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Will It Snow For Christmas: Episode 5
by | December 17, 2009 | 93 Comments

I think this drama is going to exhaust me. One, because it looks like the emotions will be gripping. But also two, because it’s a drama that has little moments that pack a punch, which can be parsed in so many ways. These kinds of dramas are tons of fun to cover, but also tiring. A lot more time- and brain-consuming than, say, an easy throwaway where there’s not much going on under the surface. (I’m not dissing those; those are nice relaxers.) I think I’m going to be glad this one’s only 16 episodes — a packed, emotional, intense 16 episodes, but thankfully no longer.


Casker – “창밖은 겨울” (Winter outside my window). Tonally, I wouldn’t have picked this song for this episode, but I do like the appropriate winter and window motif. [ Download ]

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We backtrack slightly from the end of the previous episode, which we saw from Ji-wan’s perspective as she lingered in front of Kang-jin’s door, and jump to Kang-jin’s perspective.

After the near-accident in the street, Kang-jin can’t sleep and goes on an early-morning run. On his way back, he’s shocked to find Ji-wan standing in front of his door, and ducks around the corner unseen. He watches her pick up the milk carton — an item with carryover significance for both of them — and then approaches.

After she tries to make a quick getaway, Kang-jin presses her, “Do you really not know me?” At her non-response, he lets go of her arm and moves to open his door, as though to let the issue go. But he stops to ask, without looking at her, “Why did you leave so suddenly? Have you ever thought of how your parents felt, and how I… when you left without a word? Even once? Why are you so selfish, doing things your way? Could you only think of yourself?”

She answers stiffly, “I don’t think it’s any of your business. I don’t think it’s something for you to be so upset about.”

Then, she tries to wave it off and forces a laugh: “Have you been unable to forget me all this while? How shocking. So much time has passed. If you’re still like this over some childish emotions, it makes things quite awkward for me, ajusshi. How crazy, I really hadn’t thought about it at all. I’d forgotten it all. I’d even been hazy on whether your name was Cha Kang-jin or Kim Kang-jin—”

She looks up to see the look on his face. It wipes the smile from hers.

Kang-jin is staring at her intensely, and the words die on her lips. He reaches to pull the hood up over her head, saying, “You’ll catch cold. The wind is chilly. It’s good to see you again, Han Ji-wan.”

He smiles, as though her words didn’t register, and enters his apartment. But acting casual takes effort, and once inside, he has difficulty breathing. After a moment, he bolts outside and runs downstairs to chase her.

Racing outdoors, he sees Ji-wan walking off slowly, but doesn’t follow.


Chun-hee has changed her attitude dramatically, to the chagrin of her regular clientele. They want their cute, flirty tea madam back, but she has turned serious and professional and refuses to smile on command anymore.

Suddenly, she grips her midsection and starts moaning in pain. She urges Bu-san to take her to the doctor immediately. Panicking, Bu-san carries his mother out and starts running frantically while she groans loudly… but she’s not too sick to correct his path. Not THAT hospital, the other one! “There’s only one place in this country that can cure my disease.”

Thus Bu-san takes her to Jun-su’s practice. He bursts in anxiously and begs for help. He’s not so bright so he doesn’t catch on to her hints to leave, but Jun-su catches on to her scheme. Playing along, he dismisses Bu-san and gets his acupuncture kit out, asking where she hurts.

Chun-hee keeps up the exaggerated whimpering and answers, “Everywhere.” That’s no help, so he takes a large needle and instructs her to tell him when it hurts. With a totally straight face, he explains that he’s using an “especially strong” needle that could injure and possibly even paralyze a healthy person. Chun-hee falls for it, and when he reaches to stick her again, she sits up hurriedly and claims she’s all better.

She apologizes, and he assumes she’s referring to the faking. However, her apology also refers to something in their past: “I was wrong for not keeping the promise. You told me not to smile in front of other men, and to only smile in front of you. I’m sorry I didn’t keep that promise, Han Jun-su.”

Outside the door, Young-sook overhears the conversation, looking shocked. (I don’t think she’s surprised to hear their history, which she must know, but unhappy to have it come up again.)

Kang-jin pulls in to work to see Woo-jung drunk again in the parking garage, stumbling in front of her car. She tells an employee over the phone that she’s on her way to the presentation, and that he should stall just a little longer. She’s in no condition to drive and he offers to call her secretary, but she tells him no. She adds sardonically that since she’s being sent off to Paris, it must be good news for him, eh?

He drives. His initial disgust for her may have faded but he still isn’t too keen on fostering a friendship, so when she brings up her bad behavior from before, he suggests, “You still seem drunk, so why don’t you sleep until we arrive?” She understands that he’s asking her to shut up and that he’s not interested in flirting, and wonders, “Are you gay?” Clearly she’s not used to being rebuffed so summarily.

By the time they arrive, Woo-jung is more or less sober. Her attitude is, as ever, careless and nonchalant, but Kang-jin isn’t one to respond to her taunts or gibes. Instead, he launches into a litany of facts about the Misong company. The president’s son died in a construction accident and his current project bears his son’s name. Woo-jung looks down at her folder — Misong is the client for a proposed cultural arts center — and understands that he’s giving her business tips for her presentation.

She eyes him with new interest, and alters her presentation accordingly. As she discusses their proposal, she addresses the client with firm conviction that their number 1 priority is the people and safety. They will take the time to ensure a sound building: “People come first, and people are at its core.”

While waiting at a bus stop, Ji-wan becomes so lost in memories (the embrace in the street, and how Kang-jin said he’s glad to see her again) that she misses her bus. She reaches around her neck and unlatches the necklace to take a good look at it.

A disgruntled call from her professor jolts her back to reality; he asks why she isn’t in class. What about her insistence that it’s her life’s goal to be an Oriental doctor? Now remembering she had a class, Ji-wan hurriedly puts the necklace back on and races onto the next bus. But the clasp has been left unfastened, so the pendant falls to the ground.

Meanwhile, Tae-joon catches a glimpse of Ji-wan from the car and pulls over. When he reaches the bus stop she’s already gone, but he spots the necklace on the ground and picks it up. Initially, he takes it to a jeweler’s for a full restoration — it’s pretty battered — but changes his mind at the last minute, and asks merely for it to be wrapped nicely.

By the time Ji-wan arrives at school, her class is over. In chagrin, she berates herself for being stupid — and then realizes she’s missing her pendant. She fumbles frantically around her neck and in her bag, but there’s no mistaking it: it’s gone.

She races back to scour the bus stop, then the bus itself, but it’s not there. She writes notices describing the lost necklace and posts them at the stop. (At least this is consistent with her character — she’d always been tenacious about that pendant.)

Meanwhile, Kang-jin has dropped by the cafe to put in a food order for the office. Seeing the cafe owner with some heavy bags (electric blankets), he offers to help. His attention is piqued when she mentions that they’re for Ji-wan’s room.

He carries the blankets to the back room and takes advantage of the moment to get a glimpse into Ji-wan’s life as an adult. Slowly, he registers the shabby room with its peeling wallpaper, dark lighting, and meager personal belongings.

This is a short scene but possibly my favorite in this episode, because it’s so fraught with emotion. I freaking love how Go Soo plays this moment — Kang-jin cautiously walks into her world and takes in the sight, so overcome that he hardly knows what to do with himself.

When he gets back to the office, he’s still disturbed. He can’t NOT act, so takes out his design materials and starts to draw. Soon he’s completely absorbed in the project at hand.

Jae-hyun comes by with some confounding news — Woo-jung won the bid for the art center. It’s unbelievable; everyone had expected her to fail. But, he concedes, she is pretty smart when she puts her mind to it. Seeing that Kang-jin is hardly paying attention, Jae-hyun is shocked that he’s actually working on something other than the big presentation.

Kang-jin only gives the brief explanation that he’s working on making a window, “So [she] can see the sky, the sun, the moon, the wind and stars.” He asks for materials and heads out — he’s going to construct the window himself.

