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Order You’re Beautiful director’s cut DVD
by | December 14, 2009 | 143 Comments

You’re Beautiful is putting out a director’s cut DVD, and it’s available for overseas fans to purchase (preorder). The set will have English subtitles and is available as a limited version.

The production company has gone out of its way to make this available to overseas fans, but apparently order numbers are surprisingly low — I suspect it’s because information is hard to come by. (Also, the shopping site admittedly looks a little sketch, but I just ordered and it seems legit.)

The DVD set will be released around February. The episodes will include previously deleted scenes; set also includes interviews with the cast and behind-the-scenes looks. For full information, check out http://minamdvd.wordpress.com/preorder-information/.

For US residents:

Price: USD $120. It is only available for order from Innolife. Preorder here. Credit card required.

  1. Click the shopping cart.
  2. Select “next” under the non-members button.
  3. Fill out your name, address, and contact info. (Check the box under “receiver” if billing and shipping address are the same.) Click “next.”
  4. Enter credit card information. Click next for confirmation page.

After you place your order, you will receive a confirmation email from “paygate.” You should also receive a confirmation email from Innolife. When the DVD becomes available (as this is a preorder), you may have to pay additional postage. The DVD weight/size is not determined yet, so the postage fee is not fixed.

For residents in Korea or Japan, there is a different process. Please check the MinamDVD site for info.

Via minamdvd.wordpress.com


143 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. liion

    I’ve read it will contain 20 eps! sigh, if only i had the money..

  2. belleza

    “I’ve read it will contain 20 eps! sigh, if only i had the money..”

    Still 16 episodes, just longer. Apparently Shin Woo has a storyline that didn’t involve standing around to witness GMN/HTK love??? 😉

  3. nea:notoriousnoona

    Thanks for the info. I was very skeptical but with this new info and your encouragement I went ahead and purchased!

    Thanks 😉 I feel more at ease.

  4. ladychick

    Hi Javabeans,

    I heard about this DVD from soompi but the Innolife website looks rather dodgy plus I cant read chinese/korean/japanese.

    A couple of questions if you could help answer:

    I live in Australia, so which website should I use to order the DVD?

    Also, if the preorder number is so low and they decide they wont produce the dvd anymore, would we get the refund?

    I really like You’re Beautiful but U$120 + unknown postage from a dodgy website is quite a high risk investment for me!


  5. Samsooki

    Innolife is a legit site.

    However, JB, if you could put in large block text that the Region Code has not yet been confirmed with respect to the UNITED STATES (at least, not on the innolife website)?

    (i.e.,you pay $100+ for this wonderful boxset, and then you find out that you can only watch it on your computer…. because your DVD player is restricted to Region 1….)

    FYI: US/Canada is Region 1. Australia/NZ is part of Region 4, and the YB boxset is, as far as has been confirmed, multi-region to include Region 3, 4, 5 and 6.

  6. Ana

    I’m SO tempted to buy this:-)

  7. Elena

    oh, I cannot afford 120.00 for this, so sad.

    I bought a DVD with sub once and the subs were for a different movie… i tried to get my money back and was told that I opened the product, therefore was not entitled to a refund. Duh ! then how did I know that the subs were for another movie? and I wanted another movie with the correct subs, not a refund… but didn’t get either.

    Now, there is no way I will pay 120.00 – for me is a crap shoot!

  8. codenameblue

    I’m in region 2 and don’t have multi-region dvd player. That’s the reason I’m hesitant to purchase one. And another thing, our credit card is deducted right away when we preorder, not when the goods are ready to be shipped. I’m so tempted to buy one ‘tough.

  9. Two Cents

    With my utmost faith in Javabean’s recommendations, I went ahead and ordered the DVD set. I must say, the site really is rather **SKETCH**. I got the printed receipt in my email and I thought the below was rather hilarious, if not somewhat fitting for this site:

    Sales Slip
    Peculiar Business Number :


  10. 10 Samsooki

    @7 Elena –

    Sorry you went through that!

    Buying DVD from overseas is, at a minimum, something that requires some amount of protection by the buyer:

    1. Do your research. Find out what the authentic boxset looks like. Find out which websites are legit, and which ones sell bootlegs.

    If the boxset you are trying to purchase doesn’t look like the authentic boxset, then chances are, what you are buying is bootleg. Bootleg means that you could be buying crap. It could be a blank set of DVDs. You could be buying stuff that has viruses that will plague your computer if you load it on your hard disk. You could be buying something that has terrible subtitles, with all sorts of grammatical and spelling errors, nonsensical words. And, you could be buying bootlegs where they stole subtitles from volunteer fan-subbers.

    2. If you buy a DVD overseas, through the internet, if you can, use Paypal. But not every place accepts Paypal, and, Paypal itself can be hacked.

    3. At some point, however, you will come down to a buying decision. And when you get there, whether you use a direct credit card method or a credit card linked through Paypal (never never never never never ever link your checking account through Paypal, ever), use a credit card that you specifically have obtained for this purpose.

    Apply for a credit card. Make the limit on the credit card no more than $150. Don’t use it for anything else other than buying stuff online / overseas. Don’t link it to anything else. Then, use that card for Paypal and/or to make purchases.


    With these pre-cautionary steps, you can be pretty secure in knowing that you have limited your potential liability and you can shop more safely. And, if you ever want to cancel that credit card in the future, you won’t affect your credit because your limit was so small, it couldn’t possibly negative affect your credit one way or another.

  11. 11 Leiloo

    Hi Dramabeans
    thanks for finally posting this info, i cant wait to get my DVD
    it may be pricey but its soooo gonna be worth it

  12. 12 kaedejun

    woo hoo! thanks for posting up this info. it’s been circulating for a long time at soompi – i myself waited around trying to see if it was for real and not a hoax – until i REALLY couldn’t take it anymore and just bought it!

    it’s risky to buy it without confirmed information (which really came out more recently) but i’m glad it does exist!

    and thanks to your site, i think word will spread faster!!

