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Smile: Episode 21
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It was totally unexpected but my wishes are finally fulfilled and I get some real quality Sung-joon (and Ji-soo) time. With the Hyun-soo/Jung-in/Jung-kyung issue percolating, the Sung-joon/Ji-soo line is a welcome addition.

I have some mixed feelings on how the whole love triangle thing was handled in this episode, but I found the giggle factor to be fairly high mostly to due Lee Chun-hee‘s cute, frivolous, and lighthearted Sung-joon.


Smile OST: Yang Sun Mi – “많이 아파” (Hurts a Lot) [ Download ]

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The writer of Smile does it again and gives the viewers a sweet surprise. Sung-joon thinks that Ji-soo is emotional because she misses her family, still thinking that she’s a rich family’s daughter. Seeing her cry, he lends her his chest. When she takes him up on the offer, he’s shocked and a little excited. When she moves back, he stares at her and gives her a kiss.

Sung-joon: I think I need to break up with you now.

Jun Hye Jin (Ji-soo) is a pretty new actress and it shows. Did anyone else think that her crying sounds didn’t match her facial movements? I suspect a little dubbing going on. This scene works because of Lee Chun-hee and the writing. I also absolutely love the fun irony, ending the scene with the song, “Good-bye My Love”, poking fun at itself and other dramas for the grand “I can’t be with you because of XXX” type of good byes. Hee-hee.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming. We find Jung-kyung, confessing her feelings to Hyun-soo.

Jung-kyung: Kang Hyun-soo, can’t you like me again? … I’ve finally started seeing the Kang Hyun-soo that I didn’t see before. Am I too late? I guess you can’t change it back.
Hyun-soo: That’s right. Jung-kyung, I’m going to think that you’re like this because of your mood. And I want to do my best to the person who’s next to me right now.

It’s not a big surprise. We all knew that this was going to be his response, right? But still… YAY! He starts out stammering, shocked to hear Jung-kyung’s question and blames her difficulties for her actions. But seeing that she’s being genuine, he tells her flat out that he’s moved on, even heading back to finish his thought.

Hyun-soo: Since you’re my friend, cheer us on. It’s the first time. Even when I make a mistake, she just laughs and lets it go. She listens to me. I know that I’m lacking, but when I’m with her, I feel like I’m a good man. Because she believes that’s who I am, that’s who I want to become. I’m sorry. No matter what you said or how you acted, I wanted to accept it. But I’m sorry I can’t.
Jung-kyung: I know. You’re Kang Hyun-soo. I figured that you wouldn’t, with someone else in your heart. But since you’re the Kang Hyun-soo who liked me for 8 years, I thought maybe, perhaps… I’ll try. If not, I won’t be able to see you even as a friend.

Geum-ja and Sang-hoon walk out of the house together and see them. Geum-ja is livid when she finds out that Jung-kyung is the one who rejected her son and vows to get her revenge.

Sung-joon, who has ran away from Ji-soo, is confused about what he’s feeling and goes up to see Jung-in for some clarification. He hugs her and scratches his head, thinking “That wasn’t the same…” Jung-in thinks that he’s referring to Jung-kyung and gets mad.

Jung-in: Even though both of you are my oppas, you and Hyun-soo are like night and day to me. One person makes my heart flutter every time I see him. When I don’t see him, I wonder what he’s doing and want to see him. And I want to do anything for him. The other [pointing an accusatory finger at Sung-joon] is the complete opposite.
Sung-joon: I feel the same! I’ve never wanted to put a hairpin on that protruding head of yours!
Jung-in: Really… why bother? I didn’t feel it when you went abroad, but when Hyun-soo oppa goes down to the basement room, it’s like he went away to the farthest place in Africa!

Hahaha! These 2 siblings. When Sung-joon finally tells his problem with a girl that reminds him of a ggo-choo-jang (red pepper paste) jar, Jung-in assumes that he’s meeting a married woman and tells him to come to his senses. Hee hee.

Hyun-soo picks up the angel ornament on his way back into the house and brings it up to Jung-in’s room. He sees her sleeping and takes a photo of her with the angel and names it “Hyun-soo’s girlfriend,” completing the photo circle.

When the morning alarm goes off in the morning, Jung-in finds a nice surprise on her pillow, the angel ornament. But she finds even a bigger surprise: Hyun-soo sleeping on the floor! She goes down first to check out the lay of the land. She tries to signal Hyun-soo to come down but is stopped short by Geum-ja, who’s still wrapped up with thoughts about Jung-kyung. She gets Jung-in to spill all of her lovey dovey thoughts about Hyun-soo, which livens her up.

When Sung-joon tells her that Hyun-soo didn’t come home to sleep last night, she tells him to check under the desk. Because he likes to sleep there there when busy to maximize his work time.

During breakfast, Grandpa Man-bok asks everyone to come home early and help with the kim-jang (winter kimchi.) Joo-hee and Sung-joon make excuses but Jung-in quickly raises her hand and offers help, reminding Geum-ja that they were the fantasy pair when working at Joon-bae’s restaurant. (So cute.)

