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You’re Beautiful: Episode 4
by | October 15, 2009 | 196 Comments

The ratings battle looks like it’s going to be Iris‘s to lose, but at least You’re Beautiful improved slightly from yesterday. (Their numbers came in at a respective 25.3% and 8.9%. Heading to the Ground sank further to hit its series low, a 3.3%.) I don’t really buy the argument that the audiences for the two dramas are so vastly different, but I enjoy the contrasting tones. (I’m sure there are differences in viewership, but all in all, drama lovers like dramas when they’re fun and entertaining, and don’t confine themselves to certain genres.)


You’re Beautiful OST – “여전히” (Still). This is the main song sung by A.N.JELL in this episode.
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Tae-kyung jumps into the pool to rescue Mi-nam, who is starting to lose consciousness. He shakes her underwater until she rouses, and swims for the surface. Unfortunately, in her struggle to get to the surface, she kicks him on the head, shoving him back down.

He gurgles angrily, “Go… Mi… Nam…” and sinks.

(HAHAHA. I had a feeling the writers were going to subvert this touching gesture with a punchline.)

Mi-nyeo surfaces and sighs in relief at her near miss. She gets dressed, wondering who it was who came to save her. Just as she thinks back and is struck with the possibility of it being Tae-kyung, she looks at the pool in alarm — just as his body floats to the surface.

Soon, an ambulance arrives and a weakened Tae-kyung is being wheeled out on a stretcher. He sees Mi-nyeo by his side, gripping his hand worriedly. He raises his head, and with the last of his strength, he puts his hand on top of hers… and flings it off. (HAHA.)

On the upside, as a result of this news, the fans come around and praise Mi-nam for (supposedly) saving Tae-kyung’s life. Sayuri leads the rest of the fan club in a chant, “Go Mi-nam, thank you!”

On the other hand, Tae-kyung is peeved to hear that Mi-nam has been made into the hero. He mutters, “Who saved whom?” Sung-chan thinks Tae-kyung should stay longer at the hospital. Tae-kyung grumps that he’s fine, but Sung-chan says that the public response has been really good. Staying longer would take advantage of that. LOL.

Meanwhile, another celebrity is at the hospital today — top pop star Yoo Heyi. (Hyee? Hae-yi?) She visits a sick child and cries in compassion, all while a camera crew busily films the proceedings. Heyi is loved by all and called “Korea’s fairy” as an endearment (similar to “America’s sweetheart,” it’s the label that both Eugene and Sung Yuri were called back in their idol days).

Heyi has to excuse herself because she’s so overcome with her emotions, and steps outside while the others marvel at her kind heart. Of course, they don’t see her walking away like a pop-diva Keyser Soze, her tearful sniffles gradually turning into a derisive sneer. Back in her van, she gripes about the photo op and orders her assistant to hand her a tissue.

But wait — it’s not an assistant, it’s Tae-kyung sitting in the backseat. She stepped into the wrong van! Gathering her wits, she quickly assumes her public persona, adding a hint of flirtatiousness, but he’s not fooled since he’s seen her true side. She drops the act and says, “I’m no fairy, like you’re no angel.”

Still, she sees his comments as an interest in her (no doubt because everyone else fawns over her). He’s turned off by her conceit (although it rather mirrors his own), and tells her to leave with her trash (dirty tissues) and to leave the door so he can air out her noxious perfume.

Heyi leaves in a huff. As she heads back to the hospital, a reporter spies the A.N.JELL decal on the van, and wonders at the connection…

Jeremy confronts Mi-nyeo, demanding to know what happened at the pool between her and Tae-kyung. He threatens to spray her with water if she doesn’t spill, and she can’t think of an answer, so he makes good on his threat. He chases her around with the garden hose, spraying her with water and asking for the truth.

But at some point, his mind starts to get away from him again, because the sight of Mi-nam dripping with water takes on a suggestive (appealing) vibe. Alarmed at his own reaction, Jeremy raises the hose to spray her again — but this time he’s sprayed instead.

Shin-woo has stepped in to stop him, and reminds Jeremy that their first performance as the new group is approaching, and Mi-nam can’t get sick.

Jeremy’s reaction is hilarious as he exclaims in a hurt tone, “Did you just spray me to save that guy?!” Feeling betrayed by his hyung, Jeremy turns to his dog for comfort.

Shin-woo again dries Mi-nyeo off, then asks what happened yesterday. Why was she around when Tae-kyung fell into the pool?

Before she can respond, Tae-kyung announces, “It was my mistake.” He says that he had slipped and fallen, and Mi-nam helped him. Shin-woo accepts this and lets the matter drop, but he finds it even odder that Tae-kyung would make a mistake (and admit to it). Clearly he senses there is more to the story.

Tae-kyung heads to his room to find that Mi-nyeo has left food for him. She’s learning, because when she pops by, this time she stays at the threshhold until he (reluctantly) invites her in.

It’s a good sign that he makes a move to eat it, even if he does stop before he gets the chance — he’s allergic to shellfish. She apologizes, saying she didn’t know, to which he answers, “Yeah, I’m sure you didn’t. That’s why you’re frightening.” Mi-nyeo replies that she just wanted to be useful.

Rehearsals. The guys get down to business preparing for their upcoming performance, and Mi-nyeo gradually improves until finally, the guys are satisfied. (There’s a moment when Mi-nyeo angles for a high-five, is left hanging by Tae-kyung, and then self-fives.)

Meanwhile, Mi-nyeo asks Hoon-yi and the stylist to help her find the woman who brought her the photograph.

Jeremy watches Heyi’s video clip of the hospital visit, enamored of the pop star, and uses this as an opportunity to suss out his hyungs. He prods them to admit that they like Heyi, or that they like girls (emphasis on girls) like her. He’s disappointed when neither Shin-woo nor Tae-kyung agrees with him, then pointedly asks Mi-nam for an opinion on Heyi.

The two others tense briefly, but Mi-nyeo just answers blankly, “Who’s Yoo Heyi?”

