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Early photos of a young Go Soo
by | December 17, 2009 | 54 Comments

With actor Go Soo‘s profile newly raised for starring in SBS’s Will It Snow For Christmas?, old photos have resurfaced of the star. Above are his graduation photos from middle school and high school; below are photos from his debut days. All I’ll say is, what a good-looking kid. (His adult self ain’t so shabby either.)

The first picture below is from a music video, while the second is a still from his debut acting role in 1999’s Kwangki (Ad Maniac), which is a KBS series that also featured a young Bae Doo-na, Lee Dong-gun, Choi Kang-hee, and Won Bin. Soon after, he had his big break in the SBS drama Piano.

Early debut days

In SBS’s drama Will It Snow For Christmas?



54 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. rachel

    he is quite the looker. 😛

    i have to admit, his good lucks combined with your recaps are making me re-consider my strong stance against melodramas…hmm…might just have to check out “will it snow for christmas”!!

  2. corealove

    Oh my God. I love him. And “Will it Snow on Christmas.” But I love him more. A lot more.

  3. peachez

    ohhh this week’s episodes for “Will it Snow on Christmas” were addicting..

    I want more Go Soo!!

  4. butterball

    rachel, do check the drama out. GS is really good in it and his character is just cool!

    I have not seen GS in anything else other than WISFC, but god almighty, he is gorgeous.

  5. jayjay

    Still handsome!

  6. kitty

    This guy is really good-looking, especially in suits!

  7. butterball

    Actually, is his performance in Into the white night well received? I read the synopsis and it sounds interesting.

  8. Sonam

    Strangely, I love GS in WISFC and GR but not in his other dramas like MAM etc. I can’t believe it’s the same guy. He looks different, feels different and didn’t have the soulfulness he had in GR and now he’s amazing in WISFC. I am just loving the way he acts. Strong and silent and yet so sensitive and intense.
    I never liked melodramas like Stairway to Heaven, Autumn Tale etc and now I know why. SSH and KSW lacked that wonderful soulfulness that GS has in spades.

  9. Biscuit

    Ahaha.. what a coincidence! On another tab, I’m watching Will It Snow On Christmas Ep 3 part 6 on another tab right now! (It’s loading). I thought I was just going to be satisfied reading recaps on the drama, but geez, his emotional eyes are bursting out from those images! Even if they’re just small images, you can still feel the emotions coming out from Go Soo.

    That aside, he doesn’t seem to age at all…. I’d imagine that after coming out from the military, his skin might get more wrinkly and tanned.. I can’t imagine how to keep the skin and age looking young when you’re doing military training. But yet he came back better than ever! Both in looks and talent~

  10. 10 dramalover

    @8: can you spell out the names of the dramas instead of putting them in abbreviations? I want to check out those dramas.

  11. 11 xiaoSxin

    Oooohhh I am watching WISFC because of him. He really makes me feel for his character. Starting to like that drama actually.

  12. 12 javabeans

    @10, it’s for Green Rose and Marrying a Millionaire.

    Personally, I love him in Green Rose.

  13. 13 shubi

    I love Go Soo…..He is manly, brooding and yet has this vunerability and softness….Just HOT…..I loved him in Green Rose and loving him in WISIC. I need to check him our in Marying a Millionaire…

  14. 14 Larissa

    Yup, I have to watch WISCF as well because of him. He does look very good (an understatement, but he does!). Can act too which is a plus…

  15. 15 Sonam

    It’s sad but true that men get better with age especially when they start hitting the thirties. More manlier and mature looking. Sadly it’s the beginning of the end for women and I don’t buy that 40’s is the new thirties . Women peak and look their best in their thirties but that means only downhill henceforth. Can’t go higher. That’s the time to cultivate inner beauty. And that reminds me …whatever happened to Agent Darwin?

  16. 16 anjell

    he’s HOT! 😉

  17. 17 melica

    I was surprised how well he pulled off his lace-up boots work outfit in WISFC Ep3.

    Really easy on the eyes and not an outfit just anyone could wear.

  18. 18 noki

    unbelievably beautiful , best looking from all

  19. 19 ellen

    Go Soo is handsome as ever. Superb actor. First drama I watched of him is Green Rose. His good looks & superb performance captivated me since then. So I look for all his dramas. Am still waiting for someone to complete uploading with English sub drama series When a man is in love. Now I’m hooked to Will it Snow For Christmas.
    Thank you.

