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Lee Min-ho considers new drama role
by | November 17, 2009 | 68 Comments

Finally, we have news of Lee Min-ho‘s potential next project!

He’s not confirmed for casting, but a rep from his management company said in an interview on the 17th that he is looking favorably at Bad Guy [나쁜 남자], a working title for the new drama from Lee Hyung-min, the PD behind 2004’s melodrama I’m Sorry, I Love You. His rep said, “He plans to make the selection for his next project as quickly as possible, and is looking to decide by the end of this month at the latest.”

Contrasting with his ridiculously rich and pampered Gu Jun-pyo character in the drama that made him famous, Boys Before Flowers, this drama’s hero grew up poor and becomes an action school stuntman. Bad Guy is aiming to hit broadcast airwaves next spring.

Since bursting onto the scene, Lee Min-ho has taken on a number of CFs and endorsement contracts, from mobile phones to beer to clothing and food, but has not taken any acting roles since Boys Before Flowers wrapped in March. If he takes this role, I will be very excited to see him working with a talented director who will show off his actors to their best advantage, unlike what we saw in the insanity (albeit an addictive kind) of Boys. Whether you love or hate Boys, Lee Min-ho was undoubtedly the breakout star, and proved that he has the raw acting talent to go very far — if he makes some smart choices about how to steer his career.

Lee has a Tokyo fanmeeting scheduled for the 26th, and will be leaving for Japan on the 21st.

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68 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. sue

    excitement beyond belief!!!!!
    i miss his awesome voice.

  2. Archaenon

    About time , I can’t wait.

  3. yuri

    i hope he can act much more better than before…he’s a good actor…goodluck boy!!! ^^

  4. jenni

    omg yay i hope he does take the role i want to see him on t.v lol
    he’s really good eyecandy >_<

  5. mems

    Eek! So looking forward to this!

    And that pic… <333

  6. ockoala

    He’s finally getting back in the game! Good for him, to do things at his own pace. I wonder, is Bad Guy part of the entire “Bad” family of dramas (i.e. Bad Family, Bad Couple, etc.)

    I love how some drama titles are so straightforward – Heroes, Bad Guy, etc. – they should have titled You’re Beautiful – Uptight OCD Grumbly Softie Dude – instead.

  7. LOL-ed


  8. javabeans

    No it’s not the same series as the Bad dramas. Although the English title sounds similar, the “bad” in Korean is different — those dramas used the term 불량, which means inferior or subpar. This drama uses 나쁜, which is bad in the sense of not good. It’s a minor but key distinction.

  9. su-pah

    oohhh hello gorgeous! ^^
    looks aside, he is a very good actor who never once overracted in BBF. so happy to see him back in acting mode again, well looking into it at the very least.

  10. 10 Didi

    I was just wondering about him today. All the F4 boys have projects but Lee Minho has only been in CFs since BOF ended. Finally!!! Can’t wait to see him in another drama.

  11. 11 zashibear

    I really hope this project will be a GO. I miss him, and the PD of MISA (oh makes me look forward to this one.) It’s about time for him to have a project and looks like something to look forward to for next year. YAY!

  12. 12 ockoala

    @ JB, thanks for the clarification, much appreciated. I like the thought of LMH playing a “bad boy” character, though I hope they lay off the eyeliner for him.

  13. 13 Arivle

    Thank you JB for such a great news…..something to look forward for next yr…..I’m dying to see him…..he was the only reason I got stuck watching BOF….GOOD LOOK MI HO and hopefully we get to see you soon on the small screen…….

  14. 14 popcorn

    Yay! I’ve been waiting for him to start acting again. I need a good dose of eye candy of YAB…lol 😀

  15. 15 Rna

    Forgive me but I need to say this:
    Gu Jun Pyo 4-eva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Loved him in Boys Before Flowers.

  16. 16 Joazn

    Yay~! Lee Min Ho!

    This is totally random, but in that picture, he reminds me of Nishikido Ryo.

  17. 17 mems

    I’d like to see LMH with Lee Min Jung as leads in a drama. They did seem to have pretty good chemistry in BBF…

    Or maybe Park Shin Hye…

    Ok, I think my YAB and Smile, You fan fervor is getting to me…

  18. 18 Nanaee

    YAE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited… i have been waiting and waiting for this news for so long… he might have been waiting for his legs to recover to do some action drama… it will be nice to see his poor attractive side opposite from rich super attractive KJP… i think he plans to choose the very opposite character to get rid of the very dominating character that brought him to this level … wish the drama comes out soon.. very soon…

  19. 19 Sonam

    There’s a little bit of my beloved Kim Rae Won in LMH.

