, Grandpa insists that it’s a waste of money — tofu is much more nutritious anyway — and forces her to return the meat.

That son is Kang HYUN-SOO (Jung Kyung-ho), 28, who is now returning from studying abroad. Hyun-soo is a good son, a teeny bit of a mama’s boy, and a perfect example of the Beta Male. Where the Alpha Male asserts himself with masculine confidence, the Beta is more sensitive, sometimes timid. This means he is hilarious in his ineffectual attempts at courting his longtime (one-sided) love, and exerts himself to comical extremes in order to avoid confrontation. (I love him already.) He has earned a graduate degree and is pursuing a doctorate; his field, like his family’s, is in the automotive industry.

Now for Seo JUNG-IN (Lee Min-jung). As the youngest child of the Seo family (dad Jung-gil, mom Joo-hee), Jung-in is the first to marry; her rascal of a brother (Lee Chun-hee) is off in the States while her older sister is a busy doctor.

Jung-in is set to marry her sweetheart in an actual love match. Although her union to Lee HAN-SAE (Lee Kyu-han) could be seen as an arranged marriage to benefit both families, who both run large corporations, Jung-in and Han-sae profess themselves to be in love and are happy to marry.

Jung-in is a little spoiled but also very plucky, so I like her right off the bat. I’ve liked Lee Min-jung in everything I’ve seen her in, and find that she possesses a winning charm even when some of her characters are a little difficult. She brings out their inner appeal, and her Jung-in is no different; sure, she’s a rich heiress, but the instant she’s brought low, she doesn’t crumble or whine or collapse. She grits her teeth and sticks it out, and I admire that.

JUNG-KYUNG (Choi Jung-yoon), 28, is the older sister with whom Jung-in’s relationship is strained. I think in another drama, Jung-kyung could even be heroine material — she’s the rational one in a family whose members are snooty and out of touch with reality — but here, she’s the professional, detached, and cool middle child. She has distanced herself from her family and focused on her career, looking at her little sister with exasperation and a little bit of judgment; after all, she got by on her brains and merit, while Jung-in is the princess marrying out of one rich family and into another one.

Jung-kyung is also, coincidentally, Hyun-soo’s first love. He’s been enamored of her for the past eight years — they were in the same class at university — but she has never spared him a passing glance. (At least you can’t accuse her of stringing him along; he’s delusional to hang on for so long.) She’s dating an older doctor, and while they seem to like each other a lot, this relationship is handicapped from the get-go because (1) they’re keeping it a secret from colleagues and (2) he has a daughter, and when his schedule conflicts with dating time, he naturally has to choose his daughter over his girlfriend. Jung-kyung understands, but is not happy to be pushed aside.

Meanwhile, the Seo sisters have an older brother we haven’t yet seen: Seo SUNG-JOON (Lee Chun-hee), 30, who went to U.S. to become a pro golfer.


Early on, it’s clear that Jung-in is the one in control of her dynamic with Han-sae, but there is genuine affection between them. He avows his eternal love, and she reciprocates (after letting him know it’s not cool to ignore her phone calls to go party, even if it was his bachelor party). Their marriage has been approved by both families, and although Jung-in has some last-minute cold feet, her father Jung-gil encourages her to continue. This would actually be the perfect arranged marriage — love between the couple AND politically/economically beneficial to both families — if only the situation weren’t challenged right away.

The kids get married and head off to the airport to their honeymoon, stopping briefly so Jung-in can share happy words with Grandpa Man-bok. She’s the only member of the Seo family who actually treats Grandpa with respect or affection; the others treat him like a common servant. He wishes her well, and she and Han-sae zoom off in elation.

However, immediately after the ceremony, Jung-gil receives word that things have gone awry with his company. His attempt to borrow from associates have failed, and this means his company is broke. The news spreads and Han-sae’s parents (the Lees) realize that Jung-gil is sneaky and manipulative; the reason he was pushing the kids’ marriage was to merge the two companies before the others found out. Thus the Lees feel cheated, and order Han-sae to come back immediately to sort things out and to dissolve the marriage.