  20. 20 Jacq

    I’ve loved him since “Piano” days. He’s dashingly handsome. LOVE HIM!!!

  21. 21 chocomilk

    i really loved him in green rose too! that seems like ages ago… but i still remember thinking that he is such a talented actor. 🙂

  22. 22 honest_will

    ive only seen go soo in some lee soo young mvs (i think it was her 4-5th album)
    he was quite skinny then and i guess his management wanted him more buffer so i guess he gained some weight since then
    i then saw him in marrying a millionaire which was a good story, i like my melodramas but within the last couple of eps it got really really one sided and sappy, but his acting in that was really awkward, maybe he was portraying a in again out again actor who is chasing his first real love with not a care in the world
    he’s doing okay for his chracter in WISFC, i just have to see how his performance continues when i see more eng subs of the show

    im off

  23. 23 Helen

    @7: His performance in White Night is well received. Here’s a movie review from Yonhap:

  24. 24 lidge_fan

    I didn’t think Go Soo was that good-looking before he went to the military. In fact, he didn’t make that much of an impression on me in either Green Rose or MAM, which was why I thought about skipping WISFC.

    But for some reason, when I first saw him appear in WISFC rescusing those trapped workers, I thought he was hot! Then came the shower scene! (NOSEBLEED!! NOSEBLEED!!!)

    Needless to say, I’m gonna power through all of WISFC no matter what. And lookinng forward to any future projects. Maybe I’ll check out his new movie with SYJ too!^^

  25. 25 Taohua

    I really liked Go Soo in Green Rose…but I agree while he hasn’t aged since doing his service, it feels like something has changed. His eyes are more emotive, he does the brooding better than before. It’s like the intensity has been upped. I kind of feel like it’s similar to the way LDW evolved from My Girl to La Dolce Vita to Partner…it’s like they’ve become more emotive and expressive. Or their relationship with the camera just got better ^_^

  26. 26 watever

    When A Man Loves A Woman – can’t find it online, so haven’t watched it yet

    Piano – liked Go Soo’s character and acting there, but Jo In Sung and Kim Ha Neul’s acting irritated the hell out of me (both should just stick to making CFs because they are great in CFs but a big pain in the a– when it comes to acting), so decided to give it up without finishing without any qualms and without looking back either.

    My Fair Lady – was a bit painful to watch because the story is not that great. Go Soo’s character is not that great either, acting not great either, still very green. Finished the drama, but pressed the FF function a lot.

    Marrying a Millionaire – confused me a lot. All 4 actors (Go Soo, Kim Hyun Joo, Yoon Sang Hyun of the recent Take Care of My Lady, and Son Tae Young wife of Kwon Sang Woo) acted like they are afraid to let go of their emotions. Acting so tentative, as if testing the waters. I really can’t find the right words to explain what the drama made me feel. Watched all episodes, but didn’t watch it again.

    Green Rose – Go Soo’s best work, IMO (still can’t judge WISFC because it’s still airing). Great acting by Go Soo, but Lee Da Hae was wasted there. All she did was cry and be beautiful. But she did cry beautifully.

  27. 27 ellie

    Gwapo! Very Handsome!! Love him in will it snow for christmas!

  28. 28 bbm

    how fool of me, i never see him in anything… i remember watching piano, but at the time i didn’t know who the hell is go soo, jo in sung was my sister’s favorite, but i really don’t remember anything else 😛

  29. 29 D

    He is very handsome. After Christmas and New Year holidays, I will have to check his movies and dramas out. =)

  30. 30 TaeYangLover

    He is so Handsome even as a kid. He must have had alot of girls chasing after him

  31. 31 LadyIgraine

    he’s one of those actors who have been good looking ever since he was a child. I bet his childhood friends often tell him he would be a heart breaker when he grows up.

  32. 32 Anonymous

    mmmmmmmmmmm go soo 😀

  33. 33 nycgrl

    Does anyone remember the very forgetable “When a man loves a woman” with Park Jung Ah from the group jewlery, Park Ye Jin and our very own Bae Su Bin. That was one awful kdrama. I think that drama killed any hopes of Park Jung Ah’s acting career.

