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The young cast of God of Study
by | December 20, 2009 | 81 Comments

New posters are out featuring the young cast of KBS’s God of Study, aka the kdrama adaptation of Japan’s Dragon Zakura.

The story kicks off when a teacher begins a university prep course with five underperforming students at a high school that is in last place in the academic standings. Leading the group of five students is Yoo Seung-ho as a stubborn and rebellious troublemaker. The group is rounded out by (in order of the cast photo above) Lee Chan-ho, Ji-yeon, Go Ah-sung, and Lee Hyun-woo.

That’s a pretty solid young cast, not to mention the older generation featuring Bae Doo-na and Kim Su-ro.

Lee Chan-ho, Go Ah-sung, Lee Hyun-woo, Ji-yeon, Yoo Seung-ho

In addition to Yoo Seung-ho’s troublemaker, we have:

Go Ah-sung, 17. She was tagged as an up-and-comer to watch in the horror film The Host, and also had roles in Happy Life and Radio Days. Her character is a sincere and honest type who lacks perseverance.

Lee Hyun-woo has great charm and comic delivery, and at 16 years old, he has already had roles in numerous dramas like Queen Seon-deok, Return of Iljimae (he was Cha-dol), Great King Sejong, Lobbyist, and Legend. His character dreams of being an idol singer.

Meanwhile, Ji-yeon, 16, is probably most known for being in girl group T-ara, but she was also featured in horror drama Hon (Soul) earlier this year and did, I thought, a pretty good job; she seems to have a good affinity for the camera. Her character is peaceful and easygoing, though she lacks a sense of purpose.

Lee Chan-ho, 20, is the eldest of the bunch and appeared with Yoo Seung-ho, 16, in Fourth Period Murder Mystery, as well as the teen comedy film Our High School E.T.. His character is a timid type who doesn’t assert himself.

I’m a little less certain of the director (PD Yoo Hyun-ki) and writer (Yoon Kyung-ah), both of whom have mostly Drama City productions on their resumes. The writer’s two entries date back to 2003 and 2006. That doesn’t mean I think they’ll be bad, but that they are somewhat unknown entities. (I would say that being an adaptation of a Japanese drama gives them a leg up in terms of story material, but I’m sure we can all point to cases where that didn’t quite work out.)

God of Study will air on KBS Mondays and Tuesdays. Perhaps hoping to recreate Boys Before Flowers‘s youth appeal, it premieres almost exactly one year after it, on January 4.

Yoo Seung-ho

Go Ah-sung, above and below


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81 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. dramalover

    for some reason I don’t like any of the young cast here.
    Yoo Seung Ho: meh, never got the hype about him
    Jiyeon from T-Ara: there’s something about her face that irritates me

    • 1.1 Piggy

      I know why you dont like ji yeon because shes better tha you..haha

    • 1.2 LHW

      but Lee Hyun Woo is so cute and handsome

  2. bbm

    whoa… there’s chadol aka mini yushin…
    LHW looked so different playing when chadol and yushin, i almost didn’t recognize him…

  3. Anonymous

    @1, have you actually seen any of them act? If you did, maybe you would “get the hype.”

    Seems like an interesting group to me! I’m hopeful.

  4. suj0703

    Teeny bopper drama it seems.
    Sorry to be skeptical.
    I like Yoo Seung Ho.
    He was a character in Queen Seon-Deok whom I enjoyed watching.
    The drama seems more sitcom material.
    You know?
    I feel iffy about it…

    And Cha dol loooks waaaaaaaay cute!!
    Nice to seem him back.

  5. jm126

    What’s the synopis of the story may I ask..?

  6. sue

    OMG THAT’S CHADOL-EE?! in these pictures he looks like a mini kim dongwook!! yes/no?

    i’m already having trouble coming to terms with my noona status with half of SHINee and dongho of u-kiss, NOW I HAVE TO DEAL WITH LIKING YOO SEUNGHO AND LEE HYUNWOO TOO. 93’ers. omg. T__T

    and the sad truth that i’m only going to get older and these stars are going to get younger…

  7. alex

    just finished watching the japanese version and i really liked it. i hope this version is good too, but it’s probably gonna be really different. i like j-drama’s, they don’t seem to have as big a budget as k-dramas but they have their charms.

    im guessing jiyeon is gonna be the girlfriend role and the chubby guy is the twin. i thought of daesung for that role when i heard they were making a korean version because the japanese actor looks so much like him. really excited for this.

  8. Sere

    Return of Iljimae, that’s where I’ve seen that guy before! WHOA. He looks so different! Gah, I’ll probably check this drama out. <.<

    @sue. Hee, hee. True, true. I feel the same way.

  9. Lisa

    I liked Jiyeon in Hon so I’m excited for her. Her face bothers a lot of people because her eyes are a bit too close together.

