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Lee Min-ho takes the lead in Personal Taste
by | January 10, 2010 | 197 Comments

Lee Min-ho has picked his next project!

Remember Personal Taste? Based on a popular novel, the drama adaptation had once been rumored to reunite Goong stars Yoon Eun-hye and Joo Ji-hoon, but after a lot of unconfirmed talk, the project fizzled. The story would have starred the male lead as a straight guy pretending to be gay to live together with the female lead and, well, stuff would ensue.

On January 11, Lee Min-ho’s management announced that he would star in the MBC drama, which now appears to be in different production hands. (The first round was to be directed by Kim Sang-ho, who did the comedy Fantasy Couple and horror thriller Hon.) Now the director will be Sohn Hyung-seok of family drama Job Well Done and Kim Sun-ah’s When Night Comes; writing is Park Hye-kyung of Stained Glass. (I think I preferred the first PD…)

Lee Min-ho’s role is of “Jeon Jin-ho,” who passes himself off as gay. His hobbies (?) include organization and ironing, and he’s known for his stoic poker face. He’s a stickler for cleanliness, but he also has a talent for figuring out women’s feelings.

Personal Taste hasn’t yet chosen its female lead, and will begin filming in late February for an April premiere.

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197 Comments from the Beanut Gallery
  1. sachi4jay

    I cant wait to see it. Lee Min Ho=<3

  2. Toya

    Oh this is gonna be interesting. Can’t wait to know who’s the female lead.

  3. jenae

    Ohhh this looks like it’s going to be good! I hope he gets paired with Yoon Eun Hye!! :)

  4. Yoo Jin

    OMG!!! I’m so happy they are going to have this drama! I was so upset that the drama fizzled cause the plot looks like a lot of fun. It’ll be interesting to see Lee Min Ho play this, i think he was pretty good in BOF (especially compared to the acting of everyone else lol) but i think he still needs to prove himself despite the BOF hype.

    i kinda hope Park Shin Hye will be in this drama….i am absolutely in love with her. She is adorable and an amazing actress ^.^ Plus i think she’ll be cute paired up with Lee Min Ho :)

  5. javabeans

    Who’s gonna join me in hoping for Moon Chae-won? I think he and Moon (or even Park Bo-young) would be fantastic because they’ve known each other for years, before they were famous, so they’d have that friendly camaraderie working in their favor…

  6. Angela

    Sweet! Can’t wait… though I wish they had stuck with the original director.

  7. Rainey

    I is geeked!

    It took long enough. Now, just be good.

  8. okdubu

    ooh did not know moon chaewon/park boyoung/lee minho are old friends!

    i think i like park boyoung more but in terms of a couple maybe moon chaewon would look better with him!

    I AM SO EXCITED! this will be something to distract me when finals week approaches T_T

  9. Shay

    Now this is the type of storyline I’m talkin’ about!

    javabeans, I’m rooting for Moon Chae Won! She’s a great actress, and plus I think she and LMH have chemistry, judging from that photoshoot they did a while back.

  10. 10 Anonymous

    Thank goodness he chose a trendy over melo! Can’t wait!

  11. 11 Samsooki

    JB, I actually wish for YEH and JJH.

    After Antique Bakery, I think JJH would be just perfect. And maybe YEH could use a little JJH to rekindle the magic…

    But, if JJH is far far far away from being able to return to a drama, then LMH sounds okay. In that case…. how about Han Chae Young, dressed down, completely made over to be not so barbie-ish? She has acting chops, so it would be nice to see her in something where she plays someone not so on the edge of model-dom.

  12. 12 gallivanter

    Ooh, I could be on team Moon Chae Won. It’s about time she got a read role, anyways.

    Let’s hope we don’t have another My Fair Lady on our hands with all the changes…

  13. 13 Toya


    I’m with you for Moon.

  14. 14 hanguk-drama-luver:D

    omg yay finally i’ve been wanting to see him in a drama since bof finished iam so happy 😀

  15. 15 Rabgix

    I…am so watching this.

    I don’t even–

    AIR NOW.

  16. 16 javabeans

    Yeah, LMH and MCW have acted together twice, and he’s acted with PBY at least three times. They’re so cute:

    • 16.1 sonia


  17. 17 sl

    oh my gosh finallY!!!
    i’m so excited for this. can’t wait.

  18. 18 ockoala

    Very exciting news, and the story sounds very promising. LMH looks a lot like Jae Hee in the picture with MCW. I’d love either pairing, inspired choices, JB (as usual, spot on!). But I think MCW is due for a breakout role, whereas Park Bo Young is already a shiny newly minted movie star with Speedy Scandal. I would watch it no matter what just to see whether LMH is as good as I remember him in BBF.