  20. 20 Sere


    I’ll go squee silently now.

  21. 21 Brendel

    It’s about time that we see LMH flex his (acting) muscles. He was awesome as GJP in BOF but I’d love to see him in a serious drama. I miss his curls, though.

  22. 22 Dele

    I love that pic of him, his smile makes me smile in return. I def will watch whatever he acts in next. I hope he always has a bright and successful career!!

  23. 23 Carrie

    Woo hoo! I’d love to see him in something that really shows off the depth of emotional acting I know he has in there. We saw glimpses of it in BOF but I know there’s more. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself Lee Min-ho!!!!

  24. 24 Artemis

    I was so sick of BOF after it ended, but I have really missed him. He was the best thing about that show. Looking forward to his next project – it’s about time!!!

  25. 25 Nom_Kitteh

    I am glad that he has waited almost a year to start a new project — and is choosing to go with a good director and a very different character from that of BOF. It doesn’t sound like a romance-driven story, unlike BOF, which is another plus.

    It seems that the others have not found too much success in their post-BOF ventures, and it will be sad if they are all known only for their BOF roles. Hopefully LMH will be able to break free and make his stand as an actor. He really is talented.

  26. 26 lala

    isnt there goina be boys over flowers 2 in feb 2010?

  27. 27 Lisa

    Oooooh can’t wait!

  28. 28 crzycpl

    YAY! About time! I was wondering if we would see him in a drama ever again!! Can’t wait.

  29. 29 grace, the one from Jersey, USA

    At first, this sounded like great news for LMH’s next project!!!
    But a role as “an action school stuntman?” This for the guy
    who was in a horrendous car accident a few years ago,
    spent a year ~ a year ~ recovering in the hospital, and only
    recently had metal nuts and bolts ( medically speaking )
    removed from his leg? “An action school stuntman???”

    After the tremendous success of “Boys Over Flowers,”
    I’m glad that Lee Min Ho didn’t rush into the first drama
    that was offered to him. He made some great choices for
    commercials…….that very funny potato chip / dirt on his white
    jacket commercial with “Butler Lee,” and the equally funny
    alien / my brother / phone commercial with Kim Hyun Joong.

    An endorsement for Cadillac? Do teen-age girls buy Cadillacs?
    And they better not be underage, while trying to buy Cass beer.
    And who’s the rocket scientist who allowed Min Ho’s lovely vocal
    ballad “My EveryTING” to be released? Nobody caught that mistake?

    And we won’t even discuss the Trugen clothing line ( snappy outfits, btw )
    photograph of LMH laying on a coroner’s table in a morgue, with that
    disgusting octopus………….

    I don’t want to see Lee Min Ho in another project…..just because…..the fans
    are screaming for another project. TAKE YOUR TIME AND CHOOSE WISELY.
    Schedule some more fan signing “meet and greets” and enjoy your fame.
    I especially love seeing the fan-scanned photographs on different sites,
    of LMH and the kindergarten set. I think big, bad, Gu Jun Pyo enjoys meeting
    those children even more than they enjoy meeting him. ( I still can’t find out
    the real name of the little boy, Chan, who was on the J&J date at the zoo. )

    And I hope that Lee Min Ho takes good care of himself, finally catches up on
    all of the sleep that he missed, and when he FINALLY does another acting role,
    he will be so good in it, that everyone’s brains will fall out!


  30. 30 lilly

    LOL the most overrated korean “actor” . Looks like a kim Bum 2

  31. 31 grace, the one from Jersey, USA

    PS……I forgot to add a big “Thank You” to the two evil twin sisters,
    Drama Beans 🙂 and Java Beans :), who run this great web site!


  32. 32 LMH fighting!

    New drama? Awesome news!

    I wish he’ll be paired up with Moon Chae Won, Moon Geun Young or Park Bo Young, who I think are few of the better young actresses his age (born in late 80’s). Just please don’t pair up with the likes of Go Ara who bored me to tears with her wooden acting in WAY & HTTG, or Park Shin Hye (sorry PSH fans, in my opinion she’s only good in crying scenes, and as much as I love YAB, I don’t really buy her ditzy, cutesy act)

    Of course he could also pair up with older actresses, since he looks quite mature for his age.

  33. 33 sallynally

    ^ please don’t put Moon Chae Won on the same level as Moon Geun Young and maybe possibly Park Bo Young. MCW had some good moments in Brilliant Legacy, but she still cannot act.

  34. 34 LMH fighting!

