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Will It Snow For Christmas: Episode 8
by | December 25, 2009 | 105 Comments

Note that there will be no new episodes of Will It Snow For Christmas next week, because of SBS’s year-end awards shows. Episode 9 will air on January 6, which, by the way, is when Chuno premieres on KBS.

As for the title, well, I guess it didn’t snow on Christmas after all. Not that the drama even has a snow motif in play at the moment…


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Kang-jin arrives at the police station in time to overhear Ji-wan’s pained confession over why she has been living with guilt, why she left Sancheong, why she ran away and cannot face her parents. It’s all because of him.

Drunk and exhausted, Ji-wan pitches forward onto Tae-joon’s shoulder, and to give him some credit, he looks genuinely concerned for her welfare. He moves to carry Ji-wan out, but Kang-jin steps forward and shoves him aside. Ignoring Tae-joon, he hoists her on his back and turns to leave. Tae-joon addresses him, although Kang-jin doesn’t acknowledge him back:

Tae-joon: “Let her go. She’s been hurt enough. You heard clearly for yourself, that your very existence is a source of pain to Ji-wan. Don’t you get it?”

Despite disregarding Tae-joon, Kang-jin is in fact thinking the same thing. As he carries her away, he thinks back to Ji-wan’s first refusal of him as a teenager, now knowing the full story behind the outburst. He wrestles his conflicted emotions as he sees her home and puts her to bed.

A week later, Jun-su is dealing with some bad medical news — but against his expectations, it’s not regarding Chun-hee’s health, but his own. Chun-hee is fine, but his doctor friend has informed him that he’s suffering from a serious brain tumor that requires surgery. Jun-su takes a fatalistic line, sighing that surgery wouldn’t really change anything. He broods to himself while he tries to come to grips with the situation.

This means he has stayed away from Chun-hee, who has jumped to conclusions and assumes that she is dying. She takes to her bed, and even Young-sook tries to cheer her up. (Young-sook is more friendly now that she realizes what her husband’s business with Chun-hee was.) Chun-hee sulks like a petulant teenager — Young-sook must be happy that she’s dying! Young-sook, however, reminds her of her promise to ignore Jun-su if she gave Bu-san’s alibi. Doesn’t she have any conscience for reneging on her word?

That makes Chun-hee look at her sharply — how dare she speak of conscience when she was the one who stole Jun-su away from Chun-hee? She knew that they were in love and used her father’s power to take him away. Chun-hee snaps, “What is a promise to a woman who’s about to die?!”

Jun-su finally comes to see Chun-hee, presenting her with the test results. He contradicts her drama-queen declarations that she must be dying and says that she’s healthy.

That cheers her up, but he puts a quick damper on that by asking sternly if she’s going to keep her promise with his wife. He says bluntly, “You’re not dying of a disease, so keep the promise. I’m not going to see you anymore, either. Not till I die.”

After he steps outside, he breaks down into tears.

The rabble-rouser from the previous episode, named Kim Jung-pil, presents Woo-jung with documentation showing that his father’s gravesite is in fact real and that his grievance with Bumseo Group’s new shopping-mall project is valid. If they don’t do what he wants, he threatens to call the media.

Woo-jung remains suspicious and tries to keep her temper under control enough to placate Kim Jung-pil, offering generous compensation if he will negotiate. He answers that he will only negotiate after they fire Kang-jin.

Meanwhile, Kang-jin has gone on a business trip to look into Kim’s claim. He’s due back today, so Woo-jung orders Jae-hyun to summon him immediately. Jae-hyun finds Kang-jin in the parking lot soon after his arrival and lets him know that Woo-jung is on the warpath and wants to see him. Oh, and also, Ji-wan is in the lobby to see him — curiously enough, she calls him “Kang-jin oppa.” When did that happen?

Tae-joon spies Ji-wan first and approaches. She looks chagrined to see him, but thanks him politely for helping her the night before. She remembers seeing him at the police station, but everything after that is blank. She assumes that he helped her home, and thanks him.

Tae-joon doesn’t deny it, letting her think it was him, and asks to see her later. Ji-wan declines by answering, “I’m going to meet Kang-jin oppa. I came to see him. I haven’t heard from him in a week so I was worried.”

Since she doesn’t remember it, Tae-joon tells her what she had confessed at the police station — that Kang-jin is the reason her brother died and that she can’t date him now because of it.

Tae-joon: “Are you confident you can keep seeing Cha Kang-jin, laughing and chatting with him and being happy? Are you confident that you can forget about your brother so he doesn’t pop up in your memory? If you are, then date him and I won’t stop you.”

At that moment, Kang-jin appears in the lobby. Despite coming to see him, Ji-wan turns away abruptly, as though to avoid him. After a moment, she turns back and walks toward him, pinning a smile on her face as though everything is normal: “I heard you went on a business trip. That’s why I haven’t heard from you in a week. You were really confounded when I disappeared from the pojangmacha, weren’t you?”