Hoon-yi and the stylist (who really needs a name other than “Stylist Wang”) therefore teach Mi-nyeo all the various idol stars using a child’s rhyme (used to learn multiplication tables) altered with the names of idol stars.

Her training is progressing well, but Mi-nyeo has a sticky moment when another group of trainees(?) find her in the bathroom. Quickly, she slips into a stall to avoid their attention, but the lead guy grows offended. He knows she’s avoiding him, and accuses her of being snobby now that she’s made it into a group. Mi-nyeo protests and makes grunting noises to try to convince them that she’s really in the stall for gastrointestinal purposes, although they don’t buy it.

She tells herself sadly, “I guess everyone hates me. It’s only because I’m afraid I’ll get caught as a girl.” But when she steps out of the stall, she finds the three trainees staring at her in shock: “Are you a girl?”

They grow suspicious and decide they have to check, spurring her to run out.

As they pursue her down the hall, Sung-chan hears the guys’ accusations and asks, “Go Mi-nam, you’re a girl?” She keeps running through the crowd of fans, who overhear the shouts and also catch on.

As she runs down the front walk, Mother Superior pulls up in a taxi. (Never thought I’d write that sentence, ha.) Wisely, the nun asks, “You’ve run hard, but are you short of breath? Do you hurt where you were hit? Does something seem odd to you?”

This, as you may have guessed, is all a dream. Mi-nyeo awakens in the stall and breathes a sigh of relief.

When the A.N.JELL guys head out, Mi-nyeo is startled to find a few signs with the name Mi-nam on it. Sayuri now faces her with nervous excitement, asking for an autograph. When Mi-nyeo asks, “Didn’t you hate me?” Sayuri shakes her head vehemently.

Mi-nyeo carefully signs her name, but her letters are block-like and childish. Tae-kyung catches a glimpse of them and smirks, then wields his own pen with a flourish. He pretends to do this nonchalantly, but he’s totally showing off for her benefit. Mi-nyeo is duly impressed with his cool signature, and feels sad about hers in comparison.

Therefore, she practices various different styles, and asks for Tae-kyung’s help picking out the best one. When he says they all suck, she requests his help in devising a new autograph.

He declines (and Mi-nyeo, now used to his prickly personality, doesn’t take it personally, but backs off). However, when she leaves, Tae-kyung grabs some paper and gets work on a cool autograph anyway.

Shin-woo offers a hand, and is a little disappointed to hear that she asked Tae-kyung for help first. He tells Mi-nyeo to come to him first in the future. He devises a cutesy signature that suits her personality, and she is grateful for it.

The subject of autographs makes Shin-woo wonder how she came upon her name, which leads to mention of her parents. He’d heard she doesn’t have parents, but she answers cheerily that her mother is alive. “Or, she may be alive. She must have left us right after giving birth to us for some reason.”

Her name is unique enough to be memorable, so Mi-nyeo is confident that it will help in reuniting with her mother: “If I become famous, she will come find me. I’m waiting for that.”

Meanwhile, Tae-kyung is pleased with himself for coming up with an adequate autograph and leaves it in Mi-nam’s room. (It’s very cute how he leaves it on the desk, but worries that it’ll get lost in the clutter, so he finds a better place to store it — with one corner sticking out of her trunk.)

As he leaves her room, he runs into her and is about to tell her about the autograph, but is cut short when she tells him happily, “Shin-woo hyung made one for me.”

He waves her aside and pretends not to care, but back in his room, he pouts; he’s annoyed that he bothered to help. But he’s also struck with the thought that Mi-nam will find the paper he left behind, and imagines her mocking him, saying Shin-woo’s is better. He must get his back!

Thus Tae-kyung sneaks into Mi-nam’s room, where she’s asleep on top of the chest. (Spying the autograph Shin-woo came up with, he sniffs, “It’s not so great.”)

He has to pull her away from the chest to retrieve his paper, and doing so causes her to topple backward — still asleep — onto him. The movement turns out the light, and Tae-kyung finds himself lost in the dark. He suffers from “night blindness” — an inability to see anything without adequate light — and has to fumble his way to the door.

Once out in the safety of the (lit) hallway, he says, “Go Mi-nam really is dangerous.”

Now for the aunt. Being rather flighty and brash, Auntie Dearest has gotten into some kind of brawl, and complains to her fellow cellmate, “Did I know that bitch’s nose was an $8,000 nose?” Hehe. Furthermore, she takes out a loan to secure her release, figuring she can count on her famous nephew Mi-nam to repay her debt.

As Mi-nyeo wonders what kind of person her parents were, her aunt explains to her cellmate that the father was a well-known songwriter — in fact, he even wrote for the famous singer, Mo Hwa-ran. We learn from a televised interview that Hwa-ran’s favorite song is the one that Go Jae-hyun — Mi-nam’s father — wrote for her, and she describes it as holding memories of the purest love she’s ever received.

At the music festival, Jeremy eagerly approaches Heyi, who is hosting the event. Using her sweet public persona, Heyi says she’s a fan, and greets each of the members — until she gets to Tae-kyung, whose name she pretends not to know. (He can’t believe her nerve, and calls her immature.)

As the guys ready for rehearsal, Hoon-yi tells Mi-nam that the woman with the photograph has returned and is ready to meet her. However, because of the performance, she can’t obey her impulse to leave right away, and Hoon-yi assures her that he’ll take care of the meeting and call her with details right away. He points Mi-nam back to Studio B for makeup and rehearsal.

Unfortunately, Mi-nyeo mistakes that for Studio D, and wanders in the wrong hallway. Inside that room, she finds Mo Hwa-ran sitting alone, who mistakes her for her assistant.

When Mi-nyeo clarifies her identity, Hwa-ran takes the chance to ask questions about Tae-kyung. Mi-nyeo doesn’t know about their bad blood and is happy to tell her, “Tae-kyung hyung is your fan!” He even has her movies and music in her room.

Hwa-ran sizes up the innocent Mi-nyeo and offers to give an autograph to be given to Tae-kyung. And when she hears the name Mi-nam, she muses, “Go Mi-nam — so there was another with that name.”

