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Choi Min-soo returns in Father’s House
by | December 20, 2009 | 40 Comments

Actor Choi Min-soo is getting back to work after a scandal (caused by his own bad behavior) threatened to end his career last year. He’s slated for the So Ji-sub war drama Road Number 1, but before that gets off the ground next year, he will also be seen in a short year-end special drama, Father’s House [아버지의 집].

Also starring in that special is young actor Kim Soo-hyun — aka the actor who played Go Soo‘s teenage counterpart in the currently airing Will It Snow For Christmas. (He was in Episodes 1 and 2.)

Father’s House is written by Lee Sun-hee (of Air City, so: meh) and directed by Kim Soo-ryong, who did 2005’s Green Rose — which, as you may know, starred Go Soo.

Kim Soo-hyun

Choi Min-soo explained choosing this as his comeback role: “The theme of a father’s love spoke to my heart, and I connected with the sincerity in this drama.” He portrays his movie stuntman character from the age of 28 through 49 as he becomes a parent through a one-night stand with a Korean-American pianist (played by Moon Jung-hee). Gradually, he learns to be a true father and makes endless sacrifices out of love for his son.

Kim Soo-hyun plays Choi’s son in this “touching and humorous” two-episode special. Father’s House airs its first episode on Monday, December 28, on SBS. (Angel’s Temptation wraps up this coming week.)

Choi Min-soo

Choi Min-soo had taken a voluntary leave from acting following his scandal last year; he was involved in an assault case in April 2008 after a streetside argument ended with violence. An elderly man had witnessed Choi cursing at another driver and rebuked him; the scene escalated and Choi beat up the man. He attempted to drive away, but the man grabbed onto the hood of the car and refused to let go. Choi was let go by police when the victim declined to press charges, but the public reaction was swift and condemning. The actor apologized profusely for his behavior and swore to live in exile in the mountains, away from his wife and children, for a year.

Prior to that incident, he had been seen as one of Korea’s best actors and had a tough-guy image. He acted in numerous films and dramas (Libera Me, The Terrorist, Ballad of Han River), but it was 1995’s Sandglass that solidified his place as an acting star.

Kim Soo-hyun (who looks much younger than his 21 years of age) made his debut in 2007’s Kimchi Cheese Smile. His intense and heartfelt performance in Christmas got people noticing his acting chops, and he’s one to watch. Currently, Kim is a student at Joongang University, studying theater and film.

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40 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. dramalover

    I wonder how awkward the atmosphere must be when the young actor has to work with an old actor who he’s supposed to respect but for an obvious reason, cannot respect.

  2. faye

    I don’t understand. Why can’t the younger actor respect him? Admittedly, he did something very wrong in the past, but he has sincerely apologized and tried to atone for his crime.

  3. Makino

    OOoh I loved Kim Soo-hyun playing the teenage Kang Jin in WISFC!!! I will watch anything he’s in. He’s got a lot of potential. Very expressive eyes.

    I agree he’s definitely one to watch.

  4. Archaenon

    Scandal or not , It’s great to see him back. He’s a fantastic actor imo.

  5. dramalover

    @2: prejudices are very present in conservative society like Korean society. Once you’ve done something, people will look at you differently no matter how many times you apologize. And Choi Min Soo actually didn’t keep his promise to exile in the mountain. he just hide somewhere in the city and then got discovered.

  6. Nina

    @1, Your comment makes no sense. You assume KSH cannot respect CMS just because you cannot respect CMS. I don’t know what KSH feels about the situation but neither do you. Maybe he acted like a professional and just did his job.

