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Smile: Episode 22
by | December 18, 2009 | 39 Comments

Hello all! Sorry for the hiatus… computer issues coupled with some apartment redecorating had kept me away from the wonderful world wide web. I just recently caught episode 22 and was glad to see the relationship between Hyun-soo and Jung-in develop a bit and pass the early stages of bubbly cuteness.

And as many (including myself) had desired, we finally got a couple of scenes out of the usual locales which was a nice change of pace. But in the end, family kdramas tend to stick to the few tried and true scenes, so I don’t expect much variation. And Smile hasn’t really shown any good camera work, keeping it fairly simple and boring: another reason to keep our expectations low.

I again found this episode to be a bit slow, but the scenes towards the end with Han-se and the couple made up for most of the dullness of the first half.

The rice wine brings out some craziness for the Kang/Seo family which leads to Geum-ja hitting Jung-kyung, wailing by Geum-ja and Jung-in, and everyone confessing their fondness for one another. It’s all pretty ridiculous but funny none the less. The funniest part is when Jung-in raises her hand and says she likes Hyun-soo also, after Jung-kyung confesses that she likes him. The sisters both mean that they really like Hyun-soo, but the family thinks that it’s just friendly affection.

As Jung-kyung leaves, Jung-in follows to ask her out. She admits that she feels uneasy knowing that her sister now likes Hyun-soo. She ends the conversation reminding Jung-kyung that Hyun-soo is the man whom her younger sister likes.

I really like that Jung-in focuses on her own feelings when trying to dissuade Jung-kyung from liking Hyun-soo. In comparison, Jung-kyung told Jung-in to keep her feelings in check because Hyun-soo had liked her for 8 years.

Sung-joon is enjoying his drinks with his new girlfriend, Ji-soo. When she asks him why he likes her, Sung-joon has an honest answer.

Sung-joon: I like you because you’re next to me. Miss Brazil, Angelina Jolie, Girls Generation (Kpop girl group). Why would I like them when I’ve never even seen them before. I like you because I’m able to see you everyday. How did you ever come to the auto center?

He’s just so super cute! They start their oh-so-sweet phase of their relationship, reminiscent of Hyun-soo and Jung-in. They start rattling off all the things they want to do together. He aims high: taking a plane to Italy and she aims low: sitting on a train together.

When Jung-in returns to her room, she notices a slight change to the graffiti on her wall, courtesy of Hyun-soo. It now reads: Idiot x 10000. His way of letting her know that it’s ridiculous for her to worry about Jung-kyung’s feelings.

In the morning, Hyun-soo is the one packing their lunch and Geum-ja comes to apologize for her alcohol induced behavior. He starts yelling at his mom when he notices Jung-in standing by the door.

Hyun-soo: Because I’m in shock from your behavior, I’m going to start dating from today. I’m going to meet a girl who likes me and date earnestly. So don’t be surprised. From this moment, if there’s a girl who likes me, I’m going to immediately start dating her.
Geum-ja: But you can’t just date anyone. I’m sure there are lots of girls who’d like you.
Hyun-soo: Of course, I have to choose. Someone like you with big eyes, a hearty voice, and who can cook, especially someone who can make good rolled eggs.

When Geum-ja leaves the kitchen, he’s left to deal with Jung-in’s anger (for not telling her about Jung-kyung.) She pinches his arm, which immediately gets him to sing a chorus of I’m sorry.

Over at Ji-soo’s house, she wakes up to find Sung-joon asleep next to her. He’s about to leave, but is shocked to see that Jung-kyung is the new mysterious roommate. Of course there are surprises all around as Jung-kyung sees her brother and Ji-soo coming out of the same room in the morning. She asks him to not tell her family where she lives, and in turn Sung-joon tells her not to blow their cover as well. After he leaves, Jung-kyung comments, “I guess you don’t know since you’re by yourself, but it doesn’t always work out because two people like each other.”

