Help out Boys Over Flowers on Netflix
by | November 5, 2009 | 76 Comments

I received an email from someone at YA Entertainment, which, as you may know, is the company that licenses Korean dramas for sale with English subtitles. I’m passing it along for all of you with accounts at Netflix to help get more Korean dramas available at the online rental service:


I need your help. In an effort to continue to reach out to the mainstream with our K-dramas on DVD with English subtitles we have signed on with Netflix. According to their reports there are not enough people adding our titles into their queues and we are at risk of not being able to share this very important and popular genre with the millions of people that Netflix has access too.

If you didn’t already know, K-dramas are enjoyed throughout the world by millions of people already either dubbed or subtitled in several other languages. For some reason it has yet to catch on in the US and Canada outside of mostly other Asians and other ethnic groups.

We will be releasing the wildly popular K-drama Boys Over Flowers this November 17 and Netflix currently has it available on their site but I just got an email this morning saying they will hold the order until they see the numbers prove that there is a demand for this title and our other titles.

Clearly there is a demand for it but, unfortunately, the majority of people who currently watch our DVD’s are collectors and tend to purchase rather than rent. Although we have reached the tip of the mainstream by having our DVD’s available at Barnes and Noble, Costco, Borders, FYE’s and several independent retailers, we are still stunted due to the fact that even they don’t believe that there is a demand yet, so we are given very limited shelf access and a very small number of stores carry our products. Over 90% of our end consumers are not Korean, which means that we KNOW that this is entertainment for ALL and that if given a chance then most people will enjoy the dramas.

Please help me and the K-drama industry a chance to share what we have to offer by asking all your friends and family who have Netflix accounts to add one of our titles into their queues and give it a chance.

The following titles are available at Netflix to rent and there are still so many more to add but we will not be able to unless they start seeing that it’s in demand!

You can start by adding Boys Over Flowers V. 1.

Please send this out to everyone you know!

Thank you very much for your time!