Grandpa Joon-bae tries to get Man-bok to go on a trip with him. He even promises that So-nyu will find him a match. Grandpa Man-bok (and I) burst out with laughter hearing Joon-bae call her, So-nyu (which means young maiden in Korea). Joon-bae sulks, “What can you do? It’s her name.” Man-bok has another bout of laughter when he hears her calling Joon-bae, oppa.

Before Man-bok leaves, he tells Joon-bae to not listen to Han-se. And So-nyu’s ears perk up at the talk of selling a house. Man-bok notices her reaction and raises his suspicions about her.

Han-se follows around Jung-in at the office, saying that his heart flutters even when seeing her back. When she threatens to call his mom, he lets her go. But not without an “I love you” and a wink. (It’s been awhile since Lee Kyu-han‘s last drama project, and he’s had a pretty good comeback as Han-se. He brings a certain charm to the annoying character and make you root for him.)

Jung-in heads back into the beat team office and sees Han-se lost in thought. She’s worried about her sister and asks him to meet her again. But he responds, “I don’t want to. Jung-kyung doesn’t know her own feelings and is confused right now. There isn’t much I can do.”

Sung-joon shows up at the dduk-bok-gi restaurant, bringing a smile to Ji-soo’s face. (Lee Chun-hee is looking pretty good in his suit. *giggle*) He has grandiose plans to send Ji-soo back to her house and tells Joo-hee that they’ll have to run the restaurant from now on.

He takes Ji-soo out for a farewell date. He takes her to the richer part of the city and first buys her clothes. He wants to send her back home looking the part. He does a double take, seeing her walk out of the dressing room wearing a dress.

While checking out their newly developed car, Hyun-soo gets a call from the chief. Jung-in looks on, knowing that something is up with her boyfriend. Han-se tries to steal her attention.

Han-se: Look at him. But you’re the only one I have. So don’t worry. Look at me. [Jung-in keeps her eyes on Hyun-soo.] Hey. Look at me!

When she tries to start a conversation with Hyun-soo, he’s pulled away for work and walks away.

Sung-joon and Ji-soo continue their date at the restaurant, and she tells him that it’s the first time that a man has treated her this way. She’s happy to spend time together like this, but Sung-joon proclaims that this is why they need to break up. When she mumbles that they can just forget about the other night, he exclaims, “How can I when my lips remember! Can you promise that our relationship won’t go any further? What will happen when the family disapproves?” Of course he’s talking about her family, but Ji-soo thinks that he’s talking about his own family and agrees to ignore him from now on.

After lunch, he’s ready to send her back home.

Sung-joon: From here, you take the lead. I need to see you go home before I can leave. If your father is a three star general, you must live well. Apkujong-dong, Chungdam-dong, Nonhyun-dong. (Well to do towns) I figured it would be within these areas. I think I need to take you home before I can forget you. I’ll talk to grandpa.
Ji-soo: What are you talking about? I said I was an orphan.
Sung-joon: Why are you like this? If you’ve cried because of a man, you’re now an adult. Do you still not understand your parents?
Ji-soo: Are you still confused and think that I’m the daughter of a three star general?
Sung-joon: What do you mean confused? I know it’s the truth.
Ji-soo: How many times do I have to say that it’s not true!!

She gets angry at this point and tells him this makes her even more pitiful. Sung-joon thinks about it and finally concludes that she must really be an orphan. His face lights up and starts running after her.

Sung-joon: [yelling] Are you really an orphan with no place to go? Then we don’t have to break up. Ji-soo, let’s go together!!

As Hyun-soo and Jung-in walk home, she notices his doleful mood. She thinks that he’s worried about Jung-kyung and says she’ll take charge of his thoughts. Out of the 10 “thinking pockets”, 5 can be filled with cars, 3 is hers, 1 is for the family. When Hyun-soo thinks that the last pocket is for Jung-kyung, she says no way. Jung-kyung needs to be in the family pocket and reminds him that his family is huge – including all of the factory workers he calls family. He responds, “Alright. I won’t think about her.”

Hyun-soo grabs her hand to walk back home, but she runs in by herself saying that Geum-ja is finally being nice to her. She tells him to count to 100 before coming in. He watches her walk away and starts counting with a big grin on his face.

Han-se is back at Joon-bae’s restaurant, trying to buy back the Seo’s house. Han-se tells him that he needs to get the house back to get Jung-in to like him again. He asks Joon-bae to help him love again.

Jung-in and Jung-kil arrive at the restaurant to borrow the equipment for making kim-jang. After hearing Han-se’s confession, Joon-bae asks Jung-in if she has any interest in getting back together with Han-se. But she gets angry at his comment and says that she’ll wish for all of his hair to fall out again if he keeps bring it up. Joon-bae gets the hint.

On their walk home, the father/daughter pair have a sweet conversation. He brings up Han-se, but she’s now thankful for everything that’s happened. Being able to have breakfast together, celebrating Jung-kyung’s birthday together, and seeing her father spend his hard earned money for the family.

