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Lee Min-ho at first of four overseas fanmeetings
by | November 30, 2009 | 89 Comments

Speaking of Japanese fanmeetings, another rising Hallyu star, Lee Min-ho, held events in Japan last week; the two-parter occurred in Tokyo first (November 23), then Osaka (November 26).

Even considering the immense popularity of Boys Before Flowers (and the popularity of its source material, Hana Yori Dango), it’s rather astonishing that Lee Min-ho attracted a total of 8,000 fans with this set of fanmeetings on the strength of ONE role; Boys Before Flowers was his first widely known project.

To offer up a point of comparison, Jang Geun-seok is more famous than Lee Min-ho, has been active longer, and has a number of movies and drama roles (leading and supporting) in his filmography, and his recent fanmeeting commanded the respectable number of 2,000 fans. (Note: I’m not making any comparison about their abilities as actors. I think both are adorable and talented and have big futures ahead of them.) Lee Min-ho’s numbers don’t quite rival top Hallyu-stars-in-Japan like Song Seung-heon, Yonsama, or Park Yong-ha, but 8,000 puts him in the same general tier.

(His prior roles are mostly small youth dramas like Run Mackerel, I Am Sam and Secret Campus. In fact, such is Lee’s popularity in Japan due to Boys that even Japanese broadcasters will be showing Secret Campus, which was one of Lee’s first roles as a 19-year-old. When Korean broadcasters decided to capitalize on Boys‘ success by re-airing Secret Campus, Lee said he was embarrassed to have people watching him in a younger, greener performance from three years ago.)

At the fanmeeting, Lee sang the song “My Everything,” which he recorded for the Boys Before Flowers special edition OST and videos (watch and listen here). Lee made an effort to get close to as many fans as possible, even climbing on a crane to get closer to those farther away. A Japanese fan said, “I didn’t expect to be able to see Min-ho-sshi up close, but I was touched that he greeted fans one by one and met their eyes individually.” Because of his attentiveness (and a “high-five event” wherein he high-fived fans until his hand went into convulsions), fans started call him “Angel.”

He didn’t mention a project by name, but promised, “In order to fulfill your expectations, I’m taking a lot of care to choose my next project. I’d like to greet you again in a new role soon.”

Initially only planned for two installments, due to fan request, the fanmeeting series was extended to four; Lee will follow the Japanese event with fanmeetings in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore.

Via Sports Chosun, Mk.co.kr


89 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Snikki

    Oohh, Tokyo is the place to be! I hope somebody I like — Gong Yoo perhaps — holds a fanmeeting in March!

  2. Anonymous

    8000… wow… I just hope they don’t steal away my future husband. o.O And before anybody goes and ruins my dreams and says “NO! HE’S MINE! MWAHAHAHA!” please bear in mind that a girl can dream…and plot…and rub her hands together with an evil grin on her face. He’s MINE!!!!!! -echoing- o.O

  3. more

    He is sooooooooo overrated. πŸ™

  4. langdon813

    Cute boys abound tonight! πŸ˜€


  5. javabeans

    ^ I won’t argue with you since I can see why some might think that and of course everyone has his/her own opinion… but I will say that personally, Lee Min-ho is one of the only super-hyped actors who I actually think deserves his hype. He’s a really good actor and he not only met the expectations of his role, he exceeded them. My MOM (who never follows trendies or pop culture) told me that a highly respected (60something) novelist and cultural critic wrote after BBF ended, “Ah, where goes the zest of life now without Gu Jun-pyo?” Boy was a veritable phenom!

  6. langdon813

    I’ll tell you what…when he snatched his hand away from his mom and unfolded those long legs out of that limo to go kiss his girl (talking to her in his head with every step), I was DONE. I’ll buy anything he sells from now on.

  7. Two Cents

    I agree that Lee Minho did a good job portraying Gu Junpyo in BBF and he was really the only redeeming quality about the Korean production of BBF, but I have to say, in my humble opinion, that Jang Geon Suk is a much more talented and versatile actor and has a lot more charisma and that “je ne sais quoi” star quality about him. If I were a passionate enough fan to actually attend a fan meeting and had to choose between the two, it would be Jang Geon Suk all the way. That is not to say that I dislike Lee Minho. He is talented in his own right and cute in a really dorky kind of way, but Jang Geon Suk blows me away.