  10. 10 deeta

    Aaaaaa, Chadol-a!! I miss his throathy voice.

  11. 11 huh...

    I don’t know much about the cast, but I think they look good together. I like that they are using actual young actors, and that they look like “normal” kids…except for YSH, of course, who just looks too cool! But hey, I guess when you’ve got it, it’s hard to hide it!
    Good luck God of Study!

  12. 12 varms

    I liked Dragon Zakura and I remember Yamapi had a stylish-looking girlfriend at the beginning but ended up liking the short hair girl in the end… And it sort of ends without any kind of conclusion as to the relationships (Abe Hiroshi sooo shoulda ended up with the teacher!) but their journey to become good students, I guess, was the main focus of the jdorama. I wonder if it’ll be the same here? That makes Ji Yeon, unlikely to end up with Yoo Seung Ho. But I think it the relationships might be more complicated here (knowing how kdramas usually are). I have never seen Yoo Seung Ho in action, I hope he’s worth it but I do like Ji Yeon somewhat…

  13. 13 anjell

    i will definitely watch this drama for the mere reason that yoo seung ho is here… 😉 i found him really cute in sad love story and i may fall inlove with him in this drama since he’s older now… (though he’s still far younger than me ;P)

  14. 14 sandrita

    mmmmnn beside mini so ji sub …i don’t like the cast at all….

  15. 15 Show2007

    Hmmmm… I don’t know about the cast. Yamapi is my fav. J-actor…Yo S-Ho looks okay but I don’t think his acting capability is better than Yamapi. Beside all the actress looks kind of funny (I am sorry but Go A-Sun doesn’t look attractive at all, I meant what happened to her nose…) DZ is a nice nice J-Drama, at least the actress are far more prettier than the K version. Well this is just my opinion, I have to wait and see…

  16. 16 Kou

    15: I love Yamap but YSH definitely has a more solid resume. Yamap is more a hit and miss.

    I dread Jdrama adaptions especially after how BOF was destroyed so I hope this doesn’t go down the same road. Although the cast is young, I think that it’s best to give the drama a chance.

    Japan has loads of school themed material so I’d like to see how Korea interprets it.

  17. 17 Taohua

    Thought the jdorama was interesting having watched it more for Abe Hiroshi than anyone else. Will probably give this a try, because I want to see Yoo Seung-ho drama.

    Is it fair to compare Yampi w/YSH? YSH has been a child actor for a long time with a pretty extensive and solid resume where much of his work has received positive feedback from critics. He is recognized as the “it” actor of his generation.

    On the other hand, Yampi has had some great dramas (particularly Nobuta wo Produce) but a lot of misses (like Sore wa, Totzen no Arashi). And I do think there are much better idol stars/actors w/in his generation (Nino and Matsujun, Yamada Takayuki, Oguri Shun, Tsumabuki Satoshi…even Mizushima Hiro is much better emotive actor IMO). I like Yampi and thought he was great in Nobuta, but if I were to say who is a better actor it would be YSH hands down. But in general it’s really hard to compare jdorama actors with kdrama actors because the systems are so different.

  18. 18 Eisa

    I am looking forward to this, hope it is good. I haven’t watched Dragon Zakura, never got down to watching it. I like Yamapi, but as an actor I’ve only seen him in Kurosagi, his other projects haven’t really appealed to me. I think that considering the casts young age they have a pretty solid resume and from what I have seen they are pretty good actors, hope it turns better than BOF because as much as I enjoyed it it was pretty disappointing in the acting aspect (for me).

  19. 19 Shay

    Yoo Seung Ho is maaaaad charismatic 😉

  20. 20 elisa

    yoo seung ho and lee hyun woo yay. watching this 🙂
    i’m kind of sad though, cause i think hongki was oringally supposed to be casted in here, but then he took up you’re beautiful instead. (not that that’s disappointing cause jeremy delivered in that bus scene!)

  21. 21 kirst3n

    Will definitely try and watch this just because of Yoo Seung Ho, such a cutie pie. He’s really young though. LOL

  22. 22 prncssptri

    @ #6 sue – totally understand how you feel! -_- the actors are getting younger, i’m a noona status even for the 2pm boys.. eiish.. and yoo seung ho is 93’ers! so wrong! i just watched him in 4th period murder mystery and he’s quite a charmer..

    looking forward for kim sooro’s performance though! i loved Abe Hiroshi in Dragon Zakura, so i hope kim sooro will perform the character.. kim sooro style!! ^^

  23. 23 jenni

    i’ll feel like an ajumma watching this lol 😀

  24. 24 ndegeocello

    Yoo Seung Ho this and Yoo Seung Ho that. Geez, Yoo Seung Ho is not the best thing since sliced bread. He is not worth half the hype he receives.