Jung-in continues to harbor her anger at the office and Hyun-soo eventually gets upset as well. “Do you still have any interest in Han-se?” When she profusely denies it, Hyun-soo adds, “Then why do you think I would?” Hearing his words quells her heart and the two move in for a little affection. But Han-se watches from the side and jumps right in, seeing the 2 of them too close for comfort.

Hyun-soo gives Jung-in an assignment and starts to give her his new computer password (her birthday) but stops short. She asks to send the info over using telepathy, which he happily obliges by touching her forehead. Han-se tries to get in on the action and follows the same motion, telling Jung-in to guess the surprise present that he’s planning for her. (Haha)

Hyun-soo and Jung-in walk home together, arm in arm, happy to have made up from their fight. When Jung-in gets melancholy, thinking about having to hide their relationship, Hyun-soo decides to take her somewhere special: to the public bath. (MISA flashback anyone?) They spend time alone together but are hit with an unexpected surprise.

It just happened that the Kangs and Seos decide to have an excursion of their own to the very same public bathhouse. When they enter the room with the couple, they are forced to hide their faces by throwing a towel on them. They try to make a getaway but are forced to remain seated. Jung-in eventually takes the towel and runs away alone, leaving Hyun-soo to hide his face using his t-shirt.

The two finally meet at the igloo room. They decide to stay in the cold room a little while longer, figuring that the adults wouldn’t come into such a cold room. Jung-in suggests that they get blankets to keep themselves warm, making Hyun-soo smile and ask, “Does that mean we get to be under the same blanket?” Hahaha.

Unfortunately, their families are sitting right outside and Jung-in gets caught just as she walks out. She’s forced to sit with them and eat hard boiled eggs while Hyun-soo freezes.

Hearing that Man-bok is under the weather, Joon-bae comes to visit, bring his girlfriend, So-nyu. She tells Joon-bae to take care of his friend, thinking that Man-bok doesn’t have much. But changes her whole attitude when she finds out that Man-bok is really the rich one. He just doesn’t like to show it. She looks at him with different eyes and even calls him oppa, fulling raising Man-bok’s suspicious antenna.

Jung-in gives everyone a face mask to create a diversion for Hyun-soo’s escape. But Geum-ja sees him as he tries to leave and they are forced to stay with their parents. The two of them are able to stay alone for a short while, which gives them a chance to play a silly word association game together. (i.e. Your face is red. Apples are red. Apples are tasty, and so on.) But the game leads Jung-in to come up with a plan for bring their families closer, and ultimately for them to reveal their relationship.

They come up with a clever plan to go on a vacation with both families, manipulating the conversation with their parents. They get everyone to agree on traveling together to save money, but play separately once they get there. They sit around trying to think of a name for their vacation group which ends up with the Paradise group. The whole thing is kinda ridiculous and kinda cute, but the goal of bring together the sets of parents works for the time being.

Han-se takes Jung-kil to Joon-bae’s restaurant and asks for his help in convincing Joon-bae to sell back the old Seo house. Jung-kil starts putting the pieces together in his head and comes to the conclusion that the house must be the the last wish that his father had shared with Man-bok. (Oh boy. What shenanigans will he get into now?)

Hyun-soo receives a call from Jung-kyung, and fully discloses the call to Jung-in, making her smile. Jung-kyung heads to the hospital to talk to the chief. She tells him not to take a sabbatical on her account and reveals her feelings about Hyun-soo, quipping, “Isn’t it funny that I like someone who doesn’t like me back at this age?” But the chief answers, “No it’s not funny. It looks like I’ll be doing the same. But I still want to do it.”, and surprises Jung-kyung with his confession.

Han-se’s mom comes into the office and finds Jung-in working at Global Motors. She drags her to Han-se’s office demanding to know what’s going on. When she starts to accuse Jung-in of trying to win back her son, Han-se speaks up to his mom for the first time.

