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Smile: Episodes 15-16
by | November 21, 2009 | 82 Comments

A first date with your crush. The jitters, the excitement. Now imagine the date as a 3-way with your crush’s mother. Isn’t that every girl’s fantasy? But our plucky heroine is satisfied even with this scene, grazing his hand in the ocean of popcorn, with his mother’s watchful eye boring into their hands.

Just when you think it can’t get any better, these two episodes of Smile top the previous. I need a better thesaurus for this series. How many ways can you say the word cute? Adorable, endearing, precious, charming, delightful… I’m running out of words!


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Episode 15

Grandpa Man-bok takes Jung-kil to the police station for stealing money from the auto center. Seeing that his current tactics aren’t having much effect, he decides to leave Jung-kil at the police station for a few days. (Does it looks like our grandpa is sick? He shows the proverbial cough and chest clutching. You decide.)

Hyun-soo and Jung-in head over to Jung-kyung. In the cab, Jung-in leans in to rest her head against him. He immediately pulls away, embarrassed at her behavior. And when the taxi driver says he understands a lover’s quarrel, Hyun-soo adamantly declares that she is just his little sister. But when she leans on him again, he relents. (OMG – how cute is Jung-in? I just love it when she links her arm with Hyun-soo and asks the taxi driver, “Ahjusshi, don’t we look good together?” It’s behavior typical of a supporting female character but pulled off so irresistibly by Lee Ming-jung.)

Once they get to the apartment, Jung-in’s ready to defend her sister and tell off the cowardly doctor boyfriend. But Hyun-soo tells Jung-in to wait for them. When she complains of the chill, he puts his jacket around her and tells her to think about his suffering due to her stubbornness. She pretends to grumble as he walks off, but gleefully pulls on his jacket tight.

Hyun-soo walks towards the building and sees a defeated Jung-kyung sitting on a bench. She’s disheartened by the chief and says she wants to just run away like this. He gives her a wise reply.

Hyun-soo: Will anything is be resolved if you run away, when your heart is here? If you could forget by not seeing someone, or not think about a person by running away, how could I have liked you for 8 years? The only thing I can do for you is to stay next to you. Tell me when you decide. If you think your heart can be pacified by going away, I’ll take you anywhere you want to go.”

Hyun-soo starts telling corny jokes to Jung-kyung to make her smile, as Jung-in watches them from a distance. Hearing that Jung-kyung isn’t thrilled about her presence, she calls Hyun-soo to say that she’s left for home. He get peeved that she left with his jacket (and wallet), and glances over at Jung-kyung hoping for some help.

As much as Jung-in yells at her sister and calls her names, it’s pretty clear from this scene that she loves her big sister. Her fiercely loyal trait comes out in full force as she protects her sister from the chief and his daughter. I just love Jung-in. It’s also good to see Jung-kyung’s honesty here. She knows that she abandoned her family for a man and comfort, and feels guilty about her choices.

On her way home, she sees Ji-soo’s truck stand (po-cha for short) with its piping hot dduk-bok-ggi. She looks at it longingly, but doesn’t want to spend Hyun-soo’s money. (Look how far she’s come!) Ji-soo sees her ravenous eyes and offers to give her a tab. When Jung-in cheerfully accepts, Ji-soo comments, “Now that I look, you’re really similar to your oppa.” Jung-in doesn’t realize that it’s not a compliment, “Really? My oppa does have a really good personality like me. Even as a child, he’d give me the candy out of his mouth if I asked for it.”

Just then, Sung-joon arrives and flashes his VIP membership card, telling Jung-in to eat her fill without worrying. It’s cute to see the 2 siblings enjoying a glass of soju.

They continue their sibling banter in Jung-in’s room after running into Jung-kyung and Hyun-soo. They share laughs about their childhood, reminiscing the time that Sung-joon got a 0 on a test in grade school. Sung-joon defends himself, saying that he went on strike because the class trips kept getting canceled due to rain.

Sung-joon, sick of hearing about his stories, blurts out that Jung-in peed in bed during middle school, and that Jung-kyung brought home the 2nd ranking girl (academically) in her class to meet Sung-joon, so that she wouldn’t study. As the sisters playfully try to push Sung-joon out, Hyun-soo gets in on the action. “I played hooky during school to go play with my friends!”

They then get into a sweet interlude, with Hyun-soo and Jung-in shouting “knowing” insults at each other. When Jung-kyung describes Hyun-soo when asked about her ideal man, Jung-in gets jealous and tries to change her answer to someone more like Hyun-soo.

After the boys leave, the 2 sisters have their first non-antagonistic conversation. Jung-in tells her sister that she wanted to drink together when she got dumped by Han-se, not realizing that Jung-kyung came in time to see her on Hyun-soo’s back. Their conversation eventually turns to Hyun-soo.

Jung-in: But I like that company. Is Han-se the only one there? I like traveling with him [Hyun-soo].
Jung-kyung: Jung-in…
Jung-in: I know. Not me. Wedding dress, 8 years, and what else was there? Who cares?
Jung-kyung: How can everything be so easy for you? Getting married quickly because dad hurried you along. And how can you even think about working at Han-se’s company? I keep worrying about you because you act without much thought. From now on, be prudent before making a decision.
Jung-in: But when I think about it, my heart gets flustered and hurts. Unni, I know. That Hyun-soo oppa like you. Right? I’m right…

Jung-in breaks my heart in this scene. And Jung-kyung may be a little aloof in her speech, but you can tell that she’s trying to dissuade Jung-in for her own good.

The next morning, Geum-ja tells Jung-in to wash the blankets with Jung-kyung. Hyun-soo speaks up and says that it’ll be easier for a man to complete the task. Jung-in takes the opportunity to bring over some of her laundry so that he can wash them at the same time, reminding him that a strong man is better suited for the job. They get into a little tiff, which ends with a fully soaked Hyun-soo, and a soapy eyed Jung-in.