    • 7.1 Lili

      @two cents
      ” I agree that Lee Minho did a good job portraying Gu Junpyo in BBF and he was really the only redeeming quality about the Korean production of BBF, but I have to say, in my humble opinion, that Jang Geon Suk is a much more talented and versatile actor and has a lot more charisma and that β€œje ne sais quoi” star quality about him. If I were a passionate enough fan to actually attend a fan meeting and had to choose between the two, it would be Jang Geon Suk all the way. That is not to say that I dislike Lee Minho. He is talented in his own right and cute in a really dorky kind of way, but Jang Geon Suk blows me away.”

      i dont know whether my reply to two cents will ever see the light of day but i 100% agreed with him/her, honestly.

  8. D

    @ langdon813

    where do i signed up for the club? πŸ˜‰

    it was a toss between LMH & JGS ( i watched Baby & I last night – super cuteness there).. but i think it has to be LMH, for now…

    (not that i think any less of JGS)

  9. a little taste of heaven

    geez….remind me why i want to live in america when all the hotties r in asian?
    give me LMH or give me JGS!!!

    @Langdon mind clueing me in with what ur saying?

  10. 10 pear

    seeing lee min ho made me want to revisit your BBF recaps, which i did. then i clicked on one of the episode summaries and saw a picture of the mom. i don’t know why, but that woman stills scares the crap out of me!

  11. 11 Carrie

    I still *heart* LMH. Such a cutie and such a fab actor. I think he has immense talent. Can’t wait to see what he is going to pick next… It’s been too long since we’ve seen that sweet smile of his!

  12. 12 Molly

    I loved Lee Min-ho as Gu Jun-pyo, curly hair, dorky smile, and all. I hope he wears his hair curly again someday soon though! I can’t see him as anything but Jun-pyo; it’s hard enough seeing him as Min-ho. πŸ˜‰ I just wish that someone had coached him on the pronunciation of “every-THing” in his song. His voice in the song was so calming, so deep…then the “TING” came. I can’t wait to hear more of his voice though; I really liked him as a singer as well.

  13. 13 Anonymous

    Wow – lots of fan meetings everywhere!!! LOL =) I loved LMH as GJP – I think he did a fantastic job and really could not picture anyone else in that role. I do think if he can keep up the good acting – he’s got a great future ahead of him.

    So I’m way too old to be a true fan of his, but LMH keep up the good work. He’s a cutie.

  14. 14 jacq

    Luv Love LOVE him as Gu JunPyo! He was undoubtfully superb in BOF and his acting was spot on. I can’t wait to see him in another drama. Keep that adorable smile going!! <3

  15. 15 Porcelain

    brain decombust… too much hotness in a day!

  16. 16 Icarusfalls

    If only he’d come to the U.S… he would definitely see that many fans or double as many fansll!!! He was the only think that made BOF watchable… unfortunately I couldn’t finish the series even for him…

  17. 17 sue

    LOL i don’t know why but i don’t find him very attractive! there must be something wrong with me!

  18. 18 ripgal

    JGS or LMH? JGS for me any day..

    But here’s the big BUT, JGS has got loads of acting experience (leading and supporting) and has worked with A LOT of veteran actors before… whilst for LMH, only the one and only (not to mention, atrocious) BBF. Comparison just isn’t fair hehehe…

    I’ll wait until LMH takes up a meatier and more intense role..

  19. 19 Emily

    LMH was the saving grace of BOF. I think he did a great job but I am still waiting to see him act in another drama or movie to see if it was a case of him fitting the role of Gu Jun Pyo or if he could play another type of character equally well.

  20. 20 alba

    aw he is such a cutie! and so very sweet to his fans. but i do think he’s overrated. his acting is good but there are room for improvement. i want to see him take on a more challenging role so he can live up to his hype. i still love him to bits though, but 8000 fans for ONE role? what a phenomenon BOF has become! i’m happy that he has become so much more famous then before BOF. but in the future i’d like to see him at his full potential.

  21. 21 Mino fan

    LMH has a fanmeeting in SINGAPORE in December!!

  22. 22 rose

    @ 7 Two Cents-

    We must be related or something because you completely wrote what I thought but couldn’t put into words! Haha πŸ™‚ I too, without a doubt rather be at JGS fan meeting.
    LMH is a total hunk and a respected actor but no way can he even be compared to JGS. The only thing that made BBF for me was LMH. So obviously I like the guy, but he has yet to prove himself as more of a versatile actor.