Han-se: I’m the one who called her back. I made her work here by threatening her with the ring money. I’m the one who likes her even though she doesn’t like me back. She doesn’t want money or anything else. So don’t be like this also.
HS Mom: [To Jung-in] You must be jumping up and down on the inside. But I know what you’re really up to. [To Han-se] Kick her out right now!
Han-se: Mom, you leave! I can’t just let Jung-in go like this. I thought I would be able to get her back. I thought she would come back to me if I had Global. But she says she won’t come. Even if I gave her Global, she won’t come. I don’t need Global or anything else, so mom you bring back Jung-in to me!

His mom slaps him, sending both Han-se and Jung-in into shock. Hyun-soo runs over hearing that Jung-in has been dragged to Han-se office and finds Han-se clinging onto Jung-in.

Jung-in: I told you I don’t have any leftover feelings.
Han-se: Do what you want. You said you wanted to meet who you liked. Alright, do what you want. It’s OK. I’ll wait. Come back. Please, Jung-in.
Jung-in: I’m not going to say anything. No matter what I say will hurt you.
Han-se: No. I think I finally know what I should do.

When Jung-in asks for an expensive cup of coffee to liven up her mood, Hyun-soo takes her to ride in the new beat car and hands her a can of ice coffee. When she wonders why it has to be cold coffee, he replies, “There’s a reason. What did you and Han-se talk about?” When Jung-in doesn’t answer, he tells her to hold on and starts swerving around with the car, forcing Jung-in to blab out the conversation with Han-se.

Then they finally have a serious adult conversation.

Jung-in: I think I understand why you didn’t want to tell me about Jung-kyung unni. Honestly, my heart ached. Are you angry?
Hyun-soo: I can take it for now.
Jung-in: Me too. So tell me. Be honest.
Hyun-soo: I was surprised, bewildered, shocked, unbelieving, flustered, and scared.
Jung-in: That your feelings would be shaken?
Hyun-soo: That your feelings would be shaken. ‘It’s difficult to be Kang Hyun-soo’s girlfriend. Even with Global’s heir chasing me, I decided to still date him but what’s with him? I have to lie and be secretive about my relationship at home and my older sister is his first love. It’s giving me too big a headache to continue.’ That you’d leave like this.

Hyun-soo takes her hand and they sit in silence, while Han-se looks on with sadness and acceptance in his eyes.

The parents talk about where to go on their family vacation but have a hard time agreeing on a spot. When Geum-ja mentions just going to a karaoke bar instead, Sung-joon appears out of nowhere and yells, “Karaoke call!” (Hahaha!!! I really missed Sung-joon in this episode.)

When Jung-in and Hyun-soo arrive home together, Joo-hee discloses that they are working at Global Motors together and it’s not a big surprise that they would be coming home at the same time. But Sang-hoon’s suspicions are raised for the second time. (The first time was seeing the two of them together at the public bath.)

Jung-in and Hyun-soo spend the night talking away on their couple phones. When Jung-in mentions that it’s difficult to lie to Sang-hoon, Hyun-soo tells her that his dad will understand why they decided not to tell the family right away. The two of them promise to be good to each other’s families, when Sung-joon pops up out of bed, “Instead of thinking about being good to me later, just let me sleep now.” Sung-joon threatens vengeance by talking on the phone for a long time as well. They are just about to get into a conversation about his new girlfriend when…

the whole family is awaken to: KANG HYUN-SOO! OPEN THE DOOR! A drunk Han-se shows up at their doorstep looking for Hyun-soo.

Han-se: Kang Hyun-soo. I’m so miserable. Kang Hyun-soo. Seo Jung-in. You two. How can you do this to me!!


Han-se was really terrific in this episode. Lee Kyu-han does a great job of showing Han-se’s serious side, after weeks of being relegated to comic relief. (We knew he had the chops after Que Sera Sera, so it’s nice to see the drama taking advantage.) The relationship between Hyun-soo, Jung-in, and Han-se is shown rather beautifully in the episode with bouts of angst, bliss, and comedy all melded together. It allowed us, the viewers, a chance to glimpse into the lives of people in love and feel their confused emotions in a real way.

