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Smile: Episode 19
by | November 29, 2009 | 65 Comments

With Jung-in and Hyun-soo’s relationship in bloom, the drama could have easily slowed down. But I think it’s holding strong. The writer Moon Hee Jung (Last Scandal of My Life) does a clever job of keeping their honeymoon phase in check by adding in some light-hearted, fake to real sparring scenes.

And Director Lee Tae Gon (Last Scandal of My Life) does a beautiful job of showing their honest love for each other in the scene above, with a silent Jung-kyung and Han-se watching them walk away. The drama was mostly based on good comedic timing in the past but they are doing a stand up job of introducing more serious elements without losing out on the fun.


Smile OST: Shin Ji – “잠도 못자요” (Can’t Sleep) [ Download ]

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As the new couple Jung-in and Hyun-soo enjoy their alone time, Geum-ja walks into catching them sharing an intimate moment. So Hyun-soo thinks quickly and comes up with an idea… for a HEADLOCK! It’s brilliant and hilarious.

The two of them get into a nonsensical fight, with Hyun-soo accusing Jung-in of stealing his wallet. They start hurling insults at each other.

Jung-in: Why would I steal your wallet out of all things? When you don’t even have any money!
Hyun-soo: What did you just say? Why don’t I have any money? [A bit too sincerely…]
Jung-in: Did I lie? Do you have money? All you wear around is that dirty track suit.
Hyun-soo: How about you? When you look just like a frog.
Jung-in: What? Frog? Can you not see right because you have mismatched eyes? And look at your body. Why are you talking so much when all you have is flesh and bones?
Hyun-soo: You… you… Look at your swollen lips! It looks just like fish roe! [What he was eating when he only saw Jung-in’s lips everywhere.]

The adults look on with shock and then distress, getting into a tiff of their own over their kid and eventually the house. Sung-joon tries to stop the fight but gets caught up and ends up spilling the truth about Hyun-soo’s love for an old classmate. Hyun-soo and Jung-in start getting nervous when the conversation turns askew, and figure out a way to both run out of the house.

Outside, they first worry about each other, making sure that their physical fight didn’t cause too much harm. But the faux argument has brought out enough that they have an actual fit, even moving into the you’re not that skinny area. (Yikes! Don’t go there Hyun-soo!) Thankfully, Grandpa Man-bok arrives just then and makes the couple head inside.

When Man-bok arrives, the adults do a 180 and pretend to have made up from their previous fight, all the while giving each other small jabs. Once he goes into his room, Jung-in and Hyun-soo go at it again before their parents separate them.

Sung-joon hangs out at Ji-soo’s restaurant, “helping” her by counting the money from their opening. He even tries to steal a few dollars but Ji-soo catches him, telling him not to come to the store from now on. Sung-joon answers sheepishly, “I won’t count it from now on” and reminds her that a lot of the girls come to the store to see him. When she says that she doesn’t like that either, he continues with the delusion of her feelings for him.

Han-se shows up at the restaurant, not realizing that Jung-in is long gone. The 2 boys have a little chat. Han-se lies that he thought Jung-in was trying to marry him for his money, and claims that he was planning on getting back together with her when things quieted down. After hearing that Sung-joon knows about Jung-in’s feelings towards Hyun-soo, Han-se decides to stick with him, “Hyung-nim, please be on me and Jung-in’s side.” All the while they’re having this serious conversation, Ji-soo continues to clean the store, hoping to chase out the two shameless men.

Hyun-soo and Jung-in meet to continue their argument. When they run into each other in the livingroom, he even gives her a little shove to start things. She finds him outside, pumping iron. She then puckers her lips, saying that it’s gotten swollen because of him. His anger quickly turns to timidity when her lips come toward his face.

When they hear Sung-joon lurking nearby, Jung-in hides under the deck, while Hyun-soo pretends to exercise. He tries to get rid of his dad, but Sung-joon is sick of listening to Geum-ja complain and sits down for a talk with this son. He starts to ask about Jung-kyung, and Jung-in starts to pull on Hyun-soo’s pants and pinch his leg, sending them into a game of footsie (and handsie).

Han-se drops Ji-soo at her house, hoping for some alone with with Sung-joon. He tries to head into Ji-soo’s place but she tells him not to come over anymore since she has a new roommate. Seeing Sung-joon get huffy, Han-se teases him on his choice of women. He denies the claim, saying that she’s just his dong-saeng (younger sister) and goes into the car. They get into a conversation about women, with Sung-joon giving Han-se some brotherly advice.

Sung-joon: It’s too late, Jung-in’s heart’s already left. Women are different from men. When it’s done, it’s done. They don’t look back because they’re practical beings. Don’t you know? Men think about their past loves, but women are focused on their current love.

Back at the house, the Kang father/son pair are also talking about first love. Sung-joon thinks about his Julia (aka Joo-hee) and continues to bring up Jung-kyung, trying to connect with his son. When Jung-in hears Hyun-soo say, “One sided love is still love,” she becomes dejected and stops pinching his legs.

When Sung-joon finally leaves, Hyun-soo immediately pulls out Jung-in. She is visibly upset and puts her head on his chest.