    ** one minor thing – i converted the korean won amount on my own, and it’s a lot less than 120 USD. but they’re charging overseas buyers the flat rate of 120, plus additional shipping costs. I think it’s kinda unfair that they’re doing that – but maybe they’re keeping inflation/production costs in mind!? either way – i wish it weren’t 120!!

  13. 13 Sere

    If the price wasn’t 120USD, then I’d probably buy it. I really, really liked YaB, but 120USD + international shipping fees? It’s just too much, imho. This is like City Hall DVDs all over again. :(

  14. 14 Alison

    $120??? oooo i can’t afford that as much as i would like to.

  15. 15 otk

    Why is SBS always putting a higher price on there boxsets comparing it to MBC’s or YA’s ?Like… Cain & Abel and Brilliant Legacy were both extremely pricy for the amount of episodes they contained. Also Family’s Honour has 54 eps and is 200$ (WITH NOT BTS or Extras) while MBC’s East Of Eden (with extras) was only $120!
    And EoE was much more popular …

    But in this case….aren’t young adults the one who are mostlikely targetted to buy the dvd of YRB (In Korea) -why so pricy? In any case I’ll buy it.

  16. 16 Geneva

    I would so so so buy it if I had ANY MONEY AT ALL. Wahhhhh. :( :( I would also buy the Pig-Rabbit. Oh, to be rich and frivolous. *cries* When I finally do have the money, chances are it won’t be available anymore. Sigh. Thanks for letting us know anyway..

  17. 17 Thorpey

    Yes, Javabeans could you indicate if this is a region free DVD . Since English subtitles are already confirmed available. The only thing stopping me is the Region code.

  18. 18 sue

    ahhhhhhhhh i don’t know if i liked this drama enough to watch it all over again (i really did not like the ending) though i suppose i’d like it better if i saw the full picture :3 from $120…………….x__X

  19. 19 rubyred19

    Isn’t this different from the recently announced 20 episodes D-Cut DVD? At least I thought so because those were mentioned in news articles to be released in January, while this one is to be released in February.

  20. 20 Icarusfalls

    Can’t afford it!! I’m a college student.. which equals to perpetual poverty!!

  21. 21 butterball

    I live in Australia and have ordered. I guess pre-ordering like this is still new to a lot of people? (I have done so before, depositing $$ with a personal shopper to get the pre-released limited makeup stuff from the US).

    Cannot wait to get this box set!

  22. 22 Elisabeth

    The site really doesn’t look very legal and 120$ or 82 € is quite alot of money for something like this in my opinion, but I ordered it anyway.
    I’m from Belgium in Europe, kind of the middle of nowhere, hopefully they’ll find the adress.
    The series was so good and I am really looking forward for the extras etc. Does anyone know if the extras have english subs too? I’ve only heard it’s certain for the episodes.

  23. 23 anjell

    I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but right now…i’m still weighing the pros and cons…. it’s quite pricy but I can’t get enough of YAB…T.T

  24. 24 Song Yuri

    Awww, sooo expensive! D:

  25. 25 Rachel

    $120?! Are you kidding me? There’s no way I’m spending that much for a set of DVDs. Crap, I might as well buy that fancy iPod I’ve been eyeing. It’s cheaper!

  26. 26 lidge_fan


    Are you certain that it’s unsafe to link a checking account to Paypal? I remember reading (maybe Yahoo news?) that Paypal uses the same encryption method that the US military uses, meaning that it should be very, very safe. I’m not saying it’s 100% foolproof, but I don’t think hacking into Paypal is an easy thing.

    Well, it’s not like I can afford this DVD set anyway! (SIGH!!!) :(
    I really, really, REALLY want the pig-rabbit though!

  27. 27 bern;

    dahh. so tempted to buy… but $120… I mean, i already knew drama dvd boxsets were expensive. and i have the money, but i dont have a job… so it’s just slowly depleting the money left in my bank..

  28. 28 sunandmoon

    I don’t think the price is that bad. All TV series on DVD tend to be expensive. For example, one season of Rome (an American TV series) is $60 for 10 episodes. Since YB has 20 episodes, $120 seems reasonable.

    However, what *is* stopping me from ordering the YB DVD is the uncertainty of whether I’ll be able to play it on my Region 1 DVD player. Is there any new information about this? The last I heard, only Regions 3, 4, 5, and 6 have been confirmed.

    Gosh, I really hate region codes. :(

  29. 29 butterball

    Via soompi:

    The Hong sisters are moving on from You’re Beautiful

    Although there are a lot of requests for YAB season 2, the Hog sisters said “It is hard to have season 2 in place since you need the old cast, director, a production company and a broadcaster to commit. These things are not easily organised”.

    According to the Hong sisters “We are escaping from You’re Beautiful world to another world like Shin Hye. If we dwell into the YAB vibe for too long, it is hard to concentrate on our work. It is not that we are trying hard to forget, but we are preparing ourselves to create a more exciting world”.

    The Hong sisters also mentioned about their next project. It took them 1.5 years from Hong Gil Dong to YAB. At the moment, they are working on the script titled “My girlfriend is a nine-tailed fox”. They have finished the outline of the script and characters’ relationship. The drama is scheduled to premiere in summer 2010.

  30. 30 Linh

    120 bucks plus postage? this is somewhat TOOO crazy!

  31. 31 samsooki

    @lidge_fan –

    Are you certain that it’s unsafe to link a checking account to Paypal? I remember reading (maybe Yahoo news?) that Paypal uses the same encryption method that the US military uses, meaning that it should be very, very safe. I’m not saying it’s 100% foolproof, but I don’t think hacking into Paypal is an easy thing.

    Well, put it this way. Last month, I got an email resolving my claim against a fraudulent purchase done through my paypal account. My paypal account was hacked, and while I got my money back ($150), it took a couple of emails, several phone calls, cancelling the card associated with my paypal account, suspending my paypal account until further notice, etc.