I think that’s what the drama wanted us to feel in episode 21 with the Jung-kyung incident as well, but without success. I really believed that the meat of the angst would come from this part of the love rectangle, but that has not been the case so far. I think the storyline is there to develop something of significance, but the more I watch Jung-kyung, the more I think Choi Jung-yoon may have been miscast for this role. I actually like her quite a bit but she’s not coming off genuine to me. She has come out and commented that she doesn’t really understand why Jung-kyung would behave this way, and I think this shows up in her acting. The scene where she cries, holding onto the gloves, was completely forced. Of course, it’s not just Choi Jung-yoon‘s fault, as Jung-kyung’s character development has been sketchy at best. Why the writer needs to have her quit the hospital and turn her into a sobbing mess is beyond me.

As mentioned in the opening, the first 2/3 of the episode dragged on for me a bit. I fully expected a bit of a lull with the drama hitting its mid poingt, so it’s not completely disappointing. But I think they may need to add in something a little new to keep things moving. I’m usually not a big fan of throwing in a new character to bring in excitement, so I’m hoping that the something new will be in the realm of character development.


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  1. sookcherry

    I don’t really understand Jung kyung either. Her character is really hard to like. Even her relationship with the Director is a little weird. I didn’t feel that she genuinely loved him.

    Probably the best scene after she tells Ji soo, “I guess you don’t know since you’re by yourself [indicating she’s an orphan], but it doesn’t always work out because two people like each other.” This shows how insensitive Jung Kyung is but later she indicates that she did not mean to come off that way and how she says things not very well and end up being misunderstood. I felt slightly sorry for her. She never learned to be warm or to convey warmth to other people because, come on seriously, her family is pretty messed up. She probably felt she’s the only sane, rational person in the family. I can kind of understand where she’s coming from.

    Yet, I still don’t understand her relationship with the Director and her turnabout with Hyun-Soo. Maybe she’s finally growing up and not just seeing herself.

  2. Peachy Mai Tai


  3. langdon813

    Oh, I think the drama is doing a great job of portraying Jung-kyung deeply in love.

    With HERSELF. I hate her with fire of a thousand suns. Truly.

    Great recap, dw4p!

  4. Madita

    We need to find URGENTLY another girl for HAN-SE 🙂

    Thank you very much for the recap, I was waiting for it.

  5. Sonam

    I prefer content over style so I am not missing fancy camera work.
    Yes, HanSae is what I took away from this episode and he completely owns the next episode. It’s great to see a completely different side of LKH after QSS and MNIKSS. He actually looks younger in SY. Maybe it’s the character he’s playing and the hairstyle.
    I found the first part of the episode hilarious. When JI starts wailing with HS’s mom – I thought JI was trying to deflect attention from her sister and what she would say. Or maybe I am reading too much into it.
    I also found the scene immediately after where they all profess their liking to each very farcical and deliciously absurd. All the actors were so good with their comic timing. Loved it when JI’s mom said in her baby voice that Grandpa had tons of charisma. She kind of makes me think she must have been like JW in WISFC …that ditzy five year old babe in the woods princess act.
    I could have done without the public bath scenes but I am not complaining. This drama is the only drama that hasn’t let me done and a lull once in awhile is forgiven.

    Agree about the sister. Her crying into the gloves was bizarre. Just didn’t expect her to be so sentimental and emotional. The writer made a boo boo there. If only they had cut that scene. Also her being so mean spirited to her sis and clinging to HS and pleading with him to like her again seem so out of character. I just decided she was having a nervous breakdown after the public humiliation when the Doc refused to acknowledge her.

  6. mishane

    THANK YOU!!!!

    I’m desperately awaiting subs and your recaps are really brightening my day.

  7. Anya

    Thank you so much! I’ve been waiting for this recap!

    Han Sae was so hilarious in this ep! I couldn’t stop laughing. And I agree with the other commenters; I sympathise with Han Sae, but not with Jung Kyung.
    Can’t wait for episodes 24 and 25 this weekend!