  19. 19 Marie

    This sounds like a great series any of the three girls would be good but my fav would have to be Park Bo young or Park Shin Hye.
    Its’s a pity that JJH is no longer in the running I have a soft spot for him and he would have been perfect for the role. Good luck to him in the future.
    Looking forward to this series.

  20. 20 Hmm

    How about Sandara Park as the female lead? Heck, I don’t care if she’s the 2nd female character. I guess I’m the only one who saw chemistry between them in those CASS CFs.

  21. 21 Penn

    Lee Min Ho is cute and I want to see him in another drama. However, I can’t picture him in as gay or even pretending to be gay. Anyhow, I’m looking forward to Personal Taste. Sounds fun.

  22. 22 observer


    he looked pretty gay in one of the music videos…he wore mascara and had his hair like a girl

  23. 23 dulcedeleche

    AHHHHHHHH! I was sad when i heard that this drama wasn’t going to get made. The general plot is so predictable but it’ll probably be REALLY entertaining. I’m excited :)

  24. 24 jo

    i prefer park bo young anytime!! but i doubt it cuz *gasp* scandal?!
    but wow finally he decided on a project
    isn’t he tired of doing CF already? for a while i thought he’s gonna pull a kim taehee on us.

  25. 25 anjell


    when i read your first comment, i thought they wouldn’t look good together but after seeing the picture, i now understand why you think they’d be perfect ^^
    they do look cute together..but i’m rooting for Park Bo Young… I really thought she was great in the speed scandal..and i think it’s about time she stars in a good drama…

  26. 26 yabb

    OMG if Moon Chae Won and Lee Min Ho are together in this show, I will definitely watch. She brings such a grace to all her roles. Even when she’s completely evil and misguided (like in Shining Inheritance), I still think she has a charm about her.

    @22, you’re right–I, unfortunately, can completely see Lee Min Ho (and just about every other “flower boy”) pretending to be gay (and convincingly).

  27. 27 zashibear

    Finally news about his next project. Hopefully the lead girl will have good chemistry with him.

  28. 28 popcorn

    HIHIHi…. I’m hoping for Park Shin Hye too but Moon Chae Young is also good. W/e it is, I’m happy he picks a project. 😀

  29. 29 Lisa

    Oh, I had totally forgotten about that drama and how much I was looking forward to it. ):

    But ohhhhh happy happy joy! LMH!! Sooo excited to see him in something new! This. Better. Be. AWESOME.

  30. 30 vrosemarie

    The PD sounds errr… special.

    But it’s LEE MIN HO. You can’t even say his name without caps coz he’s AWESOME.

    I’d watch it whoever the girl is. On second thought, she could be irritating. Oh please, be a bearable actress. Moon Chae Won sounds okay. So does Park Bo Young. Or just grab any little kpop tart, and I’ll be happy. HAHA.

  31. 31 Sonam

    I want Lee Min Jung to be the leading lady. They looked really good together in BOF.

  32. 32 zerohundred

    Holy smokes, just the other day I was thinking about this drama and feeling sad that it never came to be anything. I’m really excited that they’re doing it now! And Lee Minho! He’s a really good actor for this. I’m way more excited than if it was Joo Jihoon, actually.

  33. 33 Dame

    Rumors have it that Lee Na Young would be the female lead and…
    Well, we’ll see in a while maybe…
    Anyway, welcome back Lee Min Ho!!!

  34. 34 Linwe

    I must be the only one in the world who wasn’t enamored on LMH’s BOF performance (thus the hype around him) but i do think he has talent. if the female lead is cast well then this is a sure-watch as the premise is (while not original) but cute and fun.

    I love a good rom com based on misunderstandings 😛

  35. 35 E

    this sounds ridiculously awesome…I was really looking forward to this project the last time it came around but I would’ve loved it more if Hyun Bin and Yoon Eun Hye were cast in this haha….

    Maybe….the girl from High Kick Through the Roof but I’m sure she’s still filming that one.

  36. 36 Snikki

    I vote for UEE… kidding! 😀

    Whoever it is they pair with him, I hope they have great chemistry. I’ll be looking forward to this. But since this is an MBC drama, does this mean we’ll get to watch it on ViiKii a month after it airs? :(

  37. 37 gia

    Lee Na Young, is not she too old for him, she is 1979, him 1987

  38. 38 Sere

    Huh! I thought this project was dead for good. Good to hear that 1)Lee Min-ho picked it (a trendy drama, YES!) 2)this wasn’t dead for good. It sounded ok on paper with JJH and YEH, but I like LMH and I think he can totally play the part.