    Now Go Ah Sung, she’s one to definitely keep an eye on, if her resume has not already impressed you!

    Let’s not forget Bae Doo Na is in this! She usually has a knack for picking out good projects. Someday was sooo underrated, as was How To Meet A Perfect Neighbor.

    And this is also a reunion between Bae Doo Na and Go Ah Sung!! I have a feeling BDN was attached to the project and recommended Go Ah Sung for a part. She watches over Go Ah Sung like a big sister. It’s good to have close, supportive relationships in this hard, dirty business.

  25. 25 belleza

    Go Ah Sung was funny in Radio Days. Actually anybody who liked Capital Scandal may want to give Radio Days a shot.

    “Yoo Seung Ho this and Yoo Seung Ho that. Geez, Yoo Seung Ho is not the best thing since sliced bread. He is not worth half the hype he receives.”

    Disagree with that. Been following him for 3 years, and he’s one of the most promising child-to-teen actors I’ve ever seen.

  26. 26 D

    Might consider watching this drama only because of Lee Hyun-woo. I like his charm, plus he’s a cutie. But the rest I don’t know too much about them or find any of them all that appealing. Also the storyline isn’t my usual cup of tea. But who knows this could be worth a shot. And I agree the actors are getting way too young! I hope they have the skills to carry this drama, or this will be another teen blooper kind-of-show.

  27. 27 belleza

    I can see this adaptation as being like Beethoven Virus. The key dynamic with Dragon Zakura is the male teacher making the students realize they have to work really hard to get anywhere in life. There’s some relationship stuff lingering, but that’s all besides the point. It’s all about the male teach.

    I’m hoping they do more with Bae Doo Na, because in the original J-dorama, the female character is more or less a sounding board or middle-man. Wasn’t especially interesting, not even in an neurotic “I’m 30 and I need to get married!!” OL sort of way.

    “On the other hand, Yampi has had some great dramas (particularly Nobuta wo Produce) but a lot of misses (like Sore wa, Totzen no Arashi).”

    Ehhh . . . I mean, Yamapi is probably the Song Seung Heon of his generation, and even then I think Happy Together-era SSH is more expressive than Pi is now.

    I root for him though, mostly because he is the big draw and he has been promoted more or less as the Kimura Takuya of his gen. I guess I’m a little protective. When he struggles to wring that tear out of his eyeball, I think that’s major progress!

  28. 28 nyssnisacha

    is the drama going to follow the storyline of Dragon Zakura or they’re going to change it a bit??cos if it does follow the same storyline, then there’s a possibility of Yoo Seung-Ho’s character having some feeling for Go Ah-Sung’s character….i’m not really looking forward to this drama, but i may try watching the first ep because Bae Doo Na is in it and Go Ah-Sung looked like she’s a great new actress from the trailer.Lee Hyun Woo is rather charming too..XD

  29. 29 ellen

    I will watch this for sure cuz I’m following Yoo Seung Ho. He’s so adorable. First saw him in SAD LOVE SONG playing the young character of Kwong Sang Woo. Impressive young actor even then. I was amazed that he looked very much like So Ji Sup. Four years later he’s grown I couldn’t believe that he is (future king) Chun Chu in QUEEN SEON DEOK. He’s doing well! I watched him in thriller movie – 4th period murder case (not sure if that’s the exact title)

  30. 30 ndegeocello

    “Disagree with that. Been following him for 3 years, and he’s one of the most promising child-to-teen actors I’ve ever seen.”

    Well, I’ll have to disagree with that. I don’t think he’s any more special or talented than any other random young actor his age. He landed great roles, but I’m not sure what he did is the best anyone could do.

    And I’ll make a bold prediction and say Lee Hyun Woo will end up being the scene stealer and getting more attention.

    Oh, and I forgot to add this to my first post, but those school uniforms are fugly. The black and white trimming is just so… ugly!

  31. 31 Anonymous

    aren’t there supposed be 6 students?

  32. 32 belleza

    “then there’s a possibility of Yoo Seung-Ho’s character having some feeling for Go Ah-Sung’s character”

    If they play to the principal story, Yoo Seung Ho and Go Ah-sung will be the principle young couple. The young female character in DZ (Nagasawa Masami) is actually the meatiest character, and actually Dragon Zakura kinda develops into a surrogate daughter-father story.

    However, my hunch is that they’ll throw in a little Gokusen 1 fun and we’ll get YSH crushing over BDN.

    Anyway, if it’s to story, this is how it plays out:

    Yoo Seung Ho -> Yamapi (musician, stud)

    Go Ah-sung -> Nagasawa Masami (girl next door who has to support mom — meaty role)

    Ji-Yeon -> Arakagaki Yui (idol, rival love interest, kinda distant)

    Lee Hyun-woo -> Koike Teppei or Nakao Akiyoshi (comic relief)

  33. 33 Kim

    I’m just wondering which korean dramas have awesome young actors/ actresses in them?

