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Profile on Hong Sisters writing duo
by | November 24, 2009 | 140 Comments

Scriptwriters Hong Mi-ran, Hong Jung-eun

With SBS’s You’re Beautiful ending this week, I thought I’d like to take a look at the brains behind its wonderfully addicting appeal. I’ve compiled the information below from various interviews over the past few years and highlighted some of their statements about their past dramas.

In case you’re unfamiliar, the Hong Sisters are a team of two sisters who have made a name for themselves in recent years in the kdrama world, notably in the romantic-comedy genre. In five years, they have penned five hit drama series — and while the last two did not break 20% ratings, they did succeed in stirring passionate fan response and creating buzz commensurate with the others. The dramas are:

  • Delightful Girl Chun-hyang, KBS 2005
  • My Girl, SBS 2005-06
  • Fantasy Couple, MBC 2006
  • Hong Gil Dong, KBS 2008
  • You’re Beautiful, SBS 2009

I’ve been a fan of writers Hong Jung-eun and Hong Mi-ran since their first series and have followed them faithfully, and they never disappoint. Let’s keep fingers crossed that You’re Beautiful does the same as it concludes its run.

Older sister is Hong Jung-eun, 35 years old, while younger sibling Hong Mi-ran is 32. This means that at the time their first drama series (Delightful Girl Chun-hyang) was causing a stir with its fresh comic feel (it ended with a 32% rating), the sisters were only 31 and 28 years old.

The Hongs are certainly not the only famous screenwriters around — others like Kim Soo-hyun and Noh Hee-kyung command much respect for their body of work — but the sisters are perhaps the most famous writers in the romantic-comedy sphere, and possibly the youngest to have achieved such a high level of recognition. Most dramas are marketed on the strength of its actors, and then directors. But the Hongs’ dramas gain notice on the strength of their names, and after five series, they’ve established something of a brand.

Hong Jung-eun explained how she began working with her younger sister, saying, “We were both working in the entertainment industry when we decided to work together on a drama. If our first project had failed, we probably wouldn’t have been able to continue.”

Hong Mi-ran responded to a question of whether they were likely to break up, saying, “We write just with the two of us. You could call it a family operation. If we were to split up, our family would split up. [Working separately] won’t happen.”

After all, they say, “Our total IQ is 200. My sister’s is 100, and mine is 100. What other writer has an IQ of 200?”

They credit their father as the person they respect most, and live by the motto, “Let’s not disgrace Father.” He’d instilled a strong work ethic into the girls at a young age: “We grew up hearing that we had to study in order to earn a living. That’s why the people in our dramas also work hard to earn their livings.”

With the three child actors of Fantasy Couple

Around the time that their third drama, Fantasy Couple, was wrapping in December 2006, they discussed in an interview how they felt about their teamwork:

The two of you have written three dramas together. Do you want to write separately?

“No. While writing a 16-episode miniseries, the hardest part is the middle. Because you have to maintain tension through the end, you can’t use up all your ideas, but you can’t slow down, either. At those times, I think, ‘How do I write this difficult thing all on my own?’ [Laughs] That’s why we never fight when writing scripts. We fight over who does the dishes or when we eat or things like that. [Laughs]”

Fantasy Couple was loved by a lot of viewers, and there were a lot of requests for an extension or Season 2. Do you have plans for a continuation?

“Sorry to say, Fantasy Couple isn’t a story that can have a Season 2. Chul-soo and Anna have already won their love, so it has reached a good ending.”

Lee Dong-wook and Lee Da-hae of My Girl

They have also managed to reinvent the careers of several of their leading ladies. Han Chae-young was a sexy “Barbie doll” known for her figure more than her acting when her role as Chun-hyang turned her sultry image on its head and transformed her into a plucky, optimistic, hard-working model student. Lee Da-hae had a somewhat heavy, sad image from Lotus Flower Fairy, and surprised viewers by going sassy and cute in My Girl. Han Ye-seul was dogged in her early career by criticism for her poor acting until her privileged, rude Anna character won viewers over with her notable catchphrases in Fantasy Couple. The sisters were so impressed with Sung Yuri in Hong Gil Dong that they posted up strong praise and defense of her acting on the drama’s webpage.

They explained, “If we use star actors, we’d attract attention at first, but we choose to put more importance on characters with individuality and personality.”

Fun fact: The sisters had considered calling My Girl by other names like False Siblings or Lying Girl before settling on My Lie, which then became My Girl.