Explaining that she had felt tired and cold, she had headed home. Since their date didn’t work out as planned, how about they forget it and start over? She suggests a particular restaurant and draws a map on his hand with the information, telling him that she’ll wait for him there after work. They’re open all night, so he can take his time and even if he’s late, she’s fine to stay until morning.

Aware that she’s forcing her cheeriness, Kang-jin remains silent all the while, looking at her with a careworn expression. And sure enough, as soon as she’s outside, Ji-wan falls to her knees, feeling the toll of trying to act normal.

At home, she tells her family portrait, defensively, “I’m not sorry, not at all. Eight years of being sorry is plenty. I’ve been sorry enough! Now let me have this. Let this slide, just once.”

Upset at the Kim Jung-pil situation, Woo-jung takes it out on Kang-jin, throwing papers in his face and asking if he realizes what he’s done. If this puts a stop to the construction plans, it means a huge loss for the company. He has two options: beg the guy for forgiveness, or resign. Kang-jin says, without hesitation, “I’ll write my resignation.”

He presents some documents and tells her that twenty years ago, Kim Jung-pil abandoned a grandfather suffering from dementia. He didn’t know where his father’s grave was, or even that he had died. It’s also clear that someone coached him on how to behave with Bumseo and when to appear.

She asks if he’s suggesting that somebody in the company did this. Kang-jin merely answers that he doesn’t know: “I don’t wish to be a source of trouble to the company any longer. I’m sorry.” He bows and leaves.

It’s pretty clear that Kang-jin knows what happened, but he’s not going to accuse anyone and would rather leave on his own terms. He begins to pack up his apartment and calls his mother, asking if she’d be interested in setting up a restaurant together. They could make it a family business.

Chun-hee assumes he’s kidding around, but he continues pushing for the restaurant, which puzzles her. Hearing that they’re having a big dinner, he announces that he’s going to head down to join them, and starts the long drive to Sancheong.

However, a glimpse at his palm reminds him of Ji-wan’s date proposal, and he hesitates. He’s torn between the choices — Tae-joon’s warning hits home, but Ji-wan did say she would wait all night. After trying to ignore the impulse, in the end he turns around and heads for the restaurant.

True to her word, Ji-wan sits there for hours, waiting. Seeing a girl fiddling with a Rubik’s cube, Ji-wan offers to solve it for her, and gets to work. This is the sight that greets Kang-jin when he finally arrives at the front door.

He remembers the incident with his mother’s shoe, and how she had boasted that she’s handy with things like this, only to break the shoe in the end. Like then, she fumbles with the cube now, furrowing her brow in consternation and saying that she’s usually good at this.

Kang-jin takes over, works the cube quickly, and hands it back completed.

Woo-jung calls for a meeting with Kim Jung-pil, who reminds her of his demand. She asks shrewdly, “Why are you so fixated on Cha Kang-jin’s fate?” She agrees to compensate him, so he’d better drop that condition.

When she asks whether he’d been coached by someone, he feigns ignorance. Woo-jung knows he’s bluffing and coolly presents him with two photographs — Tae-joon and his sidekick, Sung-min. Was it either of these men? Kim Jung-pil’s expression tells us that she’s got him, but he sticks to his denial. So she comes at him with an offer to triple his compensation payout — if he tells her the truth.

At first, Ji-wan picks at her food, content to watch Kang-jin eating heartily. He notices and urges her to eat up, so she dives in to the food. But instead of enjoying the food, she starts to shovel in mouthful after mouthful, which makes him look at her in worry. He tells her to slow down, but she keeps going, ignoring him.

Naturally, she suffers, and throws up in the bathroom. She waves off his concern, however, and says that because her stomach is empty now, she’s hungry again. Cheerfully, she suggests going for some ddukbokki.

At first he’s amused, but that quickly turns to confused concern. He watches with a pained expression as she stubbornly continues to shove food into her mouth, hardly giving herself time to chew or swallow one bite before adding another. This time, he steps in and tells her to stop eating. He knows she isn’t hungry and she’s not enjoying the food, so why is she doing this? He orders her to spit out her mouthful.

Round 2 also ends with Ji-wan getting sick. As she retches by a park bench, he tries to help by pounding on her back, but she shoves him away. She’s in a stubborn mood, and when he suggests that they call it a day, she protests.

Ji-wan wrenches her hand from his and bursts out in a self-accusatory tone:

Ji-wan: “We’re meeting after eight years and we couldn’t even eat a meal properly together, because of me!”
Kang-jin: “We can eat together next time.”
Ji-wan: “Next time? Who knows what’ll happen then?!”
Kang-jin: “We’ll meet tomorrow and eat together, and see a movie the day after that. Then the day after that, let’s go to the most wonderful, beautiful place in Seoul and walk holding hands. I have lots of time now. I have nothing but time.”

His assurance is sweet, and he tells her more gently that she should rest tonight, and they’ll be sure to meet tomorrow. But she still feels conflicted, and goes home and cries frustrated tears. I suspect she’s angry with herself for not being properly happy — she must be recalling Tae-joon’s challenge of whether she can be happy with Kang-jin without being haunted by her brother’s death.