In fact, hearing that Kang-jin left early for the day also makes Tae-joon wonder why. Everyone in the office is stressing out about the upcoming presentation (particularly Tae-joon, with his competing proposal), but Kang-jin isn’t even working on it? Is Kang-jin so confident in his own presentation?


When Ji-wan gets back late that night, she learns from the cafe owner that Kang-jin insisted on working on her room. The owner is impressed, saying, “He must be the kind of person who can’t leave things alone when he sees someone less fortunate — just like you!”

Ji-wan bursts in and angrily demands that he go — how dare he barge in and mess with her room? The owner points out that if she wants to be accurate, it’s HER room. Surely if she can’t thank Kang-jin for the kindness, Ji-wan could at least refrain from being angry.

She’s not really angry with him, more thrown off her guard, which makes her incredibly nervous. Ji-wan’s reaction seems to stem more from the fact that she’s powerless to stop Kang-jin from working himself into her life, and that scares her. He’s clearly in control, and she’s not.

The owner tells Ji-wan to stay the night in a motel, and urges her to give Kang-jin something to eat before she leaves. He hasn’t eaten all night.

Ji-wan struggles to complete her homework with the loud noise in the background, which keeps her on edge. Feeling hungry, she checks her watch — 1am — and recalls the owner’s words that Kang-jin hadn’t eaten dinner.

She starts to cook ramen for the both of them, but when he comes out to the kitchen, he sees and tells her to add an egg for him. She vacillates between whether she should include him, and sets down two bowls at the table.

When it comes time to call him in, though, she chickens out. She claims both bowls and eats alone, then sits down to resume studying.

But that makes her feel guilty. So she gets up again and heads to the kitchen, this time making him sandwiches (which are, might I add, much nicer than the initial ramen).

Ji-wan takes the food into the room, where Kang-jin has fallen asleep. She sees his bloody finger — he had hammered a nail badly — which is wrapped with a torn rag and reaches out to touch his hand, but stops herself just before making contact. (Note that this echoes an earlier moment when Kang-jin tended her fever and reached up to touch her face, but held back.)

She leaves the food for him and covers him a blanket.

In the morning, Jae-hyun is called to bring Woo-jung some work materials, (and has to tamp down his embarrassment at seeing her in the bath). She asks if he’s friendly with Kang-jin, which makes him think she’s still hell-bent on firing him. Woo-jung contradicts him; rather, she has developed an interest in Kang-jin.

Jae-hyun reminds her that she has a boyfriend she’s crazy about, which makes her pause for a tiny moment. Rather than correct him about breaking up with Tae-joon, she returns, “It’s fun to have a spare.” Jae-hyun asks, “Haven’t you seen his awful temper? Plus, you’re not his style, and he doesn’t care that you’re the daughter to Bumseo Group’s president. He hates people in power.”

As the cafe door is closed and Ji-wan’s phone off, Tae-joon bangs on the door and shouts for her. She’s inside, asleep at her table. She’s also now wearing the blanket, brought to her at some point during the night.

Ji-wan gets up to let Tae-joon in, but maintains a cool distance. She tells him that she has to open the cafe and asks him to come back later.

Ignoring the dismissal, Tae-joon says that the soup she cooked for him (the morning after he was drunk) was delicious, and gives her a box with “a necklace that would look pretty on you” as repayment for the soup. Since the necklace is wrapped and she doesn’t see that it’s her pendant, Ji-wan’s face hardens and she tells him to take it back.

Tae-joon’s cautious smile fades, and he turns to go. But he leaves her with the parting comment, “I have nowhere to go but you now, so don’t keep telling me to go.”

Now fully awake, Ji-wan leaves the wrapped box on the table and rushes to check on her room. Magically, it’s fabulous.

She looks around in wonder. Kang-jin is gone now, but the room has been cleaned up and prettily decorated with new paper. Kang-jin has even taken her family portrait and hung it on the wall. (Yes, the room is decorated to the tastes of a prissy ten-year-old girl, but I’ll forgive Kang-jin for that.) Best of all, there’s the new window.

I’ll admit to not finding the parents’ generation incredibly thrilling, but at least it (1) has its share of dry humor and (2) is acted well. Chun-hee looks through old photo albums and smiles to see herself with Jun-su back when they were younger. That smile twists into a grimace at a photo of herself with Young-sook; they were once best friends, but now Chun-hee grumbles about Young-sook’s disloyal sense of friendship, calling her a bitch.

Young-sook calls her husband to suggest a visit to Ji-yong’s tomb, and buys flowers. Bu-san, thinking of buying some flowers for the pretty nurse he has a crush on, also comes to the shop. He thanks Young-sook for her husband’s help in curing his mother. (Like I said, no bright bulb he.)

Therefore, when Bu-san is later accused by police of a hit and run incident, he insists upon his innocence. The policeman asks for an alibi, and he remembers being at the flower shop, where Young-sook saw him. He begs his mother to talk to her to get the alibi.

This is bound to be a sticky request, but Chun-hee grits her teeth and finds the couple at the gravesite.

(It’s rather telling that Young-sook calls her husband “Ji-yong’s father” rather than Ji-wan’s, even though her son has been dead eight years. It’s also rather pathetic to see how she comes to life at Ji-yong’s tomb — at other times she’s mousy and reserved, but now she positively glows.)

Chun-hee wants to get this over with and makes her request grudgingly. But Young-sook balks, and says she didn’t see Bu-san. She must be mistaken. At this, Jun-su looks at his wife sharply, because he saw them exchanging words with his own eyes.

Chun-hee doesn’t accept this and grabs Young-sook, ready to drag her to the police station straightaway. She protests, and Jun-su raises his voice and yells at Chun-hee to let go. He tells her firmly, “My wife doesn’t lie. Surely you’re not asking her to lie and say she saw something she didn’t.”

Weak, weak man. We don’t know what happened between this trio 30 years ago, but I can definitely see how the dynamics must have been. I’m sure Jun-su loved Chun-hee, but he made his choice and built his respectable life with Young-sook, and most of the time he likes to believe that Chun-hee doesn’t exist, because her presence is an unsettling reminder.

After working all night, Kang-jin is exhausted and falls asleep at his desk. He takes some time out of the day to drop by the doctor, who admonishes him strongly — he doesn’t have tetanus, but he should be careful and not dismiss the danger. It could have been a serious issue; he’s lucky it’s not.

On his walk back to the office, a car pulls up to the curb, honking to get his attention. (Kang-jin is on the phone with Jae-hyun, and amusingly he asks, “Huh? Be careful of what?” just as Woo-jung steps out.)

Cheerfully, she offers him a ride to the office. He declines and advises that she move out of the bus lane.

Not daunted, she comes right out and asks, “Do you have a girlfriend? Well, not that it matters. I’ve set my sights on you! I’m just letting you know!” She gets back in her car and zooms away.

Kang-jin walks on, but belatedly registers something out of the corner of his eye. He turns back to the bus stop window for another look. They’re the flyers posted for a lost necklace.

Eyes widening in recognition, Kang-jin reads the description of the broken pendant, then zeroes in on the name posted as the contact: Han Ji-wan.


This was the first episode where I was actively disappointed in Han Ye-seul’s acting. Disappointed might be too mild a word. And I’m not talking about Ji-wan’s character or her lost spunkiness or that aspect of the writing. I’ve accepted that Ji-wan was broken after her brother’s death — in essence, grief and guilt arrested her development. Rather than working through it, she tried to move on and just forget, tried to metaphorically clap her hands over her ears and insist that she was fine living her life her way. I’m onboard with that choice.

But what I DO have issues with is the… shallowness of Han Ye-seul’s acting in some scenes. I was fine accepting her as Ji-wan earlier, because there’s no use in thinking, “If only Actress X played her.” That’s just the fast track to frustration, and I thought she did pretty well in Episodes 3 and 4 in portraying Ji-wan’s uncertainty. Her crying scenes were fine, even her startled deer-in-headlights look fit the context.

In this episode, though, I was supremely frustrated in what should have been a big emotional beat — a quiet one, but big nonetheless. The camera lingered on her face for a long moment at the bus stop, and I wanted to be there with her character… but nothing. I was really frustrated — she wanted to be sad, but she just wasn’t. I wanted to feel for her, but I couldn’t.