Sung Yuri and Kang Ji-hwan in Hong Gil Dong

Naturally, ratings are something that can’t be ignored, and are a necessary evil in the industry. Their first two dramas (Chun-hyang, My Girl) were quite successful, but the third (Fantasy Couple) struggled a bit in the beginning. It started with a 11.1%, and they explain that they were able to rest their minds when the numbers started to climb, ending with a series high of 22.7%.

Fantasy Couple is the most talked-about drama in the second half of 2006, but it didn’t have the highest ratings.

“Ultimately, the ratings are the unit of measure that matter so it would be a lie to say that we didn’t think of them. Having a drama on a broadcast network means that it is available to the whole country, so if possible we would like for a lot of people to watch, but the dramas airing in the same hour had high ratings. There were a lot of fun parts in Episodes 1 through 4 that I’m disappointed that people didn’t see.”

The story was a little different with Hong Gil Dong, which was a modest success at best, with ratings averaging in the teens.

Hong Gil Dong is longer than a general miniseries at 24 episodes.

We began really fearlessly. [Laughs] A 24-episode drama isn’t merely a matter of making 8 more episodes of a 16-episode drama. It felt like it was twice as long. I think the crew had a rough time, too.”

Ratings weren’t bad, but they weren’t high.

“Although we lost some viewers in the beginning who didn’t get drawn in, but there were a set group of viewers who avidly followed the drama. Truthfully, as writers we don’t feel disappointment as much as we feel sorry to the actors. They should be more popular and be shooting more CFs now.”

But it seems like the actors have benefited.

Kang Ji-hwan shouldered the responsibility for this drama and didn’t show that he felt inferior because of it. With Sung Yuri, she acted the part of Enok so well that we were startled. The reason I wrote a post on the drama’s forum is because I felt bad that she had been criticized in the past and hadn’t received as much notice when she had acted so well. Jang Geun-seok is a handsome, cool actor and despite his young age, he erased his childlike looks and showed a different kind of charisma than Gil Dong as the king.”

Han Ye-seul and Oh Ji-ho of Fantasy Couple

The Hong Sisters have created a trademark style with their fast, fun narratives and memorable characters, whether it’s a breakout lead actor (Jae Hee, Kang Ji-hwan) or a standout supporting character (Kang-ja of Fantasy Couple).

The “Hong Sisters drama” has already become a brand. You have several things that have become core characteristics, but which must also come with preconceptions. That must give rise to dilemmas as you write.

“First of all, I think a Hong Sisters drama is expected to make you laugh. When Delightful Girl Chun-hyang first aired, it was best when people watched without preconceptions. However, now we feel pressure to meet expectations and satisfy people. I even briefly thought about making our next drama without putting our names on it. [Laughs] I think there’s also the preconception that we’ll use a manhwa-like sensibility and childish, unrealistic developments. A little while ago, I went to the filming location [of Hong Gil Dong] and met with the lighting director. I was a little afraid of how to light the first episode, but he said that he had gone for bold, psychedelic lighting. It was director Lee Jung-sub‘s decision to use belly dancers. In the script, we had just written that the gisaeng house feels like a modern-style nightclub, but because it was touted as a Hong Sisters drama, people thought that everything had been our idea. [Laughs] Of course, there are aspects that are comfortable, because there are things that people just accept because it’s the Hong Sisters.”

One of your trademarks is your imagination and liveliness. What is the source of that? Also, how do you work together?

“The television and manhwa books we read as kids? Actually, we don’t have a division of labor system. Our two brains think as one. Writing together is only possible if it’s based on doing everything together, 24 hours a day. We don’t set aside separate time to work, so our entire lifestyle becomes work. That’s why, when we begin working on a drama, we can’t do anything else. [Jung-eun says] I can’t meet a husband and [Mi-ran says] I can’t date.”

Is there a difference in your personal tastes?

“Our personalities are extremely different, but the things we hate are really the same. Our brains don’t work with those things. That’s why we can make progress. We cut off the things we dislike and talk with each other about the things we like, and out of that we come up with even better ideas. Also, because we’re sisters, we don’t feel embarrassed with each other. We start by talking about things other people would consider absurd or shocking. And we just boldly insert things in our dramas that could appear light or immature to others.”

Do you have interest in doing genre dramas?