    And I’m with JB on Moon Chae-won. I can’t WAIT for her to get a role as the leading lady. She deserves it soooo much and she has great chemistry with LMH so yeah, keeping my fingers crossed for them.

    So, 2010. It’s shaping up to be good year for dramas, Y/Y?

  39. 39 maree`

    I hope for SNSD’s Kwon Yuri. She can act well, and I’m sure that maybe if she were to go and audition for this role, she and Minho would make a cute couple!

  40. 40 dangermousie

    Am excited to see Lee Min Ho again however Stained Glass was one of the worst-written dramas I have ever seen. Yikes, I hope the writer learned to write between now and then.

  41. 41 Sara

    wonderful news…..waiting so long for LMH to pick his next drama

  42. 42 kemptafied-master

    @#39: Yuri? I will agree with that =) She needs to get her first lead role as well. Yoona did a fantastic job already..and I’m hoping to see Yuri and other SNSD members as well in the acting field <3

  43. 43 peachys2sleep

    It would be awesome if, they casted BOTH Moon Chae-Won and Park Bo-Young. ahahaha… but alas I feel like it would only happen in my dreams.

  44. 44 signalonlove

    Nayoung is too old. Chaewon is alright, but I personally prefer either Yoona or Yuri. I haven’t seen Yuri’s acting yet. Any one care to link me??

  45. 45 clouis


  46. 46 jandi

    interesting storyline! me likey!
    moon chaewon will def. be great.
    yuri is more of an idol on focus
    but she’ll be cool too. i could
    already imagine!

  47. 47 Jea

    heck yeah! finally he’s back!

  48. 48 raindrop

    Everything sounds great but the scriptwriter, hmmm ?
    Park Hye-kyung wrote Stairway to Heaven before but wasn’t it melodrama but personal taste sounds like rom-com.(?) I hope it lives up the hype.
    Best of luck for him in 2010 :)

  49. 49 RyoNishikido


  50. 50 Ror in Error

    @ E
    I kinda like that pairing but I have a feeling Hyun Bin is kinda past his rom com days given his more recent choices in dramas. :(
    Plus it seems like the drama will go from a stereotypical definition of gay (effeminate) so they’ll need a “flower” type like Lee Min Ho…its kind of a turn off right now just thinking about it *le sigh*

  51. 51 CravenBurst

    Scriptwriter better make the story as awesome as the
    male lead actor! ^^ Hahah,..

    Anyway, I read some of the upper comments. Why does
    everyone suggest Chaewon? I like her better with Gong Yoo.
    She looks too old for Minho-gun. But I like the idea of
    Yuri and Minho. I’m a huge MINHO-SNSD FAN

  52. 52 Gems

    For leading lady, I vote for Park Shin Hye and then SNSD’s Jessica and then SNSD’s Tiffany.

  53. 53 Icarusfalls

    O… wow. I was so looking forward to this drama and was really disappointed that it wasn’t going to be made…

    LMH would be awesome in this role IMO. Park Bo Young or Park Shin Hye would be great…

    I suddenly had a flash memory of cha seung won acting gay for one scene in City Hall.. man was that fun!

  54. 54 raindrop

    @Ror in Error – Hyun Bin is going to MS this year. I don’t think he can make it.

    For the female lead I don’t have anyone in mind but I wish they don’t cast those idols. I see enough of them already.
    MCW sounds great too but they used to act together before and from what i saw in kdrama. They normally don’t cast the same lead twice.(yes,no?)

  55. 55 hopesofgreen

    Park Bo Young would be fantastic! She was the first one that popped into my head when I read the article. She’s a gem among the younger stars and she’s adorable with LMH. The PD worries me a bit, but hopefully the script and the cast will deliver.

  56. 56 gia

    how about lee da hae… i know, she is in chuno….
    but comedy go well to her…

  57. 57 ripgal

    Not fascinated by the PD and the writer team. But will probably check this out for LMH..

  58. 58 belleza

    Personal Taste will probably be a noona love drama. In the novel, the female protagonist is 29. Han Ga-in and Lee Na Young have been mentioned.

  59. 59 etsy

    I can’t imagine LMH in that role; he seems too masculine wheres JJH clearly had a soft side.

  60. 60 sukispop


    I’m with you on your choices of Moon Chae-won or Park Bo-young(loved her in Speedy Scandal!). Both have wonderful chemistry with Lee Min-ho, and it’d be a lot of fun watching them together(either of the two actresses).

    But…I’m also a huge fan of Park Shin-hye, and can definitely see her coupled with LMH as well.

