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Smile: Episodes 7-8
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How the mighty have fallen…

As soyjoy mentioned in her last recap, watching an episode twice makes the shortcomings glaringly obvious. This definitely isn’t a masterpiece that needs to be seen more than once. It’s not surprising for a 50-episode series to be drawn out, but I think some plot development/movement is in order. Fortunately, Lee Chun Hee‘s entrance has infused a bit of energy and his love interest has been revealed, giving me some hope for the future. I still enjoy the goofy and sweet moments, so all is not lost.

[Just a little housekeeping note: Unfortunately, our 3rd partner in crime had to bow out, leaving 2 of us for the recaps. With the good ratings, I fully expect to see 50 episodes of Smile, leading to our decision to recap 2 episodes together going forward.]


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Episode 7

The Seo family is in complete shock with Grandpa Man-bok’s stinging words, “Yesterday was the last day I treated you like a guest. You’d better do as I say!” The puerile Sung-joon, immediately walks over to the Kang family, and starts stretching. (Chunderella, you’ve still got it!) Jung-kil kicks Sung-joon and takes his family into the house.

Inside, Jung-kil accuses Jung-in of tattle tailing their current state of poverty to Grandpa Man-bok, declaring that she’s always liked him more than her own family. Joo-hee (mom) and Sung-joon both jump on her for betraying the family. She immediate declares her innocence and reminds them that Grandpa Man-bok isn’t the type of person to be swayed by money. Seeing the desperate situation, Sung-joon suggests following Grandpa’s orders, but Jung-kil won’t hear any of it. Jung-in takes charge, “Let me give it a try. He listens to everything I say, so you just sit quietly and trust me.”

She heads outside and turns the charm dial to full, trying to win Grandpa Man-bok over. But he’s no pushover, and tells her to stop acting like a child. He calls over Geum-ja and puts her in charge of the women, instructing her to share the housework with Jung-in and her mom. He even suggests that she hit them if they won’t listen. Geum-ja is excited beyond belief and walks away thinking about the possibilities.

Realizing that he needs to work in order to eat, Sung-joon heads outside and pretends to help Hyun-soo with the car wash. (He basically picks up a sponge and then puts it back down.) Sung-joon asks Hyun-soo to take care of the soft-hearted Jung-in, which makes Hyun-soo adamantly deny that anything is going on between them. But at the mention of Jung-kyung’s name, Hyun-soo perks up.

Sung-joon: If it was Jung-kyung…
Hyun-soo: What if it was Jung-kyung?
Sung-joon: She would have already packed up her bags and left, and never come anywhere near here again. Her personality is… bleh. If you say one thing she doesn’t like, she’ll never see you again. That’s why she has no friends.

Meanwhile, Jung-kyung is off playing house with her doctor boyfriend. He’s moved her into his spare apartment, and comes over to prepare breakfast as she wakes up in the morning.

I know there’s been quite a bit of Jung-kyung hating going on. Maybe I’m biased because I like the actress who plays her character (Choi Jung-yoon), but I think she has redeeming qualities in the series. Yes, she’s cold, even heartless at times, but I think she wants the best for her family. She just does it in her own harsh way. I mean, she’s had to endure 26 years of her family’s craziness. That said, it is pretty bratty of her to stay in this apartment, while her family suffers at the Kangs.

As the Kang family starts breakfast, the Seos file out, hoping to join them. They start to scoop food onto their plates, but Grandpa Man-bok is relentless and refuses to feed those who don’t work. Jung-kil calls his family back to their room, but the shameless Sung-joon fibs that he helped Hyun-soo with the car wash, and eats breakfast. Man-bok is so stubborn that he won’t even let Jung-in drink water at the table.

The Kang dad/son combo try to talk Geum-ja into showing some compassion to the Seo family. It’s for different reasons, different ladies to be more precise. Sang-hoon is worried about Joo-hee, while Hyun-soo is thinking about Jung-kyung. But Geum-ja refuses to give an inch.

As Hyun-soo leaves for work, he offers to buy food for Jung-in. But she thinks that he’s only being friendly because of the earlier text she sent, pretending to be a worried Jung-kyung.