Hyun-soo: I’m sorry. You’re upset, right?
Jung-in: Yes. If you call me fish roe one more time, I’m never going to give you a kiss.
Hyun-soo: OK. Isn’t this more cushy than it looks?
Jung-in: Yeah. It’s warm.

He gives her a hug.

We find Jung-kyung at Ji-soo’s place, as her new roommate. She’s asked Ji-soo to keep it a secret from her family for the time being. Meanwhile, Jung-in worries about her sister and tries to call her without luck. She leaves her a message.

Jung-in: Unni, it’s me. Don’t stay at the hospital and just come home. You may be uncomfortable when you’re at home. But don’t you know that I’m uncomfortable when you’re not here? You’re so mean. If you come home, I’ll give you my mattress and won’t call this my room either. So come. I’ll wait for you.

Seeing Grandpa Man-bok’s desire to see a matured Seo family, Geum-ja does all she can to keep that from happening. Early the next morning, Jung-kil wakes up for his job at the construction site. But Geum-ja is ready to lure him back to sleep. She leaves him a meal, has blankets on the floor, bring in an electric heater, and encourages him to take a short nap before heading off for work.

Taking a 10 minute power nap proves to be a bad idea, as Grandpa Man-bok finds him sleeping in the living room. Geum-ja still continues to tempt Jung-kil, this time with kimchi pancakes. But he knows that she’s up to no good, and heads to work.

Hyun-soo and Jung-in try to share sweet moments together, but are continually thwarted by their family. She tries to feed him her home made egg roll, but they end up having to pretend fight when Geum-ja walks into the kitchen. Outside, Jung-in buttons Hyun-soo’s shirt when Joo-hee sees them. They immediately go into fight mode and Jung-in switches her grip from one of love to rage.

After texting Hyun-soo to wear his red plaid shirt, she reveals her own red plaid shirt, proclaiming that slightly mismatched shirts make for the most stylish couple tees. (LOL!!) Hyun-soo tries to put his jacket back on in embarrassment, but she makes him take it off just as their coworkers come inside to see their matching shirts.

At a meeting, Han-se sits himself next to Jung-in and grabs onto her hand, asking about Hyun-soo’s relationship with Jung-kyung. She tells him to keep quiet and digs her heels into his foot to make him let go of her hand. Hyun-soo is upset to see them together and lets Jung-in know it afterwards.

Hyun-soo: Don’t play around during the meeting.
Jung-in: It’s just that Han-se was saying weird things.
Hyun-soo: Whatever he says, just ignore him. He get excited and keeps going because you answer him every time.
Jung-in: Are you mad?
Hyun-soo: A little.
Jung-in: Should I just quit here? If it bothers you, I can just work on the make-up questionnaires.
Hyun-soo: Don’t try to make me happy but do what you want. What I want to see is for you to be upright here, and not get pushed around by Lee Han-se.
Jung-in: Alright.

Seeing her look defeated, he perks her by suggesting they go on a date during the weekend.

At the dduk-bok-gi store, Joo-hee flips through a magazine while Ji-soo is hard at work alone. When she asks Joo-hee to take some orders, she gets livid and storms out of the restaurant. Geum-ja sees her leave and helps her with the store work, earning a bit of spending money. She immediately tattles on Joo-hee when returning home, prompting Grandpa Man-bok to have Kyung-soo help at the restaurant in the evening. He replies, “Who me? I don’t go out in the dark often because I get scared.” Then he brings up his previously used excuse, “I’m allergic to dduk-bok-gi” to try to get out of going.

Hyun-soo and Jung-in enjoy their walk back home, making fun of each other one minute and being serious the next, when they see the chief, Han Min-joon, waiting outside their house. Hyun-soo heads off to talk to him while Jung-in eagerly waits for his return.

Min-joon tells Hyun-soo about Jung-kyung’s sabbatical from the hospital, and asks him to convince her to return. Hyun-soo retorts, “When I see Jung-kyung, I’ll tell her to go back to the hospital. But it’s not to send her back to you, but to do right as a friend.”

Hyun-soo gives Jung-kyung a call, asking her to meet him. She hears his message but is hesitant to go. He waits for her at the cafe, calling her periodically. “You made me wait for 8 years, and you still make me wait for you after agreeing to be friends? Please come.” Hearing his words, Jung-kyung runs off to see him. Han-se who had been waiting for her, follows.

Jung-in can’t wait for Hyun-soo any longer and blithely heads over to the cafe. Noticing him sitting alone, her mood glooms and she crouches down to a squat. Jung-kyung runs to the cafe but sees her sister sitting to the side, waiting for Hyun-soo. Han-se chases after her and also sees Jung-in. The two of them can do nothing but watch the scene in front of them.

As they watch, Jung-in and Hyun-soo watch as well. But all they can see is each other. He comes out of the cafe and is surprised to see her crouched on the ground. They leave arm in arm, with Jung-in trying to convince Hyun-soo to buy her a drink. All the while, Jung-kyung and Han-se can only watch them walk away, as they are stopped by the red light in front of them.