Geum-ja walks into the bathroom and sees the mess they’ve created. Jung-in and Hyun-soo take turns tattling on each other to Geum-ja: “She made me do her laundry!” “He’s only doing laundry for his first love!” Ultimately Hyun-soo wins out by telling Geum-ja that Jung-in keeps using informal tone with her and treating him without respect. Geum-ja starts smacking Jung-in, who runs away to avoid getting hit.

This eventually leads to Hyun-soo holding onto (hugging) Jung-in while Geum-ja looks for something that she can use to spank her. All the while, Jung-kyung looks on with absolute shock. (Their expressions are priceless.)

Jung-in gets out of Hyun-soo’s death grip by giving him a head butt, then scatters away. Jung-kyung takes care of Hyun-soo’s injury, while Geum-ja sings her praises. When she leaves, Geum-ja tells Hyun-soo that she would be a good match for him, if not for her family.

Seeing Geum-ja talk well about her sister, Jung-in tries to win some brownie points as well. She finishes up the laundry and gives Geum-ja a massage, surprising Geum-ja with her maturity.

Jung-in: If you look closely, you’ll see that there are lots of things I’m good at. I sing well, and dance well too!
Geum-ja: You think that’s something to boast about? Don’t go around saying that. You’ll never get married.

Haha. I love Jung-in and Geum-ja together.

Now to Jung-kil. He’s been living at the police station for a few days, without feeling any remorse. Grandpa Man-bok goes to pay him a visit and tells him a story.

Man-bok: I stole 30,000 won from the President [Jung-kil’s father] and was in prison for 6 months. It was to pay for my pregnant wife’s hospital bill… When I got out, I found that he had taken my wife and Sang-hoon to live in your summer home.”
Jung-kil: Then he was your life’s savior. Why are you doing this to me?
Man-bok: You foolish man. If he was going to do that for me, why do you think he put me in jail? If he had just let it slide because he felt sorry for me, I might have lived my life stealing. Jung-kil, I may have lived my life bowing to others because I had little and knew little. But I’ve been able to stand proud in front of my son, grandson, and daughter-in-law, all because of the president.”

Man-bok tells Jung-kil to write a note promising that he won’t bring up the house again, but Jung-kil pushes back, saying that he’ll live uprightly if he gets the house. Man-bok tells him to think about it more and leaves. Seeing that Sang-hoon and Geum-ja heard everything at the station, he tells them to help Jung-kil to live honestly, instead of harassing him.

Han-se meets with Hyun-soo (at Ji-soo’s po-cha) to apologize for his misunderstanding about Jung-in. (He overhears a conversation that Hyun-soo has with Jung-kyung, and thinks that he’s being nice to Jung-in for her sister’s sake.) When Han-se asks him for help with Jung-in, he refuses.

Han-se: Why can’t you do it? Do you possibly…
Hyun-soo: Because I don’t believe what Jung-in says. How can I possibly tell you about her feelings? When Jung-in says she’s OK, she doesn’t seem OK. When she says she’s not mad, it looks like she’s mad. When she says she doesn’t need anything, it looks like she needs something. When she says she’s full, she looks hungry. I can’t understand what Jung-in says nor can I believe it. How can I possibly tell you what she’s feeling? So, if you’re that curious, ask her yourself.
Han-se: Kang Hyun-soo sshi. Have you never dated?
Hyun-soo: What?
Han-se: Damn. I’m gonna go crazy.

At this point, Han-se’s fully caught on and calls Jung-in, demanding her to leave Hyun-soo’s house immediately. He comments, “I should have just given a fish to a cat.” (LOL) When Hyun-soo asks why he’s acting like this, Han-se spills the beans.


Meanwhile, Ji-soo finally confronts the 2 men who have been tailing her. They accuse her to causing an accident, which she vehemently denies. Sung-joon witnesses the 2 guys pushing Ji-soo around and comes to her rescue. Apparently, Sung-joon was not only smooth with the ladies, but got into his fair share of fights, because he throws a punch again. Ji-soo runs to Hyun-soo for help, who gets hit in the process. Just then, Jung-in runs into the scene, yelling, “Who hit Hyun-soo oppa!” This gets Han-se involved in the fight, trying to show off to Jung-in. And all hell breaks loose.

We know that Ji-soo has some sort of past, because we see her clenching her fist and moving in as though she’s about to take control. Unfortunately for us, the police show up and we don’t get to witness her ass-whooping skills. (I would have loved to seen that.)

When the whole crew arrives at the station, they see Jung-kil handcuffed to the seat. Jung-in is exasperated to see her dad at the police station, and starts wailing, moving everyone to silence. When the rest of the family arrives, they all start pointing the finger at each other. Han-se even barks orders at Man-bok, asking for his lawyer. But Grandpa Man-bok tells him to shut his trap.

Geum-ja sees the blood on Hyun-soo’s face and asks Jung-kyung to take a look at it, shoving Jung-in aside. She’s downcast, watching Geum-ja push Hyun-soo towards her sister. As she walks out, Han-se starts to chase after her. Sung-joon holds him back and tells “dong-seng” to go after her. He’s, of course, referring to Hyun-soo, but Geum-ja thinks that he’s talking to Jung-kyung and tells her to stay to look after her son. Hyun-soo looks worried and tries to follow her, but Geum-ja is insistent on getting his face checked out.

We find out that the 2 men following Ji-soo are from the insurance company, and they are trying to collect money from her, accusing her of illegally causing an accident. They apparently know about her shady past (she’s a bit of a con artist), and threatens them with their knowledge of the thief (Jung-kil) and the fraud (Sung-joon) living in their home. Grandpa Man-bok roars that they should bring proof before pointing an accusing finger.

