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Smile: Episodes 9-10
by | November 8, 2009 | 53 Comments

Tee hee! Love the scene above. Episodes 9 & 10 are pivotal (at last!). The episodes are full of fun moments, character developments and building anticipation in the relationship between Jung-in (Lee Min-jung) and Hyun-soo (Jung Kyung-ho). There’s a lot of ground to cover in these episodes, so without further ado…


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Episode 9

Jung-in picks up the phone call, but she’s shocked to hear Geum-ja’s voice on the other end. Jung-in hangs up quickly. When she comes out of the bathroom, Geum-ja beckons her to come and asks for help finding a photo on Hyun-soo’s phone, saying that she’s trying to track someone down. Jung-in hears Granda Man-bok’s voice outside and seizes the opportunity to dodge the situation.

Grandpa Man-bok confronts Sung-joon for using the money he’d provided for Ji-soo’s hospital fees to go drinking. He tells him to pack his bags. Sung-joon begs for forgiveness to little avail, but Grandpa relents when Ji-soo, Hyun-soo and Sang-hoon all intercede.

Jung-in pulls Hyun-soo aside and tells him that she almost got caught by Geum-ja because he left his phone at home. Hyun-soo’s still upset about the phone matter and doesn’t want to talk about it, but Jung-in urges him to take the money and settle it cleanly. If Geum-ja finds out about the incident, Jung-in won’t be able to stay in the house. She’s genuinely worried, and Hyun-soo softens a bit.

Hyun-soo: Why would I accept this? I told you, I’m considering that I’ve given it to Jung-kyung.
Jung-in: I’m Seo Jung-in! Take a good look. I’m not Seo Jung-kyung, I’m Seo Jung-in. Seo. Jung. In.

Jung-in moves in close, asserting herself with Hyun-soo. He’s surprised at her reaction and not entirely comfortable with her proximity, so he breaks the mood by pushing her away. “I said that I’m giving my heart to Jung-kyung, so what’s it to you”? he asks.

“Fine,” Jung-in retorts. Forcing the phone back in his hand, she says, “Here. If that’s your wish, take both phones and talk or text with Jung-kyung and do whatever you want, you bona fide sicko!”

Geum-ja tries to wheedle the truth out of Hyun-soo. She asks him whether he’s been hiding anything from her. She’s about to confront him with the evidence (she still has his phone in her pocket), but ever attuned to his mom—and with Jung-in’s heads-up from before—he preempts her. “Oh,” he says, “it’s not a secret, but I got a cell phone because it was difficult juggling work and class. You’re the only one who knows; keep it a secret from Grandfather.”

“It’s in my room, shall I show it to you?” he asks. She pulls it out of her pocket and admits that she’s already found it. She mentions the photo of the hand that she’d seen and asks him who it is. He shrugs it off as spam texting.

In his room, he looks at Jung-in’s phone to find out what photo his mom is talking about. He sees her recent texts and recent calls list, which are all to him. (Seriously, doesn’t she have any friends?) Seeing this stops Hyun-soo in his tracks for a moment.

In the morning, Grandpa Man-bok comes outside and sees Ji-soo up early, packing her wares for the day in an icebox. He’s surprised to learn that she slept in her truck, which she says is her home for the time being. She says she won’t intrude, and that she’s already swept the yard. He’s impressed with her industriousness–she everything the Seo family has not yet shaped up to be. She’s peppy, strong and independent, and she insists on repaying Grandpa Man-bok for his troubles, but he won’t have any of it.

The rest of the family comes out for their break-of-dawn exercises, and she introduces herself, saying that she’ll be sharing the yard space with them. She gives Sung-joon several kimbap rolls she’s made and tells him to share them with his family. Regardless of his behavior, his sister did treat her wound, so she’s giving it to him as hospital fees. She can’t stand to be indebted to anyone, she explains. Jung-in chimes in, underhandedly insinuating to Hyun-soo that she’s relieved to be free of debt now, too.

Hyun-soo goes to the cell phone store to return the Jung-kyung/Jung-in phone, while Jung-in has come to buy a new, identical one. Hyun-soo mutters under his breath, “Why are you buying a phone when there are no calls for you to send or receive?” She replies that she’s flooded with incoming calls, but having seen her call list, Hyun-soo knows she’s fibbing.

Hyun-soo tells her she’s in no circumstance to spend her money foolishly on a new phone. He gives her back the old phone. “Take it,” he says. “Spending your money so carelessly, when are you ever going to leave our house?” She’s miffed that he’s giving her the phone back as an excuse to try to get her out of the house. He responds that he doesn’t expect her to be able to move out with just $800, but was reacting to how careless she is with her money.

Jung-in: What about you? You bought two cell phones in order to seduce a woman. Isn’t that so?
Hyun-soo: Don’t insult a person’s good intentions. Seduce? Who are you accusing? I never once thought of moving someone’s heart with money. I only wanted to buy a cell phone for Jung-kyung because you said hers had broken. Will it make her a bit more comfortable? Will she like it? Although things turned out this way, I have no regrets. For me, it meant something. So don’t say such things again.

For the first time, Jung-in is subdued into silence. She’s been picking on Hyun-soo about Jung-kyung because she actually is starting to care for him, and, abashed at his response, she has nothing to say in her defense.

Wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles, in this episode Jung-kil is also finally shamed by his own ludicrous behavior. They say sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to face reality, and I’m not sure it gets much worse than, well… read on.

Jung-kil sits down with Lee Joon-bae, Grandpa Man-bok’s buddy who owns the nearby barbeque restaurant. He prods Joon-bae for a bit of insider information, trying to find out what really pushes Grandpa’s buttons. He frames it by saying that he needs to know what to avoid, but really he’s back to his hopelessly facile plan to annoy Grandpa into voluntarily kicking him out (and for some reason, he thinks Grandpa will pay for their new housing). I do believe there are some holes in this logic.