Because of her detour, Mi-nyeo is running late and races to the right studio, where she is prepped for rehearsal, all the while nervously eyeing her phone for Hoon-yi’s call. Hoon-yi is meeting with her aunt, who wants to meet Mi-nam, but the manager presses for information of the mother.

Tae-kyung sees how distracted she is, and takes her phone away. This is her first performance and she has to focus. Does she want to get kicked out?

That was a rhetorical question, so he is taken aback when she answers, “I may be able to leave soon.” She’s found the person who came looking for her, which means she’ll be able to find her mother soon. Thanking Tae-kyung for all his help, she brightens at the prospect of being able to leave and reunite with her mother.

We can infer from his reaction that Tae-kyung is partly disappointed at the thought, even though he tells himself that this is a good thing for him, that as soon as she gets that fateful phone call, she’ll be out of the group.

The performance goes well, and afterward, Mi-nyeo looks around for Tae-kyung, eager to check for messages. She can’t find him because Tae-kyung has slipped back into the dressing room, where he checks Mi-nyeo’s phone. So she borrows Jeremy’s phone to call her manager, just as Tae-kyung sees that she has received a text message, sent earlier by Hoon-yi.

Tae-kyung reads it: “I don’t think we’ll be able to find your mother. I’m sorry…”

Mi-nyeo calls Hoon-yi, who says regretfully, “I think she passed away.”

Jeremy finds her sobbing by herself, and is alarmed. Is she sick? Is she hurt? Panicking, he tells her to stay put, and rushes outside to get help. He finds Shin-woo and tells him Mi-nam is sobbing alone, and they race together to get to her.

In the interim, Tae-kyung finds her still sobbing, and looks at her with a conflicted reaction. She cries, “They say she cannot be found. She is not on this earth.”

As she bawls, Tae-kyung stares at her for a long, silent moment, and then crouches to hold her comfortingly…

…which is, of course, how Jeremy and Shin-woo find them.


I have said that the issue I most have with the Hong sisters’ writing is their lack of subtlety. I still think that’s true, but it doesn’t mean they can’t do it. They just tend to prefer the big jokey joke, like with their parody sequences. But when they do choose to be subtle(r), it’s can be pretty sly. Everything in this world is basically a parody of the real idol world — take, for instance, the entire character of Sung-chan — and they don’t necessarily have to make a big statement about every little thing. Just by including a point, they’re acknowledging and poking fun at it. Like with Sung-chan telling Tae-kyung to stay in the hospital because it’s good for his image. Or Heyi faking compassion to win brownie points with the public.

Also: I love angsty comedies! If we were in another, less exuberant romantic drama, it would be something of a letdown to head into heavier territory rather quickly like this. But in You’re Beautiful, I find that the comedy still undercuts the big moments (like Mi-nyeo kicking Tae-kyung unconscious, or Tae-kyung suffering night blindness) so that the angst doesn’t overpower. (Or so I hope it will prove to be.)

And Shin-woo! I still think he’s a yummy character, but I’ll admit that he’s got some acting weaknesses. Hhoney, I love you but you’ve gotta work on that line delivery.

All in all, a fun, lively episode.


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    Regarding UEE, I was actually somewhat impressed with her performance- what bothers me about her is her lack of expression, but she actually seemed pretty into her role, so, not too bad. But if Tae Kyung starts liking her, this person will not. be. pleased. At all.
    Also, to 9E2O fans, I keep typing and saying Tae Kyung’s name as Kyung Tae, because I keep thinking of that drama. It’s sad really.
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    @18 may
    I highly doubt it. That could be in a dream (nightmare) sequence, if they want to scare the viewers… 😀

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    I love this show,, but I hope it doesn’t become dramatic later on (*sigh.. there might not be hope when the whole mommy and daddy issue surfaces and when we figure out what really happened to mi-nam oppa). I laughed a lot on this episode as well but my fav so far is definitely episode 2!!!!
    P.S – Shin Woo’s acting was a bit weak in this episode.. *sigh. I’m not sure I’ll root for him. Not that I was rooting for him too much before. Hong Ki’s acting always is always slightly off but he covers it up with his cuteness.. =P Thank god, PSH, JGS, and Manager-nim are awesome!!!

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    “HAHAHA. I had a feeling the writers were going to subvert this touching gesture with a punchline.”
    I appreciate the Hong sisters for taking every cliche’ in the book and spinning it around. I love how MN becomes the saviour.

    “the sight of Mi-nam dripping with water takes on a suggestive (appealing) vibe.”
    Loved this scene. It may be a little too much for some people, but i’m digging HongKi’s wild imagination.

    “he (reluctantly) invites her in. ”
    Reluctant or not, he does calls her in. This on top of making a fictious lie about falling down in water. Love is in the air!

    “He’s disappointed when neither Shin-woo nor Tae-kyung agrees with him, then pointedly asks Mi-nam for an opinion on Hyee.”
    I loved JGS’s expression as he looks up at MN after she is put on the spot. He just raises his eyes and watches intently awaiting her response. Beautifully executed on JGS’s part.

    “But he’s also struck with the thought that Mi-nam will find the paper he left behind, and imagines her mocking him, saying Shin-woo’s is better.”
    The dude has some serious self esteem issues. Given that he is hot (and yes he knows it), is part of an idol group being worshiped by girls everywhere, is smarter than the average bear, TK should give himself a little more credit.

    “Tae-kyung stares at her for a long, silent moment, and then crouches to hold her comfortingly…”
    I hope the significance of this pause is not lost on our audience. I’m so glad TK took a moment to reflect and then approached her. Made the moment stand out even more. Traditionally, you see the guy running upto a girl and hugging without a thought spared. The quick reaction somehow relfects how much he cares. I’m so glad TK took that pause indicating that he made a concious decision to go comfort her. He is holding her not because she is crying and alone but because he wants to. Again, brilliant job JGS.

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    I really liked the pool episode. I thought Tae Kyung will rescue Min-nyeo, tell her she’s stupid, and that’s it. I never thought the Hong sisters will make it even funnier with Tae Kyung being rescued by Min-nyeo in the end.