Jung-in: I had this thought on unni’s birthday. That I want to marry a man just like my dad.
Jung-kil: Really?
Jung-in: In the past, I liked you, but I didn’t want to marry a man like you. But these days, you’re always on my side, you go to work early in the morning for your family, and coming on the errand with me like this. This is the kind of man I want.

Jung-kil had wanted to talk to Jung-in about marrying Han-se, but can’t bring it up hearing her talk about how much she likes who he’s become.

The whole family work together to make the kim-jang. The men (minus Sung-joon) dig the hole for the urn. And the ladies (plus Sung-joon) are indoors, getting the ingredients ready. Seeing his mom sitting idle, he tells her to go and help Ji-soo at the restaurant. Geum-ja, who’s taken a liking to Ji-soo, comments that whoever marries her will be a lucky man, making Sung-joon listen blithely.

Joo-hee listens and is upset to hear Ji-soo being matched up with Sung-joon. And Geum-ja takes this chance to put down Jung-kyung, still mad at her rejection of Hyun-soo. By this point, Sung-joon gets mad at his mom for talking badly about Ji-soo. And when she yells at Geum-ja to just let Ji-soo marry Hyun-soo, Jung-in gets up in arms over her comment and tells Geum-ja to just ignore her mom. (It is the Kang/Seo household after all, we were bound to have a family fight.)

The whole family then gathers together to make the kim-jang. Even Jung-kyung arrives at Geum-ja’s request to come help.

And she has fully decided to give Jung-kyung hell and tells her to go wash the dishes since she came late. But Hyun-soo says that he’ll do it and heads into the bathroom. Jung-kyung follows suit but he’s visibly uncomfortable around her.

Jung-in comes into the awkward atmosphere, wondering what’s up with the 2 of them. When Geum-ja peers in and sees Hyun-soo doing the dishes, she gives the look of death to Jung-kyung, making the awkward environment even worse.

The whole family sits together after finishing the kim-jang, to enjoy some mak-gul-ri (rice wine) and pork. Grandpa Man-bok passes out the family photo, making Hyun-soo and Jung-in smile, seeing a photo of themselves. And Sung-joon asks about the other family picture, and laughs to himself, seeing him and Ji-soo together. He immediately excuses himself to go help Ji-soo with the store.

Geum-ja looks at the picture and says that Jung-in looks the prettiest from the Seo family in the picture. She turns to ask Hyun-soo, who looks around uncomfortably, and picks his mom as the prettiest. As they continue eating, Hyun-soo looks lovingly at Jung-in, which Geum-ja sees and mistakens for gazes at Jung-kyung.

As Ji-soo enjoys the pin in her hair, Sung-joon arrives at her house. She immediately takes it off, embarrassed to let him see it. He brings the kim-jang and mak-gul-ri and tells Ji-soo to prepare the table. Afraid that Jung-kyung may come home, she drags him into her room. It’s now Sung-joon’s turn to get embarrassed, “But I’m not ready yet.”

Ji-soo: Now that I look at this picture, you’re really tall.
Sung-joon: You only see me?
Ji-soo: It looks like a real family. Right ahjusshi?
Sung-joon: If you want to really be family, how about changing what you call me? I don’t like ahjusshi.
Ji-soo: Then do you want me to call you oppa?
Sung-joon: That’s too common. You call Hyun-soo oppa also. And Jung-in, Jung-kyung, they call me oppa. It’s too confusing.
Ji-soo: Then what should I call you?
Sung-joon: Baby.
Ji-soo: Eh? Oh… disgusting.
Sung-joon: Fine. Then how about simply… Sung-joon sshi.
Ji-soo: Think about how old I am. If I call you by name, it’s to ill-mannered.
Sung-joon: Alright. Then you can call me by what you really want… dear. Dear.
Ji-soo: Dear?
Sung-joon: Let’s not take too much time on stuff like this. Dear. Honey. Darling. You. Pick from these 4.
Ji-soo: I don’t like any of them.

She tries to give him a shove but slips and ends up falling in his lap.

Back at the house, Geum-ja keeps pushing Jung-kyung’s buttons. When the conversation turns to her ideal man, Hyun-soo runs out of the room, with Jung-in on his tail. She’s unable to let things go and this point and demands an answer. When he feigns ignorance, she asks, “Do you still like unni?” Jung-kyung overhears the conversation and comes in.

Jung-kyung: No, Kang Hyun-soo doesn’t like him. But I like him. That’s how I feel. Do I need get your permission for that also?

At that moment, Geum-ja comes in and hits Jung-kyung, pressing to know why she rejected her son when he followed her around for 8 years and leaves the whole family shocked at the revelation.


I can probably write about Lee Chun-hee forever. But I think my fangirl side has been fairly well exposed, so I’ll just say this. It’s pretty difficult for a love line to be convincing when it’s just one-sided. But even with a fairly lackluster Ji-soo, Sung-joon pretty much carries this couple’s sweet and a little flighty relationship.