  8. Sonam

    But it’s been fully subbed at viikii for a while now.

  9. Quaggy

    Thanks for the recap, Dw4p! (Totally understandable how real life can get in the way. No need to even apologize!)

    I really liked Jung-in and Han-soo’s exchange as they made up form the fight. Those two may joke about telepathy, but they really do understand and trust each other. It’s a very sweet moment. I can get over how refreshing it is to see a function relationship portrayed on TV (American or Korean!)

    They sit around trying to think of a name for their vacation group which ends up with the Paradise group. The whole thing is kinda ridiculous and kinda cute, but the goal of bring together the sets of parents works for the time being.

    I didn’t really think about it until now, but what makes the Paradise group scene work is the people in it. They are all excellent actors and we’ve all really come to care about the characters. Without that combination the scene would fall flat and be utterly boring.

  10. 10 Thu

    Han Se is hitting all the right notes for me. He is too cute, but yeah, this episode disappointed me. It dragged for a while and I thought there was too much sappyness.

  11. 11 Kristen

    Yay, I’d been wanting to see your review of this episode! It left me so satisfied on so many fronts — getting to see newer, more serious aspects of Han-Se’s character, for example. And the development and progression of Hyun Soo and Jung In’s relationship, beyond the cutesy first stages of shy smiles and hand-holding and into the realm of more meaningful, open-hearted conversations. (Still accompanied by the cutesy stuff, sure. I would seldom turn my nose up at cutesy relationship stuff. But it’s good to see it balanced with deeper connections.)

    I am also hugely delighted by Sang Hoon’s growing awareness and suspicions, and I am so looking forward to how that plays out. I am thrilled by the idea of him working behind the scenes to lay the groundwork for their relationship to be accepted by the other parental figures. It’s been nice to see his relationship with Jung In developing so slowly, slowly over the course of the series so far. I want more, more more!

    So glad you’re looking at this series. I have no one to flail with over it–friends are wrapped up in IRIS or… I don’t know what else. Pretty much anything but this, it seems, which is a shame, because I’m finding it to be a bit of a gem so far.

  12. 12 V

    I guess i’m the only one who doesn’t have any sympathy for Hanse. I can’t have sympathy for someone who chose to leave his bride at the side of the road. I can understand that it was difficult for him to choose money or his bride, but it’s sad that he ended up choosing money over Jung-in. This shows how much he really loved her which to be honest (wasn’t really love). He made his decision and as we all know when we make irrational decisions we must accept the consequences. He came too late and now he’s missed his chance. I guess everyone has different opinions which is understandable, but i have to say that his attempts to get her bak is a epic FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. 13 V

    One more thing in the words of JoJo He came too little too late!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s sad how he’s trying to get back the house for her, like that’s going to bring her back to him!!!!!

  14. 14 olive

    thanks for the recap. I totally agree with you, dw4p. The part of solving the conflict at the beginning is slow :)) it takes like 10-15 mins? though i find it silly, i think it’s quite funny that they could make such conflict last that hlong (everybody just stood there to hear GJ crying and yelling =)) then JI hugs her) is it just me or someone else who also thinks that the crying part of GJ and JI looks really fake? 😀

  15. 15 Icarusfalls

    I am completely ignoring Jung-kyung’s character.. if I could fast forward her parts without missing plots or other characters stories, I so would!!!

  16. 16 ausming

    Thanks and appreciate the recap, especially with your busy schedule and holidays being just round the corner.

    I actually enjoyed episode 22. I found the first scene so freakingly hilarious with everyone openly declaring love for one another – so they have become a lovey-dovey extended family! ha ha

    I enjoyed the couples’ exchanges and their meaningful conversations, and how JI and HS go about resolving their issues and insecurities without much dramatics. As for Hanse, although I like the actor’s performance, his character is annoying me quite a lot, and his stand-up speech to his mom did nothing for me. Maybe I can’t stand whiny and clingy exes, who spend all day scheming to repossess what they had lost. Just move on, please – it’s starting to sound really repetitive and tiring every time JI has to tell him in his face she is not interested.

