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Moon Geun-young’s solo track is a hit
by | December 30, 2009 | 17 Comments

I briefly mentioned the Love Tree Project when it was announced that a group of stars with management firm Namoo Actors, including Kim So-yeon, were putting out a special album for charity. Currently, the song featuring Moon Geun-young, which was written by singer-songwriter Yoon Sang, is showing a heated response on multiple online portals.

The project will comprise 17 songs in its entirety (with actors Shin Se-kyung, Yoo Jun-sang, Lee Yoon-ji, Han Hye-jin and more), but for now, Moon’s track comes packaged with songs sung by actors Kim Kang-woo, Jeon Hye-bin, and Kim Hyo-jin. (Kim Kang-woo’s is my favorite!) Listen to all four tracks below.

Moon Geun-young – “그 바람소리” (That sound of wind)

Kim Kang-woo – “한사람” (One Person)

Kim Hyo-jin – “비” (Rain)

Jeon Hye-bin – “어떻게 내게” (How could this happen to me)

Thanks to Youtuber urnobody191 for all videos!

Via My Daily


17 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. annie

    interesting..haven’t really heard of actors giving singing a shot.

  2. Kate

    Hmm…i like moon’s voice..

  3. Cammie

    How impressive!

    Oh my gooosssshh…………….It’s KIM KANG WOO — He’s the BBESSSTT actor of the awesome drama – “Story of A Man” — oh yeaaa…………

    MOON GEUN YOUNG & you all — You are doing so great job at singing like that!

  4. dramagrl17

    @ annie- It’s something new… definitely interesting! Lee Yo Won, Kim So Yeon, and now these four… and still MORE actors to go.

  5. Jen

    I love Moon’s voice! For a non-professional.. she’s great. No wonder people are talking about the single (:

    And everyone else.. I love the songs.. I think it’s great that the actors are all doing this for charity (: and we get to hear rare and surprisingly amazing songs from them.

  6. Taohua

    Wow…Moon Geun-young’s solo is really good. She really does a wonderful job!

  7. Nancy

    Wow…either I have never paid attention or what but Moon has an awesome voice for a non-professional singer..I knew she was an awesome dancer but singer?? This girl is so full of hidden talents…and damn I never thought that besides being a kick-ass actor (and hottie :)) Kim Kang Woo has an incredible voice too 🙂

    Yeah! to all the celebrity participants with this charity project.

  8. Lui Sneakers

    And the best thing about this is that they’re doing it for charity. I applaud these celebrities specially MGY and KKW.

  9. rockee

    I can see why KKW’s is your favorite. His voice is goood. I am now a fan:) They’re all good singers actually. I’m sure many people will support this great cause.

  10. 10 ktwngrl

    Dear Kim Kang-woo,
    i’ll be your 단 한사람~ <3

  11. 11 MEIKO**** ^-^

    Kim Kang Woo….*swoon*

  12. 12 mzpakipot

    awwww….MGY is such a cutie and talented! i knew that MGY has a nice singing voice. She did sing a little bit in ‘My little Bride’ (karaoke scene) and you might wanna check out her singing in this cute Pizza CF she did during her POTW days…:)

    nice to see her gained some weight and i can’t wait to watch her MCing for the SBS Drama Award! yay!

  13. 13 snow

    kim kang woo sings! how awesome! *squeals* this sounds like a wonderful project.

  14. 14 diana

    i like kim kang woo’s voice~~

  15. 15 Nano

    I like Kim Hyo Jin’s voice. It’s so soft and melancholy…

  16. 16 pachi

    I love Moon’s voice. I heard her sing before, for her movie innocent step. So i know she can sing. Thanks. (:

  17. 17 Phroj

    Thanks shared…like MGY singing…she’s a nice singer…did listen her songs before
    great job done…best actress
    all the best
    take care

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