  7. sunday

    choi min soo is still very much respected as an actor. moreshigae, c’mon

  8. dramalover

    @6: trust me, I am sure KSH is scared of CMS. Who would not be scared of a criminal? Don’t pretend that prejudice is not there when it is obviously there in everyone’s mind. It’s easy for you guys to stay here and laugh it off saying that “oh may be he acts like a professional and does his job” Guess what, the matter is whether KSH can look at CMS the same way as if the scandal has never happened. He can act professional but can he really respect the guy who beat up an old man and is now acting as a loving fatherly figure? It’s difficult. Even if it is wrong to think like that, it is the reality. Stop sounding like you have never felt intimidated by a criminal who just got out of prison.

  9. Nina

    dude dramalover, you have got to get over yourself. I’m not arguing that KSH can’t feel intimidated by CMS but what’s the point in making all these assumptions about what he MUST feel and how he MUST be thinking? If you have a problem with CMS just state that, don’t make all these presumptions about how someone else probably thinks, especially since you don’t know that person or how he feels. Your opinions don’t speak for everyone else, so just chill.

  10. 10 Soni

    I have to agree with with Nina. We have no idea how they feel, but great to see him back!

  11. 11 Biscuit

    @dramalover:…. uh… huh. And Kim Hye Soo and the rest of the cast of Style were scared to be with Ryu Si Won because he accidentally killed a man back in the 90’s.

    Or people don’t like having Jo Hyung Ki on Star King because he killed a woman under the influence of alcohol once.

    Anyways… to put simply, what others are feeling, you have 0 (Z.E.R.O.) of a right to state how others feel as if it’s a fact, when you clearly do not know for sure yourself 🙂

    I don’t like what CMS did a year ago (more because he was on that Sunday night show where he trained a group of rebellious teens to turn them into law-abiding citizens), but as an actor, I do look forward to his return.

  12. 12 @dramalover

    ummm…. don’t you think that’s a little presumptuous of you to go “trust me this is how he is thinking. I know because I know.” I know korean culture as well as anybody else considering I am a korean who lives in korean society and people aren’t stupid enough to go “he must be a bad bad bad bad person. He made a mistake and there is nothing ever EVER that he can do to make it up” It’s like saying nobody respects Michael Phelps because of his stupid decisions but that’s not true. Plenty of people respect him for his swimming technique. Same thing with Choi Min-soo. If the younger actor were afraid of him, why would he spend that much time and effort acting with him? He could just drop the project because he is uncomfortable with CMS, but he didn’t because he is a mature enough professional to be able to focus more on CMS’s work than his scandals.

  13. 13 Kay

    I don’t know much about Choi Min-soo….so I’m not going to waste my time commenting about hm….HOWEVER…I LOVE Kim Soo-Hyun (WISFC!!!) and I am really excited to see how his acting career will take off….he’s 21!? my gosh, definately looks so much younger…..I have high hopes for him!

  14. 14 LadyIgraine

    Seems interesting…I’m looking forward to watching this special!

  15. 15 dramalover

    @11: WHAT? they killed people and they are still on the loose now?
    @12: you can say that KSH is being professional. but you can’t deny that it must be awkward to work with CMS.
    that’s the problem with our society: worshipping those who are morally decayed just because they have some kind of talent.

  16. 16 chubbygirl1

    I soo going to watch this,
    love Choi Min Soo, althou he’s bit cuckoo……and Kim Hyon Soo..grah…….what a cutie, Thanks WISFC, that i discover this actor. and yeah, he looks really young for his age, i thought he’s only 17 or 18 year old.

  17. 17 Ethereal

    @ Dramalover

    “That’s the problem with our society: worshiping those who are morally decayed just because they have some kind of talent” – Dramalover

    There are so many things that are wrong with this sentence that I do not know where to begin! Who are YOU to decide in which way that so called “criminal” should atone his sins? By shunning him for the rest of his life? Many actors and actresses have committed unfavorable acts but who are we, the audience, to call them out? Sometimes fame and media screw with these actors’ heads. Thus, shouldn’t we be blamed as fans? Shouldn’t we be the criminals for propelling these actors to their breaking point causing them to resort to violence and suicide? I guess we all are “morally decayed” in that sense…

  18. 18 sue

    LOL kim soohyun is very very good lucking but i don’t think he looks much younger than 21~ seems just about right! i was so impressed with his *presence* in WISFC, definitely will look forward to this!

