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Le Grand Chef 2 screens in the U.S.
by | January 27, 2010 | 29 Comments

Le Grand Chef 2: Kimchi Battle is getting an American theatrical release, and will show in twenty cities, including New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.

According to a source with the film, this is the first time a Korean movie will be screened in the U.S. while still screening in Korea, saying, “With its strong story, textured visuals, and very Korean kimchi theme, this screening will set a good precedent for showing Korean culture in general in the States.”

The film stars Jin Gu in the Sung-chan role that was played first by Kim Kang-woo (in the first movie) and then Kim Rae-won (in the drama series). He works at a restaurant run by a woman who is like a mother to him. In order to save her restaurant, he faces off in a kimchi battle with that woman’s daughter (Kim Jung-eun), who’s also a famous chef.

Le Grand Chef 2: Kimchi Battle will open in Korea on January 28. Hm… with all the attention going to films with big-name directors (Thirst, Mother), I’m a little surprised to see this movie getting international recognition, but I’ll take it as a good sign.

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29 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. samsooki

    Not sure about the title including the word kimchi…. most ppl i know who aren’t too familiar with korean cuisine tend to see kimchi somewhat derisively.

  2. Kender

    LOL. The tagline sounds so melodramatic in English.

    I, uh, won’t be seeing this. Not my thing at alllllllll.

    Nice that it’s getting a US release, though. That’s unusual.

  3. Biscuit

    Eh…. can’t imagine how it will do. Somehow I think most people would laugh when they read “Kimchi Battle” :/

  4. cate

    hmmm interesting….i think i might watch it since its got this far!

  5. V

    Oooo, I’m excited for this movie and even more excited that it will be playing in US theatres during the screening in Korea! 🙂 Does anyone know where I can find the information for where and when exactly the movie will screen in the States? Thanks a bunch! 😀

  6. JeanCBloom

    I think it would be fun to watch just to support Korean movies in the U.S. I, too, would like to know when and where it will show in the U.S., especially in the Los Angeles area.

  7. ockoala

    I like “Kimchi Battle” nowadays in the US – I think its exoticism will liken itself to the battle of the weird ingrediants in Kitchen Stadium in Iron Chef, and may draw the folks more inclined to check out a foreign film in the first place.

    I hope….

  8. samsooki


    On American Iron Chef, they had Chef Yang vs. Iron Chef Garces, with the main ingredient being fish. Chef Yang did most of her dishes with a korean theme, like a kim-chi inspired dish, a bibimbap inspired dish, etc., but lost because one bitchy judge was completely anti-Yang. we boo’ed the judge the entire time.

    Still, Iron Chef Garces did to a salt-crusted baked fish that looked just about perfect, if I liked fish.

  9. heyyy

    wow in my town its going to be like the 10 time a korean movie is screened. i guess its cause my town is called ktown cause of all the korean people living here… LOL
    its interesting and amazing to see korean movies in the movie theaters. i always go OH i saw that trailer on the korean channel LOL (:
    i love how there subtitles and i read it even though im korean LOL
    i want to see this movie
    i saw the first movie and drama (:

  10. 10 Z

    I might have to check this out here in Atlanta! I’ve never watched a Korean Movie before but, why not? I’ve heard good things about this movie and I wouldn’t kind supporting Kculture here in the A!

  11. 11 xiaoSxin

    Ooohh I’d love to see this film on american theaters! Anybody has an idea where in los angeles?

  12. 12 Carolyn

    Lol @ Zender, you’re right. That tagline is hilariously overdramatic. I’m going to pass on this even though I really loved Gourmet.

  13. 13 Icarusfalls

    Food porn FTW!!!!

  14. 14 paula253


    thanks so much for mentioning Iron Chef America and the Yang vs. Garces battle. totally agree with everything you said. Rachel (and her husband Seif’s) restaurant here in Seattle, Joule, is fab, so even tho she lost, i can still enjoy her food. We’re all encouraging her to put some (ALL!) of those dishes on the menu.

    ok, i really don’t think that was off-topic keke.

  15. 15 epyc

    What an odd and unusal pairing: Jin Gu and Kim Jung-eun?! Is there any romance between them?

  16. 16 DK

    it’s funny that some people would even comment when they wouldn;t really say anything nice. ahahhaah

    anyway, it is interesting that a Korean film will be screened in the US.

    may it do well locally and internationally!!!

  17. 17 This Is Me Posting

    As always, I maintain that kimchi is nothing to be really proud of. Its interesting, but definitely not fine cuisine. I can’t see anyone taking a movie called “Kimchi Battle” seriously either.

    That being said, the tagline is utterly ridiculous.

    “Only one shall grasp the supreme taste”

    I’m going to HOPE that’s the Korean poster for the Korean market because if that’s the English poster for the American market then… What the hell does that even mean?!? If they’re going to release a movie in the West, at least spend the freakin’ money to hire an English speaking copy writer. Either they’re trying to sound stupid on purpose or they’re just plain stupid.

    “Only one shall hold the ultimate smell”

    “Only one shall clasp the conclusive sound”

    “Only one shall grapple the extreme voice”

    “Only one shall clutch the maximum touch”

    Do they not have money in Korea? Is everyone completely poor there? Does the entertainment industry not make any money in Korea? Because an American copy editor isn’t that bloody expensive to hire, especially for one line of text, for an AMERICAN MARKET. That’s just smart business if you’re trying to market yourself to an audience who might not be overly receptive to the subject matter as it is.

  18. 18 hjkomo

    Don’t bears like fish? 😛

  19. 19 samsooki

    some bears like fruits and nuts, berries and such, others like fish and more meaty meats.

    The bear in question likes grilled beef and chicken. 😀

  20. 20 Avoodoo

    They’re screening this movie at the korean film festival in LA, in March 4-7. one of those days. should be exciting!

  21. 21 bernadette2

    in los angeles it will be shown feb 12 and in new york, atlanta, new jersey, seattle, chicago, texas and others, it will be on feb 19.

    during the korean festival, they will show this film on march 5 at the egyptian theater.

  22. 22 bernadette2

    here is where you can watch this film on feb 19: 5 times a day and for 3-4 weeks.

    Los Angeles
    M Park4 Cinema in Wilshire

  23. 23 deja

    This is great. I will watch it. I love KJE and JG.

  24. 24 Figtree

    OMG. I can’t believe it. Joy, joy, joy. This is good good news. Will KJE and JG be in the U.S. too?

  25. 25 psimon

    This means Kim and Jin will go INTERNATIONAL. If it’s joy for you, its more than joy for me.

  26. 26 liza

    Whatever. Kimchi or Mother, no big deal. So long as Korea goes to America. period. I will watch it. I lke Kim Jung Eun in LIP.

  27. 27 KP

    Cheers! KJE will put forward the korean culture in the New World. That is very, very perfect. Love it.

  28. 28 adelaide

    My oh my, this is terrific. I’ll watch it together with my american friends. Isn’t this great? 1st Korean movie in the U.S? And my fav actress, KJE.

  29. 29 casey

    This Is Me Posting, you’re freakin’ weirdo. Zip that mouth of yours. You’re pathetic.

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