I mean, look at that face and tell me what she’s thinking. Is she upset? Sorrowful? Wistful? Happy? Hungry? It’s just so curiously blank.

Compare that with Go Soo below — we know exactly what Kang-jin is thinking and how he’s feeling, and there is a whole slew of mixed emotions that play across his face and in his body language. You could say I’m not being fair since this is an emotion-filled moment for Kang-jin…but the necklace scene is a big moment for Ji-wan, too.

I won’t compare Han Ye-seul to other actresses who aren’t in this drama and who were not cast to play Ji-wan. But WITHIN this production, she’s starting to stick out, and not in a good way. The other actors are so present in their roles, and she’s skating on the surface. This tends to take the viewer out of the story, because it creates a noticeable discrepancy between that actor and the rest of the world they’re supposed to be a part of. I’m going to cross my fingers for improvements.

Here’s how I see the whole “Did they know each other?” issue. I’m pretty sure they both knew who the other person was almost right away. At first they were operating on hunches, but every encounter has reinforced the feeling, even though they acted like strangers. So the issue isn’t whether Ji-wan really knew it was him, but that she’s in denial. I don’t even consider her denial over whether it’s really Kang-jin, but denial that she wants it to be him. Admitting it’s him would force her to re-confront her guilt over her brother’s death, and that’s too painful.

So I interpret Kang-jin’s actions — the way he pushes her to be honest, then backs off — as trying to break through that denial. And when she tosses hurtful words casually at him, like pretending she’d forgotten all about him, it’s a rejection of his feelings and he backs off again.

It’s too bad that she has to push away one person in order to push away the other, but such is the messy entangling of people’s lives in Korean melodramas. She’s tried to staunch the bleeding, so to speak, by cutting off that entire part of her life and cauterizing it shut but good. Ironically, it’s the loss of both these people in her life that has contributed to her (for lack of a better word) broken spirit as an adult. Oh, it’s gonna hurt when she has to reopen that scar and bleed it out… but she probably can’t grow or move on until she does.


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  1. Sonam

    I loved how he decided to go gentle and say ….It’s good to see you again. Fav moment so far.

  2. Sonam

    I am sorry but HYS is completely out of her depth. She can’t act. She looks so dumbstruck sometimes. She seems uncertain and uncomfortable and it’s got nothing to do with the character she’s playing.

  3. unny

    Thanks for the recap. Go Soo is awesome…I thought HYS did all right, although I do agree a little with the pendant scene.

  4. Molly

    Thanks for the recap! I’ve started watching it while waiting for it, and it’s definitely a lot different from the dramas I’ve seen, since it’s my first melodrama. :)

  5. Anonymous

    i hate myself for this… but you’re right I don’t feel anything for Han Ye Seul’s character…proof of this: i’m rooting for Lee Woo Jung to be with Kang Jin than Ji Wan. Argh.! Why is this so!?!

  6. olive

    With your comments before, I began to follow this series but I have to agree with you… Han Ye-Seul is one not-so-good actor. I don’t feel anything when I see her acting – it’s shallow and emotionless.
    Go Soo is good overall although I think he frowns a little too much lol

  7. jayjay

    i love go soo’s acting
    and i agree, i really didnt like yeseul’s acting
    that much in this episode, kinda got frustrated at times
    but we’ll see how it goes

  8. kay

    this is my first “melodrama” and someone mentioned on another thread that usually they end with one of the main characters dying. so now i don’t know if i wanna finish this..it’s like a car crash in slow mo…can’t take your eyes off it but you know it’ll end in tragedy. is it possible for it to remain a faithful melodrama without having the main couple separated?

    ps when he went to the doctor and kj was given a precaution..warning bells started ringing in my head.

  9. Marmalade

    Thank you for the recap:
    I do think Go Soo has act superb incorporating his character to life giving him different aspect to the man then just the tough guy who’s suppose to be the hero of the story. There are so many nuances in this episode that just adds to the story line making it more complex.
    I do think that even though Jiwan refuse to face her brother’s death and Kangjin, her mother is in deeper denial. Perhaps her mother’s attitude is stemmed from knowing that her relationship with her husband only depended on her son’s birth and now without it she feels vulnerable, fearful that her hold on her husband’s has wane even though she still have a daughter, a daughter who is quite still alive. But a daughter none the less who probably hold less importance then the son who gave her husband.
    I don’t know, perhaps I’m just ranting too much.

  10. 10 kirst3n

    Owee! So looking forward to reading this. Thanks! 😀

  11. 11 gia

    the girl look so dumb in this serie. she was great in fantasy couple…

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    I am not watching the drama, just reading your recaps and man, are they addicting!! Can’t wait for your next recap, unni.

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    thanks for another great recap. The moment in Ji-Wan’s room where Kang-Jin surveyed her living situation was breathtaking.

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    EEEKKKSS! <3 this!! Thank you for continuing with the updates :)
    I think the story line so far is going great !

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    I should be asleep but I waited in hopes of seeing your recap. Worth the wait. Thank you.

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    i wasjust about to go to bed when i thought i was done with recaps. then, boom! ‘oh there’s ep 5!’

  17. 17 Vanessa

    You write well Javabeans! Awesome word weaving on this part :)
    The other actors are so present in their roles, and she’s skating on the surface. This tends to take the viewer out of the story, because it creates a noticeable discrepancy between that actor and the rest of the world they’re supposed to be a part of.

    So far I the pacing for this drama is pretty good, altho strikes me as a filler episode.
    Go Soo is still pretty awesome :)

  18. 18 Molly

    Penn and Venice, same here. :) And now, off to bed!

  19. 19 anna

    i thought HYS did okay portraying ji-wan (but, what do i know), for me ji-wan’s emotionless during the bus-stop scene was because she herself wasn’t sure what really going on and what’s gonna happen? wasn’t sure what’s her feeling towards kj and his feeling towards her. (or at least that’s how interpreted it :) ) but, yeah, maybe she could do differently.

    @8 kay , i would say melodrama is my fav genre. and, i really have high hopes for his drama. but i hope even if they get separated in the end, not by death. even let say the mains have to die, not of illness related reasons. that’s would just be tragic!
    i didn’t get anything from the hospital thing until you’ve mentioned it.

  20. 20 langdon813

    I have to agree. Go Soo effortlessly knocks every single scene out of the park, while HYS obviously struggled in this episode. I actually cringed over her “HA HA, you still like me but I couldn’t even remember your name” speech. It was supposed to be a painful scene, and it was, but for the wrong reason!

    Compare that to the moment when Kang-jin sees the pitiful reality of her life and how much it hurts his heart, so much so that he has to do something, anything, to make her life a little brighter.

    I think I’m Team Woo-jung now. SLS rears its ugly head… :-(

  21. 21 classic

    I think HYS will improve, she just need to give more varities to her face expression-so far all I can see is the same expression-ya melodrama is not an easy act to do, she needs time.

    OT-some of you maybe don’t know Go Soo another hidden talent-he is a very good DANCER- I saw one CF of his fews back ago-I will post if I can find it, those who just know him through this drama will be surprise how good he is when dancing, …hope we can see it in this drama, -my wish.

  22. 22 jacq

    How frustrating! If only HYS was on par with Go Soo, so many scenes would have been mega powerful and so emotionally charged that we could really feel the pain and hurt. But since HYS is so obviously lacking, it left me disappointed and confused at times…..Go Soo, as always, is superb.

  23. 23 giddygirl108

    Man, I can just FEEL the emotions just oozing out of the screen with every screen cap of Go Soo.

    I hope Han Ye Seul’s acting gets better too!

    And despite the tiring process of writing such emotion-filled dramas, I’m thankful that you’ve decided to take on the project despite that! THANKS, Javabeans ^_^

  24. 24 classic

    here is the CF, Go Soo dancing-
    (I think I need to post this in JB’s previous post on Go Soo,..sorry OT).


