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Queen Seon-deok ends with Episode 62
by | December 22, 2009 | 93 Comments

Two dramas wrapped up today, paving the way for several new entries in the new year. On MBC, its long-running ratings monster Queen Seon-deok posted up a very respectable 35.7% with its finale, but while its number would be huge by any other standards, with Seon-deok it was met with mixed reaction. After having shot up to the mid-40s, they were hoping to be the first drama to break 50% in a long while, and didn’t achieve it.

On SBS (an hour prior), the revenge drama Angel’s Temptation ended with a 20.5%. Although the first half of its run had hovered in the 10% range, once Bae Soo-bin came on the scene to put his own revenge in motion, ratings shot up. (Meanwhile, KBS’s Invincible Lee Pyeong-gang is still ongoing, and drew in a 6.1%.)

[SPOILERS – highlight to read] Seon-deok‘s finale pitted Deok-man and Bi-dam against each other as he believed the trust to be broken between them and entered into their last battle. She maintained her trust in him through the end, and Bi-dam was brought before her and killed, uttering his last words, “Deok-man…” In Angel’s Temptation, Lee So-yeon’s revenge scheme ended as she and her enemy Kyung-hee, who was responsible for killing her father, both committed suicide. Ultimately, neither could be happy and brought about their own tragic ends.

Lee Yo-won said after the finale had aired, “It still doesn’t feel like it’s really over. As the title role, there were many things I was lacking, and I could feel that. However, I learned a lot.” After filming for 11 months and enduring a lot of difficulties, she said, “If I get offers to return to sageuk dramas, I’d like to do one really far off into the future.” About the ending, she said, “It was different that what I thought it would be. I thought it would end on a political note, but it became about Bi-dam’s love. It’s true that a lot of people must have felt envious over Bi-dam’s popularity. Kim Nam-gil is a lot like the character, so it was a lot of fun filming with him.”

The trendy drama Pasta will take over Seon-deok‘s timeslot come January. Pick the Stars replaces Angel’s Temptation at 9pm, and will be followed at 10pm by Jejoongwon.

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93 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. twister

    I haven’t watched this drama yet but have heard a lot of good buzz about it. I love YI SAN. Could someone compare the two dramas? Which one is the better one? I really love Lee Seo Jin’s acting in YI SAN.

  2. all4movies

    I stopped watching pretty much after Mi-shil left the series.

    I enjoyed watching Yi San more because the romance storyline was consistent from beginning to end and integrated into the political intrigues, while QSD was confusing to follow.

    There were more than one possible romance storylines with QSD’s and her road to political power and conflict with MI-shil pretty much took up the bulk of the show.


  3. jo

    i loosely followed this drama until recently i picked it up again because of the love line developing btwn BD and DM. The ending kinda sucked though. ugh….but Kim Namgil..where did this man come from? he’s amazing!!

  4. lovedthisdrama

    I was so sad when this ended which was today!!!Nam gil and Ji won fighting!!!!!

  5. lovedthisdrama

    yo won…

  6. dramagrl17

    I still can’t believe the drama ended! QSD was such an amazing drama! It was one of the best saeguks I’ve seen, with lots of depth to it. I can’t really rant that much, because it would probably spoil it for a lot of people that still haven’t watched it yet…All I can say is that there’s so much emotion in the last few episodes!

    I’m so proud of all the actors/actresses!

    Personally, I think QSD was A LOT better than YS! QSD kept me on the edge of my seat the whole ride. I haven’t watched a saeguk where the actors/actresses (especially Kim Nam Gil and Go Hyun Jung!!) portrayed their roles so well in a long time! At first, LYW was a bit rocky with her role, but it all smoothed out. I really, really recommend this drama, twister! But as a heads up, there’s so much to the drama, you have to watch every episode to understand it. There was a week when I decided to skip to the last part of the episode, and then watch the rest when I had time, but it didn’t work at all… everything’s connected, and you have to watch to understand! I don’t think I can accurately describe any of the main characters in the drama using words… not without summarizing every episode!