    Now, imagine if it was your checking account that was linked, rather than a credit card.

    Now, imagine what would happen if some criminal drained your checking account without you knowing for a few days, and then it took a couple of weeks for you to get your money back. What happens to all of your auto-pays? Your direct debits? Do you know how much of a headache it would be, if your checking account had to be frozen and you had a half-dozen or more auto-pay direct debits associated with it?

  32. 32 Anonymous

    Hmm – I guess I can see why the pre-orders would be fairly low. The unset shipping cost is a first flag for me. Shipping internationally isn’t cheap and if it’s not set – it sounds like it definitely would be higher than expected. The fact that it charges your CC before it actually ships is an issue with me. I think most US retailers will not actually charge you until the item ships, but they do ding your credit with $1 temporarily – just to check if it’s legit and working. I think that largest issue for me is price. It’s not that I don’t have $120 to spend, but when I think of everything else – then I realize, there are a lot of other things I’ve been wanting to get and held back. I would consider $40 for a 16 episode series, but definitely not $120+ international shipping. Then again, when I have stepped away from the hype – I realized that I don’t really love it as much as I thought and certainly not more than other series in which I haven’t shelled out a lot of money to get.

    I’m thinking – with all those fans out there who gave a lot of gifts to support the series/cast – couldn’t they take that money and spent it on the DVDs to also show their support?

    @ #25 Rachel – I was thinking the same thing — I have been eyeing the ipod touch or any ipod since mine was stolen last year, and I haven’t replaced it. I’m using a ghetto $10 mp3 player. To think that a YB DVD would cost me just as much as a nice ipod is crazy.

  33. 33 Rika

    Director’s cut would be so kool, but I’m happy with my $22 YB dvd…. I love it and very happy with the subs…

  34. 34 Geneva

    “Director’s cut would be so kool, but I’m happy with my $22 YB dvd…. I love it and very happy with the subs…”

    Where on earth did you get that? O.o

  35. 35 otk

    My research regarding SBS’s dvds and region codes.

    EnE Media (DVDs: Brilliant Legacy and Iljimae) releases DVDs to Region 3 ONLY/

    -while Beauty Touch USA and SBS Production (DVDs: Family’s Honor, Cain and Abel, Ja Myung Go) releases to 1 and sometimes 3,4,5.

    All You need to do is find out which studio is release YAB on dvd :) Then your answer is mostlikely there. You can also buy the cheapest dvd which is mostly region free! These ones always work even if they don’t supoort Hi-Res.

    *Please note that the SBS Production (since only Ja myung Go has it on Hanbooks) label might vary. If it is SBS Production Studio -you’ll need to wait for more info.

    @ Geneva…This person might be referring to the bootlegged copy of YAB from Taiwan with the QQ label. These dvds have such crappy subs..errrrr eitther that or this person bought another type of fake on ebay.

  36. 36 raahmose

    OK now that I know you are endorsing it, i’ll go ahead and order my copy.
    I feel better knowing that you feel it is legit.
    I heard the DVD will contain extra 110 minutes which were cut out from the drama.
    That would extend the drama to 18 episodes.

  37. 37 Anonymous

    Can anyone who order confirmed that your CC will be charged automatically when you preorder at Innolife? As from my previous experience with sites like Amazon, they don’t charge until the item is shipped. I have never bought from Innolife before….

  38. 38 pink-spoon

    Hi DB,
    Thank you very much for running this story. One of the reasons for a slow international response for DVD sales is due to poor advertising.
    I appreciate you running the story and letting fans know about this opportunity. There are a lot of viewers who visit your website and trust your news.
    Your endorsement will definitely help with the DVD sales.
    A big thank you from your fans and also fans of YAB for supporting the drama.
    Wish you continued success.

  39. 39 bliss

    Thanks javabeans! I was going to email you about this since I wasn’t sure if Innolife was legit or not. But when I saw this post, I went ahead and got it. I just hope the DVD will play on Region 1 or else I’m screwed. But I’m pretty positive that this is worth it :p

  40. 40 Lumi

    Earlier this month, YA Entertainment announced that it’s in negotitions to secure the rightsts for You”re Beautiful and should be released sometime in 2010.

  41. 41 Lisa

    There is no way I’d pay $120 for crap subtitles. I have never, ever ordered a box set and gotten good quality subtitles. I’ve ordered 4 and I’ll never order another one again. Downloads from aja-aja and subs from withs2 for me!

    With that said, I pray someone uploads the deleted scenes!!

  42. 42 nixxochick

    wow i REALLY want this but for $120 i think i might just have to pass :(

  43. 43 sukispop

    JB, thanks very much for posting this. Getting your endorsement of the Innolife website means a LOT for many of us. Thank you.

    While I do think that your article will certainly help to boost sales for this dvd set, I’m not sure I’d bet that sales will exceed(or even meet) the production company’s expectations. As others have already mentioned, there are considerable stumbling blocks for would-be buyers:

    1) PRICE. $120, plus the yet-to-be-determined international shipping charge, is still a LOT of money for many of us, especially in this economy. Those of us who have purchased drama dvd sets, before, are accustomed to paying fairly high prices for these sets…BUT…$120+ is still a very high price for 16 episode dvd set, even with the director’s cut bonus material. I would imagine that the standard dvd set will probably come in at around the $65-$75 range. That’s a big difference, and I think this will prove to be the biggest stumbling block, or flat out deal breaker, for many.

    2) Website. Even with your verification as to the legitimacy and reliability of the Innolife website, many would-be buyers will still balk at submitting their credit card information to a site that, honestly, still looks very…uhm…questionable. All of the consumer protection conditioning over the years have made us very leery.

    3) Player Region Code. That the production company has yet to verify what region code player this dvd set will be compatible with is a big deal. If it’s region code 1, then pretty much everyone in the US and Canada will be able to breathe freely. But, if it turns out to be region free, then many of us will be forced to view the dvd set on our computers, instead of our home theater dvd player. That makes a big difference in the level of enjoyment that we’ll be able to get out of the dvd set.

