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Preview and press conference for Wedding Dress
by | December 29, 2009 | 17 Comments

Mother-to-be Song Yoon-ah has a new movie coming out, in which she stars as a single mother to young Kim Hyang-gi. The film held its press conference and preview screening in Seoul on December 29.

And aie, it looks like it’s the kind of movie to start you bawling halfway through and not let up until the end, since the cute mother-daughter relationship soon finds itself endangered when Song Yoon-ah is diagnosed with a fatal illness. I usually steer clear of tearjerkers like this because the setup is almost indulgently sad (the trailer below reminds me of the old Choi Jin-shil tearjerker The Letter), but for some reason I feel drawn to this one. Might be just the thing to spur on a cathartic crying session.

Wedding Dress‘s trailer clip:


Ten-year-old Kim Hyang-gi may be a familiar face to some — she has a precocious charm that she’s shown in dramas like Hero (as Lee Junki’s niece) and Bad Couple. At the press conference, she called Song “Yoon-ah umma” (Yoon-ah Mom) and explained, “She treated me well, like a real mother.” Asked if she found acting difficult, Kim Hyang-gi answered, “Not really. On the filming set, there were sad times and times where we laughed, but Yoon-ah umma was like a real mother to me so I didn’t really have a hard time.”

Song Yoon-ah also had words of praise for her young co-star: “Normally when acting with child actors, the adult actors have to pour on two or three times the normal energy. Before we started work on the movie, I prepared myself but Kim Hyang-gi was so good that I was astounded. She adapted quickly to the filming set and the staff was also surprised at how well she did.”

Song Yoon-ah was married to actor Sol Kyung-gu in May, and recently announced her pregnancy. Her most recent film was the thriller Secret, in which she stars as a woman under suspicion for murder, which was released earlier this month.

Directed by Kwon Hyung-jin of For Horowitz, Wedding Dress opens on January 14.

Via E Daily, Sports Chosun


17 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. questions846

    Okay just watching the trailer has me crying…I don’t know how well I can deal with this movie but it looks really good.

    Edit: YAY! FIRST!

  2. Sonam

    Sorry to be the grouch here but I hate it when they manipulate you with cute kids.

    I liked SYA in On Air but I have noticed she dresses too young for her age. She looks like a video girl here. On the other hand the little girl looks so chic and hip!

  3. C

    @questions846, I cried watching the trailer too! I really want to see this now…

  4. C_Janeth

    This movie has so much crying going on T______T.
    But I am still gonna watch it.
    With the strong acting of KHG, I just have to watch. Saw her acting in Bad Love and she was really interesting.
    Have to say though, I really like korean dramas, movies and entertainment. Too bad that I have to go all the way down to either Sacramento, San Francisco or Vegas to get anything, and I mean ANYTHING foreign up here. Whether it comes from Korea or France. But that’s the price you pay to live in beautiful South Lake Tahoe. Though right know the weather has me not happy at all.
    Anyway just had to vent that out.
    Hope this movie is a real success.

  5. Agent Darwin

    Ah!! I know, she is the bride that hide behind the umbrella during her wedding, right?

    Em…now she is pregnant? That’s quick!! ^__________^

    BTW, the premier was attended by CJW. She has puffy eyes, I was wondering why was she crying? Now I know!! Thanks, Sarah Beans!!

    Why do they release a sad movie at this time of the year?

  6. ausming

    Have enjoyed SYA in most of her roles, think this would be good. Sorry, this is a little out of context, but isnt the little girl’s dress a mini version of what Lee Minjung wore for one of the Smile, You photos? it’s got the same prints..

  7. Reese

    This is definitely a tearjerker. I think I will be crying my eyes out with this one. But it looks good, so I hope it lives up to my expectations, but based on the trailer I’m definitely going to like it and I’m definitely going to be crying.

  8. langdon813

    I LOVE that little girl. She was so adorable in Bad Couple, the way her eyes lit up at the very thought of couture. I’d love to see a drama sequel one day about HER character, all grown up.

    I’m sure I’ll check this out; y’all know me, if it’s a weeper, I’m usually all over it. 😉

  9. What

    Song Yun Ah is pregnant? didn’t know that…Congrats! the girl is so cute although she looks younger than 10 years old IMO.

  10. 10 Sharon

    Kim Hyang-gi is very lovely.

  11. 11 Icarusfalls

    OMG.. I was almost in tears just watching this and I didn’t even understand what they were saying!!
    I’m uber close to my mom and the thought of a mom dying is just.. *sniffle.. I am torn between wanting to and not wanting to watch this. Either way I’ll have to wait for months or even years before it is subbed so that I can even make a choice.. !

  12. 12 Stylish

    am i the only one who didn’t like SYA in on air??
    she was hella annoying.. i know that was her character but she was overreacting annoying..
    anyhow liked the title but the story didn’t catch my interest.. i’ll check the trailer later

  13. 13 eimichiko

    My little Hyangki-ya is growing up so fast. Great to see she’s becoming better and better.

  14. 14 lace wedding dress

    I agreed with many people up here that the story is quite sad and cry all the time. SYA is one of my favourite idol but Hyangki-ya is also very cute.

  15. 15 JaeXX

    I cried during the film . . . TT^TT

  16. 16 via

    I think this is the saddest korean movie

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