Han-sae tells his mother, “But I love Jung-in,” wanting to stay married. Jung-in tells him that if he returns home as ordered, he’s effectively giving up on their marriage. Thinking that he will stick with her, she insists that he choose between them.

To her shock, Han-sae tells her, “Sorry,” and heads back home. This leaves Jung-in stranded on the highway in disbelief. She cries in anger as she curses him, and stumbles along the road. She’s not only angry at Han-sae for ditching her, she’s angry to hear from her father that he knew his company was going bust. She correctly guesses that he was pushing her to marry for the sake of the company, and accuses him of selling off his own daughter. She’s penniless and alone, but refuses to return home.

Therefore, she hails a taxi to her sister’s hospital and asks for a credit card to help get by. However, big sis Jung-kyung is a little too coldly rational and pulls the “See, I told you so” card, which does nothing to ease the sisterly tensions. Furthermore, Jung-kyung is more concerned about looking bad in front of her workplace and hushes Jung-in, who retorts, indicating her appearance, “Who do you think is more humiliated in this situation?”

Jung-kyung offers some cash, but Jung-in is insulted that all her sister can do in this emergency is offer a measly 10,000 won ($8), and storms off.

Hyun-soo, meanwhile, has arrived fresh off the plane from America and calls home to check in, then calls his beloved crush — Jung-kyung. She has no interest in his return, but he is so eager to see her that he reads hope in all of her dismissals, and visits her at the hospital. Which is where he sees Jung-in, sitting alone and looking pathetic at the bus stop.

Hyun-soo is hilariously cowardly and pretends not to listen in as she mutters to herself and tries to figure out where to turn. It’s then that she remembers Grandpa Man-bok, who has always treated her kindly. She calls him, but his phone has been cut off and all she knows is his neighborhood. Hyun-soo recognizes that as his own neighborhood, but when Jung-in asks him for info, he pretends not to know, wanting to distance himself from the crazy jilted bride.

She follows him onto the bus (he pretends not to notice her), and they disembark at the same stop. But rather than offer his assistance, Hyun-soo nervously runs off, ignoring her inquiries. LOL.

Without any information, Jung-in is stranded in this neighborhood, and her hungry stomach leads her to a restaurant. Hyun-soo goes home and happily reunites with his family, after which he goes out searching for Grandpa Man-bok, since he’s been gone all afternoon. This leads him to the restaurant where he and the owner watch Jung-in eating alone, guessing that she’s unhinged, and call the cops to take her away.

Jung-in protests and calls Grandpa, who comes rushing to the police station to release her. To Hyun-soo’s shock, Grandpa treats her respectfully and comforts her as she cries. Worse still, Jung-in blames Hyun-soo as the reason he got sent to the police in the first place.

Therefore Jung-in spends the night in the Kang family home, to the discomfort of everyone else. Jung-in may be stranded but she’s still used to a princess-like upbringing, so she is dissatisfied at their humble home, which naturally gets on Mom and Dad’s nerves.

A bit later, Hyun-soo finds Jung-in borrowing one of their cars (the family auto center is next door, and a young employee is eager to help out pretty Jung-in). He balks, and when she refuses to get out of the car, Hyun-soo jumps in to join her.

This leads them to Han-sae’s house, where a bitter Jung-in drags a canister of gasoline and leaves a voicemail threatening to burn his house down if he doesn’t come out to see her. Instead, Han-sae’s snooty mom answers the door, and orders Jung-in away. Essentially, she calls Jung-in a mercenary bitch, and to be fair, I don’t blame her for thinking so. Don’t get me wrong, Mama Lee is incredibly abusive in her language and out of line to slap Jung-in, but Jung-gil WAS sleazy to try to merge their businesses without telling them he was going broke.

Jung-in defends herself, insisting that she and Han-sae are in love, but Mama Lee isn’t having it. It’s only at this point that Hyun-soo starts to see Jung-in in a new light (and one that doesn’t paint her as a crazy Miss Havisham type), uncomfortable at seeing her so abused.

This leads to drinking.