    I had a lot of reservations about taking the plunge and placing an order for this $120+ limited production director’s cut dvd set of You’re Beautiful…but, I did take both a leap of faith and the plunge, and plunked my credit card down.
    Thank you, JB, for making me feel a LOT more confident about my preorder purchase.

  44. 44 D

    You’re Beautiful reopen my kdrama addiction…I need to support it! Especially since this DVD is going to come with so much goodies! I don’t mind the $120, but if I didn’t like this drama so much, $120 would be a bit ridiculous. But sometimes you need to spoil yourself. 😀

  45. 45 Jane

    I loved this show, but I’ll never understand why a 16 episode show costs $120. I know there must be some additional cost for licensing abroad and getting it subbed, but that is ridiculous.

    Not just this show, but almost any decent drama boxed set, by setting such a high prices it’s almost like they are trying to encourage fans to buy pirated versions (or just download it). Especially because my experience in the past with boxed sets I have purchased is that the subs are low quality compared with those available by fan-subbers. By low quality I mean that they contain many grammatical errors and sometimes pure nonsense sentences. I’m talking quality boxed sets, not some cheap burned DVD with a bootleg cover.

    I’m not trying to discourage others but merely to relate the reasons why I, a huge drama fan and sufficiently financially solvent to purchase said DVDs, will not be purchasing them. I’m not trying to whine, I am trying to communicate my concerns as a drama consumer.

  46. 46 Show2007

    Thanks JB for providing this information. I agreed with most people mentioned above. $120 is not too bad (as long as the quality is good and I CAN PLAY it on my DVD not just on PC). I went to the website and I really don’t have much confidence plus the shipping charges is a bit ridiculous. I think I am going to wait and see and rather buy it through a more safe site such as yesasia.

  47. 47 BellaMafia

    WANTED :
    A very nice person who can buy me this DVD!
    Reply or email me, either one will do.. :-)
    And I’ll be your forever slave

    Oh.. the last sentence is not true though..

  48. 48 jackie

    argh. i hope someone uploads everything in the DVD online. hehe.

  49. 49 Issa

    Aw man $120? I’m sorry but that’s just too much to pay for a DVD plus unknown shipping costs. I have experience ordering Kpop/Jpop stuff and dramas online, and shipping costs can be BRUTAL. I once tried to order a photobook that cost $55 and the shipping was $40. So yeah.

    Just a suggestion guys, if you really want this but you’re concerned about the price, wait for info about the shipping so there wouldn’t be any unpleasant surprises.

  50. 50 Nom_Kitteh

    @49: Thank you. I was waiting for someone to relate some recent personal experience with shipping costs from Korea, and your post really has made a difference…I think…wait, I don’t know…

    I am perfectly comfortable with paying $120 for the special Director’s cut DVD set. After all, apart from contributions to WITHS2, Viikii, Megaupload premium service, and…I think aja…, I pretty much got to watch the drama for free. (Now that I think about it, payments to fan services, etc., can add up and get steep :-) ) . However, not a single penny of mine went to the actual actors, writers, producers, crew, and now producers of the DVD set, so $120 is a reasonable contribution for all the joys it brought me (wait, I did buy the OST — I wonder if the actors got a cut of that since they sang the songs…). Damn — I have already spent a lot of money on this drama…But still…

    Also, I am okay with the site (innolife). It has a versign secured connection logo on it. I am assuming that it is a legitimate sign proving the credit card and personal info will be encrypted. So, again, clear on that.

    I have a region-free/all region DVD player (if you are a fan of Asian shows, a region-free DVD player is a must), so no problem there.

    But the lack of even the most basic range for shipping costs worries me. Why on earth can they not list a general base price or range of prices for shipping? It cannot be that difficult to calculate: North America, $X-$X2, Europe $Y-$Y2, etc., would alleviate some of the concerns there. Some of these companies in Asia kill you on shipping and handling.

    Now I realize that the people YAB are not evil so they probably will charge a reasonable rate of $10-$15, but what if they don’t?…

    On the other hand, maybe paying $40 on shipping is not unreasonable because they would be including photo books and other goodies…

    /rambling over


  51. 51 butterball

    The shipping method is going to be EMS (from what I gather). So we can sort of estimate I think? Well, EMS shipping is more expensive but it’s more reliable in my opinion…

    I see the shipping matrix from this site:

    I have ordered the DVD box set a while back. I think it’s worth it. Well, it’s expensive but with tones of extra, I won’t complain (Plus, if you order before Jan, there will be photobook and some specials involved).

    Another note: Seriously some Korean shopping sites must improve to make things more user-friendly to us foreigners.

  52. 52 sweetaddiction

    JB, maybe you should add that the deadline to preorder is JANUARY 5, 2010.

    Besides the EXTENDED 16 episodes (which will include more of Jeremy and Shinwoo’s storyline), there will be interviews, behind the scenes, ngs, commentary, plus a photobook. English subs for the extras have yet to be confirmed but if there were a large number of international order, then the possibility of them being subbed will be higher.

    Innolife is legit. They do a lot of sales in Japan as well and the site is based in Korea.

    I think the dvd will be worth it in the end even though it’s a bit pricey. Think, you’ll never be able to get your hand on this copy ever again. Plus there’s way too much goodies to pass it up. More YAB screen time!!

  53. 53 Nom_Kitteh

    @ 51: Sounds like with all the goodies then, with the shipping matrix you posted, we should expect a $27-$35 shipping charge for North America…

    Okay…I think I can live with that!

    @52: When will we know if the extras will be subbed? Without subs, the extras are useless. Might we know before Jan 5?

  54. 54 sirocco

    I made my pre-order yseterday and my order no. was in 5000 something.
    Does that mean that there are already over 5000 pre-orders?