Joon-bae warns him to be very careful; this is a matter that puts Man-bok’s pride on the line. Jung-kil is all ears.

“Alright. I’ll tell you. It’s precisely.. barley rice!” It’s not quite what Jung-kil was expecting to hear. Barley rice?

Joon-bae continues, explaining that during the Korean War, he and Man-bok realized that hunger could be more dangerous than bullets. So they enlisted together in the army in order to eat. But Man-bok was honorably discharged within a month, Joon-bae explains, because he had severe constipation from the barley, ultimately, causing his colon to tear. And to this day, the smell of a barley-fart will flip his lid.

So Jung-kil stuffs himself with barley and runs home, anxious to lay a good one on Grandpa Man-bok. Meanwhile, Joon-bae tells Man-bok about his conversation with Jung-kil earlier that day and laughs about the barley-fart yarn he made up.

Not realizing this, Jung-kil is stuffing his face with even more barley rice to fill ‘er up, so to speak. He goes into Grandpa Man-bok’s room to make his fart attempt. In a scene that is hilariously uncomfortable to watch—I imagine it as what an episode of “The Office” would be like if they let you see what goes on in the bathroom—Jung-kil is really putting effort into passing some gas through his system. But with all the effort and all the barley in his system, something catastrophic… maybe… just… *grunt*… might…

…befall a grown man to make him CRAP HIS PANTS. The sound effects are truly cringeworthy.

“What’s this smell?” Grandpa Kang asks. It’s not the reaction Jung-kil had hoped for, but he’s more concerned about getting out of his poopy pants. (HAHA. Wow. Really. Too old for diapers but too young for incontinence pads. It’s a shame.)

The setup of the next exchange is appropriate: Jung-kil is sitting down, embarrassed enough by the scene to be in a humbled state, at least physically. Grandpa Man-bok stands above him, finally reproaching him directly.

Grandpa: Can’t you see that no matter what schemes you come up with, we can see through you like a lying seven-year-old?… Don’t hold a grudge against me. When I see you, I am more reproachful towards the Chairman. He saved up his fortune to provide for his family, but in the end he only taught you to spend money, not how to make it. Don’t disgrace your parent any longer, but move out when you can.
Jung-kil: I need money to move out! How do you think I can move out of this house!
Grandpa: I went through even more than you! Even after being slapped by someone my son’s age, I waited on you hand and foot in order to feed my son and send him to school. It felt more miserable than when I was starving and nearly jumped before an oncoming train, but, you see, I couldn’t die because of my son. That’s what it means to be a father and head of a household. What will you do if Sung-joon is in your position in thirty years?

Jung-kil closes his eyes and sighs. What could he possibly say to that? He’s lived his whole life without understanding that there are consequences to his actions, and it’s only now that those consequences are sinking in.

It has, meanwhile, been a busy day for the other characters, too. Hyun-soo stops by the hospital to see the Chief. He says that he has moved on, but he asks the Chief to make Jung-kyung happy, so that he doesn’t have to look back.

(I thought these next few scenes used Hyun-soo’s theme song, “Goodbye My Love” by Melo’ Breeze is Blowing, particularly well. You can listen to it in the previous recap of episodes 7-8.)

Hyun-soo runs into Jung-kyung on his way out, and he assumes a bright, friendly tone to indicate that he’s moved on and set her at ease. She warns him not to confuse her sister with her.

Hyun-soo: Seo Jung-kyung, you really don’t know me. Although you probably didn’t really want to know me anyway. Whomever I meet in the future, I won’t meet with her while thinking of you. If someday, I begin to like someone, I would have already erased you from my heart completely. So you don’t have to worry about that.

He walks away, and OMG I don’t know about Jung-kyung, but if a guy gave me a speech like that and walked away… if my legs still held me up, I’d chase him down and say TAKE. ME. NOW. Jung-kyung’s got a look, too, that suggests, “Did I just let something good walk away?”

Back at the house, Jung-in is looking for a way to make it up to Hyun-soo. She looks around his room, and picks up his sweatshirt, thinking she might buy him something new. She shyly catches a whiff of it. Aww!

Meanwhile, Geum-ja and Joo-hee are bickering per usual, with Geum-ja provoking Joo-hee into a mess of nerves. Geum-ja says that love is all a woman needs. Joo-hee says that a man’s ability is more important than love. But really, Joo-hee does hope for attention from Jung-kil, who deflects by pointing out that Sang-hoon really ought to take better care of his wife—look at her clothes!

Geum-ja pretends to be unfazed in the moment, but she later looks through her wardrobe with newfound disappointment. She decides to go shopping, and Jung-in tags along. Remembering what Hyun-soo had said earlier that day, Jung-in wants to make up for her earlier lack of consideration toward him by being attentive to his mother.

Thankfully Jung-in is there to veto Geum-ja’s tacky taste, and she takes her instead to a boutique where they have an unlikely bonding moment. In an endearing twist on the cliched Pretty Woman moment, Geum-ja gets her moment in the sun. The staff are snippy to her at first, but they recognize Jung-in, who tells them to pull out all the stops for Geum-ja, who is “like a mother to her.” Determined to do her good deed of the day, Jung-in insists on buying an outfit for Geum-ja.

(Hehe.. looking sharp, but those clunky clogs definitely won’t do.)

As far as unlikely bonding moments, on his way back from the hospital, Hyun-soo stops by the office, where Han-sae has been looking around. They decide to have a drink together. I guess this is the episode in which anything can happen!