The couple heads over to the fated po-cha (street food tent), where they had their first drink, and share in a little role play – with Jung-in as the calm girly girl and Hyun-soo as the tough manly man. But it’s not their style, and Hyun-soo ends up spilling the soju to Jung-in’s dismay. They enjoy a laugh together and take a trip down memory lane. At Jung-in’s prodding, Hyun-soo talks about his girlfriend using the dreaded Kdrama staple, the flashback. Fortunately, it’s used fairly amusingly here, almost in jest. (And any new viewers have a quick “what you’ve missed” for Jung-in and Hyun-soo’s relationship.)

They end with the kiss flashback, which brings a smile to Jung-in’s face.

Hyun-soo: What do you think about my girlfriend?
Jung-in: I think she likes you a lot.
Hyun-soo: How is that like, when she keeps butting me with her head, making me angry, and kissing me without permission?
Jung-in: I know because I’m a woman. I bet she’s probably really regretting everything. I’m sure she’s staying awake at night, thinking about how to make good memories so that he can forget about all the bad memories. So when you see your girlfriend, tell her that she’ll be staying with you a lot longer than his first love. And that there’s no need to be impatient.
Hyun-soo: Alright. I’ll tell her.
Jung-in: OK. Should we have 1 more bottle of soju?
Hyun-soo: You tell my girlfriend also. To stop drinking so much soju!

Back at home, the adults get into another argument. With Joo-hee asking for a new business that suits her better, like a cafe and Geum-ja sneers at her. Grandpa Man-bok is sick of their attitude and tells all 4 of them live upright because he’ll be watching all of them.

Jung-in heads to the bathroom and receives a call from Han-se, telling her about Jung-kyung at the cafe. When she enters the po-cha, she sees Hyun-soo on the phone calling for Jung-kyung. And Jung-kyung is at the cafe, seemingly waiting for Hyun-soo to return.

She returns to the table and Hyun-soo tries to tell her again about meeting Jung-kyung. But she stops him from talking, not wanting to hear about her sister. On their way back home, Han-se sees the 2 of them flirting while walking back and stops them.

Han-se: Do you know where Jung-kyung nuna is? It seemed like she was waiting for you.

Jung-in and Hyun-soo look at each other, and she grabs his hand, letting him know that she’s there for him and trusts him.


I’m continued to be amazed at how the the drama refuses to create misunderstanding between the couple to develop artificial angst. Even though Smile has time and time again proved me wrong, I still anticipate such trickery to rear its ugly head in the back of my mind (being indoctrinated through the years of living in kdrama land.) When Hyun-soo walked out of the cafe, I fully expected him to see Jung-kyung across the street, rather than see Jung-in sitting down on the floor. But they not only provide a nice surprise, but used the scene to quietly show us their makeup.

I also find their sometimes sheepish, sometimes aggressive nature to be true to life. It’s endearing to see them they speak jibberjabber to each other, to lengthen the time that they spend together. But what I love the most of all is their desire to respect each other. I appreciated Hyun-soo’s comment to Jung-in to make her own decisions based on her own mind and he continues to allow her to deal with Han-se without getting involved in front of her. Just as Jung-in allows Hyun-soo to deal with Jung-kyung without getting involved.

On the other hand, I am a bit confused about Jung-kyung’s motivations. She seems to have become a different person from the beginning, starting out as a strong and capable doctor, chasing after her love without abandon. I do understand that she’s been hurt and is trying to nurse her pain but I feel like it’s such a change in character, from the feisty woman who refused to back down an inch from her crazy family to a timid one who’s running away to solve her problems.

With the sole focus of the last few episodes on Jung-in and Hyun-soo, I’m ready to dive a bit deeper into the other characters. I would love for Lee Chun-hee to get a bit more screen time and look forward to seeing Sung-joon and Ji-soo develop a their story line bit more.


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  1. Celest

    I haven’t finished watching the 18th episode yet and I don’t really want to wholly spoil myself so I just looked at the pictures. Seems like another nice episode! I will read the rest after I finish watching 19

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    Watched ep 19 and 20…gaaah, I really am loving Hyun-soo and Jung-in 🙂

  5. Z

    Just a heads up, Hyunsoo’s dad’s name is (I believe) Sanghoon but you referred to him as Sungjoon a few times.

    Anyhow… I totally agree with your comments. All during the cafe scene I was like “Aw here it comes.” The same thing during the phone call from Hanse and when he met them on the street. So imagine how happy I was when Jungin grabbed Hyunsoo’s hand so confidently! Great stuff. I literally was already working on my irate comment about how the conflict was so contrived since Jungin saw Hyunsoo go off with the director and should have been able to figure out that his meeting Jungkyung would have something to do with him.

    I’m also a bit impatient to see where Jungkyung’s character is going. I feel like we’re in limbo with the whole storyline/love triangle. As much as I hate the manipulative second lead arc, I sometimes wish she would either just make her move or fade into the background completely. That’s why I was so excited to see the Director back… I was hoping we could get them back together quickly without much interference with our favorite couple.