  25. 25 Sonam

    I am crazy about Go Soo but I am sorry his dancing is awful.

  26. 26 xiaoSxin

    i agree with you JB, my fave scene on this episode was Kang Jin’s reaction to seeing Ji Wan’s room.. so full of emotion.

  27. 27 tisyamey

    *sigh* Go Soo sure is not only great when it comes to looks but this guy
    oozes masculinity in spades… My favorite scene is when, after telling Jiwan that it was great seeing her again, he lets himself in his apartment then leaned on the door… such emotions… I could totally get the emotion of what his character must be going though right at that moment… my chest tightened and it was hard for me to breathe too… all i can utter at that moment while watching that scene was ‘WOW’…

    thanks, JB for the recaps…. since I watch the vids off viikii, I usually don’t even read the recaps until after I read your analyses of the episode. I visit this site mostly for your comments right after the summaries… You have such great insights on the characters of whatever drama it is that you’re covering… thank you… you help unfold each drama, each episode, beautifully…

  28. 28 ltahk

    I’m enjoying the drama, but I do have some beef with the story. The backstory was great, but now that we’re into the meat of it (to keep the analogy going), I’m starting to notice the lack of shared experiences/moments as adults between the leads. For their love to be believable, there needs to be new points of contact that have relevance to their adult selves. If moments have significance only because of their past, then I think the romance will fall flat. There’s plenty of time for that to turn around, but throwing that out into the mix.

    Also, the bit about hairpins in the ep 4 thread is hilarious.

  29. 29 dksla

    Is he going to lose the ability to draw later or something? The fact that there was an extra emphasis on his injury by going to the doctor could mean two things. One, the injury will result in another serious illness. Two, to reassure the viewer that there are no worries down the road. I am hoping it is the later of the two.

  30. 30 miranda

    “I have nowhere to go but you now, so don’t keep telling me to go.”
    Why does he think that will make her even consider taking him back?!

    P.S.: I am officially in love with Go Soo, the actor. He’s so good! lol; As always, thank you for the recaps!

  31. 31 haezi

    i’m totally enamored of kangjin, though go soo’s portrayal isn’t perfect (sometimes he comes off a little stiff–it’s rare but it happens). like many here have already mentioned, i really liked him in the scene where he first sees ji wan’s room. he’s also awesome for answering ji wan’s jibe with a genuine “It’s good to see you again…” now that’s what i call a true gentleman.

    i’m in the minority in thinking han ye seul is doing okay. i’m still able to root for her. maybe it’s because the script is so good (we’re told by the cafe owner that she helps people in need and by the oriental med prof that she works like crazy–it’s a great reminder that she’s ji wan and, yes, they still need to convince us but we have quite a few episodes to go).
    or maybe it’s because her louder gestures are so reminiscent of the younger jiwan (like when she knocks her head against the wall while berating herself or when she squeezes her eyes shut in embarrassment).
    plus, han ye seul hasn’t overacted much, which is her usual weakness. maybe she’s trying to avoid overacting to the point that she comes off as blank but it’s the lesser of two evils. the bus stop scene is rather emotionless but i can live with a little ambiguity since it’s only ep 5.

    as for the second leads, i am enjoying sun woo sun’s portrayal but my interest in tae joon is waning. maybe he’ll get more interesting in the coming episodes?

  32. 32 Norma

    I’m following this because Go Soo is really the reason to hang in there! He’s like what Lee Min Ho was to BBF as Gu Jun Pyo! Great acting and I love the way his eyes seem to look right into JiWan!

    Unfortunately the female lead is not Kim Sun Ah…….

    Okay…on to episode 6!!!!

  33. 33 isabella

    Honestly, I don’t find HYS’s acting is so a big problem. It’s just the way she interpreted the adult JW might be different from that of some others. Since the beginning of adult time, we have seen JW as someone who has been in the state of denial, where we found it so frustration and did our best to find out what she’s thinking and feeling. I feel like adult KJ and JW are like a reversal of the younger pair. Little JW appeared to be energetic, vivid while KJ looked like a silent type (except for his expressive eyes and bursting anger from time to time ‘cos of his mom’s business). And now we see a reversion where KJ goes straight-forward, gripping JW in his “stabbing” expression (sorry, my lack of words) and JW, after such a life-changing shock of her life which lead to her running away, is lost in confusion and maybe fear, a fear of facing her painful past. And so, her life, which has been shadowed by her brother’s death is stirred strongly again by KJ. What should she do? How should she react? What is she supposed to say to him? She wants to hide, yet she can’t. Even in the past, when things seemed to be going right, young JW always found it difficult to express her true feeling for KJ (of course, the revenge plan isn’t counted), so I don’t think it can be any easier for her now. In my point of view, adult JW is frustrated over herself, not only she doesn’t know what to do with KJ’s approach, but she doesn’t know what to do with her own life also, as she used to say to herself (after the canceled engagement) “I met some one. It is so difficult…” Therefore, in this case, I don’t find any disappointment in HYS playing a look-like-stiff-or-emotionless JW, where she is criticized for not expressing enough emotions. Actually, I like the way she interprets adult JW. Therefore, in the bus scene where JW lost the pendant, in stead of feeling frustrated over her facial expression, I like the way she expressed her being overwhelmed after the incident by grasping her chest. At that very moment, she was still at loss, I think. All of a sudden, her life is messed again.

  34. 34 asianromance

    thanks for the recap!

    poor HYS! no doubt she is feeling the pressure and that can really get to you. she is a pretty average actress…but to be paired with Go Soo, makes her look bad by comparison. I bet Go Soo even looks intense when he’s channel surfing. I guess you can explain away HYS’s lack of expression by saying she’s somewhere in the middle of feeling numb and feeling so many things at once they confuse and cancel each other out. I would rather that she be sort of blank and pass it off as Ji-wan being just a shell…then have her overact.

    “he doesn’t have tetanus, but he should be careful and not dismiss the danger. It could have been a serious issue; he’s lucky it’s not.” —> i bet it turns out to be serious! like the wound won’t heal and it turns out he has leukemia (if any of you watch Scrubs- this sounds familiar)

  35. 35 huh...

    I haven’t watched this yet, just been reading your recaps JB, as I trust your taste and insights! Thanks for pointing out this drama, it is getting quite interesting…and as soon as finals are over I will definitely actually watch it!
    Just one observation, how can Ji-wan’s fiance not even know or care about her living conditions? Has he never stepped into her room? You do wonder how they got to the point of getting engaged and not know much, it seems, about each other…
    I watched Go Soo in Green Rose and totally was amazed by his acting, so I will definitely catch him here…haven’t seen too much of HYS, maybe she is not a melodrama actress?…but yes, she still has time to develop, the sooner the better!
    Ok, back to doing other kind of readings for finals…I so prefer to read your recaps! Thank you!

  36. 36 D

    thanks for the recap..

    still couldn’t believe i’m watching a melodrama again..

  37. 37 huh...

    is it just me or does the child JW in the family portrait look like a different person??

  38. 38 anne20

    i wish JW would give KJ his necklace once she gets it back. didn’t she make a deal with her brother than the moment the necklace is found, she’d tell KJ how she really felt?

  39. 39 ee

    I just watched Epi 6 and oh boy am I looking forward to Epi 7.

    I like HYS as an actress, however something is seriously lacking for this role of Han Ji Wan. The parts of the show where I think she acted well is those where she is interacting with people, like with her professor, in school and when she is faced with Kang Jin, she displayed shock and avoidance well (maybe it’s the deer in the headlights moments). However those parts where she is alone like the pendant scene, or when she is thinking about her childhood, or crying alone, she does not portray her feelings as strongly as Go Soo does for Cham Kang Jin. I hope her acting improves, for the viewers’ sake. This show is too good to miss because of Go Soo.

    And love your recaps, Javabeans! It’s a gd recap to what I watched.

  40. 40 le meera

    I have to say I think Go Soo carries this drama. Even in recaps, my eyes can’t help but zoom onto him – God, his eyes are so expressive.

  41. 41 le meera

    and like number 27 said – Go Soo just OOZES masculinity.