    • 22.1 Lili

      read somewhere in tabloid that the 8000 fans are the total of 4 fanmeeting, so average per meeting was abt 2000.

  23. 23 langdon813

    @ 8 D

    Hey, you want in, you’re in! The only requirement is that you’re old enough to feel pervy about crushing on these young guys! 8)

    @ 9 a little taste of heaven

    Sure thing…but with regard to what? The club? πŸ™‚

  24. 24 Nanaee

    well… i will choose to see LMH instead of LGS if i got to choose one to see… cos at least he wears normal clothes.. and I think i will feel like I saw LMH that i like. LGS tends to wear strange clothes… which makes me think… is that really the LGS that i saw and loved in that drama… i love LGS in many drama but every time i see his pics outside of the drama… he just blows me away with his choice of clothing…

  25. 25 iwasing

    Is it just me or I find Minho a bit chubby this days???????I think he needs to step back from overly indulging himself and time to see some muscle.I really wanted him to have a muscular body like those top Korean Stars!!!!!!!

  26. 26 panshel

    I wouldn’t think Japanese fans would get caught up in the Boys Over Flowers hype when Hana Yori Dango was a thousand times better…

  27. 27 R

    Just curious, how did Park Yong Ha become a Hallyu star anyway?? Is it from Winter Sonata? If it is, I thought only Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji Woo became huge from that drama? I mean, the other evil lady in Winter Sonata isn’t exactly a Hallyu star too and she kind of like has the same supporting role as Park Yong Ha.

  28. 28 Anh

    Ewww. The inevitable JGS & LMH comparison.

    Love JGS in YAB. Cannot say much about LMH acting since I have not seen him. I have passed BOF so now am waiting for his next project to judge his ability for real (but I trust your judgement, JB!)

    Ya know what, they should just get both JGS and LMH in a movie/drama. Face off big time! That will surely guarantee the ratings flying up to the roof and make fan girls go crazy.

    LMH looks adorably cute. JGS has a sense of rock star in him. It is good that they are different.

    We should support talented young actors/actresses, not bashing them. ~ Peace ~

  29. 29 a little taste of heaven


    tell me tell me duh duh duh tell me


  30. 30 Hallyudorama

    LMH and JGS really should do a drama together. That would be awesome. Both are really good actors and it doesn’t hurt that they’re both eye candy. I would love to see them work together.

    I’m excited to see Min Ho in a new drama or movie and I hope he visits the Philippines too.

  31. 31 javabeans

    I’m a little surprised with Park Yong-ha too, but after Winter Sonata he really worked hard to keep a presence in Japan with his music. He’s probably more famous there as a singer, actually. And he’s more famous as a singer in Japan than he is in Korea.

  32. 32 pear

    for Two Cents

    I agree with you 100%!

    I heard about BBF while it was still being shown in Korea. I tried watching and was hooked with the first couple of episodes. But after that, my interest eventually dwindled. I thought LMH was great in it, but that was not enough to keep me watching the series..

    With YAB, i didn’t think the show was perfect. In fact, watching each episode, there would be scenes that i would just fast forward through.. But still, JGS and his antics as HTK kept me tuned in.

    Conclusion: JGS and LMH are two very promising young actors. But JGS is more interesting to me.

    Also, let’s wait for several months, until YAB was shown in Japan and other countries. Im pretty sure even more fans would swarm to his next fanmeeting in that country.

  33. 33 langdon813

    @ a little taste of heaven (cool name)

    ICOMYM (Inappropriate Crushes On Much Younger Men) Club…like I said, if you’re old enough to feel pervy about it (but don’t care), then you’re in. πŸ˜€

    JB, I had to laugh about your tweet earlier about Sandara Park and her kooky hairstyles. It obviously rubbed off on Lee Min-ho when they hung out together! πŸ˜‰


  34. 34 cestbon

    Javabeans- totally and completely agree with you about LMH. He truly stands out among the entire cast of BBF and he’s very charming and very easy on the eye. Though he’s still very young, he’s pretty good at what he does and delivers it well too. I’m very hopeful, if chosen well, that his next project will make him an even bigger star.

  35. 35 a little taste of heaven

    thanks for the compliment langdon
    but sadly im too young for the club…gimme a few years…by then new jailbait actors and i can join the club k? lol

    i second ur idea 30

  36. 36 D

    @ 23 langdon813 – Nov 30, 2009 at 8:45 pm

    hail to the President!!!

    oh, he’s young enough to make me feel pervy (12yrs) i’ve been resisting for so long but his adorkableness is just …*sigh*..

    will never compare him to JGS tho..

    the day they appear in the same movie – all the noonas & fangirls will combust..