    For the 4th episode, I wanted to cherish the Shinwoo and Min-yeo moments because I know I’ll root for Tae Kyung in the end. At this point, Tae Kyung still thinks of Min-nyeo as a nuisance although caring for her at times so I still have some time to take deep breaths before the drama gets a little complicated.

    I hope somebody from A.N.JELL ends up with Sayuri in the end. Sayuri’s character is fascinating and I wouldn’t mind if she hooks up with Jeremy. And I hope that girl who rejected Shinwoo resurfaces. That’d be cute.

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    hmmm i wonder if Hwa-ran is Mi-nyeo’s real mom and Taekyung was just an adopted son or an unrelated stepson that who had known her as his only mother.

    best line of the episode, after Mi-nyeo brings Taekyung the shellfish, which he is allergic too and she apologizes, saying she doesn’t know and he responds:
    “Yeah, I’m sure you didn’t. That’s why you’re frightening” so true!

    love the twist to the swimming scene! I was sooooo sure, he was going to save her with CPR.

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    Thanks JB for the quick recaps. Its fantastic…and can tide me over until i get home from work to watch the ENG subs.

    This drama has really won me over. All the characters are fun to watch and their own quirks and personalities are coming out well in each episode. Tae Kyung’s vulnerability is showing despite his prickliness, Minyeo’s bubbly personality and optimism is so cute, ShinWoo remains sweet, and Jeremy continue to be hilarious.

    I truly love how they are developing the relationship between TaeKyung and Minyeo – slow buildup with lotsa potential. In 4 episodes he’s transitioned from despising her..to acceptance and respect of her perseverance…to feeling empathy. I agree there are no romantic undertones yet (..more like reluctant big brother..) but i think its too early for that. After all, he just found out he’s a girl. It will be interesting to see later how the dynamics will change and how they both deal with it. After all, there’s been a lot of unintentional touching already. HAHAHA… each time she fell on him is a hilarious episode, plus there’s been a lot of hugging though none felt romantic yet.

    But this epi’s ending is a good beginning. So sweet….Jeremy couldn’t deal with a crying MiNam and had to call Shinwoo. TaeKyung, with prickly personality et all, hesitates and yet saunters over to comfort her. Hey, he didnt have to hug her or touch her head, ya know! He’s a closet romantic…hehehe. :)

    Poor Shinwoo! He’s gonna have to endure more of this.

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    This episode was more fun than the last one imo & I really enjoyed the recaps, thanks!

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    But what bothers me a little is how some scenes have no originality to it, eg the swimming pool ‘unexpected’ kick, though I can’t recall where I’ve seen the exact same scene.

    To name another, the glow in the dark balls was a clever ripoff of a 90’s HK movie “HE’S A WOMAN, SHE’S A MAN”, except in that movie it was a glow in the dark stick (for fake penis) LOL

    Oh yeah the girl in that movie was a crossdressed pop idol too..

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    But now my problem is solved! 😀

    Still loving every single second of YB; thanks for the speedy recap JB!!

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    I’ve been reading other comments and I am also nervous at the idea of Mi Nam and Tae-kyung being half siblings. I’m gonna be sooo disappointed if Mi Nam and her brother turn out the be the secret love children of Mo Hwa-ran. Seriously, Park Shin Hye is an awesome actress, but she’s already done the whole incest plot before! Also, I don’t see how they could possible make that comical.
    The main reason I’m banking on it not being true it that I figure that crooked aunt would have found out and tried to take Mo Hwa-ran for all her money! …but then again…she might not know. Mehhhh…say it ain’t so! I’m really hoping for a happy ending between Mi Nam and Tae-kyung!

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    This episode had some interesting moments for me. First of all, the pool scene had everyone fooled- thinking that Tae Kyung would somehow performed CPR or something. So inventive of the Hong sisters. =]
    Then another favorite scene of mine is when Tae Kyung went to recover the sheet of paper from Mi-nyeo's room. Tae Kyung actually was a little jealous of Mi nyeo going to Shin Woo for the autograph signing lesson. HA!
    The ice cream scene- Tae Kyung looks at Mi -nyeo like "wipe your mouth- it's making me feel so disgusted." — it's like he doesn't care for her at all, and hates her to death, but slowing- he starts to notice everything that she does, and however he tries to avoid her- he comes in contact with her somehow. That's cute!
    And also the look from Shin-Woo's and Jeremy's faces when they saw
    Tae Kyung comforting Mi-nyeo was classic. They are totally surpised that TK is not heartless as he seems.

    Oh god, if Tae Kyung and Mi-nyeo are somehow related–that is going to be weird. I will keep watching to see if how the writers are going to resolved all the unanswered questions.

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    I mean, this episode totally ‘turned me off’ about mi nam and tae kyung getting together b/c i THINK they might be related in someway!! ugh — reminds me of autumn in my heart — that’s why i wanted song hye kyo to be w/ won bin in that drama…ugh bummer if they’re trying to make the drama go that route :/

    Thanks for the recap~! excellent job ^^

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  53. 53 Hmm

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    I have this theory that Tae-kyung’s mom, is also Mi-Nyeo’s mom. It would be a great plot twist.

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    Do you buy the story of botched eye surgery ?.

    Shin Woo is the “pacifyer” , Tae Kyung is the “catalyst” and Jeremy is the late “blossom”. Thanks JB

  57. 57 Biscuit

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    “Regarding UEE, I was actually somewhat impressed with her performance- what bothers me about her is her lack of expression,”

    Eh… it’s not that Uee’s (Uee = Yoo Hyee?) acting is bland, her overall personality in rl is pretty bland.

    From JB’s description of how Tae Kyung’s mother said “Go Minam.. so there was another one”, it felt to me more like she knows of Go Mi Nam, but not that close as in lost child… I’m preparing for a big twist. Tae Kyung and Minam cant be related! Or.. they can. So Minam can be with Shinwoo and still be close with Tae Kyung <3

  58. 58 kuki

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  59. 59 sue

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  60. 60 thanks

    I really hope TK & MN aren’t related in any way or form… Please no, I love SW but I really like the dynamic between TK & MN right now. Their romance is being built up slowly, and I like that… he’s still adjusting to the fact that she’s a girl, and so makes him seem like a brother figure as he himself doesn’t understand why he cares about her.