    Pretty boys (you’re beautiful, boys over flowers, etc) are great – but man, Go Soo makes me realizes I want my men manly! hahahahaha!

  42. 42 hanjanman

    Cheoncheonhi JB noona. You’ve done, what, 5 recaps in 4 days? You might want to give yourself a little time to breathe and calm yourself so you won’t exhaust yourself quickly(especially emotionally) with this drama. Because I’m warning you now, the ending of episode 6 is…..no, I won’t give it away. Just be prepared!

    I’ve stopped worrying about Han Ye Seul. As I’ve said before, I don’t think she’s doing badly. Admittedly, here in episode 5, it became glaringly obvious that the other actors are in a different league to her’s. But she’s calmed down and held her own again in episode 6. If you stop worrying about the ‘what if'(Ji Wan done by another actress- Gong Hyo Jin would be spot on I must say) then you could just enjoy the ride that is WISFC.

  43. 43 honest_will

    just watched the eng subs of ep 5
    its getting really good
    kang in and ji wan are doing well in their characters
    but the angst and throw and back with words are still there
    is ji wan longing for kang in but doesn’t want to
    but kang in wants ji wan but she doesn’t own up
    its all getting hyped
    i just hope it does get hyped and then DING, it falls into place
    it may get my hopes up

    i wonder who deleted his files on the next ep
    maybe it was leader tae joon or maybe the computer didn’t save

    who will get ji wan, tae joon or kang in
    and who will get their hearts broken

    anyway back to the acting, all the actors and actresses have done a good job in the ep
    ji wan is still being ignorant, but the fact that she is ignorant and lost all that young self is annoying me, how can she be like that when she was younger and then she becomes an adult, all the disappears, she even gets mad at him when he makes a window for her even though she was just renting it out
    this is the first time in the series i really saw kang in act well, there was no real awkward silences or forced actions, really passive and flowing

    now for tae joon and woo jung
    since we are all going for kang in, i wonder how tae joon will ruin things for kangin, become evil and ruin things and dummy spit or be sly and woo jung taking an interest in kang in, i wonder how that will work, will it make their relationship or not affect his love for ji wan

    anyway cant wait for the eng subs of ep 6 to see what going up

    oh last thing, i wonder how madam chun hee’s plot going to affect the story, of course jun su is going to stay beside his wife (THEN QUARREL LATER AT HOME ABOUT WHO BEING WRONG AND RIGHT)
    who isn’t going to back up their loved one
    im more interested in the main story than the chun hee plot

    i think chun hee was jun su first love before young sok stole him from her grasp
    and the broken relationship happen
    i also dont think that jun su and chun hee made a love child, if they did, their would been some indication of it when they were young, i.e. when chun hee met ji wan about the shoe incident or any incident really)

    i just hope they dont pull something outrageoes between kangin and ji wan that prevents them from being together (they are not siblings i hope)

  44. 44 Icarusfalls

    Okay, I gave in and watched 3 episodes since my last post.. man I hate melos.. but is go soo hot or what?? I kept repeating his parts!!

  45. 45 ybfan

    Wow, Go Soo can act with his eyes, just like Jang Geun Seok!

  46. 46 emeldy

    Poor HYS, I like her and i don’t think she is that bad.

  47. 47 SerenityAlways

    Thanks for the recaps!. You rock!
    GO Java GO!

    I think HYS is doing okay. JW is a very difficult character to play and HYS is doing her best with that. JW is a woman who froze herself in a time of overwhelming grief and guilt. I don’t think she has allowed herself to grow up in any way. She is stuck in that moment as a sixteen year old girl who’s brother was killed (in her mind) because of her and the boy she loved, hearing her parents saying it should have been her. She believes whole-heartedly that she is the cause of her brothers death and she can not and WILL NOT move past that. She has lived in that state of perpetual guilt for so long now that it’s like breathing, a part of reality and life.

    And in my mind that is how HYS is playing her. A lonely, lost woman living in the dark for so long that she doesn’t even realize she’s lost anymore and so run’s away from the light. She pretends in front of people but once alone it’s just natural now to let the dark consume her.

    GS is doing fantastic with KJ (really WOW) and CH is the coolest mom ever. The only character I find completly reprehensible at this point is JW’s father. While his wife seem’s to be about ready to blackmail CH for her alibi, he is completly aware of it and letting it happen. He KNOWS his wife is lying about not seeing BS in the flower shop and is apparently choosing to let the boy go down for a crime he is innocent of. He knows she is lying and he know that CH knows she is lying and he isn’t doing a damn thing to stop it. He allows his wife to talk smack on their emotionally scarred missing daughter like she was always so much garbage while living her life deifying their long-dead son allows her to make him turn his back on CH as she is being beaten down right in front of them, and leads Ch on before slamming her back down again himself. JACK…ASS!

    Sorry! I didn’t mean to go into a long rant.
    LOVE the melodama, love the story, LOVELOVELOVE the recaps!

  48. 48 SerenityAlways

    please see #33- isabella.
    I agree! this is a really acurate depiction of how i personally see adult JW and HYS’s portrayal of her.

  49. 49 nell123

    Thank you for the recap JB! :)

    Now, my rant about HYS.
    I’m not quite sure how much of my dislike for her is because of my dislike for adult JW or because of the faults of the actress herself. But you can clearly see the disparity between GS and her when they have separate scenes back to back or even when they are together. In scenes that require more quiet and subtle display of feelings she has mostly blank expression until her eyes finally start brimming with tears. In comparison, GS has no problems displaying emotions with different degree of intensity. His eyes alone can tell you the whole story from the beginning to the end. Unfortunately, HYS is not that good.
    I don’t like her emotional scenes either. Every time she is nervous she is so nervous that she is almost hysterical. In some moments her reactions are very intense when there is no logical reason for her to be like that. When this happens it looks incredibly fake. I haven’t seen HYS in a melodrama before so I don’t know if this happens because of her acting or the character is written like that but when I notice it it’s really distracting.

  50. 50 butterball

    I need a moment after seeing the emotional KJ at the beginning of the episode. The scenes where he hides himself around the corner and behind the door, trying to mentally oppress his emotions is just so well-done. Of course, his reaction seeing JW’s room is so full of feelings. Arg!! I just have to tally agree with JB that we will be emotionally exhausted with this series.

    Regarding HYS acting. I am on the fence. Sometimes I wish for more. Sometimes I am ok with her portrayal.

    I won’t spoil anyone, but prepare your heart for episode 6. I am glad they did not show us so many things in the preview at the end of this episode, I didn’t expect the incidents at the end and my heart was squeezed big time. Oh GS!

  51. 51 ybfan

    I was never a fan of HYS, but she’s the one thats been casted for the role so I’m just going to accept it.

    on the other hand, i think Kang Jin going to the doctors foreshadows something for the future episodes.. I mean why show an irrevelant scene? it was just a finger..not like y’know chest pains or blurry vision..who knows.

    i can’t wait for next weeks episodes. go soo <3

  52. 52 RandomTouristX

    This drama is has the potential to be the saving grace for 2009 for me after the let down of East of Eden and My Fair Lady. In fact, it has the potential to be a all time classic gem (the ost is a bit lacking except the song by gummy). Lets just hope the rest of the series can keep up the pace that tears our heart strings like the first 6 episodes. Ie/ None of that prolong keep them together, then keep them apart and then get them together again and finally the hero/heroine dies!

    Contrary to most, i don’t think Han Ye-seul is doing badly as every one think. It is her interpretaion of the character, and as such, we should see how it gets played out through out the series in its entirity. When she has finally confront her past demons, receive redemption, will her happiness an spunk return like the old Ji Wan? In all likely hood, due to the severe traumatic experience as a child, she should never be the same. And really, are any of us truly the same as a child and as adults? Isn’t it normal for those carefree, no fear attitudes are lost growing up in this tough world? Especially in her case these attitudes were what got her into trouble in the first place. So if one had those feelings, wouldnt’ they be repressed?