    All in all, I am thrilled that this drama has managed to avoid pretty much every one of my most hated kdrama cliches…. I know we still have two thirds of the show to go but I can’t help but dream of the impossible… a drama that makes sense from start to finish!!

  6. Rainey

    Thanks for the recap.

    I really don’t think JK has changed much.

  7. Dele

    Men think about their past loves, but women are focused on their current love.

    So freaking true. Remember this when watching episode 20. Men are so stupid sometimes. The past is the past for a reason, let’s not bring it to the present. I am trusting that HS won’t be like that!

    Because JK is so not worth his thoughts or any room in his mind or heart. I also think her character has done a 180 on us; but then again she has always had the angsty attitude down pat, like everything that doesn’t go her way is a big bother to her.

    Her character just makes me really mad. She is too selfish and arrogant for my liking. Like father like daughter it seems.

    I hope for more Ji Soo and Sung Joon screen time. I think these two are adorable.

    Lastly, I don’t think JK can be called HS first love, because can his feelings for her even be called love? More like a serious case of one-sided infatuation. What did he know about her to find something to love?

    I love this show, it makes me so immersed in the characters.

  8. mimi

    The more the older sister comes on, the more I dislike her. Why does she have a picture of herself framed and in her room? Please don’t tell me it’s b/c it’s her only link to Hyun Soo??
    … And she’s even MORE annoying in the next episode. Ughhh!!!!

  9. ina

    I am really enjoying your synopsis of every episodes and I am tickled that we watch the two main characters with reservations of impending misunderstandings occurring or not occurring as the case may be. So its the same director and writer as in “Last Scandal”……wow!!!What a great job they are doing!!!

  10. 10 yinnancy

    Thanks for the recap! When I saw this w/o subs, I actually really disliked the flashback. I was like… Here we go again. x.x But after I saw it subbed, I actually enjoyed it very much! It’s actually a very funny sequence…

    Jung-in: Are you messing with me?

    haha… Yes he is.

  11. 11 ausming

    many thanks for the recap – am enjoying your insight about the drama. Just luurve the honesty between the main couple. Very heartwarming and so so satisfying. Looking forward to further developoments in the brother-jisoo relationship.

    @ 7 dele
    interesting comment about men reminiscing about their past loves and women focusing on their current loves. Maybe I have encountered a different type of guy friends – most seem to move on really well and not think about their past loves, but it’s the ladies (friends and friends of friends) who don’t seem to want to let go of their past loves, and still want to have a shot at resurrecting their previous relationships even when they are already married.

  12. 12 onemorepls

    Grandpa have his hand full now. Seem to me not only does JI parent need a lesson to be better people but now Geum-ja also what’s with setting Ji dad up and tattletale on Ji mom.

    I haven’t watch it with sub yet only raw so Thank You for the recap.

  13. 13 Jae

    I really liked Jung-In in this episode. I think she’s an awesome gf. She cleanly ended it with Han-se’s face ‘I’m over you’. And with Hyun-so, she gives it all.

    I have same reaction when Hyun-so didn’t see Jung-kyung at the other side of the street coming out of the cafe. That was a surprise. I hope he wont change.
    Why cant he cleanly cut off from Junk-kyung, I wonder?

    Thanks for the recap dw4p!

  14. 14 corrakun

    as much as i want to agree with your comments section, I CAN’T. I JUST CAN’T LET GO OF THAT INHERENT MISTRUST I HAVE OF HAPPY KDRAMA COUPLES. i mean, i still love the idea of the extension, but a LOT of dirty stuff can go down in 26 episodes. at one point or another, they’re going to have to build up to some sort of climax, either in the seo-kang storyline or in the hyunsoo-jungin storyline. or both. and i really don’t want that to happen!?

    but so far, i’m really liking how the silly misunderstandings are being avoided. hyunsoo and jungin’s characters are phenomonally structured.

    but i still cringe every time it’s time for a new episode because shit is bound to happen, i’m just not sure if it’s the time for it yet!? and it’s killing my feel-good buzz because i can’t enjoy the lovely fluffiness without dreading some sort of complication popping up!? is it too much to ask, for a simple, happy, heart-warming drama with no ugly conflicts whatsoever!?

  15. 15 Icarusfalls

    I loved this episode!!! I watched it w/o complete subs and still found it hilarious…
    My fav moment was when the doctor showed up and hyun soo’s face seems to say “oh, someone is behing you, jung-in”.. and jung-in immediately goes into fight mode!

    I love almost almost all the characters in this story except for jung-in’s mom and sister.. the dad is crazy and funny in his own way and even han-se is hilarious.. !!geum-ja, ji-soo, and even kyung-soo are awesome as they are not always one-dimensional.. even though they have such small parts right now..
    Of course chundrella (and ji-soo) and the main couple are my fav.. !! I just wish chundrella hadn’t changed his hairstyle.. o well.. what I wanted to say before I started ranting was I just LOVE this show!!

    All in all, thanks for the recap unni.. you both are doing a great job!! I’m sorry I couldn’t help..

  16. 16 MO

    “Men think about their past loves, but women are focused on their current love.”