Hyun-soo looks for Jung-in once he gets home. He finds her next to the fire made by dried leaves. He then runs inside and brings out some sweet potatoes to roast.

Jung-in: Don’t be nice to me.
Hyun-soo: Don’t be nice? Alright.
Jung-in: You just said alright. Why aren’t you leaving?
Hyun-soo: This is being nice? I’m just sitting next to you. Jung-in ah, are you uncomfortable when I’m next to you? But I feel comfortable when I’m next to you like this.

Just then, Jung-kyung arrives and tells Hyun-soo that she’ll take her family and leave. Jung-in and Hyun-soo are both shocked and upset.

Sung-joon is in bed, thinking about Ji-soo. He plays over scenes in his mind and his brain works overtime to figure her out. He even pulls over Hyun-soo and asks, “What’s the connection between these words: rose, thorn, poison, orphan, dduk-bok-gi, gratitude.” Hyun-soo is totally befuddled by Sung-joon’s question, which forces him to confront Ji-soo at her house.

Sung-joon: Who are you? What’s your true color? I have an idea of what it is…
Ji-soo: Yes. What you’re thinking is correct. I was previously…
Sung-joon: a rich family’s daughter. Right?
Ji-soo: Eh?
Sung-joon: But you left home because your parents got remarried. So you developed a poisonous heart to rebel against your family, and said you were an orphan to hide your true self, and sold kim-bap. Then you met me and fell head over heels. And was thankful to have left home because of it.”

Haha. Mystery solved! Love that ridiculous Sung-joon. Ji-soo is stupefied to even respond, and Sung-joon continues, “Tell your parents to stop tailing me. It seems like they’re trying to break us apart, but you’re not my type at all. I don’t meet girls for money.” She decides to just go along with his theory and says that she’ll be returning home soon. She thanks Sung-joon for making her happy during the time they were together.

Episode 16

Jung-in isn’t able to sleep thinking about Hyun-soo’s words, and runs outside to see if he’s still there. He’s gone, but she finds the roasted sweet potatoes on the ledge. She can’t hide her joy, and carefully gathers up all four of them in her arms.

Grandpa Man-bok gets Jung-kil out of jail and sends him off to a construction site for some manual labor. Jung-kil is still living in la-la land and thinks that he’s there for a management position. Finding out that it’s the Seo Jung-kil who lost them money, the other workers chase him around the site.

At breakfast, Jung-kyung announces to everyone that she’ll be leaving with her family. Grandpa Man-bok objects, but she interjects, “My family won’t change easily. You’ll probably give up at some point and we can’t just wait until then. If they have a hard time after leaving, they’ll figure out a way to live. This way will be faster.” But Man-bok tells her that it’s not time for that yet. He has a plan, wanting to fulfill the president’s dying wishes.

Sung-joon and Joo-hee assume that he’s talking about an inheritance and muse their future life. Joo-hee would use the money to get their house back and buy clothes, while Sung-joon would buy a sports car. (Oh goodness, no wonder they need 46 episodes! It’ll take atleast that to turn these clowns around!)

Jung-in wants to go into the office with Hyun-soo but be claims to be busy. She thinks that he’s dawdling to leave the house with Jung-kyung and storms out. She says to Jung-kyung, “It looks like Kang Hyun-soo wants to go to work with you. Make sure you look pretty before leaving!”

Han-se is waiting for her outside the house. She reluctantly rides to work with him. In the office, she starts to eat the sweet potato that Hyun-soo made her. Han-se gets jealous that she’s savoring something from Hyun-soo. When he tries to wipe away the dirt on her lips, she smacks his hand away.

When Hyun-soo arrives at the office, he calls out Jung-in. She’s elated and a little abashed to find out that he was working at home to prepare materials for her presentation. He sees the dirt on her face from the sweet potato, and gently wipes it away, while Han-se looks on with ire.

Jung-in gives a glowing presentation, but Han-se disregards her work and gives the project to someone else, telling his assistant to compensate her for the idea. Everyone is surprised, with Hyun-soo being most perturbed. He pursues Han-se back to his office, asking why he’s being like this, especially when he claims to still love her. Hyun-soo’s disgusted with Han-se’s treatment of Jung-in, and tells him never to bring her up in front of him again.

Han-se: Then tell me a way also. I can’t roast sweet potatoes to make a woman’s heart flutter. It’s too cheesy. What else is there?
Hyun-soo: There shouldn’t be anything you can’t do. If you like her, you should do everything.

Jung-in doesn’t get disparaged by Han-se, and sells off her compensation (10,000 won gift cards) for 9,000 won in cash to her co-workers. Hyun-soo’s relieved to see her buoyancy. She wants to treat him to something after work, but he has to teach a class. He asks for a cup of coffee, but she’s busy with work. Our star crossed lovers! (But it’s OK, because this will eventually lead us to the funniest part of evening.)

Jung-kyung decides to take a sabbatical from the hospital, and asks the chief for his signature. He’s less than thrilled, and tries to explains his actions. He says that he’ll try to set up her birthday dinner with Yeon-jae. Jung-kyung replies, “I don’t believe your promises anymore” and walks out.

As one relationship folds, another blossoms. Jung-in blithely types in Hyun-soo’s computer password (Jung-kyung’s birthday), making arrangements for their date.

The family gathers in the evening. Jung-kil moans and groans about working at the construction site with a bunch of inked gangsters. Sang-hoon and Hyun-soo smile on the side at his childish behavior.

Jung-in comes home and quells the insanity, with the aroma of presents! She’s earned 500,000 won for her headlight idea, and decides to spend 100,000 for her family and 100,000 for herself. (She’s already given 300,000 to Han-se for the ring.) Geum-ja and Sang-hoon mention that she’s spent quite a bit, and she retorts, “As grandpa said, it’s more important to know how to spend money than make money. I bought this for the happiness of our family, so don’t say anything this time.” Long-johns for Grandpa Man-bok. (She asks everyone to applaud as she gives out the gift. So cute.) Bootees for the ladies and socks for the men. She goes around in a circle, handing out boxes to everyone. She whispers to Geum-ja, “I got two for you!” When she gets to Hyun-soo, he already has his palm out.