90 Days of Love – Kim Ha Neul – 6 DVD Set
A Prince’s First Love – Cha Tae-Hyun – 6 DVD Set
All About Eve – Jang Dong-Gun – 6 DVD Set
Alone In love – Son Ye-Jin – 7 DVD Set
Be Strong, Geum-Soon Vol. 1- Han Hye Jin – 7 DVD Set
Be Strong, Geum-Soon Vol. 2 – Han Hye Jin – 7 DVD Set
Be Strong, Geum-Soon Vol. 3 – Han Hye Jin – 7 DVD Set
Be Strong, Geum-Soon Vol. 4 – Han Hye Jin – 7 DVD Set
Boys Over Flowers Vol. 1 – Koo Hye Sun – 4 DVD Set
Country Princess – Bac Doona – 6 DVD Set
Dae Jang Geum Vol. 1 – Lee Young-Ae – 6 DVD Set
Dae Jang Geum Vol. 2 – Lee Young-Ae – 6 DVD Set
Dae Jang Geum Vol. 3 – Lee Young-Ae – 6 DVD Set
Damo – Ha Ji-Won – 7 DVD Set
Delicious Proposal – Son Ye-Jin – 6 DVD Set
Did We Really Love? – Bae Yong-Joon – 15 DVD Set
Forever Yours – Kim Hee Sun – 6 DVD Set
Four Sisters – Chae Rim – 7 DVD Set
Freeze – Lee Seo-Jin – 3 DVD Set
Glass Slipper Vol. 1 – Kim Hyun-Ju – 7 DVD Set
Glass Slipper Vol. 2 – Kim Hyun-Ju – 7 DVD Set
Goodbye My Love – Ahn Jae-Wook – 6 DVD Set
Grand Chef Vol. 1 – Kim Rae Won – 4 DVD Set
Grand Chef Vol. 2 – Kim Rae Won – 4 DVD Set
Happy Togeather – Lee Byung-Hun – 6 DVD Set
Hotelier – Bae Yong-Joon – 7 DVD Set
I Love You – Ahn Jae Wook – 6 DVD Set
I Really, Really Like You Vol. 1 – Eugene – 6 DVD Set
I Really, Really Like You Vol. 2 – Eugene – 6 DVD Set
Inside the White Tower – Kim Myung-Min – 7 DVD Set
Jumong Vol. 1 – Song II-Kook – 7 DVD Set
Jumong Vol. 2 – Song II-Kook – 7 DVD Set
Jumong Vol. 3 – Song II-Kook – 7 DVD Set
Jumong Vol. 4 – Song II-Kook – 7 DVD Set
The King and I Vol. 1 – Oh Man Suk – 7 DVD Set
The King and I Vol. 2 – Oh Man Suk – 7 DVD Set
The King & I Vol. 3 – Oh Man Suk – 7 DVD Set
Lawyers – Kim Sung-Soo – 6 DVD Set
Love Letter – Ji Jin-Hee – 6 DVD Set
Lovers’ Concerto – Cha Tae-Hyun
Lovers in Prague – Jeon Do-Youn – 6 DVD Set
M – Shim Eun-Ha – 4 DVD Set
Medical Brothers – Jang Dong-Gun – 6 DVD Set
Mr. Duke – Choi Ji-Woo – 6 DVD Set
My Beautiful Days – Kim Hyun Sung
My Girl – Lee Da-Hae – 6 DVD Set
My Little Bride – Kim Rae-Won
My Love Patzzi – Kim Rae-Won – 4 DVD Set
My Lovely Sam-Soon – Kim Sun-Ah – 6 DVD Set
One Fine Day – Gong Yoo – 6 DVD Set
Over the Rainbow – Ji Hyeon-Woo – 6 DVD Set
Palace – Joo Ji-Hoon – 9 DVD Set
Phoenix – Lee Eun-Joo – 9 DVD Set
Romance – Kim Jae-Won – 6 DVD Set
Ruler of Your Own World – Yang Dong-Geun – 7 DVD Set
Sad Love Story – Kwon Sang-woo – 7 DVD Set
Sandglass – Go Hyun-Jung – 8 DVD Set
Secret – Ha Ji-Won – 6 DVD Set
Shoot for the Stars – Jeon Do-Yeon – 6 DVD Set
Singles – Jang Jin-Young Snow Queen – Hyeon Bin – 6 DVD Set
Someday – Bae Doo-Na – 6 DVD Set
Something Happened in Bali – Ha Ji-Won – 7 DVD Set
Spring Days – Go Hyun-Jung – 7 DVD Set
Spring Waltz – Seo Do-Young – 7 DVD Set
Stained Glass – Lee Dong-Gun – 6 DVD Set
Stairway to Heaven – Choi Ji-Woo – 7 DVD Set
Star in My Heart – Ahn Jae-Wook – 6 DVD Set
Sunlight Upon Me – Ryu Shi Won – 6 DVD Set
Super Rookie – Eric Mun – 7 DVD Set
Sweet Spy – Nam Sang-Mi – 7 DVD Set
Tell Me You Love Me – Kim Rae Won – 5 DVD Set
Time Between Dog & Wolf – Lee Joon Ki – 6 DVD Set
Tomato – Kim Hee-Sun – 6 DVD Set
Truth – Choi Ji-Woo – 6 DVD Set
Turning Gate – Kim Sang-Kyung
Two Out In The Bottom Of The 9th Inning – Lee Jung Jin – 6 DVD Set
What Planet Are You From? – Kim Rae-Won – 6 DVD Set


76 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. langdon813

    Well, I have zero interest in watching BOF again, but there are definitely some older titles on here worth checking out (Sandglass, LEE JUNG-JAE!!! and Samsooki’s Star in My Heart). The appeal to this is being able to watch them on the big screen TV in all their crystal clear glory…I won’t know how to act!

    Definitely great news!

  2. grace

    Oh my, I did not even think that these titles were available on netflix! I looked through the foreign movie section but didn’t notice a foreign TV section. I’ll definitely be adding many of these to my queue.