“We do think of doing this and that. We could do one with slightly less emphasis on comedy, or a different style of comedy, or a cult comedy type. A lot of people see our dramas as light and immature, and some people misconstrue that we’re deliberately trying to shed that image. However, what’s clear is that no matter what the drama, we have no intention of getting rid of our individuality. We tell each other jokingly that we won’t emphasize profundity. [Laughs] Gil Dong’s story has some difficult aspects, but we treated it somewhat easily. In the same vein, inasmuch as we made a Hong Sisters style sageuk drama this time, even if we do an action noir or an adultery melodrama, I think our personality will come out in it.”

Jang Geun-seok two ways: In Hong Gil Dong and You’re Beautiful

You’re Beautiful has a lot of the Hongs’ trademark characteristics, from the hilarious situations, quirky side characters, fast developments, and yes, some toilet humor. I think this has both its strengths and drawbacks, because as much as I enjoy their work, I don’t think they’re perfect, not by a long shot. They do have flaws, but I think their strengths far outnumber them.

When all is said and done, they’ve accomplished a remarkable feat — all five of their dramas, completed within the first five years of their careers, have achieved some measure of success. While You’re Beautiful has had the lowest ratings of them all, one can’t call it a failure after all the fervor it has sparked among fans and the buzz it’s created. If that’s their worst-performing show to date, then they’ve got a pretty solid resume, no?

On November 21, with the drama nearing its last week, the writers posted a message on the drama’s forum, expressing their thanks to director and the stars, in particular their leading man Jang Geun-seok, to whom they awarded “100 points out of a possible 10.”

Without them all, “the drama known as You’re Beautiful may have existed only as a file in my computer. Thank you to everyone.”

Via My Daily, Newsis, Newsen, Star.mt.co.kr, OSEN


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  1. YH

    who’s the PD that wrote Triple and Coffee Prince again?

  2. karened

    Thanks for this summary! It was an interesting read!

  3. noodleq

    can’t wait to see more of their work in future. they’re really a good team!

  4. seasonssummer

    πŸ™‚ 2 thumbs up for them! πŸ™‚

  5. Anonymous

    can’t wait for the ending of you’re beautiful^^

  6. Bel

    Thanks JB for posting this. I’ve watched all of the Hong sisters’ dramas and i think they ROCK (: Love their dramas!

  7. YABaddict

    Thank you JB for highlighting the Hong sisters! They are amazing, and so young! It is nice to hear from the “brains” behind all these wonderful shows.
    I think dramas from the perspective of women are so enchanting. As women, they really know what other women are attracted to.

    And I like that they’re more concerned with the portrayal of their characters rather than the fame of their actors. It really shows they care about their work, the people they work with, and the people they work for.

    I hope they will keep giving us and the rest of the world more Beautiful dramas! They promised us a beautiful ending for YAB, so I’m looking forward to it! Thank you Hong sisters for making YAB a part of our lives… and of course, you too JB!

  8. Carmie

    It’s thanks to the Hong sisters that I got into Korean dramas. Goong was my first but Fantasy Couple was my hook, line and sinker. Every one of their dramas is enjoyable. I hope to see more from them.

    Thank you Javabeans for posting this!

  9. Joanne

    Thx JB for compiling this…I’ve always wondered about the background of the Hong Sisters since I’ve enjoyed many of their dramas.

    Totally get what they mean by trying to live up to the hype or falling pray to assumptions. I actually saw Hong Gil Dong and Fantasy couple w/o knowing it was one of their work, so looking back I was like ahhh, no wonder! And I watched the first episode of YAB w/o knowing either because I was too busy to keep up w/ my kpop and kdrama news….but then of course I got sucked into the YAB fun fan craze and scrounged the internet for any YAB-related information, thus discovering Hong Sisters were again behind another favorite kdrama series.

    But it’s a double-edged sword…even though I’d give most series at least a first episode shot, b/c of the brand name the Hong sisters have created in the genre, I know I’ll probably alwys anticipate ANY of their work.

    And I love that they’re a sister team b/c I’m close to my little sister, too….we are crazy-insane when we do projects together (i.e. plan a birthday celebration for one of our parents or making christmas cards or recording vids aka being plain silly). Hope they have continued success!!!

    P.S. My Girl was definitely the first one of their dramas that I went over the moon for and I may be crazy in love with YAB (*cough* and Jang Geun Suk that sexy boy)….but My Girl (which, since we’re also on the subject on sexiness, has Lee Dong Wook *weak knees*) has a special place in my heart as the 1st Hong Sisters Drama I watched, hehe.