After a few drinks, they talk about women. Han-sae says that Jung-in is special to him, and asks if Hyun-soo thinks she would go back to him. He explains why he still has feelings for her:

Han-sae: She’s very affectionate, and she doesn’t know how to lie.
Hyun-soo: Seo Jung-in doesn’t know how to lie?
Han-sae: Yes. She might seem immature, but you could say that she’s pure, like a child. That’s her charm.

Han-sae: Why are you looking at me like that?
Hyun-soo: Nevermind. After all, it’s in the eye of the beholder.

Han-sae drops Hyun-soo off, but Hyun-soo asks to be dropped off a dew blocks away. He says that he’d like to walk off the alcohol before going home, but also, Han-sae doesn’t know where Jung-in has been living. As Hyun-soo leaves, Han-sae says, “We’ve become a bit closer, right?”

Meanwhile, The Reveal is about to happen. Jung-in tells Sang-hoon to come outside, where Geum-ja surprises him with her new outfit. To her chagrin, he tells her it doesn’t suit her. She’s upset, but bigger trouble lies ahead. Grandpa Man-bok comes outside, and when he realizes how much the outfit cost and that Jung-in blew her money on it; and even worse, that Geum-ja didn’t have the foresight to refuse the gift, he throws them both out of the house.

Up til now, the threat of being thrown out has been only a threat, but amazingly, this time, Geum-ja is so incensed at being thrown out after 30 years of dutiful service that something snaps internally, and off they go.

Hyun-soo arrives just then, and wants to know what happened. He asks where Jung-in thinks she’s going—since she has nowhere to go.

But Han-sae shows up, having finally received a call from the people he’d assigned to locate Jung-in. He tells her to come with him, and confronts Hyun-soo about not having told him that she was living in the Kangs’ house.

Jung-in is nothing but angry to see Han-sae, and Hyun-soo immediately goes back into protective mode. She tells Han-sae to leave, but since he doesn’t, she grabs Geum-ja and walks away first.

Left to their own devices, the two women have to figure out where they’re going. Unfortunately, turns out that Geum-ja has no contacts. They literally have nowhere to go.

Episode 10

After Jung-in and Geum-ja leave, Han-sae pulls Hyun-soo aside for some more man-to-man talk. But the closeness they had just developed in the former scene is gone. Han-sae tells Hyun-soo that he had broken up with Jung-in only because of his parents’ wishes, and asks Hyun-soo to help them get back together. Hyun-soo is unmoved, having seen Han-sae coldly rebuff Jung-in twice in the past: “It was difficult even for me to hear, so wouldn’t Jung-in have been more hurt? Before you make a request like this, you should confirm Jung-in’s feelings first.”

Surprisingly, Han-sae acquiesces. “Very well. I admit that I acted rashly. I will take heed of your advice. But now that you know my feelings, please don’t interfere with Jung-in and me.”

With nowhere to go, Jung-in and Geum-ja go to Joon-bae’s restaurant. He tells them to eat quickly and leave, but Geum-ja has a plan. After they finish eating, she picks up the bowls to start cleaning and says they’ll work at Joon-bae’s restaurant in exchange for housing.

Sang-hoon comes to visit Geum-ja, who is unrelenting and out for revenge. She knows the household can’t go ‘round without her. He’s come to bring her back home, but she tells him instead to leave the house too if he finds it inconvenient. She says, “You go back and tell him loud and clear, in the future, ask not what Baek Geum-ja can do for the family; ask what the family can do for Baek Geum-ja.” (Haha.)

Jung-in gets a text from Hyun-soo saying that he’s worried and asking her to call back. She smiles at getting the text and goes outside to call him. He’s already figured out where she is, and mid-call he turns the corner and sees her.

Just then, she sighs and says there’s no one looking out for her. Looking straight at her, Hyun-soo says, “What do you mean there’s no one?” but says that Han-sae had come looking for Jung-in. But that’s all in the past and she has no feelings for him anymore, she says. She hangs up, saying she’ll go inside. Hyun-soo calls out, “Hey—hang on!” and she realizes that his voice is coming from nearby.

He tells her to quit drinking, and she says that it’s better to use alcohol as a “disinfectant” than to get hurt by someone like Han-sae.

Hyun-soo: Do you think that’ll make it better? It’ll just make you cry.
Jung-in: What? Did you cry over Jung-kyung?

(Hehe… Unfortunately I don’t have time to recount the whole scene between the two, but their interactions are adorable. Especially the following one—worth watching!)

Geum-ja walks Sang-hoon out, so Hyun-soo grabs Jung-in’s hand to hide behind a car. Sang-hoon impulsively grabs Geum-ja in a hug before he leaves. Their interactions are also cute, like a young couple in love; she tells him to leave first, but he tells her to go inside and back and forth.

Ahhhh in cuteness parallel, when Hyun-soo and Jung-in come out from their hideout, they’re still holding hands. Jung-in says cheerily that she envies Geum-ja. She looks down at their hands, and the two quickly pull away from each other.

When Sang-hoon gets home, Jung-kil pulls him inside the room to talk. Again, anything can happen! He doesn’t have an agenda or an ulterior motive, and in fact, he even mentions that no matter how scary Grandpa Man-bok can be, he still envies Sang-hoon for at least having a father.

Grandpa Man-bok, outside, overhears and is encouraged to see some progress in Jung-kil’s reformation.

In the morning, a clanging in the kitchen brings everyone running in to see what happened. Now in charge of preparing meals, Joo-hee has climbed up to the countertop and sent pots clattering to the floor. She says she’d seen a bug (while watching this scene, I was more worried that she’d singe herself on the burner—almost literally out of the frying pan into the fire here!).