  7. starletbang

    man i remember watching this drama from summer time!
    what a long drama!

  8. lovely

    QSD is a great drama.Though the drama lacks a few things after mishil died, it started to heat up deokman and bidam develop a relationship-especially deokman showing some caring for bidam. Even though they couldn’t end up together, I’m glad that the director give Bidam and deokman a chance for their romance. Bidam is my favorite character in this drama and love him. I’m so sad that the drama ended! Can’t believe i’ve been watching this for seven/eight months.

  9. twister


    Many thanks for your input. I will watch this drama during my holiday break then. I always love historic dramas due to the gorgeous costumes and also historic story lines. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year wherever you are!

  10. 10 bbm

    after QSD ends, i hope to be seeing more Kim Nam Gil on the screen…
    also Lee Seung Hyo, i’m gonna miss seeing him As Alcheon…

  11. 11 Celest

    QSD was def. my favorite drama of the year. I agree with dramagrl17. I was on the edge of my seat everytime an episode ended. I think a lot of people were hoping for more romance but I found the lack of romance surprisingly refreshing. I actually didn’t mind so much that there wasn’t any ‘mushy’ stuff on here (though I probably wouldn’t complain if there were =D) I’m actually a DM/BD supporter but I’m glad the drama found a way to incorporate the relationships into the political aspect of the plot.

    Mishil was the bomb when she was on here but I also respected Lee Yo Won’s acting. I remember crying whenever her character would cry. The plot, the unforgettable characters (except maybe for YuShin lol) made this drama so unforgettable for me. I’m glad I stuck it out to the end.

    and @10 yup, I’m gonna miss Lee Seung Hyo aka Yellow Ranger aka Alcheon. Hopefully he will get more projects, as I’m sure Kim Nam Gil will.=D

  12. 12 soiia


    I found it a bit sad how Queen Seon-deok ended. Bi Dam is a pitiful character :/

    I wonder if the cast of QSD is slightly disappointed about the finale’s ratings, the expectation was quite high!

  13. 13 mellissa

    β€œIf I get offers to return to sageuk dramas, I’d like to do one really far off into the future.”

    This is what most actors who do sageuks say after wrapping up a successful sageuk drama. I read that the filming for this kind of drama is really brutal on both cast and crew so I have high regard for actors who sign up for this ind of drama. Congratulations to the cast and crew of QSD for a successful run.

  14. 14 sjsmn

    Kim Nam Gil was wonderfull in this drama. Thaks for all casts of QSD

  15. 15 MrBloo

    I have just started watching this drama 2 wks ago and enjoying it a lot, am currently at the earlier episode where Deok- man finds out that her ‘friend’ is actually the Princess.

    BUT one point keeps bugging me and its that everyone, Yu-shin, the other soldiers , the Princess does not know at this point that Deok-man is female? Deok-man acts like a tomboy but she obviously knows she ‘s a girl but her fellow soldiers who has trained, sleeps, eat with her does not realise that she’s a girl? While i really enjoy this drama, i keep thinking ‘You know she’s a girl, right?” everytime the soldiers /Yu-shin interracts with Deok-man.

    Also what is the difference between a Nangdo and a Hwarang? The subtitle for this drama doesnt explain things fully so got me a bit confused with the terms they used.

  16. 16 eunha

    QSD was the first historical/saeguk drama that I actually finished. I tried Yi San and Dae Jang Geum but I couldn’t really get into it. I’ll admit that after Mishil left the drama seemed to be lacking. But I am so glad that DM and BD were able to have their romantic moments. . .although I wished there was so much more interaction. I wasn’t happy with the ending though. It was really sad although I loved the part about DM’s dream and the mysterious lady who hugs her adolescent self.

  17. 17 haezi

    i also stopped watching this after mishil died but i just caught the last two episodes and all i can say is WOW…it was so tragic, better than a shakespeare play.

    bidam and deokman are such tragic figures and their intensity left me breathless. this has got to be one of the most emotional endings i’ve seen in a while.

    i am now a huge fan of kim nam gil.