    I feel like that statement is a foreshadow of the obstacles that Jung In and Hyun-soo is going to face as well as the parent..since the parent are a reflection of the children..and like that statement, it has cause several misunderstanding between the parent so I think Jung-in and Hyun-soo will end up facing the same obstacles. I feel that although Hyun-soo is dating JI, the problem with JK is still there even if he only see her as a friend now. The problem between JK & HS is that HS has not given her a definite answer as to what Jung-in is to him even though he is dating her. He hasn’t fulfilled tell her that he is in love with Jung-in. And as I remember before, HS had told JK that when he fall in love with someone, it will mean that he has completely forgotten/taken JK out of his heart, that he has moved on…but so far, HS hasn’t told JK that he is in love with JI, he hasn’t answer JK truthfully as what JI is to him. Right now, it seem like he is still figuring it out…I mean, he ask JI if is is okay for someone like him to like her…that is just in my opinion the phrase of liking a person (wanting them to be your gf-bf)..that is “just like not yet love.” Until I hear him actually saying the 3 letter word “I love you” I think it will pose as an obstalce for JI-HS…JI has faith in HS but how long until it waver especially in term of JK who JI has an inferiority complex towards JK??

    Aside from that, I wonder how JI will feel when she find out that HS has paid for the ring? And if his family finds out, that is going to put a stain on their relationship…

    I am hoping that JK would not become a third wheel in the relationship now that she realize she lost a good –> let me rephrase…a GREAT man like Hyun-soo…I don’t want to see it causing more stain on her relationship with JI. I mean, so far, I know that they’re not the best of sister but we can tell that JI really cares about her. I mean, I would like to hear JK open her feelings about JI somewhat…I mean, JI did when they drink in the attic, how she wanted her sister to drink w/ her on the day of her cancel wedding…

    dw4p had mention how JK feel different but somehow, I find it differently. JK to me from the beginning seem like someone who like to runaway from her problem instead of facing it upfront. Like with the situation with her family, she didn’t confront or open herself up to her family about her how she feel etc…yet she choose to run away from it and seemingly abandon them. In her relationship with the doctor, she didn’t confront or work it out with his daughter but instead chose to make selfish demand of the doctor (although I admit, the doctor is not to blame also) but she didn’t work on it or even stand up to defend herself (JI had to defend it for her)..she was going to just let it go (run away again) when the daughter confront her about her father…and when the relationship w/ the doctor got stain, she want to quit the hospital and return to HS house (the place where from beginning she didn’t want to be esp. near HS) instead of confronting…it just like w/ HS & JI relationship now…instead of accepting, she choose to run away (rooming w/ Ji-soo)…I really hope she realize that running away isn’t going to solve anything…sure you’ll get hurt confronting things but it better that way…in that way, you can move on…

    Sorry for long post..I just love Smile, You so much…hehehe

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    Thank you for the quick recap considering the episode aired on saturday.

  19. 19 Grace

    Like all of you, I am really enjoying this drama, good thing that it does not repeat after other korean dramas,
    This episode was bit of a disappointment for me, I was expecting more sweet moments. Anyways still enjoyed it.
    Jung Kyung’s character will end up in one of those confusing characters in drama, I just dun understand how her heart changed so quickly, and I feel like she is really selfish, not just to any women but for her own sister. I understand that they are not so close but still sister is a sister..

    Thank you for the recap!!

  20. 20 Amg1

    With all due respect to all the YB fans, but I do believe that, Smile my be one of my favorite K-dramas, as WD4P said just when you think all hell will break loose, the writer keeps a firm control of the situations and the organic flow of events have prove how almost real the characters have become, to my delight this has been so far one drama were the main characters have a non cliche growth about their relationship seldom seen in K-dramas, this show is probably the best so far at keeping the relationship not becoming a (Codependent) one, it is a breath of fresh air to see an almost normal relationship between this 2, Go! Smile!!!!!

  21. 21 citrone

    Thanks for marvelous recap ^^ …. I also adore how they play with us, the audience at those critical moments. As in the beginning of ep 19 and 20 and in the cafe scene…. I love that they developed stable and strong characters of Hyun Soo and Jung In. And I wish they don’t sacrifice this for episode extension which seems not to be the case^^

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    At first I thought that this drama would be full of cliches, and even as I was reading your recap I was cringing, but surprise surprise there were very little cliches at all and definitely not the ones everyone was dreading.

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    Oh how I love this drama!
    It’s really refreshing that it continues to veer away with the usual Kdrama staple of misunderstanding to create the artificial angst.
    It’s such a smart drama that the sort of somewhat cute little misunderstandings created were actually when the 2 main lead characters were really interacting with each other.
    The writer and director teamup is really doing a great job here. I always am excited to watch each coming week’s episodes and yes, even without subtitles! That’s how addicted/crazy I am with this drama. LOL.
    Lastly, Jung Kyung, oh how I used to pity her but now I’m beginning to hate her. She’s so self-centered and her own self-afflicted woe pity me drama going on just makes me cringe with disgust because she uses it in a wicked way to lure Hyun Soo to her side. It’s like she doesn’t get it Hyun Soo loves/likes Jung In not because he pities her but because Jung In has this never give up attitude that amazes him which earns his respect, admiration and love.
    The Soo-In couple are totally on top of my fave drama couple list ever since I got exposed to Kdrama some 5-6 years ago!