    Thanks for the heads up javabeans!

  3. Susa

    I have searched Netflix for Kdrama and never found these titles–will definitely look again. Will spread the word.

  4. more

    No thanks i can just watch online without going broke

  5. Penn

    Not a bad idea. Hope they have the complete set of Tamra Island.

  6. Hi

    The comments before me are too true! The Korean dramas are very hard to find in Netflix through their search engine for some reason…I only recently (a few months back) by the member “lists” and realized they carried them. On top of that, there’s often a “long wait” on the titles…as if they only have a handful of circulating copies!!

    BUT I did get onto Netflix and put BOF in my queue just now anyway to support the kdrama movement (but like one of the comments before mine, I have no interest in seeing it again). I do actually have a few older titles in my queue anyway as it is…but I have to admit, I dont like waiting for Netflix to send them one by one…I’m kinda a lucky one because I live in Seattle and we the most awesome independent video store (Scarecrow Video) and they carry most all kdramas available on dvd for rental and I can borrow the box set at a flat rental cost of $11. Ok, sorry, I’m rambing. =) Thanks Javabeans for the news.

  7. celestialorigin

    I was going to discontinue my Netflix subscription since I have no time watching them(because of all the current dramas going on on-line, I have so many dramas downloaded on my hard drive for my own keep for future as well).But hey, I’m all for them to carry K-drama selections, I went ahead and put bunch of them on my queue, I might even not watch them and just send them back to keep them circulating… Anyhow, I have a job, I can do $12.00/ a month for a while, or is it better to donate that money to Sierra club? Hummm…

  8. Elena

    I put a few in my queue – thanks,

  9. Fiona

    I just joined Netflix to support the globalization of korean dramas!

    Yup, the main problem is the search engine. Unless you have a specific drama in mind, you get a whole slew of other titles when doing a general search. It will be hard to get new viewers on board if this continues.

    And, yes, I’m a collector rather than a ‘renter’, but I’ll do it for a bit so that kdramas can get more exposure.

  10. 10 lisas

    i would love 2. do we hav to RENT it??wens its practically free online

  11. 11 Miki

    Actually… my LIBRARY has many of these (god, I love living in urban areas) but I hope them luck! Netflix is actually quite exciting.

  12. 12 BellaMafia

    Oh gosh! didn’t know they have these on Netflix. I’ve been a Netflix member for awhile, sooo excited. Btw, I already have BOF though, but I’ll queue the other kdramas on the list.

    And.. totally agree with #5, I hope they will have Tamra (when they release it on DVDs.. of course..).


    Oh gosh.. I just checked the list, can’t find something interested to watch. Can anyone recommend?

  13. 13 Aleinad

    I didn’t know they had k dramas on netflix wonderful news my queque is coin to grow!!!

  14. 14 Melissa

    I have gotten K-drama from Netflicks andI really would love for them to continue to carry them, so I add BOF to my list. Thank you for the complete list of Drama’s.

  15. 15 Lumi

    I am one of those kdrama and kmovie collectors who hasn’t gotten to start watching many of them. I have 18 of the titles listed, mostly YA versions. I don’t have a Netflix account so I don’t think I’ll be of any help. but I’ll spread the word around.

    If you haven’t seen it yet, MY LITTLE BRIDE is a ver enjoyable movie and a must see. If I’m not mistaken, it’s the only movie YA has in its catalog.

  16. 16 Lisa

    Subtitles by wonderful internet fansub groups are usually way better quality and more accurate than subs done “professionally” when it comes to asian dramas, especially korean ones. I would like to be excited about this, but I just can’t quite get there.

  17. 17 samsooki

    Alyx is a really cool person (one of the nicest folks ever)! Thanks to JB for giving Alyx and YAE consideration.

    For Alyx (and YAE), I’ll get Dae Jang Geum Vol. 1 – 3 (and maybe Jumong) from Netflix.


  18. 18 Chuck

    Can we post that letter on our Facebook page?