  18. 18 hanjanman

    I see This Belleza hasn’t dropped by on this thread yet to leave spoilers. Well, I hanjanman, am still busy marathoning IRIS and has yet to see the final episode of QSD. So please, everyone, avoid leaving SPOILERS!!!

  19. 19 krnkimbap

    I can’t believe I read the spoiler even though I KNEW it would ruin it for me! Oh well, I knew one of them was going to die… QSD was the first sageuk I watched since Damo which was a few years ago… I just loved every aspect of QSD- all the characters were perfectly cast and it was like a who’s who of veteran k-drama actors~ I almost never enjoy the children stories but I think this was the first I truly liked watching too.
    Now… Kim Nam Gil… He is the reason I failed my finals!!! How is it that this was the first time I found out about him??? And LYW seems to have really improved from her Daemang days (which is when I first saw her). All in all, the first sageuk (or drama even) I have really enjoyed in a loooong time… Besides YB that is! πŸ™‚

  20. 20 QSD

    QSD is the reason why i never get enough sleep. I’m always up waiting for the enlish sub to be out and by that time it’s midnight already. Loved Bidam……

  21. 21 momosan

    Alas, Bidam…..

    I hope Kim Nam Gil wins every freaking award available to him (knowing that second leads rarely get the awards, but geez, popularity or something – throw the boy a bone….) I’m going to miss my Hwarang hotties. Sniff. Bidam, Alcheon, Wolya. All the lovely boys. sniff.

    I have to say that after Mishil went the way of all things, it took them a few episodes to recover…ok, more like 5. But it ramped back up and went out well.

    I’m a saguek fan, and this was a pretty good one on the whole. It did seem to veer from where it originally intended to go when it became apparent that Mishil and Bidam were the shining stars in this thing, but it was a fun ride. Not one I’m going to rewatch any time soon (unlike EoTS which I’ve seen 3 times at this point) – except I may have to watch eps 50-62 again as MBC America shows them – since that’s where the parents are watching and I have to hide or help explain.

    Anyway, I may have to go buy that copy of Modern Boy I’ve been threatening to get, just to get some quality Kim Nam Gil time in. sigh.

    – hopefully this won’t double post, as my first reply seems to have gone to internet heaven.

  22. 22 Capricorn Angel Zhou

    well..yes.. Kim Nam-gil is my favorite actor in this drama..
    when he was in difficult situation, he still stayed cool..
    even his smile kills me everytime I see it !! :lovestruck:

    I like his genius brain, his cool face, his amazing acting, and well..I like everything of Bidam!!!

    huh.. but now it has been ended..
    but I feel sure, Nam Gil will play in other series becoz of his amazing acting and his good-looking… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    Merry Christmas n Happy New Year to everyone.. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    and thanks to the air crew, QSD team, subbers, segmenters, watchers (include me), and the actors/actresses, especially Nam-gil who always comes to my sweet dreams everynight.. aza-aza

  23. 23 Dodo

    wow the last 5 mins was really incredible…and nostalgic. My breakdown of this drama really come down to three time slots. The first is from ep 1-30ish episodes were by far the most amazing time I’ve had with any korean drama. From 30ish to 49 is great but not as magical as the first time line. With the exception of ep 50 that was really powerful. From 51-61 on it was such a dragged. The whole Yushin Vs. Bidam thing had no spice and content as compare to the Deokman Vs. Mishil fight. Relationships between Yushi, Bidam, Deokman, and the nobles were so manipulative and twisted. Their reasons for conflict were really weak and unjust. It feels dragged because the characters were running on artificial exaggerated strife. The worse part is they must add the cheesy close up shots to ruin EVERY intense scenes. It convinced me that the original writers of the plot left the show right after they killed off Mishil, and whoever that was left to do the writing and the directing SUCKS BIG TIME. My only reason for continuing with the show is that I’m hoping for some redeeming quality from the last episode. This is where the writers surprise us and give us a resolution and a reason for the last of content from the previous episodes(51-61). It did not happen =(. However! Luckily, the original writers came back for the last 5 mins of the series to bring it to a close =]. IT WAS COMPELLING, EVERY SECOND OF IT COMMAND THE SCENE.