Now onto Hyun-soo. He fully puts the nail on the coffin when he tells Jung-kyung that he’ll try harder around her because she’s his friend and more importantly, Jung-in’s sister. I know that he doesn’t have any left over feelings, which made me question why he didn’t just tell Jung-in about what happened. I’m sure it can be argued that he’s trying to shield her from being hurt, but I’m not sure if I would buy that reasoning. The basis of their relationship has been brutal honesty up to this point. (Well, except for the ring. But that makes more sense.) Are we getting into some angst manipulation? I’m not really sure because the episode didn’t show enough to make a conclusion.

I do wonder whether the cancellation of the Saturday episode had any kind of impact on the flow. The episode felt almost unfinished, leaving me a bit unsatisfied. I’ve felt like the drama had made the 2 weekly episodes almost fuse into 1, with the real cliffhanger coming at the end of the Sunday episodes. I guess we’ll just have to see how it plays out.


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    First Again!!! woo hoo

  2. YABaddict

    wow…look at who is first! can you tell where YAB fans have gone to….here’s another one! Thank you Smile You for still being around! And thank you dw4p and soyjoy for still keeping up with the recaps, and in such a timely manner! Thank you!

    I actually am behind on this one with the subbed episode coming out later and haven’t been able to see it yet, so love the recaps!
    First thought is as you and some have mentioned about the music, it is good, but yeah, it seems to be lacking a bit…like that first scene with Jisoo and SungJoon, shouldn’t they have their own song? Isn’t the goodbye song used for HS and JI??? I do like it when songs are specific to characters or couples, like in My Girl…or HGD…or even Winter Sonata…You can expect to hear “their” song…

    I love what HS says to JK, he is being honest, and I think he doesn’t tell JI as to not worry her…I think because he’s trying to be a good man for her, he only wants her to be happy and worry-free with him, and probably also he doesn’t want to bring JK into their relationship… which I understand, he is trying to remain a friend to JK…because she is JI’s sister, it’s not like he can just make her disappear or ignore her…so he knows he has to deal with the situation…

    I love JI’s relationship with her dad, and actually, with everyone in the drama…she is so vital to their lives…and yes, Lee Hanse is such a good character for Lee Kyu-Han, he’s really shining in it too, so I hope to see him as a lead soon, he’s definitely still growing on me…

    the only one I felt seems to be losing her ground is JK. i don’t know if it’s because as she said she doesn’t like her character either, or if maybe the writers realize they made her too cold at the beginning, maybe they didn’t want a character that viewers would end up hating and are now trying to turn her around??? It seems that her character is being rewritten or something…or her acting is changing??? or maybe it’s just the story that’s going somewhere else with her? Yeah, I guess we will have to see….
    can’t wait to see this episode and the next 2…will have to do a mini-smile-you-thon…
    Thanks again for the recaps!

  3. Teddy-boo

    Thanks!! ive been waiting forever!!

  4. asianromance

    thank you so much for the recap! YAY for Ji soo and Sungjoon moments! For a moment, i really feared that sungjoon would persist to believe that Ji Soo is a runaway daughter of a rich family- but that got cleared up! whew! And i agree with YABaddict that it seems like JungKyung’s character has changed. Now she just mopes. Even if she was really unfriendly in the beginning, at least she had her job and she had some spark. After coming from such a family, you would think she is the strong one.

    and as for that guy who plays Han-se, he’s really good at being slimy, cowardly, and lovable at the same time.

  5. Dele

    Thanks for the recap. I am loving Lee Chun Hee (what else has he been in?) and I cannot wait to see what’s in store for this couple. I hope Ji-Soo becomes more affectionate towards him. I like that he is honest about his feelings:)

    JK is a freaking hoebag in my opinion. I mean seriously all she cares about is her own wants and needs. Her pride and arrogance is going to lead to her downfall. She needs to jump off her not even deserved pedestal and come down to the real world.

    Just thinking about her makes my blood boil, What kind of unnie is she? She threw Hyun Soo away, and now she wants to take him back. I actually hope she ends up alone…I don’t think I have disliked a character so much since Ok Ji Young in Golden Bride. Two very selfish human beings.

    For some reason I have a soft spot for Geum Ja…I hope her husband appreciates her more in future episodes.

  6. ausming

    Once again, thanks for the recap!

    I am probably the only one, but I actually did not quite expect HS to be quite so firm with JK in turning her down and being this steadfast in his feelings towards JI. Maybe I have gotten so used to kdrama male leads shuttling between their old and current loves and being all confused and not taking a stand. Me wants a man like HS for a husband – rock solid committed! (don’t take a step backwards, HS!)

    I like it that JK is not getting her way, yippee. To JK: Get in touch with reality girl and stop pinching what is not yours. And as much as I think you are a nasty and mean person, I still feel a little sorry about your family background, so, I hope you find a good man (not HS of course, he belongs with JI) who is able to melt your cold heart and unclog whatever blockages you have, many probably formed as a result of the actions of your irresponsible parents.