  10. 10 YABaddict


    I thought I had read something about the writer of Coffee Prince on this site, and yes, here it is. JB, didn’t you also write that she was the writer for Capital Scandal?


  11. 11 fiona

    thanks, hong sisters, for giving us such memorable stories and words to savor in years to come. keep on doing what you’re doing!

  12. 12 langdon813

    Of the five dramas by the Hong Sisters, I haven’t seen Delightful Girl Chun-hyang or Fantasy Couple, but I’ve got 3 weeks off in December, so I think I’ll have to rectify that situation!

    Thanks JB!

  13. 13 YABaddict

    I love, love, love the Hong Sisters! Thank you for posting something about them, that way we get to know them more. And thank you Hong Sisters for writing beautiful dramas! I hope to see more of your work in the future!!! (^_^) (^_^) (^_^)

  14. 14 pennylanechic

    thank you so much for this article~ I enjoyed reading it and I’ve watched 4 out 5 dramas by the Hong Sisters from My Girl to You’re Beautiful and immensely enjoyed all of them. I hope honestly hope they don’t stop making romcom’s because I love that genre. Thanks to them that I always have a drama to treasure. Out of their 5 dramas, Fantasy Couple & YaB are my favorite!

  15. 15 cingdoc

    I have to agree with you regarding the stellar works of the Hong sisters. It’s true that YB’s rating didn’t get past the teens , but I have to say it’s one of the best drama that I’ve seen this year.I fell in love with the drama since the first episode; it made me laugh, giggle, cry and yearn. I believe not many drama can claim that.

    To me, it’s the quality of the drama that should matter, not how the general public’s viewership. YB must have been popular in order to demand such large fan base-whether from its last minute announced mini concerts or the fact how large the group ( esp here in DB) is looking forward to see the ending of the drama. If I am correct, most of us would like “the love story” to never end.

  16. 16 xiaoSxin

    I am a fan of the Hong sisters after watching their first 3 dramas… It is great that you gave us a chance to get to know them a little.

    It is making me cry though, thinking that after this week, YAB is ending. I am anticipating and dreading it at the same time.

    Anticipation because I came to love the characters and its story, and I wanted to know how everything will end.

    Dreadful because I am afraid that I might get disappointed after all since through out the dramas’ run, the story and characters developed and unfolded very well.

    YAB had made this year very exciting and fun for me. It seems that after a drought of OK dramas. YAB came along bursting with energy, full of life.

    Thanks Hong sisters,, and JB for the post.

  17. 17 theedie

    I’ve always been curious about them. I really appreciate the fact that they try so hard on their scripts. I don’t even remember why I decided to give Choon-hyang a try, but I remember instantly falling in love with it after finishing the first episode. I agree they have their drawbacks, but damn. You have to admit that compared to the majority of dramas out there, they far outweigh their counterparts out there. I can’t speak for say the melodrama or some other genre, but I they are definitely the best in the romantic comedy genre. You may like one romantic comedy out of the year, but you probably don’t even take note of the writer. The Hong sisters on the other hand consistently shell out great drama after another. I haven’t watched Hong Gil-dong because I heard the ending was not so great, but I’m sure if I did I’d proably at least give the drama an overall grade of B since it seems that the show at least started out as well as their other dramas.

    I plan on watching You’re Beautiful over winter break, and I’m pretty sure it’ll be one of those dramas I’ll be staying up til 4am just to finish that next episode since I’ve read some of the synopses and know I’m just going to love this show.

    Thanks for the article Javabeans. Great to hear more about this wonderful team. Best wishes to them on their future endeavors.

  18. 18 Kaddict

    I agree with Carmie, It was My Girl that introduced me into the world of Kdrama. I have watched 4/5 of the Hong Sister’s drama (haven’t watched Fantasy Couple). All of their dramas are my top favorite. I am looking forward to what they come up with next. And to the finale of Your Beautiful, best drama I watched this year so far.

  19. 19 clauric

    thanks for the good article about the Hong sisters..i’ve been a fan since my delightful girl chunyang…

  20. 20 annie

    awesomeness. not perfect, but hek, who is? hongs are awesome πŸ™‚

  21. 21 Vivianaaaa

    wow i hadn’t realised that i watched all of their dramas
    awesome :] thanks JB for sharing :]

  22. 22 slim

    thanks JB!..first time I read about the Hongs..
    the Hong sisters have accomplished so much already..surprised that they are lot younger than i had expected.