  37. 37 D

    @ 23 langdon813

    TQ! *bow to President*

    oh, he’s young enough to make me feel pervy (12yrs) i’ve been resisting for so long but his adorkableness is just …*sigh*..

    will never compare him to JGS tho..

    the day they appear in the same movie – all the noonas & fangirls will just combust.. LOL

  38. 38 yvree

    woohoo~ what a lucky fans!

    for filipino/pinoy fans out there, there has been a rumor that BOF cast will be here in our country in january 2010, hoping this rumor will become a reality in 2010. ABS-CBN will air BOF again but at the night-time slot, in line with their big-time shows.

    congrats for another success~!

  39. 39 dee

    congratulations to Lee Min Ho, wow 8,000. that’s quite a lot

    I think the 2000 of Jang Guen Seok will rise to around the 8,000 once the You Are Beautiful shown in Japan too.

    • 39.1 Lili

      currently (2011) JKS is the no 1 Hallyu star in Japan with YB being the all time fav drama. His debut single, Let Me Cry, top the chart and he is the highest paid Korean CF star. His endorsement in products increased sales. This is no surprise since he work so hard and so serious abt his career.

    • 39.2 Lili

      it has been revealed that the 8000 figure was the total fans for the 4 meetings.

  40. 40 Blue Heaven

    How can we compare between LMH and JGS? Each has his own style of acting, look, and charm. What matter is that they choose good scripts and deliver their roles well. More supports to both actors.

  41. 41 belleza

    Park Yong Ha is definitely right there as a 1st tier Hallyu star in Japan. Also, he’s fluent in Japanese, so in a sense he’s more approachable than the majority.

    I’m surprised with the 8K showing, but then again BBF has already done a lot of fanmeeting promotion in Japan. It goes without saying that Hana Yori Dango is basically the Harry Potter/Twilight of Asian idol drama.

    As for JGS vs. LMH . . . let’s wait until LMH gets his next role. Personally, well let’s just say I think Lee Min Ho’s talent level is really special. He elevated that part with a presence, depth of hauteur, and subliminal ache that is virtually unrivalled by other youth dramas this year. And I mean, truly without peer, like somewhat in Yoo Seung Ho’s league special. But it may just have been perfect casting (or perfect pama), so we’ll see.

  42. 42 Doublen

    I lobe LMH as GJP, and I think he is really promising actor. However, JGS can show so many emotions with his eyes, they are fabulous! His eyes plays all role

  43. 43 kimchigeol

    Can I join the club too? ^^

    LMH nailed that GJP role, I won’t dispute that fact, but I’m curious on his next project. I’m hoping it’s a different character this time, so he can show his versatility and prove to the world [excluding me — I honestly don’t need that much convincing ^^] that he’s not just good at portraying a chaebol-slash-flower-boy.

    As for JGS, I’ve only seen him in YB, but I did love him as HTK. Especially those cute little smirks (?) he keeps on doing. And the way he says “Go Mi Nam” is adorable. Plus, he never fails to amaze me with his “crying scenes”. Not a trace of vanity at all.

    LMH + JGS in one drama? That’s the ultimate face-off. Oh man, that I have to see. Although that Minoz blood is running through my veins already, so I might be a little more biased towards LMH. ^^

  44. 44 beehive

    @ langdon813:

    I would like to join ICOMYM too, please.

    I won’t compare him with JGS either. I’ve liked JGS since his Nonstop days and I only know LMH from BOF. But yes I think LMH is a really good actor.

    Oh btw, Park Yong-ha is LOVE~ (and age-appropriate for me to drool over :P)

  45. 45 lilly

    Javabean :
    Kim bum and lee min ho must be the most OVERRATED “actors” of this year. JB how do you know he is great actor ? Because he acted prince charming who cried 90% of the time in this drama ?In this case Go Ah Ra in “Who are you ?” or even GHS in BOF are oscar actresses. Do you really think he nailed the character like it’s desribed in the preview of the drama ? Compared to Jun Matsumoto his character’s portraying was atrocious (same with GHS, kim Bum, KYJ, KJ) ! What saved is he acted like a prince charming what people found likeable (by episode 2). And please don’t tell me you found him cute or you like his smile, everyone can do that. I mean maybe he will work better in his other works but based only on BOF I think it’s exxagerated. JGS on the contrary nailed his character (and he does since he began his career look at nonstop, HJY, BV, Hong gil dong). Maybe people do not want to compare LMH and JGS because (since they love the former) they see LMH is nothing compared to JGS actingwise and I think YAB showed them that ( I even read in other sites people stating JGS would have done a better job to portray the character of Domyoji/GJP)