Jung-in: Oh no! I completely forgot about yours! Sorry. I’ll make sure to get you something later.
Sung-joon: How could you forget Hyun-soo’s…
Hyun-soo: That can happen. It’s fine. I have a lot of socks. It’s not like I don’t have socks…

Puhaha. He even takes the bag and flips it over to make sure that there isn’t anything inside. Jung-in laughs to herself, knowing that she’s got other plans.

Jung-in follows Hyun-soo into the kitchen to tell him about their date. Just then, Geum-ja swoops in and asks him to take her on a date with his first paycheck. He promises to take her tomorrow, to Jung-in’s horror. She tries to push back their plans, saying it’ll be cold tomorrow, but Hyun-soo is totally clueless and sets the mother/son date for tomorrow. Jung-in flabbergasted, and cries, “That idiot!” as he walks out.

The 2 stooges (Sung-joon, Joo-hee) tell the 3rd stooge (Jung-kil) about the grandfather’s dying wish. They decide to feign reform, to earn Man-bok’s trust and ultimately, to gain their “inheritance”.

Jung-in contemplates which part of the date to forgo, when she has a little fantasy of her own. She imagines the 2 them at an empty theater, with Hyun-soo making his move and suavely coming in for a kiss. She’s delighted at the prospect, and giggles to herself. She tries to pawn Geum-ja off to Sang-hoon and gives him the tickets for the boat ride. But Geum-ja is insistant on going out with her son.

At the office, a dense Hyun-soo finally realizes why he didn’t receive a pair of socks last night.

A movie. A Boat excursion. Full-course meal.
An evening for 100,000 won!
But it’s free for Mr. Macho.
Look for the frog with the runny nose at the bus station!

On the other hand, Han-se is quick as a flash. He hands Jung-in a mound of paperwork to keep her from going to the movies with Hyun-soo.

Han-se finds Jung-kil’s whereabouts and visits him at the construction site. Han-se tries to earn back Jung-in’s favor by using her dad. “If Jung-in’s heart returns to me, I’ll help you try to restart your business.” Thankfully, Jung-kil isn’t a totally reprobate. “If she comes back? Are you trying to haggle with me for Jung-in?” Unfortunately, Jung-kil is an easy target, and we’re left with the feeling that he can fall into Han-se’s trap at any second.

Hyun-soo regrets that he didn’t find out about the date earlier, but Jung-in reassures him that it’s OK for him to go with his mom. He replies, “So you’re telling me to leave you here alone and go by myself? You be the idiot from now on.” (Aww…)

Grandpa Man-bok decides to go into business with Ji-soo, opening up a small restaurant (pocha style). He brings Joo-hee to the store to give her a job. She initially wants to be president but is easily derailed by the responsibility and agrees to working for Ji-soo. Poor Ji-soo…

And now the piece de resistance! Hyun-soo surprises Jung-in by coming to watch the movie on their (almost) date. Geum-ja is wary of their closeness, and separates the two of them. She watches on as they eat out of the same popcorn bag. And stops Hyun-soo from drinking out of Jung-in’s straw. The 2 ogle each other during the movie, while Geum-ja enjoys the racy scenes of the movie. (Awkward!! Who here’s sat through watching a sex scene with their parents? Raise your hand!)

Hyun-soo scolds Jung-in for picking such a risque movie, and pretends to get rid of her for dinner, forcing Geum-ja to reluctantly invite her. At dinner, Jung-in doesn’t order, bothering Hyun-soo to no end. He continues to pester her about getting a meal, until Geum-ja gets annoyed at his persistence.

Hearing Geum-ja heap accolades on her son, Jung-in is curious to find out what Geum-ja’s looking for in a daughter-in-law. When she replies, “I don’t care as long as Hyun-soo likes her,” Jung-in’s face lights up. “Really? Ahjumma, you’re really cool.” But when Geum-ja starts listing off qualities for his ideal mate, her face slowly turns downcast.

Geum-ja: Even when you look, you honestly don’t think there’s anyone like Hyun-soo. Right?
Jung-in: That’s true. You can say he’s almost perfect as a potential husband.
Geum-ja: See! Jung-in, if you had a man like Hyun-soo, you’d immediately get married. Right?
Jung-in: Yes. Then, what do you think about me as your daughter-in-law?

Geum-ja almost chokes and Hyun-soo take his steak right out of his mouth. (But his expression isn’t that of shock. More like interest?) Geum-ja gets worked up over the question and brings up Jung-in’s failed marriage yet again.

Han-se calls Hyun-soo to get Jung-in back to the office, fibbing that he’s lost some documents. As she heads out, Hyun-soo figures out that she didn’t eat on purpose to pay for their meal. He promises to pick her up from the office after dropping Geum-ja off at home.

On his way to Jung-in, Hyun-soo runs into Jung-kyung. They reminisce a bit about their 8 years (while Sang-hoon overhears), but Jung-kyung now knows that his heart is elsewhere. “If I’m a friend, what is Jung-in to you?” Hyun-soo isn’t able to answer the question, and walks off. Jung-kyung can’t shake her anxiety, and calls Hyun-soo to ask him the question again, forcing him to honestly deal with the issue. (Soyjoy talked about this in her last recap, and I totally concur. The drama does a great job of building to the climax, rather than manipulating the viewers to arrive there. I love that the music almost cuts off as Jung-kyung and Hyun-soo talk, allowing us to freely ponder their conversation and his dilemma.)

Jung-in waits for Hyun-soo, rebuffing Han-se’s advances and his words of doubt. She leaves the office to run away from Han-se, and sees Hyun-soo waiting for her outside. As he takes her to the car, he has a revelation, and goes back to talk to Han-se about the ring.