During class, Ji-wan can’t concentrate and smiles to remember Kang-jin’s promise to see each other again. But she doesn’t look too good — it would be more accurate to say she looks like death warmed over — and has trouble focusing, finally falling unconscious at her seat.

Kang-jin hears about Ji-wan’s collapse from the cafe owner and rushes to the hospital, where Tae-joon is already waiting in the hall. Inside Ji-wan’s room, the professor asks crankily who he is, noting, “You look even worse than the other guy. Are you three in a love triangle?” Kang-jin asks what’s wrong, but the professor doesn’t know.

Kang-jin tells him that she had overeaten last night and vomited. He tried to stop her, but she forced herself to continue eating and vomited again. The professor asks for more information, so Kang-jin adds, “Ji-wan is having a really hard time because of me. B-because of me, she’s overdoing it. Because of me… Ji-wan’s brother died.”

Professor: “Then she got sick because she couldn’t deal with you. She couldn’t accept you so she tried to swallow that food instead, and made herself sick. If you try to force yourself to accept something that won’t be accepted, you make yourself sick. This kid could get herself in trouble, and sickness born of resentment can kill a person.”
Kang-jin: “What has to be done?”
Professor: “The source of pain has to go away, like with all illnesses. Why ask what you already know?!”

Kang-jin walks out numbly, shoulders slumped and mind preoccupied.

Tae-joon: “There’s a kind of fate where two people shouldn’t meet twice. Some people are supposed to end things after a short first encounter. It’s like that for me and Woo-jung, and also for you and Ji-wan. Let go of her. Ji-wan can’t let go of you. Even if that dummy kills herself like this, she won’t let you go. So you let go. You stop it. Please.”

Fighting back tears, Kang-jin thinks back to the day Ji-yong gave him the notebooks, sending us into a flashback.

Ji-yong has called a meeting with Kang-jin and sizes him up — Kang-jin is the top student at school and popular with the girls. Ji-yong talks as though he’s on Kang-jin’s side, commiserating with his predicament. “This won’t work,” he says with an amused look at Kang-jin, “I’ll have to tell Ji-wan to give up on you. Even to me, you’re out of her reach as a boyfriend. She’s a bad student and she’s not even pretty — how could she look at a guy like you? Sorry, she doesn’t know her own level.”

This speech makes Kang-jin look at him in dismay; he doesn’t see what we can clearly see — that this is a test. Kang-jin says, haltingly, “But Ji-wan’s pretty. And I’m definitely not too above her reach. Out of all the girls I know, Ji-wan is the nicest, prettiest, best girl. About her not being a good student… I can teach her.”

Test passed! Ji-yong asks, “Are you confident you won’t ever change your mind? You won’t ever hurt her, or make her cry? Do you feel confident you can make her happy every day, and make her smile every day?”

In answer, Kang-jin holds up his finger for a pinky-swear. Ji-yong smiles and accepts that promise.

Woo-jung meets with Tae-joon’s sidekick Sung-min and asks, “Are you Park Tae-joon’s dog?” She knows everything, so he doesn’t have to bother defending himself. She saw him deleting Kang-jin’s presentation and heard from Kim Jung-pil about their deal. How can Sung-min be so loyal to Tae-joon — is this because of the money Tae-joon gave him two years ago? Does he even know where Tae-joon got that money?

Sung-min bows his head miserably and defends Tae-joon — this was all his own fault, not Tae-joon’s! The money came from Woo-jung’s father to break up with her, and that money saved Sung-min’s mother. Woo-jung’s eyes widen in surprise to hear that Tae-joon was intending to use the money for surgery bills for his father, but the day he got the money, his father died. He had told Sung-min that since it wasn’t going to do him any good, he should save his mother with it.

While this new information stuns Woo-jung, who had never known, it doesn’t invalidate her anger or disappointment in Tae-joon. She still addresses him acerbically:

Woo-jung: “You must have encountered other rivals in your life. Were you this cowardly back then?”
Tae-joon: “No, I wasn’t. Then, I wasn’t afraid of anything. Then, I was on top of the world..”
Woo-jung: “But were you that afraid of Team Leader Cha?”
Tae-joon: “Yes. I was scared of him, for some strange reason.”

Woo-jung: “Because he’s honest and honorable. Compared to the likes of you, who uses whatever means he has to in order to obtain his goal, he’s superior. This time I’m going to definitely fire you. That way, I can save Team Leader Cha. That way, the world becomes just.”

I kinda love Tae-joon’s reaction, because mixed in with his resentment of Kang-jin is fear and vulnerability. It’s not enough to sway us to his side, but enough to make him a pitiable, rather than hateful, character.

With Tae-joon, Woo-jung is strong and self-possessed, but it’s only after he leaves that she allows herself to shed tears.

Tae-joon starts to pack up his desk, while at the same time, Kang-jin packs up his apartment. Woo-jung covers up her own tears and puts on her happy face as she arrives at Kang-jin’s doorstep. He ignores her hint to come inside and steps outside to keep their interaction in the hallway.