  19. 19 Anonymous

    Getting out of subject, Ryu Si Won & Jo Hyung Ki give me the creeps. How can you shrug off killing someone, even if it was unintentional? Man, fame and money really does corrupt the soul.

    On the other hand, Kim Soo-hyun really has potential. I was impressed with his acting skills, especially with his commanding voice and gestures. He made the drama for the first 2 eps in Will It Snow For Christmas. Let’s just hope he doesn’t become corrupt like the previously mentioned actors (cringe).

  20. 20 @dramalover

    If it was so awkward, he could have dropped the project. Do you not believe in second chances? Your way of thinking is so rigid, I can’t imagine how it must be to actually make a mistake around you. Also, I’m not worshiping him. All I’m saying is that I respect his work. I respect his talent. I also hope that he has changed and he does feel truly sorry. I don’t dismiss all that he does or says just because of the scandal. According to what you say, I can’t respect Bill Clinton for improving the economy because of the scandal. I can’t respect Glenn Beck for speaking out about his views (no matter how much I may disagree with him) because he was an alcoholic and did drugs. The people I just named have done some morally questionable things, however I am willing to give them another chance and look at their work from an objective point of view. If that makes me guilty of “worshiping those who are morally decayed just because they have some kind of talent” in your eyes then I will remain guilty of doing that for the rest of my life.

  21. 21 Porcelain

    @12 & 20… you rock! I feel the same too !!! (maybe you wanna change your nickname or something ^^)

    WORD… “If that makes me guilty of “worshiping those who are morally decayed just because they have some kind of talent” in your eyes then I will remain guilty of doing that for the rest of my life. ” Yeah I am guilty as charged.

    And so as the saying goes (oh well, a saying someone told me), a person is only as good as his last mistake… but to me everyone also deserves a second chance. Of course judgement and punishment goes to those who deserves it, but end of the day, there is also redemption… so seriously @ dramalover, not only is your thinking is rigid… it’s that if things irks you so much, maybe you should take a chill pill instead of assuming for the sake of assuming coz we are not the entertainers/celebrities involved themselves.

  22. 22 prncssptri

    never really watched CMS’ work before but i heard so many people respect him and KSH? oh my, i’m so gonna try to watch this! ^^

    thanks for sharing!

  23. 23 yuri

    i like kim soo hyun…he’s really good in acting…^^ hwaiting!!!

  24. 24 an on imus

    LOL, the discussion on CMS’s scandal is more interesting than the drama itself…

  25. 25 Jo

    I love Kim Soo Hyun. Such a cutie!!

  26. 26 necama

    @ 13 I agree with you this young actor has a very goos acting skills. In some way I don’t know why he reminds me of Taecyoun (2PM). Good Luck to him.

  27. 27 belleza

    “LOL, the discussion on CMS’s scandal is more interesting than the drama itself…”

    Ahh, loving the Netizen-style heat coming from this thread lol.

    Anyway, hard to say with Choi Min-soo. He was already currying some public disapproval from promoting loan agencies before Old Man and the Sea happened.

    Still, it’s just 2 episodes. It’s really just filler between the series, though it could be great.

    “Getting out of subject, Ryu Si Won & Jo Hyung Ki give me the creeps. How can you shrug off killing someone, even if it was unintentional? Man, fame and money really does corrupt the soul.”

    Well with Ryu Shi Won, it happened a year after his debut, so you can’t say celebrity corrupted or did anything with soul. And we know that he loves to drive fast.

  28. 28 embermiya

    Jo Hyung Ki REALLY gives me the creeps because not only did he kill someone by drinking and driving he tried to HIDE it after the fact. ugh…
    I’m not sure what CMS did but I don’t think people with celebrity status should be pardoned by anyone more than they would pardon anyone else because they have talent. That is just wrong. If you’re going to forgive person A about whatever situation and condemn person B about the same situation because they don’t have the celebrity status that person A has, I think that’s wrong.