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  28. 28 pixie

    thanks for the great recap dw4p!

    i love the honesty between HS and JI but at the same i hate it because it causes JI pain. he seems deeply involve with JK’s problems, more involve than her family who is clueless to what she’s going through.

    this drama keeps surprising me which is refreshing so i don’t want to speculate anymore of what might happen or what so and so’s reaction will be. it gives me a headache everytime i tried positing the next scenario in my head which is always different to what i expect lol! i’m enjoying the surprises 🙂

  29. 29 asianromance

    Thank you for the recaps! I haven’t really caught up with Smile You because of the hw, so this recap is great! I agree with your comments. It’s sort of sad to see Jung-Kyung acting so lost lately. I think getting burned twice (once by the doctor and the second time by Hyun-soo when he fell in love with Jung-in) would get her to be more gung-ho about looking towards the future. And I also loved how this episode avoided the possible Big Misunderstanding!

    And I agree with you about more Lee Chun Hee time. I would love to see more Sungjoon and Ji Soo moments. he’s so shameless – how is ji soo going to reform him?

  30. 30 ausming

    JK could be an obstacle that needs to be overcome in HS-JI relationship. Agree with MO. Like what was written, HS is figuring out what JI really means to him. To me, because JI was the first to declare her interest in HS, the question for me is: is he responding because she likes him or does he really really love her? We know that he likes JI a lot, enough to tell JK at the campus, but I think that he needs to come to a full realisation that JI is the ONE for him. But I guess in all relationships, it takes time to develop love and trust. The beginnings are mostly fraught with uncertainties, and questions of ‘is he/she really the one?’. That’s why I think that the scriptwriter has a lot of material to work with. I like how the main couple comes together pretty early in the drama, unlike many kdramas, which I find refreshing and how we are still kept interested even as the couple work out the kinks in their relationship. Thank you, scriptwriter for treating us viewers as intelligent beings and giving us a sensible and sensitively written script. OK, I really need to move on with my life, have been spending too much time reading the comments. Just love this drama to bits!

  31. 31 ch0uxpastryheart

    Headlock! How clever is that! LOL. I never would’ve thought of that. Love the surprises!

    “So when you see your girlfriend, tell her that she’ll be staying with you a lot longer than his first love. And that there’s no need to be impatient.”

    I don’t know (maybe I’m over analyzing) but this makes me sad. 🙁 It shows that insecure feeling that JI has with JK being HS’s first love. I know HS likes JI but I’m still waiting for that verbal confirmation that he loves JI. Sometimes words are needed to be said. Same goes for JI. I hope she’ll tell HS that it does affect her whenever he meets up with JK. 🙁

    I’m trying really hard to not hate JK but my understanding is wearing thin. lol. If she could only see how much JI cares for her. But I do love Sungjoon. He is just so full of himself, thinking Jisoo likes him. lol.

    sigh. i’m starting to get emotionally invested in this drama. lol

    Thank you for this great recap. 🙂

  32. 32 GG

    Thank You for an amazing recap. I just watched epi 19 and was delighted to see you’ve already posted the recap. Yipiee.
    The headlock, completely threw me in for a loop. I was expecting angst or an admission from my fav. couple not a funny mock fight. I throughly enjoyed it though.
    I’m off to watch epi 20 now 🙂

  33. 33 melovesred

    Thank You for the recap… 🙂

    *sigh* Honestly i’m frustrated with JK character in this weeks episodes. I mean what’s her deal? can’t see let her sister be happy! what’s with the “I’m the most miserable person, have a pity on me” kind of attitude towards HS.
    She’s just too full of herself! She never give HS a chance and always looking down on him, even slapped him at time when his pursuing her for those 8 long years. and now after her love life doen’t go the way she wanted it to be, and JI, her sister able to find out how great of a man HS is and fell in love with him and having a relationship with HS, she suddenly felt something for HS?? I mean come on, that’s just selfish! (The writer did a really fascinating job in creating JK character because although it’s not a fresh character to be played, but the density is just in place. Not overly dramatic but real enough to get me frustrated!)

    I LOVE HS & JI relationship because it’s build with honesty. It might look vulnerable at times, but their ground is quite solid, cause they didn’t hold back the past from each other and concisely agreed to accept their condition and start a relationship. But I do felt sorry for JI most of the times and irritated with HS.
    Due to their honesty, it’s clear that JI adores and love HS more than he is (at least that what it’s seem at the moment), and although JI cut it off cleanly with Han Se and moved on with no regret over her past feelings, HS is not!
    HS said he likes Ji not neccesarily Love her, I think in Love with JI is something HS still doesn’t realize yet! and it’s frustrating me!

    aish..this drama is so close with reality it’s very grounded and strangely under dramatize for a drama.. LOL.
    I’m too immersed with this drama that sometime I just want to shook HS and make him realize of what a pretty and amazing girlfriend he has now! Don’t let her slip away!!