    Agree about the cheesy scenes and that it is because of the actors and their adding the right touch at the right moment that the scenes turn out fine. Also, I think this drama is trapezing between light comedic moments and serious, weightier issues with a lot of skill.

    As for JK, I personally hope she does not get back with the doctor. I can’t see her as a mother to his child. She’s kinda emotionally paralysed and I can’t see her doing anything good for the child, even though the kid is a brat.

    Smile, You may not be the best drama in 2009, but for me, it is at the top of my personal favourites. It is hitting all the right notes for me, and the dialogues especially between HS and JI deeply resonate with me. A very merry, Smiley Christmas and happy holidays to everyone at this thread!

  17. 17 V

    Sorry i just have to say this Kang Hyun soo & Jung-in’s relationship is beautiful!!!!!!!!! I love how he always tries to understand her, treats her well, and always puts her first in his life!!!!!!!!! I’m rooting for them because this is how love is suppose to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. 18 Nanaee

    Ohh wait until Epi 23… It crack me up because it is so hilarious…

  19. 19 Z

    Hanse totally stole the show last weekend (if you haven’t watched epi 23 yet, then just trust me on this…)!! I love it. I was so surprised at the scene where he blows up at his mom, especially when he actually follows through on it. I was a little afraid that it would be the catalyst for him turning extra mopey and evil for the second half of the show but, ending it with a crazy drunken hug keeps t hings light. I feel like I can’t even comment on this episode without referencing episode 23 (which was pretty genius from beginning to end) so I’ll leave off here and (im)patiently await the next recap!

  20. 20 ausming

    oh, sorry, just have to add one more comment. I am even more appreciative of JKH-LMJ pairing after seeing the unevenness of Go Soo-HYS pairing in Will it Snow for Christmas? The Smile, you couple really has an excellent partnership!

  21. 21 Sonam

    I thought JI was pretending to cry along with the mother so as to distract her from JK. She didn’t want mother to find out about her relationship with HS. So I found the scene very funny. Maybe I am misinterpreting? If JI was really crying it would make no sense.

  22. 22 Sonam

    LOL I was just thinking that. I was like…. Thank goodness for HS/JI because I am really disappointed with the lack of chemistry between Goo Soo and HYS or should I say HYS’s ditsy cutesy interpretation of JW.

  23. 23 YABaddict

    Thank you for the recaps dw4p!
    I was a little behind last week, and I’m a little ahead this week! As some of the others said, ep. 23 is hilarious! and I can’t wait to read what you or soyjoy will say in the recaps!
    This show is really good, it just keeps getting better and better, and funnier and funnier…I love their sense of humor! Just when I think I’ve watched the funniest episode, another one tops it, that is indeed genius as someone else mentioned.

    Ok, on to some observations. About JK, what I really don’t understand about her is the 180 turn of her love for the director to HS. It’s like overnight, she has no more feelings for the man she’s loved for maybe years, with whom she actually had a relationship even if it was hidden, to suddenly being madly, desperately in love with HS who she barely remembered and had no meaning in her life before. It makes her great love for the director cheap, and maybe it was.

    That just doesn’t make sense to me. I can understand her coldness, her self-centeredness, but I don’t understand her love for HS, other than for the fact that he was there when she needed a friend. I agree that the writers have completely messed up her character by trying to, it seems, change her, or maybe the actress is doing it on her own. It’s like, if you’re going to be the villain in the series, then be the villain, and maybe slowly change and be a better person. But don’t be a villain and overnight become a meek, desperate, clingy person.
    I wish she had remained cold and that we could still hate for being bad, a B—, instead of hating her for confusing us or maybe not portraying her character well. Oh, well…I don’t know how she can improve. At this point, can she return to being cold, or will she just have to go down the lane to pathetic?

    All the other characters are great though, even Kyunsoo is more appealing.
    Can’t wait for more! Thanks again!