Breakfast is looking a lot better at Joon-bae’s place, where Geum-ja and Jung-in are watching TV as they eat. But Joon-bae turns off the TV and tells them to get to work. Hyun-soo shows up (Joon-bae: “Good thing you’re here. Take them with you.”), and Geum-ja is delighted to hear that there hasn’t been any breakfast in the Kang (and Seo) house. He asks her to come home, but she tells him to come eat at the restaurant. She’s loving her independence!

She goes off to get food for Hyun-soo, who calls Jung-in “Runny Nose” and tells her to give him her phone. He turns it on and tells her to answer it; he’d been trying to call her that morning but had to come all the way to the restaurant. Since she’s so good at whining, he asks her to annoy his mother into coming back home.

She gets mad and sticks her chin out defiantly. He mirrors her movement, and they look at each other for an extended moment.

As Hyun-soo’s leaving, Jung-in calls out after him, asking what he’ll do for her if she brings Geum-ja home. He’s at a loss, so she tells him to bring her some squid to start. She needs an idea, and she needs food to think. He says, “Fresh or dried?”

Jung-kyung has had a hard night. She’d had dinner with the Chief and his daughter Yeon-jae, but she worries that she overstepped her bounds. Jung-kyung had followed Yeon-jae outside after she’d stormed out and reprimanded her, but Yeon-jae was, as you might expect, highly unreceptive.

The Chief shows up at the apartment, having set aside the day for Jung-kyung. She’s still upset about the clash with Yeon-jae and the lack of resolution there, so when she gets a phone call from Grandpa Man-bok, she quickly agrees to stop by the house. He’s put off that she’s not making time for him (now that he’s finally made some time for her), but she reminds him that she’s waiting for his lead with Yeon-jae. His hesitance gives Yeon-jae room to push her away.

Jung-in turns up the whininess with Geum-ja, complaining that the restaurant is uncomfortable. Geum-jaresponds by slapping her leg. Clearly, she’s not having any of this. Her mind is made up.

Jung-in texts Hyun-soo recounting her lack of progress and reminds him to bring the squid. Sung-joon sneaks up from behind and tells Hyun-soo that persevering through times like these will deepen their relationship.

Kyung-soo is back. Hehehe. He’s heard that since his departure, the female clientele has dropped off. Jung-kil chimes in, it’s not just the clients—the women of the house have left too. But there is a new addition—Ji-soo—whom he recognizes, eyes wide in fear.

Suddenly, we see a different side of plucky Ji-soo. She tells him that as of this moment, he doesn’t know her. He says he does know her, and she tells him again: Now you don’t. Once she’s satisfied with his response, she tells him to leave. He nervously crab-walks away.

Man-bok sends Joo-hee to the market with a few dollars, telling her to buy groceries for dinner. She asks Sang-hoon to come along to help her find what she needs, especially since she couldn’t do it on that budget.

Jung-in and Geum-ja have also come to the market together. (Uh-oh.) Jung-in is impressed to see Geum-ja’s bargaining skills in action. Geum-ja says she’s doing it to get Jung-in a hot dog (which she had been whining about on her way in). “Ajumma, I love you!” Jung-in exclaims.

Geum-ja and Jung-in run into Joo-hee; Sang-hoon, having seen them from afar, runs off to hide. The Joo-hee/Sang-hoon secret is safe, for now.

Hyun-soo has bought squid for Jung-in, but Jung-kyung catches up with him on her way to the house. She asks him what the squid is for, and he explains that Jung-in and Geum-ja had been kicked out of the house; the squid is his bribe to help her get his mother back to the house. He goes into the restaurant, and she continues to the house. After having spent years turning her back to him, for the first time, she looks back over her shoulder as she walks away.

At the house, Joon-bae has stopped by to see Man-bok. Jung-kil is still fuming over Joon-bae’s practical joke, and in their confrontation Joon-bae attempts to scold and shame Jung-kil, but unknowingly lets it slip that Man-bok received help in purchasing his house.

In case we were starting to think Jung-kil has actually become a new man, he goes back to his old ways of trying to fish for details about the value of the house with Man-bok. It’s no easy task, so he gives up after trying to work a few angles.

Geum-ja sends Jung-in to the house to scout out the mood. Jung-in comes up with an excuse to go—to get some red pepper sauce—as an alibi, in case Grandpa sees her.

Jung-kyung and Hyun-soo come out at the same time to get den-jang sauce and red pepper sauce, so she overhears their conversation while she hides. She’s been unaware of their friendlier tone, and they’ve become comfortable enough to talk about Hyun-soo’s first impressions of Jung-kyung. He says, “We should have gotten along like this sooner. This is the first time you’ve laughed in front of me.”

She does look genuinely comfortable and happy for the first time.

As Jung-in leaves, she runs into Han-sae, who’s been waiting around the house for her to show up. He takes her to a bar, where he tells her he wants to start over. She says it’s too late, and tells him not to come looking for her anymore.

She gets ready to leave, but stops when he says, “I love you.”

Han-sae: I still love you. I mean it.
Jung-in: You mean it? Then have you cried because of me? I haven’t. I cried because I was indignant and felt that I was wronged; but that was for myself, wondering how this could happen to me, Seo Jung-in. ‘Lee Han-sae, that jerk, betrayed me after promising he loved me? You’re dead, wait and see.’ That’s why I cried. I never once cried because I missed you, or didn’t want to let you go. It was too big a wound to call it just experience, but I feel fortunate that I can start over now. I was sincere when I said I liked you, but I never loved you.
Han-sae: Then you were going to get married when you didn’t love me?
Jung-in: I liked being loved. I thought I would be happy to live the rest of my life like that. But, when you left me, I realized how foolish that was. Now, I’m going to date someone I love.