Jung-in: What happened? You didn’t even want to eat ramen with me yesterday.
Hyun-soo: That was yesterday. Let’s go. I’ll buy you something.
Jung-in: Forget it. Don’t meddle and just go.
Hyun-soo: How can I not meddle when you’re like this?
Jung-in: If anyone saw, they’d think you’re worrying about me.
Hyun-soo: Huh?

Sung-joon see them talking to each other, and asks what the 2 of them are doing. When Hyun-soo abruptly leaves for work, he gives Jung-in a knowing smile.

Hyun-soo heads to his new work at Global Motors (used incorrect company name in earlier post), and Han-se loads him with work on his first day. He also takes the opportunity to talk to Hyun-soo about the incident outside the restaurant. He tells Hyun-soo to be careful about Jung-in, because she’d try to do anything to win him back. Even using sympathy to exploit Hyun-soo. Han-se is hoping for some revenge with his words, but Hyun-soo replies with confidence.

Hyun-soo: Is the Seo Jung-in you know that kind of woman? I’m sure you know her better than me, since you even married her. But the Seo Jung-in I know would find keeping her dignity more important than being pitied. I’m sorry that I seem to get involved in your personal life. As I said earlier, Seo Jung-in and I don’t have any relationship. So, please try to avoid this kind of discussion in the future.

Jung-in is sulking back at the Kang residence, waiting for someone to notice her. It’s a little cute, but mostly sad that she’s decided to act like a toddler to get her way. (What happened to the resilient Jung-in?) Her presence has the opposite effect that she’s going for, and Grandpa Man-bok’s blood boils, seeing her mope. Geum-ja pushes her into the house at Man-bok’s request, and tries to put her to work. She hands her a hand broom, explaining that sweeping the floor is the easiest chore in the house. But Jung-in throws the broom on the floor, barking that she shouldn’t have to work. Geum-ja slaps her on her back, calling her a foolish, immature girl. (Way to go, Geum-ja!)

While having lunch, Hyun-soo’s coworkers start telling grade school wordplay jokes.

Q: Do you know who grandpa loves the most?
A: Hal-MO-NEY… (Hal-muh-nee is grandma in Korean.)
Q: What do you call it when a dong-seng (younger brother) really loves his hyung (older brother)?
A: Hyung gwang pen [형광팬]… (It could either mean a highlighter or hyung/older brother’s biggest fan.)
It’s cute that Hyun-soo takes a second to figure out the joke, and then texts them to Jung-kyung (really Jung-in) to make her smile. Jung-in gets the message and thinks, how childish, but starts cracking up after a second.

Hyun-soo text: You’re laughing because it’s childish, right? But if you laughed, mission accomplished.
Jung-in: I laughed because it’s me. If it was Seo Jung-kyung, there wouldn’t have been any laughter. What a dummy.

Hyun-soo receives a text from “Jung-kyung” that reads, “hehe… really funny.” But more significant is the pair of lips that comes with the text. Hyun-soo tries to play it cool in front of his co-workers, but we know that he’s bursting with joy on the inside.

Jung-in lies in bed, thinking about Hyun-soo, and wonders if he could figure out the owner of the lips. She realizes that it’s unrealistic, but still peruses through the texts from him, smiling. When she sees her sister’s name in one of the texts, she comes to her senses, knowing that they were all meant for Jung-kyung.

Determined to tell Hyun-soo the truth, she resolves to pay him back for the cellphone. She decides to sell off her clothes and starts going through the luggage, with her family following suit. When they try to take the clothes out of the house, grandpa Man-bok orders them to give up their clothes as collateral for the room. After Man-bok drives off with the clothes, Jung-kil is still in a good mood, and takes his family out, promising to buy something better than the lost clothes. When Sung-joon asks about money, Jung-kil points to his watch.

As Jung-kyung is about to go on a date with her doctor boyfriend, Hyun-soo arrives at the hospital and sees them together. He’s surprised but walks over to talk about the text he sent. She, of course, doesn’t know what he’s talking about and takes out her cellphone. Hyun-soo realizes that it’s not the phone he bought and flees. Jung-kyungs runs after him, wanting to keep him quiet about her boyfriend.