  24. 24 asianromance

    Thank you so much for the recap! Wow Han-se finally grew a pair and stood up to his mom! After that speech, for a moment, i wish Jung-in will get back with Han-se. Since there are a lot of episodes left, I hope they will set Han-se up with some other girl!

    as for JK’s character, i don’t understand why she had to quit the hospital. It seems like a big hospital and it doesn’t seem like she HAS to see that doctor dude all the time if she doesn’t want to. And what is the family doing for income, now that she’s jobless??

  25. 25 ausming

    @ 22

    yeah, spot on about your observation of cutesy, ditzy interpretation. Unnatural and HYS looks so uncomfortable doing cutesy. LMJ does cute with a lot more finesse. Sorry, not dissing HYS, she does redeem herself a little in ep 6, but it is still quite obvious that Go Soo overpowers her…and overwhelmingly so, while there is a wonderful balance between JKH and LMJ. sorry, pressing in the point about their pairing again heh heh

  26. 26 ausming

    I do think this drama is quite fast in solving every problem unlike any cliche korean drama which tend to drag. If it’s other dramas then JK problem would have been drag for maybe 10 episodes, but Smile you only takes 2 or 3 episodes to solve every problem with agreat touch of humour, cute, and sweet things. I do think the family confessing for each other is very hilarious and unpredictable…Who would guess that they will choose to solve it that way…LOL the way HS

  27. 27 ma-e

    I do think this drama is quite fast in solving every problem unlike any cliche korean drama which tend to drag. If it’s other dramas then JK problem would have been drag for maybe 10 episodes, but Smile you only takes 2 or 3 episodes to solve every problem with agreat touch of humour, cute, and sweet things. I do think the family confessing for each other is very hilarious and unpredictable…Who would guess that they will choose to solve it that way…LOL the way HS looks at JI is way funnier…he is like so shock

    JK is becoming patethic. Her character turns out to be that way maybe because of some factors. First, the her relationship with the director is not working at all and in those sad time, HS was always there making her laugh. Once she never eaver gives HS any chances, but after knowing him slowly she seems to see his charm. I mean, who wouldn’t fall in love with such a sweet boy….Secondly, her ambitious nature, she is always like that from when she was a kid. Seeing HS starting to fall for her sister is making her very insecure. I mean a guy who have been chasing you for 8 years has move on to another woman which is your own sister. I think she really regrets, if she has given chance to HS, maybe she is already together with him, without to have to worry about the issues she faces with the director right now.

    EP 22 is funny, sweet, and touching. From the sauna scene we can see that the both families are becoming more like a family , though they haven’t realise it yet. The holiday trip, and how they choose a name for it is very cute as well. I know this drama is not like others, which are dramatic or something, that’s why it seems constant, but this definetely gives you the warm and happy feeling after watching it. Not to forget the chemistry between LMJ and JKH

  28. 28 Ladymynt


    I agree I think her crying was fake and was meant to add humor to the situation. I think HS’s facial expressions during the sence help to confirm that it was fake and meant as humor for the audience, which i also found quite amusing.

    I thought this ep had a lot of humorous moments in it. I don’t think that it’s losing and momentum. I ike that the writers style of mixing comedy with the serious sences. It helps keep the drama light and not to serious, which I think it their goal seeing as it’s called “Smile You”. It’s a refreshing change from most K dramas.

    Thanks for the recap dw4p

  29. 29 cheanne

    Thanks…..I have been waiting for this ……..

  30. 30 Lan

    I think from watching the episode, I understood the pinching part at the beginning differently. HS saw JI, so he was talking to his mom but at the same time trying to tease her. He intentionally said that he wants a girl who cooks well and who can roll up eggs – JI couldn’t do these things in the past, so he was half teasing her. That’s why she teased him back that he would like girls who pinch him a lot like this (pinching begins). This made the moment hilarious. JI would not pinch HS for fun just because of JK. Whenever she talks about JK, she’s serious and so is HS.

  31. 31 Madita

    Ep.22 was just an apetizer – watch Ep.23 an you will be cracked up. Its so hilarious, an yesss HAN-SE did stole the show !!!