Jung-in downs bottle after bottle of soju, and at this point Hyun-soo is stuck with her. On one hand, he wants nothing to do with all her drama, but on the other hand, now he’s developed a sense of sympathy and can’t just ditch her.

Adorably, Jung-in’s drunkenness soon leads her to call Hyun-soo “oppa.” But she refuses to heed his suggestions to go home, and tells him to go off without her. Not like she hasn’t been abandoned before.

Hyun-soo does end up ditching her, which is when she calls her sister and tells her to bring money to pay off her bar tab. However, Hyun-soo’s guilty conscience kicks in and he turns back to find her babbling nonsense and half-unconscious. He picks her up to deposit her in the car…

…which is when Jung-in’s sister arrives. He is immediately aware how this looks, and hurriedly tries to assure his beloved Jung-kyung that this is nothing, that he doesn’t know the girl, that it’s not his girlfriend. Jung-kyung merely smiles and says he looks cute with his girlfriend. All the while, Jung-in’s head is hung so that her face remains hidden, and her sister figures she must have left.

Hyun-soo curses Jung-in for ruining this moment and giving his Jung-kyung the wrong idea, and is none too happy as he takes her home. Unfortunately, as a result of all that soju, Jung-in vomits all over his back just as he arrives, and he grimaces in disgust.

Hyun-soo takes off his soiled top and wipes the mess off the floor, fretting over the mess she has made on herself and the bedspread. After some hesitation, he decides to take her outer shirt off since it’s covered in vomit — which is when her parents arrive at the house to claim their wayward daughter.

Seeing a strange guy shirtless and hovering over their unconscious daughter, Daddy Seo freaks out and starts beating up on Hyun-soo… which is when Mama Kang swoops in to defend her son… and the whole mess is stopped by a stern Grandpa. The Seos claim their daughter while the Kangs defend themselves.


It’s hinted that there are some romantically crossed wires amongst the parents’ generation. The online character profiles tell us that Joo-hee (Mama Seo, to the right) and Sang-hoon (Daddy Kang, at left) used to be first loves. For whatever reason, Joo-hee married Jung-gil instead and became a rich princess, while Jung-gil lives a blue-collar life in more humble circumstances.

Furthermore, the two men have a contentious relationship dating back to old days, which revives when Jung-gil’s company goes bust. All these years, Jung-gil has looked down on Sang-hoon for being poor, while Sang-hoon has resented Jung-gil for being his father’s ungrateful boss. The moment Jung-gil is brought low, Sang-hoon exults to see his rival having to eat some crow.

Like in Sons of Sol Pharmacy, I’m not really a fan of the romantic shenanigans between the middle generation, mostly because it feels manufactured and less interesting. But on the other hand, if it does what Sol Pharmacy did so well in establishing the friendship underneath all that bickering, I will be happy.

As for the main couple: I am already a fan! Like I said, I just love how much of a Beta Male Hyun-soo is. He’s kind of a wuss when it comes to confrontation, but there’s something in Jung Kyung-ho’s acting that reminds me of Jae Hee in his comedic roles — the facial expressions, the subtle but spot-on comic timing. He can be over-the-top but it’s not slapstick; if anything, he plays off his nervous babbling comic moments with a witty delivery. I like it a lot.

I also love that Jung-in is NOT (thank jeeves!) a damsel in distress. She does cry when she’s dumped at the side of the road (who wouldn’t?) but it’s not tears of “Woe is me, pity me, whatever shall I do, save me!” It’s more tears of “How dare he, rotten scum, just you wait, I’ll gut you and make you regret crossing me!” And then she rips off the dragging layers on her wedding dress to make herself more mobile. When she’s asked, “Are you crazy?” she retorts, “Look at me — do you think I wouldn’t be?” And when her sister feels embarrassed at her outburst at the hospital, she references her own disheveled appearance and points out that she has more of a right to feel embarrassed at the moment.

She’s fully aware of her circumstances but it doesn’t stop her from trying to figure out ways to get out of it, so for that alone I like her.