  7. dw4p

    @ Dele
    Lee Chun Hee was amazing in Conspiracy in the Court, not very well known sageuk but really really fabulous. (I’m in the middle of watching it and it really is fantastic.) You can download from aja-aja and WITHS2 has the subs.

    @basically everyone
    Totally agree about Jung-kyung. I liked her in the beginning but I’ve wanted to slap some sense into her the last 2 eps. GET A GRIP WOMAN!

  8. lanlan

    Thank you so much for the recap! Appreciate very much your valuable time for a great recap.
    I’m so glad that HS is firm with JK about his relationship with JI. From ep 22 spoilers, the lovers spent time at a sauna parlor.
    Wish that HS could take JI to the exotic place like the stunning blue sea of South Pacific Bali for a change, just like in the drama “A prince’s first love” with Sung Yu Ri and Cha Tae Hyun. While waiting for ep 22, a friend gave me this DVD to keep me busy. Sung Yu Ri is not my favorite actor and I did not like her in Swallow the sun but she was pretty good in this drama. It’s quite a good one and I enjoy it.
    Back to Smile You, just hope that I do not have to see any bathroom scenes, the attic room, the living room of grandpa’s house, the sidewalk to the house again. We still have 20 more episodes to go so writer Moon, please change the scenery!!!

  9. 'cille

    judging from the recap, the story is getting really interesting. i can’t wait to watch it after all the episodes have aired. as for Lee Chun Hee, he was a really good sub-man in ONLY YOU. i like his character in this drama.

  10. 10 pam

    thanks so much for the awesome recap!!

    I love how the writer continues to avoid cliches – I honestly thought that when JI was looking out her window that she would have seen her sister clinging onto Hyunsoo’s sleeve and fly into a rage. But I love how the writer completely avoided it and instead had JI lightly joke about how Hyunsoo was going to take longer sending her sister home because he didn’t take the car.

    I also agree with you about Jisoo’s crying scene – it did seem a little off, but overall I think she’s doing a pretty good job.

    there were so many cute Seo family scenes – JI and her dad, JI and her brother, SJ and his mom at the restaurant. Looking forward to seeing more of them!

  11. 11 pigrabbit2

    thanks for the recap.
    yep it really bugged me when HS didnt tell JI, but thanks to the script writers they are quick to clear misunderstaning in this drama i shall be tuning in for the next episode..

  12. 12 pabo ceo reom

    Now for my infamous in-depth character analysis:

    Sung-joon: Cute and clueless. A bit awkward to see a 30-year-old get all fluttery in teenage love but not a big deal.

    Ji-soo: Love the straight-forward character but actress needs to work on the emotions. The crying scene wasn’t her best moment….

    Hyun-soo: A bit hesitant and lackluster in this episode. Expected him to come out and say more instead of brooding for so long. Understandable to a point.

    Jung-in: Nice to see her try to be considerate but definitely awkward relationship dynamics going on.

    Jung-Kyung: My god if I had to ever smack someone……but a bit sad to hear the actress herself complain about her character. Must not be fun acting her.

    Han-se: Actually quite cute in a weird possessive way. Not bad.

  13. 13 "PIG-RABBIT"

    Finally have the chance to watch the episode! av been waiting for this episode since last SUNDAY!! altho maybe fingers-crossed nothing goes wrong with viikii we can watch the next episode quite sooon ^0^.

    i agree with dw4p the little cliff-hangers at the end of saturdays episode dont really shock u as much as sundays cliff-hanger lol. i do feel like it was an injustice done to all smile,you fans by only airing 1 episode last week (especially to non korea living ones, since they didnt even get to watch the ice skating).

    i also very much doubt they will show 3episodes this week so am thinking will there be more repeats of less “shocking” cliff-hangers in the future. coz as far i can guess from now on the week will end on odd (episode) numbers. e.g. 21,23,25,27…… does it make any sense?

  14. 14 pachi

    Super Good!! Thnks for the recap. Can’t wait for the nxt episodes. lol. Thnks again 🙂 Smile You ;;)

  15. 15 danni

    Haha, you weren’t the only one fangirling over Chun Hee. He had me cracking up most of the episode; it’s a shame Ji Soo isn’t played by a more seasoned actress, but like you said, Chun Hee has been doing a good job carrying the relationship. I agree with you about Han Se; I know I’m not supposed to like him, but sometimes I feel like rooting for him too because he’s charming. Good job, Lee Kyu Han. I feel like the love triangle thing is a little confusing, but I feel that the reason that Hyun Soo doesn’t tell Jung In about the whole thing is because he thinks that Jung In might think he’s getting feelings for Jung Kyung again if he knows that she likes him now. It seems a little stupid though, since the writers have proven time and again that JI and HS have a lot of trust in their relationship, but that seems to be the angle the writers are getting that, and there’s the fact that JK liking him now makes him uncomfortable. Thanks for the recap!