Hyun-soo: I’ll pay it. The cost of the ring.
Han-se: What?
Hyun-soo: I said I’ll pay for it.
Han-se: Do you even know how much it is?
Hyun-soo: It can’t be in the hundreds of billions range.
Han-se: Why would you pay for that?
Hyun-soo: Since I can’t mess up a project worth hundred of billions. I can’t focus on my work, seeing Jung-in tossed around by your money.
Han-se: Kang Hyun-soo. Are you trying to start with me?
Hyun-soo: Lee Han-se. Shall we?

After throwing down with his new nemesis, Hyun-soo comes outside and sees Jung-in. He remembers Jung-kyung’s question, “Who is Jung-in to you?” And finally seems to have an answer.

Hyun-soo: Seo Jung-in. JUNG-IN AH!!!!!


Hurray! I love this ending!! Doesn’t Hyun-soo seem completely resolute as he cries her name? This is a man who loved the same woman for 8 years, a woman who didn’t return an iota of that love. Once he uncovers his feelings, he’s a man who’s steadfast to them. Just as Jung-in accepts her own heart for Hyun-soo, I firmly believe that Hyun-soo will be unwavering in acknowledging his heart. And I heartily praise Hyun-soo’s decision to call Jung-in by name, instead of the unattainable nicknames that he bestowed on Jung-kyung.

As we have said at length, the basic premise for Smile is fairly trite. We can guess at the gist of what’s to come. They love, but feel guilty towards Jung-kyung. They love, but the family is adamantly opposed. What sets Smile apart are our protagonists. They are nothing if not honest, almost to a fault. When Hyun-soo tells Jung-kyung that he’s going to pick up Jung-in, or when Jung-in tells Han-se that Hyun-soo’s coming to pick her up, I almost groaned inside, thinking “Why? Don’t tell them!” (This may just mean that I have a dishonest nature…)

Because of this attribute, I don’t find the drama to be frustrating. A little slow (in those few episodes), at times annoying, but never frustrating. I may be being too optimistic, but I do not expect the usual misconstrued, signal crossing antics that are commonplace in kdrama lovelines. In the aforementioned scene, Jung-in could have easily been kidnapped by Han-se or Hyun-soo could have run to see Jung-kyung. But the writers use the moment to show us their resiliency by having the two meet as promised. This makes the series quite refreshing to watch.

I can probably go on forever, so I’ll leave you with a criticism. I may be bewitched but still have some sane moments. I’m sure by now most of you have heard Jung-kyung’s dubs in these 2 episodes. The official word from SBS is that Choi Jung-yoon was suffering from a severe cold, resulting in the need for a voice-over. The problem is that her voice was obviously softened, especially during the more tender moments. I’m sure we won’t be hearing her like this again (based on the stink it caused with its fans), but it was quite distracting while watching Jung-kyung’s scenes.

(BTW – Isn’t it great to speculate and develop conjectures about the next episode without any hints? This is the effect of a drama with no previews: an imagination run wild. I absolutely love the anticipation.)


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    Yay. I’m glad someone loves this show as much as I do. Cute really is the perfect adjective to describe it–that moment at the end of 15 was lovely when Hyun-soo calls out Jung-in’s name and she smiles back at him. I think the lead actors are really endearing and am totally psyched that this is going to extend into so many more episodes. It’s progressed so far at a nice pace w/o feeling drawn out–like how only a few episodes in Jung-in is so unabashed in liking Hyun-soo. She’s no stereotypical demure wallflower and it’s refreshing :0 )

    Thanks for the recaps! BTW, do you have the song from the OST–it’s not the credit song. One time it was played was Jung-in is sitting w/ Hyun-soo by the Han River and she leans her head on his shoulder (when she–teehee–caresses his cheek!)?

  5. Taohua

    Seriously THANK YOU! I love reading both yours and soyjoy’s recaps! And I absolutely love Smile, You…or rather I absolutely LOVE Hyun-soo and Jung-in! Episode 16 was my favorite, until tonight when I saw Episode 17. But you’re right, whenever there is a moment like when Hyun-soo was going to go see Jung-kyung and Jung-in told him not to go, I felt my heart drop when he left, but then I was so happy when he turned back around and got her. Same in this episode, when Jung-kyung called him, I told myself “Oh don’t let this be like the typical cliche where he doesn’t end up picking up Jung-in” and when he didn’t come initially, I was upset. But then he did come.

    It’s true that our two main leads are honest to a fault, but that makes them so likable, because we don’t have all those confusions about their feelings and I really hope it stays that way. I love the line where Hyun-soo goes “Lee Han-se, what if I am?” SWOON! Hyun-soo is awesome. And then when he comes out thinking about Jung-kyung’s word asking him what Jung-in means to him. And then he calls Jung-in and they both smile. *SQUEE* I think I watched that part like twenty times. Wow, I haven’t been this fangirly in a long time…

    Thank you again for recapping this! I really do enjoy reading them!

  6. YABaddict

    Thank you for the recaps dw4p!
    I loved these 2 episodes! I laughed so hard when the fight broke out and everyone ended up at the police station! That was a brilliant script! I like how one thing led to another and how it got everyone involved, it’s not often you see almost the whole cast together.
    I also love Hyunsoo and JungIn, they are so perfect for each other! I am patiently waiting for the subbed version of ep 17, can’t wait to see more of what happens!
    And maybe I’m just too focused on reading the subs, but I didn’t even notice JungKyung’s voice was dubbed…I will have to rewatch these episodes!
    Keep this drama alive, thanks for doing the recaps Smile,You team! You’ve got more work ahead of you with the extension, but I’m not complaining πŸ™‚

  7. Caroline

    I love this drama! Thanks for the recaps.