    Honey, just because I mentioned both Moons in the same sentence doesn’t mean that I think their acting skills are on the same level. Of course MCW is nowhere near MGY. It just happened that only those 3 names came to mind. But then again, I’m totally entitled to my own opinion, right?

  35. 35 tinyviolin

    YAY!! ^^ Ohhhh finally, LMH! Woohoo! XD

    I was wondering what he was up to, and I hope the wait is because he’s settling on a wise choice for his new drama. “My Fair Lady” was awful, and it’s sad to hear my friends say that Jung Il Woo was just lucky to be cast in a great drama before, not because he was a great actor…And BOF is by no means great *shudder!* but it landed Kiim Hyun Joong a leading role in another project!! O.O

    LMH did his best with an unpredictable role and a shortage of good actors to bounce off; the only negative criticism I’ve heard is about his hair, hahaha…otherwise it’s really difficult to imagine someone else as Goo JunPyo. Hopefully he’ll manage the same with his next project.

    @29–Yes, I agree, except I hope that what’s next doesn’t make everyone’s brains fall out like BOF did! That drama was like mass hypnosis, I swear…

    Eh, who cares. LMH is so handsome….ahh…bliss….

  36. 36 Snikki

    He’s got great potential; I hope his career goes a long way. What if he takes over Joo Ji Hoon’s role in that Tokyo Tower remake? (I’m only saying this because JJH precedes this entry…hehe) I know, it might be a li’l too risque for LMH at the moment. 😛

    Is it just me or does he look like Daniel Henney in that picture. The smile? The eyes? The smiling eyes? Kyoot!

  37. 37 Anonymous

    LMH do resemble Kim Rae Won. They’re both good actors and good looking. Which reminds me, isn’t KRW one of the actors that LMH looks up to? Anyways, it’s about time he does another drama. I know a lot of his fans are looking forward to his comeback.

  38. 38 LMH fighting!

    OMG Snikki you know what? I totally can picture him in the Tokyo Tower remake. It’s alongside Kim Ji Soo, right? I absolutely love her. She actually had a 10 year age gap with her co-star Jung Gyu Woon in Women In The Sun but it didn’t seem obvious at all. So I think LMH and her will look great together.

  39. 39 yb

    I feel like its been so long(:
    Go LMH!

  40. 40 Snikki

    @ LMH fighting!

    Yes, with Kim Ji Soo. Let’s hope LMH gets the role after Bad Guy. By then, he should’ve totally shed off his Goo Jun Pyo persona. 🙂 Hopefully the remake is still in the works.

  41. 41 @lay

    that’s good.. its about time to see him once again rockin a drama.

    i miss him 🙂

  42. 42 Ji

    he looks white in that picture, took me a minute to recognize him

  43. 43 cate

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo i cannot wait!!!

  44. 44 yvree

    come here to the PH!!!

  45. 45 belleza

    Action Stuntman? Like The Fall Guy? 😀


    Lee Hyung-min is a protege of Yun Seok Ho, so you have to include the Snow Queen, Autumn Tale, and Winter Sonata as part of his body of work. Meaning . . . yes people, it’s MELO TIME baby!!! This Belleza approves. I hope his death scene involves a motorcycle, 10 trucks, and a huge explosion.

    “What if he takes over Joo Ji Hoon’s role in that Tokyo Tower remake? ”

    I think that project’s dead, but Lee Min Ho and Kim Ji Soo would be mind-numbingly great as a May-December couple.

  46. 46 deeta

    Can I just say FINALLY?? I was wondering how long he would stay bathing in his newfound gold of CF offers and endorsements. Easily the best thing in BOF, right now, Lee Minho has to prove that his acting is a going concern instead of just one time jackpot.

  47. 47 Soobi

    I guess this drama has nothing to do with the 2001 movie titled the same.

    Anyways good for him. ^^

  48. 48 Jenna

    He’s gorgeous as long as he’s not Gu JunPyo. Yeah let’s hope he’s versatile too..

  49. 49 goldlilys

    True, the best thing about BOF and all of its craziness is LEE MIN HO. Whenever he was on screen, I was glued. You cannot take your eyes off of him: an eye-candy and a very talented actor. Can’t wait for his new projects, but hoping that it will have a good storyline that will show his full capable range of acting.

  50. 50 Tracy

    Dang it!!!! He’s going to Japan now?!?!! I just left this weekend!!!!!!!!!!! And I doubt he’ll be coming to Los Angeles anytime soon…Argh! I always miss things like this by a matter of days ;-S

    Anyway, I am really hoping he takes the role, I would love to see him in a different light and I do think he was a good actor.

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