  34. 34 sG

    Thank you for the recap! Smile, You is one of my favorite dramas this season. As for Jyung Kyung, I agree that she hasn’t changed that much. In Hyun Soo’s flashbacks she was cool and dismissive with a spine of seeming steel. However, love can make even the strongest person into a fool and I think her years-long chase of the Chief softened her up a bit. But only in that single regard. When it comes to her family, specifically her sister, and Hyun Soo (at first) she’s been the same cool and dismissive character. Hyun Soo’s two years abroad allowed her to contrast how differently the two men (the Chief and Hyun Soo) approach loving her, which also triggered a little self-evaluation. All of this compare and contrast, however, only seemed to take place once she spied Jung In’s interest in Hyun Soo. It’s why I can’t feel much sympathy for her and lean more towards just plain disliking her. She treats Jung In quite poorly when contrasted with how Jung In treats/considers her. Like in this episode, when Jung In called her to see if she was okay, to tell her to come home, all I could think was — Jyung Kyung wouldn’t even consider doing that for her if the situations were reversed. Sorry, my JK dislike is overwhelming me, lol. Anywho, JK doesn’t strike me as different or changed from the first few episodes because it’s only with love that she acts timid, and since she seems to have decided she now “loves” Hyun Soo, we’ll have to endure more of her shenanigans, damn it!

  35. 35 memey

    Thanks a lot for the recap. I really love the way you summarize and analyze every scene of the drama. dw4p… kamsamhamnida 1000x

  36. 36 f3rrollez

    ahhh~~~… it’s the point in a drama when I’d be scared of the usual angst that writers just have to create. But as dw4p said… the writer has done a good job of refusing the conflicts so far and rather making a twist out of them. But I’m sure it has to happen in the next few episodes… so I’m just bracing for it. urghhh~~~ I just wanna get over it already.

  37. 37 Miya

    Another great recap. Thank you very much!!!

  38. 38 sooin4ever

    First and foremost thanks for the recap!

    Now where to begin… Oh I really hate JK in this episode! I mean come on when it was HS calling her to come, she rushes off to him but when it’s JI who calls her she just shrugs it off. What really pisses me off is that she’s just like that towards HS now because HS no longer likes her. It’s like she has this weird complex of chasing guys who’s not so interested in her….first, the chief doctor in the hospital who prioritizes his daughter over her and now HS because HS now likes JI. It just irritates me how JK’s self-pity drama somehow still affects HS.

    Now JI, wow she’s really being the “bigger” person here. Inspite of everything, she still wants JK to live with the family in the same house even with the fear that JK seem to want HS now and will do everything in her power to take HS away from her aside from HS’ mom preferring JK over JI.

    As for HS, well I like the way that he’s really thoughtful and nice to JI but he’s also somehow thoughful and nice with JK. Also, how come HS still does not say “I Love You” towards JI, is he still thinking if he loves her enough to say those words? Before, HS asked JI…can I like you and not can I love you. For me, it’s more like he’s asking himself rather than asking JI. Don’t hate me but I really like HS but in this episode, I don’t like him that much. It irks me that HS can easily say to his dad that…no dad I don’t like JK anymore, I love someone new already…but he didn’t. How hurt must JI feel when she heard the father and son conversation.

    I can’t help but sigh and sigh…I’ve been watching this drama like over and over again and I still feel happy, sad, excited each time. The plot is so simple but the way on how the story is told/presented really evolves and does not follow the usual KDrama staples.

  39. 39 estlxlan

    thanks for the song! i love the song very much. thanks again.

    the show had me hooked. thanks for the recapping, i am never tired of re-reading them. =)

  40. 40 lanlan

    I like the Jung In in the flash back scenes than the Jung In now. It’s so fun to watch her then than now. From the way she squatted outside the cafe waiting for Huyn Soon in episode 19 is pathetic. I’d rather see her being friends with HanSe than clinging on to Huyn Soon like the way she is now. She becomes super nice, understanding and naive just like paving the doormat behaviors for her love.
    Huyn Soon planned to buy a pair of gloves for Jung Kyung for her birth day way before Jung In realizes that her sister’s birth day coming. He also jumped to Ji Soo’s shop first thing in the morning asking about Jung Kyung whereabout after learning from HanSe the night before. Jung In was a kind of surprise to see him pulling out the gift in front of every one. Also, Huyn Soon never asked Jung In’s birth day to replace his password. He used 7777 instead.
    And the way Jung In feels apologetic about HanSe holding her hand in front Huyn Soon giving speech. Why is she becoming so insecure and pathetic like the way she is now? She is not good in schooling but she has looks, charm, sparkling personalities and other good attributes than her sister’s. I like HanSe, at least, he treats her like a queen. He made a mistake because of his family but he really loves her. I’d rather see Huyn Soon does the same thing, makes mistake about Jung In like what Han See going through now, then realizes later that how precious Jung In is.
    I do not know what the writers will do but if they continue turning Jung In this direction, ratings will not break the 20% level. Ratings was 17.1% for episode 19 & 20 even after their romance blossomed.