Jung-in is understated, and her emotional control underscores her resoluteness. She walks away, but Han-sae says that if she really wants to break it off cleanly, she should return the ring. Otherwise, she should go back to him.

Sang-hoon goes to see Geum-ja, but on his way, he sees Joo-hee, who is upset at the day’s events and at being brushed aside by Jung-kil. She begins to cry, and he tries to cheer her up. She says she wants to go back to the way things used to be.

Geum-ja, meanwhile, has been waiting for Sang-hoon. Since he’s taken so long, she goes out looking for him and comes upon the scene with Joo-hee.


The past few episodes were draggy, but these two episodes picked up the pace and were just fun to watch. So I’ve decided to just enjoy the show for what it is — simple, fun family fare. The interactions between Jung-in and Hyun-soo are delightful to watch, and there was plenty of it in these two episodes.

I think Lee Min-jung did an exceptional job in these two episodes. The nuances in her expression–hopeful for positive signs from Hyun-soo, followed by fleeting evidence of disappointment and quickly transitioning to her tantrums and back–are pitch perfect.

Also, I am loving the development of her relationship with Geum-ja. We can all see that Joo-hee is pretty vapid as a character, and most likely is the same way as a mother. So giving Jung-in a mother figure to respond to has brought out another fun and spunky side of her character.

I read in the comments that episodes 11 and 12 get even better–I held off on watching them so as to be able to write these recaps without prejudging what happens next–so I’m looking forward to getting to watch those and reading dw4p‘s next recap!


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    What a massive embarrassment for jung-kil. For shame.

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    This is a cute series.

    I really like it. The characters kinds of grow on you and it’s kind of like they moved in with you. LOL.

  10. 10 Z

    Woooo!! I love this show so much that I’m breaking my cardinal rule and watching the raws of episode 14 because the subs are taking too long! I’m hiding behind the thin excuse that I’m using it as a chance to improve my Korean, which I’ve been trying to learn lately… but I can be honest with you all, right? Truth is, I’m nowhere ready to take on the raws… I’ll probably give up after a segment or two but I just needed a little fix!

    Anywho… I agree with the person who says that they love how hyunsoo handles hansae. Every time Hansae tries to provoke him or get him talk about Jung-in, Hyunsoo’s suts him down so well that all I can say is “Well played.” It’s great fun.

  11. 11 Taohua

    Thank you for the recaps!
    I initially started the drama because I really like Jung Kyung-ho, but thought about dropping it several times until about episode 9ish since I couldn’t deal with the parents (‘cept for Geum-ja, she’s probably the most dynamic). Then I think it starting getting more interesting and LMJ and JKH have such awesome chemistry. They are so cute together. And I like the pace at which their romance is being handled, even though I’m still a little daunted by the number of episodes. Thanks again!

  12. 12 jtinma

    It did kinda got a bit draggy a few episodes back but I am so glad I stuck with it because it is just pure fun now. I agree with everyone that talked about how Hynnoo’s character is so different when it comes to handling his relationship with his rival. I love it that he is just so macho when it comes to his job and handling other people that he comes across professionally. I am glad that it is apparent he doesn’t have “he is rich I am not” complex and is really a quite well adjusted person all things considered.
    I also love the fact that when they had the scene of tug of war between Hynsoo, Jung-in and Han-Sae that Jung-In immediately back down when Hynsoo tells her to not get too excited and Han-Sae’s displeasure that Jung-In listens to Hynsoo.

  13. 13 melovesred

    Thank you for the recaps.. 🙂

    This drama is my second fix after YAB :), both are my fix to get through the weeks..
    although at first I’m a little daunted by the number of episodes, but if it means plenty of cute & giddy moments from HyunSoo and JungIn then I’m up for it!
    bring it on! 🙂

    I’ve already watch it till episode 12 and I promise you it gets BETTER & BETTER!! 🙂
    JKH &LMJ have such an awesome chemistry, they look really really cute together!
    another onscreen pair that I’m rooting to bring it onto real life.. 🙂

  14. 14 soyjoy

    @ jtinma

    I am glad that it is apparent he doesn’t have “he is rich I am not” complex and is really a quite well adjusted person all things considered.

    I agree with you! After writing the commentary in this recap, I thought a little harder about the series and realized that it’s actually very refreshing because it doesn’t rely on the typical tropes in a lot of dramas. The characters are really beginning to come into their own, and while the lack of external plot drivers (you know, like illness, scandal, haves-vs.-have-nots, insiders trying to take down a company) made the show drag for a bit, it also laid the groundwork to really just focus on the characters and the relationships between them. While the show isn’t particularly groundbreaking, it’s good to see that the writers have been keeping a tight, cliche-free storyline so far, and have left in plenty of room for hilarity and romantic-angsty fun!

    We’ve got a ways to go with this drama, so I hope they manage to keep it up. But so far, it’s looking good! 🙂

  15. 15 YABaddict

    Thank you for the recaps!
    I love this show! Love the interactions between the characters and the dialogues. It does not bring out the “I can’t wait/gotta have it now” anticipation of you-know-what-other-drama does, but it’s fun, as you said, in its simplicity. It’s well written and well acted. I love all the characters. At first, I didn’t care much for the parents, but I’ve grown to enjoy their interactions and stories as well, they too have some very touching scenes which are refreshing to watch.
    Thanks for keeping up with this drama!

  16. 16 onemorepls

    Yeah. I been waiting for your recaps. I also agreed that I love how Hyunsoo handle Hansae, it surprised me at first. But I must say I love more how even through Hyunsoo is beta male with the ladies, when it’s needed he can handle Jung-in. Love It.

    Keep up the good work. Thank You again.