  8. asianromance

    thank you so much for the recaps!!! though I was a bit worried that it would last 46 episodes, i agree that reforming Jung-in’s mom, dad, and brother might really take 46 episodes!

  9. Anonymous

    Lol that’s was the most randon fights ever practicallly had me RoTFL all in all am so enjoying the show cnt wait for the nexy ep its definately a new begin thanks for the recap

  10. 10 cheddar

    can i just say, jungin is the best written female character i’ve ever watched. the girl is bold and beautiful! “what do you think of me as your daughter in law.” AND she’s matured soo much!! she’s officially my favorite kdrama character. i also love that little scene when she was on the phone with hyun soo and waves a threatening fist at han se if he touched her sweet potatoes. LOL! loved that.

    i love these two characters (who doesn’t??) because of their honesty. why should they have to lie about meeting each other? these characters are the type that once they know what they want, nothing is going to stop them from getting it (in this case, each other). i see their honesty as, “yeah, i’m gonna go meet my lover. you gotta problem?” oh! who else was pissed at jung kyung’s ridiculous request for hyunsoo to TURN AROUND just to answer A QUESTION?? psshhh!! hyun soo ain’t yo biznatch no mo!

    okay, i need to go back to reality. i’m overly obsessed with this show =p

  11. 11 hopesofgreen

    Thanks for the recap! I absolutely loved these two episodes , too. They were pivotal for our couple, and oh so many lovely moments between them. They left me giddy :]

    I have a quick question and hope someone can clear it up. So HS and his mom were supposed to go on a boat ride but HS decided to go to the movies because he knew JI was going to the movies? Or did JI go to the movies knowing they’ll be there? I’m a bit confused because the subs I saw did not mention anything about a boat ride.

  12. 12 dw4p

    I’m so glad that there are people enjoying this as much as Soyjoy and I!

    @Obivia: The song playing at the Han River is Vis a Vis by Melo’ Breeze and it was posted on the Ep11-12 recap!

    @YABaddict: Ep 17 blows the rest out of the water. I’m totally enthralled with this drama!! especially since episode 9. And I agree that they’re doing a pretty job with getting the full cast involved. I usually have itchy fingers that want to fast forward while watching, but it’s kept me fairly interested in all the stories.

    I meant to add this in the recap but realized I forgot to include. The racy movie that they’re watching is Penthouse Elephant, with our very own Lee Min Jung. (She’s sleeping with her husband’s boyfriend in the movie… salacious.)

    And CJY is better. The dubbing, as expected, is gone in 17…

  13. 13 dw4p

    @hopesofgreen: Hyun-soo (with mom) goes to the movies knowing that Jung-in will be there. She had originally planned on doing both with Hyun-soo, so they probably went on the boat first before coming to the movies… She didn’t give him the movie tickets. so she’s surprised to see them there.

  14. 14 all4movies

    Your commentaries help me to enjoy this show even more.

    I think it’s because it fills in the holes left by a) lack of cultural understanding of the nuances, 2) my tendency to skip everything except the interactions betweeen the leads, and 3) your ability to present a fuller picture of what’s going on.

    Thanks for sharing.

  15. 15 cheddar

    @ dw4p

    i totally youtubed the trailer for penthouse elephant and WHOA, that is intense! i’m gonna pretend i didn’t see that cuz i want to keep the innocent image i have of lee min jung. **command z that from my memory.

  16. 16 soyjoy

    Whee! Great recap, as always! Episode 15 holds the record as funniest episode so far in my book (though I’d say 17 is hands-down the best so far). Loved the fight scene! A small moment that cracked me up was when the siblings are all drinking together and sharing embarrassing stories, and only-child Hyun-soo starts volunteering his own stories. Teehee! Adorable. I wonder if we’ll get to see Hyun-soo and Han-se duke it out in one of these episodes–I think it’d be hilarious to watch!! Han-se & his secretary vs. Hyun-soo and Sung-joon? An easy win for Hyun-soo/Sung-joon, I think!

  17. 17 GG

    Thank You dw4p!!! I’ve been waiting for your recap for the past two days, LOL.
    Episode 16 has kept me very happy for the past few days and now I’m off to watch 17,and 18…yippieeee!

  18. 18 yenchan

    Forget adjectives girl! All you have to type is “SSSQUUUUUEEE” and we’ll completely understand. ^^ lol

    I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen these two episodes with *and* without subs. What I love about this drama is in the subtle actions that make it feel *so* real. Like how in a previous episode, you could actually see HS’s ear twitch as he strained to listen to JI and HSae’s convo in another room. And here you can see all the loving glances that they keep sending each other that make you gush with jealousy. I know it’s all acting…but they do it so well…it seems so *real* that it makes me think if a guy ever looked at me with that much happiness – I’d die a happy camper.

    Thanks for the recap!! Off to rewatch episode 17 again. Who needs to understand what’s going on when you can giggle at all the looks of luuurrve. ^^

  19. 19 kez

    I have been reading all your recaps of this drama . I just have to write a comment at least! I’ve been waiting for your recaps although I’ve watched the subbed episodes on viiki/mysoju sites.
    I Love, love the main couple! They have great chemistry! Excited to see more of them in the coming episodes.
    Thanks for all your effort!

  20. 20 GG

    @1o cheddar
    I totally agree with you. Jung-In is well written as a character. Strong and confident in the decisions that she makes, unwavering in her choices and also recognizing when there is a problem. I loved how she acknowledged to Jung Kyung that she is aware of Hyun Soo liking her for 8 years and yet that doesn’t stop her from liking him back. She tell Han-Se off when she needs too and she’s the only one that yells at her family when she thinks they are being absurd. Jung Kyung only ignores her family instead of being the voice of reason.

    Hyun Soo in general is beyound adorkable!!! I want one of him.