  41. 41 Anonymous

    Why can’t a doctor afford her own place to live ? I find that’s very strange.

  42. 42 Quaggy

    Thank you for the recap, dw4p!

    So Smile is from the same writer/director team as Last Scandal?! Well, that makes total sense, both in terms of style and because of the daughter. Here’s hoping that they stay a team from now on!

    “I’m continued to be amazed at how the the drama refuses to create misunderstanding between the couple to develop artificial angst.”

    I know! That’s what makes the series so wonderful! It’s like they are having a great time busting down expectations and stereotypical scenarios. Jung-in and Hyun-soo are acting so… rational! Hyun-soo is being as honest as possible and Jung-in, in return, has given him her trust. They are deliberately trying to build something true and stable. Even though they are still a relatively new couple, they’re both see this as a long term relationship and understand that it will require effort on both their parts. (Quite a difference from Jung-in’s relationship with Han-see. Our girl has grown a LOT!)

    The last project the writer/director team was suppose to work on was the second season of Last Scandal. If Choi Jin Shil hadn’t died so tragically, then we would have had a second season with a married couple. So the focus wouldn’t have been the typical K-Drama misunderstandings and angst, but more of the slice-of-life character development that Smile seems to be about. Right now there is enough going on that Hyun-soo and Jung-in will need to weather as a couple (BOTH their parents immaturity, Jung-kyung’s depression and troubles with her doctor, whatever is going on with Grandpa, Han-see just being Han-see, even the fact that Jung-in still doesn’t really know what she wants to do with her life), that there might not be a need for them to manufacture angst between Hyun-soo and Jung-in to make the relationship interesting.

  43. 43 emeldy

    I really hope we don’t have to see an over jealous Jung-in in the future. I miss her spunky attitude.

  44. 44 Taohua

    Thank you for the recap! I really want to be sympathetic towards JK but it’s hard to. She falls in love (it seems that way) after he moves on…Actually on some level I think the reason why her relationship with the director went from no strings attached to wanting to have something more is because of HS/JI’s developing relationship. Because she saw what they had and she wanted that as well. It makes sense, but the fact that after HS has moved on and told her he has moved on and when she knows JI is in love with HS…how can she really try to come in between them? It’s selfish…and JI would never have come in between them if their roles were reverse because she is loyal.

    But like everyone has been saying, I think my heart drops expecting some cliche to happen like the ending of episode 19, but then it doesn’t happen. It’s so refreshing! In some ways this drama reminds me of 9 End 2 Outs, because of how honest and straightforward the main leads relationship is for the most part. The angst factor is kept low which I really really like. It really is one of the most well-adjusted Kdrama relationship I’ve seen in a long time, if ever. And I’m really impressed at how the writer is unfolding and developing Hyun-soo and Jung-in’s relationship.

    I won’t say why, but after watching episode 20, I’m really curious how next week’s episodes will turn out.

  45. 45 mems

    Thanks for the recap!

    The headlock didn’t surprise me…I dunno, I was kinda expecting it to happen…but that scene was hilarious nevertheless. XD

    I have so many things I want to say but I think I should wait for the ep 20 recap

  46. 46 olive

    agree with lots of you guys above. I want to see a balance relationship where HS shows that he likes JI as much as JI likes him.

  47. 47 elena

    Hah! I think the change in noona is because she is prego 🙂
    I think there are subtle hints – but like most of this drama, it doesn’t follow the pattern – which makes it so wonderful 🙂

  48. 48 DIANE


  49. 49 Pear

    i hate jung kyung…lol. had vent.

    Lol! jungin looks so dangerous in this photo:

  50. 50 Lene

    Smile, You is so good. I am just wanting more every week. I like how JI trust in HS..and is hoping that this couple can overcome anything together now that it seem JK is in the picture as she is slowly realizing how much HS meant to her (which I hate cause its too late, you’re only going to hurt your sister more…do you not care about your sister?) ugh…I hope HS do not waiver and praying he doesn’t…still waiting for the “I love you, JI” coming from him but that won’t be soon..

    What I am curious about is how Sung Joon is going to react having both his sister like the same guy. I know he seem to adore JI more but JK is his sister too. I wonder how he will act between them, being the goof he is.

    @lanlan –> I think that the reason JI is now is from her own experience with HSae. And I can see the reason why she is insecure is because she has an inferiority towards her sister, her sister being more successful and she is always be compare to her sister…even by Geum ja who think her sister is better than her. And with her sister being HS first love, I can understand why she is insecure. I mean, when you’re being compare that much…it does some mental / emotional damage you. Also I think she is insecure is that she is afraid to lose HS, she love him. I mean, from what I see, I consider HS to be her actual love..because with her conversation w/ HSae before when she ask him if he had cried for her because she didn’t…she told him that she like the feeling of being love, of being pamper…but towards HS is a different story…she cried because of him, he didn’t pamper her…and I think that what differentiate between HSae & HS is that with HS, JI feel love for the first time (in my opinion) and with HSae, it was fling (them having fun together) since she like him pampering her…but now that she is going through poor time, she doesn’t see it that way no more that is why she isn’t falling for any of HSae attempt…

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