    I don’t think TK & MN are siblings, um if TK’s mom loved MN’s dad so much then why would she abandon their children? My guess, TK’s mom and MN’s dad knew each other coz TK’s mom and MN’s mom were cousins/friends/colleagues in the same industry? It might be that MN’s mom was an aspiring singer who looked up to TK’s mom. The part about little real MN saying that his mom is a famous singer coz he believed so, when it’s not actually true, you know how children think their parents are the best =D TK’s mom had him with some guy but she didn’t love the guy, she did it for her career (like it was some famous producer maybe). Then TK’s mom and MN’s dad had an affair, MN’s mom found out and couldn’t take it so she left her children. MN’s dad realized he was wrong in having the affair, left TK’s mom and somehow got into an accident. Okay, I don’t think this even makes any sense….

  61. 61 Fan

    I’m in love with the MN/TK combination… oddly I thought the performance was somewhat romantic! (Desperation?)

    I guess it’s because I think TK is most passionate when he performs- he’s a singer who loves and is serious about singing, so while he may be cold and cynical in life, on stage, he’s entirely sincere, and appears to feel every word he sings. It just so happens in this episode he’s singing a love duet (essentially) with MN during the concert- was it just me, or did he keep glancing over at MN during the song? Probably to indicate he’s passing her the ‘lead’ – she gets a solo bit!- but possibly tucked in some deep dark recesses of his mind is the fact of MN’s impending departure and the song is about a much-denied, hidden love taking someone unawares.

    I’m in the camp that thinks the lady TK calls “mom” is actually his adopted mother somehow and really MN’s biological mother. But we’ll see where the Hong sisters lead us… they’ve certainly managed to keep us guessing in their merry chase so far! 😉

    Ohhh… and an intriguing hint in the closing of the trailer about MN possibly being the first to suspect she has a thing for TK… I’m imagining the angst of her deciding she’s got a one-sided thing going for him, certainly he hasn’t given her much reason to hope otherwise (at least not in any way she can see!)

    Thanks JB for the caps and the analysis… I’m with you on how great the Hong sisters are at twisting the plot cliches and giving us comedy when we expect drama (I LOVED TK gesturing as if to hold onto MN only to push her away in disgust and fainting again!) 😉 and unexpected quiet touching moments when one might expect something explosive.

    Last scene was beautifully under-stated- “Without words” playing softly as no one says anything, and you get to just see each person’s expressions… though in my biased way, I think JGS had the most natural, softly pure sympathy one.

  62. 62 Raiya

    Thank you thank you!!! I haven’t been this drawn into a drama since BOF (well the first half of it anyways…) I can’t wait until it comes out next week ahhh love is definitely in the air.

    Have to agree with the other posters…please no incest or relations of any kind…that would really make me mad when I am now rooting for TK and GMN.

    Loving it so far…I wish the ratings would catch up with my obsession of it…IT IS LIKE CRACK!!!

  63. 63 Anonymous

    Thanks for ep 4 recap.

    I have this feeling that the real Go Mi Nam is missing somewhere, and not because of the eye surgery. Maybe Go Mi Nam found out about his mom and ran off to look for her, and the manager didn’t know where he went and since he’s missing, he looked for Mi Nyeo to replace him for the time being as he looks for him. I feel like if Mi Nam really had the eye surgery problem, he could have wrote Mi Nyeo something and ask for her help, he just can’t close his eye not that he is blind or anything.

  64. 64 Fan

    I forgot to mention- thanks JB for the OST’s!

    The OST is great- I’ve also liked the bossa nova version of “Still”/”As Ever” and the 9th street version of “Without words” which was also the song that made MN cry when she first heard it on the ‘stolen’ MP3 from TK.

  65. 65 Ana

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  66. 66 Chelsea

    I’m so loving Shin-woo’s character!!! (Btw, I love Taekyung’s shot above, the one with the trasher cap. He needs to dishelved that hair of his once in awhile or prolly MOST of the time.) I love his timing when Jeremy was “hosing” Mi-nyeo and how he mouthed “break a leg” at the studio. The guy’s to die for or worth-spending-all-your-money-at-the-money-so-you-can-take-him-home. Lol. And he’s so cute with the reversed cap as well at the studio. LMAO at Jeremy trying to steal Mi-nyeo’s drink. Jealous! Nice touch with Mi-nyeo’s nose getting smothered with cream! :) Cute failed Hi-5. Poor girl. 😛

    Lol at Jeremy!!! Hilarious character. (At Yoo He-yi) “Ah… So pretty, definitely my style.” Trying hard to make a point. Shin-woo’s trying to be subtle. He’s even sharing ice cream with Mi-nyeo! ^_____^

    J: Yoo He Yi is amazingly beautiful. If she isn’t beautiful, then who is?
    T: Go. Mi. Nam.

    The timing!
    T: Mouth is dirty!
    Jeremy’s having major issues! Lol. And the idol name memorizing rhyme–ROFL!Funny scene at the CR as well, all the grunting to fake it. Clap, clap PSH!

    The timing for the Mother Superior’s taxi’s entrance! Exag. :p MS must be her conscience or councilor something. Haha, love it. The symbolism. After that scene, I fell in love with PSH’s hair do.

    Cute scene at the autograph signing with Sayuri. LMAO at Tae-kyung. Show off! Ahhh, that sneering mouth of his again!

    GMN: “Then can’t the trendy Hwang Tae Kyung make a trendy autograph for me?” Haha, witty.Then, the next scene after that? Wha!!! He even got a newly sharpened pencil and said her/his name out loud (and you know he’s visualizing it already!).

    Then, Shin-woo. The hurt? Aww… Come to me and you’d know I’ll always come to you first regarding everything. Hahaha. My God, I think my heart just stopped when he leaned over and said “we’re very close.”