  17. 17 nomad

    thanks for the recap soyjoy, i really enjoy reading them.

    i hope jung kyung will not put a halt in jung-ins and hyun-soo’s budding closeness. she seems to be having trouble with her lover’s kid and it looks like she’s seeing HS in a different light now. i like the development between JI and HS, very cute 🙂

  18. 18 Sonam

    Believe it or not but I have actually stopped watching YB ( I just read JB’s recaps) and IRIS in favor of this drama. I love the two main leads. And I am coming around to the older generation. At least the grandfathers and the the guy who plays the brother is such a natural in front of the camera. The parents are still unbearable. Tho’ I did enjoy HS’s mother’s interactions with JI. LMJ is wonderful. And JKH is a fine actor. They make such a great couple. Just really enjoying watching them together.

  19. 19 Asian Addict

    Thanks for the recaps! I really enjoy this show! I love the two romantic leads AND the ex-boyfriend who is sooooo funny!

  20. 20 gailT

    i love love love this show. thank you for the detailed recaps. i remember what I felt when I first saw these episodes. and for some reason, i think i have stopped hating lee han sae. he is still immature, but he has his charms.

    #10 – Z, i totally agree with you here:
    “I’m hiding behind the thin excuse that I’m using it as a chance to improve my Korean, which I’ve been trying to learn lately… but I can be honest with you all, right? Truth is, I’m nowhere ready to take on the raws… I’ll probably give up after a segment or two but I just needed a little fix!”

  21. 21 cheddar

    lol @ 19! i think hansae’s funny too! he’s more of a ridiculous funny but entertaining nonetheless when he’s being whipped by jungin.

    i don’t usually watch the raws since it’s discouraging for me when i have no idea what in the sam heck is going on, but i just can’t wait for the subs for this show! i think my korean is improving cuz i can catch little words like “stupid” “hungry” “what” “yes” and “no”…LOL!

  22. 22 eneria143


    as soon as i opened my computer and get online, the first site i checked is the DRAMABEANS…reading some recaps and updates…i really appreciate everything…

    This kdrama SMILE is really getting better… and before watching any korean drama better check on dramabean’s comments…

    thanks and more power….God bless…

  23. 23 Jessica

    Thanks so much for the recaps! I’m watching with Chinese subs but my Chinese still isn’t that good yet so I’m glad there are recaps to help with that!

  24. 24 janna

    Ah, it gets better and better with each episode. Thanks for the recaps.

    I agree Hyun-Soo is really mature when handling issues. It’s refreshing to see if the characters have problems, they don’t hold it in for episodes. The timing of the OST to Hyun-soos “moved-on” monologue is perfect! And I liked the scene where Hyun-soo “threatens” Jung-In by calling his mom in Joon-baes restaurant in episode 10.

  25. 25 jtinma


    Your comment is so true. I didn’t really give it too much thought before but you are totally right. Without some of the standard drama plot line the show does seem less intense, but it is also what makes it so great to see all the character development. Some of the characters in the show are slowly becoming some of my favorite characters out of all the the drama I have watched so far.

    For sure hyun-soo is fast becoming one of my favorite main male character in Korean drama. I totally love how they show so many different views of him. ie. The great son, the goofy guy he sometimes is, the talented and very confident professional, and this last one always make me swoon – the guy he turns into when ever he gets protective of Jung-in. (Sorry, went back to my teenage years a bit there)

  26. 26 Asian Addict

    @ 21: Isn’t he hilarious?! I’ve never liked the “other” male this much in a drama. He’s so unashamed about wanting her back–it’s pathetic and entertaining! I am always happy to watch any scenes he is in.

  27. 27 Eleven11

    Just one more thing, I want to say thanks to soyjoy for recapping this, because although I’m already a couple of episodes ahead of the recaps, I love reading about a good episode from another perspective – so I can hear different opinions about plot developments and (I admit it) go all gooey again over the sweet moments =p

    So thank you very much, I hope you stay with us through to the end! =D

  28. 28 thatsourmia

    thank you soyjoy for this recay. i enjoyed your writing since i watch it raw back then and cannot understand what they have been talking about. this is the first drama that contemplating me to watch and make me lost in translation.. hahaha but i cannot hold back the excitement to watch Hyun So-Jung In couple every week! hope the soft sub will be release as soon as possible. how i wish i can understand korea..

  29. 29 DIANE

    Thanks for the recap, I had watch ep 13 this morning.
    it was cute but confuse. Now both sisters like the same
    guy. I just wonder how the triangle love will turn out
    since this is 50 ep long. to early to tell what happen at the end
    i wish they only do 16 chapter………..

  30. 30 Z

    I thought of one more thing I LOVE about this show… Actually, I’ve been thinking this for a couple of weeks but I just finished watching this weekend’s eps and it really drove it home for me. I love that the main characters touch each other and it’s not a big deal. Not that I’m hoping to see a whole lot of sucking face and other blatant acts of skinship, because I really don’t need or want all that in my dramas (I like the innocence). But I love that it’s not cause to cue the dramatic music and the awkward blushing every time Jung-In and Hyun-Soo happen to bump elbows in an elevator. And so far, I don’t recall having any of those stupid “Whoops! I tripped and fell against you! Let’s freeze time and call it a hug…” moments. So annoying. You have to be refreshed when the interactions are natural without being too touchy feely.

  31. 31 soyjoy

    @ 27, Eleven11 – I agree. It’s how I got hooked on dramabeans in the first place! I used to start watching series that were already recapped so I could find out what happens all at once and spare myself the agony, hehe. And of course, javabeans’ witty writing and insights could sometimes make reading the recaps even better than actually watching the episodes! Thanks for the encouragement!!