    I agree with Nom_Kitteh, I basically watch the drama for free with youtube, my soju, etc and have derived many hours of pleasure from the drama.
    US$120 is acceptable price to pay, mmm
    Though I have already spend another $80 on the pig-rabbit and OSTs.

  55. 55 E

    I ordered last week and it was at 47xx

  56. 56 lovesdramas

    A question about the region coding – so if a company like YA or something secures the rights to YAB for North America for example – does that mean – the current production company would not release this director cut version in Region 1?

  57. 57 kt1171

    i already pre-ordered right away when the site was up, and I though with all the goodies, $120 was worth it……., the shipping will most likely through EMS and the price range will be around $30 or more……
    This director’s cut won’t be available on yesasia……so pre-order while it last……we need more oversea orders so that english subs will be sure available *confirmed on the 16 eps but not yet for BTS, NGs, etc*

  58. 58 bjharm

    As Pal dvd’s can also play the usa version that no bother what stops me from getting it, or any Korean English subbed DvD is fear of poor subbing like that of Night after Night. my last and I mean last Korean DvD I brought. Compared to fan sub version it was very poor, so simply not paying for sub of that quality any more. Until Korean companies can give some sort of guaranty on the eng sub then I will not be buying any.

  59. 59 reluctantbutaddicted

    I just ordered it. I understand the concerns of others re price… but I think when it’s something I really want and will use, I want to buy legit. I’ll watch it, I’ll force friends to watch it, I’ll force friends’ friends to watch it…

    I’ve already had my ‘free’ version, as Nom_Kitteh points out, and I’m thankful that that medium is available for watching dramas before the official versions come out. But then when the official version it out and it’s good, I think I can live with $120+ once in a while. I do think over $100 is expensive and probably not very smart marketing (if it were $99 + $10 for the extras I suspect they’d get a lot more orders).

  60. 60 Darkneko

    Omg 20 episodes i want it!

  61. 61 missmanderley ` blossompop!

    @ Nom_Kitteh
    I am perfectly comfortable with paying $120 for the special Director’s cut DVD set. After all, apart from contributions to WITHS2, Viikii, Megaupload premium service, and…I think aja…, I pretty much got to watch the drama for free. (Now that I think about it, payments to fan services, etc., can add up and get steep :-) ) .

    i agree… i started buying boxsets of kdramas that i loved precisely for the same reasons… once i was able to afford buying them, i tried to purchase most of the previous kdramas i enjoyed the most, in hopes of at least supporting the efforts (and production costs) of those dramas.

    if you are a kdrama lover and you can afford boxsets, you should at least donate to the subbing group (WITHS2, BON, etc)… right?

    @ lovesdramas
    does that mean – the current production company would not release this director cut version in Region 1?

    I think it all depends on when YesAsia plans to release their Region 1 version of the boxset… I mean it took them almost a year to release Boys Over Flowers, and it wasnt even as “goodie packed” as this Director’s Cut….

    I believe this one is coming out in February… so there you go.

    I already preordered this… the only thing that was annoying was that it charged my Paypal right away… geez. Innolife will probably bill me again for that additional shipping costs thingy ~

  62. 62 Eike

    QUESTION: Is this only available on the internet? And, only around the first quarter of the year?

    I plan on asking a friend now to buy me one OR since I’m going there October 2010…I could probably get it myself.

    So anyone know where you can get it aside from net?
    Is it available around October?
    any way we can pay cash!? haha!

    Sorry…I just don’t know how this works.
    damn it…first time I ever wanted a korean drama dvd so bad. online subs are just not enough now. hahaha!

  63. 63 Raiya

    I’m going to buy this…I’m afraid though because I live in the US…I hope it will play on my DVD player…ahhhh I so agree with the previous post, eng subs on the internet is not enough anymore…I just can’t get enough of YB…I still miss it…I’ll probably order it in January…

    Thanks JB for the endorsement…I wasn’t sure and saw it on other websites but I trust your site the most!!!

  64. 64 kaihi4

    Thank you for advertising this DVD. I bought it when I first heard about it. Figured as in all things, it’s a gamble to buy online. Even though it may be well described, there’s always the chance you will not get what you thought you would. Hopefully, we will not be disappointed. I am looking forward to getting it in February. Thank you again, dramabeans.

  65. 65 Keru-Chan

    I ordered mine from day one with my eyes closed (X-mas savings gone)… Cecilia have been very helpful to us through all the process, super thanks to her.

    About this site “innolife” in soompi it was commented that other people participated in a pre-order through this site and they didnt have any problem… I am wishing for the best in this… I really want to see the cut scence… I cant wait I am super Happy!!!

  66. 66 Van

    To buy or not to buy.

    Even after reading about all your good comments insisting on how innolife is legit, I still feel so uneasy about this. I really want it but about the region code thing, I live in the U.S., it WILL play on my dvd player, correct? Someone please verify this? Ugh, I hate the fact that this is like a one in a lifetime offer kind of thing. “You’ll never be able to get your hands on this again!” :l

  67. 67 sweetaddiction

    @62 Eike
    “QUESTION: Is this only available on the internet? And, only around the first quarter of the year? I plan on asking a friend now to buy me one OR since I’m going there October 2010…I could probably get it myself.”
    —->This version is only available through innolife. You can’t order it anywhere else. Same goes for the deadline. After this deadline, you won’t be able to order it. Other versions of YAB will come out, but the content and extra goodies will be less than this version.
    —->If you want to order, order by Jan. 5th.

    @53 Nom_Kitteh: Cecilia is still waiting for confirmation. She will tell us as soon as she finds out.

  68. 68 peach

    just go buy yourself a cheap philips dvd player that plays all regions like at walmart.

  69. 69 OzChick

    Oh my goodness, $120?????? I’m a college student (and therefore quite poor) so there’s no way I can afford that! I mean seriously, why so expensive??? Oh well, I guess i’ll just have to settle on the pig-rabbit. Does anyone know how much that is?