  16. 16 Kgrl

    GWFC! That’s short for Great, Wonderful, Fantastic Caps! lols.

    I don’t find HSoo not telling JI the situation to be a disconnect from his character, after all the entire episode was only a span of a 2 day timeline. Knowing how sensitive this issue is for JI and his relationship, HSoo’s rational side would have prevented him from doing anything rash until things have cleared up w/ JK or he’s got a plan of action. I think he would’ve told her later on, but 2 days is barely enough time for him to gather his thoughts much less revert to any action.

    I also find the actress who plays JS to be rather stiff, but Chun Hee makes up for it. The dialogue is completely hilarious though – I’m starting to see a lot more affection from Writer Moon on this side loveline. But I have to say I loved the “thinking/thoughts pockets” dialogue between Soo-In – how cute are they? Especially JI, just adorable.

    Agree about 1 ep feeling unfinished. Let’s hope it’s 2 eps p/wk from now til March.

  17. 17 pixie

    great recap once again. thanks dw4p!

    I’m so glad that JS and SJ’s love story has finally come to fruition. and i was really surprised at JS reaction after the kiss. a complete turn around from how she used to treat SJ. i love this couple especially SJ 🙂

    @dele – i agree with dw4p, i highly recommend conspiracy in the court. ‘love that sageuk drama! he was also in only you with han chae yong but i hated his character lol!

  18. 18 sonam

    I am thinking dear sweet HS didn’t tell JI about JK because he just didn’t get the right moment. He just found out and is trying to figure out how to deal with it. Hence the distracted look on his face. It’s a big burden on his mind.
    JK is unbelievable. I couldn’t believe it when she kept pleading and then she started sobbing into the gloves . She has gone off her rocker. No wonder HS is so worried about his looney future sis inlaw. Quite a come down from Beatrice, mermaid, whatever!
    I am sorry but JS is so nondescript and doesn’t have chemistry with SJ. It’s just the actor who’s playing SJ is so charismatic and likable and so manages to pull off their pairing. Sometimes a good actor can make the other look good.

    @lanlan I agree. We need a change of scenery. I am tired of the bathroom, attic, dining hall etc.
    Also I want JI’s mad waves back We have had the bun for almost 10 episodes now. What a good looking gal LMJ is. As far as I am concerned she’s one of the best looking Korean actors out there. I love her kind of looks. And she’s so natural in front of the camera. The girl’s got a great future.

  19. 19 slim

    so the saturday episode was cancelled? i finally caught up to the episode..hehehe
    as much as i like lee chun hee..i dont feel the chemistry between his character and jisoo character.. 🙁 maybe it will get better over the episode?

  20. 20 JAP-ANN

    I want a request for recaps of “Creating Destiny” MBC Drama Weekend Starring Eugene and Ki Tae Young.

    Since the Smile, You recappers are good writers and analysers, if it’s possible please also write for Creating Destiny!
    It’s also a good drama and I was desperately searching for recaps!

  21. 21 soyjoy

    @ 20, JAP-ANN

    You’re in luck — dw4p is in fact, writing recaps of Creating Destiny! Check it out at her blog: http://dw4ptommyrot.wordpress.com/tag/creating-destiny/

    dw4p, thanks as always for your recap & insights, and especially for taking on episode 21 in a pinch this past week! I love Lee Chun-hee too, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of him in future episodes. I just hope Jun Hye-jin, playing Ji-soo, keeps up. Her character took a turn in this episode and she pretty much lost all the cool-toughness she’s had so far in the series! It was a little weird to follow, especially the dubbed-over crying that came out of the blue. LOL. Like you pointed out, I loved that the writing kept Sung-joon in his delusion for episodes on end. I loved Ji-soo’s line when she realizes that he actually, seriously, still thinks she’s a rich kid. Hahaha.

    I also like that Jung-in is starting to show a bit more affection toward her family. In the last episode, by throwing the surprise party for Jung-kyung (even if Hyun-soo was her motivation) and in this episode, the sweet father-daughter talk. It almost made me wonder if this angle is going to be the key to Jung-kil’s reformation, because he seemed surprisingly moved when she took his arm and waxed sentimental. The only other time we’ve seen a modicum of humility in Jung-kil was when he was washing his poopy pants (haha!) and Man-bok asked him what he would do if Sung-joon is in his position years down the road. Interested to see what’s in store this weekend!

  22. 22 mimi

    Awesome recap. Thank you!

    Chun Hee is so funny. He makes me smile again after watching Jung Kyung who leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. How can she be so selfish and rude to her little sister, knowing full well that Hyun Soo and Jung In are a couple now?? Hyun soo was so clear to her about his feelings and his intentions with Jung In which I appreciated.

  23. 23 dw4p

    I love that you’re here to bring your thoughts! Great point about Jung-in’s role in the family reformation. It makes sense that she’s the first one to go through internal change, and naturally spills it over to her family.

    Oh and thanks for the plug. hee hee.