    @ 30, Z – excellent point!! It’s funny, that hadn’t even registered for me because Jung Kyung-ho and Lee Min-jung both have such a natural, easygoing charm that makes their physical ease around each other entirely believable. I’ve really been enjoying the progression of their relationship because it happens (admittedly slower than I want it to ackkk!!) naturally and without fanfare or faux awkwardness, like you describe. Thanks for pointing that out!

  32. 32 Sonam

    @Z Great observation. I think that’s why I am enjoying SY so much.

  33. 33 Sparrow

    Thank you so much for the recaps. I’m struggling while watching without subs, but I can’t help my self, the chemistry between the leads is simply awesome.
    The episodes are rather refreshing, the leads have good banter and a rather easy going relationship, balancing friendship and care with moments of physical awareness. The makeover scene reminded me how usually mother in laws treat the future daughter in law by buying her clothes, and here there was a role reversal.
    Even Han sae is too cute for words, although i wouldn’t want such a fickle mama’s boy as a boyfriend. There is something endearing about the way he plays the cad, that makes you feel rather sorry for him.

  34. 34 steffanie

    thanks for revapping smile this is my frst long drama ever lol

  35. 35 Lola


    Hold off no longer, I say rush to viikii right now and watch this show it is SO GOOD!! The chemistry between the two main leads makes it even better( seriously I don’t think I’ve ever seen this much chemistry!) It gets a little draggy after eisode 6 or so but episodes 10 and on are absolutely amazing!

  36. 36 Kgrl

    Sometimes, we watch dramas not for the production values, the plot, the quality of directing, but purely for the chemistry/pairing. And this drama’s lead couple is simply oozing with it – right from the first moment they appear onscreen together (This is how I usually get hooked to a pairing – that instantaneous chemistry).

    To be honest, SY has draggy older generation scenes, bland side character writing, and a plethora of other mediocre grievances. BUT, LMJ & JKH have made this drama entirely endearing and addicting. Despite this drama not being comparable in ratings, netizen craze, or production value of current dramas airing (including non-Korean ones), the amazing and ROFL romantic chemistry between the lead couple entirely makes up for other flaws of this drama – esp. if you skip said boring scenes – lols.

    To follow Z, Sonam, and a few other Smilers, I’ve come to anticipate this pairing the most. Other good, and immensly popular dramas I watch serve as great distractions from my anticipation for Soo-In.

    That said, great recap soyjoy!

  37. 37 pabo ceo reom

    So I’ve decided to just enjoy the show for what it is — simple, fun family fare.

    That’s how I’ve come to embrace and love this show too. 🙂

    And of course, Hyun-soo and Jung-in….SQUEEEEE. LOL.

  38. 38 [email protected]

    Soo-In my fav couple.

    @30 Z thanks for pointing that out. I really love that too.

    And I don’t mind, in fact I like their slow progress relationship. hehe

    Thank you for the recaps soyjoy and dw4p

  39. 39 MO

    I’m actually enjoying this drama now…the chemistry b/w the lead are just so great and adorable…it keeps me tuning in..they’re so adorable, obviously they’re liking each other…its cute watching both the older and younger generation in the house…somehow, the younger generation in my opinion is like the older generation…like Jung-in mom is Hyun-so’s dad first love…I see Geumja being like a older version of Jung-in…and when looking at it like that, the love triangle b/w old and young are similar…like I feel Jung-in sis is like a younger version of her mom, demure & gentle (although the sis is kinda cold) while Geumja is like Jung-in & Hyun-so is like his Dad, lets just hope he doesn’t cheat like his dad do…& learn to move on…

  40. 40 reality123

    i agree with most of the comments on here the dauting prospect of 50 episode did throw me a little but i decided just to check out the eps on here and i’m hooked can’t wait for the episodes each week !

  41. 41 rainerust

    Nice recap! (Although coming a bit late since I’ve become so addicted to this drama I basically haunt the websites until the subbed versions arrive a day after the episodes are screened LOL)

    The drama really is getting much better (especially 14 – I just can’t wait to see the episodes this week), and I like how all the relationships intersect and are balanced out. Most importantly, what I like about this drama is how the relationships are given time to grow. With some romantic dramas, I get annoyed because I don’t understand how it is possible for the leading characters to fall in love with each other, especially looking at the time-frame and/or what they’ve done with each other (i.e. Shining Inheritance – that one really didn’t make sense to me).

    Here, JI and HS spend heaps of time with each other, and better yet, live together AND work together now. Their interactions also show a slowly developing sense of awareness of each other, rather than a “Oh I like you” “Oh I like you too YAY” kind of thing, so it really makes sense. LOL. I like my dramas to make (as much) sense (as they possibly can in the world of drama).

    Here’s to Episode 15! Looking forward to more of your recaps, soyjoy and dw4p!

  42. 42 soyjoy

    @ 41, rainerust

    Their interactions also show a slowly developing sense of awareness of each other, rather than a “Oh I like you” “Oh I like you too YAY” kind of thing….

    Hahaha–that made me laugh out loud. So true!

  43. 43 Sonam

    Agree. JI is like HS’s mom – very warm, loving and giving and all heart.
    HS even runs like his father!!! Those shots of his father and him running spoke to me so much more than than all the hyper stylish done to death shots of IRIS.
    LOL…let’s hope HS doesn’t turn out like his father over his first love! I have a feeling he won’t because I find him also like his grandfather – upright, principled and sensible. He handles JI’s ex very calmly as many have noted.
    Talking of similarities….I find JI’s ex a little like her father. Very brazen and thick skinned except he’s way cuter. He looks so much better with the mussed bangs. It really sets off those bambi eyes and delicate pixie face. He seems so different from QSS where he played much more serious responsible character. I think he needs to play fun, younger characters. He has the face for it. The ruder JI is to him the more he seems to like it. I love the way his face lights up and he starts giggling whenever she snaps at him.