  70. 70 kcc

    I ordered the director cut dvd before (that is the Devil, a brilliant drama that also deserved a much higher rating than it end up with), it cost me 199 us dollar and I finally paid more than 279 canadian dollar( I live in Canada) which include shipping fee so You’re Beautiful’s price is not that bad.

    I think a drama that can bring me this much of fun and more important the happiness of feeling young again; I should support the production company, the staffs, actors for their good work. I watched the shows on line but this production company did not earn any profit same as the actors so to show the support I do not mind to spend this amount of money.

    By the way, I order the dvd in the begining of the month, my credit card alreay shown the transaction and their e-mail also remind me there will be more to come as to pay for the shipping and handling charge. Hope this will help someone to answer his/her question regarding the credit card charge.

  71. 71 sweetaddiction

    I was on Cecilia’s blog that JB posted up there. This is one of her replies to someone asking about the quality of the English subs:

    “the subs will be done by a professional translator
    hopefully they’ll be good”
    cr: Cecilia from http://minamdvd.wordpress.com/

    hope that helps

  72. 72 moogle

    Honestly, if they just include the mini-concert footage as an extra, that would make me pretty happy. The handheld fancams were a bit of a tease. I’d like to see what else they did, only with better resolution. 😀

  73. 73 Issa

    Just came from http://minamdvd.wordpress.com/. Apparently the January release date isn’t official and the info that it’s going to be 20 episodes is wrong >.< The production staff is still working on what is going to be included in the set, nothing's final yet…

  74. 74 momosan

    Putting on my geek hat –
    Personally, I’m waiting to see what regions they declare. I have a region 1 drive and region 2 drive. I can attach another drive and set it to 3, but that’s getting a bit weird even for me.

    For those of you considering watching on your computers, remember that you get 5 region resets before your drive freezes to a region (or you have to hack a reset, or hack it to region zero). This is why I have the 2 drives – the region 2 one currently has a BigBang DVD in it from Japan.

    OTOH, you could also spend $50 at a big box store and get a regionless DVD player if you watch alot of DVDs from around the world.

    The $120 is for a Directors Cut DVD. These area special edition DVD, and usually limited edition ones. I have a few collectors edition DVDs that are similar – twice the price of the normal movie.

    Short of asking YesAsia or someone to front us a pre-order (and they’d likely charge for that) apparently innolife is the only portal for the Directors Cut. Or I suppose if I had a friend in Korea who would order it, I could paypal them and have them reship it, but that would have to be a mighty good friend.

    As for Paypal – yes Paypal can be hacked. It’s more often phished or spoofed than actually hacked. As for the encryption method – there are ways around that (she says, flipping through IEEE’s Privacy and Security magazine and referring you to slashdot.org for the details of the null character hack…..)

    I also do not attach a checking account to my PayPal account for the same reasons as Samsooki – however, I also am a very early adopter, who has been paypallng almost since they started, so my account rules are a bit different from most people. Then again, I also do not own an ATM or direct debit card – because I’m paranoid that way.

    That said, my friendly DB denizens, if they say it’s going region 1 or 2, I’ll be ordering. The protections of my card should be enough, and sometimes you have to have a little faith in the system, and sometimes you take a little gamble. I order fairly often from the UK and Japan (and occasionally NZ and OZ) and am usually pleasantly surprised by the results. Haven’t ordered from Korea, though, to be honest.

  75. 75 mawar

    It’s too Expensive to me.. Sigh… :(

    In my country (Indonesia) $120,00 means 1million and two hundred Rupiahs….

    Where on Earth did you get that..????

    And like comments here, there is apparently order numbers are surprisingly low just because of that…. Fans of YAB is mostly from student….. It hard to earn that much money… :( :( :(

  76. 76 estelle

    I read this on allkpop last night and squealed… For a while.

    Now i’m pondering if i should dig into my reserves and invest US$120 (plus a hefty international shipping fee, for sure) in this… :(

  77. 77 sweetaddiction

    @72 moogle
    “Honestly, if they just include the mini-concert footage as an extra, that would make me pretty happy.”
    —->The two concerts will be added on.

  78. 78 Sharon

    wanna get a set of it, but too expensive.

  79. 79 yvree

    wow i myself would like to have this ‘director’s cut copy’, but not a good buy and WAY OVER BUDGET!! it’s TOO EXPENSIVE!! sadly… cant have it.

    @ mawar it’s $120 not –> $120,00(0) –as you say.

  80. 80 snap

    i’m still in college, too.. i don’t even have a bank account, much less a credit card. i really want to buy one! :'(

  81. 81 Jenny

    Innolife is 100% legit! This is derived from the fact that it is the designated site that the production company choose for overseas orders. So please don’t worry about it.

    cecilia from soompi has direct contact with stuff from the production company via the official DVD site ( http://cafe.daum.net/minamdvd ), and had kindly set up a site in English ( http://minamdvd.wordpress.com/ ) with updates and information taken directly from the official Korean site. And from her updates it seems that Region 1 is highly likely so check back there for confirmation.

    For those who are thinking of getting it from other sources aside from Innolife (YesAsia / YA Entertaiment etc), it will NOT BE THE SAME as the preorder version! The preorder version will have more goodies such as photobook, more BTS etc. These goodies are ONLY for the preordered version!

    So once the preorder ends on 5th January 2010, you will never be able to get the same set again. Even if YesAsia or any other places sells the Director’s Cut DVD later on, it WILL NOT include the same amount of goodies. Also, this preorder version is at a discounted price of 114900 won (5% discount) where the normal price is 121000 won. So you’ll be paying more for lesser stuff once this preoder period ends.

    Visit http://minamdvd.wordpress.com/about/ for more information about the nature of the preorder version of the DC DVD. cecilia has been really helpful translating all the information from the official Korean site allowing overseas fans like us to be kept updated and able to make our purchase. Please read the FAQ / Preorder information and updates there.