Woo-jung holds up his resignation letter, then rips it up. The issue wasn’t his fault, so he can show up to work tomorrow. In fact, she punished Tae-joon and saved Kang-jin: “Aren’t you thankful? Aren’t I pretty to you? If I am, can you hug me just once?”

Kang-jin looks amazed (and amused) at her audaciousness, but before he can respond, he catches sight of Ji-wan down the hall.

Ji-wan had remembered Kang-jin’s vow to see her the next day (and the next). She had left the hospital, still feeling sick, to make good on the promise.

Woo-jung clocks Kang-jin’s reaction to Ji-wan and sizes up the situation. Eyeing Ji-wan as a challenge, she says, “If a hug is too weak, a kiss will do. Or if a kiss is too much of a burden, then just a peck?”

Once more, Kang-jin recalls Tae-joon’s accusation that he’s a source of pain for Ji-wan. He knows that Tae-joon is right about Ji-wan never letting go of him, even at the expense of her own well-being. It hits him that this may be the best chance to act, to force her to let go.

So he grabs Woo-jung and swoops in for a kiss. Ji-wan looks at him in hurt, then silently walks away.

The moment is painful for Kang-jin as well, and tears fall from his eyes as he thinks:

Kang-jin: “I dreamed a dream. In that dream, I met Ji-wan. In the dream, I promised Ji-wan never to let her go again. That I wouldn’t be foolish like before, in our Sancheong days.”


Minor complaint first: I dislike that the two moms fight over Jun-su like he doesn’t have a mind of his own. True, that happens in real life when the two sides of a love triangle hate each other more than the wishy-washy one in the middle. But I’m not a fan of this behavior, in dramas or in real life. Yes, Chun-hee feels betrayed that her friend backstabbed her and stole her man so the issue is more than just fighting over a man, but why is she angry with Young-sook and not Jun-su? Based on the little hints we are being dropped, I suspect that there may be more to the story so I will refrain from further complaining — for now — but it had better make sense in the end.

Less-minor complaint: I’m going to put up with this Ji-wan-makes-herself-sick-with-anger plotline if it ends now — but really, drama? I suppose it’s better than her being suddenly stricken with cancer. Or is it? Cancer as a plot device in a Korean melodrama is by now a joke of a cliche, BUT at least there’s a base logic for the stuff that follows a cancer diagnosis. Here, the logic is less sound. One episode of Ji-wan throwing up in indigestion and suddenly the long-separated lovers must be parted forever? REALLY.

It had better be wrapped up in the next episode, is all I’m sayin’.

On the upside, the conflict was acted out well on all fronts. I find myself still wanting more from Han Ye-seul, but I can deal with it — at least Go Soo and Song Jong-ho are both doing wonderful things with their eyes. Sunwoo Sun, too, actually.

I thought Tae-joon’s sick father plot point was rather lazy, but it does support the feeling I’ve been harboring that Tae-joon is a much more complex guy than he seems at first glance. For instance, I’m still skeptical that he’s acting out against Kang-jin in pure jealousy — he seems too conflicted to succumb to such a simple reason. I don’t mean he’s not feeling jealous, but that I think there’s more to him than meets the eye.

In earlier scenes, he had let Woo-jung assume the worst of him and never defended himself. It made me wonder if he was letting her malign him more than he even deserved, as though he were thinking, “Fine, just blame me. I hate myself anyway so what’s the point in quibbling over details?”

I think Tae-joon may see himself as a lost cause — he made the decision to take the money in exchange for Woo-jung and he has to live with it, so he won’t bother trying to justify the reason as noble. This may also explain why he’s not willing to let go of Ji-wan without a fight — it may be less about Kang-jin and really more about his own battle with himself, as I said in the last recap. I still don’t get the sense that he is in love with Ji-wan, but in his two encounters with Kang-jin in this episode, he made clear that his concern was for Ji-wan’s sake first and foremost. (Even if I still can’t believe the logic they’re expecting us to follow here. Really? Ji-wan MAY EVEN DIE if Kang-jin doesn’t leave? Because she’ll continue to overeat and her body won’t be able to handle it? Two words: PEPTO BISMOL.)

(Yes, I do understand that the “anger can kill you” line doesn’t have to be literal. It’s actually quite poetic and the theme is one I can appreciate. It’s the handling of the theme that I find dissatisfactory.)

Plus side: I am really liking how sharp Woo-jung is. So many women in dramas can barely see what’s right in front of their eyes, and sometimes even then they have to have everything spelled out for them, which gets frustrating. (How can these dim bulbs attract such undying loyalty from such brilliant, handsome, amazing men?) But it’s refreshing how Woo-jung can put two and two together; she sees through people’s lame excuses and calls people on their bullshit.


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    Well at least I didn’t get attached to any character. I think Go Soo is the only reason why I still catch a glimpse here and there of the show… ๐Ÿ˜€

  27. 27 lidge_fan

    I’m bummed that there’s no new eps. next week!!!! How will I survive without my weekly dose of Go Soo awesomeness?!!! (HAHA! JOKING!!!^^)

    Okay, here’s what I liked in episode 8…….