    Her spunkiness and proactive approach was where it got her trouble numerous times even at school, and when it leads to the series of tragedies ultimately leads to her loved one – which she blame herself entirely, so much so she left her own home abandand herself completly in utter remorse. And in my opinion having been in mourning for past 8 years and continues to mourn alone – how can her character still be the same?

    Everything she does will be done with doubt, her nervousness, uncertainly, trepidation in life even when she tried to be brave about it all. If she love too much, she felt guilty, if she suffers, she thinks it is deserved. If she is forgetful, she blames herself hard. If she has feelings for something she think is in too good for her, she is in denial.

    Over prolong period of time, this will affect anyone. In this respect, I actually think HSY is doing a good interpretation. This is a character who has hurt been hurt so badly in the past, only slowly will she find herself and get over the guilt that she deserves love and happiness.

    It would ultilmately rest on other 10 episodes, now she has someone familiar around her, Kajin oppa, she has a chance to remember her old self and hopefully happiness returns, and some of that spunkiness will get back. If Ji wan is exactly the same as she was younger, i’d have a huge problem with the character and would consider it as inconsistent with the character history.


    Okay that is out of the way Go Soo is doing damn fine with all his scenes, command the screen with intensity. I havn’t had so much pleasure witnessing this since So Ji Sup in Sorry I love you! Go Go Soo!!

  53. 53 D

    @ 42 hanjanman

    i caught the final 15min of ep6 last night.. now im sitting on 3 eps in one go

    but i regretted it already cos im easy & a messy cryer – i’ve been sobbing perpetually (im not exagerating here) ever since i started ep 3 this morning.

    luckily it’s the weekend tomorrow and i can stay in for 2days without hvg to explain the swollen eyes & blotchy face..

    arggghhh, K-melodrama. it’s not just an emotional commitment..

  54. 54 mookie

    When at times watching HYS’ JW felt like I’m watching her playing her whiny airhead in NNS4, sharing the same mannerisms, it’s very disturbing. I’m to the point that I don’t think she’s processing her character, she’s at times just acting out the scene face value per written on the script with no regards to the history of the character at all.

    The deer in headlight was not as grating in 3, 4, but by 5, it’s monotonous and tiresome. She’s acting as if she’s turning on her handful of expressions, if that scene calls for JW being shocked, it’ll be the same ‘shocked’ HYS’ face, the glare, the tonality… she did not put it into the character’s context at all, there’s no cohesiveness with her intermittent blank btn emotions. Yes, we got delivered (or guessed) most of the time what JW was going thro’, but it was done in such a lack of finesse. It’s amateurish and I cringed horrifically at that bus stop scene where she realized she missed her class.

    Miss KTH was more than serviceable in IRIS considering it’s supposedly plot and action heavy. Gripping characters are essential in a layered cliched though well done melodrama, there’s really not much more to sell… she’s dragging the whole ship down.

    I’m very shocked at how awful I find her, when I can clearly see she’s trying her mightiest. She had breathed life into FC. What happend?!?!?! I’m sad though GS is more than terrific. :( I can’t help but be distracted when she’s on screen, ‘what if GHJ…’

  55. 55 Suzy

    Thanks Dramabeans for recaping!! am totally emjoying the show ;), lol, though im a bit more interested in finding out what actually happened btw kanjin mom and ji wan dad, i think the writer is pretty good in being able to plot 2 subplots into this drama, that way we wont be just focusing on the lead but also the other story line which to me is what i am dyingg to find out…LOL, thanks again! Anyone knows where can i get the OST? i live in singapore, isit avilable in borders? HMV? Music Junction? or any other CD stores…thanks 😉

  56. 56 emeldy

    Suzy u can download it from Soompi or Vikki. All thanks to lilcrash. If u are not a member in Soompi then here the link from Vikki :


  57. 57 vis

    @9: Marmalade, you’re not not alone in your thoughts regarding the mother. I’ve been thinking along the same lines, it’s the only way to explain her behaviour towards her daughter. I mean, I do think parents have their favourites but it they still tend to love their children on a pretty equal basis. The way Han Ji-Wan’s mother behaves… it’s almost like she doesn’t have a daugher. She’s decidedly odd, treating her own biological daughter like that even if the whole “husband insecurity” thing does explain the underlying reasons (to a certain extend).

  58. 58 janna

    I haven’t been watching this drama, just kind of reading your great caps and skimming through episodes… when I skimmed through this episode and saw WJ In the bathtub it remind me of a scene with Yoon-ah in MiSa.

    Although I’m not feeling HYS as JW, I don’t really want her to go back to a spunky character. Ji Wan is a more Cha Moo Hyuk, she never got the acceptance of her parents, and she’s given up all material possessions (as noted by her room) to just fulfill one task which apparently was becoming a doctor. I’m surprised she’s actually studying for that, and isn’t doing just whatever to get through life.

    Also JW is walking around in a rainbowish sweater, I’m just saying! ;D

    Go Soo is doing a pretty good job there, so I’ll hang around to watch his scenes.

  59. 59 Taohua

    I’m glad I started to watch this even though melodramas aren’t my favorite. I admit cringing at the part where she drops the pendant, but it was necessary to move the plot forward because that would be the only he knows she has it.

    Go Soo in the intro was just wow. HYS is okay, but she does stick out when rest of the cast is so solid. It’s been really hard to empathize with her character because there’s no depth to her acting. I can’t tell when she’s conflicted or emotionally torn over something—it kind of glosses over. On the parent front, the actress that plays Kang-jin’s mom is great.

    But really, this was a good choice for Go Soo to pick as the drama to make his comeback. Now I’m really excited to see Into the White Night.

  60. 60 Madita

    I suppose I am the only one who “really” likes HYS acting …:(

    She is doing her job very vell. In my eyes a feisty, smiling, spunky JiHwan would be so what of totally abnormal at the moment. Thats the reason why I like the way how she interpretes JiHwan.

    Like some commentors said here, too. She is so what of insecure, scared of loving again, scared of expressing her own real feelings and she is so lonely, so how should JiHwan be acted otherwise then a very much introverted person ?
    Espacially not in this early Episodes of this drama. So I like her so called “stinginess” of expressing of her emotions very very much. For example she lied to him, that she even cant remember his name – and we saw what a bad lier she is, like a real person would be lying to the person she really loves.
    A smiling, being strong and spunky JW- this would give total different taste to this drama – but luckly it is like it is now, thanks to JiHwan/HYS interpretation – that is why I am whatching it.
    I like the way she nearly gets paralized each time when she mets KangJin, like it how she then tries not to show any emotion to him (In real life when we would do that, wouldt we also be acting wooden).
    I am more concerned with JiHwans character, then KangJins. He is just a katalysator at the moment trying to bring JiHwan to life again.

    Like someone said. KangJin and JiHwan as adults are acting now totally converse to their characters as teens. KangJin is confortable with his life and family now. Nows what he wants in life, knows JiHwan and how to handle her. So GoSoos role is much easier and being an versitlie actor helps him very much, too. Its not a fair comparision of his acting skills with HYS’s.

    I also dont want to see any other actress as HYS for JiHwan. Because this would disturb GoSoos acting. Its HYS vulnerable acting style – what makes him look so manly, strong and charismatic. They are really a good match.

    Watching EP.6 in raw version, I cried a lot.

    For people who dont like HYS so said stiff acting should be warned – you wont like her again. But for me her still retarding acting of emotions are the spice of this drama. Its still to early for JiWans character to get spunky again.

    So it seems I am nearly the only one who loves GS and HYS as a couple in this drama :(

  61. 61 hanjanman

    @ D

    i caught the final 15min of ep6 last night.. now im sitting on 3 eps in one go

    How could you watch the final episode or the final scenes beforehand? Doesn’t it ruin the whole thing for you? I have to say though that you’re so much like my sister. She also wants to know how everything will end first and then scramble through the earlier episodes to find out how and what brought the drama to it’s conclusion.

    but i regretted it already cos im easy & a messy cryer – i’ve been sobbing perpetually (im not exagerating here) ever since i started ep 3 this morning.