    It must be nice to be able work with your own sister..being able to work together creatively..i’m sure it could be challenging at times..but i see their point about not being embarrassed to share absurd/ shocking ideas….makes lot of sense..

    i’ve been looking up JKS & PSH..they are so talented ..looking forward to seeing more of their work in the future..also it was my first time coming across the actor Kim In Kwon (Mi Nam’s manager)..i think he’s a pretty good actor.. hope to see him more in the future too..

    > JB >> btw..i left you some YB banners..on the rotating banners sections..hope you got to see them.. ^__^ ..thank you as always.!

    >YH >> i think the coffee prince PD was Lee Yoon-jung and Writer was Lee sun mi? PD : μ΄μœ€μ • / μž‘κ°€: 이선미. i could be wrong about the writers name..but…that was some good drama..

  23. 23 Sara

    am not a crazy fan of any Hong sisters dramas until YAB came along though had watched every single one of them….YAB is their best work to date..
    want to give the An.jell leader more than 100 points too for being an amazing actor ….already having withdrawal syndrome and the show is not over yet

  24. 24 goldlilys

    Thanks once again JB for this enlightening info about the Hong Sisters.

    I’ve been following their career from the very beginning. Loved Delightful Girl Choon Hyang when it first came out because of its corkiness and priceless facial expressions from Jae Hee. Then another beautiful storytelling for My Girl and made trademark phrases for Han Ye Sul (who I didn’t know was the hateful girl from Nine Tailed Fox). Who can forget the natural talents of Kang Ji Hwan who owned the role of Gil Dong.

    And now finally someone to give credit to an amazing actor the perfect role for Jang Geun Suk in oh so lovely You’re Beautiful.

    I’m amazed at how well they’ve chosen the actors to play their characters. Can’t wait for another fantastic Hong Sisters drama after You’re Beautiful ends … hopefully with a bang!!

  25. 25 Enni

    I worship these women. They have brought me so many moments of kdrama joy.
    I cannot wait for the last of You’re Beautiful, even though, as with most Hong dramas, I’ll be sad when it’s over.

  26. 26 nom_kitteh

    Thank you so much for featuring the Hong sisters. I had been really curious about them, and had even constructed possible characteristics in my head, some of which seem to have been right — the sisters live with each other and are single. More than anything, it is great to read about their writing habits and their personalities. The fact that they are so young also points to their sources for inspirations — mangas.

    There is no doubt that YAB is written by women who understand women. The fact that both YAB’s and HanaDan’s writers are women is no coincidence.

    I don’t know if they have a say in casting (I imagine they do — and they certainly hand-picked JGS, if I recall correctly), but I love that they consistently pick beautiful-beautiful men to lead their dramas. Now just for that I give them 100 out of 10.

  27. 27 laora

    I love the Hong Sisters! Yes, they’re definitely a trademark now. I think I’ll watch Fantasy Couple next… that’s the only one I haven’t seen.

  28. 28 Anonymous

    Reading this article and watching their dramas makes me want to be a writer just like them. I think my first Hong Sisters’ drama was also My Girl. I was so hooked on that drama that I would go to sleep late. Yah, good times. And out of all their dramas my least favorite would have to be Delightful Girl Chunyang. In the beginning it was all good then the story just dragged on and was kind of painful to watch. Which reminds me, is Chunyang really the long-lost granddaughter or was I dreaming (due to lack of sleep) at the end of My Girl? *Runs off to watch it again*

  29. 29 ambs

    @8 and anyone else who came to kdramas the same way we did, thank you hong sisters =]

    i had watched my name is kim sam soon (didn’t like it but i LOVED THE OST)
    a bit of full house (i got bored so quickly.. later on i tried to finish it but i couldn’t out of the many complaints i have about full house ex. the chemistry between the main girl and the third wheel rather than rain as they seemed like siblings.)
    honestly i watched delightful girl as well and it was okay but there was also the strange things going on with the second guy and i loved daddy long legs and wanted him to be happy..! but i love love loved the OST

    and then came my girl. then fantasy couple. two of my favorite k dramas ever. thank you hong sisters =]

  30. 30 mika

    i did not know that they wrote my girl which i had enjoyed. with you’re beautiful, i have watched a total of 2 of their 5 dramas. i am now very tempted to watch the other 3.