    QSD was a great and moving series I’ve ever seen. I anticipated every single weeks for the upcoming eps(except for 51-61). For whoever that havent watch this series yet I suggest only watch ep 1-50 and then the last 5 mins of the series. Don’t let ep 51-61 ruin the experience for you because QSD is a true masterpiece. QSD had the potential to be THE GRAND series of it genre….too bad…just…too bad it couldn’t endure. Even with that being said, thank you QSD!! thank you for such an amazing experience.

  24. 24 yay

    Queen Seonduk is my favorite drama of the year. Personally, I think the ending was very fulfilling although it wasn’t necessarily happy. For Angel’s Temptation, I was rooting for Joo Ah Ran the whole time so I cried so much when she died. I’m so glad she forgave her parents’ murderer.

  25. 25 Angelica

    When Kim Nam-gil entered the show he was one character, the sneaky crazy guy.
    Then he became the foolish thrill seeking hero.
    Then he was the quiet contemplative guy from the outside looking in on what life is for others.
    Then he became the lying, clever, manipulative student.
    After that he was the power hungry, plotting stalker.
    Then greatest sword master, great warrior and war leader, clever administrator, political plotter, the romantic, the lover, they frightened boy, the protective partner, and on.
    I do not think I have ever seen in a single drama where an actor portrayed so many facets to their character before, and made me love and believe every one of them.
    I hope he has many more works ahead of him because I think he is a truly great, unbelievably talented actor.

  26. 26 belleza

    This Belleza cried through the entire 2nd half of Episode 62. In mourning, This Belleza officially removed “This” and is now back to sad, incoherent Belleza.

    POOR BIDAM!!!! πŸ™

    (I’d say this though. Bidam’s death march was glorious. It’s like they crossed Damo with Gladiator!!!)

  27. 27 yuri

    actually the only reason i dislike watching this drama is YUSHIN..i dislike that actor..he isn’t good at all… yushin looks like a weak guy but we know that he’s a great hwarang!
    i don’t know about the history of it but my friend told me how great he was but when i found out that actor..i felt so disappointed…
    sorry guys if u are a fan of him..

    but i have a lotta reasons for watching and loving that drama..so this *only* one reason won’t stop me to watch it….

    thanks for the spoiler….^___^v

  28. 28 belleza

    Queen Seon Duk is kinda the East of Eden of this year, in that of all the major sageuks in recent memory, THIS one was massively redone in order to please the audience. If you think about Bidam’s motivations and the “misunderstanding”, it doesn’t hold up very well. There’s a good reason why — the love story between Deokman and Bidam was never supposed to happen.

    The story was going to end with a showdown between Yushin and Bidam. That also never happened. The last episode was to begin Chunchu’s reign. Unfortunately, Chunchu was so disliked by the end of the show that they skipped Chunchu and went straight to the fall of Paekche.

    Due to the Army of Bidam Lovers (aka 80% of the post-Mishil audience), the writers didn’t want to make Evil Bidam. Instead of a political power game — which is what they originally intended — they instead went with the love story.

    The female lead falling in love with the support character just doesn’t happen. Least of all in a sageuk. If you see it in any long running show, it’s a basic concession that the writers didn’t do a good job selling the original couple. And they didn’t here. More than that, Bidam, like his mom This Mishil, took over the show. Then the writers went nuts with the Live Shoot, in order to set up Bidam/Deokman. Also, for people who watched episode 62, let’s just say that Bidam clearly shows he’s the best swordsman in Shilla. No way in hell Yushin would have been able to defeat him. That too, was not originally intended for this story.