  19. 19 Chuck

    Well, I mean a link to this page that has the letter. Facebook doesn’t allow long posts.

  20. 20 all4movies

    I prefer my kdramas the oldfashioned way, on tv via dvds. I have a very large collection and enjoy rewatching my favourites so netflix would not be my preferred choice of viewing.

    I’m also probably one of the few left with a tube tv. Old habits die hard, not to mention the hole in the wallet.

  21. 21 michy

    damn and i just canceled my netflix account too! didn’t know these k-movies/dramas existed!

  22. 22 Nom_Kitteh

    JB, thank you for posting this.

    FYI, there are MANY K-drama titles on Netflix, including most of the ones we can find on Dramafever.

    JB– would you let YA or anyone else who contacts you know that they need to push Netflix for better search results?

    The problem with NetFlix is that there is no search category for Korean dramas. You have to plug in titles individually. Some kind souls HAVE created lists, but they are inadequate. When you do searches for Korean movies — most of the dramas do NOT show up. One evening I played with the search options, and found that in most searches — including latest releases, foreign releases, and even Korean language searches, most of the Korean dramas available were not showing up.

    Maybe KBS (and others) can ask for a subset within Korean language searches? Kind of the way the Hindi language seems to offer a subcategory for Bollywood — or it did.

    Also, if you search using an actor’s name — good luck. They spell the names differently from project to project!

    ALSO, also, I have found that when I have added K-dramas and even many K-movies to my queue, I have had to wait several days to even to be able to get it. So be patient — don’t take the movies off your queue; just plan ahead.

    The violent, blood-soaked horror flicks from Asia:: No wait time on those. Sigh.

  23. 23 Masaya

    No thanks. I hate BoF.

  24. 24 LTK

    er does Netflix service the Great White North? aka Canada? If so, save me a seat on the bandwagon!

  25. 25 kate

    note to self…subscribe netflix..thans JB…

  26. 26 tinyviolin

    Aww…my first reaction was to say “oh! of course, I’d do it if I were in the US”~~but, then again, there is a reason why kdramas have so many fans and yet they’re suffering on netflix. With downloads available, online streaming, and DVDs available to own, I guess it’s reasonable that there’s not much left over for just renting.

    Of course, I do not want the online vids to stop! Since I’m abroad, it’s the only way I can enjoy them in English. ^^

    There are tons of foreigners in Korea (they might admit it one day…), and most women I know enjoy kdramas a LOT. Yet, I’ve had real trouble finding kdrama dvds that have English subtitles. In the US, Spanish or French is a given option on any dvd. I would buy them if I saw some with English subtitling, within Korea. Perhaps I’m not looking hard enough?

  27. 27 Auntie Mame

    Although I haven’t checked recently, but when I have checked in Netflix, I didn’t find any K-drama titles. That’s why I didn’t even open a Netflix account.

    And, the availability of K-dramas, at Costco, Barnes & Noble and Border’s, is practically none existent. (I know because I’ve looked when I’m in these stores. I’ve even checked their on-line stores.)

  28. 28 zashibear

    Did not even know they now have Kdrama in Netflix. Will check it out.

  29. 29 Kim Hyun Joong FIGHTING!!!

    I went and added it on my list 🙂

  30. 30 spooksmom

    Netflix has City Hall! I am so excited!!!

  31. 31 Issa

    I have a netflix…problem is, I have an account on where they’re also showing BOF, Dae Jang Geum, Yi San, My Lovely Samsoon etc. in perfect quality, free, licensed and with good subs. So I can’t see myself waiting for netflix when I can get them anytime I want from dramafever. Also, DF has more (and better) title selections and they have all the biggest k drama hits. I think I’ll have to pass on this…

    P.S. JB, I think this is where I got the invitation to join Dramafever, thanks a lot! =)

  32. 32 najmuthakib

    R they only in the US?

    I live in the UK…would love to rent kdrama here….any1 know where i can online?