  24. 24 Anonymous

    omg i love the Lee Chun Hee parts. thanks for making these great recaps as always and sharing your opinion..

    *squeel* i keep thinking about lee chun hee’s scenes soo funny and cute

  25. 25 Jae

    Yayy more CHunEEE!!!!
    Gosh, even the Granpa romance was so funny. Do they really call each other oppa? Or is that restricted to younger age groups? I almost choked on my coffee…lol.

    Thanks Soyjoy!
    I just bookmarked dw4p’s blog. I plan to watch Creating Destiny but have no time so this is awesome.

    Thanks as always to both of you. Really appreciate your recaps and insights. 😀

  26. 26 ellen

    I like it when Hyun Soo told JK that he wants to give all of his heart to the one next to him now -JI the first to ever make him feel good about himself.
    JK is really a bad sister for trying to take away Hyun Soo from JI. She’s being selfish & greedy.
    I hope Hyun Soo is just feeling guilty for not telling JI about JK asking him to go back to her. I dread to think that he maybe confused about his feelings for JI & JK. Its inconsiderate, cruel & rather thick for JK to tell JI she likes HS now! A shock for the whole family who happens to witness it. What next.
    Hanse’s way of flirting with JI is cute & adorable.

  27. 27 corrakun

    Ji-soo: Then what should I call you?
    Sung-joon: Baby.
    Ji-soo: Eh? Oh… disgusting.

    i feel like i’ve had this conversation once before. HEHE.

  28. 28 lanlan

    # sonam Writer Moon did change the scenery for us, from the grandpa house to sauna parlor. I doubt that they will film any oversea scenes.

    Episode 22 looks promising without JK, the more she is in it, the less the ratings. We wait and see when it breaks the 20%.

  29. 29 Quaggy

    I loved how Sung-joon said his brain couldn’t handle something like an affair with a married woman and how Jung-in told him that he should be with someone hardworking and frugal (just like Ji-soo) and that she knows him better than anyone and therefore knows what he needs. They are very cute as siblings.

    I loved Hyun-soo trying to shush his phone. I wasn’t expecting that when I watched the show the first time and I busted out laughing in spite of myself! So random and adorable!

    I loved Sung-joon’s double take when Ji-soo came out of the dressing room. I’m enjoying Lee Chun-hee more and more every episode.

    It was really sweet how during the thought-pocket conversation how Jung-in recognized that work would need to take up at least half of Hyun-soo brain. She’s come a long way.

    I like the parallels how Jung-kyung first noticed that she seemed to be more Jung-in’s big sister like to Hyun-soo back when he couldn’t tell the difference but now that’s how Hyun-soo’s defining his relationship with Jung-kyung.

    I loved Jung-in and Jung-kil’s father/daughter moment. I’m with Soyjoy in that I think Jung-kil’s reformation might come because he’s starts tying to be a good role model for his children. (It could be why we got that montage of Jung-kil’s not-so-greatest moments at the end of the episode. We tend to get review montages like that when there’s been a significant change in a relationship or in character development.)

    So, now Jung-kil might actually be on the long road to redemption. Sung-joon is on his way as well thanks to Ji-soo (and a little tough love from Jung-in). Jung-kyung is in the middle of her own sort of redemption… learning to compassion and how to care for more than just herself. That leaves only Joo-hee, but I’m not sure how they’ll be able to reform someone as vapid and brainless as she is!

    I loved Sung-joo and Ji-soo all cute, flirty and awkward in her room. The only problem that I have with Sung-joon and Ji-soo getting together is that they’ll be just like Jung-in and Hyun-soo in that all their future conflict will be external. While it’s awesome that this show has created such strong couples, it means that the only romantic tension/drama will be from either Jung-kyung and her doctor (ick) or developing Grandpa love triangle (funny as a sub-plot, but vaguely disturbing as the main focus). What this show needs if for Hyun-soo to have a little sister that could ultimately be a pair with Han-see and be his path to redemption! 😛

    One last thing, I don’t find it that strange that Hyun-soo didn’t tell Jung-in about the love confession. He seems pretty certain that the only reason Jung-kyung decided that she liked him after all this time is because she’s such an emotional mess right now (which he might actually be right about) and that in turn means that she’s even more on a downward spiral than they originally thought. There’s not really anything that they can do to fix things, so I suppose he’s trying to protect Jung-in from more worry.

  30. 30 Z

    I kind of don’t get why I’m supposed to accept that Ji-soo likes Sung-joon back. It seems so sudden and we were never given any inclination that the feeling was mutual. She always seemed to tolerate him more than anything, because it was easier than fighting with him. Then, she cries some awkward sob on his chest and and he kisses her and runs away and she suddenly likes him? I guess I can buy it because of the “You’re the first man who’s treated me nice” thing… but still…

    And, I have serious problems with Hyun-soo’s behavior toward Jung-in after Jung-kyung’s confession. I mean, I totally get that “I didn’t want you to worry” is a valid excuse for lying in Kdramaland. But, if you’re going to do it, do a better job of hiding it. If, you’re going to be mooning around and taking awkward secret phone calls, then she’s going to worry anyway… I know this happens in every KDrama but it never ceases to annoy me so I had to vent.