So here we have the two happy families:

They haven’t moved in together yet, but we can be sure that will be the next step. This will give us a chance to see the family dynamics as the Seos and Kangs attempt to make things work under the same roof — no small feat when there’s already bad vibes running between them in each generation.

The verdict?

I like Smile. It’s watchable and funny, and while it doesn’t reinvent the wheel, when it uses cliches they are working FOR its story, rather than being a crutch to drag the story along. I’ll keep watching.


69 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Pully

    This drama is love at first sight. So many LOLs with main couple.

    I’m sooo~ freaking glad that she’s not a damsel in distress as you said.

  2. orangemilo

    dramabeans…I also love this drama..it’s so refreshing to see Beta Male type as the main lead actor..he is so cute, I want to bring him home πŸ™‚

  3. bbm

    “It’s more tears of β€œHow dare he, rotten scum, just you wait, I’ll gut you and make you regret crossing me!” And then she rips off the dragging layers on her wedding dress to make herself more mobile.”
    although i haven’t watched the drama, but i find this particular scene, a bride crying while cursing, stranded on a highway (with mascara all over her face due to the tears), is hillarious although it should be heart breaking… LOL
    i hope this drama too have the same charms as Sol’s Pharmacy, although i had to admit i’m kinda lost it with the situation in the Oh family

  4. bobbie

    I am totally in love with this drama, not just because the 2 leads are so damn likeable, with great chemistry. I’ve seen JKH in other stuff before (Ja Myung Go and TDW) but didn’t know he had such a great comedic streak.

    Downside is that is a fifty ep drama isn’t it? I’m not sure I’ve got the time to follow it for so long, it’s annoying because I love it so much already and it’s only been four eps.

  5. javabeans

    It’s a 30 episode drama. Longer than average, but not as burdensome as 50!

  6. chen

    Looks cute and fun! Shall try watching.

  7. koalabear

    the first 2 episodes were actually good though I got bored with the subplot of the older generation but otherwise it’s essential to the story. I was also surprised that Jung Kyung-ho can do comedic roles pretty well, as I’ve only seen him in I’m Sorry I Love You, I think I’m also starting to like his character. Lee Min-jung is really promising and her spoiled brat character is really cute rather than annoying : )

  8. onemorepls

    Oh my gosh I’m already luvin this drama and adorable couple. Have so many lols already. I won’t mind the 30 eps if they keep the tone of drama the same.

    I agreed Jung Kyung-ho does remind me of Jae Hee (miss him, hope he be done with services). Anyhoo JKH is too cute.

  9. Jessica

    Is 50 episodes really that long?

    I guess I’m used to it now having watched Dear Heaven (85) and Miss Mermaid (256!!!) πŸ™‚

  10. 10 Anna Christiansen

    i’m loving this drama so much that i’ve actually posted here instead of just lurking . . . i’m absolutely over the moon that it will be 50 episodes long. yessssss!~

  11. 11 klodica

    It’s a 30 episode drama? not 50 episode? o, super :))….i love this drama :))

  12. 12 Anna Christiansen


    this is where i got the 50 epi info from. so its not 30? sadness

  13. 13 deeta

    30?? Oh thank god, its Soompi page lists 50 as the episodes.

    I enjoyed the first 4 eps a lot. Like you said, it’s not doing anything new, but I thought it was surprisingly refreshing. I like the young actors, they present a different sort of ‘personalities’. The older generation stories bore me, mainly because I am not particularly interested in their issues. The only older character I like is Hyunsoo’s mom.

    I love Jungin, but I DO think that she comes off really rude sometimes. You know, I had thoughts that maybe, she would have done a good Kang Hyena (with a different Dongchan however). A little overacting here and there, but Lee Minjung is doing very well.

    Still, Jung Kyungho is just LOVE! Gawd, the last time I saw JHK was as this snivelling irritating Choi Yun in MiSa, so this role was such a nice change.

  14. 14 janna

    I feel like Hyun Soo AND Hyun Sae are both beta males, which is really funny.