  21. 21 Citrone

    Loved recaps of smile you. I really can’t wait for ep 17 recaps^^ there are alot of materials there^^

  22. 22 bobo

    Gawd. I am in love with this drama. There’s just something really genuine and sweet about it. I love how the drama finds its strongest moments in the silent ones with no dialogue, like that last scene in episode 16 where they just smiled at each other for a pause. It’s like they reached an understanding and no dialogue was needed. Brilliant stuff. Thanks for the lovely recaps!

  23. 23 dee

    @dw4p: thanks again for the recaps and for explaining the theater/movie scene, I was also confused if Jung In deliberately watch the movies with Hyun Soo and his mom or not. now I know Jung In surprised look was genuine.

  24. 24 crabapple

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  25. 25 whisperpuppies

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    Thanks,JB & Soyjoy…your recaps makes me enjoy my favorite KDramas..YAB & Smile,You…in a whole new perspective & makes me understand & appreciate them even more!!!! I’m also watching Assorted Gems…mainly for the handsome leading men & the love story between Lee Tae Gon & Go Na Eun!!!

  27. 27 ausming

    This is my first time posting due to an overwhelming desire to register my extreme liking for this drama!

    Many thanks for the recaps, they are super enjoyable! And you are right, dw4p, what sets this drama apart from the rest that I have viewed is that the level of frustration is kept to a minimum (hope it stays this way!) The main leads actually communicate openly and in a forthright manner (at least in the more recent episodes) with one another and clear up misunderstandings quickly (please please stay this way!), a lot of times not seen in kdramas.

    @ 22, bobo: β€œthere is something very genuine about it” – so true! That is what I find very captivating and charming about this drama. The scriptwriter is really doing a good job, at least with the main couple. JKH and LMJ are so perfectly cast for their roles. There is such a buzz about them whenever they are together that I am drawn into and engaged continually in their world. Haven’t stopped squeeing since episode 12.

  28. 28 Enni

    I am starting to love this series more and more again. I loved the first few episodes and then it went downhill for me really quickly as the character development was thrown aside for a while. But now it’s picking up pace and the character changes are really intriguing. I just hope that 46 episodes isn’t too long.

  29. 29 snoopyvkd

    This week, Smile, you had won me completely. I was more anxious to wait for this then You’re Beautiful. This is a first time I get hooked by a weekend family drama. Let’s see if the writers can keep it interesting through the 46 episodes.
    The 2 leading actors are just so good! And i like their love story which unfolds so simply. Without any extreme situation (like someone almost getting hit by a car) in order for the characters to realize and declare their love. I love how Hyun Soo came to acknowledge his own feelings slowly. I’m curious to see how the relationship between Hyun Soo and Han Se will go. I hope we’ll see more of Mr. Macho as he deals with Han Se.

  30. 30 yooruu

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  31. 31 1aco

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    far…But I still have faith in writers and the actors because they are doing a great job…And thanks again for the recap….

  32. 32 sonam

    I loved the part when HSe says to HSoo ‘You like JI’ and exactly at that moment the fight broke out between the gangsters and the brother in the background. It was hilarious. LOL

    The taxi scene in the beginning was the best. Just loved how JI snuggled up to Hsoo and he just had to give in. Isn’t JI the greatest?

    The siblings reminiscing about their childhood and getting along for a change was very nice. I hope we have more scenes like that. The actor who plays the brother is really pleasant to watch.
    I did think JK was more soft spoken. Didn’t know she got dubbed.
    Many thanks for the recap.

  33. 33 Jessica

    Thanks so much for the recaps!!!

    Btw, do they mention how much the ring actually costs?

  34. 34 rainerust

    Thanks for the wonderful recap (as usual!) I always love re-living the episodes through the recaps – even though I rewatch them about 10 times myself through the week LOL. Loved the truck scene with Lee Han Se (that was BRILLIANT the way he was so exasperated he called JI up and told her to move out RIGHT NOW LOL) and also loved the way HS muttered to himself the whole time he didn’t get a present from JI and even SJ was like, OK I’ll give you the damn socks now shaddup so I can sleep LOL that was SUPER HILARIOUS!

    This series just gets better by the episodes! Can’t wait for the latest 17 & 18 to be subbed. By the way, I’m getting desperate – anyone knows how I can watch live streaming?

  35. 35 obivia

    I just realized how hard it must be for CJY to play Jung-kyung’s character–at least w/ other villains, you can concede that often times they commit crimes in the name of love, as misguided as that is. For Jung-kyung, she plays the selfish/wishy-washy/bland/sourpuss coward over and over again–with turning her back on her family (I still can’t believe she had that huge condo for herself and let them stay in Grandpa’s house wearing those hilarious track-suits!), stomping on her dong-seng’s love, forcing Hyun-soo to answer stupid questions to nurse her ego, etc.

    I’d rather play a straight-up villain like Yoo Heyi from “You’re Beautiful”. She’s evil but you can see why–she ends up really liking Tae-kyung and she’s willing to go for it. Jung-kyung’s much older and should know better. I guess the only redeeming thing Jung-kyung’s done so far is to point out to her doctor-boyfriend that while she’s given up everything for him (work rep, family, etc.) he’s given up zilch. They’re perfect for each other in that respect.

  36. 36 dw4p

    @snoopyvkd: I switched over my allegiance last week and watched Smile before YB. I enjoy YB but it’s flamed out for me in ep11-12. 13-14 were pretty good. It’s kinda like Coffee Prince for me – addicted in the beginning but flamed out at the end.

    @Jessica: Jung-in asks to borrow 10,000,000 won from Hyun-soo that one time outside the restaurant. So I’m sure that’s how much Hyun-soo gave Han-se. It’s equivalent to ~83K USD. It’s a chunk of change. In Korean culture, the bride still receives kind of a dowery when they get married. So Jung-in would have gotten not just a ring but all kinds of jewelry. The amount the mother-in-law spends on the ye-mool (presents) is a bit of a status symbol in Korea, so I’m sure Han-se’s mom didn’t skimp out on the gift.