  31. 31 retsnom_Adedekutsu

    Omo! I really love this article! Thank you very much, Javabeans. I used to search about the Hong sisters but sadly, I only saw few websites about them. I’m glad I discovered your wonderful site (I’m a follower, by the way) because it’s the site where I have read a lot of information about them.

    They are indeed my favorite screenwriters. If you look at my external hard drive, you’ll only see 4 dramas in the Complete TV Series folder: Delightful Girl Chun-hyang, My Girl, Fantasy Couple and Hong Gil Dong. Adding to that list someday is another Hong Sisters drama I really love, You’re Beautiful. (I’m still finding the raw version of Episode 3 and 7 of Fantasy Couple. I’m willing to redownload them again because I love it.)

    I’m glad you also love the Hong Sisters, Javabeans. They and their dramas need more love. Thanks again for the article.

  32. 32 toki10

    Does anyone know when YAB will air in the LA area and on what days? I know they air the dramas a bit after they’ve aired in Korea but I always seem to miss it when they start and I manage to catch it when the drama’s half over. I’ve really enjoyed seeing the recaps here and would love to actually watch it now. Thanks DB for all the hard work and thanks to anyone who can answer my question above.

  33. 33 wandergirl

    It’s the first time I’ve seen a photo or read about the sisters. I never bothered to research on them!

    They have great work. Of course it’s not perfect, but I don’t mind!

    Low ratings does not always mean unsuccessful or under-appreciated work, or even bad writing. Perfect example is BOF! High ratings but the writing and overall flow of the story was so-so.

  34. 34 nara

    it’s lovely to read that sisters can work together..i can’t do that with mind… tx JB..i really like Hong sisters..

  35. 35 Atsirk

    Hong sisters rock my world. Seriously. Their dramas are awesome πŸ™‚

  36. 36 mizuki

    I’m also one of the Hong sister’s faithful follower, I’ve watched 4 out of 5 of their dramas and loved them all. I didn’t watch Hong Gil Dong, and not planning to watch it because sageuk is not my thing (even if it’s a fusion sageuk), I just don’t like sageuk especially one of a hero like Gil Dong or Iljimae… but I think I would have enjoyed it too, just like with all the other Hong sister’s drama. Delightful Girl Choon Hyang came when I was starting to get bored at all the weepy Kdramas. It was a huge breath of fresh air, then came My Girl (which till now still have a special place in my heart, I probably have seen it gazillion times already). I also really liked Fantasy Couple too, not a huge favourite but I liked it nonetheless. Of course, their work are not perfect but who is perfect anyway? There’s no one or anything that is 100% perfect, I think imperfection is good, because it helps you improve. I can see they have improved a lot with YB, so they do know their shortcomings and are trying to improve it.

    I thought I won’t be watching any kdrama for a while, then YB came along thanks to the Hong sisters. YB really brought back my crazy obsession for kdrama, and I’m even crazier for YB than when I was with My Girl. I think YB is definitely their best work to date, I haven’t found any other drama that tops or on par with My Girl in my list of favourites but YB has done, it’s on the top of my list along with My Girl. Hong Sisters have definitely became a trademark, I also find myself anticipating a drama with them as the writers. The pressure on them must be huge, but at the same time it can be a good thing. More pressure, better ideas and better drama =D Oh and I read their message on YB site, LOL they want to write all JGS’s dramas! Hong sisters are huge fangirls of JGS.

  37. 37 ellen

    Thank you Hong sisters. I have enjoyed watching all of the above mentioned dramas. I got to know, admire & adore their lead actors & actresses. I watch whichever drama they are in. Its sad that You’re Bautiful is ending…so soon. More! More! Please. Thank you dramabeans.

  38. 38 bbm

    Thank you for sharing JB…
    WOw O_o… they’re not as old as i imagined πŸ˜›
    i haven’t watched fantasy couple, coz i don’t really like the female lead, but reading this, made me curious… i’ve watched the other 4 and i like them all…
    it make me sad when i remember tomorrow night will be the last episode of YB, but i anticipated the last two episode with such high expectation, and i hope they would not dissapoint (well Hong sister’s drama never had any unhappy ending, except for HGD)…
    looking forward for their next project…

  39. 39 Ivytiffany84

    Well said, JB. watch all their work. i luv hong gil dong so much more than the rest(despite their sad but memorable ending). YB came sec to me. one thing, i love time jump, i’m the only one do so. hehe

  40. 40 Ladymoonstone

    I can’t count how many times I watched My Girl. This was my first kdrama and it got me so interested. I haven’t see Fantasy Couple yet..but I got the whole weekend to do a marathon viewing..lol Thanks JB

  41. 41 Porcelain

    Without them all, β€œthe drama known as You’re Beautiful may have existed only as a file in my computer. Thank you to everyone.”