    Other than that, I’m loving the way they are taking things… Hyun-soo’s straightforwardness with Jung-kyung makes up for his dissembling a bit to Jung-in. And I like the way that we’re starting to see some progress in Jung-kil! He seemed pretty genuine and proud of his hard work when he was digging that hole!

  31. 31 Kyoko

    Honestly I believe HS did’t tell Jung In about Jung Kyung because he doesn’t want to believe it himself. He feels awkward about it but just cannot allow himself to accept her avowal. He really believes that she is just confused.
    I guess he somehow still feels awkward about her….don’t know why.
    Don’t really want to know….so….still something left?

  32. 32 citrone

    Thanks for wonderful recaps ^^

  33. 33 taffy

    thank you thank you for such awesome recaps. i’m cramming for law school finals, running on 3 hrs of sleep each day so i can’t watch the episodes yet. but i CAN’T WAIT to find out what happens, so i am seriously thankful there’s dramabeans =D

    the show’s title rings so true, i honestly can’t stop smiling all the way through hehe SJ + JS are adoraaable. i love how he got so happy that she really is an orphan! haha!

    btw, does anyone know where one can purchase a similar circle/cowl-neck scarf that JS is wearing in this episode? JI also had a really cute pink one in episode 15 or 16…do they only sell it in asia? i’m in LA trickkkk…

  34. 34 onemorepls

    From last episode I was afraid that this episode will be all angst but the writer throw in Sung-joon and Ji-soo to balance it out I feel. It’s great this writer and director. And wow Lee Chun-hee in a suit I had to take a double look. hehehe.

    Somehow this drama it’s all triangle love so I think that Sung-joon and Ji-soo will have a third person. It’s possible it’s that guy from the car repair store. The one that’s know about Ji-soo (sorry can’t remember his name)…maybe hehehehe

    Thank You for the recap. I love this show. You guys are the greatest.

  35. 35 Mara

    lee chun hee = love

  36. 36 soyjoy

    Wow, dw4p! You couldn’t have been more right about how the momentum of the episodes built in twos every weekend. I watched episodes 22 and 23, and thought that 22 was an absolute delight while 23 was just a string of events pushing the plot forward. I wonder if there’s a way to get the episodes back into the natural order of things, because otherwise the flow feels a bit haphazard!

    @ 33 taffy

    I was thinking the same thing about the cowl sweater thing! I love the look. It must be the in thing in Korea right now, cuz I also saw Eugene sporting one in Creating Destiny. I haven’t seen any, but will be on the lookout!

  37. 37 ch0uxpastryheart

    @ taffy and soyjoy
    I think it is called snood (scarf and hood). You can google “snood scarf.” I got one at H&M a few weeks ago. It really keeps you warm, especially with the cold weather nowadays.

    thanks for the recap! I love this weekend’s episodes. I can’t wait for the next one. 🙂

  38. 38 YelaUmbrella

    Lee Min Jung is sooo pretty. 🙂 Thanks for the Recap. I have been reading this for a month now, its just now that i’ve decided to comment. dw4p and soyjoy, hands down down to your recaps! 🙂

  39. 39 dw4p

    I haven’t seen episode 23 yet due to some computer issues… but did watch 22 which felt like an “even” episode. Hopefully the writers will adjust back to the sat/sun combo episodes.

    As for the important stuffs, snoods are everywhere! I got mine in SF on vacation but I’ve seen them all over the place. they also have the “skinny” version which are called infinity scarves. I actually don’t find snoods as warm as a scarf, cuz of the cowl… LA is probably the perfect place to wear it. But it’s really versatile cuz you can get lots of looks out of it.

    I really love Jung-in’s fashion sensibility and have made quite a few outfits from watching this drama… good on so many levels. haha.

  40. 40 linz

    Thanks sooo much for the recap! I love Chunhee too 🙂

    Oh and I think Jung-kyung is just so mean! I don’t care how much you like some guy….you NEVER backstab your sister like that!!

  41. 41 taffy

    @ soyjoy, ch0uxpastryheart and dw4p

    thanks for the input and the proper name to google search for! most i’ve found look more like scarves, whereas the ones featured here looks more like the top half of a cowl neck sweater. maybe thats the skinny version that dw4p was talking about? i’ll go check out h&m soon…

    anyway, finals are finally over. and I was so happy last night to catch up all the way to ep 23 with a bowl of frozen yogurt. it felt like heaven after these past 2 weeks. haha. now if only i can find a guy like Hyun-soo to watch this drama with! honestly, at first i didnt think he was very attractive, but as the show progressed, his general adorableness won me over. <3

  42. 42 carmela

    The Smile,You Koreanovela is very nice koreanovela for me . I dont know to everyone . Basta from me its a nice, spectacular !

  43. 43 shy

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