    If you watch closely, through episode 55-62, you can kinda tell Lee Yo Won was confused as hell about the change in the story. She’s like “huh??? I fall in love with Bidam? Really? REALLY?!?” πŸ˜€

  29. 29 Lm J

    I was interested in the first few episodes then … I was puzzled. Later I gave up.

    Why was Mishil’s character shown in such prominence? The Mishil’s character overcast the whole drama. The title of the drama should have been –
    Mishil’s Roadmap to The Throne.

    Now, what Im displeased is the plot not the ACTRESS!

    Go Hyun Jung is superb in her role.

    Poor Lee Yo Won ….

  30. 30 RandomTouristX

    The main actress is not up for the job IMO in a sea of excellent actors, but what really annoyed me was the latter change of direction to focus more on the love story instead of a balance of both.

    She was the first queen of Korea, she was amongst the first to realise the dream of reunite the kingdoms, yet at the end, her noteworth as a leader of great nations was a the fact she died a lonely woman, betrayed by a loved one with a tragic love that lead no where.

    It some how belittled her accomplishment politically and historically. All her sacrifise ended up no where.

    Queen Seon-Deok became the Bi Dam Show including the his incredibly heroic WuXia death scene. Being40 i guess he still fly like a young man. I bawled like the scene was designed, but in the end it felt a little empty and manipulated. In the end they should feature a summary to tie the loose ends up, leading to the era of Chouchu to demonstrate although she walked a lonely path, she created a great future for her people.

    (PS Am i alone in thinking the unconvincing silly old age make up for Yushin and Alcheon provided the unintentional comic relief? I much prefer to see how Chouchu ended up.)

  31. 31 eclipse

    I deliberately didn`t want to see any spoilers at all to get the great impact…I am one of the Army of Bidam Lovers, i watch this drama just to see him…Kim Nam Gil does the brilliant and beautiful played as Bidam~poor creature..~I for one who love the episodes after Mishil departure. And the ending is so freakingly tragic and beautiful ending…Hail to Bidam!!! Long live Kim Nam Gil!!! T_T Saranghae…

    I know, where does this guy come from??!! So i want to watch his other works before this, begin with Portrait of a Beauty (since it`s a historical movie…as close as I can get to Bidam`s image…sigh…T_T ).

    I agree with everything that Angelica and Belleza (btw you seem to take “This” business to the heart lol ) said. Although i love the idea of Deokman loving Bidam back, but i also didn`t really get the feeling that either the actress who played Deokman or the character itself really did love him as much as he love her.I guess it`s true that this love story didn`t really get the proper development it needed. Nevertheless i love every moments they have for each other…

    @30 RandomTouristX
    I think the real reason why Chun Chu didn`t appear much at the end is because he`s busy playing as a rebel high school student lol (God of Study)

  32. 32 gphoenix

    and thank you to SBS for putting two dramas on Mon-Tues nites. I hope KBS and MBC take note.

  33. 33 RandomTouristX

    Upon reflection I agree with a previous poster who said it feels a little bit like East of Eden syndrome. What started up as a potential great historical drama about a female ruler against the traditional conservative Confucious ruled society governed entirely by men – ended up being a lesson about little girl shouldn’t dream big or it won’t end well, overall it ended up somewhat subversively chauvinist and hypocritical.

    What ever accomplishment the queen had, or what ever sacrifise she made was diminished by the fact she died lonely and depressed and full of regrets. As if that is the most important thing in the world. Had she be a man – a King, the ending would be preposterous.

    On a side note, the final scene of the old Alcheon actually makes me think he had been in love with the queen all along and she didn’t know it. She said in the end she had nothing, which isn’t true, afterall, we are watching her centuries later on TV. I wonder if the writers are male or female which would surely explains why the show ended up on such a whim. Pity, there were several moments of brilliance but not many of them features the Queen.

    re@ 31 eclipse

    I love the kid who played Chun Chu since The Way Home, he had me bawling and missing my grandmother forever. God of study should be good, playing against his usual image although it looks a bit teen bopper ish.