    I love how Shin-woo gazes at Mi-nyeo. They are so intent. (Makes you forget to breathe if you stare at them long enough) As always. But I agree with the line delivery.

    I love how fast JGS change one expression to the other. Brilliant! The cast (minus Shin-woo) all have crazy minds! It’s such a lot whenever we go inside what they’re thinking. Hilarious!

    Btw, the autographs that Shin-woo and Tae-kyung say a lot about their personalities in the series. For example, Tae-kyung sensitivity and vulnerability and part thoughtfulness. I say part because Shin-woo more giving because I think he’s autograph suits Mi-nyeo better. (I love his watch at that scene. Hehe, such a random thought.)

    Aside from the Manager Ma, I like Stylist Wang. She’s quite perceptive too. (Well, I think everyone else is except for Jeremy!)

    Towards the end, before their stage performance, I love how conflicted Tae-kyung is but he doesn’t realize it yet how deep he’s getting involve with Mi-nyeo. A good way to build up the plot.

    The ending’s like WHOA! Getting more physical everytime. And I SUPERLIKE the song while Tae-kyung is hugging her. But the shattered expression Shin-woo has, I can’t say that I appreciate the scene after I saw the look on his face. :(

    I hate how people are comparing Tae-kyung character to BOF or Beethoven Virus. Can’t we just focus on his character here instead? :)

    Hopefully, another week will pass by swiftly or else I’ll be dragging my days for yet another batch of You’re Beautiful episodes (the teaser for next week left me a mess, I don’t know what’s gonna happen next!!!).

  67. 67 Allie

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    I know comparisons have been made before, but the characters and some of the scenes and characters really remind me of a cross between Hana Kimi (jdorama version) and BOF (Korean version).

  68. 68 favoree

    Is it only me , but all I can see in this drama is JGS? He is so much bigger than all other actors on set in terms of performance and presence. Although Park Shin Hye is not bad at all, all others seem totally kids comparing to him. Especially the guy playing Shinwoo. Is it because his experience of acting among more aged actors , but he is like a rolls royce among mini coopers.
    Or it is because they show too much of his ( very sexy) phisical side?
    Could be interesting to see JGS in some action drama.
    The storyline is fun, though, but I don’t want that sibling thing. It’s so cliche.

  69. 69 Chelsea

    Whew! Isn’t that a long one. I forgot to say thank you. I see the episodes posted first but before I watch it I read your recaps first. At first, I thought it’s just a force of habit but then I realized I’m just more comfortable reading your take on it first. I might experiment one of these days and watch first. Rest assured, I’ll be reading all of your recaps. :)

    And yeah, it’s a bit sad the success of the show isn’t reflecting on the ratings. Why oh why? I wonder too. Again, thanks. Visit your blog again next week.

  70. 70 MEIKO**** ^-^

    Thanks JavaB!

    *sigh* the last scene made me cry….. and ShinWoo (that must have crushed his heart! )… aaww…. the third party….he is soo nice and cute too….

    and Jeremy, …^-^ jeremy and “angelina jolie”!!! lol!

    love, love, love JSG’s voice!!!

    *sigh* love this drama!

    The next episode looks like it’s going to be better!!! Cant wait!

  71. 71 Anonymous

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  72. 72 Zuru

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    Up till now, the drama has been bringing me from one surprise to another. Still, I do not want to hold my hope too high, haiz, as a result of continuous disappointment since Coffee Prince… Who Are You might be a good one, but not enough, I think…
    Yet, it has been the most promising one so far 😀 so yay, thumbs up for You’re Beautiful!
    Cannot believe that the rating is so low 😕

  73. 73 Jinny

    Oh no, now I have to wait a whole week for the next episode…Ahhh.

    I keep being reminded of My Girl though, with the “are they related, are they not?” They kept going back and forth with clues (the cousin was taken in by…dun dun dun her father! Oh no! Is she his cousin for real? And not a fake? Wait, no! It’s…wtf, it’s Chun Hyang?)

    I think we’re being mislead, and I actually agree with the theory of comment 61 — if Mo Hwa Ran had named Minam herself, I feel she would have done more than say “There’s another name like that…” It just sounds like she’s heard it before, albeit in a slightly more intimate way than just in passing or on tv.

    Waiting for next week!

  74. 74 alert

    I’m normally a silent reader at Dramabeans, but this drama made me want to be part of the craze too!!

    I think it’s interesting that both TK and Minam didn’t even realize the strong vibes they give each other and yet, SW starts noticing them! It’s like SW realised how much they both care bout each other without them both aware of that. Aaahh… and I HEART the ending song.. (even searched utube for the sub lyrics :P).. and the lyrics were perfect with the scene!

  75. 75 kdramanewbie

    I agree with many of the comments…TG and MN cannot be siblings!!! I love all of the twists to the story such as the pool scene, but I would love TG and MN to be together at the end!!! It would totally disappoint me if they turned out to be even half siblings! LET THEM LOVE EACH OTHER!!!

  76. 76 alert

    Oh.. on whether TK and Minam are related or not, I think we’re being mislead as well. DramaBeans mentioned on how Hong sisters loved to play around cliches, so I think this might be another twisted cliche as well! It will be so expected if TK and Minam are related by blood etc, like soooo many othe Kdrama. I sense that YAB tends to bring down the cliches we normally seen in other dramas, so I still think the writers try to play with our emotions still, to keep us curious and wonder 😛

  77. 77 kdramanewbie


  78. 78 S

    YES! I was starting to lose hope in kdramas this year after the disappointment that was Boys Over Flowers. Thoroughly enjoying this one! (and totally with the rest of you—no sibling forbidden love please. ick.)

  79. 79 Rin

    “He gurgles angrily, “Go… Mi… Nam…” and sinks.”

    This was perfectly written! Ihahaha it’s such a small sentence but really it so exactly captures that moment.
    It’s one of the many reasons I appreciate your drama recaps!

  80. 80 Larkspur

    Oh no. I cannot watch the 4th episode because of a limited video access. Can you actually believe that??? Oh boy, and I couldn’t wait to watch it! Are there any other sites please? (I watch kdramas through mysoju and youtube). All the other sites (including vikkii) only have the 3rd episode.