    Moral of this story: Once a dork, always a dork. Even after 8 years. Even after you studied in America. Even after you pulled off your sunglasses in the airport like every other ‘suave’ character does in Kdramas. D-o-r-k. But it’s okay Hyun Soo, she doesn’t know what she’s missing…

  15. 15 fanlita

    I like lee min jung, but 50 episodes?? 30 or 50?

  16. 16 mawar

    seems good…………… and fun! I hope it early came to show in my country, Indonesia. I love at first sight ^_^ to this Kdrama.

  17. 17 Jerlyn

    OMG!!! I am loving this drama!!!!! Both Jung Kyung Ho and Lee Min Jung are so cute together!!! Lee Kyu Han is quite funny too! Definitely on my keep watching list! =)

  18. 18 emeldy

    Well that’s a relief if it is a 30 ep. I am really enjoying this drama, was looking forward for a light romantic comedy for a long time. I understand its really long but I really hope Javabeans continue with the episode summary.

  19. 19 anna

    Wiki also listed it as 50! When did they change it? I guess it’s a relieve somewhat. Still long though.

  20. 20 eclipse

    Oww..30 eps?!! It`s good news! I can`t tolerate long eps Kdrama non sageuk…because usually they prolonged it by the relationships of other non significant characters, ex: their friends, their aunt/uncle, grandparents, etc.

    Beside, I looove Jung Kyung Ho!! And over all this drama is funny! I think i stick around to watch it, now the pace it`s already good..i hope it not dragged out along the way…

  21. 21 Rubysing

    Love it! It’s funny yet heart-tugging at times too.

  22. 22 shu

    i love this! it makes me feel like jae kyung is going to get her real love down here=]]

  23. 23 atsirk

    I enjoy this drama πŸ™‚ It’s awesome!!!

  24. 24 javabeans
  25. 25 elise

    reading from the recaps of jv and the comments, i think i want to watch this drama… it sounds fun. But i am not korean, will it be english subbed by any subbing team?
    thanks a lot!

  26. 26 Lisa

    Sounds really cute, I’ll have to start watching!

  27. 27 Danni

    I wanted to watch this drama since I heard about it, and I was surprised by how nice it is. I think what’s driving it right now though is the chemistry between the main characters, which I didn’t expect to be so addicting. Hopefully, they can keep that up. I also like Hyun-Soo as the beta male, even though he does have some authority later on.

  28. 28 Arivle

    Javabeans I was waiting for your take on this drama…..and I’m glad that you are enjoying it….cause I’m having a blast ….like you wrote there is nothing new that we haven’t seen before but it very refreshing to watch…the main leads are hilarious to watch and I love the fact that the female lead has a strong in charge personality…that it missing in recent Kdramas….I also love the bickering banter and plain dialogue that they use…no angst please cause that drive me crazy….hope this drama gets good ratings and that the writters and production keep up the excellent work……..SMILE……

  29. 29 mishane

    Thank you for this! Thanks to your recap, I’ll start watching. It looks cute!

  30. 30 mie

    ADORABLE drama. Glad you’re recapping this one. <3

  31. 31 Tammy

    I didn’t have much expectation for this series but after reading your recap, it definitely sounds like another classically addicting and entertaining Kdrama (I miss those and was sadly disappointed in how My Fair Lady turned/is turning out). Can’t wait to start chasing this series! πŸ™‚

  32. 32 gallivanter

    Aw, I was hoping you would recap this. I’ve watched the first two eps and thought they were just as cute. I love me a well done rom-com. I’m excited to see how Jung-In’s parents will be humbled; I’m sure there’s going to be all sorts of shenanigans while learning to be middle class.

    (and yay for this only being 30 eps!)

  33. 33 Sonam

    I agree with Grandpa. Tofu is better than meat in every way. Too much meat cause cancer and is really bad for the environment. Eat less meat, everyone!

  34. 34 rainey

    I liked the first 2 eps as well. I haven’t watched the others as yet but so far so like.

  35. 35 Eve

    I’m glad to find out it’s 30 episodes! I’ve been seeing it listed at 50. I started watching it randomly without knowing it was longer than the 16-24 episode range and I really enjoyed it. I was slightly annoyed to know it was going to last so long, haha.