  34. 34 ellen

    I personally giveYS gold. Every cast played their character so well you’d forget they’re acting. Every scene was captivating, the love story is touching. BUT QSD HAS MORE GOOD LOOKING ACTORS.

    QSD is about Deokman/ Qeen Seon Deok not evil MIshil. Lee Yeo won had more transitions of performance. She had to act like a male living with men training as a soldier (if that’s the right term) or hwarang? She was in training & at war. We see her go through emotions that changes her & her determination & perseverance to achieve her goal to be the king/queen. LYW’s PERFORMANCE HAD MORE TRANSITIONS & VARIATIONS in comparison to Go HJ as MIshil.

    I didn’t think I’d shed a tear but I could not help crying. The build up was good. The music background, Bidam’s facial expression & determination to get to QSD, he ploughed his way to get to her – WOW! he jumped! he flew! he slashed! then staggered, the emotions showed by QSD, Alcheon & Yushin at the final stab on Bidam…cry flooding. THEN when QSD ask YS if they should “run away now” then YS breaks down…cry a river.
    My favorite is ALCHEON. It seems that he’s the one who really lLOVES(in love) & cares for QSD. For good end drama sake, I would have preferred ALCHEON & QSD as lovers. I hope to see more of that actor in other dramas.
    Much later, according to history, ALCHEON declined the throne & supported Chun Chu to be the king. Looking forward to God of Study & YSH.

  35. 35 Nuri

    Who can tell me about the ending of QSD tv series? Is QSD going to get married with Biddam?

  36. 36 Micheru

    let’s stop the LYW & GHJ discussion. i personally think the real fault behind the wishy-washy characters was the writers. every actor/actress in QSD did their very best to protray their parts. the writers wasted too many episodes for filler stories and when the MAIN plot of Yushin vs. Bidam (and QSD’s politics) came up, they opted for a BD and DM love story to please the audience. even though i kind of like the love story, i just felt the last 12 episodes were so rushed. i wanted to see more of her achievements and acts when DM was queen. i agree with TouristX that the ‘moral lesson’ of QSD was being a female ruler equals loneliness and regrets. mostly every sageuk about a male ruler ended on a positive note… with them obtaining their kingdom and loved one.

  37. 37 Micheru

    btw, i also agree that Alcheon was in love with Deokman. notice the way AC looks at DM between episodes 52-62. it just screams love. he may not be in love with her while DM was princess, but his feelings probably grew during her reign. ah, the possibilities of more stories during the time skip in episode 52. -_- darn the writers for not thinking up of more ways to strengthen the DM’s reign years. a good sageuk ruined due to live-shoots.

  38. 38 Elsa

    Bit of spoiler here so don’t pay much attention if you are planning on watching the drama πŸ˜›

    I watched the ending of QSD. I was really frustrated towards the end because it turned into Bi Dam’s love story. I liked the character since it was first introduced, and Kim Nam Gil did an awesome job, but I just couldn’t find myself pitying him. Sure he never had the love he wanted, but other than Mishil whom abondoned him the rest was all his doing. Munno had hopes for him and he destroyed them with his actions, even if he was a little kid he should have known better, and in the end he couldn’t trust the Queen which was all he had to have done…plus I couldn’t quite see how all of a sudden she was madly in love with him when all this time she was in love with Yushin. It was too sudden, but she herself explained that at first it was because she could use his love and then she didn’t think it was such a bad idea to be with him. In the end she still showed her love for Yushin so it was pretty touching. I found that the love which was portrayed between these two was truly amazing. Maybe its my bias because of Uhm Tae Woong, but it really frustrated me that toward the end he was more of a supporting character to Bi Dam when General Yushin accomplished many things in his life while Bi Dam went down in history as a traitor. Well enough of my rant lol I wish the trendy dramas which are coming in are super entertaining although I won’t have much time to watch them, ahh real life, anyway thanks for your posts!