The rest of the Seo family are out at Joon-bae’s restaurant. Jung-kil and Sung-joon are enjoying their food, while the 2 ladies are none too happy with the situation. Joo-hee has filled up with the bread that Sang-hoon brought her and Jung-in wants money instead of meat. Joon-bae is averse to watching the Seo family eat their money away, and calls Man-bok to come pick them up.

A dejected Hyun-soo heads home, and sees the oblivious Jung-in, who’s happy to see him. But Hyun-soo is angry and walks right past her.

Jung-in: Oppa. Hold on. You were going to take me out for food this morning. Let’s go now. I haven’t eaten all day and I have something to give to you.
Hyun-soo: … [walks away.]
Jung-in: I have something to give to you.
Hyun-soo: … [walks away.]
Jung-in: Oppa. I have something to tell you. I’m not sure why you’re mad, but I didn’t eat, waiting for you to come home. I know I was cranky this morning for no reason. I just didn’t have anyone else to take it out on. When I was burned by Han-se, when I cried, or when I was upset, you…
Hyun-soo: I’m not going to anymore. I’m not going to soothe or console you anymore. So get out of my way.
Jung-in: Listen to me first.
Hyun-soo: I don’t want to.

Jung-in wants to tell Hyun-soo the truth, but he’s rightfully upset about the cellphone incident, and doesn’t give her a chance to apologize.

Meanwhile, Jung-kyung has come to the house to talk to Hyun-soo. She finds Jung-in’s cellphone and looks through the texts, figuring out that Jung-in has been sending messages to Hyun-soo disguised as Jung-kyung. She comes down to Hyun-soo’s room to find Jung-in and Hyun-soo together.

Episode 8

Jung-kyung dismisses her sister as a flake only interested in getting a free cellphone, and scolds Hyun-soo for behaving rashly, “Did you really think I would send you these kind of texts?” Hyun-soo is wounded by her words but remains level-headed. He blames himself and reminds her that he’s always found excuses everytime she’s rejected him. Jung-kyung affirms her feelings for her boyfriend and begs him to stop making excuses anymore.

Grandpa Man-bok drags home a drunk Jung-kil. Our 2 families are finally together under the same roof again, but with disastrous circumstances. Jung-kil is fully inebriated and calls Man-bok all sorts of name, before passing out. The members of the Seo family are embarrassed and worried about being thrown out.

Jung-in runs after Jung-kyung, who sneers at her, “Why do you want to talk to me? To apologize? Forget it. I should thank you for helping me end things cleanly (with Hyun-soo.)” Jung-in has become quite the softy when it comes to Hyun-soo and calls her a callous bitch for the way she’s treating him. Jung-kyung picks up her sister’s concern for Hyun-soo, and tells Jung-in to keep her feeling in check and not fall for a guy who’s had an 8 year crush.

When Jung-in comes back to the house, she sees Hyun-soo outside. She tries to cheer him up and hands over the money for the cellphone. He makes her follow him to a playground nearby to talk in private. When he asks how long she’s known, Jung-in comes clean. She tells him that she accidentally saw them together at hospital, and tries to console him.

Jung-in: I know Seo Jung-kyung well, since she’s my sister. She’s always been a brat, since she was little. You saw the way she left, even though dad was (drunk) like that. So stop letting her upset you, and just let go of her. A person like you is worthy of someone way better than her.”

Unfortunately, Hyun-soo is more bothered by Jung-in’s condemnation of Jung-kyung, than comforted by her words.

Back home, they both ponder the conversation. Hyun-soo muses over his love, Jung-kyung, while Jung-in frets over Hyun-soo. She gives him 10 seconds to return her text, and starts counting to 10 slowly, sad that he’s not responding.

The next morning, both whole family comes out for their morning exercises. Jung-in may talk a big game, but still has a guilty conscience. One glare from Hyun-soo stops her yawn in its tracks. (Cute!)

Grandpa Man-bok cancels the morning stretching and calls a family meeting. The Kangs are assuming that Man-bok will finally come to his sense and kick out the Seos. But he has other issues to discuss. He’s found wasted rice in the drain and wants to know who threw away good food.

When no one speaks up, Man-bok declares that as the head of the family, he’ll take responsibility. He then eats the dirty rice off the table, while everyone looks on in horror. (That almost made me puke.) Even more surprising to the Kangs, is his decision to have the 2 families continue to live under one roof. When Hyun-soo speaks up and asks the reason for the decision, Sung-joon confesses that he’s squandered away the family fortune and they have no other place to go. Grandpa Man-bok clearly states that the Seos need to live like them, and puts Sang-hoon and Geum-ja in charge.

