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Gong Yoo for Mind Bridge
by | December 21, 2009 | 89 Comments

He’s back! (Kind of.)

Recently discharged from the army, Gong Yoo (Coffee Prince) indicated that he wouldn’t choose his next acting project till the new year, but he’s back to work as CF model, as you can see in these new shots. He’s representing business casual brand Mind Bridge, alongside actress Lee Min-jung (Smile), who will endorse the womenswear line.

The shoot took place a mere 10 days after Gong Yoo’s discharge, on December 18.

Via Joy News


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89 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. Soni

    Wecome back, Gong Yoo!

  2. Anonymous

    ahhh. gong yoo!
    it’s nice to see you back!

  3. prncssptri

    wow.. he looks beautiful as always!
    welcome back gong yoo!! looking forward for your next projects ^^

  4. Makino

    Dang, he’s looking good!! And Lee Min-jung is as gorgeous as ever! <3

  5. Mona

    His smile and his eyes are wonderful….if a guy can smile like that then I’m all his for the taking hehe

  6. myron

    welcome back my luv…miss u…really looking forward to your next drama…hope it will be early January pls.pls.:)

  7. Snikki

    He carries the clothes so well, as usual. Nice to him again in regular clothing, though I also prefer him half nekkid.

    Thanks, Santa JB!

  8. langdon813

    cingdoc will be so thrilled! :-)

    Gong Yoo looks amazing. Long hair, short hair…doesn’t matter. He’s gorgeous. I bet he’s SO glad to be out of the camo!

  9. LadyIgraine

    I can’t wait to see him in a new exciting project. So far, all the comebacks have been a bit disappointing lately.

  10. 10 chase555

    All I want For Christmas IS yoo!

    Looking hot as Ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. 11 chase555

    I hope will see alot of YOO next year……..

    I wish him a Merry Happy Merry Warm Christmas!!!!!!!!!!

  12. 12 nano

    Yay!!! CANNOT wait for his new project….

  13. 13 Snikki

    Ooh, I just noticed Lee Min Jung is there, too. Happens a lot, cuz in my Gong Yoo world, everything else is a blur.

  14. 14 cingdoc

    Dear Santa Clause, I mean JB
    Thank you so much for the early Christmas present…I…**sniff*…I’m ….just grateful for such wonderful, delish pix of my love.
    I feel just as special as you, now…he he;)
    What more can we say- you have your Lee Min Ki to drool on, and I have my Gong Yoo….forget about those ” boys” from ICOMYM…for now

  15. 15 lovenyc52

    oh hello Gong Yoo.. you are looking mighty fine…

  16. 16 samsooki


    Target consumer age groups
    – Main target: 25 ~ 35
    – Secondary target: 35 ~ 45, socially stable class
    – Image target: 20 ~ 27

    That’s basically the working stiffs’ demographic – the overworked, underpaid, highly stressed, over-qualified mobile individuals with discretionary income.

    Picking Gong Yoo, a super-relaxed, happy ray of sunshine, to be the point person is a coup. Who wouldn’t want to go from totally stressed out to chilling like Gong Yoo?

  17. 17 Lisa

    <3 <3 <3

  18. 18 Carrie

    oh. so. pretty. So glad to see his beautiful smiling face again. :)

  19. 19 robotmatsuri

    He’s looking handsome as always! 😀 I cannot wait until he chooses his next project!

  20. 20 kellie

    Leave it to a fella to come up with the best line about him: “a super-relaxed, happy ray of sunshine.” Yessss. That’s why it’s so nice to have him back.

  21. 21 rainey

    Looking very good, Gong Yoo.

    The oxfords in the second picture are love!

  22. 22 ricecakes

    must be nice to be famous, good looking, and…well, gong yoo! he gets to work and look good while working right after being discharged.

  23. 23 Sonam

    What I like about him is he’s so natural and comfortable in his own skin. Lee Min Jung is my new fav’ and it would be great if they could team up for a drama.
    No, wait I want Lee Min Jung with Go Soo.

  24. 24 Artemis


  25. 25 YOOyu

    I don’t think they look good together their too beautiful….

    Get Gong Yoo a simple cute but super charming not too white leading lady for his next project………..

    Weeh! I wanted him to see in a different character like a strugling person or strugling actor but a happy go lucky positive spirit like Jack in Titanic….

    I’ll be his Rose hehehe!!!!!!!!

  26. 26 YOOyu

    I wanted to see him a Free Sprited Character!!!!!!

    I wish Hong Sisters could make a charcter for him like Jack In Titanic!!!!!