  39. 39 ernie

    The ending was.. okay.

    It was sad when Bi Dam died, but I didn’t cry. [That might be because I didn’t see their love and everything open throughout the drama because I didnt watch from the very beginning.] But it didn’t hit me as hard as it should’ve, and the fighting was kind of painful to see x] like when Bi Dam started fighting with the higher members.. and really- Uhm Tae Woong? I never really saw him as particularly cool. In fact, he feels more clumsy and out of place to me.

    and I was pissed when they made QSD just die like that. Really? Towards the end of this drama, I just saw her as weak, and it all became a love-ridden story. It was annoying- I mean, I was glad to see more of Bi Dam and DM, but too much lovish thingamabobbers.

    But I really did love QSD. πŸ™‚ Everyone said that after Misil died it was boring, but I found it that they just had to pick up from there and quicken the pace. If you stayed throughout the ride, it was really fun. πŸ™‚

  40. 40 goldlilys

    Still waiting for the last 2 episode subs to finally see the ending. This is my favorite saeguk for this year. It has all the political intrigues and unpredictable storyline combined with awesome acting. My favorite character has got to be Bidam because his role is so unique and Kim Nam Gil did an amazing job portraying his “eccentricity”.

    Like what others have said, you need to watch each episode chronologically to understand the drama better. I also love guessing what’s going to happen next and see if I can be as smart as Mishil or Deokman for their next plans to outwit each other. I was able to guess correctly 70% of the time … haha makes the show more interesting to watch.

    Off topic: Hmm, Jumong didn’t really end in a positive note since Seosono had to leave.

  41. 41 tezuka_in

    After Dae Jang Geum, i’m still waiting a korean’s drama like that. How pretty happy i am when i knew one of tv station will show QSD series. In the beginning, i confused with the stories,maybe because the change of an actor n actres, and i don’t see the series full. But after all, i’m fallin in luv with this. Wow it’s a great tv series. But i’m not satisfied about the final. How pity of DM n especially BD! I hope that they’ll be together but in the end i’ve got big sadness. Salute for HBJ. She makes Mishil character so great. I want to see another film of LSK

  42. 42 hasuike

    i love the drama and the characters specially BIDAM… he’s a great actor.. the ending was so tearful but i love it,.. <3<3<3

  43. 43 Menda Cute


    i hope i know…..this end film../

    cozzz,,,i like this film…..

    n,,,,i love kim chun chu…..

    han sarang….

  44. 44 rocco

    The story is really good, eventhough bidam QSD love team is just pushed through they able to make up with a dramatic ending. But to no offense i don’t like the Lee Yo-won acting it lacks power in it. She acts like a statue to me. At times I couldn’t tell if she was mad or sad, in love or just happy. Her facial expression is almost the same you could only say she’s sad when there are tears :

  45. 45 faye

    i just finished queen seon deok today using my dvd series… huhuh… i’m still crying… i hate myself for watching the end part.. the last 10 minutes were so painful. i thought i’m not going to cry. I cried hard when Yushin stroke Bidam… I cried and shouted Bidam’s name… WHY!!!! sobbing… BIDAM… i also cried when Queen Seon Deok passed away.. .The background music is very irritating, it made me cried… I love Bidam and Deokman… Even I cried a lot I still love the ending… I even gave a round of applause at the end… I hope i can find another korean drama that can match this kind of story… Queen Seon Deok is my antidote to the sadness i got from Yi Nok and Hong Gil Dong… I didn’t know that my new favorite will die also…. sobbbing…. i hope they will have a grandslam win with this film… APPLAUSE… thanks for making Queen Seon Deok. I had pleasure watching this film… Thank you…

  46. 46 faye

    my favorite character is Bidam…

    at first, i thought he is an extra character.. He will just lead Deokman in finding for Munno.. But eventually, he had his own story… I love his acting skill.. OH IT KILLS ME, REMEMBERING HIS CROOKED SMILES, HIS CARING FACE FOR DEOKMAN AND HIS CRYING DEATH… “10 Steps more.” OH MY GOD!!! Applause for Kim Nam Gil….