    It’s good though, isn’t it? That you’re crying all through those episodes meant that the makers of the drama’s doing a good job. It’s too early for me to say if this would be in my all-time favourites. It has grabbed my attention definitely and I’ll be watching it to the very end.


    Well, you’re just gonna have to wait. I’d rather you watch and enjoy the episode(was it ep 6 you’re after?) when it’s fully subbed(I’m guessing you know little or no Korean) or wait till JB noona does her recaps. I love reading her recaps especially her comments about each episode. It’s much better that way, trust me.

  62. 62 isabella

    #60 Madita: You’re not the only one, mate 😀 I’m glad you took side with me who also likes HYS’s JW. I already left a long comment to protect her acting just several posts above yours.

  63. 63 Daniel Chen

    I think that sore finger is connected to his mum’s health. she is having some kind of sleep problem, remember she complained to dir.han about broken bones, and he suggested she had an x-ray done but the result was negative.
    Her studying oriental medicine will connect with the kim’s problem and her action will be a act of atonement, I could be wrong too.

    Sorry to say, why is jiwan grown up character written as a dreary person to the extend, she meekly walk like a haggard old woman (although she is young) wearing dull color clothes, but wore a trendy white engagement dress – contradicting, and with no self esteem but attend med. school.

    After running away from home, at least she should be street wise and create a befriend character, till she grows up not just totally kill her young spirit, if it is, then she should earlier end up in the sanatorium, diagnosed depression.

    Iam not criticising the scriptwriter but character wise – something is not realistic enough.

  64. 64 Linda

    Haha I find HYS’s acting already uneven in episode 3. Her expression range isn’t very wide. I can’t help but say this: I wonder how Soo Ae will do if she had played Ji Wan. Certainly do more justice to the character adding to that likability factor.
    I like HYS even before seeing the drama, but really her subpar performance is really making me have a bad impression of her overall, which I think is a shame given how pretty and likeable she seems to be as a person.

  65. 65 ellen

    I have no problem accepting Han Yesul’s interpretation of adult Ji wan. I understand that she is not the same teen Ji wan. The pain & guilt of her brothers death, hearing her mother wishing she died instead, rejected Kang Jin harshly then left town. She holds on to Kang Jin’s pendant – I see this as treasuring his love & memory of both Kan Jin who owns it , her brother who drowned looking for it. She’s really treading gently with her emotions. She’s in denial – her true feelings for Kang Jin so she pretends that their past is nothing to her. We know that she actually carries her warm feelings for KJ but I think she’s afraid it might hurt. Maybe we will get to see her regain her self confidence as KJ continues to urge her. I.m glad Han Ye sul does not over act. She lets the camera do the work.

    Go Soo is as good as ever.

  66. 66 Namasta

    For once, I disagree with you. I’ve been enjoying HYS’ acting very much. I’m really rooting for her and not the other one (what’s her name already?)

    Ji Wan has been on her own for 8 years (If I remember well), she had a hard time with losing her brother, dealing with the guilt of leaving her family… She tries her best to be as cold as possible. She felt too much before and tries not to let anything get to her. The pendant scene was not bad, not incredible either. However, GS is indeed awesome but at some time, especially in the beginning (when he runs after her without stopping her), it does not make me feel anything. But it doesn’t happen often! ^^

  67. 67 Daniel Chen

    @63 – typo error Cha family.

  68. 68 chrysalisgal

    I thought HYS did a decent job. I really liked her – she was not stiff or over the top. I can emphatized with her character when she lost herself sitting at the bus stop. Her mind was totally lost somewhere else and therefore it’s right not to have any emotion or facial expression of sadness or anger.. I suppose I can understand her situation because when one is CONFUSED or feeling HELPLESSNESS, the mind tend travel too far away, it’s like leaving the body… one just can’t feel anything at all… therefore, expresionless…. Am I making sense?… Hmmm 😛

  69. 69 bbm

    how lucky i am, imagine refreshing this site and found Go Soo staring at Han Ye Seul ME, (YAH!! DREAM ON!!)
    i made a promise to myself never to follow real time drama, not after YB, not strong enough for the anticipation and the wait but Go Soo really tempting me to break that promise… THOSE.EYES!!!
    thans for the recap JB, Go Soo the drama looked soooooo delicious good…

  70. 70 CrimemasterGogo

    I’ve been liking her character alot too, mostly because she kind of reminds me of how I would deal with these situation, not that I’ve been in them but when crap happens I tend to become quite timid, not everyone is overly expressive you know.

    And being alone for so long, if you lose it then its hard to get it back because in the end the only one she’s depending on is herself. I think her character is too complex, more so than the rest, add that to the fact that HYS isn’t the most expressive person.

    I have to say it, im enjoying this more than most drama’s this year. I don’t like overly stupid stories and other than the bro’s death I think the show’s made sense. I love the acting, the characters, none of them being 2D, unrealistic and with only one aim in life ahem YAB.

    I hope its not too sad tho, give us some happy moments will you. I dread the end.

  71. 71 funkster316

    Javabeans you are my savior! I have been watching these after EP 1 and 2 with no subs or with Chinese subs. My Chinese is not so hot so thank you thank you! My korean is improving but I have a long way to go. You make so good points and it is my first drama with Go Soo and Han Ye Seul. I agree the kids portraying the young Kang In and Ji Wan were amazing! I cried and laughed with them. Go Soo is proving one force of acting for me. Han Ye Seul not so much. Keep up the great work. Still going on YAB withdrawal and bought the Directors Cut. You rock! Nomu komapsumnida!

  72. 72 jean

    I really like this drama, even though it may be a bit slow…. I like the chemistry & the other supporting casts… they make it much more fun! =]

  73. 73 diane

    thanks for recap, because of your recap, I want to watch this drama.
    at the first 2 ep , was not interest but start ep 4 to pe 5 so far so good.
    have a great weekend.

  74. 74 dee

    thanks for the recap JB. wow you have a great eye particularly on the blanket scene, i did not thought they are the same blanket but now that you’ve mentioned it, i have to double look the blanket.

  75. 75 randomness

    we were rooting for you, HYS! We were all rooting for you!

    seriously though, she really IS standing out because everyone has been consistent but her.

    I miss the young JW.

  76. 76 faridah2201

    THX for the recap. In this episode I realized why liked the show so much. It was the great use of nonverbal action. There are a lot of scenes where nothing is said but so much is conveyed. The whole scene where he is working in the back (besides when he asks for an egg) there is no convo between the two but between go soo’s expressive eyes and ji wan’s indecisiveness a lot of emotion is still in play. I think I like the old ppl story line b/c chun-hee is such an interesting character, i enjoy watching her.

  77. 77 lidge_fan

    I liked the scene of KJ pulling the hood over JW’s head. It wasn’t as emotionally charged as the heartbreaking conversation between JW and her brother in ep. 3 (which explains the guilt JW carries with her) or the traffic scence in ep. 4 (which shows KJ’s feelings for JW). However, I liked KJ’s simple action in this episode becuase it’s another way for him to sitlently show JW that he cares about her. Sometimes, when it’s hard to verbally express our concern and love for someone else so another roundabout way to do it is to show that we care about how they’re doing, such as asking if they’ve eaten, if they need anything or in this case, KJ pulling the hood over JW’s head because he doesn’t want her to get cold. That’s why I liked this simple gesture of KJ towards JW. He wants to show her that she’s important to him, but he doesn’t want to do it in an overt way that can scare her and drive her away.

    When I first saw this episode, there wasn’t any particular event that stood out. However, after reading the recap, I think KJ fixing up JW’s place is the important event. At first, KJ redecorating JW’s place made me laugh a little as it reminded me of a US show called “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” where a group of people would go and fix up a house for someone who has done something good or need help. But after reading the recap, I wonder if this is Writer Lee’s attempt to foreshadow and show us that just like how JK fixed JW’s place, he’ll also help to fix and heal her pain too. From my viewpoint, where JW is emotionally mirrors how she’s living physically. It’s as if she’s stuck in neutral gear in this dark, deary place without any light (like her place), refusing to deal with her brother’s death because it hurts too much since she blames herself but because of this, she can’t move forward. And just like how KJ brings colors and light into JW’s room, he can help to lift her out of the burden of guilt she had pushed herself under due to her brother’s accident. And I think KJ is the only one who can help her to deal with this emotional baggage because as unfortunate as it is, he’s the only one related to her brother’s death besides JW.