    WORD. Its great to know that the writers are humble, regular, down to earth despite their sucess at a young age…

    I realize writers themselves are often subject to being characters in dramas as well, such as Song Yoon Ah in On Air but that’s coz of the nature of the drama… about showbiz… but currently ILY 10 Million Xs, the mother character is a writer. The sister-in-law in Golden Ages of Daughter-in-Law is a writer, even old school drama like Fireworks, Lee Young Ae was a writer of some drama/documentary as well…… I dunno but almost often writers are depict as pretty high strung in dramas, so its really refreshing to read interviews like this, that in real life they are pretty regular like us… fighting over who does the dishes. But I love the sisters partnership, very family and warm… Thanks for compiling JB!

    Of the dramas, coz I have not watch YAB, My Girl was seriously the one that makes them most lasting impression, mostly it was so touching and hilarious at the same time… love the drama… and LEE DONG WOOK… Gorgeous…and Fantasy Couple,develop my soft spot for Oh Ji Ho. And Kang Ja character was uber weird cute… and FTW…

    Hope to see more great work from the sisters and am gonna drown in YAB this holiday season! Yay!

  42. 42 usedtoberesponsibleworkingadult

    anticipation riding high for tonight’s episode? breakout the popcorn!

  43. 43 BOGCHI

    great read! thanks for posting.
    I like ALL their dramas.. they should venture into movies sometime.

  44. 44 trixicopper

    I’ve seen all of the Hong sisters dramas and enjoyed everyone of them.
    YB is my favorite for sure, but I also loved Hong Gil Dong. The funeral for the snake still cracks me up. I know a lot of people had a problem with the ending, but seriously you dont become an epic hero for the ages by living happily ever after. And besides KJH and JGS in the same drama, how bad could it have been?

  45. 45 umi_chan

    thanks for Hong sister for making superb drama!!!and Jb as always thanks for the article

  46. 46 Jenn

    Hong Gil Dong will always be my favorite HS drama. I thought they really challenged themselves with that one and managed to pull it off with some minor flaws here and there.

    Thanks for this article, it was quite interesting.

  47. 47 Brendel

    Thank you so much for featuring the Hong Sisters. I’m almost done with all of their dramas. Out of the 5 dramas they have written, I love Delightful Girl Chyun-hyang, My Girl, and You’re Beautiful best.

    I watched and loved My Girl and Delightful Girl Chun-yang without knowing that the Hong Sisters are behind it. I think someone mentioned in one forum that both dramas are from the same writers, and I was like, “That explains why both dramas are so hilarious and enjoyable!”

    And so when I read here a couple of months ago that Jang Geun Seok will star in an idol drama penned by the Hong sisters, I was so excited I nearly fell off my seat. Jang Geun Seok is very talented and the Hong sisters know what the viewers like so I had no doubt that You’re Beautiful will be the best drama of the year.

  48. 48 Anonymous

    Thanks JB for this article. I’ve loved Hong Sisters since Delightful Girl CH where I discovered JAE HEE>3. Then not long after they wrote My Girl where I discovered LEE DONG WOOK>33. Those 2 dramas are still my top favorites today. I also enjoyed Fantasy Couple and HGD (sorry but I liked JGS better than KJH here, hehe)

    Still enjoying YAB, but Go MiNam is my least favorite female lead character out of the 5 dramas, so it may become a drama I enjoy but not a favorite.

  49. 49 Marie

    Thanks Hong sisters for your brilliant dramas. I have loved all of them but YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL has to be one of my all time favorite.

    This drama is brilliant, the storyline the actors and the characters they portrait have won many viewers. don’t worry about the ratings you keep writing good dramas . WE LOVE YOUR WORK.

    Thanks JB for the article you ROCK!!!!

  50. 50 Angela

    Wow! I had no idea they were so young!

    Thank you so much for doing a spotlight on them Javabeans. I’ve watched all of their dramas, and they are by far my favorite writing pair! ^_^

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