    ANd Jeon Ji hyun be the Rose so exciting opps Ji hyun is too pretty too well well…

  27. 27 Anonymous

    love the skateboard!
    the picture says everything i love about that boyish charm that never seems to fade away. i hope he never loses that smile!
    can’t wait for his next one.

  28. 28 strawberryfieldsforever

    finally, we get to see him again! who would’ve thought that 2years would be over that soon! welcome back, gong yoo!

  29. 29 rockee

    @26 A Korean Jack Dawson? That would be something. It’d be nice to see Gong Yoo work with the Hong Sisters and Jeon Ji Hyun if that’s even possible.

  30. 30 Icarusfalls

    Yah!!! ^_^

  31. 31 Z

    MY BOYFRIEND, Gong Yoo is so beautiful!!!! I love him so! Hopefully, his next project will be filmed entirely on location in scenic Atlanta. Then, I will can skip work to go to the filming with a buffet breakfast for the cast. I will use my limited Korean to beguiled him (what do I really need outside of “Oppa Sarangeayo.” Our eyes will meet, we will fall deeply in love. We will marry and have several beautiful Blasian babies who will one day rule the Kdrama world with their large, sensitive eyes and their dashing smiles. And we’ll all live happily ever after, the end.

  32. 32 sooyon

    how is that short tube dress considered business casual?

  33. 33 ly22

    Yayyy finally see him again,i like the 1st pic, luv his killer smile….^ ^.
    Thank you Sarah…his comeback become early Christmas present for all the fans…

  34. 34 nara

    i hope they make “coffee prince” season two…..

  35. 35 msim

    He’s yummy, dimply and allowed to wear fabric and shoes he can walk in.

    She’s barely there, 30cm of fabric isn’t a dress and her shoes are made for a trapeze-artist.

    I’d wear his outfit anytime before I wear hers – and I’m a girl.

  36. 36 Cam

    Oooh, i am REALLY glad to see him BACKKKK!!!

    Welcome back, Gong Yoo! Yayyy! ((dancing so wildly))

    Wow, I love this picture of Gong Yoo when he’s standing on skateboard and acting so “cool” image of his — like that!
    I love his shining face with his BIG smiling Gong Yoo in the world can possibly affect us to be HAPPPYYYY!!

    OTHER thing — I hope Gong Yoo will have more NEW project for drama NEXT year — 2010!!!!

  37. 37 Ariyanarai

    I love you full….muach muach..can’t wait to see your next project.

  38. 38 D

    Oh wow, he has aged a bit in the last 2 years. But still sexy as ever, and that smile is still radiant. Missed him, and cannot wait for his future projects! As for Ms. Lee Min Jung, well, lets just say I’m completely jealous of her legs and that adorable face! A great pair, would actually love to see them together as leads someday. It would be cute. :)

  39. 39 Porcelain

    Welcome back baby… He looks so yummy!!! I need like Christmas eye candy and he is like an early Christmas present!

  40. 40 starletbang

    yay! im excited to see him again!

  41. 41 melovesred

    Welcome Back Oppa… ^.^

    Looking forward for your next project…

    Gosh he’s such a gorgeous Man ain’t he? Looking good as ever Oppa… :)

  42. 42 meikisis

    He still got it… Wow!

  43. 43 Taohua

    Attractive as ever! Glad to have him back :) And looking forward to his next drama!

  44. 44 Mai

    Wow, I love them both and gosh GY came back looking better than ever. 😀 I wanna see more pics!

  45. 45 jastinel

    Welcome back Gong Yoo! He looks so handsome!

  46. 46 Sunshine

    oh my! after getting out of the army he looks old!!! the army must be harsh on him!

  47. 47 din

    gong yoo, my love <3

  48. 48 Mara


  49. 49 Nanz

    Welcome back, Gong Yoo!!

    Looking good, really good! Great christmas present for the fans, i say :)

  50. 50 Nana

    Welcome Gong Yoo.

    Guys I need some information, and I hope this could be true, but I have my doubts about it. Some pages in Spanish language say that Gong Yoo it’s going to be Night in the new project Drama Absolute Boyfriend, which I think it’s not true because I’ve been looking like a crazy for the entire world wide web, and I can’t find anything about it. I just read the rumor about it throughout a friend of mine. Please if someone knows something about it I’ll appreciate it.

  51. 51 MEIKO**** ^-^


  52. 52 cate

    yyyyaaaaay hes back!!!

  53. 53 slim

    they picked some good models for the brand!!

  54. 54 jaz

    he is HELLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAA FINNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! so happy that he’s back!