    I thought the scene of KJ carrying JW on his back was really sad, and it marked a significant turning point for KJ’s character in a negative way. Finally, he knows the truth: her brother’s death, her running away from home, her father always leaving the gate open hoping for her return, her living a rough life in Seoul – everything originated from his necklace. So when he’s carrying her on his back, it felt to me as if he’s also carrying all of her emotional baggage for the past 8 yrs. Guilt, regret and pain – these aren’t just solely JW’s burden to shoulder anymore but have also tranferred to KJ ๐Ÿ™

    The other important scene was JW asking KJ out on a date. I felt this marked a significant turning point for JW’s character, but in a positive way (unlike KJ’s character). At first when she sees KJ while talking to TJ, she turns to walk away (just like how she’s been trying pretending not to know him up until recently), BUT…..and here’s the big BUT! …..she stops and turns back to walk toward KJ to ask him out on a date. By doing this, I think she’s subconsciously beginning, or at least, wanting to move on. Her love for him has enabled her to break through the barrier of guilt and pain she’s built up for herself. Yeah, it’s hard to move on and she’s beating herself up inside. But I think she’s finally realized that it’s OK to be happy, and by knowing this, she’ll eventually make peace with her past. The 8 yrs of penance she paid was more than enough and I’m glad she’s beginning to take steps to do things that would bring her happiness, such as being on a date with KJ.

    So overall, I thought this episode was very important in terms of character development for KJ and JW. Sad for KJ because he’s finds out he (or rather his necklace) is the source of JW’s pain. But good for JW because she’s finally beginning moving on.

  28. 28 etsy

    I think saying that she overeats when she’s upset is an oversimplification of the problem. It’s not just that she overeats; she overeats until she throws up. There’s another word for that: bulimia. This also isn’t the first time it’s happened. When she was ditched at the engagement ceremony, she ate until threw up as well, and the last time she had met up with Kang Jin after talking to her dad on the phone, she was eating two people’s portions of food. Binging is Ji Wan’s way of coping with stress, but more than that, she has an eating disorder. Therefore, when Kang Jin feels guilty about causing Ji Wan stress, it’s more than causing her to eat more than normal; it’s feeding into the cause of her eating disorder.

  29. 29 concun

    This is the only drama that I start liking Go Soo’s acting. I was not impressed with his other dramas… I like the Woo-Jung character… These 2 keep me going…

  30. 30 javabeans

    I apologize if my writing made this seem unclear, but the drama is not making this a point about an eating disorder. (You’re free to make that connection on your own, of course, but I just want to clarify the point in case the recap was misleading.)

    The drama directly connects Ji-wan’s eating to her emotional health, so her eating isn’t really about eating at all, in a physical sense. (It’s an eating disorder in the literal sense of the words, but not an ED or bulimia in the way we usually understand those terms in common parlance.)

    When the Oriental medicine professor talks to Kang-jin, the verb he specifically uses is “swallow.” (For some perhaps understandable reasons, I didn’t want to translate his words as Ji-wan having difficulty, erm, “swallowing” KJ, because I didn’t want to introduce an unsavory element.) Ji-wan is struggling to swallow down her emotions and acceptance of Kang-jin and because the emotional “swallowing” gesture isn’t working, she’s overcompensating with food, because at least she can force her body to swallow down food. But that’s not healthy either, hence her illness.

  31. 31 yumi-chan

    I think that Ji wan over eats because she feels empty. As if trying to cover her guilt or fill in that empty void she has because of her brother’s death.

  32. 32 crzycpl

    When it snowed last night in Seoul on Christmas Day I immediately thought of this drama and said, YES! LOL.

    I must admit that I’m a little tired of the ‘kiss in front of the other girl to make your true love jealous/forget about you’ plot line. Seriously. They need to think of a better way. And JW better not die because of stomach ulcers or something like that.

  33. 33 Rachael

    Just want to say real quick this is also VERY weird for me to type out, as my brother’s nickname is KJ, since it’s the initials of his first name and middle name. Otherwise, pardon repeats, run offs, and all that.

    I’m actually more in favor of her having an eating disorder compared to suddenly having an apathetic diease behind the cause of the seperation. Only slightly because I agree it should’ve been given more attention as a plot point. While I like my nice mental Tetris moments of “So that’s why she REALLY does that!” this one is barely getting there.

    Yes, considering this is a Kdrama it probably should’ve been played up considering how Kdramas go. However, this certainly isn’t the first time as others pointed out that she’s tried to deal with large situations of stress by over-eating (twice now to the point of vomiting. Though I want to say there’s a third time in there somewhere). This also can explain her fever earlier, since being a bulimec would also take a toil on her immune system. Shoot, she begins to eat as soon as she is able to get to TJ’s fridge right after that tense situation between KJ and TJ, even though TJ tells her it’s expired.

    It’s very unfortnate for KJ that he sees JW after eight years it’s at the same incident to see the first binging-to-vomitting (for us). Even if that was caused by TJ he wouldn’t be considered since TJ wasn’t there to know and KJ, being KJ was there. KJ having the past with JW that he does, could connect the dots from there up to this point and see himself as THE PROBLEM. Esp after what he just found out about being indirectly the cause of JW’s brother’s death. Makes sense then to TJ and would to the Prof to boot I’d bet. Just doesn’t make sense to us as the viewers since we know it’s really JW that’s causing JW to be this way.