Following Grandpa’s orders, Sang-hoon takes the men out to the autoshop and makes them practice greeting customers. Jung-kil is slow to follow along, but threats of eviction convinces him to go along with the lesson. (Did anyone else have Sunwoo Hwan flashbacks from Brilliant Legacy?) Geum-ja shows the women around the kitchen and the backyard, proving their economical lifestyle. The Kangs could almost live off the grid with their efficiency. They don’t produce any garbage and live off the fat of their tiny garden.

Jung-in heads to the bus stop to see Hyun-soo before he leaves for work. (She’s turning into quite the stalker.) She starts out the conversation with her usual arrogance, but changes her tune when Hyun-soo scolds her. She’s truly sorry and apologizes while handing him the money. When Hyun-soo cites Jung-kyung as the reason for not accepting the money, she screams, “I’m not Seo Jung-kyung. I’m SEO JUNG-IN!” She runs into a doting Kyung-soo on her way back and takes out her frustrations on him.

Jung-kil and Joo-hee are not used to doing any manual work, and cause problems. Jung-kil’s brazen attitude results in Kyung-soo’s complaints and ultimate departure from the autoshop. In the kitchen, Joo-hee breaks out into tears after breaking a nail from dropping and breaking a dish.

Sang-hoon sees Joo-hee crying and imagines her running to him for comfort. He’s so guilt-ridden that he runs to Geum-ja and gives her a passionate hug. Joo-hee in turn witnesses the hug, and goes to her husband for sympathy. But Jung-kil and Sang-hoon are too busy trying to sabotage the autoshop, wanting to get kicked out of the house (along with some money for a rental).

A woman drives into the autoshop after getting into an accident, wanting to get her car fixed. Seeing the blood on her forehead, Grandpa Man-bok orders Sung-joon to take her to the hospital. He’s squeamish at the sight of blood and tries to get out of it until he sees Man-bok take out 50,000 won ($40 USD) out of his pocket. Sung-joon and Jung-kil’s eyes pop out at the sight of money, but Sung-joon beats his dad to Grandpa Man-bok and escort the bleeding woman to the hospital. (The fortuitous accident brings us the last supporting character for the series, Jung Ji-hoo, played by Jun Hye-jin.)

Meanwhile, our 2 older couples, spend some time with each other’s partners. Sang-hoon and Joo-hee spend time at a cafe, reminiscing their younger days. Jung-kil and Geum-ja spar over bibimbap, as he tries to sweet talk Geum-ja into giving him money to move out.

This is the first time that I’ve found the scenes with just the parents intriguing. I found the constant bickering to be annoying, and it’s nice to see some real interaction between the 4. Also, I like Geum-ja the best out of the group, and it would be fun to see her whip Jung-kil into shape.

Jung-in comes out of her room to help Geum-ja prepare dinner. She sees Jung-in’s glum face and tries to liven up the mood. When Jung-in mentions that she knows Geum-ja’s dislike for her, she quickly compliments Jung-in.

Geum-ja: No, I never said I didn’t like you. I was just surprised to see you after the wedding, kicked to the… What I mean is, why did such a smart looking girl pick out a man like that? Actually, it’s good that you ended things with a man who throws out his woman for going broke. So, just think that this happened for you to meet a better man. Looking at your plump cheeks and behind, I think you’ll find a good husband.

She then gives Jung-in’s butt a little pat, just like she does to Hyun-soo’s butt. I think we’re seeing some not-so-veiled foreshadowing here.

After Sung-joon drops off Ji-soo at the hospital with Jung-kyung, he siphons the 50,000 won and enjoys a glass of wine at a fancy bar. He runs into Han-sae at the bar with another woman, and reveals that Jung-in also has a new man, one who’s competent and honest.

Sung-joon comes back home and tries to put one over Grandpa Man-bok, not realizing that Ji-soo has already come back from the hospital. Sang-hoon tries to alert him with hand gestures but our Sung-joon doesn’t have the brightest bulb, and continues his lies. When he sees Ji-soo at the autoshop, his face divulges his mortification.