    God we need to finde him a new girl – poor funny chap. 🙂

  32. 32 Gagee

    As a true kdrama addict, I’d say this is the only kdrama that made me go nuts waiting for the weekend…. I find this show to be the most CONSISTENT on its story line, GREAT GREAT ACTORS that it’s almost real and never fails to keep me rolling on the floor from laughing crazy!!! To top it all, the love stories of each genres… it kills me and makes me fall in love the way they do!!! Everybody gets their share of the time slot to portray their love story!! haha! Maybe the writer can turn JungKyung’s love story with the Doc a little more exciting and funny so everybody will have a happy ending!! That way she doesn’t ruin the family thingy in the story. With Hanse, he can continue to play the funny villain with our SooIn couple so that HS will realize what a gem our JI is and will remain loyal to her…

  33. 33 Amg1

    Epi 24 raw enjoy….

  34. 34 GG

    Thanks for the recap. I am behind on my viewing, planning to catch up this weekend so it was very nice seeing you had already done the recap. I’ll be back after I’ve watched 19,20,21 in one sitting..lol

  35. 35 sophie

    Lee min jung = the new yoon eun hye

  36. 36 sooin43v3r

    I was sooooo happpyyyy that they finally got the Jung Kyung part out of the way and proceeded to the HanSe-JungIn-HyungSoo triangle. It’s much more fun and challenging to have HanSe( with his bungling ways) in the triangle since he has the power (he’s HyunSoo’s boss) and money (well he’s rich, his family owns Global Motors) which is enough to make it hard for the couple specially since JungIn’s father is still quite obsessed with wanting to be rich again and thinks that HanSe’s his ticket back to that lifestyle and else before we forget, HanSe’s mom who can make it difficult not just for the couple but also for everyone else.

    As for the conflict left from the previous episode, I would have known that as per house rules, they would discuss the issue but I never expected that both families ended up expressing that they like each other to resolve the conflict. Plus, Geum Ja who’s irritating most of the times became so likeable to me in one scene where she defended JungIn’s mom against that old gold digger. It’s like she doesn’t even like JungIn’s mom one itsy tiny bit and yet she came to her defense when that woman pushed over JungIn’s mom.

    Really adored the sauna scene. It’s so hilarious that you don’t actually need to understand what they’re saying and yet catch on to what’s going on. (Yes, I watched it without subs….again). It’s like who in the world can be so unlucky on dates that they get interrupted by not one parent but both sets of parents…not only once but twice on the same place at that! It’s like the parents are trailing them without really following them.

    Now going back to HanSe, oh how he totally owned half of the latter half of the episode with him going against her mom to the point of being slapped….ouch! And inspite of that even with all the clingy crying at JungIn he still can’t win her back….double ouch!

    Moving forward to our fave Soo-In couple, their conversation by the car in the middle of an open field somewhere within the Global Motors premises ending up holding hands while HanSe sadly looks over them is simply melodramatic without going over the top (meaning: no one ended up crying while hugging each other). It’s not really hard to understand why it might be easier for JungIn to waver with her feelings compared to HyunSoo, in the way HyunSoo said it.

    Another thing I like about this drama is so far neither HyunSoo or HanSe get’s to punch each other’s lights out like some drama cliche’s where the two guys who’s in love with the same girl literally fight over the girl.

    Then, we finally come to our cliffhanger, it sort of makes you still anticipate what’s to come eventhough you already have that inkling that with a cliffhanger like that HanSe will worm his best ever bungling way into living with them.

    Whew! That’s it! Sorry for the long comment. Smile!

  37. 37 Sonam

    Don’t be sorry. I enjoyed reading your musings. I am surprised the recaps of this drama is not flooded with comments since SY is the best drama of 2009 as far as I am concerned.

  38. 38 pabo ceo reom

    Smile makes me smile! 😛

  39. 39 Snowy

    You’ve hit the ball out the park! Icnerdblie!

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