    I just wanna take a look. ^_^

  34. 34 Nea Vanille

    A question, Javabeans — are the ages you quoted Korean or Western age? (Desperately trying to feel less old at 22 here, lol)

    I’m definitely watching this. I haven’t seen a school drama from Korea yet and to my knowledge, there’s not very many of them (I’m Sam and BOF are the only ones that comes to mind), so I’m hoping for this to be fresh.

    Yoo Seung-Ho is definitely a little scene stealer. Though I’ve only seen him in Legend and 4th Period Murder Mystery, I thought he was very natural on camera both times (and in the case of Legends, totally ruined the adult storyline for me).

  35. 35 Mayadee

    Weeeee~ I always liked Dragon Zakura. Well although it’s true that my first intention watching the dorama because of its cast. Hellooo… Yamapi, anyone? He’s a major hottie back then, and he still is right now. But I found it very very very interesting after I’ve watched the first episode. I agree with someone who had commented here earlier (I don’t remember who) this dorama (DZ) was a very low budget drama. But one thing I like more about J drama than K drama is that the idea is always original and refreshing. They have a very strong plot and strong individual characters. Each of characters differ with another one, and they’re prominent with their own uniqueness. While K dramas are tend to more like giving a lot of fanservices than the storyline itself. I just my own opinion though. Because I still love both J&K dramas til now.
    Idk about the cast above, but I’m still interested to watch the drama anyway. I heard Kim Soo Ro is gonna play the eccentric lawyer and altered himself to become a teacher for those kids. Well, let’s see then… at least it’s gonna be closed to our expectation.

  36. 36 niKai

    I love the jap version so much so i might be a little harsh on comparison when i watch this one later, IF i watch it, that is. I’m curious though.

  37. 37 Icarusfalls

    @sue- I’m only 21 and even I feel old!!! It wasn’t enough that the YAB cast for A.N.Jell was all younger than me except for Jang Geun Suk… now they have even younger people being cast everyday! Man I’ll have a noona complex!

    Starting singing Hyun Young “noona’s dream”

  38. 38 mimim

    Yoo seung ho!!! i want to watch this..
    but i want MBC’s Pasta badly..

  39. 39 smine

    Ji yeon looks like kim tae hee hehe

  40. 40 crysalide

    I love YSH and impressed with Go Ah Sung in The Host. she give’s me the vibe like Im Soo Jung does. can’t wait to watch this. i figure the main character will be those two with JY being the GF.

    Bae Doo Na and step-mother Kim also rocks!

  41. 41 Arivle



  42. 42 Snikki

    I’m reading this on my phone. Is that a pig-rabbit on Ji Yeon’s blazer (first photo), I can’t tell?

  43. 43 Biscuit

    @41: Maybe they belong to Junpyo Academy 🙂

    The cast is actually pretty good, and it helps that most of the young actors are not just any young, randomly-picked-based-on-looks. But even if the acting is good… if the writing is fail, the rest falls… hopefully the writing and such won’t be so bad.

  44. 44 y2b

    yoo seung ho!
    GOSH i feel old though i’m only 18..haha i think i have an ICOMYM.

  45. 45 Anna :D

    I can’t wait!
    Yoo Seung Ho <333
    i'm 16 so it's okay haha
    I'm glad he's gonna maybe end up with ah sung instead of jiyeon 🙂

  46. 46 soiia

    ah, it’s cute to see such young actors 🙂 I’m hopping for something refreshing this January !

  47. 47 Anneliese

    I’m worried about this. Dragon Zakura was awesome and if this is just to recreate the Boy Before Flowers buzz then I might just skip this one. After all, no one can recreate the Yamashita Tomohisa/Nagasawa Masami love team feeling. I’m a little bit hesitant like with BBF but I’m curious, maybe I’ll hate it maybe I won’t.

  48. 48 Acalle♥Drama

    First impression of the poster? Boys Over Flowers! Are they trying to ride on BOF fame?

  49. 49 chase555

    The only cast that I like here is Kim Sooro..
    Honestly I don’t like the casts they are too young look like 12 years old grade shool students.
    I don’t know why the directors and the pds opted to do it like this I think its not going to be a hit like BOF bec. of the actors they look really young…

    I feel that all of them are miscast..I really like to see a cast like ET the movie I feel that kind of actors is most likely to be popular that this babies…

    If they wanted to be as popular as BOF they should have cast a strong tall not exactly look alike of MInho but similar to him a badboy rugged handsome 20’s guy not like the leading guy here I don’t like him his too young…

  50. 50 chase555

    I really feel that they are too young for the roles the Japanese version is better casted that this i think the pds are twisting it too faR and most likely this will not bite I will skip this too not interested watching a gradeschool babies…

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