  33. 33 jacq

    When I had Netflix before I’ve rented several Korean drama series. It was a good way to watch korean drama. But now-a-days I watch everything online, which is free and way faster than waiting for the series to be release. I already don’t have enough time watching all the series on my must-watch list.

    As for BOF, as much as I love the story, I just couldn’t finish the Korean version. I only made it halfway through and completely lost interests. I could not stand the lead actress. So I won’t be watching it anymore or renting this series.

  34. 34 lola

    I’m going crazy here. I got all excited and went there and could not even find my Girl. It is so difficult to find these dramas!

  35. 35 nen

    it was from samsooki that i heard about netflix having kdrama dvds. i thought how convenient especially that where i’m from, there’s only one asian store, albeit a small one and selling only oriental condiments etc.

    i share the same sentiment with the others that it takes a lot of patience to look for one kdrama title in netflix. search engine is useless moreso with a live person. the korean dvd they see in their computer are those post WWII korean war movies.

    finally found All About Eve and i subscribed for the 3 discs at a time but they only sent Ep1 disc and were trying to push the english dvds which is not in my agenda. so anti-climatic. patiently waited for the next episode discs but it never came. if this is how they operate by sending only 1 kdrama disc and the others they will push an english movie, it will take me a year to finish 16 or so episodes of a kdrama, might as well buy the whole boxset. after a month waiting for the next AAE discs, i cancelled my subscription.

  36. 36 Toya

    BoF I probably won’t be watching again but White Tower, definitely. Just gotta figure out how to get on netflix 🙂

  37. 37 Syb

    I had rented Kdramas thru Netfix and it’s perfect, a lot of people may think why rent it if you can watch it for free online, but the experience is diferent, I mean you can watch it and listen it i a MUCH better quality. I may not rent BBF again but I’ll defenitelly keep renting other tittles…it worth it 🙂

  38. 38 asianromance

    whoa i didn’t know netflix did korean drama at all! i think i might have to get myself an account!

  39. 39 chunsa

    i know it’s kind of round of bout but if you have a netflix account then search for “east of eden” and click on it you can see on the left side below all the disks of the series and info that there are a bunch of top 10 lists that it has been featured on. click on those and it will bring up a bunch of kdrama titles that netflix carries…

  40. 40 le meera

    haha! wow! this must be a big-time site to get sent messages like these. 😀

  41. 41 lola

    Seriously, I can’t find My Girl and I really want to watch it. Anyone else have the same problem? Is there somehere I can find the link?

  42. 42 takoyaki

    Oh! Never knew Netflix carried Kdrama. Though I would never watch BOF again (cringe), the other older titles looks promising. Thanks, guess I’ll spread the word to my friends.

  43. 43 Nom_Kitteh

    @ 41: I cannot find My Girl either. I did a search for: My Girl Lee Da-Hae. For a moment I got all super excited about being able to see Lee Junki again…

  44. 44 faye

    @lola #41

    Yes, I’m having the same problem too. So frustrating!

  45. 45 zerohundred

    Wow, I wish I had Netflix now! I used to be really into getting dramas any way I could, but now I just want to be able to pop a DVD in.

  46. 46 Sonam

    No BOF for me but I might watch Hong Sang Soo’s Turning Gate again.

  47. 47 k john

    Isn’t that Binnie in Netflix’s picture for the City Hall video?

  48. 48 linz

    umm im confused…i have netflix and i’ve only seen like a few of those titles in that giant list. do they seriously have all of those?? because i’ve searched for some of those ones before and not found anything….weeird

  49. 49 perly

    If I’m gonna support Korean dramas and join Netflix, I’d have better taste than that. Rent Boys Over Flowers? (they must be kidding)

  50. 50 bern;

    why do i feel like BOF is NOT the drama to show people if you want them to like/appreciate k-dramas? Idk, just seems like theres so much more out there thats a lot better than BOF.


    thats cool though. almost wish i still had a netflix account so i could watch english subbed dramas on my computer in a legit way, instead of illegal streaming… heh.

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