Geum-ja, who had found Hyun-soo’s cellphone earlier, finally figures out how to use the phone and calls the slapper’s number. Jung-in happily answer the phone thinking it’s Hyun-soo, only to hear a woman’s voice on the other line. Geum-ja asks, “Are you the one who sent the slapper picture? Who are you?”, leaving Jung-in flabbergasted.


As I alluded to in the opening, there is a general shift in the dymanic between Jung-in and Hyun-soo. Her slightly confused, slightly embarrassed feeling for Hyun-soo is ever-so-slightly changing the way she acts around him. She hasn’t lost her pluckiness per se, but she’s glued to her cellphone and does nothing much except fawn over Hyun-soo. I think she needs to get a job.

On the other hand, Hyun-soo’s manliness is creeping out. He’s still a bit of a beta male, but proving that a talented working man is quite sexy. I also like that he’s trying to tackle the Jung-kyung issue head on. When he saw Jung-kyung with her older man at the hospital, he could have easily walked away. But he took the initiative to verify the relationship, and hopefully let her go for good. (If he ends up being like his dad, I will be sorely disappointed.)

Overall, I’m still having fun watching the series. It definitely has it’s moments of hilarity. But my initial love for the characters is waning a bit. For instance, I was completely thrown off by Jung-in’s childish behavior with Grandpa Man-bok. It seems out of character to me. This is a girl who ripped off the hem of her wedding dress and walked the Incheon highway, without any self-pity, after her new husband kicked her to the curb. Why does she plop herself on the ground and wail like a toddler because Grandpa took a few pieces of her clothing? I do want to see different sides to our characters, so here’s to some real development instead of incongruity.


34 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. LTK

    Could I really be 1st? I don’t believe..lol
    Fantastic recap. I can barely tell that they are all different writers theyre all so good! Thanks!

  2. Penn

    In this episode, we see that Jung-In still has the princess sydrome. Yes, she does need to look for work. I don’t blame Jung-kyung and Hyun-soo for getting mad about the whole cell phone incident. However, Jung-kyung’s character still has not grown on me. It’s true that she has a rotten family, but she’s not helping resolve family issue either. Although Korean doctors and American doctors might not get the same pay, I still don’t understand why Jung-kyung can not afford to rent her own apartment. Why was she the first who agreed to live a Grandpa Man-bok’s house? When she could not stand living at Grandpa Man-bok’s house, why did she practically beg to live with her doctor boyfriend?

    BTW, what is Joo-hee’s problem? Why is that woman so childish? She’s worst than her children. I wanted Geum-ja to slap Joo-hee’s stupid face when she started crying over a broken nail. And that outfit she is wearing makes her look like a freak show. Sure, those clothes might be pretty and expensive but they look out of place at Grandpa Man-bok’s house.

    On a good note. I love the addition of Jung Ji-hoo and the soundtrack is great. Thank you for the recap.

  3. Ena

    I think Jung-in showing her childish side is only an act– to get her way. Other than that, I do agree that she needs a job BIG TIME and can hold off on that complaining every now and then. I still love her the best, though. ^_^

  4. GG

    Jung-in acted childish in my opinion because that’s how she always got what she wanted in the past. When it didn’t work this time, not only was she shocked, but embarrased as well. It’s a learning experience and going forward we can be sure she’s not going to try that again.

    If this is actually going to be 50 episodes, then I love the pacing. I don’t want it to be too rushed, more natural and more realistic would be nice. If its 30 episodes, they need to get the show moving faster…LOL

    Either way, I don’t mind. I love this show and I am there for the whole ride.

    Thank you for the recap. Luckily for me I don’t have to test the rewatching theory. I watch the episodes and read your recaps and I am happy. Well written by the way.

  5. asianromance

    thank you so much for the recap! i’m loving this show so much that I think i will stick it out for the 50 episodes! Yeah there is a lot of hate for Jung-kyung. I feel bad for her since she’s the only reasonable one in a family full of crazy people. And because the rest of her family is so selfish, I think she is forced to become selfish herself a bit in order to protect herself. I don’t think she’s worse than any of her family members. They all have their flaws. The main thing with Jung-kyung that I don’t like is her aiming to be that doctor dude’s girl when she probably won’t make a good mother to his daughter. Because of the way she grew up and having to be the brainy one in the family, she’s not good at the empathy thing.