    As I write this, ep18 is airing in Korea… muhahaha… I’ve become a complete fangirl.

  37. 37 snoopyvkd

    @dw4p: Aaaahhh… I know how you feel! I keep watching the clock and will soon begin to click F5 every 5min on aja-aja.com haha

  38. 38 Beebs

    Oh my gosh, the fight. I laughed till my stomach hurt. I had to walk away from the computer and come back, I was laughing so hard. It was just crazy. Han Se looks incredulous and says “You like Jung In.” Hyun Soo can’t believe it and says “What?!” Next thing you know, Sung Joon drops into the background fighting with one of the thugs. Hyun Soo tries to help but gets hit by Sung Joon and he just looks so cute when he looks up at Sung Joon after getting hit. That and the fact that Han Se laughed after seeing him getting hit was hilarious. (How could you not love Han Se? As big of an arse as he is, he is just HILARIOUS.) Anyways, Jung in runs in and everything stops for a moment. Han Se sees her coming and jumps in and the music starts going again and they go at it. And am I the only one that caught that Sung Joon kicked Han Se. I had to watch that part like 3 times to make sure. But Han Se was the one with the green shirt, so it had to be him that he kicked. That scene could NOT have been more hilarious. I can’t tell you how many times I watched the fight.

    I can’t even talk about the rest of the episode. All I can say is I just love this show so freakin much. I count down the days waiting till Saturday. I wake up early and refresh Aja-Aja’s Smile, You page until that link to the new episode shows up. It’s just the love of my life. It’s to darn cute and lovable.

  39. 39 onemorepls

    Everybody already mentioned it but I too loved the truck scene with Han-se calling JI to moved out right now. lol. I didn’t understand why he did that at first until Han-se say “You Like JI” keke lols

    And when HS didn’t get sock from JI, he was checking the bag and then after muttered to himself about sock sock and Sung-Joon get from his bed to give his sock so he can stop it already. hehehe lols. Still giddying about it. lols

    edi. thank you for aja-aja link

    From the way everybody is describing ep 17, I’m getting jealous that I can’t understand Korean. Thank you for recaps, can’t say enough of it. That’s all I’m checking for now are you guy recaps.

  40. 40 J

    I totally love this show!!! Makes me want to squeal like a total fangirl! I just love the chemistry between Hyun-soo and Jung-In.

    Can anyone tell me what is the name of the song playing at the start of episode 16?

  41. 41 onemorepls

    edit: i mean thank you for aja-aja.com not link. I will check out how to work it. thx.

  42. 42 janna

    @beebs: I love, love, love that scene too. If Sung Joon got in a slight kick to Han Se I wouldn’t be surprised. He’s almost always ready for a throw down when he sees him.

    I just can’t hate Han-Se, I’m really hoping with the extra episodes maybe they could add a girl for him and everyone could be happy. Maybe Han-Se and Jung Kyung can be an unlikely match……

  43. 43 Asmaa

    Thank you SooooooOooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH for the recap!!

  44. 44 sonam


    Me too. I just can’t hate Han-Se and feel quite sorry for him. Aside from the fantastic chemistry between the leads, even the two guys have great chemistry with each other. I think it’ s a great idea for HSae to get a girl. I don’t want him to turn into the typical kdrama bad guy. Just the sight of his elf face getting all riled up whenever he spots JI with HS makes me laugh. He would make a great Puck! Something about his face is so mischievous!

  45. 45 Krzzzter

    hahahha..I love when you call the three ( sung-joon, Joo-hee , ang Jung-Kil ) the three stooges…hahahhah…it was so unique and fresh that I burst out laughing….I love this drama, maybe only second for You’re Beautiful but I kept on anticipating for Saturday and Sunday to come to watch the new episodes…I really love the two protagonist..they are an awesome pair and they have this chemistry that oozes even on screen…I’m anticipating for the reaaaaaallllll kisssss sooon…..hahhaha

  46. 46 LadyIgraine

    The movie scene was my favourite part. The mom has a perverted thinking trying to look like she didn’t enjoy the scene, when she actually was smirking with smile.

  47. 47 Jessica

    @ dw4p #36

    Oh, ok so it’s not that bad. I mean it is quite a bit but I thought it might have been a crazy amount since the guy’s family is so rich.

    Also, Chinese culture is similar in that guy’s family also needs to pay a dowry and the entire wedding as well.

    And because of this tradition I have an uncle that would always joke that his 2 daughters must marry a Chinese guy while his son must marry an American girl πŸ™‚

  48. 48 sonam

    I am also loving JI’s father. He’s incorrigible. The grandfather has his work cut out for him.

  49. 49 onemorepls

    I love the laundry scene. lol. so funny and cute. i couldn’t help it but watch the raw, really sorry that i’m one of thousand backing them up.
    Still trying to see how aja-aja work. it’s only dwnload that I can watch it, which i’m lost at how to use.

  50. 50 Z

    Seriously, this show is the best! Please, please please don’t lose momentum! No one has mentioned the hilarious little scene when Hyunsoo is in his room still complaining about the socks until Sungjoon stumbles out of bed and throws him his pair and stumbles back to bed so that he can “finally get some sleep.” I laughed soooooo much at that. Episode 16 was some great stuff. I mentioned this is another thread but I have to say again how glad I am that the writers didn’t have Hyunsoo pull the infamous illegal U-turn and leave Jung-In to be dragged off by Hansea! I was literally already so mad on behalf of Jung-In that, when Hyunsoo showed up in the halway I through my arms up and shouted “Victory!!”

    I’m off to watch episode 17 raw because viikii is having some technical difficulties and I just can’t wait. I gave up the last time I tried this but I’m in it to win it now!

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