    They’re treating it more as a physical disease (KJ being the cause) compared to a mental diease (JW being the cause for JW). It’s an easy mistake to make since they’ve not seen her 24/7 to know it’s more than just KJ that causes this.

    It’s an ultimate form of punishment and stress dealer for JW by the constant binging and occasional purging we’ve seen. It makes me wonder now if that fainting scene we saw earlier was not the first one the Prof had seen from JW.

    So while getting forgiveness from KJ early helped and in a way forgiving him in return also has, JW hasn’t forgiven JW. It’s all for naught as she’s continue binging. I speculate she’s going to continue binging, even without KJ’s present. Lord, knows this situation is going to aggravate it. The catalyst will probably be when she discovers her father’s brain tumor.

    On that note, the fatalistic view point I’ve NEVER been able to understand. It just frustrations me like crazy instead. Must less hiding it, esp in this case.

  34. 34 anna

    I must be really hungry, that first picture is just so delicious looking. I would finish everything! LOL

  35. 35 jean

    comments #25 & #27 wrote the things I wanted to write! LOL! hehe Thank You! =]

    But ya.. the ending of ep. 8 totally made me sad! Go Soo crying at the end & Han Ye Seul walking away totally ripped me apart!!!! Man! If I were HYS’s character, Ji Wan, I would have gone over there & stopped KJ from kissing WJ & slap both of them in the face. Then, I’d tell KJ that I’d rather have him in my life & work this problem out together. lmao! But nooo, this is a melodrama! There needs to be more conflicts & problems… I’m hoping for a semi-happy ending for JW & KJ, since melodramas have very few happy endings..

    Can’t wait for Jan. 6!!!! I really like this recap of WISFC! Thanks Javabeans!
    Happy Holidays everybody! <3

  36. 36 deannadsc

    …no matter how distracting, or disappointing the story gets…am still gonna watch WISFC till the end…all because of GO SOO!!! he’s just awesomely handsome & acting-wise he has improved by leaps & bounds fr. his Green Rose days!!!
    …thanks JB & a Blessed Christmas to you, Samsooki & the rest of your staff & friends, who’ve painstakingly given us those much-awaited articles & recaps of ALL our fave dramas!!!

  37. 37 anne20

    hhahahhah i think a nice euphemism for swallow would be “accept” ๐Ÿ˜›
    & i don’t think KJ kissed WJ just to make JW jealous..it was the best way to push her away “for her own good”. It sucks that now JW has to think KJ doesn’t love her. :cc
    Gah, I love KJ’s tears. What keeps this drama going is the good acting! Jan 6, pls. get here fast!

  38. 38 Rachael

    And of course I don’t have enough time left to edit my post after seeing JB’s response. Last response as I don’t think I’ll be able to coherently reply after this one for the night.


    I’m not sure I understand your point over it not being bulimia; at least in the way we commonly understand it. Unless you mean about the association of the physical? Pardon me, if I’m in the end just parrotting another explaination of your own, but from what I read it seems you are saying it’s not bulimia, but I disagree.

    I do agree on the point that the drama isn’t making a point about bulimia, but I’d say it is being used as a plot device to physically manifest JW’s emotions since bulimia is a psychiatric illness connected to the emotional state of the person. In the end it’s an unhealthly mechanism of dealing with the person’s current emotional state. In JW’s case it’s usually a very tense situation that is the cause of her eating, much less over eating. It’s has a consistent emotional reaction to her action of eating that she is not experiencing in her life. So I don’t see why it wouldn’t be labelled as such.

    Interesting point about the use of “swallow”. I’ve not been able to watch the latest yet (still waiting on subs for Ep 7 too, but who knows what translation they might use?), so this is an interesting development. Then again, I think the Prof is also going with the “Magical Answer to JW Being Ill” that KJ made a conclusion about. Granted, I make this basis off of the word “then” the Prof used. I find the obstacle in JW’s case is JW, even if she just doesn’t realize it herself.

  39. 39 butterball

    @33: Rachel, I was just here to post a similar view with you.

    Ok, this might sound crazy but thereโ€™s another interpretation for JWโ€™s behavior. {I have just watched and had a discussion with a close friend about a movie on women and their psychological states}

    I think that eating disorder is a symptom of the turmoil that JW has been carrying for 8 years. As seen in previous episodes, she constantly channels her inner confusion to physical pains โ€“ either overeating or banging her head on the wall or window. Worse still, she makes herself believe that she is worthless, dense and shallow.

    Her brotherโ€™s dead happened when JW was really young, it must have been hard for a child to deal with such huge grief and guilt ALONE. There is serious psychological damage there, and the eating (and other physical) disorder may be one of the symptoms. This can carries on for years without notice.