    @2 Penn. I wonder if her paycheck gets tied up to directly to pay the debt…?? but then again, this is a drama- so perhaps she works for free! actually, i don’t know if they actually still have debt or if they just don’t have a house.

  6. jayjay

    i quite like the drama
    it’s very entertaining, but that’s just me lol
    i cant analyze the drama because my mind is just blank when i watch it >.<
    unless the drama was just horrible (boys over flower)

  7. jippoyo

    Regarding Jung-in’s reaction to Grandpa Man-bok taking away her clothes, I can’t help but wondering if it was to illustrate how her relationship with him is the exception; therefore, when the only person to whom she could act like a total child (a spoiled one at that) abruptly changed his behavior rather than placating her, she was shaken up. She didn’t act the baby with anyone else prior to meeting the rest of the Grandpa Man-boks family, having taken a superior tone with even her parents (not surprising, since she was sent out by papa to try to gather funds to aid their family, another example of tough gal). However, now that she’s moved into Grandpa’s household, she acts just as much a brat, but more dependent and immature in her relationship with Hyun-soo, and even his mother.

  8. Penn

    @ 5 asianromance: Would she be responsible for her Dad’s debt by law? I can’t imagine Jung-kyung offering to pay her family’s debt? Afterall she only gave Jung-In $10 when she came to the hospital after being abandon. BTW, you’re right. She does rub me wrongly because of her lack of empathy. Hopefully, she’s grow up too as the drama progress.

  9. Sonam

    Acting the baby with grandpa doesn’t seem so out of character for me. When she was abandoned and grandpa came to the rescue at the police station she acted the same way. That reminds me of the funny scene when she points at HS accusingly and HS points to himself and then to the door as if to deflect the blame. LMJ has such great screen presence so I have been enjoying the show. The lead guy is sweet and the rival has the most sweetest bambi eyes. He looks much younger than in Que Sera Sera. I think it’s the bangs. I find the pacing just fine. HS’s mother is fun to watch and JI’s brother is so likable. So far I am enjoying this drama and can’t wait for tomorrow. Looks like a kiss might be in the offing. I have to confess I have been skipping the parts with the parents and grandfather. HS’s father is an ass and JS’s mother a she ass. I don’t hate the sister so much. But she seems kind of boring.
    The song is sweet and unpretentious just like the drama.

  10. 10 Taohua

    The parent story line isn’t very interesting to me, though I really do like Hyun-soo’s mom. She is probably the only one of the parents that I really sympathize with. For me, it’s Jung Kyung-ho and Lee Min-jung who keep this entertaining even though I wanted to stop watching b/c the parents, especially since Seo parents are pretty aggravating at times. Also thank goodness Lee Chun-hee is in this drama. Lee Chun-hee is fun to watch and I’m curious to see what happens b/t him and the girl. Though I’m not a hundred percent sure I’ll watch all 50 episodes. Thank you for the recaps!

  11. 11 jtinma

    Jung-in’s childish behavior with the grandpa taking her cloth actually didn’t bother me as much since I took that to be her frustration that the cloth was her last hope of paying HS back for the phone and ending the whole pretense. HS is really growing on me with his manliness when it comes to Jung-in and his job.

  12. 12 YABaddict

    Thanks for continuing to do the recaps and keeping this drama alive amongst the others with more buzz! Even though I am addicted to You’re beautiful, I also really enjoy this drama–makes the weekly wait more bearable. I know most people hate and can’t stand Jung-In’s dad, but I actually think he’s great in the show. His scenes although annoying are usually quite comical. I think Jung-In is very childish, but at the same time, she is very observant and perceptive. She can tell right away how things/situations are, and knows how to adapt to them, even if she’s discontent. I really like all the characters and their interactions with each other. (Thought I’d show my support for this drama as well! Thanks!)

  13. 13 onemorepls

    I’m still enjoying Smile, You and will support this drama. Happy to know that you guyz are still doing the recaps cuz I still look for it. Thank You.