  44. 44 MO

    @Sonam I agree. I think JI ex is similar to her father..and personally, I think he is a masochistic since he seem to enjoy being abused by JI..the more she abused / be rude to him, the more he enjoys it…maybe because he never experience a woman like JI being a rich boy he is, I am sure he gets pamper and so when he meet someone who don’t take crap from him and vice versa, abused him, he enjoys it…what a creeps…hhahahahah…

    I am so addicted to JI & HS growing development..it is just so kawaii…its like beauty and the beast b/w them, JI being the beast & him the beauty since JI is so manly to me, being aggressive in what she want, not afraid of speaking her mind or admitting her feelnigs while HS is somewhat feminine like the kissing scene b/w them got him weak in the knees..hahaha..that was so funny.. she stole his first kiss…hahahaha…

  45. 45 Kgrl

    It’s dreary waiting for SY eps – hard to concentrate on anything else. Funny, how the YB craze reminds me when everyone was crazy about Jandi & GJP in BOF, and I was crazy abt SoEul. Now it’s SooIn. lols. I sincerely have underdog or minority likings. hahaha.

    @MO: I think that’s why HSe is likeable to most of us Smilers, b/c he’s simply too cute around JI, and he sees her value. Normally, a guy who’s committed wrongdoings like that would be entirely dislikeable.

    @rainerust: I think the pacing for SooIn is exceptional. The transitioning of their feelings is so well done, you can feel them falling in love, instead of the usual “see” them fall in love like you mentioned. A slew of recent Kdramas have been like that – you see them get lovey-dovey, but you don’t feel the process.

    If this drama is really 50 eps, it’ll be a blessing for us Smilers, not a daunting task at all. lols.

  46. 46 Sonam

    So perfectly said, Kgrl! You can really feel them falling in love. Not just going thru the motions. I cannot understand why everyone’s not watching this drama. They have no idea what they are missing.
    SY reminded me of why I fell in love with Kdramas . And I have been out of love for a while since BOF broke my heart but with SY all those old feelings are coming back. In a way I am glad we have to wait for the weekends because otherwise I wouldn’t be able to stop watching. It’s funny I almost didn’t watch this drama because it was long but now I am ecstatic it’s +30-50!!! Yeh!

  47. 47 Sonam

    yes, HSe acting silly with JI is very endearing but I fear soon he’ll be up to no good especially when he finds out JI is in love with HS. Oh, oh. Can’t wait!

  48. 48 Kgrl

    @Sonam: Many ppl follow the bandwagon, and YB is the current craze. I think I must have rebellious sentiments, since I often don’t get into what everyone else is hyping about – or if I do, at a much less passionate level. This has it’s benefits and disadvantages since I don’t get an abundance of news/goodies with less ppl hyping, but I avoid the crush of the crowd.

    HSe, well, I never expected him to change in one day. Of course he’s going to try to revert to the practices he’s used to, to get what he wants. But I have to say I think he will redeem himself faster than JK. JK doesn’t have much to “lose” since she isn’t like HSe, who has a very specific goal in mind aka JI, and therefore less incentive to change her thinking/practices.

    Sonam, do you visit Soompi? Come join us, the participants in the thread are pretty sensible and mature – though we do spazz once in a while, particularly me. lols. All Smilers Welcome!

  49. 49 MO

    @kgrl –> I agree that I do think Hse will redeem himself faster than JK because he is not technically a bad guy and is completely different from JK in term of dealing w/ relationship. He isn’t like JK in trying to take control of the relationship. I mean, he likes Ji and he wants her to go back to his side..It is something he think he could confidently do and at the same time, he isn’t forcing her not to like someone else like JK does. I am sure he does know that JI has feeling somewhat for HS but what I like in him is that he isn’t being a jerk in tearing them apart or plotting some evil thing against HS. Like making HS get fire since he is HS boss. He isn’t the type to make torture or used his status to get an advantage of his rival. for now, i don’t see him as someone I dislike totally because it seem like he want to win JI back fair and square, not using any underhand method against HS YET.

    While JK is different. For her, I feel that she uses the 8 year crush HS has for her as an underhand against JI, discouraging her OWN sister from liking a guy she does not like back..to me, JK personally feel more like a spoil princess than JI. JI may be spoiled but she is still pure and innocent while I think JK is just spoil personally. I mean, she liked and prefer things to go her way. She like to be control and like the attention she gets from others…so when HS shift his attention to JI, her behavior changes in that, the attention is no longer at her, something she thought she could always keep..and when she doesn’t get that attention or control anymore, she uses underhand method esp. bring up the 8 year crush HS has for her, trying to nail it through her sister the idea that “HE WILL ALWAYS LOVE ME” not “YOU”…I think for JK, she expects guys to be at her feet…like she can shove HS aside so many times and think, heck he’ll be there for me always since he likes me…to me, she may not live luxurious like her family (the way they spend money) but her behavior is more of a spoil brat..

  50. 50 Rna

    I wasn’t planning on watching this drama but was bored one day, tuned in, and now I’m hooked. I’m even entertained by the scenes with the older couples. – The flatulence scene especially was hilarious.

    – One thing that sticks out and is distracting is Hyun Soo’s eye shadow make-up. Does anyone else notice the blue and pink eye shadow?

    – And I can’t stand the older doctor sister. Everything about her is so annoying, including her nasal voice. How can someone be so mean to her younger sister?

    – Lastly, 50 episodes is way too long. When it’s past 25, they start putting in time-filler material that weakens the story and focus. I hope they reconsider and shorten it.

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