  82. 82 sucker for seok

    Bought it!!!!
    Now excuese me i’ll go out and sell my kidney

  83. 83 Fran

    Yipee!! Ordered one last night!! Thought I’ll treat myself and like some of the others mentioned above, I see it as a way to “give back” to the cast and crew who have worked so hard but not got anything from me. (I watched YB on either Youku or Tudou with chinese subs). Erm… although I also bought both OSTs ;p

    If I like the series enough, I’m usually quite happy to spend some dosh to show my support. The kicker for me was the fact that it’s not often I fall for a drama in this manner; the last was probably TW drama The Devil Beside You eons ago. So it’s not like I would be buying these box sets on a regular basis. It’s just like a nice memento to remind me of the happy hours I spent with YB.

    As for the price, I agree that it’s steep but not anywhere near as steep as the Jpaanese DVDs. The Gokusen Movie is costing me US$60 w/o postage and that’s for a 90min movie! Without any extras. My Majo No Jouken Drama boxset was US$270 w/o postage for 11 episodes. Don’t even get me started on the cost of Japanese CDs.

    Went to solicit reviews on Innolife; apparently they sell quite a lot in Japan, as well as in Taiwan, China, HK etc. My experience with websites that sell extensively to North East Asia is that they don’t really give a damn about the English speaking community because it’s so small and as a result their sites invariably lack coherent English instructions. Charging your card before shipping is also protocol on these sites, not just for DVDs but also for books, cosmetics, clothing, accessories etc. I find it dodgy too because that would never fly in the UK, but at least I’ve not encountered any problems thus far. As for regions, I have a multi region player so I am good on that front.

    But i think the last reason that made me decide to jump is because i don’t want to hesitate, and in a couple of months hear everyone talk about how good it is and end up a ball of regret and anger…. arghhhhh!!!

  84. 84 Ren

    Even though I had some reservations since I have never ordered from Innolife and I have never pre-ordered any exclusive, once in a life time Korean drama box set, I still jumped on the bandwagon.

  85. 85 Judy

    I have never ordered from Innolife as well. And this DVD box set is so expensive. But since I love YB so much, I have placed order immediately. I hope that I will not be disappointed.

  86. 86 Estelle

    Ah, I was wondering if you would blog about the D-Cut of YAB, Javabeans. I’m very happy that you did because that way more people will get to know about it.

    I ordered my copy on day one and I can’t wait to receive it.

    Like some people mentioned above, it’s been a while since a drama brought me so much pleasure and I want to give something back to the production company, cast and crew. They deserve to know that their quality hardwork is appreciated.

    For those of you who are wondering why you have to pay BEFORE the dvd is shipped, I think it was explained on Soompi that it’s because the dvd will be produced on demand. In other words, if 5000 people pre-order the DVD, there will only be 5000 copies made and they need to give the money up front so that the production of the dvds can start.

    Also, like mentioned above, this is YOUR ONLY CHANCE to get the D-cut with that many deleted scenes. From what I understand, if you don’t buy this version from innolife, not only the next one won’t have all the extras, but there also will not be as many deleted scenes.

    The people making the dvd are really giving us a great gift IMO. They’re really making a dvd for the fans. There even was a poll on the internet from the production company asking us what we wanted included in the dvd. Judging from this official annoucement, they listened to us. They also asked for our favorite scenes and lines and I guess they’ll include a kind of best of (a bit like they did in the Special episode for Hong Gil Dong perhaps).

    For the people who are worried about the dvd region, it’s is actually extremely easy to make your dvd player region-free (just do a google search with the appropriate keywords + the brand and model of your player and you’ll get the code to enter with the remote to make it region free. It’s done in a few seconds). And many cheap players are actually region free from the start. My old no-brand $30 dvd player could read just about anything.

    About the price, although I’m one of those people who never buy sa dvd unless it’s in the $9.99 bin, I think it’s fully justified in this case. Think of all we’re getting:

    *16 extended episodes (footage amounts to 18 episodes total and that’s about 1080 minutes of film) with never before seen footage.


    *Photobook and other goodies.

    The OST alone is worth quite a bit and the photobook will have exclusive pictures too.

    I was actually expecting it to cost more.

    It wouldn’t surprise me to see the D-cut version appear online sometime next year (although, with it being licensed in the US, I don’t think Aja-aja will make it available) but in YAB, case, I really want to show my appreciation by buying a legal version of the drama.

  87. 87 Leeloo

    The most I’d pay for a DVD boxset is 20 bucks but this is just too hard to pass up
    so i guess im gonna have to cut back on gift giving this year or sell my kindey like sucker lol
    I remember reading from soompi that theyre trying to get at least 2000 preorders for the DVD, I wonder if its still under the minimum? I really hope not because apparently the more people that will order, the better quality the DVD will be as in, high quality subs abd even the extra NGs and commentaries and what not will be subbed. also, the OST will be included as well?
    Does anyone know if its all 3 of them or just the first one? Either ways, this is really a great deal :O…ok, im just trying to justify why i just spent that much money
    anyway, i can’t wait til i get my grubby hands on my copy.
    I hope the cast will get a cut from the profit because its the only way us overseas fans can show how much we appreciated their hard work in making this drama enjoyable for all of us here!

  88. 88 spoiled

    if u want to say u support YB but the DVD d’cut too expensive that u rather buy the boot leg dvd that cost 20$

    some people are just too much…

    if u dont have money or earn enough yet so dont buy it..

    but dont say that u can get at 20$ the same thing…for boot leg one..

  89. 89 Aries

    I’m not getting this because I’m not willing to spend so much on it. For those of you who have concerns about shipping, perhaps you can get a gauge of how much shipping might cost from the innolife FAQ page at http://shop.innolife.com/shop/help.php?j=h&ah_id=5

  90. 90 codenameblue

    Kay, so I finally ordered it. I’m officially a beggar now.
    My winter break will be so gloomy to stay in this cold weather country.
    *Dreaming of Spain and Greece*

  91. 91 Tati

    Has anyone from the Philippines ordered already?