    Seem like everyone don’t mind the brother but to me I don’t like him. He’s even worst than the sister. He’s selfish to no end. For example he didn’t even work and said he did just so he can eat and ignore his family and when he took the girl to the hospital he left her and took the money to go drinking. At least with the sister she doesn’t take from them. I mean she’s still bad cuz she ignore them when they’re family. lol now i can’t decide who’s worst. hehe

    Thank you for the recaps. Can’t wait till you guyz catch up with the current showing.

  14. 14 anna m

    50 episodes?! I thought it was 16. hahaha! This is so fun! =)
    Anyway, I’ve just started watching this series yesterday & I’ve finished through the last one that aired. I love watching it on Viikii bc of the comments.

    This one’s a dime. I had the same feeling watching this series like when I watched ‘High as the sky…’ …the one with Han Hyo Joo. Only, this one is way better bc it’s more fun and the characters are so aggravating and obnoxious (Seo family..ugh) that at times you want to strangle them (or that’s just me…hehe)

    The pacing is just right for me. I like how it’s packed I don’t even notice anything, even time, when I’m watching it. It’s a fun ride for me.

    I love your recaps btw. Although I just enjoy the show for what it is, comments and opinions still help in understanding certain situations. So, many thanks! =)

  15. 15 vrosemarie

    I’m waiting for Jung In to grow up too… So far, she’s in limbo, trying to sort out her feelings for 2 guys but I don’t see her doing any good for her family. But I do adore her scenes with Hyun Soo…. Absolutely adorable couple! I like Geum Ja best too, she’s one spunky mum who deserves a lot better… I don’t even want to TALK about the other 3 parents for now… (-_-‘) Grandpa’s being a meanie in enforcing his rules, I feel that he’s too hard on his family, he makes the grandma in Shining Inheritance look like a saint… I’m very intrigued with the new girl and Chun Hee….hope something good happens soon!!! 50 eps… @_@

  16. 16 Enria

    Ow ow, I’ve been waiting for this recaps since I’ve watched till episode 10…
    This drama’s getting more interesting for me, especially episode 10

    Hmph…Jung Kyung-ho is catching my eyes now…


  17. 17 corrakun

    thanks for continuing the recaps! i’m still in love with this drama so my inner fangirl protested when i read your criticisms of the drama, but the rest of me agrees that yeah, it’s far from flawless. that’s okay, it’s still incredibly amusing. makes me happyyyyy.

    idk, i saw the major jungkyung hate everywhere too and was shocked ahah. don’t really understand it, but then again, i’ve had a soft spot for choi jungyoon ever since i started watching sbs gold miss diary. that might be clouding my perception of her character, but it still doesn’t seem that hateable to me. imo cold, bitchy characters are preferable to ones who aren’t ashamed of manipulating their way into the lead male’s heart, see: countless other dramas. lol.

  18. 18 rainerust

    To be honest, episodes 7 & 8 actually rubbed me the wrong way worst, and I really did dislike Jung In’s somewhat bratty behaviour (also, I couldn’t comprehend why she couldn’t just go out and get a job – since she was gutsy enough to quit the marriage) but my love came back full blown in episodes 9 & 10, so anyone else reading the recaps, please rest assured it only gets better.

    I do think the characters are slowly growing up in each of the episodes (and if it’s been extended to 50 episodes, I finally understand the reason for the slowness of that growth), and I think the insertion of new characters like Ji-Hoo adds new dimensions to the hilarity of the drama (since she’s obviously some mysterious character…*cough* well I won’t expound on that here since it will be up to the two of you to describe that through your recaps).

    The only thing that really wears me out about this drama is the amount of time that is spent on the relationship(s) between the older generation. Frankly, their interactions tire me out, mostly because you would think that at their age, they would’ve gotten over it and been more sensible to begin with, but perhaps…not.

    Keep up the good work!

  19. 19 corrakun

    @rainerust lol but the characters of the older generation is what makes this drama a little different from all the other family dramas that’ve been done before. the storyline is nothing new, and i agree, pretty dern annoying, but their irresponsibilities are practically the selling point of this drama. in the end you know this drama will be one of those dramas where families that couldn’t get along with each other in the beginning grow on each other until they’re just one big hapy family. in order to make that change more pronounced, the adults have to be complete brats right now. haha.