  61. 61 STARCANDY

    @ #59 well if that’s the case, i don’t think it’ll be as
    interesting then. I vote SNSD’s Jessica & YURI

  62. 62 IMMA


  63. 63 SNCC

    @54: you obviously are low.

    i think by casting an idol will deliberately make things much
    better indeed.

  64. 64 melru

    Sounds pretty interesting. I hope the chemistry with whoever is chosen for his leading lady is good. I wish PD Lee of Coffee Prince was doing it.

    I’m a bit worried about LMH playing a gay role. I think if he plays it similar to Julia Robert’s best friend in “My Best Friend’s Wedding” then it could be plausible. Rupert Everett was gay in that movie but he was cool, intelligent, and oh-soo polished. But I dont know if the same as the character in the original story so the suggestion might way off. Guess we just have to wait and see.

  65. 65 Jibbs

    You guys are taking LMH’s role in here too seriously. He is NOT going to be portraying a gay guy, not exactly. He’s a straight guy who has a crush on the female lead and decides to act like he’s gay so he can live with her.

  66. 66 keebler_girl0809

    I vote for Kwon Yuri. Hands down!

  67. 67 LL


  68. 68 xoxcinderellaxox

    YES!! Thank God! I have been waiting for someone to officially take up that drama, it was just too awesome to pass up! And Lee Min Ho would be great for the role, can’t wait!

  69. 69 hjkomo

    JB, I’ll join you in hoping for Moon Chae Won…or even Park Bo Young. 😀

    But if it’s supposed to be noona-love, then Lee Na Young sounds good, too.

    I’ll be happy as long as its an actress. ACTRESS. 😉

  70. 70 nom_kitteh

    Finally, finally, finally! Lee Min Ho, you kept us waiting a while, didn’t ya?

    APRIL premier! I can wait three months — sure, I can *says while pacing restlessly*

    I am voting for Jang Geun Suk for the other lead. Just sayin’. Not that I am broken record with a crush on JGS or anything. Pfft.

  71. 71 ispymary

    i am rooting for YEH!

  72. 72 jn

    please, let YEH be in it!!

  73. 73 dee

    hmm, LMH portraying a pretend gay, i wonder how will he do it, after the “man” in BOF now he has to show some feminine side. curious curious curious. 😀

  74. 74 mimi

    Ohh .. .I’m not ready to see him paired with another woman yet… : (
    I hope it’s someone ugly… heehee

  75. 75 blaze

    him and yoona hheheh

  76. 76 Ruthie

    Yippee,,, my days are happier now.. can’t wait

    Lets hope the actress is Park Shin Hye.. LMH admires her so much : ))

  77. 77 Stylish~

    yes finally
    come on LMH show them that u can act and u were not overrated as some people claim..

    i totally agree on Moon Chae-won.. she proved to be really good even better than the lead in brilliant legacy.

    and nope please NO YEH.. sorry she just lost me as a fan in MFL

    am ok with any actress as long as they can act

  78. 78 Boe

    Heeeeell to the yes!

    I’ve been hoping this would get adapted when you’d first mentioned it, Javabeans, so this latest news is just an awesome surprise. I’m kind of hoping Moon Chae-won gets picked — she was fun to watch in My Fair Lady and I feel like she’d do well in a lead role.

    Other than her I don’t have any specific rankings for the other females that come to mind. I would be curious to see Han Yeo-woon in this type of role though. I haven’t seen her in anything besides Story of A Man but if she plays other roles as well as she did Chae Eun-soo, I’d definitely tune in to watch.

  79. 79 mookie

    I really really don’t like the PD :X Please surprise me though LMH. I did hang on BOF a bit too long till ep 10 or so just for your sake.

    yeah bouncing off a good actress would be great, but fr what we’ve seen in BOF, he is able to carry a show on his skinny shoulders alone, maybe?!

  80. 80 niKai

    this news made my day~
    As for the actress, just don’t give me the original one. MCW is good.

  81. 81 goldlilys

    I was totally waiting for yun eun hye’s comeback with this drama, but was so disappointed when she chose to do “that” drama instead. This one seems more interesting. Hmm, but now Lee Min Ho is acting as the “gay” male lead, I couldn’t ask for more. Been waiting for his new project since BOF is over. Hopefully they choose a female lead who can show much chemistry with LMH. Definitely awaiting for this drama’s release.

  82. 82 gonnabeme

    praying hard they’ll offer the female lead role to Park Shin Hye

    this is based on the recent project on CF that LMH & PSH collaborated together… they shd try it out on d silver screen… :)

  83. 83 moodeely

    okay this seriously got me excited. yay cant wait!

  84. 84 miyoko

    I’m so looking forward to this….