  46. 46 kris

    i do agree with Javabeans that he is worth the hype. When he came Singapore, Etude house management underestimated his popularity and cancelled the Etude house publicity event. my friends and i were so disappointed with the cancellation. It was very poor planning from the Etude house.

    However, if i really have to fork out like ($130USD) $188 Sgd to visit a pop star, it has to be JGS πŸ˜›
    he has the cutest smile, he can sing so well, even if he sings off key, i’ll forgive him instantly!

  47. 47 Fran

    Heart LMH as well! <3

    He was truly the only good thing in BOF but as with a few of the others, even he could not make me carry on past episode 13. Geum Jandi was so annoying she made me physically ill (note: i don't mind Gu Hye Sun; it's just the Jandi character i detest). LMH definitely carried the show.

    He and JGS are terribly different though. LMH feels like a little brother to me, a little dorky, a little shy, modest, genuine, unassuming, cute as a button and in possession of a mega watt smile. Makes you feel protective towards him. I sometimes feel like I want to pick him up and put him in my pocket. Just to keep him safe.

    JGS is a completely different animal. In this case i think he needs to be kept safe FROM me. Some of the things me and my friends have discussed about him are not suitable for general viewing. And I think he won't have it any other way; I think JGS is a bonafide media whore. He laps up the love and attention and is such an outrageous flirt. Awfully talented as well. I hope he sees the same success as LMH after YB starts airing in JPN in feb.
    All in all, i personally think that of their generation, these 2 are the ones to look out for and would go really far. They both have the talent, the looks and the likability factor to carry them.

    @langdon813: With regards to ICOMYM; I'm so in! But I'm going to draw the line at 1990/1991 (18/19 yrs old max). I don't think I can morally go below that age right now; a friend of mine was going on about Yamada Ryosuke but the fact that he was born in 1993 was a complete shocker! I mean he's too young to even buy a beer!

    • 47.1 Lili

      47 fran

      i love your comment, its so spot on, esp the characteristic of LMH and JKS. JKS is crazy, talented and so so adorable. Now in 2011, he is the hottest guy among the asian celebrities. Even my muslim friends are ….. abt JKS.

  48. 48 belleza

    “LMH + JGS in one drama? That’s the ultimate face-off.”

    . . . . where it ends in a big, messy kiss. Boy love FTW πŸ˜€

  49. 49 Judy

    It is strange that everyone compared LMH with JGS under this topic. No one discussed this comparison under JGS’s fan meeting news.

    I find it hard to compare LMH with JGS since I only watched one role played by LMH. LMH and Kim Bum are not bad in BOF. But maybe it is because other actors/actress are weak in acting. So by comparison, they are relatively better.

    So LMH has to prove himself with some other roles. Kim Bum’s fighting drama is rather disappointing to me. Hope both of them can pick the right scripts in the future.

    I enjoyed watching LMH as GJP. He looked attractive with his curly hair – maybe the hair cover a bit of his face. I don’t know why but I find LMH with straight hair less handsome. And sometimes his face is so round. (LMH fans, please don’t hit me). He is more attractive when he acts cool without smiling.

    JGS seemed to be a complete opposite. He looks much better when he is smiling. JGS has more experience in different drama/movie roles and programs as MC and DJ. Last but not least, I love JGS’ voice so much. He appears to be more “entertaining” to me up to now.

    Nevertheless, let’s see how LMH shows his talent in his next drama.

  50. 50 deeps

    My take, LMH happened to be in the right place at the right time for the right role… and he nailed it. But BOF had so many factors working for it that it can’t all be credited to a single actor. I must say though, LMH (and his management) seem to have super marketing skills…

    Yessss! LMH + JGS would so rock BL! and the unrequited second lead could be played by Hong-ki… hehe! I could swear from all the YB bts, interviews etc, he has a HUGE crush on JGS :-))

    No one even thought to discuss LMH vs JGS over at his fanmeeting thread ‘cos his wardrobe and fashion choices stole away all the focus πŸ™‚

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