    He is from the same area in korea as my parents and apparently he talks pretty slow in real life and he said in an interview people get frustrated with him.

  34. 34 ames

    god. what a handsome guy.

  35. 35 all4movies

    With all this love for Go Soo, I want to rewatch my Green Rose and Marrying a Millionaire dvds now.

  36. 36 dee

    first saw him in the movie Some (action) and love that movie, he’s so good on that movie that he won an award. after that i watch Green Rose and now WISC. i love his brooding character, his eyes says it all.

  37. 37 s21783

    I can understand why all the attention for the male lead in ‘Will it snow this Xmas?’. However, I would like to give credit to the female lead. It’s not easy to play that character, so full of conflicting emotions, all mixed up. She is in love with someone she is not supposed to (after what had happened to her brother). That was why she had to run away. Yet, got reunited in her engagement (embarrassment again), how sad. Really not easy to play those emotions and I must say she did well.

  38. 38 Sora

    I always thought he was cute after I watched Green Rose… he is handsome indeed

  39. 39 beehive

    How come no one likes Piano? Although its been almost a decade since I watched it, I remember liking it a lot. I admit Jo Insung was terrible (I think it was his first drama series after Nonstop?) but I don’t think Kim Haneul was bad. Go Soo and Jo Jae Hyun were excellent in it.

    I think Go Soo is his best in melodramas.

  40. 40 belleza

    “Go Soo and Jo Jae Hyun were excellent in it. ”

    My impression is that Jo Jae Hyun has been kind of an acting mentor for Go Soo. A little bit of resemblance in their acting styles (when JJH isn’t playing a weirdo.)

  41. 41 D

    awww, his middle school photo is so cute…

    @ 9 Biscuit

    LOL, we’re in the same boat here..

    goshhh, now i remember why i laboured My Fair Lady (dubbed in Mandarin some more) back then… i only managed to catch bits & parts of ep 6 raw last night…

  42. 42 Biscuit

    @39 Beehive: I loved Piano 🙂
    Seriously, it was soooo depressing to the soul (waterfalls were flowing from the eyes when the Jo Jae Hyun died) but being a melodrama lover (Yes, I was addicted to Stairway to Heaven) it was goooood.

    It’s like, “I can’t take this anymore! It’s so sad!” *watches a little more…than comes the melodramatic climax* “Must! Continue! Watching!”

  43. 43 Rainie

    OMG, I love him on Will It Snow for Christmas! He’s such a good actor coupled with his charming and handsome looks. I’m not feeling HYS’s acting…but he totally makes up for it! <3 He has the most expressive eyes I've seen in actors. I just hope the ratings go up, because WISFC is off to a good start. So hopefully, more it'll get more viewers since Iris has ended. I haven't seen him in awhile because of his military service etc., but boy has he handsomed up!

  44. 44 emeldy

    he is definitely good looking, and love his hair cut throughout.

  45. 45 joeydragonlady

    He has not changed! At least from my point of you,
    So handsome!

  46. 46 hrm

    dangggggg he’s hot 😀

  47. 47 bern;

    i. love. his. eyes. go soo is a terribly handsome man. and an amazing actor.

    uhm, wherecanigetone? lol.

  48. 48 lb_tmi

    @ 36 dee

    i agree.. GS was SOOOOO good in SOME. i really really liked that movie, even tho it was a bit confusing at first. and i thought GS was WONDERFUL in it.

    GR was incredible. definitely his best work to date. i will definitely have to check out WISFC. it’s on my list.

  49. 49 bamboo

    I must say….he’s truly handsome from start to present days! Matter of fact i’d say gotten more handsome today! You can tell he nvr had anything done on his face at all! *-*

    I liked him in Green Rose and My Fair Lady (old drama) with Kim hye sun(?)….in Marry a Millionaire he’s good too!

    thnx for sharing javabeans!

  50. 50 meetookish

    i’ve might said this thousand times already..but yeah, HE LOOKS LIKE THE OLDER VERSION OF NICKHUN!!!he’s cute and hot at the same time…hows that even possible??? <3

    and WISFC is a great drama so far..LURVINGGGG IT~

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