    Thatโ€™s the damaged JW that I suspect the writer wants to portray. I doubt though that HYS brought that across. Her JW seems to be a bit shallow and pathetic to me (perhaps thatโ€™s how she interprets the character?). So in a way, I do feel that HYS fails to portray the madness that JW has to face.

    (A side note: the female characters in this series have all acted crazily in a different ways. WJ wanted to commit suicide, drunk alcohol like water. CH lied on the road to prevent the car pass by, she even wanted to hurt herself so that JWโ€™s father would examine her etc. The difference is that these actresses seem to really be in their characters, I am more receptive towards their crazy actions).

    Edit: I am also a bit tired of the kiss cliche. But that’s ok. it’s Kdrama. I don’t really buy it that KJ does that only for JW’s sake though. He also runs away from his own guilt. It’s a mirror image to what happened 8 yrs ago when JW fled from home.

  40. 40 Amg1

    Will Snow For Christmas OST=

  41. 41 javabeans


    I would say that Ji-wan’s behavior shows disordered eating patterns, but I hesitate to call it an “eating disorder” because that connotes a specific thing and I don’t think Ji-wan’s case necessarily fits. Having lived through an eating disorder, I am wary of applying that term lightly, especially if a different term might be more appropriate.

    I don’t see it as bulimia. Bulimia is an intentional action — induced vomiting, or excessive exercising in the case of “exercise bulimia,” or the intentional use of laxatives. Ji-wan’s manifesting her mental stress through a physical action by eating, and her body rebels against that action by vomiting. The vomiting is not her intent or goal. It’s an involuntary side effect, like throwing up when drunk.

    I’m just very, very leery of applying a specific condition or psychological ailment like bulimia to a person who overate twice and threw up.

  42. 42 Anonymous

    Pepto Bismol…. lol

    Thanks for posting the recaps, this series has definitely not really captured my attention to actually sit through and watch the episodes. I feel sufficiently satisfied by reading recaps… it’s like reading a short novel with pretty pictures lol

    I felt the need to post a connections with her overeating and the melodrama cliche of cancer … although the dad has already brought cancer back into play with the brain tumor. I love how in the early 2000s leukemia was always what killed the girls and then guys died by car accident … and then if the guy got cancer it’s always a brain tumor ala winter sonata (that was a double whammy cause he got hit by the car AND got a brain tumor at the end jeebus)

    Anyways side tracked but maybe stomach cancer is the new cancer? (Overeating –> stomach ulcers—> peptic ulcer disease–> correlates with increased stomach cancer rates—> asian countries are notorious for stomach cancer i.e. Japan has highest stomach cancer rates known in the world) maybe the msg is just foreshadowing that she’s got stomach cancer coming her way

  43. 43 jusash

    raising my hand too for the suspicion of bingeing => bulemia.

    that same association also crossed my mind when I read ep 8 synopses today. that she had forcefully overstuffed herself yet again (note: she did similar too, when she was emotionally upset at the no-show groom at her engagement).

    many thanks for recaps, and Merry Christmas all!

  44. 44 ripgal

    I actually think Song Joong Ho outshined Go Soo in this episode (or rather, in the recent episodes). Go Soo’s good, but sometimes a bit too unrestrained in his emotions. He cries beautifully, and I feel for him… but I just felt that in certain scenes, all those outburst of emotions and crying could have been done without. On the contrary, Song Joong Ho was able to control his eye-acting really well. The pain and conflicting emotion in his eyes… just came across to me as heartwrenching and heartbreaking. Not overdone, nothing much nothing less. Perfect.

    I really loved the scene with Woo Joong and Tae Joon when she confronted him about his under-handed tactics to win over KJ. Like DB, the part of TJ’s dead passing away and all came out of nowhere, but it actually served to assure us audience that TJ’s not merely a jealous freak and that behind all his tears and conflicting emotions, lies a back-story to justify his actions and reactions.

    On the sudden plot of JW’s father stricken with brain tumor? Erm… I thought that really came out of the blue. The part of him taking KJ’s mother to Seoul on the pretense of having a date with her already felt a bit far-fetched to me but then came this brain tumor thing? Sure it’s gonna serve as another obstacle to JW and KJ getting together in future… but again, I’m not fond of it… at all.

    @ 27 lidge fan..

    I agree with you partly on JW wanting to move on from always having to bear the guilt of her bro’s death subconsciously. I only realized this when she confessed to TJ that she actually forgot about the main reason why she wanted to avoid KJ in the first place. It’s painful, but I think she does deserve to live a somewhat normal life… after so many years.

    Something that I wished the writer had put more focus on… was JW’s response and after-reaction to her father’s voice over the phone. I understand she was over-swept by the truth that KJ had met her brother before… and that KJ once again reminded him of her brother’s death. But what about her father? Didn’t she want to find out more about him? I personally thought a scene following up her short conversation with her father would make the story-line a lot more convincing… but again, that’s me.