  81. 81 Momosa

    How can anyone not like this drama! It is so fun, very very entertaining and the actors are doing a good job. I m confident the ratings will go up soon.

  82. 82 onemorepls

    I don’t think they are related, more like The Classic, where the parents love each other but fate have other plans like for the children to be togeher instead? :)

    In this episode I realize that Tae-Kyung is a softie because he collected his mom cd/dvd and watches her program. I think even tho he’s hurt but he’s still waiting for his mom to care/acknowledge for him.

    @8 thank you

    Oh Yeah, I’ll be A PINK PLASTIC SPOON……lols…lols

  83. 83 Fan

    Another jibe at the K-pop industry- how quickly (and entirely on false grounds of course) AN Jell fans turned into Mi-Nam’s supporters… of course the whole initial misunderstanding was also on purely false grounds! :)

    It was though, rather cute that the “slightly unhinged” president of the fan club was so sweetly asking “Mi-Nam Oppa” for a signature!

    And TK is somehow so full of himself at points (“I wonder if this sophisticated signature would be too difficult for her to replicate… perhaps I should try in English”) 😉 and yet so insecure at others (his imagining MN laughing at his attempt to help her design a signature”)…

    Definite jealous overtones

    SW “Come to me first next time”
    TK “Fickle person!”

    Agree that SW has a charmingly intense gaze.

  84. 84 mai

    LOL Jeremy and his confrontation with Mi Nyeo. Its like he’s so upset with himself and his crazy conclusions he can’t take it. Lol, I thought he had a water gun but it turns out to be a water hose. Haha, hosing Mi Nyeo down, Lol only seemed to make him crazier. AND here comes Mi Nyeo’s knight in shining armor! Shin Woo! Who takes the hose and sprays Jeremy down. Lol, I actually felt bad for Jeremy, betrayed by his own hyung must be heartbreaking. Haha. 😉

    And Aw.. So sweet of Taekyung, apparently Mi Nyeo is starting to grown on him. 😉 But sadly, Shin Woo beats him to it by approaching Mi Nyeo and offering his help unlike Taekyung who tries to act cool. Haha, AND OMG!! Night blindness? WAS just HILARIOUS!! LOL, like oh my gosh, I almost died. He really look like he was going to just go crazy, he was panicking. Wow.. And with his last remark before going off to his room. Oh gosh. Priceless. 😉

    Mi Nyeo’s dream was definitely scary but so funny. Haha, oh gosh, she’s just so innocent! Lol ;D

    The last scene of angst.. ;( It was really sad but when Jeremy appeared I couldn’t stop smiling at the thought of what”s probably going through his mind. Lol, that’s why I said I love Jeremy, he’s the comic relief that even in the most emotional moments, he makes you laugh even though you’re supposed to be crying or angry. He’s there to make you laugh. Oh gosh, I just love him. LOL. ;D

  85. 85 emma

    Shinwoo (both character/actor) is soooooo yum! I love all his long-held gazes– they make my insides tingly!

    I do think the comedy/angst balance of this drama is pretty spot on… and the cliche moments are consciously cliche, with just enough twist to keep it from being (too) predictable or boring. Just a fun drama to watch!

    I’m loving Park ShinHye as an actor. She’s really cute but not too over the top.

    I wasn’t anticipating this drama at all, but the first four episodes have me hooked. I really hope it keeps moving along at the same pace with the same emotional balance.

    ShinWoo – the actor was born in 1989… why? how?? why? I feel old.

  86. 86 LunaTic

    Thank you for the amazing job recapping this drama, JavaBean :) I’m definitely hooked on the drama and your recaps!

    Tae Kyung (with the hairstyle for the performance) reminds me of Bill (Tokio Hotel’s vocalist). Yummy! Shin Woo ~ Though he needs improvement, I’m still rooting for him!! Jeremy is hilarious. PSH glues them together, can’t wait for the next episode.

  87. 87 Rong

    i’m quite sure TK and MN are not related but i guess it all depends on how the Hongs want to twist the plot. but after this eps, i have to really say tt SW really need to work on his expressions while TK need to focus less on his expressions cos it looks a bit too much at times. although the smirks in this eps is a bit more natural. as for jeremy. he’s cute but a bit too over-the-top but i think it’s still acceptable at this point in time cos we’re watching a drama isn’t it? ^_^

    one more week! and i resisted watching the preview at the end of eps 4, for which i’m so proud of myself. i’d rather force myself to wait cos i think it makes the next eps sweeter for me. haha!

  88. 88 amanda

    i love this! cant wait for the next! THANKS! for sharing the OST too!! 😀

  89. 89 annaNuna

    just reading what you write, makes me want to continue to watch this drama, but damn, I don’t have enough time right now.
    thank you for your recap, javabeans.
    this drama is really fun to watch, I believe that.

  90. 90 tombrady

    Im on a break from work and decided to check out the comments… HAHAHA…its like open thread every recap. (Thats because JB does a great job..thanks btw!).

    @ 62…. totally agree with you…. TK kept glancing over…hihihi

    @ 67 Chelsea,
    Hey, my fave parts and take-out from the scenes are the same. just didnt have a lot of time to write them in earlier.

    I can see we are all loving YB! I hope the Hong sisters can sustain this indeed ’til the end….

    Whoa…..that preview is very intriguing. I kinda figured Minyeo will probably fall for TK first..but hey, im guessing she has an epiphany next week (abt her attraction to TK) and initiates a ‘hug’ (if you can call it that..hehe)… Wed is so far away!!!

  91. 91 pabo ceo reom

    Hhoney, I love you but you’ve gotta work on that line delivery.

    muahahaha. you’re right…we can’t be blindsided by his attraction. we must be fair about his acting and…………wait, i need to stop staring at his character first! 😉

    overall a surprisingly emotional episode. i like how the comedy and drama are interspersed. looking forward to next week.