  20. 20 dw4p

    I’m glad that people are still watching the series. Even though I’m a little critical, I still enjoy it. I’m in love You’re Beautiful right now, so it’s hard for me to not see the shortcomings of Smile, You.

    Thanks for your (plural) comments about Jung-in’s childish behaviors… I can see where you guys are coming from.

    @rainerust: Glad to know that 9-10 gets better. I actually haven’t seen them yet…

    @corrakun: I agree with you. I haven’t focused on the parents too much in my recaps, because I find them annoying but I think they’ll go through a major transformation as well.

  21. 21 GG

    Epi. 9 and 10 are so good…but I’ll keep my comments on that till you guys are done the recap…LOL don’t want to spoil the fun for anyone.

  22. 22 pabo ceo reom

    wait, wait, wait…

    didn’t javabeans clarify TWICE that this series was going to be only 30 episodes? i know drawawiki has it at 50 but javabeans listed a few different korean sources that said 30. which is it?

    anyways, besides that, i’m definitely planning on watching the entire thing unless something drastic (as in horrible) happens to the storyline. the side stories are amusing but of course the central love line between Jung-in and Hyun-soo is by far the highlight for me.

  23. 23 rainerust

    @dw4p Yep Eps 9 – 10 are MUCH better, and I say this even though I am terribly in love with You’re Beautiful too. And since I’m watching Episode 11 now, I have to add that it keeps getting better by the episodes, so I still have high hopes for Smile, You.

    @corrakun LOL you’re probably right about the family thing; I just hate their bratty behaviour right now, so I practically zone out whenever the older generation appears, esp Jung-In’s father…I hope they start implementing some changes really soon!

    @pabo ceo reom (nice nick btw LOL) I think the official stand says it’s 30, but JB has also said there’s a possibility that if the ratings do well, they might extend it to 50. I’m not sure which I prefer. I like 30 episodes simply because the length will force them to be concise, but 50 episodes means we get to watch Jung In and Hyun Soo a little longer…soooooo….

    Also…is it just me, or does anyone else suspect that the family inheritance is really in the hands of good old Grandpa since he appeared in the house in Episode…oh…I don’t remember… was it 5?

  24. 24 Sonam

    I will be happy with 50 eps but then again that might mean more scenes with the older generation. 30 would be great with more of the sweet lead couple.

  25. 25 pabo ceo reom

    @ rainerust and Sonam

    Thanks for actually replying. I definitely prefer 30 since I’m almost positive that a length of 50 would just make this story ever so draggy.

  26. 26 Sonam

    An afterthought of JI acting the baby with grandpa.
    Most of us tend to act the baby with grandparents because they tolerate it . As you can see I just love JI and am trying to justify all her actions. LOL.
    I also feel even spunky gals can have vulnerable moments.
    Thanks for recapping! Looking forward to your next ones. I think it’s a good idea to do two eps at a time and sort of just not go into details about the older generation unless you have to to keep the story coherent. Many thanks again.

  27. 27 mari

    I love this drama except the stupid relationship between hyun soo’s dad & jung in’s mom. cant wait for the next recaps/eps!

  28. 28 kay

    i think this would be a great 16 ep. drama if it only focused on the two main leads, JI and HS. i, too zone out on the older generation storyline. the main couple are so much fun that they could pretty much carry a short series; they already do for me.

  29. 29 Lan

    Thank you SO MUCH for your recaps. I’m sorry you lost 1 recap member for Smile. But I really have to say that the 2 of you, team Smile Recap, are excellent. You write so well, coherent, comprehensive, …. just lovely.

    I love the lead couple in this drama too. Now that the drama reaches episode 12, I think the “weaknesses” you addressed here got resolved quite a bit.

    As for Jung In’s acting like a baby, I agree with some of the comments above. It’s not actually Jung In not being the strong Jung In anymore, it’s Jung In being the spoiled girl she’s used to. That used to be her way of getting things. Now she realizes it does not work. She will not continue to whine or cry because of that, I’m sure. It’s just a lesson for her that Granpa Man Bok no longer treats her the way he did before – giving her whatever she wants with some “cutesy acts”.

  30. 30 diane

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    it take too much time. thanks.

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    more mature, and independent. I love how Hyun-soo and Jung In
    relationship start to develope. …………………please continue recap
    i like to read your and watch the same time.

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