  45. 45 lala

    thanx JB for ur recaps ๐Ÿ˜€ i just love to read ur own thoughts about each episode ..
    i began to watch this drama recently .. i haven’t watched any of Go Soo’s previous work but
    i have to admit it i love him lol maybe this the main reason why am watching this drama in the first place.. and as for i don’t think she gave all she have , I wanna see more of her ๐Ÿ™‚

    anyway thanx again ,,
    and Merry Xmas all and HaPPy New year ๐Ÿ˜‰

  46. 46 Amg1

    Mental illness manifest themselves in different ways, I agree with JB, Ji-wan seems to use binging as a mechanism to numb her mental anguish and pain, we can see that when she is under stress, she does things to the extreme e.g. eating, drinking alcohol, walking for long periods, staying up all night, etc, we only notice her binging on food
    because she up choke afterwards, but after she left the street food stand she drank 3 bottles of soju in @ a couple hour span of time passing out in the street, if you pass out in the middle of the street after drinking alcohol you most likely may have a drinking problem etc…
    The problem is not the action, but her compulsive behavior, we only focus on the effects of the illness not on the illness for what it is.
    We must remember that in most Asian country’s mental illnesses are still one of the great taboos, I feel the writer is bringing light to this problem in a very subtle manner, as the 3 leading Lady’s show some degree of a compulsive behavior of sorts.. :o(

  47. 47 V

    “Two words: PEPTO BISMOL.” – LOVE this Javabeans!!! I completely agree w/ you, hopefully the writer will wrap this up/explain it further or something because honestly, that’s super drastic to stop seeing someone (esp one that they both have deep feelings for) because they’ll overeat and possibly even die from it…that’s so crazy!

    Also, I’m enjoying Woo Jung’s character as well, it’s about time for KDrama to show some woman w/ sense and not take things at face value! Love that she investigated like the prev. episodes about the deleted files for the presentation and also now when she persists on knowing the truth! It’s truly great to see! Even though I’m a fan of Kang Jin & Ji Wan, I’m looking forward the to upcoming episodes of the partners switch…

  48. 48 Sakura

    From observation, when she is with Tae Joon we saw her one eating session with him, so far she didn’t throw up, if it happens much earlier when Tae Joon knew her at the cafe and assuming they went out dating then TJ would have spotted her eating disorder much earlier, so this shoving of food only happen when kangjin appeared, to me the plot flow of her eating habit is not consistent, -plot flaws – sorry scriptwriter.

    One more comment, the kissing scene is unprofessional – fake, because there are no facial or lip movements from both actor/actress except for his glaring eyes
    and his tears.

    Tae joon character is still mysterious although he is scheming, where else woojung character will be fatal in love.

  49. 49 ellen

    Thanks for the recap. I haven’t watched eps 7 & 8 yet but even reading your recap moves me specially KJ & JW & the last scene is so heartbreaking.
    JW ate too much & vomitted when TJ did not turn up for their engagement. She wanted to do the same when she was controlling her emotions of anger & pain when she wanted to confront TJ about it. Then with KJ. After 8 yrs of guilt & pain she wants to be with KJ , cant she? as if asking her family or herself permission. TJ does not know the whole story. After the professor tells KJ that the source of the illness must get out of her life he thinks TJ is right. So he lets JW witness him kissing WJ to turn her off. I hope that that KJ/JW bond is strong enough to get over their baggages & misunderstanding. Let JW get over her negative dormant emotions that is activated by KJ’s appearance. I’d like to see KJ help JW get over her/their problem. KJ feels really bad but his move to turn off JW with that kiss on WJ is not the way to help her. Maybe this will make JW come around to grab KJ back! AAAAH, GO SOO YOU’RE THE BEST!

    I can’t eat when I’m upset. I can’t swallow my food when I’m too excited. When I’m rebelling I eat & eat chocs chips ice cream beer. No problem swallowing them! JW needs help.

  50. 50 isabella

    Now it’s time we audience all turned into psychologists and psychological doctors to diagnose JW’s weird behaviors ๐Ÿ˜› Personally, I don’t think the problem is as complex as everybody think it is. My body used to react the same as JW’s when I was really really in bad mood/stress/depression or over anxious. There were times I didn’t feel like eating at all but I tried to digest something to keep my body alive and consequently, I threw up everything swallowed into my stomach. Other times I ate a lot, but I didn’t care what I ate, I couldn’t feel how the food tasted, just kept eating and eating, and thus, ended up with two options: throwing up or taking pepto bismol (JW should have chosen option 2, right? ^_^) Later, when my mood got back to its normal mode, everything was fine again. Therefore, in my point of view, with a vulnerable body and mind like JW’s, that her condition can be worse is something understandable.

    To those who wonder why JW doesn’t get fat even though she eats that much, the answer is very simple: when you eat lots then throw up all right after that, you’ll be seriously dehydrated and lose a lot of energy, hence it’s even difficult for you to keep your body strong and healthy, let alone get fat. In doing this, you can lose weight at speed of a rocket, but I’m not recommending you to take this as an ideal DIET method ‘cos it’s also a shortcut to a death in K-drama style (T_T) There are also people who eat a lot but never can get fat due to their natural metabolism. My friend, for instance, she eats twice as much as a normal person but she’s got a body of Kate Moss and gaining weight is something miraculous to her, haha (^_^)

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