    Im trying to decide whether it is safe to buy or not..

  92. 92 sweetaddiction

    Here is an update from Cecilia on her blog at minamdvd.wordpress.com

    One more reason to buy this DC DVD XP.

    “Behind the scenes of the recording of the commentary [12.15.09]

    The commentary and interviews for the director’s cut dvd took place yesterday (12.15.2009). The following is a brief translation/summary of what happened. The original notice in Korean can be found at the official daum cafe here

    Yesterday, admins of the director’s cut daum cafe met up with related persons from the production company, producers from sbs, director Hong Sung Chang as well as our ANJell’s Jang Keun Suk, Park Shin Hye, Lee Hong Ki and Jung Yong Hwa. The purpose of the meeting was to record the interviews and commentary which will be included into the director’s cut DVD.

    Because of the schedules of various members, the recording was pushed back til 8pm and everyone had already had dinner when they came (the daum cafe had intended to provide them with dinner and snacks). So instead they started off by giving them snacks and coffee.

    The person to arrive at the recording studio was director Hong Sung Chang and the admins started to discuss about the dvd with him. After that, Mr Kim from ENE media also arrived and everyone’s ideas about the packaging of the dvd was passed on to him. Also, ideas about the extra videos were passed onto Song Yeon Soo PD from SBS.

    After all the discussion with them, Jeremy and Shinwoo arrived together. The actors were supposed to arrive at 8pm but they arrived early at 7:35pm. Not long after, Tae Kyung and Mi Nam also arrived. (They all arrived despite their busy schedules, can you feel how passionate they are about the dvd?)

    While they were waiting for the coffee to arrive, Mi Nam and her manager offered to buy everyone coffee and the cafe admins told them that they were buying already and that it would arrive soon. Everyone enjoyed their coffees and snacks on this cold day.

    First of all, the individual interviews for each of the actors was filmed. All the questions asked by everyone was compiled and passed onto the ENE production team and all questions for the interviews were from questions contributed by fans. When the actors found out that the questions were all from fans, they were excited and took extra effort to answer each question in length.

    After the interviews, ANJells and the director gathered to record the commentary together. As they watched the videos, they were all very enthusiastic in talking about different scenes and stories and they had alot of fun recording the commentary. Mr Kim from ENE media, who had seen alot of commentaries being recorded said that this was the first time he had seen such an atmosphere for a commentary recording.

    After the recording, Tae Kyung and Mi Nam had schedules so they left and because of the time, everyone could not stay at the recording studio any longer. Because the recording had taken some ti me, the cafe admins thought they might be hungry and the dinner which they had originally prepared was given to everyone as supper instead (freshly delivered of course).

    Shortly, there will also be some photos of the meeting, autographs and more information. So stay tuned!”

    credit: Cecilia at minamdvd.wordpress.com

  93. 93 sukispop

    @71 sweetaddiction,

    Thanks for the many updates!

    I hope that the professional translator will also be familiar with the drama, and not just be translating from a written script. I bought the dvd set for “Hearts of Nineteen”, and the English subtitles were, in a word, horrid. The lead male is a director in his father’s IT company. Throughout the drama, the English subtitles called him everything from “Office Helper” to “Dorm Room Leader” to “Manager” to “Director”. If the translator had been familiar with the drama’s setting, the result would have been so much better.

    Thanks again for all the updates!

  94. 94 Tricia

    Well I can see why the numbers are low for the box set. Are they trying to cheat people out of their money! A box set for $120!? Is the shipping like $60 or something?! Don’t even tell me if the shipping isn’t included in the already $120. I mean I loved this show, WUVED it! But I didn’t even buy Dead Like Me’s boxset that cost like $40 cuz it was too expensive. And I LOVE Dead Like Me (I actually have it on my Netflix XD). Maybe it’s since I’m a cheapskate, but even if I did have the money (which I don’t since i bought tickets to see a play with my mom in January), $120 is very pricey for 16 episodes or 20 episodes. Sorry Tae Kyung but I’mma have to pass. <3's!

  95. 95 D

    @ Tricia
    I’m pretty sure that they are not cheating people out of their money. This company is not some fraud, they are legit and running a very professional business. Also, you get what you pay for.

  96. 96 chris


    Although I agree with you that the pricing is very steep, but it is definitely the standard pricing for a D-cut boxset. You can compare the price with other boxsets that comes out of Korea/Japan. This is even more so because of the goodies that comes with it.

    As for me, I don’t want to cry and regret next year when i see all the other fans raving over their boxsets, so yep, i’m jumping on the bandwagon as well eventhough i’ll be eating air for the next few months!


    PS: I heard that the number of pre-orders are extremely low (really too bad!!). Does anyone actually knows what is the number currently?

  97. 97 byeol

    gosh people! buy the dvd!! let’s show our support for YB.

  98. 98 bliss

    Exactly, chris! I KNOW I’ll regret not buying it once I see pictures of it with all the goodies. I’m not saying it’s not expensive but it’s a once in a lifetime chance. It’s a cost I’ll have to pay.

    As for me, I’m so excited to get it even though it might take a few months. I don’t mind them taking a while because I want it to be awesome and worth the money I paid for.

  99. 99 Tricia

    @Chris & D
    Okay Okay, I give. But why is this a once in a lifetime chance? Is it only going to sell now and not there after? I may have some money come march. (I have no job, college student here). I could probably purchase it then.

  100. 100 chris

    @99 Tricia

    Exactly! As far as the information given by Daumcafe & Cecilia goes, this D-cut is exclusive, and we can only pre-order before 5th Jan. All other versions that comes out later will not be as complete or have as many goodies as this! Which is why I am willing to buy it at such an expensive price. This is the first time I am buying something online from overseas. Loads of firsts for me =P

    Cecilia explained better – you can read it here:

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