  29. 29 Rory

    ahaha i was just going to write in this thread that kim soohyun is looking gorgeous but now it feels so superficial in light of all these heated and thoughtful comments about scandals, media, and celebrity. but i’m just gonna say it in caps then KIM SOOHYUN IS LOOKING GORRRGEOUS.

  30. 30 nhi

    kim hyun soo need his own drama, it is so cute!!!

  31. 31 Lily

    @ porcelain

    thanks ^^ I’m sorry if my ranting went a bit too far, its just that I can’t help myself. 🙂 Anyway, to actually say something about the episodes themselves, I can’t wait to see it. The younger actor has some serious potential and I’ve already made clear that I respect CMS’s work. I’m looking forward to seeing this. 😀

  32. 32 armjoint1

    I feel no sympathy for the old man. Why did he get involved in something that was NONE OF HIS BUSINESS to begin with? That’s why he didn’t press charges, he knew he was at fault. Also, Choi Min-soo was found NOT guilty by the courts.

  33. 33 LOL!

    Yeah, you’re pretty much pond scum. So an elderly man deserves to get that kind of a beating when he was speaking out for someone who was obviously under a good amount of verbal abuse? So if someone is beating their wife in public, you should just “stay out of their business?” You sure are one good Samaritan. He probably didn’t press charges in the end because they paid him under the table, not because he was “at fault.” It certainly isn’t the first case where celebrities have undermined the law. The more that I think about it, the more disgusted I am. Doesn’t the Korean culture attribute high regard to status based upon age? And this guy is going around beating up elderly men.

    Just because those two other characters killed/almost killed other people, does NOT justify CMS’s actions. It just makes them all guilty.

    IMO, they don’t even seem that sorry to me; it seems like CMS couldn’t even keep his damn word. This is a bunch of BS.

    But honestly, I’m kind of over it. They’ll all pay for it sooner or later. 🙂

  34. 34 Alright?

    “If that makes me guilty of “worshiping those who are morally decayed just because they have some kind of talent” in your eyes then I will remain guilty of doing that for the rest of my life. ”

    Gee. Thanks for condoning their contemptible actions. It would probably be a different story if you or your loved ones were involved in these incidents. You would still look the other way, right?

    Redemption befits those whose seek it whole-heartedly. A few shallow words and even shallower actions for the camera hardly constitutes an attempt at redemption. What a mockery of the word.

  35. 35 Anonymous

    does any one know the sad classical song in the first ep?

  36. 36 koreanhornet

    where can i find the video?
    i’ve been looking for it .

    • 36.1 chibi

      you can find it at mediumquality.blogspot.com …

  37. 37 LALA

    seriously, what choiminsu did is wrong , BUT he manned up to it and apologized, he knew what he did was wrong, but that doesn’t change the fact that hes a great actor. i don’t know about you guys

    but i’m going to support him through the end, i respect him.
    seriously… moraeshigae .. best drama ever he deserves to be known as a great actor even if he gets a scandal, it’ll never change the fact of his great talent.

    Hes just doing what he does best, and in this world there are plenty that respect him so for the sake of the plenty in this world, PLEASE stop bashing on him.

  38. 38 Anonymous

    …and that apology was SO sincere. Really “manning up”, huh?

  39. 39 Ani

    Wow. Pretty intense discussion here. I totally forgot I read about this. And it’s interesting to hear about other celebrities that have killed people. That kind of colors the way I see them now. As for Choi Minsoo? I am not a fan of beating the grandmas and grandpas of the world, but I am a fan of second chances. The question is: Who deserves a second chance and who doesn’t? Who should be the judge and jury? Who is the one with the right to serve out second chances? Great discussion going on here. I might drop by to see any new updates to it. X)

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