  92. 92 goo

    I am loving the laugh-out-loud moments in the drama… They really have managed to avoid nearly every predicted cliche so far.
    The only thing I don’t understand is why Tae-kyung is still singing at concerts; didn’t they bring in Mi-nyeo because they needed someone to replace his vocals?

  93. 93 ambs

    after watching the fourth episode, i am now sure that you’re beautiful will be a gladly accepted entertainment and something to look forward to on wednesdays and thursdays.. nevertheless in my heart it doesn’t top my favorite dramas. esp. shining inheritance which i looked forward to every week with a heart wrenching hope =] you’re beautiful is adorably fun but the thing i have lodged in my throat is the uncertainty that stems from lack of originality for various scenes that remind me far too greatly of hana kimi, bbf (doesn’t help that TK looks like Lee Minho.. as much as some avid fans hate the comparison, suck it, there’s no way he doesn’t have the similar features) but it brings in its own brand of humor from the writers and i have faith that the plot will soon have it’s own strength and branding
    for shin woo.. it’s really sad to see him heartbroken but at least for jihoo he was a bit cold in the beginning and had other barriers but shin woo is way too sweet from the beginning, and nice guys finish last. admit that if he wasn’t smoking hot he’d be an afterthought as he seems a bit 2-D.. maybe that will change soon as he has now seen he has competition. just a side note- after bbf went kinda whack after a couple of episodes, i had to skip most of the jihoo scenes because they were.. cringe worthy in my opinion, and i say this even as someone who likes kim hyun joong.
    PHS is awesome but i will say i am a bit sick of the naive pure girl winning over the main guy storyline. with the cutesy clueless bit going -but she’s actually very brave and strong when push comes to shove bla bla bla- it’s overdone.. too much aegyo looks fake. we need some more females with more flare like -joanna- from couple or trouble.

  94. 94 Anonymous

    @ 93

    They didn’t bring someone in to replace his vocal, they bring a new member in so that TK don’t strain his vocal too much, usually he would sing the whole song by himself, now he sings less…

  95. 95 jandoe

    i’m seriously getting crazy in love with this drama – and this hasn’t happened since BOF haha – and can’t wait for ep 5! things are seriously looking good, i dare say. it’s nice that the plot is moving quickly, it makes things a lil unexpected i think (at least for me cos i’m thinking, if they’d covered this early, what else could be in store?). but personally, SW’s character really isn’t a favorite of mine at all. sure he’s nice and Hanazawa Rui-ish but… to me that character’s been done before (and so damn well, regardless of the fact that it was a Japanese drama) so yeah, i’m not feelin’ him at all. i’m definitely seeing stars and moon with tae-kyung though haha.

    thank you for the very quick recap! i’m actually looking forward to the last two Triple ep recaps but its okay, take your time. recaps for this drama is enough to keep me occupied :)

  96. 96 Z

    The phrase “pop-diva Keyser Soze” just made my morning!! I was trying to figure out where I’d seen that scene before and you nailed it!

    Anyhow, the Curse of the Decoy Guy strikes again! Shin-Woo needs to run (to me) while he still can. So much drama so early… a dead mom by episode 4? Admittedly, it’s a pretty blatant lie on the part of the mom but, still. I tend to prefer to prefer the first half of dramas, before everyone’ heart get broken and it still fun hijinks for all. All this angst is scaring me!

    And, “Gp Mi-Nam’s” girliness is still driving me crazy! I know that they don’t want to make the character all tomboyish but I’m like, at least give me a reason to believe that she’s pulling it off other than just saying that she’s pulling it off. How is it possible that only one character has managed to figure this out on his own? And only one other character is even suspicious? And that suspicious character is the dumbest character in the story but all the smarter characters are all “what-ev…?” I know I’m thinking too much but I just can’t turn my brain off enough to get over this. I feel like I’m stuck in “She’s the Man” every Thursday and Friday and I’m still considering petitioning Amanda Bynes to return to me the part of my life wasted watching that nonsense… so I kind of don’t want to go there again.

  97. 97 Anonymous

    I think part of why she’s so girly because she’s a nun all her life, so she can’t just be all manly, it’ll be really weird if she does that. And she’s not supposed to be a good cross dresser haha I feel like the Hong Sisters left her still so feminine and not boyish to mock the pretty boys that are in the kpop idol world now. It’s obvious that she’s a girl and yet most people in the idol world (the fans etc) still buy it… which kinda says something about the idol world…

  98. 98 serendipity

    Not bad, not bad. GREAT start. I was worried; but mercifully we were spared yet another ineptly executed CPR and gratuitous m-t-m resuscitation. Loved TK being finicky about being touched, even when near fainting on a stretcher, haha.

    Thought this episode slowed. I guess after the fun of setting up the scenarios and the nerve-racking drama of previous episodes, we’re now buckling down to a bit of serious character building.

    I think I’m done with the Cute Jeremy acts. (Go ahead, stone me). And dear Shin Woo has exhausted his acting repertoire, I feel.

    Disappointed with the dream sequence. What a tired old cliche! And, no, having a Mother Superior emerge from a taxi at the end of it does NOT make it more forgivable.

    But the lead actors. What great leads! They both totally bring it. Committed and convincing. Please please let the Potential Accidental Incest plotline be a big set-up for a big Hong Sisters joke, please!

    I guess I must be the only person on the planet who digs JGS’s one-eyed hair-do. Hey, if I could achieve that I’d be so proud of myself!

    I think it’s so nice they filmed the concert scene with a real audience. How cool for the kids at the concert to watch the show later and see how the concert is so integral to the story. “I was there the night TK hugged GMN!” they could say.

  99. 99 Anonymous

    Eh. I thought PSH was adorable at first, but now I noticed she’s taking the cutesy ditziness a little OTT. I kinda cringe whenever she does her little run in zigzag patterns – the after shower in the locker room was one. I mean come on, once in the airport was enough. Not all girly girls run like that.

    BUT I blame the director as I did BOF.

  100. 100 findland

    Jeremy is so funny! When he’s hugging the dog and cries, I couldn’t stop laughing .. Hahaha.
    Thanks JB!

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