    Right now I like it the most of any thing that is currently running new episodes.

  36. 36 linz

    this sounds like something i would like….but 30 episodes….ehhh soo long. i guess as long as its a fun drama i won’t mind! too bad i need to study instead of watching dramas πŸ™

    and its being subbed on viikii for the people who were wondering if its being subbed!

  37. 37 Jem

    Doesn’t the story line similar to Corner With Love (taiwan drama)?

  38. 38 glitzyglam

    i hope this does well…
    lol it was painful for me to watch Jung KyungHo in a failing drama (JaMyungGo) so I want this to succeed!!! hehe

  39. 39 Irene

    Ha, you have made the drama sound really attractive to me now.. I was still thinking if I should watch it…… have 2 ep sitting in my computer un-watch, now I will re-consider to watch them.. πŸ™‚

  40. 40 cimi

    watched it and really enjoyed it. Its nice to go back to watching a drama that grabs you from the beginning. Hope it continues in the same vein.

  41. 41 Yaya

    I love Jung Kyu-Ho’s character. Not to mention that he has great chemistry with Lee Min Jung. I never thought that JKH can really portray a comedic role, which I find is very funny but not over the top. He has great timing and really knows what he’s doing to portray the innocent Hyunsoo. And LMJ’s acting is fantastic. Just like JKH, she knows how to use her expression in a way that makes me think her acting is so realistic. The production has done a good job in casting the leads. It’s an enjoyable show, and I’m looking forward for the future development of their relationship (By the way, they already hinted a great love-line development through the first few episode.

    Thanks for your review!

    P/S: JKH’s character is too adorable. Haha. I’ve become a fan, too.

  42. 42 soiia

    oh I like Smile too ^^ At least it got me hooked and laughing a lot more than Style or Swallow the Sun, which were so much anticipated, yet disappointing in my opinion. And yes, the main couple is adorable! I was hesitant to watch it since 50+ episodes dramas are a bit hard to follow, but Smile is def. refreshing πŸ™‚

  43. 43 asianromance

    thanks for the recap! this sounds like a great drama! just not sure about the whole 30 episodes….maybe i’ll watch it during winter break…

  44. 44 Icarusfalls

    I am obsessed with this drama!! I have fallen head over heels in love with the main lead, hyun soo and his Beta male characteristics and his nervous humor.. and I love the female lead too.. It’s cute, it’s hilarious, it crazy, and so far it is not dramatic. What’s not to love!

  45. 45 Lk7

    Is it actually 30 eps or 50? If its 50 then I won’t bother watching since it’ll be incredibly dragged, but if it 30 then I’ll watch it.

  46. 46 GG

    Thank You Javabeans for the recaps. I am loving Smile, you so much. Just like everyone else I thought it was 50 episodes and was feeling a bit daunted by it. The 30 episodes is news to me but I welcome the news. I love the dynamics between the two leads, and I also love the way she calls him”oppa’ when she wants something….I laughed so hard in each episode.
    I hope they keep this up coz I’m completely in love with everything including the father and son Hiccups when they get nervous.

  47. 47 janna

    I typed Hyun Sae instead of HAN Sae in my previous post, must have been tired! Anyways, Han Sae is also a weenie.

    I just saw the pictures of Lee Chun Hee…wow. I can’t wait to see that scene in motion, because the pictures are already priceless. A dysfunctional Kodak moment! (probably one of many in Seo family) (!!!)

  48. 48 onemorepls


    me too i’m luvin everything about this show πŸ™‚

  49. 49 Lei

    Thanks for the recap; I’ve been pulled out of a dry-KDrama-spell thanks to you! πŸ™‚
    There aren’t many dramas these days that I can watch to the end so I’m hopeful for “Smile, You”. ^^

    The characters are all so lovable through their own personalities.
    Here’s to a drama that has a feisty female lead and beta male, breaking the Kdrama lead character mould for the most part, and still encompasses the essence of the ‘typical’ Kdrama! πŸ˜€

  50. 50 vrosemarie

    YES! Jung Kyung Ho as the main character in a drama for once!

    Love, love, LOVE!!!

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