    I’m curious what will happen next when KJ knows the necklace indirectly caused JW’s brother’s death and how they will deal with this heartwrenching conflict. Let’s hope the drama doesn’t “jump the shark” and take the easy way out by introducing some dreadful disease like cancer. I don’t want to see someone near death’s door and POOF! the emotional torture JW’s been livng with disappears or takes a backseat to some horrible disease. WISFC’s storyline was built on the premise of a person who has to live with the guilt that she inadvertently caused a tragic accident, and what I want from this drama is to see how JW will be deal with her brother’s death and KJ’s role in the process.

  78. 78 missmanderley ` blossompop!

    I think that HYS just got shorthanded with this series… she was brilliantly fantastic in Fantasy Couple… but that was because she was paired with Oh Jiho (whose acting is average at best)… so she clearly stood out.

    Here she’s paired with Go Soo, whose acting comes off as intense (I haven’t seen his other work, but he has alot of experience with weepy melodramas prior to army service)… so HYS kinda pales into the whole scheme of things…. and SWS’s character Woojung is played well too… so that kinda puts HYS into a tight spot.

    This reminds me a little of BOF… how LMH’s acting was so damn focused and spotlight taking that the ordinarily decent actress GHS looked inadequate….

    Well, HYS is already casted so there you go.

  79. 79 makeupmag

    Like you and many of your readers, I feel the frustration at HYS’s inept performance and the unequal pairing. Her portrayal was quite a delight to watch at first but once we stepped into emotional territory, she seemed to falter. I’m currently watching Episode 6 and her (pretending to be) tipsy exchange with TJ makes me cringe. Why is she acting cutesy when the scene allows her to draw on the pains of her character’s experiences? I wonder if the director is to blame too, for not bringing out the best in her.

    And *thank you* for recapping this current drama. Your recaps spurred me to watch this. I would’ve otherwise overlooked it…and missed the very capable Go Soo. :)

  80. 80 isabella

    #77 lidge_fan: I really like your digging into the unspoken moments. Your view is very thoughtful :)

  81. 81 prncssptri

    thaaaaaaaaannnnkkk youuuuuuuuuuuuu! ^^

  82. 82 SHALINI

    I agree with most of you about HYS portrayal of adult JW as weak in some emotional scenes. But please can the “shooting” (at her) stops as it is spoiling the viewing pleasure. Hoping that her acting will improve as the serie progress.
    As Go Soo is doing a great job conveying the intensity of his emotions. I totally dig the last scene in Ep 6. And to be fair HYS was doing alright.

  83. 83 sani

    Being someone who had no one to really depend on after she ran away, I think it’s natural for someone like her to hide all her feelings, thus the emotionless and shallow HYS we’ve been seeing. I think as she opens up more to GS, we’ll see more a more emotions coming out of her character. I sincerely look forward to *cross fingers* such transition! Don’t let me down!

  84. 84 sookcherry

    I love Go Soo too and great to see that he has so many fans. Loved him in Green Rose. If you missed it, you should see it. Lee Dae Hae was great in it too.

  85. 85 SHALINI

    Hi there,
    I’m not too verse with Kmelodrama but I’m starting to get anxious after reading some comments here; ie is a sad ending something of a foregone conclusion?
    Please some reassurance with facts would be greatly appreciated.
    BTW happy friday and let’s hope for a white Xmas.

  86. 86 Sonam

    I have a feeling they are going to get the Go Soo character to die or loose an arm as redemption for JW’s bro’s life.
    I have seen the other works of the writer of WISFC and she throws everything but the kitchen sink at her characters. In ‘I am sorry I love You’ she had a bullet lodged in SJS’s brain and in A Love To Kill she had Rain freeze to death. So be prepared.
    OK I am just teasing and we may have a happy ending but those things I mentioned did happen. Sorry, I meant to reassure you . I have a feeling it will be a happy ending. Maybe the mother will die instead of Go Soo.

  87. 87 SHALINI

    @ Sonam

    Thank you for the reply. I feel so much reassured now. Or maybe not.
    I saw both the series you mentioned but never bothered too much about the writer. So I have to brace myself for some dramatic melodrama. Still I would not want to start the new year with a box of tissues and a depression to boot. But
    I guess I’ll have to endure if I still want to catch glimpse (or just stare) of GO SOO.

  88. 88 Maggie Lee

    Tae jun looks cute too with baby face, quite many issues he is hiding under that

    baby smile, although most viewers are praising Go Soo but still the supporting

    actor also have that intense look, his eyes is stunning too, although he is not

    going to get the girl but still giving his best shots as a versatile actor. If the

    director allow him to wear the sleeveless white singlet , he too look macho

    and also will show his concealed abs physic body. Not arguing about Go Soo

    but many times our eyes swoon on the person we like only.

    Amazingly SJH is 1.88m tall and like other actors :-

    Julian Kang – 1.91m
    Cha Seung Won 1.88m
    Joo Ji Hoon – 1.87m
    Yoo Ji Tae – 1.86m
    Im Ju Hwan 1.86m
    Lee Hyun Jin -1.86m

  89. 89 V

    Go Soo…where can I find a replica of you…? I loved his portray of Kang Jin, each scene surpasses the previous one! My favorite is the beginning scene where we get his perspective as he comes back from his morning run…love how he panicked. He seemed like such a little boy there and then trying to contain himself and act all cool and collected before going up to Ji Wan. And must give him props for completely ignoring her harsh words, still managed to be so kind towards her. Just showing enough tender and gentleness…he acted all the slew of emotions so very well! LOVE IT!

  90. 90 D

    @ 61 hanjanman

    sorry, no intention to snub you but everytime i tried to submit a comment on this thread (only this this one), the machine just freezes..

    anyhooo.. this noona tortured herself and rewatched the whole 6 eps again although with some difficulties with the laptop freezing & all. yup, i don’t look pretty at all..

    1. im ok with spoilers. this instance im glad i caught that last 15min for otherwise i would be happy just reading JB’s recap and catch bits & parts of it later (most probably after it ends). i think most (NOT ALL) girls are like that.. (i’d do the same with books) so if the ending is good (depends on what yr intrepretation of ‘good’) i’d be hooked (LOL, it rhymes)

    2. yup, so good. defintely will be watching it to the very end as well (with lots of tissue box to spare)

    crossing fingers, for TVU or LS not to fail me tomorrow. i hv no qualm watching RAW anymore eventho i have almost zero korean for there’s JB for recap (i hope she doesn’t overtire herself & recovers in time).. or VIIKII – people my age don’t moan abt subs delay (i should think)

    on to ep7.. :-)

  91. 91 gift

    The main acttress make me fill headache . Her eyes no filling , her voice annoy me.

  92. 92 nini

    I love the scenes where KJ would take a bit of time to launch and chase after JW only to stop and just watch her from behind. (milk-in-front-of-front-door incident & JW-sleeping-in-front-of-TJ’s-door incident)

    As much as he wanted to ignore her, he couldnt…how sweet.

  93. 93 cathy

    Agree , GS is very good looking and his acting is not bad , acceptable . But the lead actress as aduld is very bad in acting , her look is just average , her smile is so inattractive , psychotic especially when she talk to her fiancee her sad memory
    regarding the death of her brother , she is ruinning her character as strong will
    power , outgoing young girl , going to be medical doctor .
    The young actress as teenager HJW is acting very good , she is not pretty but
    attractive and talented , she is able to deliver her character perfectly .
    Storyline is somehow unrealistic , the parent are not care for their teenager daughter who runs away , not looking for her at all , not talking to her to console
    her suffering . The director who is rich , smart academically but severely alcoholic , stupid in love , very unlikely smart , professional young lady is leading
    her life this way , very indecent .My opinion .

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