  47. 47 NellOHara

    Just saw the ending. Now what am I going to watch? Thank you SBS for Queen Seon Deok. I have never truly seen a saeguk because they were so often male-driven which hardly appealed to me, understandably since saeguks are usually driven by male viewers.

    But what a daring accomplishment, three strong women (Seondeok, Chunmyoung, Misil) ruling in the men’s world, the glorious characters, beautiful sets and the dazzling Silla Dynasty background. For once hardly any damsel-in-distress scenes! (Dang Boryang!)


    I very much respect that reminiscent of Queen Elizabeth I, Seondeok’s story in this drama ended as her own woman rather than belonging with some man. It was wonderful to have the story come full circle with the two Deokmans facing each other.

    I would have liked to have had Alchun make known some of his emotions about the queen at least once. Didn’t have to be love, but something about his unending loyalty which was almost hit upon when old Yusin told old Alchun he is still protecting her. It was more than just young Alchun’s anger towards Misil that made him truly dedicate his life for Deokman even before she became princess. Remember how he was proud of her after he declared that she (as a boy) saved his life?

    I also would have liked to see one handhold between Yusin + Deokman in the end while she is on her chair overlooking the beautiful Korean horizon. It was THEIR love for each other that uplifted them to their great heights for Silla.

    Here are my “rants”:
    For a show riddled heavily with flashbacks, I expected a montage flashback showing the evolution of Deokman from royal baby to nomad tomboy to wide-eyed recruit to clever Hwarang to rebel to Princess to Queen. And no mention of dear sister Chunmyoung in those final episodes?

    Where were our sweet ‘Flower Boys’ that Deokman was friends with? If Santak had ‘an ending’, why not our Jukbang, Godo, Daepyung, Goksaheun? Can’t forget our yellow hwarang friend Yanggil either. For all the embarrassing things these actors had to endure as well as showcasing their true comedic talents, they deserved a word from the queen, their old friend and bunk buddy Deokman!

    What happens to Bojong? Monk Wolcheon and the observatory? Kim Seohyun?

    No final word of advice for Chunchu?

    And with the ‘star’ motif used every end of the episode, I expected more use of stars with the observatory. Instead we got the arguments about the constellations and the kite-fire thing.

    Finally, ‘Can a woman truly rule?’ Bidam’s men kept arguing. They as a larger group of men against the royal family could not hold a candle to Misil from the generation before.

    After building up so many excellent rich characters and ideas for this drama, I feel they were suddenly swept under the rug to make room for the up & down brooding Bidam drama.

    One or two more episodes after the end of the Bidam Rebellion to show Queen Seondeok’s influence for the future of Korea would have been a better uplifting ending to such a glorious 60+ episode show. I didn’t mind the lost love element, but having that as the final episode changed the theme of the show to a love story of a man and a woman, rather than between a queen and her country.

    BUT, throughout the show, Deokman’s heart and her hopes for her people was evident. This is the reason why Misil’s influence would not be remembered (as great a part as it was played by an absolutely fantastic actress who deserves every credit & reward for her role). Misil was about taking, hording & sweet deception. Deokman was about giving, sacrifice & bold gambles.

    This was Deokman’s story no matter what.

    Despite my “rants”, I was obviously very moved by this drama. Thank you again to the producers, crew and the cast. If this is a sign of the future of Korean historical dramas, then I can not wait for more!

  48. 48 Rina

    I’ve never seen the most tragic love story until Sohwa and Chilsuk.. :(:(:( I cried so much.

  49. 49 marigold

    hi really love queen seon deok….its inspiraional drama series…..i love you lee yo-won…gogogogogo……

  50. 50 elaine

    hi helooooooooooooooooo’

    i just finish the QSD and i really love it so amazing it’s amaze m belive it. i love yushin role hes cool and loyal his sencerity was the one touch my heart he deserve a little respect.

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