  55. 55 pat

    I love the 2 extra years on his face. They say MAN to me. You can keep all those child-like post adolescent boys.

  56. 56 tuesdhei

    awwwww….baby yoo is so hmmmmmp… can i bite him pleeease?! hehehe he’s so.. so.. so “everything” a woman would ask for… so glad to see him back again in full twist! thanks JB for sharing the good news c”,)

  57. 57 mimim

    i miss him.. i want to watch a complete Playboys member Doing Baseball again.!!!

    but no jo in sung, soon Kang dongwon and Next hyun bin

  58. 58 yumi-chan

    Sexy is def back 😀

  59. 59 Diwata

    mmmmmmmm. .. . yum yum he’s so gravy!

  60. 60 niKai

    that’s one hot photoshoot. lol.

  61. 61 Mel

    As handsome as ever!

  62. 62 y2b

    i really love his smile and his eyes..
    sexiness here yoo come!!

  63. 63 aeyc

    Oh my! I hope Santa wraps him up and put it in my Christmas sock!!! Hotness!!!

  64. 64 deannadsc

    ..my 1st LOVE is back!!!! OOOHHHLALALA!!!! & baby YOO is back looking more MANLY!!! deliciously MACHO!!! awesomely HANDSOME!!!! that same old NAUGHTY LOOK on his EYES & a FIT BODY that I can’t help but drool over!!!! super-duper HOT!!! Hey, I’m running out of expletives here..my excitement’s getting the better of me!!!
    I’ve had dozens of “KActor-crushes”…but only ONE could turn me into an idiotic- gushing-fangirl…& that’s none other than, my 1st LOVE…GONG YOO!!! I LOVE ONLY YOO!!!! mwah!!!

  65. 65 Didi

    I’m finding him very HOT right now. Dang,,,what do they do in the military?? they always come out looking HOTTTTTTTT!!!!!

  66. 66 christine

    awwww the guy who melts my heart every time he smile….

  67. 67 Sere


    That’s all I have to say for now. *is super-excited*

  68. 68 dia

    m happy for u….but wanna c ur drama n movie soon..

  69. 69 Haru

    He has aged. Military sure is tough

    lol what a silly comment.

    but,,…. he looks hotter now than he did in CP. he sure looks tough.

  70. 70 hawjimage

    wow he is looking mighty fine!

  71. 71 aidualcpham

    i would like to see them in a drama together!
    <3 welcome back gong yoo

  72. 72 vanessa

    Estoy muy pero muy feliz de que ya regresara Gong Yoo. Me encanta como actua, es mi actor favorito.

    Las fotos que ha hecho sale muy bien!!!

    Ojala que pudieran hacer ahora coffee prince 2 o la pelicula!!! Me encanta la pareja que hace con YEH y aparte parece que se llevan muy bien, estan muy en contacto!!!

    Exitos Gong yoo!!!

  73. 73 kirara

    They both look super good! Now I want to go buy the clothes.. but i’m in the states.. 😛

  74. 74 AKTF JJ

    oh my God, I’m so loving him. I am really a big fan of him since I’ve watched coffee prince last 2007. I’m glad he’s back because I’ve been waiting for him for two years now.

  75. 75 AKTF JJ

    Thank God he’s back. Can’t wait to see him in a new drama.

  76. 76 myron

    He’s mine..Santa will bring him to me Christmas eve:)

  77. 77 Gleisz```

    Looking hotter and tougher! ^-^

  78. 78 signorina_lara

    welcome back cutie pie.. Whoa! Thats true that you’re looking hotter.

  79. 79 Maria

    Gong Yoo…my one and only love…

  80. 80 Sexygirl

    OH.. MY GOD

    It’s so cute, I love him

    My only Oppa.

  81. 81 yoohee

    welcome back oppa!!!!….saranghae

  82. 82 diana

    gong yoo’s BAAAACCCCKKKKK!!!!!! i cant believe it’s been 2 years! cant wait for his comeback project

  83. 83 rissa

    i’m so glad he’s back!!! he looks good, so adorable! <3

  84. 84 lyn

    hello gong yooo your soooooooooooo veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hotttttttttttttttttttttttttttgrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr wow

  85. 85 aoun

    Wanna see more of him, please.

  86. 86 Mona yoo

    Perfect,looking good always.Miss u a lot honney.Me is from indonesia,please come to my country just 4 one,please..So much ur fans in indonesia,u must see..Love u gong yoo. I love ur pic..Mwaah

  87. 87 anna m

    …@_@ two.of.my.fave.people………. @_@

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