    Thanks for posting up this great news…

    MinHo fighting!!

  85. 85 atreyu112

    I wish park shin hye will be the female lead.. heheheh.. still not enough of her cute action.. :)

  86. 86 vis

    Joy oh joy! I was so sad when I heard this drama project had been scrapped! The plot sounded delicious, and the Goong pair would have been perfect really. But YEH turned it down in and took on My Fair Lady instead, right? *sighs at what could have been*

    It’s good to hear that Personal Taste is back on board. Although JJH is out of the picture am I the only hoping that Yoon Eun Hye might still join? Though the chances are probably VERY slim at this rate… They’ll probably give the chance to a less famous actress, if so I’m putting my hopes on Han Yeo Woon!!! That girl needs to get some bigger roles~ I want to see her back on the TV screen soon!

    I still think JJH is better suited for the role (of course I’m biased after watching Antique Bakery) but considering what Lee Minho is capable of I’m sure he’ll pull it off as well. So, I’m more than half on board with this drama… will have to wait and see who gets cast as the female lead :)

  87. 87 siopao lala

    ohh, i knew this had something with joo ji hoon :) i like the plot, haha. hmm, i wonder who will the female lead be? 😀 cant wait~

  88. 88 Kay

    Interesting project!!!
    I really can’t wait to see LMH act “gay” haha. He looks pretty manly to me. It’s going to be fun.
    Although I think MCW is a good actress, but I think LMH and PSH will make a cute couple as you can see their chemistry in EH CF.

    JB, do you know when they will actually film this?

  89. 89 Kay

    Edit: and I just found out that LMH and MCW did work together in Mackerel Run (2007). Does any one know about it? Did they actually pair up before? If they did, then then chance ‘d be even less likely
    **Praying of PSH and LMH together ** 😛

  90. 90 mayadee

    Agreed. I’m also thinking about Yoona, they would make a great couple for sure. I saw them in Baeksang award last year when both received the newcomer awards. I think they both looked so cute together back then. So I think why not to put Yoona as the female lead for this role?

    But if it’s not possible then my vote will go to Moon Chae Won.

  91. 91 selva

    HOLY CRAP! o.o
    finally the boy chose his next project! it’s about time!
    YAY aja minho 😛

  92. 92 Z

    I’m glad Lee Min-ho took his time choosing his next project. I think Kim-bum could have served himself better doing the same. I guess it all comes to the same result… Lee Min-ho kept himself relevant by keeping people guessing about his next move; Kim-bum kept himself relevant by being EVERYWHERE… but I feel like he ended up saddled with some pretty weak projects in the interim.

  93. 93 luvyenz

    Song hye gyo it’s ok lha…. make his dream come true…
    But why MBC???? not KBS??? i cant watch MBC here….
    Poor me…..

  94. 94 yen_nguyen

    I read this news this morning in my mother language (Vietnamese), however I misunderstood it, I thought he will act a real gay, and cried ” what happens with him, why does he choose such a role”…
    And now after reading this in English, I know I got it wrong.
    My friend often laugh at me because of my bad Vietnamese reading comprehension.
    ke ke 😀
    I’m waiting for it, although I don’t like BOF, I think LMH is a good actor.

  95. 95 aeyc

    Hooray!!! I really liked the story of Personal Taste and Min-ho acting out as lead is another bonus!

  96. 96 aiqcn

    I want Lee Min Ho & Park Shin Hye together. They are so cute together.

  97. 97 tinadl

    wow!!! i hope this drama will be shown here in the Philippines someday… Boys over Flowers was and still is a big hit here in the Philippines. In fact is it still being shown here in a primetime slot from Monday thru Friday for only 30 mins… :( i really hope he also decides to visit here someday, just like his BOF castmate Kim Bum. :)

    on a personal note, i would really like to say Thank you to “Javabeans” for creating this site. i really LOVE IT!!!! Congratulations! hopefully, more Lee Min Ho posts… (hehehe)

  98. 98 jen

    I wish that Koo hye sun will be paired again with Lee Min Ho! MINSUN fighting!
    Please another project for them..their numerous fans are waiting…For sure,

  99. 99 Sakura

    Lee Ji AH is more suitable for the role because she is funny and stylish,

    can be spunky too and had experienced while acting in STYLE , she could pull

    the character of a modern korean working girl, staying alone and

    living with a male tenant .

  100. 100 Artemis

    This is good news! Finally he’ll be back! Hopefully this will be a good drama. Too bad they changed the director though! MCW rubs me the wrong way for some reason – I don’t really know why. I’ve only seen her in Painter of the Wind and Brilliant Legacy.

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